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    Weapon History by Siela_

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    *                                                                             *
    *                       DRAKENGARD WEAPON HISTORY                             *
    *                                                                             *
    *                          Written by Siela_                                  *
    *                        Email: siela@freemail.hu                             *
     1. ----- General information                            [GNIF]
     2. ----- Weapons of the first walkthrough               [1WLK]
       2a –-- Nowe’s Short words                             [1NS]
              - Nowe’s Sword                       [1NS01]
              - Oror’s Falconblade                 [1NS02]
              - Oror’s Lionblade                   [1NS03]
              - Savior Blade                       [1NS04]
              - Sealknife: Calamitous Strings      [1NS05]
              - Mage’s Promise                     [1NS06]
              - Kingsblood                         [1NS07]
              - Carrion Maker                      [1NS08]
              - Deathdance                         [1NS09]
              - Maiden Kris                        [1NS10]
              - Glory’s Bane                       [1NS11]
              - Hunter’s Joy                       [1NS12]
              - Flamberge                          [1NS13]
              - Scream                             [1NS14]
       2b --- Nowe’s Long swords                             [1NL]
              - Nowe’s Long Sword                  [1NL01]
              - Calf-carver                        [1NL02]
              - Bloody Fang                        [1NL03]
              - Silver Butterfly                   [1NL04]
              - Sealblade: Calamitous Verse        [1NL05]
              - Union                              [1NL06]
              - Injustice                          [1NL07]
              - Caim’s Sword                       [1NL08]
              - Takamasa                           [1NL09]
              - Skald’s Song                       [1NL10]
              - Nobuyoshi                          [1NL11]
              - Slaughterism                       [1NL12]
              - Soldier’s Sword                    [1NL13]
              - Guard’s Sword                      [1NL14]
              - Inuart’s Long Sword                [1NL15]
       2c –-- Eris’s Spears                                  [1E]
              - Eris’s Spear                       [1E01]
              - Sealspear: Calamitous Dance        [1E02]
              - Hanch’s Spear                      [1E03]
              - Robber King                        [1E04]
              - Victor’s Spoil                     [1E05]
              - Apostate’s Misery                  [1E06]
              - Sorrowborn                         [1E07]
              - Ozymandia’s Might                  [1E08]
              - Tower of Warning                   [1E09]
       2d –-- Manah’s Staves                                 [1M]
              - Manah’s Staff                      [1M01]
              - Knights of the Seal’s Curse Staff  [1M02]
              - Sealstaff: Calamitous Sonnet       [1M03]
              - Northern Siren                     [1M04]
              - Dream Blossom                      [1M05]
              - Wisdom                             [1M06]
              - Magi’s Sorrow                      [1M07]
              - Edacious                           [1M08]
              - Philosopher’s Staff                [1M09]
       2e --- Urick’s Axes                                   [1U]
              - Urick’s Axe                        [1U01]
              - Crimson Hood                       [1U02]
              - Executioner’s Song                 [1U03]
              - Foul Blade                         [1U04]
              - Mourning Thorn                     [1U05]
     3. ----- Weapons of the second walkthrough              [2WLK]
       3a –-- Nowe’s Short words                             [2NS]
              - Evil’s Bronze Blade                [2NS01]
              - Moonlit Beauty                     [2NS02]
              - Thief’s Secret                     [2NS03]
       3b --- Nowe’s Long swords                             [2NL]
              - Captured Goddess                   [2NL01]
              - Pitch Black                        [2NL02]
              - Sealblade: Calamitous Melody       [2NL03]
       3c –-- Eris’s Spears                                  [2E]
              - Falcon’s Pinion                    [2E01]
       3d –-- Manah’s Staves                                 [2M]
              - Phoenix Curse                      [2M01]
              - Yaha’s Staff                       [2M02]
       3e --- Urick’s Axes                                   [2U]
              - Broken Iron                        [2U01]
              - Zhangpo’s Axe                      [2U02]
              - Sealaxe: Calamitous Rhythm         [2U03]
     4. ----- Weapons of the third walkthrough               [3WLK]
       4a –-- Nowe’s Short words                             [3NS]
              - Hero’s Knife                       [3NS01]
       4b --- Nowe’s Long swords                             [3NL]
              - Moonfire                           [3NL01]
       4d –-- Manah’s Staves                                 [3M]
              - Monk’s Red Staff                   [3M01]
     5. ----- “Code needing weapons”                         [CNWP]
              - Writheheart                        [CNW1]
              - Sealaxe: Calamitous Rhythm         [CNW2]
              - Poisontongue                       [CNW3]
              - Widow’s Death                      [CNW4]
     6. ----- Version History and updates                    [VERH]
     7. ----- Legal information                              [LEGI]
     8. ----- Contact Information                            [CONT]
     9. ----- Credits and thanks                             [CRED]
    |                                                                             |
    |1. General information                                [GNIF]                 |
    |                                                                             |
    Thanks for reading my guide ^_^ 
    This guide is based on the English version of Drakengard 2.
    Includes the weapon history for all the weapons, attack and guard break 
    information for the different levels.
    At this moment the guide does not include the information of the place and time
    you can obtain the weapons.
    Also the experience points needed to level up and the range of the weapons
    are not included, I'm thinking about including these later. 
    Please note, that the order of the weapons is based on the order they are 
    in the game, when you equip them on the Grand Wheel. It isn't the order you 
    acquire them.
    |                                                                             |
    | 2. Weapons of the first walkthrough                 [1WLK]                  |
    |                                                                             |
    In the first walkthrough you can obtain 52 weapons:
    29 Swords for Nowe ( 14 Short and 15 Long Sword), 9 Spears for Eris,
    9 Staves for Manah and 5 Axes for Urick
    | 2a. Nowe’s Short Swords                              [1NS]                  |
    1) Nowe’s Sword                       [1NS01]
       Attack power:  20 / 22 / 24 / 26
       Guard break:   18 / 18 / 20 / 24
       Level 1.
       This sword belonged to a hero
       called Iron Dragon of the Two
       Swords. It was a gift from a 
       female knight who trained
       him for his first battle.
       It saved the lives of many,
       including the Iron Dragon. He
       cherished it as though is was
       his own body.
       Level 2.
       One day, Iron Dragon entered 
       hidden land, lead by a priest’s
       divine guidance. There, he met a 
       dragon who spoke the words of
       men and a child who spoke the
       words of dragons. Iron Dragon
       knew right away that this must
       be the legendary savior, and
       asked for custody of the boy.
       But the dragon sneered...
       Level 3.
       “What right have you to take this
       child from his father? What could 
       you possibly offer him?” And Iron
       Dragon replied, “I shall become the
       child’s father. Without knowledge of
       human ways, this child would grow
       to become a wingless dragon – a 
       pointless creature. I vow to raise
       him to be a fine knight. So it is
       a future that I offer to the child.”
       Level 4.
       Amused the dragon said, “Fine. 
       You shall take the child, but I
       shall come with him, for only I can
       teach him the ways of dragons.”
       Iron Dragon agreed, and presented
       his sword as a token of his pledge.
       The dragon sneered at the foolish
       human gesture, and threw the sword
       into his lair – the only world his 
       child had ever known until then.
    2) Oror’s Falconblade                 [1NS02]
       Attack power:  65 / 74 / 82 / 90
       Guard break:   46 / 52 / 58 / 64
       Level 1.
       Once, one of Sir Gismor’s men was
       caught attempting to steal General
       Oror’s sword. When he was brought
       before his master, Sir Gismor
       harshly reprimanded the knight, and 
       threatened to execute him. The 
       knight pleaded, “I only wished to be 
       more like General Oror.” When
       Oror heard this, he interrupted 
       Sir Gismor, and began to speak...
       Level 2.
       “This sword was crafted after the
       elfin myth of two brothers who
       become the gods of destruction. 
       The older one was called Falcon, 
       and possessed the gift of knowledge.
       The younger one was called Lion, 
       and possesses the gift of might.
       They fought in a war between 
       humans and elves.
       Level 3.
       “Using their gifts, Falcon and Lion
       brought mankind to its knees.
       But with the end of the war, there
       was no one left to test their skills
       against, so they continued 
       their quest for knowledge and
       power. Eventually, Flacon gained
       the knowledge of the universe and
       Lion cracked open the earth and 
       sky with his fists.
       Level 4.
       “The brothers had become the gods
       of destruction, and the elves had no
       choice but to seal them in “Hero’s 
       Time”, using the lives and souls of
       millions. Your crime is the same as
       the brothers’. But in the name of my
       sword, Gismor, I beg you: spare this
       man.” And so the knight was spared.
       But I never forgot the darkness I
       saw in Gismor’s eyes that day.
    3) Oror’s Lionblade                   [1NS03]
       Attack power:  54 / 60 / 68 / 78
       Guard break:   40 / 45 / 48 / 50
       Level 1.
       Violence. Death. Ruin.
       Eighteen years ago, Oror was a 
       general in the army of the Union, 
       and led his forces against the 
       armies of the Empire. During one
       fateful battle, a catastrophe befell
       the world and lightning rained
       down from the skies killing Oror’s
       men where they stood.
       Level 2.
       Loss. Starvation. Disease. 
       The heroes saved the world from
       chaos and the was ended quickly,
       but the wounds caused by
       catastrophe were felt by mankind  
       for many years to come.
       During that time, Oror traveled the
       world trying to bring hope to the 
       people. Their pitiful plight broke
       his heart.
       Level 3.
       Flags. Armor. Spears.
       Oror had learned that the heroes had
       formed a band of knight, sealed 
       the “fire”, and were now working
       to save the needy. Knowing that 
       he could not save humanity alone, 
       Oror willingly joined the knight.
       With knights under his command,
       he dedicated his life to saving 
       as many people as possible.
       Level 4.
       Death. Love. Hate.
       Caught up in the internal politics
       of the heroes, Oror lost his life.
       Gismor was the culprit.
       However, Oror did not hate Gismor.
       for his crime. His love for
       humanity would not permit such
       hatred, ever for his murder.
       And so Oror remained true to
       His was of life, until death.
    4) Savior Blade                       [1NS04]
       Attack power:  20 / 24 / 28 / 32
       Guard break:    2 /  4 /  8 / 12
       Level 1.
       Once upon a time, a land faced
       Destruction due to the deception that
       corrupted people’s heart.
       Level 2.
       Mourning the state of his realm, the
       king passed a new law sentencing
       to death anyone who spread false
       hope among his people, with lies
       that the country was being rebuilt.
       Level 3.
       It was then that a merchant 
       appeared before the king with a 
       sword that only killed liars. The king
       rejoiced, and paid a good sum of 
       gold to purchase the sword.
       Level 4.
       Eager to test his miraculous
       acquisition, the king swung the
       sword at the merchant and
       clove him clean in two.
       The king mourned once again...
    5) Sealknife: Calamitous Strings      [1NS05]
       Attack power:  5 / 6 / 8 / 70
       Guard break:   4 / 4 / 6 / 46
       Level 1.
       A master blacksmith, embittered
       by the god’s maltreatment of the
       world, vowed to forge a weapon
       with which to destroy them.
       Level 2.
       The power of the seal negates
       the power of the gods, and the 
       seal derives its power from the 
       So the blacksmith sealed the power
       of the goddess into his creation.
       Level 3.
       The goddess lived for her love. She
       gave her body for the sake of her
       beloved. She was a fiery goddess.
       Level 4.
       Sealed inside was the fire, the spirit
       that nurtures the life of the red
    6) Mage’s Promise                     [1NS06]
       Attack power:   52 /  62 /  74 /  86
       Guard break:   112 / 126 / 140 / 154
       Level 1.
       There once was a man, strong of
       limb, who lived in a poor village.
       A caring fellow, he decided to join 
       the army and earn a better life for
       his fellow villagers. Grateful for his
       gesture, they presented him with a 
       silver club before his departure.
       Level 2.
       To the kind-hearted man, the 
       battlefield was hell itself. Stunned
       by the gruesome reality of war, he
       ran away before even swinging
       his club. Dejected, he returned to 
       the village.
       Level 3.
       He retuned to the village to find
       It burned down to the ground; his people
       massacred. Despairing, he cursed
       the heavens, cursed his weakness, 
       and pleaded with the devil
       for more strength.
       Level 4.
       Back on the battlefield, he swung
       with the blind fury of a 
       wild animal. In the end, he split
       his own head open with the it, and
       only the cursed club remained.
    7) Kingsblood                         [1NS07]
       Attack power:  75 / 82 / 88 / 94
       Guard break:   68 / 74 / 79 / 84
       Level 1.
       Once, there lived two generals.
       One possessed supreme bravery
       and the other possessed supreme 
       intellect. The two men admired
       each other and trained together
       to become better soldiers, until
       one day, their hearts were stolen
       by this ancient sword, Kingsblood.
       They fought to decide who should
       own it.
       Level 2.
       The battle for Kingsblood led to 
       war. The brave general fought using
       what he called “ Iron Guard”
       formation – a strategy dependent on
       sheer effort and hardship. It had 
       served him well throughout his
       glittering military career. The astute 
       general meanwhile, used srategies
       never before seen in the battlefield.
       No on knew who would prevail.
       Level 3.
       The brave general’s direct approach
       dominated at first, but as time
       passed, the astute general’s ever-
       changing strategies began to turn
       the battle to his favor. So the brave
       general’s army held on with dogged
       determination, and managed, at
       length to cancel out the astute
       general’s advantage.
       The was had reached a stalemate.
       Level 4.
       After the war, a villager visited the
       battlefield and said: ” They were
       both great generals. If only their
       talents had not been polarized...
       If only they had possessed a 
       balance of might and intellect, 
       we would have been spared the
       tragedies of war.”
    8) Carrion Maker                      [1NS08]
       Attack power:  32 / 35 / 38 / 45
       Guard break:   64 / 70 / 76 / 90
       Level 1.
       The iron club was placed at the
       corner of the torture chamber.
       After prisoners had been 
       subjects to every conceivable 
       form of torture, it would make
       an appearance.
       Level 2.
       With their bodies in mutilated
       ruins, victims longed for the iron
       club’s fatal blow, and an end to
       the pain.
       Level 3.
       From toothless mouths, they would 
       wail, “The club! The club! Please,
       show me the club!” And, like a 
       bloody angel, the iron club would 
       come to answer their prayer.
       Level 4.
       The weapon turned its victim into
       meat with a single crushing blow,
       then waited in silence for the next
       Caked in flesh and blood, it came 
       to resemble the bodies it violated.
    9) Deathdance                         [1NS09]
       Attack power:  28 / 30 / 32 / 36
       Guard break:   16 / 16 / 20 / 30
       Level 1.
       Long ago, in a war-torn region
       where a small nation constantly
       fought for supremacy, one country
       thrived under the leadership of a 
       great hero. In time, he became an
       emperor and his armies conquered 
       the neighboring lands. Exhausted
       by years of war, the conquered
       subjects of this new emperor
       welcomed his rule.
       Level 2.
       The emperor held a feast from time
       to time. It was the one luxury he
       allowed himself. Disregarding the
       advice of his council, he would even
       entertain guests from enemy 
       nations. That day, he had invited a 
       beautiful dancer to perform for him.
       She hailed from a country which
       had resisted his conquest for 
       several years.
       Level 3.
       The dancer possessed such beauty
       and grace, she stole the emperor’s 
       heart in an instant. At the end of
       her performance, he applauded
       generously and ordered her to 
       approach his throne so that he
       might reward her. As he reached out
       to hand her a priceless ring, she
       stabbed him through the heart with
       the sword she’s used in her dance.
       Level 4.
       Bereft of its emperor, the empire 
       soon crumbled, and the flames of
       war engulfed the region once again.
       War brought suffering and death to
       the people of every nation.
       The assassin’s sword was lost, but
       its story and cruel legacy remains.
    10) Maiden Kris                       [1NS10]
       Attack power:  65 / 72 / 79 /  85
       Guard break:   52 / 72 / 95 / 114
       Level 1.
       A short sword lay, at the corner of
       the altar in the shrine. During its
       construction, the sword was
       used to take the lives of sacrificial 
       maidens, whose blood was offered
       to earn the blessing of the gods.
       Level 2.
       The number of maidens sacrificed
       is the number of the pillars.
       Each of the maidens, who died
       against their will, cursed the
       sword with their last breath.
       Level 3.
       Soon after the shrine’s completion,
       the priests fell victim to disease
       and misfortune. One by one their 
       order dwindled and the shrine was
       eventually abandoned in the wake
       of the war.
       Level 4.
       Several hundred years later, the
       shrine still stood. Resting on its
       forgotten altar, the cursed sword
       remained, casting an eerie light
       around the murdered maidens’ 
    11) Glory’s Bane                      [1NS11]
       Attack power:  25 / 25 / 25 / 28
       Guard break:    1 /  1 /  1 /  2
       Level 1.
       Once upon a time, on a warm spring
       day, an evil dragon attacked a 
       palace. He killed the royal family,
       the palace guard, and even the 
       court jester, just because he felt
       like it. Satisfied with his work, the
       dragon settled down for a nap in the 
       throne room, and it was then that a 
       little girl walked in, holding a sword.
       She shook the dragon awake.
       Level 2.
       She asked, “Could you tell me
       where the king is, please? I have to
       kill him.” Rather taken back, the
       dragon replies, “I’ve already eaten
       him.” Hearing this, the little girl
       bow politely and said “Thank 
       you very much!” Puzzled by her
       appreciation, the dragon asked,
       “Why do you thank me, little girl?”
       Level 3.
       The girl replied, “The king you ate
       was not the true king. My dead 
       mummy told me that he took the
       palace from my daddy. That’s why
       I had to kill him – to get my palace
       back!” The little girl wasn’t lying 
       either. She really was the rightful
       heir t the throne.
       Level 4.
       The girl continued, “Now I’m Queen, 
       I’m going to kill all the people who
       let my daddy die!” The dragon
       laughed and said,” Very well, little
       Queen. Then I shall bestow my 
       power upon you and your sword.”
       So they exchanged their beating 
       hearts. Then the little girl took her
       sword, slaughtered everyone, and
       lived happily aver after.
    12) Hunter’s Joy                      [1NS12]
       Attack power:  18 / 20 / 22 / 24
       Guard break:   27 / 30 / 34 / 38
       Level 1.
       A lord with a penchant for hunting
       once owned this sword. With it at
       his side, he would ride out into the
       forest and not return until he had
       slaughtered all the animals he
       could find. Several decades later,
       when the lord’s grandson inherited
       the title, he also inherited this
       Level 2.
       The new lord was a gentle soul, and
       wasn’t fond of hunting – until the
       day he found this sword among his
       grandfather’s possessions. From
       then on, his interest grew and he
       began to make frequent hunting
       Level 3.
       As the months passed, the young
       lord’s behavior became more and more
       eccentric. He would lick the 
       food off his plate and was 
       sometimes seen walking on all 
       fours around the castle. Then 
       one day he disappeared.
       Level 4.
       No one knew what had become
       of him - only that a beastly roaring
       could be heard echoing from deep
       within the castle dungeons. It is 
       said that it can still be heard
       to this day.
    13) Flamberge                         [1NS13]
       Attack power:  92 / 95 / 97 / 98
       Guard break:   74 / 75 / 76 / 76
       Level 1.
       The dragon faced certain death, 
       he lamented: why had he tried to
       save the life of a wretched human
       child, only to fly straight into the
       trap of dragon hunters? With his 
       consciousness fading, the dragon
       thought he saw a man fighting.
       When he awoke, the man was 
       treating his wounds.
       Level 2.
       The man who saved the dragon’s 
       life aspired to become king. The
       dragon was not interested in such
       matters, but he thought that he would
       make a fine ruler. Suddenly, an
       arrow pierced the man’s chest.
       The dragon hunters had called in
       reinforcements. Critically injured, 
       he groaned and fell to his knees.
       Level 3.
       Struggling to his feet, the man
       fought back bravely, but his wound
       was slowing him down. Just as 
       it seemed he was about to be
       overwhelmed, the sound of tearing
       flesh filled the air. The dragon had
       torned out its own tongue! When the
       man pierced the tongue with his
       sword, a wall of flame spilled out
       burning the dragon hunters to ash.
       Level 4.
       “I’d hate to sacrifice myself for a 
       mere human, but I do not wish to 
       live with your death on my
       conscience.” Said the dragon, as he
       closed his eyes. At that moment,
       a bond that transcended species
       was forged. With Flamberge in his
       hand, the man later became king.
    14) Scream                            [1NS14]
       Attack power:  47 / 48 / 50 / 54
       Guard break:   28 / 28 / 30 / 32
       Level 1.
       The young man lived to trick young
       girls. Gleefully he stole their hearts
       and wealth. But in time, the women
       he’d scorned banded together and
       sought the help of the faerie king,
       who sealed the young man’s spirit
       in a sword. Trapped inside the cold
       blade, he came to regret his sins.
       Then time passed, the women grew
       old, and one by one they died.
       Level 2.
       With each women’s death, time, 
       Which had been halted, returned to
       the man who had never known old
       age within the blade. As it did so,
       his hatred for the women who had
       imprisoned him grew. When the last
       of the women died, the curse was
       finally broken, and he regained his
       physical form.
       Level 3.
       Once the young man’s body had
       been restored, his desire knew no
       bounds. He tricked one woman 
       after another, stole hearts and
       wealth – until one day, he met a 
       beautiful young woman, and fell in
       love for the very first time. He gave
       her all his live and wealth, but she
       felt nothing for him, and left town
       with another man.
       Level 4.
       The young woman committed then
       same crime as the young man
       and, in time, the men she’s scorned
       tried to seal her spirit into this
       sword. Just as they were about to
       cast the sealing spell, the young
       man pushed his beloved out of the
       way and took her place inside the
       blade, which was turned red by his
       passion. There he remains.
    | 2b. Nowe’s Long Swords                              [1NL]                   |
    1) Nowe’s Long Sword                  [1NL01]
       Attack power:  10 / 12 / 14 / 16
       Guard break:   10 / 10 / 12 / 14
       Level 1.
       A gift from the previous general.
       Nowe received this sword on the
       day he joined the knights as a 
       Since taking him in from the wild,
       General Oror had been Nowe’s 
       human father, teaching him the
       ways of men.
       Level 2.
       Oror was a strong and generous
       man whose skills with the sword was
       without equal. He was Nowe’s 
       hero. Mocked by some as a wild
       beast, Nowe dreamed of one day
       becoming  as strong and generous
       a human being as his adoptive 
       father. Cherishing that dream, he
       trained every day with his sword
       and lived the life of a knight.
       Level 3.
       During Nowe’s first battle, Oror
       saved his life. The cruel reality of
       wall, all noise and blood and death
       was too much for the young Nowe
       to take in. He stood transfixed
       frozen with fear.
       Seeing this, Oror rushed to his 
       son’s side and commanded Nowe
       to listen carefully to his words.
       Level 4.
       “The sword takes life, but is also
       saves the lives of your friends.
       What matters is the will of the 
       one who holds the sword.”
       So... would Nowe use this sword to
       Take life or save ir? Neither the 
       sword nor Oror could answer that
    2) Calf-carver                        [1NL02]
       Attack power:  45 / 48 / 54 /  68
       Guard break:   90 / 92 / 96 / 124
       Level 1.
       There once was an extremely
       valiant and intelligent general.
       Tales of his bravery spread far
       and wide, and the streets echoed 
       with his name.
       Level 2.
       The king felt threatened by his
       general’s popularity. He arrested
       the general without reason, and
       threw him into a dungeon deep
       inside the castle. The dungeon was
       known to drive its captive insane
       within three days.
       Level 3.
       Three years later, the king visited
       the dungeon. There he saw the 
       general, both of his legs rotted
       away, glaring back at him with
       unchanged intensity. The general’s
       stare enraged the king, and, 
       wandering why he hadn’t done so
       three years before, he drew his 
       sword and prepared to deal the
       finishing blow.
       Level 4.
       Just before the point of the king’s
       sword could pierce the general’s 
       heart, he produced a sword from
       the pile of rags behind him and
       stabbed the tyrant, killing him
       instantly. He had fashioned the
       sword from the bones of his own
       legs, which he had amputated for
       the purpose. The general went on
       to become a noble and just king.
    3) Bloody Fang                        [1NL03]
       Attack power:  42 / 45 / 48 / 55
       Guard break:   34 / 36 / 38 / 45
       Level 1.
       The sword smith longed to create a 
       perfect sword – a sword that would
       tear through a limb with one slash, 
       and impale organs with a single
       thrust. A sword that would make 
       its victims suffer right up to their
       dying breath.
       Level 2.
       In search of the cruelest of agonies, 
       the sword smith worked night and 
       day. After months of toil, it was
       complete – a sword that would deal
       unending pain to its victims.
       All that remained was to test its
       Level 3.
       The sword smith took the weapon 
       to his king, and told him that even
       the most courageous man would
       tell its wielder anything he wanted 
       to know.
       When the king tested his claim,
       he found the sword smith’s words
       to be true: prisoners divulged 
       their secrets without hesitation.
       Level 4.
       Elated with the sword, the king
       demanded to know how it was 
       forged, but the sword smith refused
       to reveal his methods, fearing his
       masterpiece would be copied.
       As a result, he got to experience
       his work first hand. He shed tears
       of joy at the quality of his creation.
    4) Silver Butterfly                   [1NL04]
       Attack power:  10 / 10 / 10 / 140
       Guard break:   10 / 10 / 10 / 100
       Level 1.
       A lady was married off at a young
       Age to a count in a nearby land. She
       was blessed with a kind husband
       and servants, but her life was a 
       bore. She confided her malcontent
       to her husband, who suggested that
       she go on a journey. There were
       many things she needed to learn as 
       a countess, he said. She appreciated 
       her husband’s understanding.
       Level 2.
       She heard many riveting tales
       From other travelers. There were
       Stories of farmers whose lives
       changed with the seasons; of
       children surviving without their
       parents; of the betrayal and 
       treachery of kings in foreign lands.
       After two eventful years on the
       road, the countess began the 
       voyage home as she had promised.
       Level 3.
       When she returned, the countess
       found her husband confused and
       weak. The mansion was in ruins, 
       deserted apart from her husband
       and his favorite servant. Suddenly
       she realized that her journey had
       been the servant’s idea, a part of
       his scheme to take over the estate.
       “But surely a loving wife would 
       notice such a plot?” he smirked.
       Level 4.
       The servant was arrested and
       executed, but the count never
       regained his health. He died quietly, 
       leaving the devastated countess to 
       mourn. She had his body cremated, 
       and his ashes encased in a large
       sword. The butterfly engraved on
       the blasé was based on a mask the 
       countess had brought as a gift for
       her husband during her travels.
    5) Sealblade: Calamitous Verse        [1NL05]
       Attack power:  96 / 97 / 98 /  98
       Guard break:   90 / 92 / 96 / 104
       Level 1.
       A master blacksmith, embittered
       by the god’s maltreatment of the
       world, vowed to forge a weapon
       with which to destroy them.
       Level 2.
       So the power of the seal negated 
       the power of the gods? ...And the
       seal derived its power from the 
       ...and this master blacksmith sealed
       the power of the goddess into some 
       kind of weapon?
       Level 3.
       A trainee blacksmith heard these
       rumors, and decided he could make
       a tidy profit if he made a weapon
       like the one in the legends.
       Level 4.
       After many months of hard work,
       the blacksmith finally completed
       the weapon, but no one knows what
       became of him after that.
       Some said he had been attacked
       by a thief who desired the sword,
       others said it was the curse of the
       goddess, but no one knew for sure.
    6) Union                              [1NL06]
       Attack power:  28 / 28 / 28 / 30
       Guard break:   14 / 15 / 16 / 18
       Level 1.
       In his instructions to the royal sword
       smith, the king demanded that his
       new sword should combine the 
       fang of a behemoth, the beak of a 
       gryphon, the talon of a dragon, and
       iron from the eastern lands.
       Though he knew the task would be 
       long and arduous, the faithful smith
       vowed to make the weapon and set
       out to find the materials right away.
       Level 2.
       Clearly, the smith needed help, but 
       no traveling companion could be
       found. Nor was it any surprise that
       no one rose to the challenge; it was
       because the kingdom was weak
       that the king had searched the 
       library to find a sword powerful
       enough to protect his subjects.
       This was no mere whim, the smith
       knew – he had to find a way.
       Level 3.
       So, the sword smith traveled alone,
       But two months passed without any
       progress. Navigating the monster
       infested wilderness was proving
       to be difficult and he was close to
       despair. It was then that a hero of
       the time happened to pass by, and, 
       after listening to the smith’s tale,
       he agreed to lend a much needed
       hand. The two fought on together.
       Level 4.
       After countless adventure, the 
       faithful smith forged the king’s 
       sword. Sadly, it did not possess as
       much power as the kind had hoped, 
       but he was still elated with it.
       Using the power of the sword, the
       king kept the monsters at bay and 
       continued to rule the land. The 
       smith was duly knighted and served
       his king for many happy years.
    7) Injustice                          [1NL07]
       Attack power:  38 / 40 / 43 / 46
       Guard break:   30 / 32 / 34 / 36
       Level 1.
       Generation of heroes carried
       this sword as the symbol of freedom.
       To carry this sword, and to win
       acclaim as heroes, they had to shed
       much blood.
       Level 2.
       With this sword in hand, the heroes
       invaded foreign lands in the name 
       of freedom. 
       Their soldiers looted the lands
       and many innocent people
       Level 3.
       The sword was later stolen by a 
       bandit and sold to a warmongering 
       general. Subsequently, he too
       invaded neighboring kingdoms is
       the name of freedom, his soldiers
       looted the lands, and many
       innocent people died.
       Level 4.
       After each war, the sword changed
       hands. To this day, no one could find
       a hero wielding in the name of
    8) Caim’s Sword                       [1NL08]
       Attack power:  100 / 110 / 120 / 128
       Guard break:    92 / 108 / 124 / 124
       Level 1.
       Eighteen years ago, when the world
       faced destruction, a human and a 
       dragon dared to fight the gods. In
       the end, the dragon gave her life to
       save the world. Left behind, the 
       man wandered the desolate lands, 
       his heart full of sorrow.
       Accompanying him on his journey
       was the very same girl who brought
       mankind to the brink of extinction. 
       Level 2.
       Betraying the alliance he’s formed
       during the war, the old hierarch
       altered the seal to increase the
       dragon’s burden. When the
       wandering man felt the dragon’s
       agony, the girl sensed his distress
       and made her escape. Alone again,
       his mind was consumed by thoughts 
       of vengeance and his hollow soul 
       burned with bloodlust once more.
       Level 3.
       Caim hunted down the treacherous 
       hierarch. Ignoring his pleas for
       mercy, he killed him with a single
       blow. However, Caim’s efforts were
       in vain: the seal was permanently 
       altered. The burden was tearing the
       dragon’s mind apart, so the world’s
       former savior faced a similar
       choice... But this time, Caim would
       choose the dragon over the world.
       Level 4.
       Caim and Angelus were finally
       reunited, when all the keys to the
       seal had been broken. Once more,
       the world faced destruction, but at
       least they were together – complete.
       They vowed then never to part
       again – a vow they kept until the
       After that, only Caim’s sword
       Remained in the doomed world.
    9) Takamasa                           [1NL09]
       Attack power:  136 / 136 / 136 / 138
       Guard break:     2 /  12 /  28 /  64
       Level 1.
       After a lengthy war, the warrior
       finally captured Takamasa from his
       enemy, a mere fugitive.
       Level 2.
       The fugitive’s skills were no match
       for his own, but as soon as their
       swords crossed, the warrior’s blade
       broke in two. Risking his life, the
       warrior allowed the fugitive to
       plunge Takamasa into his shoulder.
       Inching agonizingly down its blade,
       He advanced and stabbed his
       enemy to death with the broken
       Level 3.
       “Let him cut my flesh and I shall
       break his bones.” Takamasa
       responded well to the warrior’s 
       philosophy. Armed with the
       legendary blade, he became a 
       renowned hero.
       One day, he was ordered to kill a 
       demon with the strength of one
       hundred men and a body like steel.
       Level 4.
       Showing no sign of fear, the warrior
       approached the demon and 
       challenged it to strike him. Laughing 
       at this folly, it shattered his body 
       with a single mighty punch - but 
       even as it did so, Takamasa pierced 
       its scaly throat, killing it instantly. 
       "Let him break my bones, and I 
       shall take his life." The warrior's 
       spirit lived on inside the sword.
    10) Skald’s Song                      [1NL10]
       Attack power:  26 / 26 / 28 / 32
       Guard break:   16 / 19 / 20 / 26
       Level 1.
       In a cold land to the north, there
       lived two sisters who loved each
       other very much. They made their
       living as blacksmith and owned a 
       little workshop in the village. One
       day, they were working hard as 
       usual when a villager ran in, and
       told them that their mother - who
       had been missing since they were
       little – had been found!
       Level 2.
       The sister’s mother was trapped
       inside a glacier on the top of a 
       mountain, as beautiful as the day
       she disappeared. The sisters tried
       to destroy the glacier, but none of
       their smithing tools could make
       any impression on the iron-hard
       glacial ice.
       Level 3.
       When nothing else showed any sign
       of working, one of the sisters said,
       “Sister, what about one of our
       swords?” So they too their finest
       creation, Skald’s Song, and swung 
       it at the glacier. As the blade
       touched the ice, there was a mighty
       explosion and the sisters found 
       themselves in the loving arms
       of their long lost mother.
       Level 4.
       “How you’re both grown!’
       Their mother had survived inside
       the glacier for all that time. The
       sisters cried tears of joy and talked
       so their mother for days on end.
       When they finally got up to leave, 
       their mother made no attempt to 
       stop them. They were, after all, 
       smiths who commanded fire.
    11) Nobuyoshi                         [1NL11]
       Attack power:  80 / 40 / 10 / 100
       Guard break:   60 / 20 /  5 / 145
       Level 1.
       In an eastern land, a poet, who
       made his living singing songs, grew
       weary of his trade, when he realized
       he’d reached the limits of his talents.
       While contemplating what else he
       might do with his life, he saw a 
       beautiful sword in the window of a 
       pawnshop. Enchanted by its
       crimson blade, he bought the sword
       and took it home.
       Level 2.
       That night he slept with the sword
       by his side. As he began to dream, 
       an imp appeared and demanded a 
       trade. He said that if the poet
       gave up his name, the imp would
       gave him talent in return.
       Level 3.
       The poet gave his name to the imp
       without a second thought. In return,
       he received a beautiful body and 
       an exquisite talent for songs
       Level 4.
       But without a name, the beautiful
       poet lost more and more of his 
       humanity as the days went by. 
       One faithful morning, he awoke to 
        find that he'd been turned into an imp! 
       Fearing to be seen in the world 
       of men, he fled and was never 
       seen again. He left behind the 
       beautiful sword, now granted 
       a name.
    12) Slaughterism                      [1NL12]
       Attack power:  96 / 98 / 102 / 108
       Guard break:   70 / 85 /  96 / 110
       Level 1.
       What has happened to me?
       Every time I wield this sword - 
       every time I see blood pour
       out of my victim’s neck – I’m 
       overwhelmed with unspeakable
       Level 2.
       Crimson blood paints the street
       red. It stains my pale body scarlet.
       Its vivid hue is burned into my
       eyes and won’t leave my mind...
       Blood, blood, blood, blood.
       Level 3.
       The blood gushes out with a happy
       When it’s all gone, I’m sad, so I find
       new flesh and tear it up! It’s best
       when it’s warm, but I like it cold too!
       When it’s dry, it’s not so red, which
       isn’t much fun, but it’s still blood,
       so I still like it very, very much!
       Blood, blood, blood, blood !
       Level 4.
       BlOody, bLoOdY, BLooDY, bLOod!!
       CRiMsOn BLOOD!! BLoODy RED!!
       ReD, CrImSOn, SCaRLeT!!!
    13) Soldier’s Sword                   [1NL13]
       Attack power:  15 / 16 / 18 / 20
       Guard break:   10 / 12 / 14 / 15
       Level 1.
       This sword was forged by a tribe 
       using a closely guarded secret
       technique. In order to maintain
       secrecy, a daughter of the tribe
       was forced to kill her lover, 
       whom the elders suspected of
       spying for a neighboring tribe.
       She committed suicide soon after.
       Level 2.
       The tribe secrecy was maintained
       but it came at a high price.
       Paranoia gradually spread, and the
       tribe began to punish and torture
       its own. They blackmailed each
       other and soon, all order was lost.
       Level 3.
       The torture methods were cruel.
       Some died of having melted iron
       poured into their mouth, and
       others simply lost their minds
       from the trauma of the ordeal.
       Level 4.
       Then all trust was lost within the 
       tribe, they began to murder one 
       another, and in a matter of days
       they had wiped themselves out.
       And so their technique
       remained a secret for all times,
       just as they had wished.
    14) Guard’s Sword                     [1NL14]
       Attack power:  36 / 42 / 48 / 56
       Guard break:   54 / 57 / 60 / 64
       Level 1.
       The man who wielded this sword
       used to belong to the Knights of
       the Seal. His rank placed him
       directly above the one they called
       “dragon child.”
       Level 2.
       The knight challenged the dragon
       child to a duel, scheming to halt
       the young knight’s stratospheric 
       rise through the ranks and earn 
       himself a reputation in the 
       bargain. However, the dragon
       child easily defeated the knight.
       Humiliated, he trained night and 
       day and won promotion to platoon
       Level 3.
       While he was on duty with his
       platoon, a traitor known as “the
       one-eyed man” attacked them and
       massacred half of their numbers
       without breaking a sweat. Terrified,
       the knight fled from the battle,  
       abandoning his friends to their fate.
       Level 4.
       He could never return to the order
       after deserting them in their time 
       of need. Stripped of his rank, and
       having even lost his sword, he
       wandered into the wilderness and
       was never seen again.
    15) Inuart’s Long Sword               [1NL15]
       Attack power:  46 / 49 / 55 / 68
       Guard break:   50 / 54 / 60 / 68
       Level 1.
       In a solitary confinement somewhere
       In the desert, a man was tied to a 
       stake. He had fought to protect 
       the one he loved, but lacked the 
       strength to save her, and stood on
       the brink of despair. He could
       remember her smile... but her smiles
       were directed at her brother.
       Level 2.
       Drifting in and out of consciousness, 
       he was about to accept his fate
       when a girl appeared before him.
       Her eyes were a deep crimson and
       glistened like rubies. She smiled
       like the pretty little girl that she
       was, but spoke in a strange voice...
       It was the voice of neither a child
       nor an adult.
       Level 3.
       “If I only had more strength...”
       Her crimson eyes peered into the
       Weak man’s mind. He became the 
       girl’s servant. Beyond that, he
       could remember nothing...
       The only thing he could remember
       was seeing his beloved kill herself
       in front of him... Then, standing
       before the Seed of Destruction...
       Level 4.
       Eighteen years later...
       The man’s long sword now belonged
       to a boy raised by a dragon. The 
       sword was used to fight his lover’s
       brother, the one-eyed man.
       Standing beside the boy was the
       girl with crimson eyes, now a grown
       woman. Their tale of life, death
       and tangled relation was told for
    | 2c. Eris’s Spears                                   [1E]                    |
    1) Eris’s Spear                        [1E01]
       Attack power:  14 / 16 / 18 / 24
       Guard break:   14 / 14 / 15 / 18
       Level 1.
       Once, there was a man called the
       Iron Dragon of the Two Swords, 
       famed for his dignity and countless
       acts of heroism. The owner of this
       appear was a female knight who
       trained him. Whether because of its
       uncommon quality or because it as 
       a gift from Iron Dragon, she always
       left for battle with this spear in her
       Level 2.
       During a mission she faced a 
       terrible choice. Ordered to retreat, 
       she stood between countless enemy
       troops, and a defenseless village.
       Ignoring her orders, she stayed and
       fought to death. The enemy 
       paraded her violated remains, then
       burned the village to ash, while her
       former allies sullied her name with
       the charge of subordination.
       Level 2.
       When the Iron Dragon found out what
       had happened, he charged into
       enemy territory and retrieved his
       beloved mentor’s remains and her
       spear. Cradling her broken body in
       his arms, he swore to win back her
       good name, to become as noble a 
       knight as she had been, and to raise
       knights who would give their lives
       to protect the people.
       Level 4.
       Eris inherited the spear, a memento
       of these two noble heroes.
       One can only wander about what
       she thinks and for whom she fights,
       but the fallen knights can rest
       in peace knowing that their
       magnanimity of spirit lives on
       in her.
    2) Sealspear: Calamitous Dance         [1E02]
       Attack power:  128 / 134 / 138 / 156
       Guard break:   102 / 128 / 144 / 158
       Level 1.
       A master blacksmith, embittered
       by the god’s maltreatment of the
       world, vowed to forge a weapon
       with which to destroy them.
       Level 2.
       The power of the seal negates
       the power of the gods, and the 
       seal derives its power from the 
       So the blacksmith sealed the power
       of the goddess into his creation.
       Level 3.
       The goddess was a noble knight,
       Determined to carry out her mission.
       She was a noble goddess.
       Level 4.
       Sealed inside was light,
       the power to illuminate.
    3) Hanch’s Spear                       [1E03]
       Attack power:  112 / 112 / 112 / 114
       Guard break:   140 / 140 / 140 / 148
       Level 1.
       The chaser in the fortress city to
       the west was a master of his craft.
       The nobles had him decorate their 
       armor. However, he wouldn’t let
       anyone into his shop, and went out
       at night without telling a soul where
       he was going. In time, his wife grew
       suspicious and tried to follow him,
       but lost him in a cemetery
       near the outskirts of the city.
       Level 2.
       One night, the chaser’s wife decided
       to wait for her husband in the 
       cemetery. Sure enough, the chaser
       arrived soon afterwards and began
       to dig up a freshly buried coffin.
       Horrified, his wife ran away without
       saying a word. Once she’s collected
       her thoughts, she decided that it
       was high time she had a look inside 
       her husband’s shop.
       Level 3.
       What she was there were corpses
       dressed in armor and matching
       accessories, and her husband
       dancing naked among them. The 
       chased had brought back dead
       bodies and clothed them in his 
       richly decorated creations.
       Level 4.
       Maddened by disgust and despair, 
       she lunged at her husband, impaling
       herself and him on a spear held by
       one of the grotesque mannequins.
       Several days later, the couple was
       Discovered, skewered together and
       surrounded by corpses. The
       offending spear, notable for its
       exquisite chasing, eventually found 
       its way into the hands of Hanch.
    4) Robber King                         [1E04]
       Attack power:  16/ 18 / 20 / 26
       Guard break:   16/ 18 / 20 / 24
       Level 1.
       At the end of a long battle, the
       rebel leader finally pierced the
       tyrannical king’s heart with his
       spear. As he drew his last breath,
       the army of the revolution poured
       into the castle. Now the land would 
       be free of corruption, and peace
       would return. The victorious rebel 
       smiled at the thought, but his
       smile was short-lived.
       Level 2.
       The last battle perplexed him. 
       The king offered no resistance - it
       almost seemed as if he gave his
       life willingly. But would a corrupt
       king do that? While he pondered 
       over this, his allied called for him
       to come to the dead king’s chamber.
       Level 3.
       There he found the princess, bound
       and gagged. His allies quickly
       explained that they had found her
       like this. Feeling rather bemused, 
       he removed the her gag and heard the
       truth: she had been taken hostage
       by a spy from a nearby land, and
       used as a leverage to force her father
       to sabotage his own kingdom.
       “ He was no tyrant!” she cried. 
       Level 4.
       Moving as if to free her from her
       bonds, the rebel drew his knife and
       then slit the princess’s throat.
       Whether or not her father had been
       a tyrant did not matter now. All
       that mattered was that the angry
       masses had risen up to remove a
       corrupt king. The truth was buried
       with the princess’s body and her
       murderer was crowned that day.
    5) Victor’s Spoil                      [1E05]
       Attack power:  40 / 42 / 44 / 85 
       Guard break:   32 / 38 / 45 / 54
       Level 1.
       Once, there lived two princes. One
       studied the martial art of bravery, 
       and the other studied the martial
       art of adaptability. The two trained
       constantly to refine each other’s
       Level 2.
       The brothers asked their master,
       “Which school is more effective?”
       The master handed a spear to
       the brothers.
       Level 3.
       Smiling, he explained, “ A good spear
       has a hard, sharp blade and a staff 
       as flexible as a willow. What matters
       is that the two schools fight together, 
       not against each other.”
       Level 4.
       The master eventually died of old
       age. The princes buried him with
       the spear that had taught them so
       much, cowing that they would work
       together for the rest of their lives.
       Their kingdom flourished.
    6) Apostate’s Misery                   [1E06]
       Attack power:  20 / 22 / 25 / 29
       Guard break:   22 / 24 / 26 / 26
       Level 1.
       The young man was popular with
       everyone in the village. He had the 
       ability to control the wind, and was
       often seen flying over rivers and
       valleys. He was a cheerful boy,
       though he always seemed be
       troubled by something.
       Level 2.
       Several years later, his father
       passed away. Before he died, he
       told his son about the young man’s 
       mother, whom his son had learned
       never to mention in his presence.
       Level 3.
       “Go to the place marked on the
       map.” said his father. As if guided
       by a spirit, the young man took up
       his scythe and left, carried by the
       How long had he been traveling?
       Over the forests, oceans and mountain
       Ranges he flew. Exhausted and frail,
       He came at last to a village.
       Level 4.
       The chief of the village welcomed 
       the young man and told him that the
       scythe he was carrying had once 
       belonged to the village. Just then, 
       a beautiful woman entered the
       room. The young man knew at once
       that she was his mother. From that
       day forth, he helped keep peace
       between humans and wind spirits.
       The scythe was never used again.
    7) Sorrowborn                          [1E07]
       Attack power:   84 / 108 / 120 / 126 
       Guard break:   100 / 124 / 132 / 136
       Level 1.
       There was a small pond near a 
       small village. This pond was said to
       have been created by the tears of
       young lovers torn apart.
       One such lover, a boy left behind in
       the village when his lover’s family
       moved away, longed to see the 
       one he sighed for just once more
       Level 2.
       One day a spirit of the pond
       appeared before the boy, and made
       a wager. If the boy could bring back
       some spiderwort that only grows in 
       the far northwest mountains, it 
       would bring the girl back. The boy
       left the village in search of the
       spiderwort and found a village in
       the northern lands. There, he also
       found his lost lover.
       Level 3.
       Reunited, the two lovers shed tears
       of joy. Sitting together in the small
       village, next to the small river, they
       talked until the sun set and made 
       a solemn vow to marry each other.
       As night fell, the boy smiled
       Contentedly, his dreams fulfilled.
       But it was only an illusion created
       By the treacherous fog of the forest.
       The boy died, alone in the darkness.
       Level 4.
       The spirit of the pond mourned
       for the boy’s unrequited love.
       It sealed the lovers’ tears into
       this spear, praying for their
       happiness in the afterlife.
    8) Ozymandia’s Might                   [1E08]
       Attack power:  135 / 136 / 138 / 142
       Guard break:   108 / 108 / 110 / 114
       Level 1.
       This holy spear would demand to
       know if its owner was worthy of
       becoming a ruler. It had been
       passed down by a generation of 
       soldiers who desired to rule.
       Long ago, one such soldier – who 
       sought to rule above all – held this
       Level 2.
       The spear asked of its owner,
       “When should a ruler use force?”
       The soldier could not answer. He
       managed to conquer and rule a 
       small kingdom with the power of
       the spear, but it was too weak to
       repel the invading army of a 
       neighboring kingdom and fell
       within a decade.
       Level 3.
       As the soldier’s kingdom collapsed,
       one of his generals escaped with
       the spear, the invading army hot at
       his heels.
       They caught up with him soon
       enough, but just as they surrounded
       him, the spear asked the general the
       same question. He answered,
       “There are seven circumstances.
       The first – “
       Level 4.
       Before he could finish, the spear
       enveloped his body in lightning and
       slaughtered all of his assailants.
       Using the power of the spear, the
       general went on to become the
       emperor of a grand empire. It
       flourished for over one thousand 
    9) Tower of Warning                    [1E09]
       Attack power:   75 /  80 /  90 / 110
       Guard break:   112 / 120 / 135 / 165
       Level 1.
       This spear belonged to e gentle and
       mild-mannered man. He lived in
       shame for a certain antisocial
       tendency, so he avoided the
       company of strangers, and lived
       deep inside the forest with his
       Level 2.
       He led a quiet life until one day, 
       the Empire attacked his land, 
       slaughtered his brothers, and
       torched his house. In despair, he
       tried to commit suicide. But just
       as he was about to die, a malicious 
       faeie came to him and forced him
       into a pact, saving his life.
       Level 3.
       As the price of his pact, he lost his
       sight. But with his newfound power,
       he rose up against the Imperial
       forces and fought to save the world
       from the tyranny of the Empire.
       Level 4.
       Alongside the voiceless savior, he
       prevented the end on the world.
       Though he was now a hero, his
       shameful tendencies remained, so
       he returned to his life of solitude,
       a vilified exile.
    | 2d. Manah’s Staves                                  [1E]                    |
    1) Manah’s Staff                       [1M01]
       Attack power:  20 / 20 / 20 / 24
       Guard break:   24 / 24 / 24 / 26
       Level 1.
       Eighteen years ago...
       The girl stood alone in the dark
       forest. Abandoned by her mother,
       her longing to be loved soon
       turned into madness. The gods,
       charmed by her insanity, chose
       her as a tool to rule the world.
       Her eyes began to glow red in
       the darkness.
       Level 2.
       The girl with crimson eyes sent the
       world spiraling into chaos. The sight
       of the world collapsing soothed her.
       But the order was restored by a silent
       man with a sword. He took her on a 
       journey to atone for her sins.
       Though she tried to look away, he
       forced her to face the suffering she
       has caused.
       Level 3.
       One day the man looked up to the
       sky and hatred filled his eyes. The
       girl wandered what had happened
       to make her captor so angry.
       Spying her opportunity, she stabbed
       with a knife she had hidden in
       her robe and threw herself into a
       nearby gorge...
       Level 4.
       Several years later, the girl had lost
       all memory of her crimes and lived
       in a poor village. She learned about 
       the Knight of the Seal, who
       oppressed the villagers. In a strange
       twist of fate, the girl who brought 
       chaos to the world took up this
       staff, and began to destroy the
       seals once more...
    2) Knights of the Seal’s Curse Staff   [1M02]
       Attack power:  54 / 57 / 59 / 60
       Guard break:   81 / 85 / 88 / 90
       Level 1.
       Back when General Oror still lived,
       there was a magician who was
       assigned to protect the District of
       Soul Flame. He possessed the 
       ability to control fire.
       Level 2.
       The magician was a good friend 
       and a confident of General Oror.
       He used his power to cleanse
       the land of Soul Flame.
       Level 3.
       After Oror was killed by an enemy,
       the magician left the knights. He
       did not take kindly the new
       general’s methods. Acutely aware
       of the plight of his former wards,
       he returned to the district to ease
       the suffering of the oppressed.
       Level 4.
       The magician sold everything in his
       possession to feed the hungry.
       He even sold weapons which were
       crucial to his use of magic. When
       all of his wealth and power had
       been exhausted, he starved to
    3) Sealstaff: Calamitous Sonnet        [1M03]
       Attack power:   8 / 10 / 14 /  86
       Guard break:   12 / 14 / 21 / 144
       Level 1.
       A master blacksmith, embittered
       by the god’s maltreatment of the
       world, vowed to forge a weapon
       with which to destroy them.
       Level 2.
       The power of the seal negates
       the power of the gods, and the 
       seal derives its power from the 
       So the blacksmith sealed the power
       of the goddess into his creation.
       Level 3.
       She was a goddess who lived for
       her depraved love, and was fated
       to die for it.
       She was a noble goddess.
       Level 4.
       Sealed inside was water,
       the power to make life.
    4) Northern Siren                      [1M04]
       Attack power:   74 /  74 /  74 /  78
       Guard break:   110 / 110 / 110 / 118
       Level 1.
       To a tiny pub in a northern port,
       A pretty young girl visited.
       Beautiful skin, alluring voice,
       All the men fell in love.
       She only carried with her a staff.
       She said she would sing.
       Level 2.
       Men gathered to see the girl.
       Squeezed into the tiny pub.
       The girl sang songs of the ocean.
       The men listened to her voice.
       They all tried to win her heart.
       But she would say: “No, not you.”
       Level 3.
       One month later a traveler visited
       The pub where the girl now worked.
       Innocent eyes, handsome face.
       His smile was so charming.
       She knew what she had to do.
       She told him that he was the one.
       Level 4.
       Next day, the girl left with the boy.
       Leaving only her staff and a letter.
       The staff was a token of thanks.
       The letter said: ”I’m an ocean spirit
       and it was time I went home.”
       Men sang: “You could have said.”
    5) Dream Blossom                       [1M05]
       Attack power:  38 / 40 / 43 / 47
       Guard break:   58 / 60 / 64 / 70
       Level 1.
       In a far-eastern land, there lived a 
       king, who made a pact with a spirit
       to acquire the strength he needed
       to protect him kingdom. He would be 
       absent for months, defending the
       borders of his realm against demonic
       incursions. He spent so little time in
       the capital, in fact, that many of his
       subjects did not even know his face.
       Level 2.
       One such subject was a renowned 
       female warrior, whose heroic
       exploits were famous throughout the
       kingdom. During the season of spring
       blossom, she demonstrated her skills
       with a staff before the king. Though
       each had heard stories about the 
       other before that day, they had 
       never actually met.
       Level 3.
       It was love at first sight. In the
       space of a moment, the two heroes
       were under each other’s spell. The
       warrior exchanged the ring that
       adorned her staff – a priceless 
       heirloom that had been in her family
       for generation – for the king’s 
       ornate blade, and they vowed to
       fight, side by side, to protect the
       Level 4.
       Despite their effort, the
       demons gained ground in the years 
       that followed. Town and villages
       were destroyed and eventually the
       capital fell. The lovers fought on
       until the very end, but when the
       dust of the final battle settled, all
       that remained was a staff bearing
       the words: “If we should part, we’ll
       meet again, beneath the blossom.” 
    6) Wisdom                              [1M06]
       Attack power:  45 / 45 / 45 / 64
       Guard break:   68 / 68 / 68 / 95
       Level 1.
       During his journey south, a priest
       stopped off at a poor, nameless
       village far from civilization. Though
       he was famous for his wisdom, and
       could see for a thousand miles, he 
       was just another traveler to the
       people of the remote settlement.
       Level 2.
       But nonetheless, the village gave
       the traveling priest a very warm
       welcome. Moved by their heartfelt
       hospitality, he presented them
       with a staff as a toke of hi
       Level 3.
       The staff held miraculous powers.
       As the priest watched the villagers’
       face light up at the gift, he prayed
       that their lives would be filled with
       Level 4.
       However, the villagers gave the staff
       to a traveler with a bad back. when
       the priest heard word of this, he
       realized that the villagers lives were
       already as happy as they could be.
       Their contentment was a greater gift
       than even his staff.
    7) Magi’s Sorrow                       [1M07]
       Attack power:  18 / 18 / 20 / 24
       Guard break:   27 / 28 / 30 / 36
       Level 1.
       The stone set In this staff
       possesses the soul of a gifted
       young magician. An ordinary human
       life did not interest this boy. In
       search of a higher spiritual place,
       he summoned all of his strength 
       and turned himself into a stone,
       wishing to live in this world forever.
       Level 2.
       One day he learned that his owner
       was a beautiful stateswoman. He
       loved her so, but as time has passed
       she grew old and died. Even the 
       streets and houses and trees that
       he loved inevitable grew old too
       and turned to dust.
       Sorrow consumed him
       Level 3.
       As a stone, the young magician
       could watch people’s happiness 
       as well as their misfortune.
       But as a stone, he could not share 
       in their joy or lend them a helping 
       hand. All he could do was mourn 
       Level 4.
       Will the boy ever be released from
       the burden of his rashly garnered
       Will time heal the wounds of an
       immortal to whom time is a
       Or will you, perhaps, lead him into
       the light?
    8) Edacious                            [1M08]
       Attack power:  24 / 25 / 26 / 28
       Guard break:   36 / 40 / 42 / 45
       Level 1.
       This staff was created with the skin 
       and bones of a gaunt magician.
       The magician was a famous man
       with many disciples. When he grew
       old, he asked his disciples to select
       one of their own number to be his
       Level 2.
       One of the magician’s disciples was 
       a talented young man with eyes as 
       sharp as an eagle. The old magician
       named him his successor, and
       taught him everything he knew.
       The young man mastered every
       known spell within half a year.
       Thrilled by his progress, the old
       magician asked him to help train
       other disciples.
       Level 3.
       During training, the young man
       began to invent new spells. Soon
       the other disciples began to train
       directly under him, rather than their
       former master. The old magician 
       knew that his time passed, and
       asked him protege to take his place.
       But the young man refused. He said
       he wanted to travel the world and
       seek out new magic.
       Level 4.
       Stung by the young man’s refusal, 
       the magician’s emotions, pent up
       until now, exploded...
       Jealousy. Hatred. Love...
       He unleashed every spell he knew,
       but the young man calmly reflected 
       each of his curses back at him.
       Caught in a maelstrom of his own
       magic, the old man’s flash melted 
       leaving nothing but skins and bones.
    9) Philosopher’s Staff                 [1M09]
       Attack power:  28 / 30 / 32 / 35
       Guard break:   38 / 39 / 40 / 40
       Level 1.
       The magician had no friend. It was 
       not that he disliked people - quite
       the contrary – nor was he a bad
       person to be around ( though he
       could be a little pedantic), yet
       anyone who met him seemed to
       hurry away as soon as they could.
       The poor man was at a loss to
       Understand why.
       Level 2.
       One day, the magician was struck
       by a mysterious illness. Fever high,
       heart pounding, limbs shaking,
       he could hardly walk. He tried 
       casting spells, but when they didn’t 
       help, he took up his favorite staff
       and headed for the medicine man.
       Level 3.
       After a trying journey, he explained
       His conditions to the medicine man.
       “The various symptoms afflicting
       my corporeal form are quite beyond
       the treatment of a layman unversed 
       in the science of diagnosis - even
       one so familiar with the arcane –“
       But before he could finish, the
       medicine man muttered something 
       about being busy and fled.
       Level 4.
       Having failed to obtain any
       medicine, the magician’s conditions
       worsened and he died.
       If only he’s realized that knowledge
       was not for flaunting, but for 
       sharing in words that everyone
       could understand...
       If only he’s been aware of this
       simple truth... perhaps he wouldn’t 
       have died of food poisoning.
    | 2e. Urick’s Axes                                    [1U]                    |
    1) Urick’s Axe                         [1U01]
       Attack power:   47 /  48 /  50 / 55
       Guard break:   112 / 116 / 120 /125
       Level 1.
       A king who mad offering to the
       reaper, hoping to live forever, 
       commissioned this axe to act as
       an instrument of the gods. Its
       purpose: to sever the necks of
       beautiful young men and drink their
       blood in the reaper’s honor. It has 
       tasted the blood of many hundreds,
       and the reaper has prospered from
       these tributes.
       Level 2.
       For the first ceremony, the king
       chose two men and ordered one to
       execute the other. Every subsequent 
       month, he would choose a new
       executioner to sacrifice the last.
       So it continued, year after year, 
       executioner becoming sacrifice, until
       the month of the kings one hundred 
       and fiftieth birthday.
       Level 3.
       The pair involved in the ceremony
       this month were best friends. When 
       one had sacrificed the other, he
       turned to the king, crying and said:
       “I shall give my own life to the reaper. I
       shall walk the road to Hades with
       my friend.” The he cut off his own
       head and the axe pierced the altar
       so deeply that none could remove it.
       The king’s long life was at an end.
       Level 4.
       The axe finally found its way into
       the hands of Urick, where it once
       more provides sacrifices to the
       The cycle of blood which curses it
       cannot be halted – a secret known
       only by the reaper himself.
    2) Crimson Hood                        [1U02]
       Attack power:   50 /  55 /  60 /  65
       Guard break:   112 / 116 / 120 / 125
       Level 1.
       “Not enough! I haven’t had enough!”
       The magician awoke with a start.
       The axe... had it spoke to him?
       Or had he been dreaming?
       Level 2.
       Since that night, the magician’s 
       face, recognized throughout the
       kingdom, slowly seemed to change.
       After several months, he began to
       resemble in infamous thief who
       had terrorized the lands decades
       Level 3.
       The thief’s soul had resided within
       the axe for years, waiting for the
       perfect moment to seize a new
       body. Though the magician tried
       to resist, the thief eventually
       conquered his mind and stole his
       Level 4.
       The nobles of the kingdom did not
       think to question what he did them.
       How could they have known that he
       was no longer his true self?
       And so they all met a disastrous 
       end, while the magician lived on...
    3) Executioner’s Song                  [1U03]
       Attack power:  54 / 55 /  56 /  58
       Guard break:   92 / 99 / 106 /116
       Level 1.
       The axe thought to itself,
       “How many heads have I cut off?”
       Over the many years it had executed
       criminals, traitors, revolutionaries,
       politicians, even innocent, but 
       it could not remember any of their
       faces, save for one – a peculiar boy.
       Level 2.
       The boy showed no fear as he
       placed his head on the block. Even
       the bravest men harbor a desperate
       hope at the moment of their death.
       The axe could feel the rush of their
       Emotions even as it took their life.
       Level 3.
       Not this boy – he was different.
       His spirit was filled to the brim
       with hope. It wasn’t the false hope
       of a devout believer, but rather, the 
       knowledge that he was there by
       choice. His spirit was so pure that
       it made the axe want to scream.
       Level 4.
       The boy’s execution was carried out.
       Among the crowd that gathered to
       witness the event, a group of young 
       men shed tears. The axe did not
       understand what it meant. All it
       knew was that the young men would
       speak of the boy’s high hopes for
       the world’s future for generations
       to come.
    4) Foul Blade                          [1U04]
       Attack power:   86 /  90 /  96
       Guard break:   138 / 144 / 154
       Level 1.
       A twisted magician sealed a fire
       lizard into this axe. It would whisper
       words of hatred for others, and
       drive its owner to madness.
       Level 2.
       A thief who stole this axe soon
       extended his territory to beyond
       the neighboring mountains, and
       became the chief of a large
       group of bandits.
       Level 3.
       A page who acquired this axe
       became an infamous soldier,
       and was made lieutenant in
       an order of knights.
    5) Mourning Thorn                      [1U05]
       Attack power:   80 /  84 /  88 /  90
       Guard break:   144 / 151 / 158 / 162 
       Level 1.
       “I’m so hungry...”
       The hobgoblin decided to help his
       boss as he always did. Usually he
       had to get food by helping out with
       various odd jobs, but today he
       would get a meal without having to
       do anything at all. An attack on a 
       human village was planned for the
       following evening, and a hearty
       meal was provided in a preparation.
       Level 2.
       So they charged into battle,
       expecting a swift victory. But the
       humans repelled their attack with
       great determination, and the fight 
       raged on. In the midst of the
       carnage, the hobgoblin fell into a
       shallow well. There he found a 
       magnificent scythe. It was the
       failed creation of a demented
       Level 3.
       The scythe was designed to
       Increase its wielder’s desire to win.
       In reality, however, it brought out
       Other uncontrollable desires in its
       Wielder. Deemed useless, it had 
       Been thrown into the well. The
       hobgoblin climbed out of the well
       with the scythe in his hands. Hungry
       for food and blood , he began to kill
       humans left and right.
       Level 4.
       But the scythe’s power soon began
       to overwhelm the hobgoblin. When
       all of the humans were dead, he
       began to bite and maim the other 
       goblins. Even murdering and eating
       the entire of his own tribe failed
       to satiate his appetite, and finally
       he slit his own throat with the
       scythe. It was later found by a 
       beautiful elf.
    |                                                                             |
    | 3. Weapons of the second walkthrough                [2WLK]                  |
    |                                                                             |
    In the second walkthrough you can obtain 12 weapons:
    6 Swords for Nowe ( 3 Short and 3 Long Sword), 1 Spears for Eris,
    2 Staves for Manah and 3 Axes for Urick
    | 3a. Nowe’s Short Swords                              [2NS]                  |
    1) Evil’s Bronze Blade                [2NS01]
       Attack power:  84 / 85 / 86 / 86
       Guard break:   96 / 97 / 98 / 98
       Level 1.
       In ancient times, there was a 
       realm ruled under magic.
       Level 2.
       The realm performed a ceremony
       each year to restore the magical
       protection. There a shrine maiden
       would dance with this bronze blade.
       Level 3.
       The bronze blade glowed with
       more radiance each year.
       A haunting purple light emanated 
       from it whenever the shrine
       maiden danced.
       Strangely, the maiden’s beauty did
       not fade with years, but rather, it
       intensified with age.
       Level 4.
       The princess of the realm wondered 
       if the bronze blade was the secret
       of the shrine maiden’s preservation.
       In a fit of jealousy, she took the 
       blade for herself and killed the
       maiden. And so the princess gained
       everlasting beauty. But without the
       maiden’s magical protection, the
       land faded within a year, and the 
       princess took her own life.
    2) Moonlit Beauty                     [2NS02]
       Attack power: 118 / 119 / 120 / 124
       Guard break:    8 /  16 /  32 /  48
       Level 1.
       Once upon a time, there lived a 
       Pedigreed gentleman whose
       Excellence with the sword had
       Won him as many duels as his
       Handsome face had the hearts 
       Of the young ladies.
       Level 2.
       One night, during an evening walk,
       he came upon the most beautiful
       woman he had ever seen, standing
       in the moonlight beside a lake.
       Level 3.
       Lost in her beauty, he stood there
       entranced and time seemed to him
       to stand still. Then suddenly, the
       woman let out a gasp and cried:
       Her beautiful bosom was stained 
       red with blood. Following her
       horrified gaze, the gentleman saw
       that his own sword was buried to
       the hilt in her chest.
       Level 4.
       The lake reflected the gentleman’s 
       smiling face. In his ears, he heard
       the echoes of his own voice whisper,
       “Now there is n one fairer than
       you in this world.”
       The next day, the gentleman’s body
       was found next to the lake. He
       had pierced his own heart
       with his sword.
    3) Thief’s Secret                     [2NS03]
       Attack power:  62 / 64 / 65 / 70
       Guard break:   60 / 62 / 64 / 68
       Level 1.
       Many years ago, there was a 
       mighty gang of bandits, who made
       their living by doing dirty deeds for
       the rich and powerful. On of the 
       founding members was a man
       named Left Eye. He was a valued
       lieutenant who specialized in
       intelligence gathering and other 
       clandestine undertakings.
       Level 2.
       Left Eye did not participate in
       battle. No one ever saw him draw
       his sword. It was a magic sword
       that brought riches to its owner.
       And Left Eye was indeed affluent.
       Being a lieutenant with unique
       talents, he was paid handsomely
       for his work and had amassed 
       a sizeable fortune over the years.
       Level 3.
       One day, some of the younger 
       bandits surrounded Left Eye. They
       told him that they were unhappy
       about the size of his share
       compared to theirs. In truth,
       however, they were after more than
       just their fare share; they were after
       old Left Eye’s fortune. Reading their
       intentions, Left Eye finally drew his
       Level 4.
       Gone was the reserved man they all
       knew. Standing in his place, a
       bandit as fearsome as the ruthless
       young man who had founded the
       gang year before. It was over in a 
       second. Left Eye walked away from 
       the youngsters’ bodies and told his
       old friend that he was leaving.
       Though they begged him to stay, he
       Disappeared into the desert.
    | 3b. Nowe’s Long Swords                               [2NL]                  |
    1) Captured Goddess                   [2NL01]
       Attack power:  76 /  85 /  95 / 106
       Guard break:   98 / 110 / 124 / 138
       Level 1.
       A long, long time ago... A young
       girl regained consciousness in a
       small, dark space, thick with the
       stench of blood. She couldn’t move
       her arms, her legs, or even her
       mouth. The only thing she could do
       was stare into the darkness with 
       wide open eyes.
       Level 2.
       The last light the girl had seen was
       the fire that burned with people as
       its fuel. Its awful glow had
       illuminated the hand crawling all
       over her... After that, she had felt
       something cold pierce her body
       many, many times. And then...
       blackness. That was all she could
       “What am I...?”
       Level 3.
       Suddenly the girl was freed from
       the darkness. The starry sky opened
       before her dazzled view, its faint
       light too bright. Desperately, she
       moved her eyes, searching to see
       herself, but the familiar lines of her
       body were gone; in their place, a 
       ruined mass of blood and quivering
       Level 4.
       The girl let out a voiceless scream.
       as she did so, a black shadow
       obscured the stars. A monster with
       long fangs was kneeling over her,
       lowering its gruesome maw towards
       her face. In a moment of white
       agony, her ruined flesh contorted
       into a sword and lunged at the
       monster’s head, stabbing it
       between the eyes.
    2) Pitch Black                        [2NL02]
       Attack power:  164 / 176 / 188 / 220
       Guard break:    84 /  96 / 108 / 120
       Level 1.
       There once lived a man to whom
       killing was as essential to life as
       breathing. There was no special
       reason why he murdered. He was
       not driven by bloodlust. It was only
       that murder was all he knew.
       Level 2.
       One day, he encountered a group
       of thugs who had surrounded a 
       helpless girl. As usual, he murdered
       every las one them without 
       Level 3.
       When he turned to kill the girl, he
       found her thanking him with tears
       in her eyes. It was the first time
       that anyone had ever thanked him
       for what he had done. As he looked
       at her, he finally realized that his
       actions had meaning and purpose.
       Level 4.
       Smiling, with happiness in his heart, 
       he brought his sword down on the
       young girl’s head.
       With kindness in his eyes, he
       paused for a moment to watch the
       pool of blood expanding around her
       crumpled form, before leaving the
       scene feeling greatly fulfilled.
    3) Sealblade: Calamitous Melody       [2NL03]
       Attack power:  145 / 148 / 154 / 168
       Guard break:   124 / 128 / 134 / 145
       Level 1.
       A master blacksmith, embittered
       by the god’s maltreatment of the
       world, vowed to forge a weapon
       with which to destroy them.
       Level 2.
       The power of the seal negates
       the power of the gods, and the 
       seal derives its power from the 
       So the blacksmith sealed the power
       of the goddess into his creation.
       Level 3.
       She was a goddess whose heart
       concealed a forbidden love.
       She was a pure goddess.
       Level 4.
       Sealed inside was life.
    | 3c. Eris’s Spears                                   [2E]                    |
    1) Falcon’s Pinion                     [2E01]
       Attack power:  130 / 138 / 144 / 148
       Guard break:   104 / 110 / 115 / 118
       Level 1.
       I awoke on a rainy day and looked
       up to see my brothers still in the
       nest from whence I’d fallen. It was a 
       small nest, and I’d guessed that it
       would only be a matter of time
       before something like this happened.
       I was only two months old. “Well, that’s
       life,” I thought, just as my parents
       flew back. They looked down at me, 
       but they began to feed my brothers.
       Level 2.
       I tried chirping, but they ignored me.
       “That’s it for me, I suppose.” I
       thought, when a lightning bolt
       struck the tree, setting it alight.
       I flapped my wings in a desperate 
       attempt to get away. Once I’d
       scrabbled to a safe distance, I turned
       to see the nest in flames, my
       brothers’ burning bodies illuminating 
       the forest.
       Level 3.
       You can never tell what’s going to
       happen in life. Cowering there in the
       wet grass, a human who’d come to
       investigate the fire saw me and
       scooped me up. One year later, I
       was an adult falcon and sat on his
       arm. He was middle-aged, poor, and
       drank a lot. That was all I knew
       about my savior.
       Level 4.
       After two years together, we parted 
       ways when my companion sold me
       to buy alcohol. The human who
       brought me butchered, cooked and
       served me to another human whose
       belly I paused in en route to the 
       privy. My feathers were used to
       decorate a spear which was sold to
       a fool at an exorbitant price. What
       a ridiculous waste of money and life.
    | 3d. Manah’s Staves                                  [2M]                    |
    1) Phoenix Curse                       [2M01]
       Attack power:  118 / 124 / 130
       Guard break:    94 /  99 / 104
       Level 1.
       Back, when magic flourished, 
       magicians played an integral role on
       the battlefield. The potency of their
       magic was derived in large part
       from the power of their staffs.
       Indeed, wars were fought over the
       ownership of powerful staffs - 
       especially the staffs of the ancients
       magicians, which contained mighty 
       spells, long forgotten.
       Level 2.
       At around that time, a magician
       found a staff buried in some ancient
       ruins. Though he wasn’t especially
       gifted, using the staff’s power, he
       was capable of unimaginable feats 
       and soared up through the ranks of
       his army. Within a year, he sat at
       the general’s right hand.
       Level 3.
       The magician’s powers knew no
       bounds on the battlefield and he
       became very influential. The one
       day, an identical staff was found
       in the same ruins, with
       hundreds more like it... In a matter
       of months, every kingdom had
       acquired one, and the war raged on
       with renewed ferocity.
    2) Yaha’s Staff                        [2M02]
       Attack power:   92 / 100 / 108 / 120
       Guard break:   112 / 120 / 130 / 144
       Level 1.
       A bureaucrat was accused of
       treachery and executed by his
       distrustful king. His family
       followed his fate, but the
       executioner took pity upon his
       youngest son. He let the boy go
       and told the king that the job 
       was done.
       Level 2.
       The bureaucrat’s son grew up to
       be a beautiful young man. He made
       his living as a thief, stealing goods
       from the bazaar. Sometimes, he
       would be caught and beaten, but
       the pain was nothing to him
       compared to the joy of revenge would
       bring. In time, he used the money
       he’d saved to bribe his way into a
       job at the king’s castle.
       Level 3.
       The boy’s androgynous beauty
       caught the king’s eye right away
       and soon enough, he became one
       of then King’s “special” companions.
       Late one night, he decided that the
       time had finally come to exact
       vengeance, so he headed to the
       king’s bedchamber armed with his 
       father’s staff, an elegant weapon
       tipped with a deadly blade.
       Level 4.
       However, the king became
       suspicious when he was beads of
       sweat on the boy’s brow, and called
       for his guards. As they converged
       on him, the boy cut his own throat
       to the tune of the king’s victorious 
       laughter. Perhaps it was fate that
       Lieutenant Yaha, whose own beauty
       had shaped his twisted destiny, 
       would eventually own this staff.
    | 3e. Urick’s Axes                                    [2U]                    |
    1) Broken Iron                         [2U01]
       Attack power:  140 / 160 / 180 / 200
       Guard break:   280 / 300 / 320 / 340
       Level 1.
       What was once hailed as the largest
       blade in the world, striking fear into
       the hearts of men, now bore no
       trace of its former glory. Only a
       shattered heap of iron remained.
       Level 2.
       Back when this heap was still a
       sword, its owner had tried to fuse
       it with unimaginable variety of
       objects. His mania for modifying 
       the weapon had seen its titanic
       form incorporate armor, other 
       swords and even the bones of the
       dead. Mighty though it already was
       he was obsessed by the idea that
       it could be made yet stronger.
       Level 3.
       The blade slowly began to change
       color, turning crimson towards its
       edge. The gradation seemed to
       symbolize its place on the boundary 
       between this world and the next.
       Certainly, it had been the difference
       between life and death to many a
       friend and foe in the past. But 
       when its owner tried to fuse it with
       a baby, its blade finally shattered.
       Level 4.
       Discarded as a failed experiment, 
       the sword longed for the days, when
       it had terrified men with its
       fearsome form...
       So it searched for an owner who
       could forge its blade afresh.
    2) Zhangpo’s Axe                       [2U02]
       Attack power:  128 / 138 / 148 / 158
       Guard break:   218 / 248 / 266 / 284
       Level 1.
       In a small village, a man lived with
       his pet mouse in a shack. He was a 
       kindly soul, but the other villagers
       mistrusted him because his face
       had been disfigured since birth.
       In spite of their prejudice, he
       harbored no bitterness towards
       them, smiling even when children
       threw stones at him.
       Level 2.
       Secretly the villagers schemed to
       drive their unsightly neighbor away.
       So they claimed that his mouse
       damaged their crops, and captured
       it one day. While he wandered the
       forest searching for his little
       companion, they cut off its head,
       and laid its body on his doorstep.
       Level 3.
       When the poor man returned to his
       shack, he saw that his only friend in
       the world had been murdered. With
       a howl of despairing rage, he took
       his axe and decapitated each of the
       villagers in turn, piling their heads
       in the center of the common. To add
       another to the pile, he then cut off
       his own, and the axe tumbled from
       his lifeless grasp.
       Level 4.
       When it was finally retrieved from
       its grizzly resting place, the axe’s 
       blade had been dried red by the
       villagers’ blood. Lieutenant 
       Zhangpo, whose pact cost him the
       pleasure of eating, may have tried
       to replace the los sensation with
       the joy of butchering foes with this
    3) Sealaxe: Calamitous Rhythm          [2U03]
       Attack power:  130 / 142 / 154 / 168
       Guard break:   234 / 255 / 277 / 302 
       Level 1.
       A master blacksmith, embittered
       by the god’s maltreatment of the
       world, vowed to forge a weapon
       with which to destroy them.
       Level 2.
       The power of the seal negates
       the power of the gods, and the 
       seal derives its power from the 
       So the blacksmith sealed the power
       of the goddess into his creation.
       Level 3.
       She was a legendary goddess who
       held the seeds within her body and
       saved mankind from ruin.
       Level 4.
       Sealed inside was time,
       the conqueror of space and
       all dimensions.
    |                                                                             |
    | 4. Weapons of the third walkthrough                 [3WLK]                  |
    |                                                                             |
    In the third walkthrough you can obtain 3 weapons:
    2 swords for Nowe ( 1 Short and 1 Long Sword) and 1 Stave for Manah.
    | 4a. Nowe’s Short Swords                              [3NS]                  |
    1) Hero's Knife                       [3NS01]
    Attack Power	135 / 135 / 135 / 145
    Guard Break		150 / 160 / 170 / 180
       Level 1.
       A couple was elated by the news 
       that they were to have a child. As
       this was their first, their friends
       held a feast the next day to
       celebrate. Many came to the
       party - among them, a prophet
       dressed in a richly embroidered
       clerical gown.
       Level 2.
       The prophet presented the couple
       with a short sword, and said,
       "This blade will make a master
       swordsman of the wielder. Use
       it to protect your children."
       When the husband grasped its hilt,
       he felt its power coursing through
       his boy, making him stronger.
       This was no ordinary sword.
       Level 3.
       "The child who will be born is a 
       child of heaven. The child who will 
       be born is child of man. Should
       the child bring disaster upon
       mankind, kill it with this sword."
       The couple's faces paled, and the
       husband raised the sword to strike
       the prophet, but he had already
       Level 4.
       After the day of the feast, the wife
       unable to forget the prophet’s 
       words, grew ever more gloomy. The
       husband used the power of the
       sword to become a soldier and
       returned home ever more
       infrequently. Eventually, their child
       was born – or rather, a pair of
       twins was born: a beautiful boy
       and girl.
    | 4b. Nowe’s Long Swords                               [3NL]                  |
    1) Moonfire                           [3NL01]
    Attack Power	146/ 146 / 146 / 148
    Guard Break		120/ 120 / 120 / 180
       Level 1.
       The sword made of marble emits
       a fierce chill and quietly awaits its
       Level 2.
       The legend told that the marble
       sword could freeze even its
       owner’s age.
       It continues to wait patiently.
       Level 3.
       The marble sword continued
       to wait. So long it waited - 
       long enough to freeze time.
       Level 4.
       The sword had waited for so long
       that surely even the warmth of
       human blood could not awaken it
       The only thing what could be said
       for sure is that the frozen face of
       its wielder would be reflected in
       its blade.
    | 4c. Manah’s Staves                                    [3M]                  |
    1) Monk's Red Staff                    [3M01]
    Attack Power	145 / 150 / 155 / 160
    Guard Break		218 / 225 / 232 / 240
       Level 1.
       Once, a high-ranking priest traveled
       to the western lands with three
       companions. He was to receive a 
       sacred book.
       Level 2.
       On the was there, he performed
       Acts of charity in the villages he
       Passed through, and his companions
       Cleansed the lands of monsters
       Who threatened the people.
       Level 3.
       Slaying the monsters was the specialty
       of one of the priest's traveling
       companions. It was he who wielded
       this staff. In his skilful hands, it
       protected the priest and ensures
       their safe passage to the western 
       Level 4.
       When the party arrived at their
       destination, the sacred book was 
       placed in the priest's care as
       promised. With their quest at an
       end, the priest thanked his
       companions and honored each
       of them with a fitting "name".
    |                                                                             |
    |5. “Code needing weapons”                            [CNWP]                  |
    |                                                                             |
    There are 4 weapons, 1 Long Sword and a Short Sword for Nowe, 1 Spear for Eris
    and 1 Axe for Urick.
    These weapons can only be obtained using some kind of “cheating device”:
    1) Writheheart                         [CNW1]
    This weapon is one of Nowe’s Short Sword’s.
       Attack power:  19 / 21 / 24 / 26
       Guard break:   13 / 15 / 17 / 18
       Level 1.
       Once, there live a girl, fair and
       pure. Born into a life of poverty,
       she was sent to word as a maid
       in the home of a noble family.
       There, she was treated like an
       animal. After months of hard labor
       and abuse, her mind and body
       began to fail her.
       Level 2.
       The only one who treated the girl
       with any kindness was her lord’s
       youngest son. He comforted her,
       and soon they began an illicit
       affair. The doting girl lived for the
       short midnight meetings, alone with
       her lover
       Level 3.
       Late one evening, she made her way
       to the meeting place at the usual
       time and found her love waiting for
       her. But he was not alone. With him
       were all of his brothers and sisters.
       Smiling like demons, they encircled
       her and forced her to the ground.
       She lost consciousness when she
       caught sight of the cruel grin on
       her lover’s face...
       Level 4.
       The next morning, the girl limped
       back to the mansion. In her hands
       she held a beautiful sword. When
       she caught sight of her lover, she
       lunged for him without a word,
       and pierced his and her own
       heart. Steeped in their life blood,
       the fatal weapon took up the
       scorned girl’s bitter hatred and
       had been cursed ever since.
    2) Sealaxe: Calamitous Rhythm          [CNW2]
    This weapon, in spite of its name, is one of Nowe’s Long Sword’s.
       Attack power:   97 /  98 /  99 / 150
       Guard break:   194 / 196 / 198 / 300
       Level 1.
       A master blacksmith, embittered
       by the god’s maltreatment of the
       world, vowed to forge a weapon
       with which to destroy them.
       Level 2.
       The power of the seal negates
       the power of the gods, and the 
       seal derives its power from the 
       So the blacksmith sealed the power
       of the goddess into his creation.
       Level 3.
       She was a legendary goddess who
       held the seeds within her body and
       saved mankind from ruin.
       Level 4.
       Sealed inside was time, 
       the conqueror of space and
       all dimensions.
    3) Poisontongue                        [CNW3]
    This weapon is one of Urick’s Axes.
       Attack power:  24 / 25 / 26 / 28
       Guard break:   48 / 50 / 52 / 56
       Level 1.
       Long ago there was a vast kingdom
       surrounded with water end enclosed
       by mighty walls. Blessed with the
       gift of water, the people lived a life
       of happiness. An altar to the water
       goddess stood at the center of the
       kingdom. On it lay an axe, which
       radiated a calm blue light. Legends
       told that the goddess used the axe
       to slay the demon king of drought. 
       Level 2.
       Beyond its walls, other nations
       schemed to steal the prosperous 
       kingdom’s wealth. Under the
       command of their king, the citizens
       fought bravely, but the peace-loving
       people of the water kingdom were
       no match for the invaders. Soon, 
       their mighty walls lay in ruins and
       the war was on their doorstep.
       Level 3.
       When the flames of war reached 
       the water goddess’s altar, the
       axe came to life. Floating above its
       resting place, its blade give off a 
       blinding flash of light. The next
       moment, a tidal wave washed over
       the invading armies and continued
       past the kingdom’s borders,
       drowning the land of the enemy.
       Level 4.
       Having served its purpose, the
       axe lost its luster and the waters
       subsided. Now, the ancient weapon
       looked as drained and lifeless as
       the desert.
    4) Widow’s Death                       [CNW4]
    This weapon is one of Eris’s Spears.
       Attack power:  19 / 21 / 24 / 26
       Guard break:   13 / 15 / 17 / 18
       Level 1.
       Neustria’s King Chilperich I ended
       the long confrontation with Astracia
       by agreeing to the marriage of his
       second son, Alfonstein, to
       Fonpadel, the third daughter of
       Sigibert I, king of Austracia.
       Level 2.
       All was peaceful between Neustria 
       and Austracia until Sigibert I’s heir
       Almabar, missing since his tour of
       the Western Gothic land of
       Aunatras, returned to claim the
       Level 3.
       Almabar killed his mother,
       Brunhilda, then confronted King 
       Chilperich’s widow, Fredegunde, who
       had planned to assassinate him,
       and claimed that Fonpadel and
       Alsonstein’s marriage was 
       illegitimate. He then declared war
       against Fredegunde’s eldest son,
       King Clotair II of Neustria.
       Level 4.
       The battle began in the northern 
       Austracian land of Vyomar. Almabar
       led his Austracian army to victory
       over the Neustrians.
       Fredegunde was captured at the
       castle, and executed by the same
       axe used to behead Brunhilde.
    |                                                                             |
    |6. Version history and updates                       [VERH]                  |
    |                                                                             |
     - 01.June 2006 - Started typing in the guide... Finished 58% of Nowe’s
                      Short Sword’s, and 75% of the Long Sword. 
                      No weapons of Eris, Manah or Urick, yet.
     - 02.June 2006 – Added some of Eris’s weapons ( 58 % finished)
     - 06.June 2006 – After spending a whole weekend with my Drakengard 2 ^_^,
                      so I added a few things like Nowe’s SS ( 76%), LS ( 78%)
                      and Eris’s Spears ( 72 %)
                      Still no Manah and Urick... yet.
     - 07.June 2006 – Added Manah’s weapons ( 91%)
     - 08.June 2006 – Added a few of Nowe SS ( 89%), Eris’s spears ( 86 %)
                      Finished Manah’s staff and added Urick’s axes ( 95%)
     - 12.June 2006 – Another weekend spent with... errr, no, wrong guess.
                      I was playing with Magna Carta :)
                      But I did finish Urick’s weapons.
                      And added a few of Nowe’s Weapons: SS ( 96%)
     - 13.June 2006 – Nowe SS ( 98%), LS ( 91 %), Eris ( 94%)
                      Also corrected a few things...
     - 19.June 2006 – I’ve been a goooood girl :)))))
                      Now, let us see what that means, shall we? 
                      Finished Nowe’s SS, LS (96%).
                      Also started to add the weapons for the second walkthrough.
                      Added a totally new part for the weapons that can be 
                      obtained by using codes...
     - 22.June 2006 – Finished Eris’s Spears. All of them :( 
                      Finished Nowe’s SS for the second walkthrough.
                      Added 3 code weapons.
     - 26.June 2006 – Being so close to the end of the game I did not sleep the 
                      weekend... well, to be honest, it was because of the weather.
                      Having 33 C in the evening who could sleep???
                      Added a few things here and there, finished Manah’s weapons.
     - 03.July 2006 – FINISHED!!! YES !!!! FINISHED THE WHOLE THING!!!! 
                      71 weapons, all on Level 4., more than 83 hours and a
                      few dozen dead brain cells...
                      That’s the result of the game :)
     - 29.Aug. 2006 – Made a few corrections here and there.
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    |7. Legal information                                 [LEGI]                  |
    |                                                                             |
    This document is Copyright 2006 Siela_ ( siela@freemail.hu)
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
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    Websites that have my permission to publish this file:
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    |8. Contact Information                               [CONT]                  |
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    siela@freemail.hu or kati_kormendi@hotmail.com
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    |9. Credits and thanks                                [CRED]                  |
    |                                                                             |
    - You for reading this guide ^_^
    - Me for writing it :)
    - Meru Wingly – for sending the Level 4 details of Nobuyoshi and Takamasa
    - Cavia / SquareEnix / Ubisoft for making it possible to go on a 
      killing spree again :)
    - GameFAQs, Neoseeker and Supercheats for hosting this guide.
    - Drakengard.net for hosting my guide 

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