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Reviewed: 07/10/06

An easy and boring platformer.

Ahhh, Madagascar. Insane lemurs, wide jungle, bad movie, horrible game. The game (like all movie games) follows the story of the movie, taking you from the New York zoo to the tropical island of Madagascar. You gain control of various characters, such as Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe, Gloria the hippopotammus, and, according to Alex, the leader of a team of psychotic penguins.

The game's graphics are okay, but don't judge it by this. The character animations are well done and the environment was well visualized, but it felt familiar. Being (mostly) a platformer/ action game player, the environment felt as if I had seen it a million times before. Then again, most platformers are pretty much the same nowadays, so I could be wrong.

The game follows the story of the movie, so I'm kind of rating the movie's storyline. Marty, the zebra, wants to get out of the zoo, and to the wild. Alex and the others love the zoo life, and try to convince Marty to do the same. But it's Marty's wish that comes true, when the four friends are on their way to be transferred. And when penguins knock the captain out and take over the ship. And when the ship is wrecked and they get stranded in the wild jungle of Madagascar. There, they befriend lemurs and try to protect these lemurs from their archenemy, (who always have lemur on their menu) the dreaded, the evil, the horrible.... foosa?! Right, you gotta fight these "foosa" and protect the lemurs from them.

It's a Crash Bandicoot/ Spyro/ Mario (I could name over 50 more games) duplicate. Jump over water, up a mountain, follow this pattern, obtain this, find that, learn high jump, learn that. You've seen this alll before. Only Melman can kill all types of enemies, the others canot kill some kinds. Alex has a special move that takes down pretty much the entire screen. Seem familiar? While this type of special move isn't seen in every game, it still exists in some. The game is also very easy, and since most platformers wield the same type of gameplay, I am rating this section more on difficulty. Well, that way, I could clearly say this game is for beginning gamers around the age of six years to eight years.

The music fits the environment of each level, and the victory music (when you get a specified item) completely suits jungle music, with tropical instrumental sound. Well, it's your average audio.

Playtime/ Replayability
I beat the game in about nine hours. The game is very easy and lacks challenge.The levels are huge and have dozens of missions, but they are fairly simple and take little time to complete. The final boss was cakewalk and it took me one try to take him down. The levels may be quite big, and take alot of time to finish; but the same types of obstacles are repeated much too frequently. While the swamp can get you lost in a bungle, and while searching for food can take a while, the game is still very easy. Replaying it wouldn't be worth it, but for six to nine years old video game beginners, this game could make some good practice.

Should I buy it?
If you want to get some practice into video games as a beginner, this game could help a little. It's easy and boring, and lacks fun.

Final Rankings/ Summary

Graphics: 6/10
Story: 5/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Audio: 6/10
Playtime/ Replayability: 1/10
Should I Buy It?: Depends on gamer's skill
Final Score: 3/10

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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