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"Play it!"

Pretty good game-if you know what I mean. You don't have to watch the movie. Of course it is a basic lineup-a basic comedy lineup that is. Come on! There are 4 characters with distinct personailities and attacks. It only gets interesting in the 6th level. I don't know that they should have made the 1st 5 levels.

9/10. Pretty good lke other video games. But they could have done better. They are so many glitches! But come on-you goy to give the programmers some recognotion. They started making the game before the movie was made so the storyline has to be a little wacked.

What you and what you really have to do:
8/10. Sure the game is good but when a sign tells you to be someone for a job is it really them? For the 6th level for example-You have to get fruit from a tree. The sign says you have to be the girraffe but you really have to be the lion. Come on! You waste 30 most-of-the-time precious min. looking for a way to get the fruit. That's just wrong!

10/10. Excellent!!! Characters are like the excact replicas of the ones in the movies. Every detail is the same. Controls. Not all of them are like the ones they use in the movie, but they will do.

6/10. If you have played vedio games ever in your life you should know that most of them have hard, Medium, and Easy levels. Shouldn't this one to? If you said yes then here is my answer-WRONG! It only has Hard and Easy levels. Nothing inbetween.

9/10. Are you the kind of person who likes to take breaks inbetween but never wants to actually wants to shut the game down? Well then minigames are just the thing for you! They might cost you some money to unlock the games and to buy upgrades but its worth it for most of thhem. Some of them are strategy games and some of them are quick-finger games. But they are still fun!

Madagascar is a good game to play and you ahould buy it. But be warned-if you buy it don't get frustated with the game once you start playiing it. It will mean destruction for you. Game type: Adventure/Strategy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/06/06

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