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    FAQ/Walkthrough by neeker

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Walkthrough for PS2 (v.1.0)
    By: neeker
    This walkthrough can be posted on GameFAQs.com, Neoseeker.com and its 
    associates only, unless authorized by me. You may contact me at 
    lestor_wong at yahoo.com for this purpose.
    1. First Things First
    2. Mission P-1: Introduction
    3. Mission P-2: Escape from the Base
    4. Mission 1-1: Hulk in the City
    5. Mission 1-2: Need-to-know
    6. Mission 1-3: Protect and Serve
    7. Mission 1-4: Fire Sale
    8. Mission 1-5: Nemesis
    9. Mission 2-1: Eye in the Sky
    10. Mission 2-2: Get yourself a Convoy
    11. Mission 2-3: Head Hunter
    12. Mission 2-4: Proving Grounds
    13. Mission 3-1: Authority Issues
    14. Mission 3-2: Frantic Recovery
    15. Mission 3-3: Mercy
    16. Mission 4-1: Clean Sweep
    17. Mission 4-2: A Bird in the Hand
    18. Mission 4-3: Lockdown
    19. Mission 4-4: My Other Voice
    20. Mission 4-5: Turning Point
    21. Mission 5-1: Without Parole
    22. Mission 5-2: Topside
    23. Mission 6-1: Strange Cargo
    24. Mission 6-2: Freedom's Swansong
    25. Mission 6-3: Crossroads
    26. Mission 7-1: Intercept
    27. Mission 7-2: Hell hath no Fury
    28. Mission 7-3: Endgame
    29. City Challenge Missions
    30. Badlands Challenge Missions
    31. Comics Locations List
    32. Hints Locations List
    33. Moves Guide
    34. Conclusion
    Appendix 1: Version history
    Appendix 2: FAQs
    Appendix 2: Credits 
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
    username "neeker". This is my fourth walkthrough. Feedback can be 
    directed to lestor_wong at yahoo.com.
    This guide consists of a walkthrough of all missions from the game 
    The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, as well as other related 
    information on the game. The guide is written specifically for the 
    PS2 version of the game. 
    If you've any tips to submit, please feel free to do so and I'll 
    provide full credits. Also, note the following:
    Ok, I'm not entirely sure what the titles of the various missions are,
    so I'm just going to put in titles that are found on the saved files, 
    or at least sound matching to the nature of the missions. Please note.
    The game begins ar Branson Military Range, present day. This is an
    introductory level that teaches you the various controls that you can
    use for Hulk. 
    In this mission, you basically follow what the message on the screen
    tells you to. A voice-over will explain the moves, and you only have
    to do what he says to proceed. Start by moving your analog stick to 
    move Hulk around. 
    NOTE: When you successfully execute a move that is mentioned, the
    word "SUCCESS!" will pops up on the screen. You can't proceed to the
    next move if you don't do the current one successfully.
    Press R1 + left analog stick to run. "SUCCESS!"
    Next, go towards any large object, and press circle to lift it up.
    Throw the object by pressing circle again. "SUCCESS!"
    Now, press X to jump. "SUCCESS!"
    Next, press square to activate a basic punch attack. "SUCCESS!"
    Followed by square three times consecutively for a 3-Punch Combo.
    Ok, I'll stop the irritating "SUCCESS!" note as of now, but you get
    the picture.
    Next, press triangle to do a special attack ("HAMMER!"), then press
    triangle three times to execute a special attack combo, which consists
    of stuff like Uppercut and Knee Smash.
    The next combo consists of alternating between square and triangle. 
    This performs a 2-Hit Combo.
    Enough of punching around for now though, as the HUD will now appear
    on the screen at the bottom left corner. This is basically your 
    GTA-style mapping system, where objectives markers are shown, with the 
    green icon at the centre being Hulk (that is, you). If you need to go 
    to any objective marker, simply toggle your right analog stick to 
    align your direction to the marker, then go forward. I trust that you
    should figure this out yourself anyhow.
    A cut-scene will follow, showing you three yellow stars that are 
    scattered all around the range. They're all marked on your map too,
    so you can find them easily. These yellow stars at basically training
    exercises that teach you more about the abilities of Hulk. You must
    complete at least one exercise to proceed to the next mission, but
    hey, they're so easy, you might as well do them, right?
    Depending on which star you approach, your sequence of exercises may
    not be the same as what I write below. However, the contents are, so
    just refer to the respective exercise title if you need help.
    a. Training Exercise 1: Charged Jumping
    This exercise will teach you about Hulk's amazing jumping abilities. 
    A series of markers will above one after another, and they're too
    tall for you to reach using the normal x-jump method. Instead, the
    game will tell you to press and hold X, before pressing X again to
    do a charged jump. This jump allows you to jump to extraordinary
    NOTE: When holding X, wait until a green sparkle appear on the body
    of Hulk before pressing X again to charged jump.
    Collect all markers to end this exercise. A cut-scene will show a
    comic book icon. This will also appear on your map. This is your
    reward for completing specific objectives during the game. 
    NOTE: Comic books unlock features like cheats, smash points rewards 
    (more about this later) and special contents. There are a total of 60 
    comic books that you can find during the course of the game. For
    locations of all comics, please check the Comics Locations List of
    this document. 
    Walk towards the comic book icon to pick it up. Comic book 1/60 
    unlocks an item in the Art Gallery. You can access it under the
    EXTRAS menu.
    A cut-scene will show again, this time showing you one more comic
    book icon just in front of a tunnel. Don't go there first, since this
    tunnel leads to the end of the mission. Instead, proceed to the next
    exercises to unlock more goodies.
    a. Training Exercise 2: Targeting and Throwing
    Helicopters are flying around the base. You will need to destroy them
    by throwing things at them. Pick up a large object (eg. a car), then 
    press L1 to target it. Once it's targeted, quickly press circle to
    throw the object towards the helicopter. If done properly, the 
    helicopter will explode.
    The next movement is a charged throw. If you hold circle when you're
    targeting a helicopter, you can press circle again after that to
    throw the object to a further distance.
    Do the targeting and throwing for a few times until the game tells you
    to use your right analog stick to switch target. Do so.
    You will then be asked to destroy 3 helicopters using the target and
    throwing method. Do so to end this exercise.
    NOTE: Targeting and throwing are key combat abilities. Use targeting 
    to single out enemies, and combine it with throwing to engage oppoents
    at long range. 
    You will unlock comic book 2/60, which in turn unlocks an item in the
    Environment Gallery.
    c. Training Exercise 2: Wall running and Climbing
    Hulk can climb and run up walls. To climb walls, walk close to any
    wall, then press circle to climb. Approach the objective marker and
    climn that wall. When you're in "climbing mode", move your analog
    stick to move around on the wall. Do so to collect all the markers on
    the wall.
    Next, running up walls. To do so, just run into the wall with R1 +
    left analog stick. You will automatically run up the wall. Approach
    the next objective marker and collect all the markers on this wall by
    running over them. 
    NOTE: Wall running and climbing go hand in hand with running and
    jumping. Use these abilities together and Hulk will be pretty
    You will next learn the concept of WEAPONIZATION, which is the art of
    turning items around you into offensive weapons. from the same wall 
    that you just ran, run up the the roof top to find some missile packs
    lying around. Press triangle to weaponize a missile pack, then press
    L1 to target a helicopter. Press circle to hurl the missile pack to
    the helicoptet. If successfully done, the helicopter will explode.
    Destroy 3 helicopters.
    NOTE: This exercise exhibits Hulk's ability to apply his strength to 
    create new, powerful weapons. As you unlock more weaponization, you
    must use smash points to "buy them". 
    You will unlock comic book 3/60. This one unlocks a cheat code!
    The code is OCANADA. Use this to unlock Canadian Flag Shorts for Hulk.
    For completing all exercises and the mission, you will also unlock 
    STEEL FIST as a weaponization. This is an awesome attack. Most small
    vehicles can be used as a steel fist. Pick one small vehicle up and 
    press triangle to see how steel fists are created... cool! This is a 
    form of improved attack for Hulk to dish out harder damages to his
    foes. Hulk smash!
    When you're done with testing the steel fists, press circle to throw
    them away. Now, you can go towards the tunnel where comic book icon
    was revealed earlier. Pick up comic book 4/60, which unlocks an item
    in the Movie Gallery.
    Walk through the tunnel to save your game.
    Your aim in this mission is to escape into the new area by finding
    a JUMP MARKER. The marker is depicted as a green spot on your map.
    You begin outside Hulk's house, which was smashed to pieces by
    Blonsky's army. 
    NOTE: From now on, when you get hit, you will lose health. Try to run
    towards the marker without being hit.
    Red dots on the map show the locations of your enemies. If you get
    hit, killing them will leave behind power-ups that you can use to
    replenish your health.
    Some enemies are armored, for example, tanks. You will see plenty of
    this here, so you may want to test your new steel fists by finding a
    small vehicle nearby and start smashing the tanks.
    Even though the path towards the jump marker is quite linear, you
    should consider smashing some buildings and destroying some enemies to
    earn yourself some SMASH POINTS. 
    NOTE: Smash points are earned by simply smashing whatever is in sight.
    You need these points to buy new moves and combos as you progress, so 
    why not earn some now?
    When you reach the area with the marker, you will notice that it is
    on top of some cliffs. Do a charged jump to reach it, then press X to
    literally jump out of trouble. You will get the option to save after
    After the story recap and a cut-scene, Hulk will appear in an opened
    field. Use the jump marker right in front. This will bring up a JUMP 
    MARKER MAP. On this map, you can select a destination to jump to. As
    you find more jump markers in future, they will appear on this map and
    will serve as a quick transport method to other areas. If you've 
    played Nintendo's series of The Legend of Zelda, you may find this 
    concept similar to the "Warp Points" in these games.
    Anyhow, you only have Tibodt Grand Hotel to jump to, so jump there.
    You will find yourself on a roof with a jump marker. Near the marker
    is a green ? sign. This is a "Hint" icon, which will provide you with
    hints about the game. As with the comic book icons, I won't be going
    into details about the locations of these hints. Check out
    for YuGiOhFm2002's & YuGiOhAngel's Hint Location Guide if you're
    hell bent on finding all of them.
    a. Defeat the Police resistance
    Your objective should now be updated: "Defeat the Police resistance."
    It's clobbering time... oh wait, that's the Thing's line. Anyhow, 
    jump down to ground level and start approaching the areas where red
    dots are marked on your map. Kill all policemen who appear in sight.
    Don't worry about getting hit, since each one you kill will leave
    behind power-ups. 
    RECOMMENDATION: I find that pressing triangle to "HAMMER!" these guys 
    is quite a fun thing to do.
    Once you've killed enough policemen, you will be informed that the
    objective is met. You will now need to acquire a new mission.
    b. Acquire a new mission
    The new mission will be marked on your map by a green star icon. 
    Approach the area while smashing stuff on the way to earn some smash 
    points. Once you decide to proceed, approach the green star and press 
    X to begin the mission, which is "Lightning Strike".
    NOTE: I forgot to mention this earlier, but when Hulk's power reaches
    maximum, he will reach CRITICAL MASS mode, making his attacks
    substantially more damanging. Some new moves that you can buy as you
    progress can be executed only when Hulk is in critical mass.
    c. Lightning Strike
    Hulk's doctor, Leonard Samson, needs more power for his lab. You will
    need to help him to destroy three existing substations that are marked
    on your map. They've creatively named Substation A, B and C. The aim
    of destroying them is so that the city will be forced to re-route power 
    through sources that Samson can access. Hmm, is Samson really a 
    The substations are shown on your map as red X's. As you approach
    them, a short scene will play to remind Hulk about his mission: 
    "Smash... destroy..." (something like that). 
    NOTE: In future, short scenes like this will happen very often. I 
    think they're quite corny.
    Approach the area with the red X's to find the substations, then
    destroy them. Shouldn't be too difficult. I won't say this again, but
    you should smask some stuff along the way to earn smash points.
    NOTE: Substations are protected by electrical fences. To remove them, 
    simply lift an object and throw it at the fences.
    You should be able to save your game after the cut-scene. But, there's
    something else to do here...
    En route to destroying the substations, you may come across a star on
    the ground which is transparent. Don't worry if you didn't though, 
    since you can't do anything with them. Not until now. After you 
    complete Lightning Strike, you will unlock a CHALLENGE MISSION. 
    Challenge missions are not compulsory, but doing them will earn you 
    extra smash points. 
    The challenge mission unlocked in this case is FAST-MOVE 6. Notice the
    transparent star has now became yellow. To do this mission, simply step 
    into the yellow star and press X. Fast-move missions requires you to 
    move from markers to markers at the shortest period of time possible. I 
    see. A checkpoint racing side mission, this is. 
    NOTE: I was just exploring this side mission and I scored a miserable
    53 seconds and earn a measly 50 smash points. I'm sure you can do 
    NOTE (again): I'll try to list all side missions at the end of this
    A computer mainframe container Blonsky's files is being readied for
    shipping. Your main objective here is to find the mainframe and
    deliver it back to your hiding place, the church. To do so, you will
    have three objectives to clear:
    a. Reach Division
    Since the mainframe is on the roof of Blonsky's division, you will
    have to reach there. Simply follow the marker on the map to reach the
    foot of the division building.
    NOTE: While on the way there, you will also find a jump marker on the
    roof of one building. Unlock this marker by simply walking over it.
    This marker will unlock a jump link to the church.
    b. Locate Mainframe
    Run up the walls of the division building to reach the roof. You will
    be told to smash the crates away to reach the mainframe. Do so until
    you find the mainframe on the ground. A yellow icon pops up on screen
    to remind you to press circle to pick up the mainframe. Take it, run!
    At this juncture, I'd like to remind you that robbery is a crime 
    punishable by law.
    c. Deliver mainframe safely to the church
    Once you get hold of the mainframe, a blue meter will appear on the
    top right corner of the screen. Whenever a mission requires Hulk to
    protect something, the health bar of the item will be shown. You must
    now run to the jump marker that you've just unlocked ASAP, without
    allowing the blue meter to diminish completely. This should be easy if
    you just mindlessly jump, jump and jump away. 
    When you reach the marker, press X to jump to the church. Watch the
    cut-scene and save your game. You earned 5,000 smash points, I think!
    As you finish this mission, the details of BUYING MOVES should be 
    revealed to you. Moves are basically new skills or combos that you
    unlock during the cause of the game, and if you've smash points to
    spare, you should really spend some of them to buy them for the sake
    of upgrading your fighting prowess. You can buy moves from the BUY 
    MENU. You should have a large amount of smash points to buy some moves 
    now, so you may as well go buy some now.
    Before you can proceed to buy moves, the game will also introduce
    the ENEMY RESPONSE SYSTEM now, which will appear on the top right of
    the screen. This is basically a GTA-style awareness rating. As you
    smash more stuff, your enemy response will raise and the pests being 
    sent to take you out will become harder to manage. Which is why you 
    need to buy some moves.
    For details of all moves, please read the Moves Guide of this 
    This is a tough mission and I reckon you may be stuck for quite a 
    while. Ok, I did, but the premise is basically very simple. Jump to
    the city to acquire a mission (any location in the city will do), then
    approach the green star area to activate the mission. 
    What happens here is that Samson is trying to hack into the mainframe
    that was stolen by you to find out about Blonsky's works. He's doing
    so at a bio-research building. Blonsky, upon being notified of the
    theft (by you, you thief), has instructed his troops to level the
    building. Samson says he needs "6 or 7 minutes" to finish the job, but
    in actual fact you will only need to protect the building for 3
    minutes. Sounds easy? Wait till you try! You will get 9,000 smash 
    points if you succeed, by the way.
    The key us to use steel fists to destroy any tanks that get close to 
    the building. Problem is, steel fists expire quickly, and the tanks
    are swarming all around the building. You've plenty of small vehicles
    to recharge steel fists again, but when doing so, you lose time. My
    suggestion is to check the red dots on the map for any tanks that are
    closing in when the timer starts ticking, then run towards there and
    quickly destroy a few first. 
    As you do that, tanks from other directions will start coming in.
    Recharge your steel fists if necessary, then run towards these areas
    and take out the tanks again. Repeat the process until the game tells
    you that you've 3 more minutes, then 2 more minutes, then 1 more 
    minute, then 30 more seconds, then mission completed.
    NOTE: It's quite possibly impossible to prevent some tanks from 
    eventually closing in to the building. If you purchased and dashing 
    straight earlier, you may want to use it to clear them out of the 
    building's range before steel-fisting them. This is because explosions
    caused by the tanks' destruction will also damage the building. Also,
    if you've purchased punt kick, you can also use it to kick tanks out
    of the way.
    Samson's hack has interesting outcomes. Blonsky's file contain vital
    information that could prove useful for Samson and Hulk to accomplish
    future goals. You may want to take a look at the current ones now by
    using the BLONSKY'S FILES option at the church. More secret files will 
    be unlocked as you progress.
    You can now save your game.
    This is basically a fetch-and-carry mission. You will need to find and
    deliver three itesm to the church to help Samson in his research. As 
    usual, the locations of these items are all found on the map. You can
    retrieve any one of them in any sequence, but for convenience's sake,
    I'll just list them as per the game's sequence. The items are:
    a. CAT Scan Image
    Once you're at the location with the CAT scan, you will notice that 
    the place is surrounded by crates. Clear them out of the way. Sooner
    or later the CAT scan image will appear. Grab it, then quickly go find
    the nearest jump marker to jump to the church. 
    At the church, go to the area that allows you to "put down" the item
    and press circle to put it down. Go back to the jump marker and jump
    back to the city for the next item.
    NOTE: I hope you've unlocked some markers during the course of the last 
    few missions.
    b. Hydraulic Lifter
    This is hidden within a container, and you'll have to punch it until
    it's removed before you can find it. If you purchased ground Smash
    earlier, you may consider jumping onto the container and press Square 
    + triangle to use it to quicken the container-breaking process. 
    After that, just pick up the item and run to the nearest jump marker
    and exit to the church. Put it down and jump back to the city for the
    final item.
    c. Substation Generator
    The generator is guarded by an electric fence, just like those that
    you destroyed earliers. Since you've a reputation of destroying 
    substations, it's a small wonder why the lot of them are paranoid once
    you get near to one. Show them that you're a nice guy by NOT destroying
    the generator. Instead, simply grab it, find the nearest jump marker 
    and jump to the church. Place the item down to end this mission. 
    NOTE: As mentioned in an earlier section, simply throw an object at 
    electrical fences/ forcefields to remove them.
    By completing the mission, you will unlock a new Blonsky file. Save
    and proceed.
    This mission spells the end of a chapter. At the end of each chapter,
    you a green star icon will appear at the church area. This marker will
    take Hulk to a boss fight.
    A distress call from a military research facility indicates that a
    mutant matching Hulk's description is attacking them. Step into the
    green star and press X to investigate the distress call. Turns out
    the bugger is none other than the ABOMIMATION!
    This is your first boss fight, and it's not exactly very tough. 
    A boss' health is shown on the top right corner of the screen in red.
    You can attack him with any moves you've, but normal attacks don't
    bring much damage to him. Instead, consider picking up some cannisters
    that are scattered all around the ground and start throwing them at 
    him. This hurts him, and when he loses a pip of health, a cut-scene will
    occur, as he picks up a large barrel and start hurling it towards you.
    Avoid the barrels, then go in for a combo attack. The key now, however,
    is to start destroying the white-colored wall structures that are in 
    the room. You can do so buy running on the walls and dashing into these 
    structures. A broken structure will cause a large amount of fixtures to 
    collapse and fall onto Abomination. Each time he gets flattened by these 
    structures, he loses a substantial amount of health. Do so until a 
    strange orange sparkle appears on him. The game will now tell you that 
    he's "transforming", and when he's in the process of transforming, you 
    can press circle to grab him. 
    NOTE: He starts transforming when his health is really low.
    So, what're you waiting for? Grab him, and press L1 to target an
    object that you want to throw him against. Throw him towards it and
    he will be be done for. For now.
    Watch the cut-scene to check out the identity of Abomination. Ok, if
    you're a Hulk fan, this isn't exactly a secret, is it? Anyhow, you
    score 20,000 smash points for beating him. Congratulations for winning
    your first boss fight! Save your game to conclude the chapter.
    You will begin Chapter 2: Dark Desert of the Soul. By completing a 
    chapter, however, you will also unlock new moves. Check out the Buy
    Menu for the list of stuff that you can purchase to beef up your 
    attacking prowess, or go to the end of this document to find details.
    Now that you've upgraded, it's time to visit the desert Badlands.
    From the church, go to the jump marker that brings you to Badlands,
    and jump to the only marker available there now, which is "LAST
    Approach the green star to acquire this mission. Blonsly is building
    a network to detect Hulk's every movement. You will need to destroy
    4 satellite uplinks to ruin his plans. 
    Uplink A is easy, since it's near to where you begin. Just go towards 
    it and punch till it explodes. The others are a little trickier, since 
    they're hidden in the mountains. Simply running up
    the cliffs towards the direction of their markers isn't going to 
    bring you there. Instead, look out for a small path on the cliffs 
    opposite the first marker and use it to go up the mountains.
    You should find uplinks B and C as you progress. Destroy them. Note
    that by now, enemies will start swarming towards you, making it very
    difficult to avoid their attacks and destroy the uplinks at the same
    time. Do you best to reduce the damage by trying not to get hit. I 
    know it's tough, but it's not impossible.
    NOTE: As you're in the mountains, try to jump markers that have yet to
    be unlocked, and unlock them by walking over them. This will help you
    greatly in future missions.
    Uplink D is deep in enemy territory. This area is heavily guarded, so
    you will really need to be at your evasive best not to get hit until
    you die. If you manage to do so, you should have a chance to pile on
    the attacks on the uplink and get this mission over and done with.
    You will unlock a new Blonsky file. Save your game and ponder about 
    the prospects of Badlands missions. This is the easiest of them all,
    by the way. To me, at least.
    The Military is transporting parts to assemble a HULKBUSTER. Yes, it's
    some sort of robots that are deal you a lot of pain. You won't want
    that happening, do you? You must destroy all the convoy trucks before
    they reach the assembly line. I'll recommend buying Missile Puncback 
    and Air Dash if you haven't already done so.
    NOTE: In chase missions like this, a silver bar with a red timer will 
    appear on the bottom left of the screen. The timer will move from left 
    to right. You must destroy the trucks before the timer reaches the
    a. Convoy A
    This has only one truck, but it's already heavily guarded by tanks,
    missile launcers, air troops and what have you. You've time on your
    hands though, so don't panic. From where you begin, you should see at
    least three power-up pick-ups. Pick them all up to max your power.
    Next, find a small vehicle and create steel fists out of it. The red
    moving icon on your map is the location of the truck. Follow it.
    Try to avoid detection by the air troops by now taking the most direct
    route. Use the sides of the cliffs, or better still, run up to the
    cliff on the left and use it as cover. As you approach the truck, 
    somehow you'll still get spotted and the enemies will start to attack
    you in full force, but at least they didn't start attacking you before
    you even catch up with the truck.
    Charge jump a lot of chase the truck and avoid the attacks. If you've
    Air Dash, after you charge jump, when you're about to land, press R1 
    to push yourself slightly further. Ideally, you should jump in front 
    of the truck and start punching it with your steel fists till it
    explodes. You can destroy the truck without steel fists, but they 
    bring more damage, so I'd recommend it. If missiles are launched at
    you, use missile punchback to deflect them back to the offenders, or
    use L1 to target a plane and direct the projectile to deal with these
    NOTE: If you've unlocked jump markers in the mountains as I suggested
    in the earlier mission, you can even try to approach one of them 
    while chasing the truck, and jump to RESTRICTED AREA 102 to wait for
    the truck to arrive, then send it to its maker!
    Now, you must escape from the area. As you run back to the Last
    Chance Cafe, which is where you begin this mission, you should notice
    a small path leading up to a cliff with plenty of power-ups. Use them
    to heal and approach the nearest jump marker and jump back to Last
    Chance Cafe. 
    NOTE: Use jump markers to escape from enemies swarming all over you.
    b. Convoy B
    Next up, Convoy B with 2 trucks. This is considerably trickier, 
    because the trucks will be using the small paths on the left cliff
    to proceed instead of the ground. This means that you will need to 
    attack them on this narrow path, while trying to avoid the enemies'
    attacks. You've not much room to play with, so be very careful.
    Grab some power-ups if you need. Don't bother with the steel fists if
    you don't want to, and start chasing the 2 trucks like mad. I find
    charge jumping and air dashing the fastest way to reach them. As you
    approach them, jump in front of the front truck and start delivering
    the pain. It's advisable to attack the front truck first since the 
    trucks and tanks are all travelling in a linear fashion on a narrow
    path. If you pile on the damage on the front truck, the other truck
    following behind it can't go elsewhere, and will in turn block the
    path of the tanks behind the trucks. After you destroy the front one,
    immediately attack the other till it explodes. Then, as usual, run to
    the nearest jump marker and return to Last Chance Cafe.
    c. Convoy C
    Two convoys destroyed, and Blonsky's lackeys are getting fed up, and
    they will send the ELITE TROOPS after you. These are human-controlled
    mechs that are tough to beat, but this also happens to be the easiest
    to destroy of the 3 convoys because you don't really need to chase
    after the trucks. 
    Unlike the first two convoys, this convoy will not travel through
    the mountains. Instead, they will take the civilian path, which is to
    the right of where you begin. Simply go straight towards that area
    and with luck, you will find the 2 trucks right there for you to
    punch. Before the mechs are can attack you, you should've already
    destroy the trucks.
    This is quite a tough mission if you're not very good in avoiding
    attacks. Still, here are some tips to ease the situation:
    1. Charge jump and air dash a lot when chasing the trucks.
    2. Use missile punchback to deflect missiles directed at you to give
    your enemies a taste of their own medicine.
    3. Stealth - try to avoid detection for as long as possible.
    4. Grab power-ups as and when available.
    5. Use jump markers to escape from swarms of enemies.
    (I think) you will unlock another Blonsky file after you beat this
    mission. I'm not entirely sure because when I played this part, it 
    was into the wee hours of the morning and I was getting sleepy, and
    didn't manage to write down as much as I like...
    You will need to steal the HULKBUSTER NEURAL INTERFACE so that Samson
    can find out the weaknesses of the Hulkbuster. This is another fetch-
    and-carry mission. As usual, you will need to acquire it. Use the 
    jump marker at the church and jump to Badlands. The objective green
    star is just beside Restricted Area 102, so jump towards there.
    This mission is broken up into three parts:
    a. Reach Hulkbuster Demonstration Area
    Remember the place where the 3 convoys were trying to go to before
    you destroy them? You will need to go there. It's the only place that
    you can access the demo area. As usual, avoid the heavy attacks along
    the way, and when you're in the restricted area, look for a tunnel on
    the right which leads you to the demo area. Once you're there, a cut-
    scene will show the Hulkbuster Neural Interface. 
    b. Retrieve Hulkbuster Neural Interface
    Simply walk towards the interface to trigger another cut-scene as
    Hull will grab the interface automatically.
    NOTE: If you get hit after grabbing the interface, it will drop. Pick
    it up again by using circle.
    c. Deliver Hulkbuster Neural Interface to the church
    As with fetch-and-carry missions, the interface will have a blue 
    health meter. While carrying it, run, charge jump and air dash like
    mad to get past the tunnel and back to the mountains. Find the nearest
    jump marker and jump back to the church. Put it down at the designated
    area to end this mission.
    You will gain 10,000 smash points and unlock a new Blonsky file. 
    The end of Chapter 2 is nigh. Approach the green star icon at the
    church area to fight the boss of this chapter, the HULKBUSTER
    First and foremost, notice 3 radars that are in this area. Your 
    immediate task is to destroy all of them. The radars are used by the
    prototype to summon reinforcements to attack you. If you don't destroy
    them now, you will be in a lot of pain.
    After cutting out his reinformcements, you can now start to attack
    the prototype. You can do anything to injure him, so buy some moves 
    before fighting him. Steel fists work a little. Shield, is useful to 
    exact good damage when you press triangle when holding a shield. There 
    are some large vehicles to build your shield from, so make use of them. 
    You can even grab boulders that're scattered around the area to throw at
    him. As I mentioned, anything goes. The best way, however, is to 
    quickly pick up some power-ups to go into critical mass, and then 
    perform a Critical Thunder Clap on him. This deals him a lot of hurt,
    and should help you build some confidence at this early stage of the
    The prototype will fire heat-seeking missiles towards you. Your next
    move is to destroy the missile launchers on him. Pick up any object
    (preferably cannisters due to their explosive nature), target the
    prototype, then toggle your right analog stick to shift the target
    to one of the missile launchers on his shoulders. Next, max charge and 
    throw the object towards the launcher. The purpose of doing this is to 
    remove the heat-seeking missile threat that he possesses. Repeat 
    process until both missile launchers are gone.
    With the missiles gone, it becomes easier to beat him. He will still 
    attack with a laser charge, and if you get too close to him, he may 
    well present you with a devastating melee attack. so avoid these 
    situations by picking up items, max-charging and throwing them at him.
    The key to this battle is patience. You won't deal him a lot of hurt
    at each attack, but his health will go down as you continue to attack
    him. Don't use up all the power-ups in this area. I know there are a
    lot of them here, but Hulk can recharge his power as long as he 
    doesn't get hit for a period of time, so don't waste the power-ups 
    unless absolutely necessary.
    In the event that you run out of objects to throw, you'll have to get
    close to him. Avoid his melee attacks, and counter by using a special 
    attack (triangle button) of your own, either Hammer or Shockwave Smash 
    (depending on your power status, both uses the same triangle button). 
    After each attack, run away quickly to avoid his wrath, heal if 
    necessary, then repeat the process.
    Keep repeating these strategies until he expires to see a cut-scene.
    You will get lots of (ok, I don't remember how many) smash points. You
    also get to unlock new moves in the Buy Menu (see Moves Guide for 
    In this mission, you will encounter a the CHIEF COMBAT WARDEN, who's
    basically a more powerful Elite troop mech. Your ultimate objective is 
    to retrieve the memory module from him and bring it back to the 
    church. Jump to the city to acquire this mission.
    a. Defeat the Ambush
    The ambush in question is made up of tanks, tanks and more tanks. 
    If you bought the Shockwave Smash Repeater, it's a good idea to now
    pick up some power-ups to go into critical mass, then execute this
    combo to clear the tanks. If you find going into critical mass too
    troublesome, however, you can simply use the test-and-trusted method
    of the good old steel fists. 
    Destroy as many tanks as possible unto the game informs you that 
    you've completed the objective.
    b. Reach Division Headquarters
    This is a straight forward objective. Just follow the marker on the
    map to reach the HQ.
    c. Defeat Combat Wardens Patrol Units
    These patrol units are made up of elite troops mechs. I find that a 
    good way of dealing them pain is to create a shield (make sure you
    bought this move) and start pounding them with the shield by pressing 
    the triangle button repeatedly until they explode. The poor souls will
    not stand a chance against this. 
    Destroy as many mechs as possible until the game informs you that
    you've completed the objective.
    d. Defeat Chief Combat Warden
    The location of the Chief Combat Warden is found on the map. He's on
    the roof of the Division HQ, so wall run up to meet him. Despite 
    having a nice name, he's just an elite troop mech with more life. I 
    don't know whether I should classify him as a "boss", but then again, 
    he does 
    have a boss meter, so, there.
    How do you defeat these mechs? Well, hitting them with a shield, as
    usual. Pile on the pressure and see his health drop alarmingly. Before
    he's fully dead, however, he will somehow escape from your relentless
    attacks and start flying away.
    Follow his trail as he continues to fly from building to building.
    On these buildings, you can find other enemies attacking you. You can
    fight them and get some power-ups from their demise, or simply ignore
    them and continue chasing after the chief.
    At the end of the chase, you will reach an opened area with a lot of 
    enemies swarming all over you. You may also notice that the chief's
    health have somehow been recharged. Use combos to remove the tanks if
    you want to, or just concentrate on finding a large vehicle to act as
    a shield to continue the pounding on the chief. 
    This time, there's to be no escape. Upon his explosion, you will find
    the chief's memory module from the wreckage. Grab it and run to the
    nearest jump marker and go back to the church for a well deserved
    Another chaser mission, but with a slight twist. But first, you will
    need acquire the mission. The green star is found on top of a bridge
    in the city.
    a. Disable the Division's Transport Vehicle
    A left-to-right timer appears again on the bottom left corner of the
    screen, telling you that you can't take your time with the chase. 
    Before you begin the chase, however, you may want to pick up an item
    first. You will know why later.
    Run after the transport vehicle quickly, dodging enemies attacks as
    much as you can. When you're within range of the vehicle, you will
    find that it's protected by an electrical shield. The way to disable
    the shield is to throw objects repeatedly at it. If you took my advice
    about grabbing an item earlier, you will get a headstart right away by
    throwing it at the truck. It will probably take 4-6 hits (depending on
    the items thrown, obviously) to break its resistance.
    b. Retrieve the Division's Transport Vehicle
    When the shield is done, the game will inform you that the vehicle
    is now ready for collection. Pick it up, find a jump marker and get
    out of the place immediately. You will gain 35,000 smash points for 
    the effort. A simply and short mission.
    15. MISSION 3-3: MERCY
    The objective tells you to go to the nuclear power plant to retrieve
    fuel rods, but you will only need to step into the green star jump
    marker to go there, and seriously, what follows will make you forget
    about fuel rods.
    Mercy is a teleporter, as well as a master of telekinesis. Your usual
    attacks will not harm her. Her weakness is that after she unleashes
    an attack, she will need time to recover. It's likely that her first
    attack will be a rush of telekinetic blast charges. Avoid these at all
    costs, because if you get caught in one of these, it's a matter of 
    seconds before she teleports right in front of you and takes away a 
    huge chunk of power from you.
    Instead, hide behind a large pillar and begin charging X. As a blast
    charge comes towards you, it will be blocked by the pillar. Quickly
    run out and release X to jump towards her. If you do it correctly, 
    you can end up close to her before she releases another blast, thus
    allowing you time to deliver punches at her. She also alternates 
    this attack with a laser attack. This attack is easy to dodge as long
    as you run quickly, but note that the laser will melt a pillar, so
    don't stand behind one when you want to run away from this attack.
    NOTE: An alternative way to do so is to grab one of those green tanks
    on the floor, and throw it towards her after she releases a charge.
    Repeat the process until a cut-scene appears, in which she'll feign
    defeat, then attempt to attack you while you're close. From this point
    onwards, she will also be a little more aggressive. For example, she
    may throw tanks at you, and boy, if you get hit, you're as good as
    dead. She may also gather a large number of small green tubes (fuel 
    rods?) and start throwing them at you. 
    The moment she does that small green tubes thing, you should quickly
    jump towards her and start punching. The impact on the tubes will
    spill over to her and injured her badly. I managed to remove one pip
    of her health just by one single attack repetitive punch attack like
    this, although I consider myself rather lucky in this aspect. 
    NOTE: If you've Critical Thunder Clap, you may also consider using it
    when she's gathering the green tubes if you manage to grab the various
    power-ups in this area to reach critical mass. This attack hurts her
    real bad under this circumstance.
    By now, hopefully she'll be near death. If that is so, just wait
    patiently for the moment to deliver the final blow with a few normal
    punch attacks. They should effectively finish her off. You will get
    40,000 smash points when you defeat her.
    Watch the cut-scene as Mercy begins to beg for, er, mercy. She 
    explains that Blonsky has planted a tracking device in her head, etc.
    Before she can finish her story, however, Blonsky has commanded his
    troops to send a deadly projectile towards your area. This means that 
    Mercy will be gone. Forever. Nobody can escape from a sudden attack 
    like this. Unless it's the Hulk, who is the lead character, so he 
    won't die. At least not now. And definitely not during a cut-scene 
    Completing this chapter will also unlock new moves (check Moves
    Guide for details).
    The Division have developed gamma suppressing gas pods across the 
    city. If they're activated, they'll disable the Hulk. Your objective
    is to steal three of these pods and dispose them into the sea. This is 
    a rather tough one to do, because Hulkbusters and mechs are deployed 
    immediately when you begin. Be focused about your objectives though,
    and avoid engaging in needless fights with them.
    a. Gas Pod A
    The green star is near Tibodt Grand Hotel, so jump towards there to
    activate the mission. Follow the marker on the screen to reach the 
    first gas pod while avoiding the attacks of the robots, and quickly
    grab the pod and escape from the area. Use Dashing Straight, Charge
    Jumping and Air Dash to help you to get to any coastline ASAP. Then, 
    jump right into the sea. Hulk will automatically jump back onto solid
    ground, while the pod will submerge and the game will inform you that
    the objective is accomplished.
    Quickly go to the nearest jumper marker and jump to Infinity Core for
    the next pod. Once you're at Infinity Core, you'll be glad to find
    that the enemies have not arrive yet. You can take a breather and
    recharge your power first before proceeding.
    b. Gas Pod B
    This pod is near Infinity Core, but as you approach it, you will also
    find a new jump marker. To facilitate your escape route, unlock it.
    This is THE DAYNE marker. Then, grab the pod and repeat the same
    process of going to a coastline and jumping into the sea.
    Go to The Dayne marker and jump to Midtown Tower for the last pod. As
    with earlier, recharge your power if necessary.
    c. Gas Pod C
    The pod is across the bridge that is near Midtown Tower. From the map,
    follow the path to find the bridge, dash across to find the pod. Since
    you're very near to the sea now, simply grab the pod and jump right 
    into the sea from the bridge. 
    40,000 smash points is your reward.
    A Division Supply Helicopter is transporting the much-covted Uranium 
    235 that could help to build Hulk's machine for recovery. You will
    need to secure the uranium, but not before you down that helicopter.
    And it's not an easy task, this one.
    a. Run to intercept the transport helicopter
    You've only 50 seconds to make it to the destination, which is marked 
    as on the map. As you make a dash there, try to pick up power-ups if
    you happen to come across them. The purpose is to quickly get yourself
    into critical mass to prepare for the rather tedious 2nd and 3rd parts
    of this mission.
    Once you reach the destination, a cut-scene will show the helicopter
    flying off. Time to give chase.
    a. Destroy the transport helicopter
    During the first part of the chase, it's impossible to get anywhere
    near to the helicopter for you to attack it. Instead, hot on your
    trail will be mechs and aircrafts, who will swarm all over you. You don't 
    really have time to fight them too, since any delay, and the helicopter 
    will be out of your sight, and you'll fail the mission.
    Instead, ignore the mechs and continue to make a mad dash after the
    helicopter. You may not be able to see it clearly since it's always
    flying above you, so use the map to ascertain its location - as usual,
    a moving target is marked as red on the map.
    Midway through the chase, the helicopter will land on a rooftop. As
    you run up the walls to reach it, a cut-scene will show as Hulk 
    automatically lands on the rooftop as well. However, the helicopter 
    will fly away before you can lay your hands on it, and surrounding you
    will be more mechs.
    Ignore the mechs, and continue to run after the helicopter while
    avoiding the attacks. After a while, the helicopter will hover just 
    above you on a lower ground without moving further away. This is the
    cue that you can now attack it. However, since the mechs have been all
    over you ever since the beginning, it's advisable to deal with them
    before you attempt to hit the helicopter. You see, it's easier to
    attack the helicopter, which is still quite a bother. 
    If you've purchased the Shockwave Smash Repeater, it'll be very useful
    in taking out the mechs when they're on the ground. A single attack
    can hit a few mechs at the same time. Or, you can always use the 
    Shield attack method I mentioned earlier to pound them to their death.
    Another good move is repeatedly press triangle when you're near to a 
    mech until. Watch it cry for help and then get smashed. 
    Of course, if you manage to go into critical mass, you can use the
    Critical Thunder Clap to clear the enemies away quickly. I'd strongly
    suggest doing this, not only because it's effective, but it's also
    graphically very interesting. 
    NOTE: Find an ambulance and destroy it completely to pick up power-ups 
    if you need to go into critical mass easily.
    Once you clear the enemies, pick up whatever power-ups they leaave
    behind, and jump up to a lower building's rooftop. Target the 
    helicopter, and prepare for a charged jump. Jump towards the helicopter
    and quickly press sqaure to punch it when you approach. Two or three
    hits will be more than enough to destroy the helicopter.
    The uranium will drop to the ground. This leaves you with the simple 
    task of picking it up and running to the nearest jump marker. But wait! 
    It's not exactly so simple!
    c. Deliver the Uranium 235 safely to the church
    Enemies, especially the mechs, will come after you once again with
    a vengeance. Once you reach the building where the nearest jump is,
    you will find that it's quite difficult to run up to the rooftop 
    because they'll continuously fire at you. Since you're supposed to
    deliver the uranium safely back to the church, getting hit by them not 
    only lowers your health, it puts the uranium under threat too.
    My advice is to calmly put down the uranium, and show these buggers
    who's boss. Use the ambulance method to get into critical mass, and
    deal them another one of your trademark Critical Thunder Clap. Also, 
    if you happen to buy the Critical Mass Surge earlier, you can execute 
    two Critical Thunder Clap consecutively. Watch them fly.
    The crisis attacks should be enough to provide a breather for you to
    grab the uranim and run up to the jump marker. Jump back to the
    church, put the uranium down at the designated area to end this 
    mission for a 15,000 smash points reward.
    You will get a new Blonsky file too, but I'm sure you'd known that by
    The game is getting harder as it progresses, and I tell you, this 
    mission and the next is absolutely insane. Anyway, Samson needs to go 
    to the city to speak to his informant. Your job is to escort hims
    safely to his destination. Soldiers, aircrafts and tanks are your
    enemies this time round, and they're relentless. 
    NOTE: This green star to acquire this mission is found at the church.
    a. Protect Samson
    Samson drives off a human road block, which immediately invites three
    soldiers to chase after him. Finish these guys easily, and pick up 
    the power-ups they leave behind. 
    Samson's location is marked as a moving blue spot on the map. Don't
    worry if he goes out of sight, because he'll wait for you if you're
    held up. As you catch up on him, you should see some taxis along the
    way, weaponize one of them into steel fists, and get ready to fight
    two aircrafts which are already giving chase behind.
    NOTE: To deal with aircrafts easily, buy the Cyclone Skyjack move.
    Once you finish these off, catch up with Samson, and he will drive
    onto a bridge. 
    b. Destroy all roadblocks in Samson's path
    At the end of the bridge, a few soldiers, tanks and aircrafts await 
    you. This is when the game will inform you to destroy all roadblocks 
    in Samson's path. Stand in front of Samson's car, move a little closer 
    to the end of the bridge, and execute a Shockwave Smash Repeater. This 
    will at least finish off the soldiers from afar without having to
    risking the possibiltiy of being hit by the tanks. What's more, dead
    soldiers leave behind power-ups. Quickly run forward, avoid the 
    attacks and pick up the power-ups. This should be good enough for you
    to go into critical mass.
    As usual, do a Critical Thunder Clap to clear the area. The tanks may
    not be destroyed completely, so you may consider doing some charged
    attacks on them. Remember to pick up any power-ups that they leave
    behind. I won't repeat this again.
    The next part of the game will be similar. Samson will repeatedly be 
    blocked by enemies, and you will have to repeatedly defeat them. The
    trick is not to get too close to Samson as the enemies attack, because
    they seem to be more interested to kill you than him. Moving away from
    Samson when the enemies attack usually (NOTE: not all the time) put
    him in a safe spot. Since there's no time limit for this mission, you
    can take time to go into critical mass and clear the enemies with 
    crisis attacks each time. The beauty of this is that destroyed enemies
    always leave behind power-ups. so even if you've used up your critical
    mass, you can easily go into it again with the amount of power-ups 
    available from dead enemies.
    When Samson reaches his checkpoint, you will be informed. However,
    even during this part, the objective isn't over. Take on the enemies
    for the last time using the same strategy. With the destruction of the
    final enemy, the objective will be met.
    Your rewards? 25,000 smash points and a new Blonsky file.
    Let me start this section by saying that I've previously written
    an entire section for this, er, section, only to delete it without
    knowing it, and overwriting the existing file. So, if you happen to
    be using an older copy of this document, and find that the information
    is different, don't panic. I'm trying my best to be consistent because
    it has been some time since I beat this mission, and I may not recall
    the pointers as much as after I just beat it. I'm relying on very
    poorly-handwritten notes to reconstruct this section.
    Anyhow, let me also say that this is one hell of a crazy mission.
    You begin at the place where Samson met his informant - see, they 
    didn't even let you go back to the church for a breather! Ok, if you
    really want to, you can, but since the green star is just nearby, you
    might as well begin now.
    This mission is divided into three parts. If you fail at any part,
    you'll only need to redo from the point where you completed the 
    earlier part. Of course, if you fail during the first part, you'll
    definitely restart from the beginning of the mission.
    a. Destroy Division fuel depot
    Before you begin, go from roof to roof to collect power-ups. You can
    easily go into double critical mass, if you purchased the Critical 
    Mass Surge Level 1 earlier. I'd strongly recommend this purchase as
    crisis attacks, that is, attacks resulting from amassing critical
    mass, are very effective ways of combat.
    From the map, you should see the Division's fuel depot. Head straight
    towards there and start pounding the depots that have a red "punch
    sign" over them. They're weak structures that shouldn't take more than
    a few punches to collapse. 
    b. Defeat Division forces
    Now, fighting time. The Division's forces consist of tons of tanks,
    aircrafts and Hulkbusting mechs. If you're in critical mass, quickly
    execute a Critical Thunder Clap to stun your enemies. At this point
    of the game, a move like this can easily take down the aircrafts.
    If they're not destroyed yet, do a charged jump plus punch on them
    until they expire. It may be difficult to do so, since the mechs will
    be all over you, but try your best to destroy the aircrafts first.
    The next group you should aim to remove is the mechs. The Shockwave 
    Smash Repeater is a very good way hit a few mechs at one go when
    they're surrounding you. If the mechs are isolated, a simple special
    attack (using the triangle button repeatedly on them) is sufficient
    to send them crying for help. If you're a little sadistic, you may
    consider weaponizing a shield and use the shield-pounding I mentioned
    earlier on it. It's fun.
    Once you take out the mechs, isolate the tanks and defeat the one-by-
    one. Steel fists, charged punches and shield-pounding are all good
    techniques to deal with them.
    With all the enemies downed, you'd have completed the first part of
    this mission.
    c. Destroy Division intelligence facility
    As you approach the next two objective markers, you'll actually come
    across the Hulkbuster Destroyers from the next objective first. My
    advice is to ignore them first, although they'll no doubt give chase.
    Run like mad to the intelligence facility, and punch it repeatedly
    until it collapses. I find that the best way to crash this building is
    to jump onto its rooftop (it's not a tall building), and execute the
    Ground Smash move repeatedly. This way, enemies can't get too close
    to you without being hurt, while the building continues to get 
    attacked by you.
    d. Destroy all Hulkbuster Destroyers
    Once the intelligence facility is down, you'll have no choice but to
    take on the mechs and giant-sized Hulkbuster. The mechs will keep 
    respawning, so you should just concentrate on the Hulkbuster. Use
    crisis attacks as much as possible. If you need help to get into 
    critical mass, use shield-pounding or special attacks to down the
    mechs quickly. Ambulances are aplenty here too, so you can completely
    destroy one to receive lots of power-ups. In the event that you're
    really close to dying, run to a nearest jump marker and jump to a 
    point that's furthest away from your enemies. Take the opportunity
    to heal, before heading back to fight again.
    NOTE: Even when you use jump markers to escape from the fight 
    temporarily, the mechs at times do catch up on you almost immediately.
    Ultimately, the key to winning this battle is to down the Hulkbuster
    ASAP. I wish you the best of luck. If you do this successfully, you'd
    have completed the second part of this mission. Yes, it's not over.
    e. Destroy Division Armory
    Weaponize a shield before you go to this building. Apart from 
    protecting yourself against enemy fire, the shield can also help you
    to kill mechs for power-ups, as well as destroy the building faster.
    When you're at the Armory, simply use shield-pounding to attack the
    building. Marvel at how much and how fast the "health" is removed
    by pounding it with a shield. 
    f. Destroy all Hulkbuster Destroyers
    The final battle for this mission once again pits you against your
    good friends, the mechs and the Hulkbuster. As usual, do the attacks
    as with the earlier objectives when dealing with them. Once again, 
    you'll need to down the giant to proceed, so here's quite a useful
    tip I found out when playing the game: Get into critical mass, then 
    lure the Hulkbuster into attacking you with a punch, then jump away as 
    he delivers the blow. Quickly run to his back. You'll notice that he's 
    a little slow in recovering from his attack. This is the time to
    perform a Critical Thunder Clap on his back. Repeat the process until
    he explodes.
    Congratulations! You get 25,000 smash points!
    Your aim is to retrieve classified material from the military test 
    site, but as you reach there, you will find GENERAL ROSS there. Time
    for a boss fight.
    NOTE: Hammer Toss is a compulsory move for this mission. Go buy it
    now so that you can win this fight easily.
    Ok, you don't actually fight General Ross, but a General Ross-
    controlled Hulkbuster. This guy has a lot of high profile attacks, but 
    lots of practice earlier should have given you the edge on dodging them.  
    The key is to make sure that, under any circumstances, you don't get 
    remotely near to him. He can be defeated with a long range attack that 
    is called Hammer Toss, which is why it's a compulsory purchase.
    Lure Ross out to the city so that you can invite tanks to attack you
    at the same time. The reason for doing so is just so that you can
    execute the Hammer Toss, which involves grabbing a tank, swinging it
    and hurling it towards an enemy.
    This is basically what you should do to Ross. Grab any tank, rotate
    your left analog stick counter-clockwise, and wait for the "turn" to 
    gain momentum. Meanwhile, press L1 to target Ross so that when you
    release the tank, it'll hit him straight in the face/ chest/ nuts. 
    When he's hit by a hammer-tossed tank, his health drops drastically.
    Repeat the process until he's defeated.
    NOTE: You'll never run out of tanks as they will keep respawning. You
    will have some pity for the tanks once you master the Hammer Toss.
    For your effort, you will get a smashing 80,000 smash points new
    moves (see Moves Guide for details).
    Chapter 5 is a short chapter, with only two missions to boot. During
    yoor fight with General Ross in the last mission, despite winning, 
    you've been captured. Captured? Why, you may ask. Well, ask Samson.
    After you risked your life "protecting" him earlier, he has sold you
    This mission requires you to stage an escape.
    a. Follow Blonsky and escape from the vault
    Dispose the soldiers from where you begin, and get the power-ups
    they left behind. Pound through the door to reach the next room,
    where a mech will greet you. Do a simple repetitive triangle button-
    smashing action to destroy him, get the power-up, and pound through
    the next door to the next room. Repeat the process of mech-smashing
    and getting power-ups until you reach the last room, which has three
    mechs. Quickly perform a Shockwave Smash Repeater to get a headstart,
    then follow-up with a Critical Thunder Clap - if you collected all
    the power-ups from the previous rooms, you should easily be in critical
    mass by now.
    Pick up the power-ups from these three mechs, and pound through the
    last door to go out to the open.
    b. Defeat the Capture Warden
    This mission doesn't have an "actual" boss fight, but this dude does 
    have a boss health meter, so I'll consider this a boss encounter.
    This is not a difficult fight at all. Once you get into the area,
    he'll begin to fire missiles at you. Avoid them, and quickly pick up 
    objects to throw at him. Barrels, small vehicles, etc. are all good to
    deal him some damage. It's entirely possible to go through the first
    part of the fight without losing any power if you do this right. Once
    his life is depleted by half, a cut-scene will follow.
    NOTE: When you approach an object with the intention to pick it up,
    be careful not to get hit, as having your back facing the Capture
    Warden opens you to attacks. Also, if you get hit near an object you
    want to pick up, the object will be disintegrated.
    c. Smash your way through the vault's defenses and leap to freedom
    The cut-scene will show two mechs appearing from above. When the cut-
    scene is still playing, quickly prepare to do a Critical Thunder Clap
    by charging the required buttons. When you regain control, you'll
    gain a slight headstart, and before these enemies could even attack 
    you, you could've completed the move and deal them with substantial
    damages. It's entirely possible to kill off the Capture Warden with 
    this one single blow after the cut-scene ends, especially if you
    happen to stand very close to him when the cut-scene begins.
    Clear off the two mechs if they haven't been destroyed by your move.
    You should also notice a jump marker nearby, so use it and jump out
    of this area to complete the mission.
    22. MISSION 5-2: TOPSIDE
    Your escape continues in this mission. Even though you're out of the
    vault, you're still in enemies' territory. You'll now have to escape
    from the Military Base. Each area of the base is guarded by a force
    field designed specially to stop Hulk from escaping. Your aim in each
    of these areas is to find a way to remove these force fields.
    a. Escape Vault Exterior
    This area has tons of helicopters and tanks. A forcefield is at the
    end of the area, and your aim is to get through it. Do so by first
    destroying the helicopters. A well executed Cyclone Skyjack should 
    serve you well in downing them. Helicopters don't respawn, so you're
    left with tanks to deal with. And tanks, with the Hammer Toss, 
    shouldn't be a problem to you by now. 
    There's no point in destroying all tanks though, since you can never
    do it - they respawn all the time. Instead, go right to the force 
    field to find three force field projectors. These are the things that
    are holding the force field. The first one is easy to smash, just, er,
    smash it. The next two are behind the forcefield, where you can't
    reach, so go back to the area to find objects to throw at them. 
    You may need to max charge your throws to gain distance.
    Once these two are hit, the force field will disappear. Get out of
    this area quickly. The helicopters are here again, so repeat the
    destruction process. Another force field greets you at the end of
    the road. Two projectors are behind the field, so pick up objects to
    throw at them as usual. The force field doesn't disappear though, and
    you will notice there are two more projectors, somewhere, to hit.
    These two are found on the sides of this area. You should find two
    vertical columns, one to each side to the screen, near the force field. 
    Run up to the top of each column and smash them to remove the force
    You will reach a Checkpoint when you complete this objective, which 
    means that if you happen to die during the next objective, the game
    will restart from here if you don't quit the game altogether.
    b. Escape Inner Base
    This area has some irritating aircrafts, which are difficult to hit
    because they tend to fly away before you can even do your Cyclone
    Skyjack. If you don't want to be bothered with them, don't. Of course,
    if you're sick and tired of having them hit you while you attempt to
    pick up objects and hit the force field projectors, you can always
    destroy these buggers. The other enemies here include soldiers,
    missile launchers and tanks. 
    The force field is at the end of the area, hidden within a small 
    tunnel. There are three of projectors to hit, and they can't be hit 
    from inside the tunnel. The key is to get out, jump up to the roof of 
    the tunnel, and hit the projectors from there with the objects. It may 
    take a few attempts since the projectors are really quite hard to 
    reach, but you should manage with some patience and good aiming. Try 
    to avoid using large objects since they're heavier and may not achieve 
    the desired distance when you're throwing them. I find that road 
    blocks is a good choice for hitting these.
    NOTE: If you're heavily injured, hide inside the tunnel to heal. The
    aircrafts can't attack you when you're hiding there.
    c. Escape Outer Base
    This is a simple one. Two projectors behind the the force field, and
    they're easily accessible with a simple targeting and throwing. One of 
    them is on ground level. The other one, you will have to climb up to 
    the right side of the cliff and aim across to the left side of the 
    cliff. You can find plenty of objects to pick up near both projectors.
    Hit them and get out of here.
    d. Return to the Church
    You're now out of the Military Base! Run towards the jump marker with
    all you can. Enemies will give chase, but at this stage, don't bother
    about fighting them. Once you reach the jump marker, avoid getting
    hit and get out of this place ASAP.
    You will get 30,000 smash points for your effort, another Blonsky file
    for reading, as well as some new moves (check out the Moves Guide for
    what's in store).
    Chapter 6 is an insane mission, with two consecutive blood-vessels-
    burstingly-difficult missions. The first one, which is this one, is a
    fetch-and-carry mission that once again bring you back at that hell-
    hole of a place known as Badlands, as well as tons of enemies that
    will swarm you. What's more, they're getting cleverer now - they even
    know how to lay a trap for you. Be prepare for some painful moments.
    The good thing is, Samson and Hulk have kissed and made up.
    a. Retrieve an intact military transport truck
    The objective green star is at the Last Chance Cafe, so jump towards
    there to acquire the mission. Your first task is to steal a truck. 
    There's a building near the cafe that has some units of these, so 
    head towards there. As you approach, the enemies will begin their
    swarming. Pay no attention to them, but instead pick up any truck and
    start escaping from the area.
    The enemies will give hot pursuit, and it's quite possible to see
    your power depleting during the escape. Try your best to reach the
    nearest jump marker, and jump to another area in Badlands. You can't 
    bring the truck with you when you jump away, but it'll still be where
    you jump away from if you call up the large map and check out its
    location. Wait for your power to heal, then jump back to the where you
    escaped from to find the truck. You should find that the enemies have 
    dispersed, leaving you with the easy task of picking up the truck and
    heading to the objective marker.
    Once you reach there, you will find a yellow box on the ground. Press
    triangle to weaponization the truck. This is where the funniest part
    of the game occurs.
    b. Retrieve power control module
    It's funny because you can see Hulk literally hiding himself into 
    the truck, and "driving" it by walking away with the truck almost
    totally covering himself. Anyhow, try not to laugh, and head towards 
    the objective marker on the map, which is where the power control
    module is. 
    Along the way, you should find a series of power-ups on a small path
    on the left side of the cliff. Yes, this is the same place where you
    found a lot of power-ups in Chapter 2 of this game. Pick them all up.
    You'll need them.
    As you reach the Military Base, you'll be amused to find that nobody
    manage to see through your "disguise". "Drive" past the soldiers, 
    tanks, mechs and even a force field without any fear of anyone
    recognizing you. No, not even when you leave behind a trail of broken
    grounds when you go past them.
    NOTE: Notice two force field projectors when you "drive" past the
    forcefield? These two have to be destroyed later during your escape. 
    Talk about deja vu.
    The objective marker is another yellow box. This is where you break
    free from the truck. Do so, and get ready for some action. You should
    be in critical mass now, so without even looking, execute a critical
    Thunder Clap to stun the enemies that're in the process of swarming
    all over you.  After that, quickly run up to the tower just beside
    where you broke free of the truck to find the power control module.
    From then on, RUN. Head towards the tunnel, smash the force field 
    projectors and leave the base immediately. There's no point in taking
    the enemies on, since they never stop coming at you. And trust me, 
    you'll be hit regardless of what you do, and the control module will
    drop as a result. Brave through the fire to pick it up again (and a
    again if it happens again, and again...) and hope that your power 
    doesn't expire. Your aim now is simply to get to the nearest jump
    marker and get out of Badlands.
    Even then, as you get near to the jump marker, you'll find some 
    enemies there waiting for you. Try your best to activate it and jump 
    back to the church. Drop the control module at the church, take a 
    breather, and get back to Badlands again.
    You will reach a Checkpoint now, as well as get 2,000 smash points.
    c. Retrieve power regulator
    Go back to the Last Chance Cafe, and get ready for more craziness. I'd
    suggest that you pick up any power-ups that you can see along the way to 
    go into critical mass ASAP.
    When you reach the area with the power regulator, you will find that
    it's surprisingly unguarded. NO! DON'T DO IT, BANNER! IT'S A TRAP! Too
    late. You'll picke it up, and activate a force field that traps you
    in this very small area. And then, you'll see some mechs in the same
    area as you. 
    To get out of the force field, you'll have to destroy the projectors
    that are outside the area. First, you'll have to Put down the regulator 
    to prevent the enemies from shooting it. Then, you must find a way to
    get out of this hell hole. The key to getting out of here isn't 
    beating the mechs, but grabbing them and throwing them at the force 
    field projectors. You don't need me to tell you that this will be a 
    tough one. You will need all the luck to get through it. If you happen 
    to be in critical mass, you may want to do a Critical Thunder Clap to 
    do some unfocused damage on both your enemies and the projectors - this 
    is quite useful to target all projectors at once.
    Once you take down the force field, grab the regulator and run to the
    nearest jump marker. Again, enemies will be there trying to knock you
    down before you can jump away. Do your best to avoid, then jump back 
    to the church, put down the regulator and end this killer mission.
    You'll get 40,000 smash points and a new Blonsky file for all the
    Remember the mission that required you to protect a building where
    Samson is downloading a file? This is the sequel! This time, Samson is
    (finally) building the machine that he has been talking about, but the
    enemies have found the church, and they've made their way here in an
    attempt to obliterate you once and for all.
    You've only one objective in this mission, and that is to protect the
    church until Samson finishes building the machine. The aircrafts, do
    the normal by using Cyclone Skyjack. The tanks and mechs, try Hammer
    Toss. You know the drill. It's not going to be easy, especially when
    the enemies won't stop attacking you when you're trying to defeat a
    It doesn't help when a giant Hulkbuster also makes his way to the 
    church after a while. Do not, I repeat, do not allow him to get near
    the church at all costs. An attack from him on the church takes out
    a large chunk of "health". Hammer Toss him if you can still find tanks
    around, or do some combos on him. If you happen to somehow get into
    critical mass, I'd suggest hitting him with a Critical Pain (buy this
    move if you don't have it). This takes out a good amount of health 
    from him.
    After this bugger, more mechs and tanks, plus another giant Hulkbuster
    will make its entrance into the fray. Enough already! Just Hammer Toss
    like mad to get by, and hope that the game will tell you that the 
    objective has been achieved.
    If you manage to go through this without dying at least once, I salute
    your skills. In any case, you will get 70,000 smash points and another
    Blonsky file.
    The story mode of the game is coming to an end, and your next 
    mandatory boss fight pits you against... yourself? Yes, you'll have to
    defeat the emerging Devil Hulk!
    The Devil Hulk looks sinister, but if you bought the Air Canonball
    move, you'll find that your chances of beating him are actually quite
    good. The battle takes place on a round-shaped platform. In the centre
    of the platform is a hole, which the Devil Hulk frequents. Once the
    game begins, quickly jump to higher grounds when you see him jumping
    into the hole. He'll throw objects relentless towards you, and you
    should take some caution into avoiding them. From above, look down at
    the hole. See the three blue-colored pods surrounding it? Your aim is
    to destroy all of them. Target one of them, and perform an Air Canon-
    ball. WIth this move, you can blast through the objects that're 
    thrown at you without getting hurt, as well as deal some real damage
    to the pods. Jump back to higher grounds and repeat the process of
    Air Canonball-ing until all three blue pods are smashed.
    Notice now that these pods leave behind power-ups. If you manage to
    keep yourself relatively unscathed during the pods-destruction 
    process, collecting all power-ups should help you go into critical 
    mass. So, yes, jump down to collect them all. What happens next is 
    that the Devil Hulk will get out from the hole and start to attack 
    you. This is when you should do a crisis attack on him - I'd 
    recommend the Critical Pain if you've it, since it's a very powerful
    move for taking a large chunk of health away from a single foe. 
    After being heavily injured by you, the bugger will jump back into
    the hole and begin to throw objects again. When he does that, note 
    that the blue pods are now back online again. You should now jump back 
    to higher grounds and repeat the Air Canonball-ing routine. Break all
    three of them, grab the power-ups, wait for him to jump out of the 
    hole, then pound him with a crisis attack.
    Do this a few times and he should be a goner.
    You'll get 150,000 smash points and (yet another) Blonsky file for
    your efforts.
    Chapter 7 is the story mode's final chapter. The first two missions
    are less tedious than some earlier ones, but you'll still have to
    prowl through tons of enemies as usual. Firstly, however, you'll have
    to face your greatest nightmare by returning to the place where you 
    were once held captive. 
    a. Get to the vault's entrance
    Follow the marker on the map to reach this area. The usual enemies 
    will start partying with you. Kill some if you feel gung-ho. Run off
    if you don't. Once you reach enter the vault, a cut-scene will show.
    b. Defeat the Capture Warden
    Ah, the Capture Warden welcome you back to the vault.
    This is essentially the same guy who attempted (in vain) to stop you
    from escaping earlier. This time round, there isn't any mechs to
    provide additional pressure on you, and he doesn't have any new moves
    to threaten you. use the target and throw method to hurt him, as well
    as deal him some crisis attacks if you manage to go into critical
    mass. This fight shouldn't be a problem for you now. I mean, he's but
    only one guy.
    Once you defeat him, the mission will end for a 30,000 smash points
    The final boss fight of this game is broken into two different 
    missions. Talk about a lengthy fight. You'll take on the Abomination
    yet again, but this time, it'll be much more difficult than in the 
    Nemesis mission. Apart from dealing with him, you'll have the Military
    forces all over you. Your consolation is that they're also after him.
    During the first part of this mission, don't bother fighting the
    Abomination. The thing to do is, simply, to chase him. Unlike previous
    chase missions, however, Abomination won't exactly go out of sight, so
    don't worry too much about catching up with him. Instead, take on the
    other enemies so that you can lessen their presence, as well as gain
    some useful power-ups. After you defeat these enemies, go after 
    Abomination and start pounding combos and crisis attacks at him. 
    Before you can destroy him, however, he'll run away. 
    Give chase again, and repeat the process of taking on the other 
    enemies before fighting Abomination. In the event that you didn't
    finish off the enemies before you fight Abomination, take heart that
    when you two dish it out at each other, the Military will also attack
    him. When you get the chance to fight Abomination again, do so with
    the same attacks until he flees again. Rinse and repeat.
    During the last part of this mission, Abomination will escape for the
    last time, which also signals the end of this mission. So, yes, this
    mission basically encompasses a lot of running, a lot of fighting
    the Military, and very little of fighting Abomination. Yet, you'll get 
    a satisying 100,000 smash points out of it!
    28. MISSION 7-3: ENDGAME
    The final fight. This time for real. The battle takes place at a dam.
    It's advisable to stay some distance away from him during the first 
    part of this fight. This is because he has somehow learnt one of your
    trademark moves - the Super Shockwave Smash! Ok, or something similar
    to it. If you don't want to get a taste of your own medicine, get
    ready to charge jump all the time. When he begins what looks like a 
    charged attack, get ready to jump up to avoid being tossed around in 
    the air. I'd suggest grabbing objects and throwing at him during this
    time, just so that you can remove his health a little.
    NOTE: During this fight, those damn aircrafts will continuously shoot
    at both of you. Hey, can't they see you're trying to protect them,
    those fools?
    Some time into the fight, Abomination will begin his attack on the 
    four generators on the sides of the dam. Your objective is not to 
    allow him to destroy all the generators. If he successfully does so,
    you'll fail the mission, even if you're at full health. The moment
    that he turns and attacks the generators is an ideal one for doing 
    some combos and crisis attacks on him. Basically, just keep your 
    fingers busy on his exposed back when he's doing his thing.
    After he takes some hits, he'll turn around and try to grab you.
    Jump away, or risk getting hurt real bad by his grab-and-slam move. 
    If you escape the move, he'll turn back and continue to attack the
    generator. Go back and start hitting him again. When he takes enough 
    damages, he'll lose his footing and fall onto the generator. The 
    electricity will shock him and take away one pip of his life! Now, 
    this will teach him about ripping up power generators.
    NOTE: If he successfully rips a generator apart, he'll use it to 
    create an attack that will take out 1/4 of your power. Avoid this at 
    all costs.
    The Abomination will continue to attack the other generators even 
    after he gets electrocuted. By the time he reaches the last generator,
    he should be as good as gone. Deal him with some last attacks to 
    finally see him off.
    You've won 200,000 smash points, but that's beyond the point! You've
    beaten The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction!
    This section lists the various Challenge Missions you can find in the
    city. To be honest, I'm totally uninterested in doing side missions in 
    a game like this, since they don't exactly provide anything important 
    to accelerate the story mode. However, I do agree that having them 
    around does raises the bar of the game a little by offering replay
    value. Doing them also allows you to earn smash points, which is 
    useful when you're needing just that elusive 50,000 points to buy a 
    critical move.
    I've personally not completed all the missions. For those that I 
    actually played, I'll list down some pointers. The rest, I'll just 
    provide a general description. If I missed any, please let me know 
    about it and I'll include it.
    NOTE: Challenge missions are represented by a yellow star in-game, 
    and as an exclaimation mark on your maps.
    a. Fast Move
    There're six of these checkpoint racing missions. I believe I 
    explained about Fast Move 6 during the Lightning Strike mission. 
    Basically, this requires you to move from point to point to collect 
    object markers in a given time limit. Each Fast Move missions have 
    different requirements on the amount of markers to collect.
    b. Batter Up!
    Play some air hockey by batting soldiers as far as you can, within a
    certain time limit. A helicopter will feed you with your victims. A 
    club is your weapon. Carry on.
    c. S.W.A.T.
    This is another soldiers-hitting side mission, but this time you're 
    going for numbers, not distance. I find this the easier of the two,
    although I'm not exactly good at both of them. 
    d. Urban Golf
    This is quite an interesting mission, not only because it's fun, but 
    because you'll be dressed in Joe Fixit! A nice touch from the game's
    developers. In this mission, you'll need to swing a golf ball (albeit 
    a very big one) to the flags with as few swings as possible. This took 
    me a while to get used to, but I found that charging your swings is 
    the only way to do this properly. Try to gauge from the position that
    Hulk is standing, and imagine how the swing will be done, and as a 
    result where the ball will go to. It's quite a tough little game, but
    I somehow enjoyed it. I didn't win a medal though. 
    e. Rooftop Jumping
    There're two of these jumping challenges. Basically, you're required
    to jump from building to building without touching the ground, while
    trying to be as far as possible from where you begin. The difference
    between the two missions is that for Rooftop Jumping 1, you're
    limited strictly to jumping only, while in Rooftop Jumping 2, you can
    use climbing and wall-running abilities. These are actually quite easy
    to do if you've the Double Super Air Dash.
    f. Hulk's Rooftop
    Another one related to rooftop. This one requires you to be stay on 
    a rooftop while enemies start swarming all over you. Question is, why?
    You've been swarmed all over by enemies during the story mode, why go 
    through it all over again in a side mission? Not recommended!
    g. Fare Play
    Somehow, this reminds me of the taxi-disintegrating side quest in 
    Destroy all Humans!, which was a game of a similar nature (as in 
    free-roaming, mission-based action/ adventure). I think it's because 
    of all the taxis. For this mission, you'll need to pick up a taxi, 
    run to a designated area, and put it down. Keep repeating until the  
    timer ends. The more you pick up, the higher your scores. Use Running
    Grab to save some seconds, and do lots of charged jumping to speed up
    the process. Oh, try not to destroy any taxis too.
    h. Hulk smash City!
    Without doubt my favorite challenge mission of the game! Destroy as 
    many objects as possible in a given time. Everything and anything
    goes. No special techniques here, just keep on smashing. To get more 
    points, completely destroy the objects you're smashing. For example, 
    if you somehow damaged a car partially, finish up the job by reducing 
    it to ashes. You get more points if you do so. At the end of the time 
    limit, enjoy the fruits of your labor and do it again if you want. 
    A perfect way to relieve stress by smashing stuff, without having 
    enemies all over you.
    i. Smashing Spree
    Another smashing mission, although this one is more specific. You'll 
    need to destroy completely eight cars, four trucks, four water towers
    and 12 trees ASAP. Trees are easy - they're everywhere. Water towers,
    you'll have to engage the rooftops. Trucks and cars will depend on 
    your luck. You can assume that they're on the road, even though at 
    times there may not be many around in a given street.
    The nature of the challenges in Badlands are similar to the city.
    If you happen to find a challenge in the city, expect to find one 
    that resembles it here. I visited considerably lesser challenge 
    missions in Badlands because I find this place extremely frustrating 
    to be in!
    a. Fast Move
    You know the drill!
    b. Hulk smash Badlands!
    Yes, this is the Badlands version of my favorite smashing mission in 
    the city. To get more scores, I'd suggest staying in civilians areas, 
    like the Last Chance Cafe, for example. If you go into those mountain
    areas, you'll have next to nothing to smash.
    c. Hulk Soccer
    Inspired by Shaolin Soccer, I presume. This one takes place at the
    Military base. Remember the dreaded tunnel? Get the ball into the 
    tunnel to score a "goal". The Capture Warden is the goalkeeper who'll 
    attempt to save your shots. 
    d. Gamma Golf
    This is similar to the Urban Golf mission in the city.
    This entire section is created by The Stinger from the Neoseeker.com
    Forums. Many thanks for the man for giving me the permission to use
    this here. 
    a. Tutorial Comics (4)
    1. Environment gallery item: Complete Targeting and Throwing tutorial.
    2. OCANADA: Complete wallclimb and wallrun tutorial
    3. Character render item: Complete jumping tutorial.
    4. Movie Gallery Item: Exit the tutorial through the tunnel.
    b. City (29)
    1. DRAPEAU: Jump to THE DAYNE jump marker and travel north. The comic 
    is on the roof of the building close to the shoreline at the end of the 
    2. 10,000 points: Northwestern part of the map, near where you can see 
    the lighthouse out in the harbor. The comic is in between the legs of 
    the blue ape balloon on top of the car dealership.
    3. DESTROY: Use the Blue ape balloon from #2 and wallrun up the tallest 
    building near you. Jump, and glide out to the lighthouse. The comic is 
    located on the back wall.
    4. 10,000 points: Destroy the Division Corp Building next to the Diesel 
    66 gas station, very near the car dealership from #2.
    5. Environment gallery item: North part of the map, near the very centre 
    of the outside edge of the map. The comic is on another building with a 
    blue ape balloon.
    6. CHZGUN: North part of the map, stay on the outside edge of the map. 
    The comic is hanging in mid air over what appears to be the remnants of 
    a small destroyed building.
    7. 10,000 points: On top of the Burgers and Shakes restaraunt in the 
    northeastern section of the map.
    8. Enemy Gallery Item: Northeastern section of the map, on the outside 
    edge. On top of a tall building behind a red/orange billboard.
    9. AMERICA: On the south east section of the bridge, on top of the 
    middle support.
    10. Character render item: South section of bridge and the comic is on 
    the small destructible walkway.
    11. 10,000 points: Southwest part of map on the outside edge. On top 
    of a very very tall skyscraper that looks like the one used in the 
    House of Cars challenge.
    12. 10,000 points: This can be found during the Need-to-Know mission. 
    Run up the side of the division building in which you need to retrieve 
    the mainframe, and the comic is there below the small overhang before 
    you reach the top. Alternatively, this building has a ton of spotlights 
    on it, so it's hard to miss.
    13. SMASH10: Above the spire atop a tall skyscraper in the southwestern 
    part of the map, about one to one and a half blocks in from the outside 
    14. FSHNCHP: Eastern part of the map, two blocks south of The Dayne 
    jump marker on the outside edge of the map. Atop one of the buildings 
    with the destructible glass front and back.
    15. 10,000 points: Northern part of the map, near the inside edge in 
    an alley between two buildings. These buildings are near two very 
    closely placed challenges on the map. 
    16. FURAGGU: Northern part of the map, 2 blocks in from the inside 
    edge, on the roof of the DVS fuel station that has the 6 tall white 
    17. 10,000 points: Western part of the map, almost directly between 
    The Dayne and Tibodt Grand Hotel jump markers. On the roof of the tall 
    building with spire and 2 ac vents.
    18. MUTANDA: Western part of the map, near the inside edge, almost 
    between the Tibodt Grand Hotel and Midtown Tower jump markers. On a 
    small cafe roof. You can see the comic on the roof from street level.
    19. 10,000 points: Inside the destructible glass front of the building 
    directly across from a substation you need to destroy in the Lightning
    Strike mission. Its near the Tibodt Grand jump marker.
    20. Movie gallery item: Inside the division building west of the Tibodt 
    Grand jump marker, near the Lights Out challenge.
    21. 10,000 points: Jump to the Coliseum Terrace jump marker, and face 
    just southeast. You'll see the comic on the roof of the building across 
    from you.
    22. Character gallery Item: One to one and a half blocks east of the 
    Coliseum Terrace jump marker, hanging in mid air close to the street.
    23. DEUTSCH: Southeast of Jarella Point jump marker, on the roof of 
    the hospital building that is near the parked ambulances.
    24. 10,000 points: one to one and a half blocks east of The Dayne jump 
    marker. On a building with with 2 billboards and 4 spotlights.
    25. Movie gallery item: Up against the building where you retrieve the 
    CAT Scan Imager during the Fire Sale mission.
    26. SUITFIT: Destroy the division armory in the My Other Voice mission, 
    and collect the comic from the debris.
    27. 10,000 points: East corner of the map, just north of the bridge. 
    There's a triangular hole in the middle of the hotel building top. 
    Jump down inside and the comic is here.
    28. FROGGIE: Jump to the Infity Cove jump marker. Face northwest. 
    Jump to the tall building and climb over. You should see the comic 
    across from you on the side of the building.
    29. Enemy Render Item: About 2 blocks south of Mandarin Gate Mews jump
    marker. Building forms a small alcove in which the comic is hidden.
    c. Badlands (27)
    1. KINGKNG: North of the Last Chance Cafe jump marker, on top of one 
    of the large round containers.
    2. 10,000 points: Northwest corner of the town on the map, break one 
    of the rock pillars and the comic is inside.
    3. 10,000 points: Westernmost road out of the town on the map, comic 
    is on the road leading into a tunnel.
    4. BANDERA: Take a right at the tunnel from #3, and follow the wall 
    around. On the wall on your left is the comic.
    5. BRINGIT: Coming back into town on that westernmost road, you will 
    see a bunch of buses parked at the bus depot. The comic is here in the 
    parking lot.
    6. Movie gallery item: In the middle of town, atop the city hall type 
    building, next to the triangle tipped top of the building.
    7. TRANSIT: Inside the courtyard of the Badland Penitentiary, in the 
    corner next to the building.
    8. RETRO: Jump to the Verdugo's Pass jump marker, and break the closest 
    rock pillar. Comic is inside.
    9. 10,000 points: Inside the rock pillar east of the Verdugo's Pass 
    jump marker.
    10. Movie gallery item: Hanging in the air above the bridge southeast 
    of Verdugo's Pass jump marker.
    11. 10,000 points: At the tip of the Green/Brown patch on the map 
    between Goliath Bluff and Verdugo's Pass jump markers. Comic is next 
    to the rock pillars.
    12. 10,000 points: The lone rock pillar near the Goliath Bluff jump 
    marker, facing the bridge. Break it to reveal the comic.
    13. PILLOWS: Jump to Restricted Area 102 jump marker. Face southwest 
    and you will see a guard outpost. The comic is at the guardpost.
    14. Movie gallery item: Military Compound southeast of Restricted Area 
    102 jump area, found on the road.
    15. Movie gallery item: Follow the path around to the west from 
    Restricted Area 102 jump marker. Follow the road around, staying right. 
    The comic is up on the cliff face on a ledge.
    16. Enemy Gallery Item: Northwest corner of the town on the map, in a 
    small alleyway.
    17. SMASH5: During the Head Hunter mission, you get access through the 
    tunnel. Comic is inside a guard tower in the first compound you come 
    18. Movie Gallery Item: During the Head Hunter mission, go across the 
    level from the Hulkbuster training pit and the comic is on the cliff 
    19. Character gallery item: Move far south down the map and you'll 
    come to a blue wall. Comic is on the right side of this wall.
    20. 10,000 points: Left parking area at the Vault entrance.
    21. HISTORY: Right parking area at the vault entrance.
    22. SMASH15: Eastern part of the map, in the middle of the bridge made 
    of stone.
    23. Environment gallery item: Northernmost part of the badlands map, 
    next to a cliff wall and some explosive barrels.
    24. Character gallery item: Easternmost part of the Badlands, almost 
    directly across the map from the Goliath Bluff jump marker. Comic is 
    on a path that also contains the Blonsky Don't Surf challenge.
    25. 10,000 points: In the middle part of the centrr brown-colored spot 
    on the map. It's in a small u-shaped curve on the land, near a rock 
    pillar and guard post. Comic is found inside the u-shaped part of the
    land. You go right by this point in the Strange Cargo mission on your 
    way to take the truck to the entrance of the base.
    26. Environment Gallery item: Southwest corner of the upper portion 
    of the map, west of the path leading south on the map. The comic is 
    high up on a wall.
    27. Enemy render item: Southernmost part of Town, almost directly in 
    the center of the outside edge of the mapped part of town. The comic 
    is in an alley with two concrete barricades, and the building it is 
    behind reads "Garden Produce" on the front.
    And there you have it. Lots of items, cheats, and to top it all off, 
    you'll get the CLASSIC cheat which unlocks the Grey Hulk, who looks a 
    lot like Hulk from The Ultimates comics!
    I'm trying to replay the game to find the locations of the hints. This
    may take some time to complete.
    The format for reading the following section is by move's name, points
    required to acquire, how to execute the move and description of the 
    move. All the information are taken in-game, from the Buy Menu. The
    "chapters" in question are not the chapters that you unlock the moves,
    but rather the chapters that you can start using the moves. So, while
    the "Chapter 2 Moves" are unlocked after you complete Chapter 1, you
    can only use them during Chapter 2.
    a. Chapter 1 Moves
    You can purchase the following moves after the game introduces you to
    the concept of Buying Moves, during the Need-to-Know mission:
    4,000 points
    Press square while running. 
    Great for clearing just about anything out of Hulk's way.
    2,000 points
    Press X (while in the air). 
    Recover instantly from any attack that floats Hulk into the air. This 
    is an important move to master.
    6,000 points
    Press circle while running. 
    Allows Hulk to grab objects and enemies without breaking his run. This 
    is an important technique to master. 
    9,000 points
    Square + triangle. 
    Pound the ground to clear anything from your path. Great for getting 
    out of a tight situation, or damaging whatever is underneath you.
    500 points
    Square, triangle, square. 
    Show your respect by applying the back of your hand to your enemy's 
    5,000 points
    Square, square, triangle. 
    This high-power is useful for distancing troublesome foes.
    2,000 points
    Triangle + circle.
    Create a sonic shockwave, vlasting everything nearby.
    10,000 points
    Triangle (in air).
    Slam downwards to clear ground enemies out. Great against vehicles and
    ground based enemies.
    5,000 points
    (Run with 2-handed weapons) Square or triangle.
    Pick up any 2-handed object and deliver the pain.
    7,000 points
    Circle while running with a lifted object.
    Throw while on the move. This is an important technique to master.
    (Max) Square + triangle (critical mass required)
    Enhanced critical atomic slam. Extend range, extra power, no calories.
    b. Chapter 2 Moves
    You can purchase the following moves after you complete Chapter 1:
    6,000 points
    (With 2-handed weapon) Square, Triangle
    Slam a 2-handed weapon into an enemy and then execute a punishing 
    20,000 points
    (with large vehicles) Triangle
    Weaponization - Create a shield from large vehicles to defend against
    enemy attacks. Stand or walk to auto-defend. Running deflects 
    projectiles, but won't auto-defend.
    15,000 points
    (Max) Triangle
    Long range ground pound. Powerful against ground-based enemies.
    12,000 points
    R1 in air
    Provides extra air control. Allows you to move faster and jump further
    than ever before. Great for dodging. This is an important skill to
    5,000 points
    Circle + Triangle (while running)
    Execute a sonic clap while on the run. An execellent move for clearing
    out an area.
    12,000 points
    Triangle, (max), Triangle
    Max charge this uppercut to float an enemy high.
    20,000 points
    Square, (max), Triangle (in air), Square, Square
    Combo an enemy in the air for extra damage.
    8,000 points
    Square, Square, (pause), Square, Square, Square, Square
    Execute a rapid fire combo on your unlucky opponents. Great for 
    applying lots of damage to a single target.
    50,000 points
    (Max) Triangle + Circle (in critical mass)
    Devastates anything and everything in every direction. Raw, unfocused
    30,000 points
    Upgrade to total power.
    Increase Hulk's total power capacity. Recommended to purchase.
    5,000 points
    Square + Triangle (with club)
    Pick up a club and bring down the house with an overhead smash. Great
    for clearing out the area.
    8,000 points
    (While targeting enemy away) Sqaure
    Apply 2 fists of fury to float any fool. Great for floating enemies 
    into aerial combos, or setting them up for knock-aways.
    12.000 points
    Square + Triangle (in air)
    Rise up, crash down! Great for making an opening into any army
    20,000 points
    Triangle + Circle (in air)
    Slam your fists together to create a sonic blast while in the air.
    Great for hitting even the most evasive aerial opponents. 
    20,000 points
    Any attack (incoming missile)
    Deflect projectiles with a well-timed punchback technique. Basic use:
    Any attack will deflect projectiles towards the enemy that fired at
    you. Advanced use: You can also deflect to a desginated target by 
    using L1 when punching back.
    50,000 points
    (Max) Square + Triangle (in air, critical mass)
    Crash down from the air with an aerial critical atomic slam. The extra
    height means extra damage.
    c. Chapter 3 Moves
    You will get to buy these moves after you complete Chapter 2:
    20,000 points
    Cirlce (in air)
    Grab any Hulk-sized enemy out of the air. Follow-up for extra damage.
    8,000 points
    (Max) Circle (while running with club)
    Weaponization - Max charge a club throw and spear Hulk class enemies.
    Stuns opponents.
    15,000 points
    Triangle (while running)
    Float enemies high with this high powered uppercut.
    15,000 points
    Triangle (with boulder)
    Weaponization - Create a spherical bowling ball! Throw or bowl for
    great destruction.
    20,000 points
    X (towards airraft) + Circle
    Ride any aircraft to its death or pummel it out of air. Charge air
    strike and hold grab for easy air grab.
    8,000 points
    Square + Triangle (while running)
    Dash into a classic Ground Smash, clearing a path of enemies from 
    Hulk's way.
    15,000 points
    (Grab enemy) + (Charge)
    Weaponization - Use Hulk-sized foes for an area effect attack.
    15,000 points
    Triangle (from wall run or drop)
    Leave the wall run and crash down on an enemy with an elbow drop for a 
    crucial damage.
    5,000 points
    Triangle (on prone enemies)
    Deliver instant disrespect by kicking enemies already grounded!
    25,000 points
    Additional critical mass.
    Increase the power of critical mass.
    15,000 points
    (Create shield) X, Triangle
    Weaponization - Grind any shield just like a board. Use it to move
    over unven surfaces.
    35,000 points
    Square (in air)
    Improved version of Air Strike. More speed, more power, more damage.
    10,000 points
    Square or Triangle (while shield grinding)
    Turn defense into offense by kicking your shield toward your target.
    Good for counter-attacking when shielding yourself.
    20,000 points
    Circle (in air near large enemies)
    Ride large enemies and plummet them with this powerful grapple 
    35,000 points
    Circle (incoming missiles)
    Weaponization - Catch incoming missles, and hurl them back at the
    attackers. Max charge to activate a homing missile!
    25,000 points
    R1 (in air) Extra distance and speed during an Air Dash.
    (Max) Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
    Powerful against ground based opponents. Create a punishing combo.
    d. Chapter 4 Moves
    After you defeat Mercy in Chapter 3, you can buy the following moves:
    40,000 points
    (Max) Triangle + Circle (in air, critical mass)
    Execute a Critical Thunder Clap in the air. Ideal for wiping out an 
    entire squandron of aircrafts.
    35,000 points
    Circle (tank barrel), Left Analog Stick
    Weaponization - Gran and spin any tanks, turning them into deadly 
    weapons. Time-consuming, leaves Hulk vulnerable to counter-attacks,
    but extremely powerful.
    40,000 points
    Circle (missile pack), Triangle
    Weaponization - Rips rocket pack into your very own missile launcher.
    Max charge to launch missile.
    30,000 points
    Weaponization - Utilize a wrecking ball for sweeping attacks.
    12,000 points
    Square, (max) Triangle (during air combo)
    Slam your foes to the ground from an air combo.
    15,000 points
    (Max) Triangle (from riding aircraft)
    Weaponization - Ride an aircraft, and kick it towards a target of your
    choice. A great way to kill two birds with one stone.
    55,000 points
    (Grab large enemy) + (max) Triangle
    Weaponization - Use large-sized foes for an area effect attack.
    75,000 points
    (Max) Square + Circle (in critical mass)
    Delivers a huge deal of damage to a single foe. Pure, focused rage.
    Great for punishing larger opponents.
    50,000 points
    Upgrade to total power
    Increase total power capacity.
    60,000 points
    R1, R1 (in air)
    Air dash twice for double the mobility.
    15,000 points
    Square (while running with club)
    All the power of a Club Smash with none of the stoppages.
    80,000 points
    (Grab mech) Triangle (in air)
    Crash your enemy to the ground to cause a crippling damage. Creates
    additional explosive shockwaves impact. Gain as much altitude as 
    possible before executing this grapple in order to cause maximum
    e. Chapter 5 Moves
    Not a lot to buy after Chapter 4, but they're important upgrades to
    160,000 points
    (Max) Sqaure (in air)
    Tuck and roll into an enemy for maximum damage.
    80,000 points
    Additional critical mass.
    Increase the power of critical mass.
    f. Chapter 6 Moves
    As the game comes to an end, the number of new moves are limited:
    100,000 points
    (Max) Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
    Long range ground pound with multiple projectiles. Powerful against
    ground based opponents or crowds of opponents.
    150,000 points
    R1, R1 in air
    Extra distance and speed on both Air Dash moves.
    200,000 points
    Upgrade to total power.
    Increase Hulk's total power capacity.
    g. End Game Move
    You've beaten the game, but you can replay the game as an alternative
    character if you buy this upgrade:
    1,000,000 points
    Play the game as Bruce Banner.
    This is the most comprehensive FAQ/ Walkthrough I've written so far, 
    and I hope it'll help you along the way. 
    On using this document, as usual, I'll suggest that you try to beat 
    the game on your own, and only use it when you're stumped. I 
    understand that the missions and objectives in this game are fairly 
    straight forward, and no amount of puzzle-solving is required. But, 
    the difficulty level for achieving these objectives is quite 
    high, and it's very likely that you'll be stuck at many points during 
    the game. What I did throughout this document is to provide tips and
    pointers based on my own playing experience. Writing a document like
    this does not make me a better play than you. In fact, you may have a 
    better way to complete the tasks, in which case I'd gladly appreciate 
    if you can share your experiences with me.
    Meanwhile, if you'd like to check out my other works, please go to
    this URL:
    Last but not least, I wish you all the best in this game. 
    Version 0.1: Completed Prologue and Chapter 1. (9.7.05)
    Version 0.3: Completed Chapter 2. (9.8.05)
    Version 0.5: Completed Chapter 3. Re-categorized missions into
    chapters and renamed mission numberings to offer a better flow of the
    story. Began Chapter 4. (9.9.05)
    Version 0.9: Completed Chapters 4 and 5. Began Chapter 6. (9.11.05)
    Version 1.0: Completed Chapters 6 and 7. Added Comics Locations List,
    by The Stinger. Created Moves Guide and moved all information about
    Moves there to shorten the Walkthrough Section's length. Challenge
    Missions and Hints Locations List are mooted and in progress. 
    In construction.
    AchtungNight: Who gave some really nice comments about this document.
    Thanks, dude. I'm flattered.
    Angel G: For telling me the title of Mission 3-1, which I forgot to 
    write down when taking notes during my gameplay.
    Radical Entertainment/ VU Games: For the obvious.
    The gamers at SGCollect.com: For bringing my attention to this game.
    The Stinger: For the Comics Locations List.
    Copyright  Lestor Wong 2005.

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