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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jfreedan

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/18/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Castlevania:Curse of Darkness 
    Game Walkthough and Strategy Guide
    and Innocent Devil Raising Info
    Written by Jim Freedan
    Copyright Jim Freedan 2005
    (Copyrighted only because I wish to discourage a certain popular
    video game review magazine from stealing my work.)
    =Version History=
    Version 1.
    November 10, 2005
    -Game Walkthrough, Secret Areas and I.D. Raising Information
    Version 1.2
    November 13,2005
    -Fixed Fairy I.D. Info
    -Began Material Gathering Information (incomplete), 
    -Added Hector's Battle Controls
    -Added How to Save your game/ Use transporters
    Version 1.3
    November 16, 2005
    -Added Perfect Guard Heart Replenish effect to Hector's
    Battle Moves
    -Finished Tower of Evermore list of enemies (forgot to finish it
    ^^ )
    -Made small changes to Walkthrough. Now if you follow it, you
    will get all of the chairs for the 'secret chair room'. There is
    still no reward for getting them all though. 
    About the Author:
    What can I say? I'm just an old-school gamer who loves me some 
    Castlevania. I also write a webcomic called 'Deathfist Ninja 
    GKaiser' (which has nothing to do with Castlevania), so if 
    you've become fond of reading things I've written, you can find 
    the webcomic at:
    My email can also be found there, as I'm not about to list it here 
    and receive a crap load of spam from nasty bots. Please DON'T email 
    me silly questions though,as EVERYTHING I know about the game is 
    already in this document.
    Additionally, you might finish a level and not have all the map 
    cleared. This is because you cant clear all the maps the
    first time you enter (exception is the Machine Tower level,
    Infinite Corridor and Dracula's Castle). So if you 
    don't have all of Abandoned Castle finished the first time,
    don't fret. You'll be returning here later on.
    =Hector's Battle Controls==
    =Saving your Game/Using Transporters=
    === Game Walkthrough==
    -Abandoned Castle
    -Baljhet Mountains
    -Garibaldi Temple
    -Mortvia Aqueduct
    -Forest of Jigramunt
    -Cordova Town
    -Eneomaos Machine Tower
    -Aiolon Ruins
    -Abandoned Castle Re-Visited
    -Infinite Corridor
    -Dracula's Castle
    - Easy Money
    -Build Uber Innocent Devils
    -Fast Leveling and Evolution Crystal Harvesting
    -Secret Boss Legion
    -Tower of Evermore and Tower of Eternity
    -Material Gathering Information
    Hi, my name is Jim Freedan. 
    I bought this game on a Monday.
    It is now Thursday and what lays before you is what I wrote on my 
    very first playthrough, so it might have some things missing in it. 
    However, since there is no other Walkthrough
    yet created for Castlevania:CoD when I started this, I thought 
    I better write one so less people will feel the need to waste 
    their money buying bogus Brady Games guides.
    Don't let the fact that I did everything in this guide within a 
    few days fool you-- this game is huge, and the only reason 
    I breezed through it so fast was because I was sick at home this 
    week, so I didn't have anything else to do BUT play video games. 
    Despite what others say, CoD is a solid game and MUCH more fun than
    Lament of Innocence was. CoD also has far more depth to it. 
    True, this game basically is just a 'side-story' in the grander 
    scheme of the Belmonts Vs. Dracula feud-- but so was SoTN and that
    didn't stop it from being an awesome game. 
    Speaking of SoTN, this game has a great deal of gameplay things in 
    common with it. 
    It is basically Alucard's Familiar system combined with the 
    gameplay of Chaos Legion. 
    Hector himself is sort of an Alucard Mini-Me: he even looks abit 
    like him, and uses many of the same weapons and armor. 
    However, Hector relies much more on the abilities of his
    'Innocent Devils',which are basically just Uber-Familiars. 
    Also, I haven't experienced ANY glitches or'slow-down' while playing
    this game, not one single bit. If you experience these problems,
    you might want to consider cleaning your Playstation and take
    better care of it ^^ 
    Anyway,to summarize things, if you take CoD for what it is (a 
    side-story and sequel to Castlevania 3), then you'll find the game 
    is more than worth the money. At least compared to 'other'franchise 
    games currently for sale right now. 
    Plus, the music is well done-- on the same level as SoTN, though I 
    do so miss the 'Tragic Prince' electric guitar balland from SoTN,
    though the boss music somewhat resembles it abit. 
    I'm not going to go into details about the basics of how to play 
    the game. This game is rated M. So if your old enough to buy this 
    game, your old enough to read the darn instruction manual that came
    with it. Besides, the first level teaches you the basic controls. 
    It seems redundant and pointless to list information you will learn 
    within 5 minutes of actual gameplay.
    I'm just going to put the bare-bones walkthrough for the game here, 
    and some extra information at the bottom for how to get 
    the most out of your Innocent Devils-- which from this point on are 
    referred to as 'I.D.' as they are also known in the game. I'll also 
    talk about the secret boss 'Legion' and the optional levels, 
    Tower of Eternity and Tower of Evermore.
    =Hector's Battle Controls
    -Jump kick
    Press X+square at the same time
    Hold R1 then press Square
    -Weapon combos ('Special' weapons have no combos)
    1. Press Square 2-6 times
    2. Press Square then Circle
    3. Press Square twice then Circle
    4. Press Square three times then Circle
    Not all weapons can do these
    5. Press Square four times then Circle
    6. Press Square 5 times then Circle
    7. Press X to jump then hit Square twice
    -Air Juggle
    Lock onto an enemy with R2, then do a Jump Kick. Press
    Square repeatedly to juggle an enemy in the air.
    -I.D. Lock-on
    When Hector is NOT locked on to an enemy,
    set I.D. to 'Auto' then press Triangle to select
    an enemy to lock on, press Triangle again to switch between 
    enemies.This will allow you to control which enemies your I.D.
    Lock onto an enemy with R2 then hit Circle near them when
    the target window turns purple. *Enemies can only be stolen from
    when certain conditions are met ie usually when they
    are going to perform some attack, when they
    are perfect guarded or are hit by a certain combo.
    -Perfect Guard
    Hit R1 to Block right when an enemy attacks you. This will
    make a big yellow flash, and Hector will completely
    block the attack. This will also give Hearts to an I.D. so it
    is useful during battles when your I.D. is low on Hearts.
    = Saving your Game and using a Transporter.
    This almost exactly how it worked in Lament of Innocence.
    There are glowing blue/yellow doors all over the game, marked
    by red and green rooms. Blue rooms are save points and yellow rooms
    are transporters that can teleport you to anywhere you were
    before, so long as you found the transporter room for the map.
    Anyway, to save your game walk up to the chair with the giant angel
    wings and press Circle.
    To use the teleporter, do the same thing :p
    (----GAME WALKTHROUGH------)
    When I say 'right' or 'left', I'm talking about 
    from where Hector is standing as he enters the room. 
    When I say 'north', 'south', 'east', or 'west', I am talking
    about as you are looking at the FIXED map!
    This game is very big. Try not to get lost. 
    Though you probably won't use it much (if at all), once you get 
    Marker Mode you can mark any room on your map I mention where 
    your unable to continue on because you don't have the right ability 
    yet. Don't know how to use Marker Mode? Don't worry, the game will 
    teach you how when it becomes available to you. 
    The first level is basically one giant tutorial...(a little too big
    if you ask me, but then again consider what it actually is ^^ )
    Another note: Do NOT use target-lock on mode for every single bloody
    enemy you fight! Target-lock is only useful for boss battles 
    and for when you wish to steal from an enemy. Thats it people. 
    99% of the problems people have with fighting fast moving enemies
    that jump around(like Flea men) is because they use lock on 
    instead of just using the regular mode. This means whenever
    the enemy jumps around, their camera spins on them all over the
    place since the camera is following the targeted enemy. This
    is how it works in every 3D game I know of, so really I shouldn't
    have to tell you this, but since many people have complained
    about the camera spinning on them when they lock on some
    enemies, I apparently have to point this out.
    So I say again: lock on mode is for STEALING and BOSSES.
    Do not run around locking onto every single enemy in the game unless
    you wish to make battles considerably more difficult than it need
    ==Abandoned Castle===
    The game will start and Issac will talk some crap to you and then 
    the game will begin. Since you start with only a weak Short sword, 
    I suggest leaving the 'Abandoned Castle' grounds through the gates
    and running way to the end of the mountain area to grab a Potion 
    (you'll need it); if you have a save from Lament of Innocence on 
    your memory card, you'll find a 'Moai' statue item floating at this 
    area. It will heal all your health for one time only, but I 
    suggest saving it for the end of the game as there isn't many items 
    that will heal you fully, and the ones that exist are all rare drops.
    Now run back to the castle entrance and enter the door. A cut-scene
    will commence, and then a battle against a level 2 Executioner will 
    occur. Defeat him quickly with jump attacks and then continue on to 
    grab the 'Memorial Ticket'.  Save your game in the door immediately 
    before you and register the memorial ticket so you can return here 
    later easily.
    Exit and go to the left and down the stairs into the water to kill 
    the three level 4 mermen and then continue on to grab the potion in
    front of the door you cant enter for now. Go back to the save point 
    then go right to fight three skeletons, which might drop some Bronze 
    material if your lucky. You'll also probably level up at this point. 
    Go through the door,and then the next door as well. 
    In the next room, a mob of skeletons will appear but floating in 
    the middle of them is a white orb. Grab it and you'll learn the 
    Quickstep skill that lets you do somersaults in all directions. 
    Cool. Now kill all the skeletons-- you can do this easily by hitting
    square three times and then tapping circle
    to do a spinning slash attack combo with your shortsword. 
    Continue on through the next door.
    A lv5 Fenrir wolf will come running at you-- 
    kill it quickly by hitting square and then circle to do a 
    hard strike or to toss your sword at them (depending on how far 
    away it is)then beat the hell out of it as it lays helplessly on the
    ground.  You might receive a Wild Memory from them. Go on to kill 
    the next one in the same way. Kill the skeletons, go through the 
    door. kill the skeletons and go into the save to restore your life. 
    Exit and go through the next door on the left. 
    In the center of the large area will be the the Abandoned Castle map.
    Joy. Now continue on and another Fenrir will attack, then another, 
    and then skeletons. Go through the door. If this has all been 
    seeming too easy, it has been, but now that 
    you've entered this door you'll have a small army of skeletons and
    a Cyclops to contend with. Dodge the Cyclops eye beams and blast
    everyone with the spinning slash combo and nailthe cyclops with the
    hardstrike/sword toss combos. 
    After everyone is dead again, go through the door.
    You'll immediately come across a chest that Hector can't open right
    now. No big deal, go through the emerald door and you'll get a
    cut-scene where you receive your first Innocent Devil.
    Your new Innocent Devil is 'Infant Fairy', who has one of many 
    randomly selected default names.(Yes-- you can name your own devils
    in this game, just like in Pokemon, so if you wish to name her
    Squirtle, go right ahead. I left her as 'Mill' though.) 
    You'll then receive the Skill Tip for how Innocent Devils work.
    Fairy types can heal you, but they can also open up treasure chests
    -- which is exactly what we're going to do to the one we just 
    passed in the previous room. The chest contains 
    the 'Dragon Crest' which goes into the locked door we encountered at
    the start of the castle. You have the choice of using your 
    Memorial Ticket to go back to the first save point or just walk 
    back-- I chose to walk, and leveled up on my way back-- 
    getting exp helps make your I.D. stronger anyway. If you didn't
    receive Wild Memory from a Fenrir before, I really suggest walking
    back and killing them until you get some-- they are 
    needed to make some weapons and armor.
    Once back at the locked door, you'll be prompted to insert the
    Dragon Crest if you try to open it. Do so and go through the door
    to fight a mob of skeletons and an Executioner
    -- you'll receive a skill note for the Bestiary after this. 
    In the next room you'll encounter Ghosts which won't put up much of
    a fight,if at all. Onward you will find a path leading down to more
    skeletons and a save room.
    The next room has three Fenris run at you at once, so be mindful of
    You have two paths at this point: one that is shown on the map and
    one that is not. 
    (They both lead to the same passageway but the one shown on the map
    has items you might want to get.)
    The one shown on the map has skeletons and Fenris, and leads 
    to a door that will contains tons of wine barrels. Chop the barrels
    down to reveal a potion and a chest containing Aluminum, which you
    can later use to make some armor. The next passage just has enemies
    to fight.
    The one not shown on the map is the one straight ahead and it 
    leads to three more Fenris and is basically just a shortcut to 
    get to the next passageway. 
    Either way you choose to go (I recommend both for map completeness
    and extra exp) you'll come to a passageway with 3 Ghosts. Dispatch
    them and go on to the next area where you will find a door
    leading to a large circle area on the map. This room has 
    tons of ghosts and fenris, but it also has a $100 money bag in it
    that we want. 
    After grabbing the loot, continue back in the other passageway
    toward another door where you will find a Skill note for Weapon 
    combining. You will now be able to make new items with materials-- 
    If you have enough Wild Memory and Bronzes gathered, you should be
    able to make a Soft Leather Armor and Leather helm which will help
    you retain health significantly since your basically naked right
    now. You should also make some Punch Rings with the Aluminum--
    they are weaker than your sword, but you'll attack hell of a lot
    faster to make up the difference which is very useful against many 
    enemies you'll encounter. You can also make a Gano now from 
    another Shortsword and Wild Memory, which is useful against bigger
    enemies because it does a lot more damage than your current sword.
    You will notice that little question marks are appearing all over
    your head in this room, and you might also hear strange impish 
    noises. Destroy the pillar near where the skill orb was and you'll 
    open a new area to find a chest that has the Evolution Crystal 
    Skill tip. In the next room you'll find lv5 Zombies (Who also drop
    Wild Memories, I might add), as you will find in the next room as 
    well. Lv6 Wizards await ahead of you, and the last room shown on 
    this floor has just a bunch of Zombies and Skeletons in it.
    Up the stairs to the next floor you'll fight zombies and wizards. 
    Head through the long hallway to reach another room of enemies 
    (with Skeleton Blazes in it) leading to yet another new floor. 
    Before going to the next floor though, head through the unmarked 
    door to get a Potion and kill a bunch of zombies. Down another 
    long hallway is more zombies and a 'Therapeutic Chair' that 
    will electrocute you yet do absolutely nothing, as it
    only exists to be a piece of fan fare for a secret room. Anyway, up
    the stairs are lv7 Armored Knights that you'll want to use your
    Shortsword or Gano against. They drop Aluminum often, so 
    yes do fight them. Now combine your Leather helm and an Aluminum
    to make a Corinthian Helmet, and combine your Shortsword and another
    Aluminum to make a Foil which is a very fast attacking sword
    you'll want to use for now, as it has a lot of very cool,
    very FAST moves you'll want to take advantage of. 
    Continue down the hallway and rooms slaughtering knights and 
    wizards until you reach a room with a Skill tip for Double step,
    and this will also let you double jump. Hit x and square
    at the same time to also do a flying knee kick.
    You can go down to the next floor here, but before you do go 
    into the next room to save, then check the last room on this
    floor for area completeness purposes. You don't have to go 
    downstairs, as you've already been there before. 
    Head back into the room before the save point to go up to the 
    3rd Floor. Kill the enemies here then proceed on to a room with
    two Skeleton Blazes. After killing them, lv10 White Dragon will
    appear in the corners that you'll want to kill with your Punch
    rings. Change back to Foil, go into the next room to kill the
    Skeleton Blazes and then go into the next one and do exactly
    the same thing, but with better music and some White Dragons
    to kill again. 
    If you've played ANY of the Castlevania games before,
    you'll come to a familiar area which is immediately distinguishable
    as leading to a throne room. My theory is that this 'Abandoned 
    Castle' is none other than Walter's old castle--considering
    it requires the Dragon Crest to open the door. 
    Of course, Walter isn't here-- but a giant suit of armor is.
    BOSS:Crazy Armor
    Defeat him with the jump attacks, otherwise he'll slice you with his
    axe that he swings along the ground.  After depleting his bar once,
    he'll flip out and start throwing fireballs at you. Just keep
    jumping and striking with the Foil and he'll go down quickly.
    When he dies, rays of light will fly out of his butt and he'll
    vanish, leaving you with an elevator and a glowing circle on the
    ground. Go to the circle to receive full health then enter the
    =Baljhet Mountains
    You are now in the Baljhet Mountains. How you ended up here from
    the top level of a castle is anyone's guess. Go down into the 
    next room to get a new ID Devil Magmard. He's a battle type,
    so he can unleash pain on foes for you with his fists
    of molten lava rage. In addition to looking like The Thing from
    The Fantastic Four, he can also do extra chain attacks with Hector, 
    and this will be explained with a Tip. 
    Go out and head down the pathway, keeping Mr Copyright Infringement
    selected so he can clobber everything in sight to build his levels
    After putting the hurt down on the Lizardmen, you might get 
    something called a 'Jet Black. Use them to make a Hard Leather
    Armor, Broad Sword and a Bamboo Staff so you can do crazy ninja
    stuff like Jackie Chan did in The Drunken Master. 
    Continue, young grasshopper, until you reach a forked road. 
    Go to your left and up the hill and happily beat down all
    the skeletons with your big wooden stick. You'll eventually
    encounter an Orc and his flaming arrows. He might drop you an
    Aluminum, and if you have one of them and a Jet Black you 
    can make a Dung spear-- it's a very excellent weapon, 
    and I suggest you use it for now as you can take out mobs of
    the many weaker enemies here with a single attack 
    if you use it. Take the south passage at the fork and 
    keep going until reach another door on your left-- 
    go through it, kill the skeletons and then kill the cyclops. 
    Go through the door with a bird emblem on it to get the skill
    'Perfect Guard.
    Head back two rooms and then continue on to the unexplored areas.
    Go through the first door you encounter, kill the Fenrir
    and go to the next room to kill the enemies there. Go into the
    room and mark it so you can remember to return here later, 
    then head back the other way so you have marked all the passages
    in this area. 
    Head all the way back to the forked road on the far left part of
    the map.
    Once back at the fork again, go to the passage on the left and 
    you'll see a cut-scene with a girl named Julia who offers 
    to help you. There will be a building here with a door, but you
    cant use the chair inside it right now. Go north and you'll 
    find a Magical Ticket by some boxes and across from it is a
    save point. Use it, then continue on through the door with
    boxes near it. 
    You'll find the Baljhet Mountains Map here, as well as Julia. She
    has a store filled with shelves and buckets of neat stuff that
    would probally help you immensly, but the only things she will 
    actually sell you is junk-- despite the fact that your the ONLY
    customer for her shop that is smack in the middle of no where.
    Anyway, she can store your ID but since you only have two right now,
    you wont need to do this. You can also buy the typical Castlevania
    items here, as well as some of the beginner weapons.
    You can also sell items, including the Moai stone (if you had a 
    Lament of Innocence save and went back to get it) for a whopping 
    5,730 but as there isn't a thing you actually need to buy from 
    Julia's shop right now, you don't need to do this.
    When you get Devil Shards later, you can bring them here to
    turn them into new I.D., and you can store I.D.s here in her
    shop as well, so even if she doesn't sell things that
    are very useful, you'll still be coming back to see her again.
    In the corner near the door you will find a Rocking Chair to sit in.
    Thats about it. 
    Exit her shop and go down the pathway until you receive the Skill
    tip for Steal. 
    Now you can mug monsters for items (now see why you don't need
    to buy Julia's crap?).
    Continue on, killing and mugging everything that moves until you
    reach a room with lots of orcs in it. You'll find your being
    shot at by a cannon, so run up the steps and kill the skeleton on
    it with a jump attack. Next, hop onto it and press x to sit down.
    You'll be able to control the cannon to blast the two other cannons
    firing down at you from both sides of the walls, and destroy
    the large wooden fence. After killing it, a bunch of armored
    monsters will appear-- just blast em with the cannon to kill em,
    and if you miss any just exit the cannon and kill em by hand. 
    When its all done, go  across the bridge and through the wooden
    door. From this point on, you probably will want to use the
    Broad sword.
    Kill the enemies then continue to the save point, then kill the
    orcs and climb up into the next area. This is pretty much all a
    straight path. You'll eventually come to a fork in the road with
    a cyclops. Kill it and then go up to where it was at, in the 
    unmarked path. Kill the cyclops and skeleton blazes, then go
    through the gate. 
    Do the same in the next area, and you'll encounter Blood Skeletons
    -- which you cant kill right now. So why did I bring you here?
    So you know where it is later, because once you 
    have a Mage I.D. with Purify (Nautilus Rod) you will be able
    to kill the Blood Skeletons and get the HP Max Up that is behind
    the door. 
    Go all the way back now to the fork and into the passage you
    haven't entered yet. Kill the ghosts and skeleton blazes,
    then enter a room with a bridge and two waterfalls.
    This room is inhabited by Spirits, and there is a chest containing
    a Skill Tip for ID Charts, so now you can track the lineage
    of your created and raised Innocent Devils,and monitor their
    progress-- basically, it lets you know how much of a certain
    kind of Evolution orb they need to level up. Fun. 
    The next room has a Cockatrice and a Wizard-- neither of which are
    very challenging. At the crossroads, head right and kill the
    Wizards and Cockatrices. On the ledge in the left corner of the
    liver shaped room is a chest containing a Boiling Ring, which
    you should equip. Now head up the stairwell and go near the
    doorway to fight two Efreets, then wrap yourself back around so
    that you have cleared up that last passageway of gray on your map.
    Head back to where you fought the Efreets and go onward to a save 
    point,then go around the corner to defeat another Efreet, then go
    through his door. 
    Lizardmen will come running down the hill at you--dispatch them
    quickly and then head on up to a boss door for a cutscene.
    BOSS: Lv.14 Wyvern
    This which might be the first moderately difficult enemy you've
    faced so far. 
    He sticks his head into the ground at the start of the battle,
    and this is when you should wail on him with combos. You have to hit
    him in the head to do any damage. You might also be able to jump
    on his back at this point by running around to the other side of
    His starting pattern is easy-- he flies into the air and then
    drops to make a boom, so run away from him when he starts to 
    fly. When he lands, he will spin his tail. After he does this a
    few times, he will stick his head back in the ground and you can
    wail combos on him with your Broad Sword. While on the ground,
    he might raise his head high up and roar to indicate he 
    is about to breathe fire, so run around to his rear sticking close
    to his legs to avoid it.
    Eventually, he will start flying around spraying fire on the ground,
    so basically just roll around dodging him when he does that. 
    The best times to attack are:
    1. When his head is in the ground
    2. A couple jump strikes right after he lands from a jump.
    3. A couple of jump strikes right after he finishes breathing fire
    on the ground.
    Additionally, you can use your Fighter ID to Guard during his
    attacks and your Fairy to heal yourself if you become weak.
    All in all, he's a little tough but not too difficult. I beat him
    using only 1 Potion and my Fairy to replenish HP. Also of note,
    he'll fall to the ground when he dies, so you might want to step out
    of his way else he crushes you. 
    When he dies, go through the door and into Garibaldi Temple.
    =Garibaldi Temple
    Waves of lv 9 Skeletons will come rushing at you, but they shouldn't
    be any real challenge for you if you have been building up your
    Fighter ID. Eventually you'll come to a circular garden with 
    Efreets, Skeletons and Orcs. Kill them,and then go through the 
    doorway to reach a wooded pathway. You'll encounter a cutscene and 
    encounter a red-coated man in a top hat calling himself Saint 
    Germain who asks Hector to stop his pursuit of Issac. 
    But Hector isn't going to do that, because then we'd have all have
    wasted our money buying a game where the hero decides to NOT avenge
    his murdered girlfriend, or rescue her, or whatever minor alteration
    plot involves the hero's girlfriend somehow.
    Anyway, after the cutscene ends, go around the left corner and near
    the torch, there is a wall with a crack in it. Smash it open and 
    you'll gain an HP UP tank. 
    Now go around to the right to get a Magical Ticket and a Serum from
    the Torch. Now its time to go into the Temple.
    Destroy the Bone Soldiers and Cyclops here, and proceed to enter 
    the left door.The most annoying enemies in Castlevania,the Flea men
    are here, and they are rather pesky (but not nearly as hard to hit
    as in other games-- if you dont target lock on them anyway..)so use
    your sword or lance to take them out. 
    This place has two possible doors: one on the right and one on 
    the left. 
    In the left room of this area you will find a Serum at the end of 
    the passageway,and a Memorial Ticket in the doorway. 
    In the right room you'll find a room leading to a group of Armored 
    knights and a Potion. After clearing this room, continue on down the
    hallway to find a Save point. Now head back to the other side of the
    temple you haven't been too and clear that area out, killing all 
    the fleamen. Inside one of these roomsyou'll find the Garibaldi
    Temple map. Now head out of this room and go to the right door,
    and up into the one around the corner. 
    The first room here has a chest that contains the Skill Tip for 
    Marker Mode. We now have all the Skills, so pat yourself on the 
    back. Head back to the area where the save point was and go start
    to head upstairs in the east exit. Two Armored Knights will 
    appear-- defeat them to let down the gate and go up.
    The first enemy you encounter here is a Dead Baron. Go into the
    fork and head left, then go through the opening on the right to
    collect a Serum and defeat another Dead Baron. Now go through the
    door to collect a Serum on the right and defeat some Fenris, then
    go down the hallway which circles around, and before you go through
    the next door just hop off the ledge down to the area below and 
    kill the Fenrir. Head back into the hallway and go south to the 
    other side, killing all the Fenrir over there and clearing your 
    map out. When this is done, go through the door. You'll encounter 
    Dead Fencers, whom you can steal 'Holy man's Vein' and 'Knight's
    Vein' from. (You can steal the same drops from the Dead Barons too,
    but the Fencers are easier to get them from) Use the 'Knight 
    Vein' to make a Gallic Helmet and a Zweihander sword. 
    The Holy man's vein is used for making a Lance. If you don't get 
    the items to make these, just keep exiting and re-entering the 
    room and stealing/killing the Dead Fencers until you do. 
    Head back to your save point, then continue to the other path
    that is still gray back to the area you fell down from with all
    the Fenrir dogs. Armed with your new toys, go into the rectangle
    room in the lower southwest corner of the hallway and kill the 
    Fencer and Armored knights. After this is done, go back to the
    top left and into the passageway to take on Blaze Masters and 
    Fenrir; Blaze Masters might drop an Ancient Memory which you can
    use to make Lorica, Baghnakhs, Bamboo Sword, and a Club. Continue 
    on until you reach a door in the hall, then enter it to find 
    Kill them and take the chest,which contains a Ceremonial Tool
    for making an Ada, which is a scythe like sword that is fairly
    powerful yet very fast to use. Use it. 
    Further on down the hallway is more Blaze Masters and a Wizard,
    followed by yet another hallway of Blaze Masters and Wizards. 
    There is a save point here. 
    If you have been doing everything right, one of your I.D. 
    should have become a King rank by now or is about to be one,
    and has given you a I.D. shard that you can use to make a new I.D.
    You might want to hold off on making a new I.D. for 
    now though, as leveling a new one could be boring at 
    this stage of the game. 
    In the next hallway is two Wizards and a Lv.13 Lesser Demon,whom
    you will want to steal a Spirit of Fuji from using your Battle 
    I.D.'s Guard. 
    Go to the left unmarked passageway and into the next door. Loop
    around to clear up the other gray hallway, then return back.  
    The room beyond the fork has Phantom Blades in it. 
    The next hallway has Spectral swords. Beyond them is a save point,
    and then the door to the boss room stands before you. 
    Enter it and you'll encounter a cut-scene of Trevor Belmont, 
    whom you will now fight.
    BOSS: Trevor
    His whip doesn't hurt that much, but his Holy Water 
    attack can be annoying to dodge, and he has a Fire charge attack. 
    But none of this really matters since you don't have to beat him 
    for the story to continue, you just need to survive and wear down
    his life enough. Use a non-Holy weapon against him, as he is
    resistant to Holy but vunerable to Dark. 
    After the battle, heal at the circle, go back and save then 
    continue on.
    In the next room, there is a magic circle on the ground that your 
    Battle I.D. will automatically run into to learn the skill 
    ''Brute Force' which you will use to have your I.D. lift up a
    big heavy door back in the hallway. 
    The first door you find is a magical warp, but you wont be 
    taking it right now when there is area to explore in this 
    temple still. Go straight and you'll run into a Thief, and 
    then go on to kill three more Thiefs in the next hallway.
    In the last room is the material Sun Tears (which Flame Demons
    also drop, fyi). 
    Now go back to the hallway with the teleporter and enter the other
    room not explored yet to find a Slogra. Defeat another and go down
    the steps into a catacomb. 
    Fight your way past Thieves and Skeletons to go where armies of 
    Wizards and Skeletons are, then go through that door to fight 
    Slogras and Wizards. As soon as you pass that door, the door behind
    you will close and you'll be fighting waves of Ectoplasms and 
    Lesser Demons. Continue on to fight a wave of Lesser Demons and
    Slogra. Past this door is the 'Sixth Sense Brooch' which lets
    you know when an enemy is going to use a special attack on you. 
    =Mortvia Aqueduct
    Now, go ALL the way back to the teleporter and you'll want to take
    it to the only destination available (Baljhet Mountains) 
    so that you can have your I.D. open a new passage for you that 
    leads to Mortvia Aqueduct. You'll receive a cut-scene here. 
    Go straight, defeat the Mermen and then into the Tower to 
    defeat the other enemies here.
    In the next room, you'll have a decision to make: left or right?
    Choose right and kill the enemies, then choose the door on the 
    left and go all the way to the end to get the map for this area.
    Go all the way back and use the right door, then up to kill the
    mermen and gain map clearance. Now go back to the previous room
    and down again to a new area.  Kill the enemies here then beat 
    up the rough wall to reveal a door. Go through it 
    and kill the mermen, then continue on. 
    Kill the Thief in the room and continue to the next, then kill 
    the Bone Soldiers.
    The next door has the prize we are after, Extra I.D. Pocket 
    which lets you carry more I.D.s at once. Not that you have now,
    but you will before the game is over :p
    Now, go ALL the way back to the room that you busted the wall in
    and take the other door. Inside you'll find mermen and ectoplasms,
    but just run past them and go into the next room that will have
    Bone Soldiers and Ectoplasms. Kill em all, then proceed to the 
    next room. Rinse and repeat in the next room, then go into the
    other one to find a pathway to door in a dam wall.
    Behind this wall you'll find cannons firing at you, so run all
    the way to the other wall, kill the skeleton manning the cannon
    then blast the other one. Then aim the cannon over across 
    the gap to blast the tilting tower so it falls across to make a
    bridge for you. 
    Before you cross it, run down into the bottom of the cliff via
    the stairs near where you entered the room and grab the $500 money
    bag. Now return to the fallen tower, cross it, and then go through
    the door. 
    Defeat the enemies here and then go into the save area.
    Go through the next door and defeat the enemies here, then go
    through the door. You'll be attacked by a large mob of Bone
    Soldiers. Now go up the stairs and you'll be confronted 
    with Fishmen and a Dark Warlock. Defeat them and then pass through
    the wooden door, then climb the stairs to reach a room with a
    Frost Dragon and two doors: a wooden one and a metal one. 
    Take the metal one and go down the stairs, kill the Frost Dragon
    then proceed through the door. You'll face Gaibons in here so
    kill em. Now go through the wooden door to battle against some 
    Fishmen. Defeat them all then go down into the lower floor. More
    fishmen await you here, so slay em. Then go down the 
    hall to the next door. Kill the thieves and then grab the Potion.
    You'll see a large part of the room is underwater. So what was the
    point of this? The potion AND so that you can mark it on your map,
    as you'll be returning here later toward the end of the game.
    Now head back to the where you came from.
    Take the wooden door and defeat the monsters that appear. Now climb
    up the stairwell and enter the door. 
    Strike the statue to reveal a stairwell and ascend it up to the next
    floor. Defeat the enemies then proceed through the door to another
    hallway with enemies, and yet another door. Blademasters will fall
    out of the sky here, and after defeating them carry on. You'll enter
    a room with purple stripes on the floor and once you pass through
    the door you'll fight a wave of Wolf Skeletons. 
    Go 1 more room and you'll find a save point here. Go across the
    path, careful to not fall down and enter the next rooms until you
    face off against a mob of fishmen in a locked room. After this room
    is a hallway with more fishmen and Gaibons. Go further several more
    doors until you end up back on the 1st Floor. 
    Kill the fishmen and Frost Dragons here, then continue through the
    double doors. You will end up at outside the wall of the Dam again.
    Immediately in front of you will be the boss room, but we don't
    want to go there yet. 
    To your left will be a yellow door that leads to a teleporter, 
    but we don't want to use it (unless you want potions)
    We do want to get the Potion down below the stairs first before
    we save though. 
    After saving our game, it's time for a boss battle. 
    Boss:Skeleton Diver
    We enter the room and find it to be an apparently an empty 
    platform. If only we were so lucky. 
    After the boss appears, just whoop on him with the strongest weapon
    you have and avoid his fish which can use ice breathe and run 
    across the platform. 
    When he is almost dead, he will very annoyingly jump on his fish
    and start sailing around you throwing spears, and this is when
    I hope you have some I.D. who has a distance attack cause otherwise
    your probably not gonna be able to hurt him at this point.
    Corpsey is good here.
    If you do have a distance attack, he's chump change.
    When hes dead, go up the new platform and get a Spirit of Fuiji.
    Now go through the green door to get another I.D., the Crow. 
    With it's Glide ability, you can get to some places you couldn't 
    of before. Double-jump from the bridge and use Glide to get
    across to the other ledge. 
    Go WAY back to where the cannons were and use the I.D. Bird 
    to glide over to the treasure chest. You will receive the 
    'Brooch of Bonds', an item that transfers your gained exp to 
    the I.D. which will hasten their leveling greatly. Now use a
    magical ticket to return to Julia's shop, then head back
    into the teleporter to return.
    When your outside, go save and then immediately use the Glide
    ability to jump across over to the other ledge to access the 
    next area of the game. 
    =Forest of Jigramunt
    A cut-scene commences and when it ends go right and then into the
    cave. Defeat the enemies and then head into the door with a mother
    and child on it. 
    After here you will want to remember to mark your
    map, as you will be returning here again toward the end of the game
    when certain parts of the landscape change. 
    For now, defeat the enemies then continue on to the save point.
    Go down the steps and into the cave. 
    You'll have a choice of right or left-- choose left and keep going
    until you see a cave, and then enter it. 
    You'll come to find the map located in this place near
    another cave. When you come to where you can go south or east,
    go south to enter a series of passages that curve back
    to near the save point. In this passage is a wooden stump chair
    that is easily missed (look for the pathway that has Assasin zombies
    in it). After you have cleared this part of your map, return back to
    the room you came from and go through into the east area.
    Keep going straight to reach a teleporter, and 
    then go on another ahead a little more to find the save point.
    Now head back two maps to enter the unexplored part of the forest
    you haven't seen yet. Head left and you'll encounter a basilisk
    guarding a gate, followed by another.
    Continue on and you'll find a wall of stones you can break. Inside
    it is a chest containing an Aquamarine (stealable
    from Fishmen, btw)-- which you can use to make a Deck Brush 
    spear which, despite its silly appearance actually has some
    neat attacks--if not amusing. The wall here too 
    can also be broken to reveal apart of the Abandoned Castle, but we
    are going to go back to our previous area to explore the forest
    Go all the way back until you reach the crossroad again where the
    Wolf Skeletons are and take a left this time, then run up to the
    save point. After saving, head back down one room to go into the
    unexplored path which has a bunch of Bone Soldiers in it. 
    After defeating them all, you'll see two big pillars with weird 
    writing on them, and pass them you'll find a dead end.
    If you have a Golem with Hip Press Lv.2, you can break the ground
    here to reveal a cave that will take you to that 
    patch of gray you otherwise cant access. (How do you get Hip Press
    lv2? Perform 100 chain combos with your Golem and you'll receive it
    --fists seem to work best for this.)
    The gray area has an Ether, and there is also a path leading to a
    chair and a Carbon Steel. 
    Now go back all the way to the save point by the transporter in the
    bottom part of the map, the one that is inside the mine shaft. 
    Continue on and kill the Lizard men that stand in your way.
    Take the right path into unexplored area not present on the map
    and take on the Great armors-- try to steal some Carbon Steel from
    them if possible. 
    Go into the first door to grab the Absolute Zero Ring. Go back out
    and follow the path to the new room,and you will come to a room 
    that is sort of shaped like a hatchet. There is a door here that
    leads to a room with a bunch of statues in the shape of bowling ball
    pins. You might need to just mark this room on your map, as you
    probably don't have an Iytei at this point in the game and you 
    need one to get past the statues.
    If you do have an Iytei with Shoulder Ride however, you can ram
    them to reveal a door. Past the door is a room containing a chair
    and the all powerful 'Rare Ring' which will add +15 Luck,and thus
    increase the chance of enemies dropping their rares. There is also
    a Dragon Scale here.
    Now keep going on until you reach a room with an Assasin Zombie.
    This room will have a save point in it and after saving, continue 
    on to the boss room.
    Boss: Minotaur lv.30 
    He tries to hit you with a giant pillar. 
    How original. 
    Anyway the strategy pretty much is go all out on him until he stops
    He's really not that tough so I shouldn't need to explain anything. 
    After he's dead, go on to the next area.
    =Cordova Town
    Well, this town is infested with zombies,so we must be playing
    Resident Evil. Oh wait, this is Castlevania, my bad ^^ 
    Anyway, go right and follow the path until find a gate that
    you can't pass through, but can see a heart container
    at the other side. Mark this room, as once you get the Devil
    I.D. you can use Magic Circle to enter to get the Heart Container.
    There is also a swing set chair here.
    Continue into the next room,then head left, then go straight toward
    the fountain. The town map is located here behind the fountain and
    one you got it, go left. 
    Defeat the Great Armors and then continue until you reach a
    Past here is a purple door and you should go through it to find an 
    extremely weird room you can operate a cannon in, and play with 
    various toys. This is your 'Chair Room' and its only purpose is 
    just to amuse the game programmers apparently. Any chair you sit
    in will appear here, and when you get them all a secret chair will
    manifest itself in this room.
    Anyway, head back to the fountain again and then head back into 
    the hall with zombies again. Go into the unexploredarea on the
    right and defeat the Ghouls, then head into the next road, then
    take a left and follow the path to clear up the map, then go do
    the same to the opposite side. Next, go up into the unexplored 
    map that isn't shown and you'll confront some Dead Fencers. Up a
    little ways and you will find an opening on the left that connects
    to the gray area of the map. Once you reach the gray map again, 
    you'll encounter a Dead Baron, then aways on you'll come to a 
    bend in the path that goes up. Follow it all the way, defeating
    the Dead Barons, until you reach the point where the two paths
    join together. 
    Directly ahead is a save point you can use, but you'll have to 
    defeat the White Gravials first. After saving, carry on down the
    path until your forced to fight a wave of White Gravias again in
    order to continue. Once that is done, go on to defeat the Ghouls
    while proceeding along the pathway to the end. You'll have to defeat
    Assassin Zombies to proceed further here, and once you do that 
    you'll have to beat some Lizard Shaman up at the top of the stairs.
    Take the unmarked path to the left and defeat the Ghouls to 
    continue. Keep going until you reach a bunch of Executioners.
    You'll come across a park bench that is completely out of place
    which you can lay on. 
    Anyway, continue on and you'll enter a cave with Thiefs. In the
    next room there will be a chest containing a Wind ring. In the 
    next room, you'll find yourself back in the Mortvia Aqueduct,
    but you don't want to be here, so go back :p 
    Way back, all the way to the gray path of the map again. Once here,
    continue on, defeating the Skeleton Riders as you proceed to the 
    end of the map. 
    After defeating the Executioners, pickup the Ether. Go down the
    unmarked passage and past the transporter will be a save point. 
    Directly ahead on the path you will find the boss room.
    Boss: Issac
    He's abit of a punk, especially since he has his own I.D. to help
    him. Just keep wailing on him with a good fast weapon and use your
    Fairy when you need to heal. 
    Otherwise, use your Battle to hurt him.
    I used my Corpsey's Bone Storm repeatedly on him and it did 
    Also, try to steal from him to get a Devil's Vein, needed for
    making a special spear later on.
    After the cut-scene, go into the glowing circle to heal up and then
    head to the green room to get a Mage I.D. that looks EXACTLY like 
    Orko from the old He-Man cartoons.
    (I kid you not, go look up some images of him off the net if you
    don't believe me.) 
    Anyway, keep Orko selected so he can get some exp and head onward
    to the next area. Eventually you'll come to a row of candles that
    will all die out and a gate will go up to bar you from going
    further. In order to proceed, you need to leave the area and then
    use the Time Stop ability of the Mage to beat the candles to the
    Simple no?
    =Eneomaos Machine Tower
    (I swear, who the hell comes up with these names? 
    Most of the locations have names I can barely spell, let alone
    figure out how to pronounce)
    Continue on inside the new area until you come to a court with
    a bunch of orc archers everywhere. To the south of that room is 
    a door leading to another series of enemies you must defeat before
    proceeding. Eventually you'll come to a big switch you need to hit
    in order to get to the next room. It is timed though, so use your 
    Time Stop to overcome the puzzle. 
    (I don't really know why this puzzle is in the game though. It's 
    just so easy.... it's pretty pointless to have gone to all the 
    bother of programming something that I just solved in half a 
    Anyway, in the next room you fight two White Gravials before 
    proceeding. In the next room or two, you'll fight an Iron Gladiator
    and a few lizard men. After this, go left until you reach a room 
    with two Flame Demons. The map for this area is located here in 
    the top left corner. The save point is located south, 
    so thats where we're going :p
    After saving, head north and go all up into the unexplored area
    so you clear it out. It's only a few rooms that all connect back 
    to one another, and will lead you to the save again. Once back, 
    head south of the save point and defeat the Undead Lords here, then
    go south again. You'll eventually reach a blue door and see a 
    After beating the enemy here, run to a big gold screw and keep 
    beating it until you reach the top of the  next floor. Defeat the 
    Undead Lords and continue down the hallway. 
    Before going to the next room, beat the hell out of the cracked wall
    to get a Purity Ring, which will prevent those damned lizardmen 
    from poisoning you now. 
    Continue through the next door, defeat the Harpy and keep going.
    Defeat more Harpies and Lizard Shaman in the next few rooms and 
    when you get to a yellow transporter, you might want to consider 
    going back to Julia to stock up on Potions. When your ready to 
    continue, head into the blue door. Defeat the Death Rippers
    and then wail on the golden screw to raise yourself up once more.
    In the next room you'll face Harpies and an Iron Gladiator. After
    your done with them, continue on to fight yet another Iron 
    Gladiator,then followed by three more. In the next hallway you'll 
    encounter tons of Dead Fencers. After this, you'll come to a room 
    with a lot of engines and need to jump on top of the boxes. Hit 
    the giant wheel and watch the cut-scene, then enter the next room. 
    A little ways down, you'll come to a save and then go up the stairs.
    The next room leads to the boss.
    Boss:  Saint Germain
    He starts the battle by using Time Stop, so counter it by using
    your own Mage's Time Stop. 
    He'll eventually give up on trying to Time Stop you, which is when 
    you just need to hit him with the strongest weapon you got until 
    he stops moving ;p
    He will do another move with Time where he makes it move forward,
    and just wail on him when he does this. His last Time Stop move
    happens immediately in front of you, and if you 
    cancel it you can probably Steal an Immortal Fragment from him 
    at this time then finish him off.
    After he's been defeated once, he will reverse time to restore his
    Yes-- He's THAT cheap. But he only does it once. Just beat
    on him to lower his life bar again and he will be defeated. This
    sounds harder than it actually is.
    After the cut-scene, go back to save and then return to enter 
    the green door and gain a new I.D., 'Devil'
    Now leave the room and go down the stairs to kill some Necromancers,
    then continue on. 
    When you reach a dead end, use the 'Magic Circle' ability of your 
    new Gale Devil to slide underneath the gap. 
    Enter the next room, kill the Necromancers and grab the Earth Ring.
    Go down the stairs and you'll find yourself back inside the bottom
    part of the clock tower. Go through the door and use Magic Circle
    again to go under the wall gap,then keep going forward to fight
    rooms of Dead Barons and Necromancers.
    You'll eventually come to a room with a gap in the wall on the 
    right hand side for you to Magic Circle under, and you will do the
    same thing in the next room. 
    The last room has a 'Sacrificial Brooch' accessory which will 
    transfer the damage you take to your equipped I.D. but before
    you can leave you'll have to fight a mob of Wights and 
    Now head back to the unexplored area and proceed through the door.
    Under several more walls and you'll find yourself outside of the 
    tower and ready to go to the next area. Just go right from the
    teleporter, and then go to Cordova Town-Center. 
    Head to the gray area on the map right above you and slide under
    the gate to the chest we couldn't get to earlier. The chest 
    contains a Damascus Steel. 
    Now head into the cavern.
    =Aiolon Ruins
    Waves of Bone Soldiers will rush you the moment you enter, so be
    aware. It's a pretty linear path here, so your not likely to get
    lost :p 
    Eventually, you'll come to a temple like entrance and Djin will
    appear to attack you. Inside the temple, you'll fight 
    another wave of enemies and then proceed again. Just keep fighting
    enemies and going forward basically, as there isn't any other way
    to go :p 
    After a good chunk of fighting, you'll encounter a save spot and
    then you can run into the cave. 
    You'll run into a room where cannons are being fired at you, and 
    by now you should know this routine-- kill the skeleton, shoot the
    cannon and the other cannons and the fence, blah blah blah. 
    However, there is also a treasure chest here beside the cannon for
    you to get a map from and shoot some rocks to get an Innocent 
    Supporter accessory which will decrease the amount of Hearts they
    consume when using special moves, so its a must get. 
    Aim the cannon at coordinates X: 3067/3599 Y:460/629
    to find the area you need to shoot the at and the Innocent Supporter
    will fall to the ground for you to claim.  
    After this,go through several more rooms of enemies and you will
    find yourself in strange ruins entering a cave that looks like a
    man's face. 
    Keep going straight and you will eventually reach a save point-- 
    you can breathe a sigh of relief now if your life was low :p
    Continue on and you will finally come to somewhere that you have a
    choice in where to go.
    Go left and you'll fight a bunch of Great Armors. If you have 
    any fire magic means,you can burn down the vine covered door 
    to open the passage up.This will lead to a Leather chair item for
    you to sit in and a 'Frenzy of Wind' material. 
    There is also a passage here that leads to a Damascus Steel and 
    a chest containing an HP Max up, plus another chair to sit in.
    If you cant enter past the vines though, come back when you 
    have a Fire spell on an I.D. 
    Forward you will find a transporter, so head back to the fork 
    and go into the gray part of the map down the long pathway. You 
    will find White Dragons along the walls and at the bottom there 
    is a door for you to go through. There will be a hallway with no 
    enemies in it, and if you have a Proboscis fairy an amusing 
    cut-scene will commence because it will push a button to reveal 
    a new area in order to get to the big square of gray. 
    Inside the big gray room you will find a chair and an Orichalcum 
    material. To the west of the gray room is a path leading to 
    an XS Potion. 
    Down the east passage is yet another chair and a Megingelos, 
    which will let you do more damage the lower your HP is. Groovy!
    Go back to where the button was and continue on. Eventually you'll
    come upon an unmarked door and passageway and it will have no music
    playing in it. It will, however, have Gaibons in it, and a chest
    containing a Spirit of Fuji, and a wall that you can break to reveal
    a passageway to the Abandoned Castle. Now, head back to the path 
    that is still gray and enter the mouth door. You will soon find a 
    save point and though the next door a cutscene.
    =Abandoned Castle Re-Visited
    After the cutscene, you will be taken to Abandoned Castle and your
    objective is a secret chamber. Run up the staircase before 
    you and enter the throne room to find a secret trap door is open. 
    A cut-scene and a battle will commence.
    Boss: Trevor Belmont
    He's a lot stronger than before and is throwing every trick the
    Belmont Handbook has at you. You'll want to stock up on potions 
    from Juilia . Yes its a walk but if you were like me and had zero
    potions,there just isn't any other way :p 
    Having good armor isn't a bad idea either. 
    I used a big weapon, a Tabar to do massive damage to him and 
    dodged whenever he put his damned invincible gold aura on, but
    if you have a War Hammer it can still hurt him anyway.
    Try to steal a Curry from him as well-- it is a great healing item.
    After the battle, watch the cutscene and then the game will
    =Infinite Corridor
    You are now in what is most certainly a very evil place. 
    Head along the linear path and you'll eventually come to a save 
    spot so don't fret too much. 
    After the save point, you'll have a choice of two paths 
    to take: right or left.
    Choose right and you'll have to defeat Blaze Masters and 
    Spirits to continue. 
    Choose left and you'll fight Undead Lords. 
    Both paths lead to the same place, so its your choice. 
    Further on you will encounter another series of linear paths that
    have Spirits and Unicorns in them. You'll eventually come to a room 
    with lots of ectoplasms. Keep going till you enter a room with a 
    big chair in the center of it, and two doors. One of the rooms is
    the transporter room for this map and the other leads to another 
    passageway but we want to sit in the chair first so we can get the
    chests above this platform. There is a Carbon Steel, Spirit of 
    Fuji, Dark Crystal, Holy Man's Vein, Forgotten Memory, Adamantine,
    Ceremonial Tool, and an Ether.   
    Sit on the chair now to return and go into the door that leads to
    another passageway. 
    You'll soon encounter a room with a giant crystal in the center of
    it and four doors-- the southern one is locked, so go east to find 
    a huge steel door that you need Brute Force lv2 in order to open,
    so you'll obviously need a Juggernaut since they are the only 
    I.D. who has that skill. 
    There is a save point here, and Undead Soldiers and Undead Knights
    will start waving you, so just kill em to proceed. Take the left 
    door to reach a Lightning Stone. Take the right door to find a 
    good leveling spot, as hundreds of Undead Knights will keep
    spawning (this is a good point for fast-leveling and crystal
    harvesting, btw so mark this room)
    Past them you'll find an area of Anduscias, and then a Phlogiston. 
    Now fight your way through hoards of spawning enemies, then head 
    back to the main room with the giant crystal.
    Go west to find a room with a Gi-Li and Ectoplasms. Use your Bird
    I.D. to use 'Long Glide' to get over to the other side of the wall
    and go through the door. The gate will close behind you but there 
    is a save to your right. Back in the main area, you'll fight a mob 
    of Blaze Phantoms. Head right to fight Ectoplasms and at the end of
    the corridor you'll find a money bag. Now go back to the main room
    to go the other way. You'll find a Void Ring there which protects
    against Dark-- which is useful in the upcoming battles.
    Back in the room with the giant crystal again, kill the
    Thunder Dragons to open the gate and enter the door to the south. 
    Defeat the Spectral Swords and Ectoplasms, then continue on till 
    you find a room with Giant Skulls blocking you from passing. Use 
    your Time Stop magic from your Mage I.D. and then destroy the 
    skulls to reach the door. Otherwise, the skulls will keep 
    Once past this easy puzzle,continue killing enemies and passing
    rooms till you reach the save point and a boss room. 
    BOSS: Dullahan
    He will start the battle by jumping and when he lands, he causes a
    sonic boom, so you need to jump when he does. However, when he
    jumps is also when you can steal from him, so you will want to 
    be close to him anyway to do that, but its very hard to do this
    UNLESS you do it the second you enter the room, so immediately 
    run toward him and jump to steal from him to get the Purple Glitter.
    He can also raise his sword into the air and then spin around 
    blasting demon energy stuff so hit him with jump attacks when 
    he does that. He also has a really nasty attack when he holds 
    his sword blade toward the ground and charges it. Run like hell, 
    cause hes about to create a hurricane of energy around himself 
    and it hurts a lot, and curses you too.  
    =Aqueduct Re-visited
    Once Dullahan is defeated, you'll be taken to Mortvia Aqueduct. 
    You can now return to the previous room  I told you to mark that
    (the one that just had a potion in it, and a lot of water)
    to find a new passageway with items such as Aquamarine, a chair, 
    and a Dark Matter. Also, revisit the boss room to grab a chest 
    containing an Angel Halo, as the water is all 
    gone now.
    You can also explore various other places that had water to get
    new items. See the 'Extra Section'.
    Anyway, when your ready, save your game and then go to the path 
    immediately in front of the transporter that use to be 
    underwater.  Head down the pathway You'll get a cutscene here 
    and then enter Dracula's Castle by using your Battle I.D.'s
    Brute Force.
    =Dracula's Castle
    The path is very linear here, so just keep going forward and killing
    enemies. Eventually you'll come to a circle room that has a door 
    and a pathway from it with another door. 
    Take the north door to reach some Spirits and a chair. You can
    also break the wall here to receive a Medusa ring. Now
    go back to the previous room.
    Take the east door to enter the castle and you'll come to two more
    Take the one directly ahead of you to fight Frost Demons. 
    You'll come to another room with two doors-- take the bottom one,
    as the left one just takes you back to the previous room you
    originally came from. Anyway, you'll have two more doors in 
    this hallway and you should take the bottom one to fight some
    Armored Sprinters and Frost Demons. 
    Go up the stairs into a dungeon-like area and you'll find the
    save point. 
    Go through the door, kill the Undead Lords and continue through
    this dungeon area till you encounter Flame Demons.
    Kill them and continue along the linear path until you reach a
    room with Vassagos and a grate that you can use Magic Circle to 
    go under. However, before you go, there is a door in this pathway
    that leads to a path full of Vassagos and another room that
    leads to a stairwell. Defeat all the skeletons in the next
    two rooms and you'll find a Miracle Egg and another chair
    that is the Throne of Bones.
    Go under the grate with magic circle and you will find rooms with 
    Efreets, then Jins, then soon you'll find another save point.
    The next room has Zombies in it and a little later on you'll find
    Ghouls. In the room with the Ghouls, go up the stairs to fight yet
    more Ghouls, and then some Assasin Zombies, but soon you'll find
    yourself facing a bunch of Red ogres and a Cyclops. 
    Go up the stairs to fight some Death Rippers and after another 
    battle you'll be at a save point again. Continue on to enter
    another floor and face Amduscias and Harpies for several rooms,
    then some Iron Gladiators, then Final Guards. 
    Several more rooms of battles and you will reach a mysterious 
    blue light that will heal you. Sweet. A couple more rooms of
    enemies and you'll come to a room with a mysterious mist emanating
    from the bottom of a wall. 
    Use Magic Circle and you'll enter a secret chamber with a Green 
    This is the secret I.D., the Pumpkin I.D. but you'll need the
    Pumpkin Mace to awaken it. 
    How do you get the Pumpkin Mace?
    You'll have to combine a 'Piko Piko Hammer' with a Pumpkin Head 
    helm. (If you played Lament of Innocence, Pumpkin was one of
    the secret characters you could play as)
    The Piko Piko Hammer is created from:
    --Miracle Egg
    The Pumpkin Head  is created from:
    --Iron Mask 
    --Miracle Egg
    Miracle Eggs are dropped by Evil Cores, which can be found right 
    before the secret boss Legion in Garibaldi Temple (See 'Extra'
    Section' for details) Gold Bones also drop it, but it is
    difficult to get to him.
    As for the Iron Mask, you need:
    --1 Face Guard*
    --1 Red Steel
    *To make the Face Guard:
    --1 Stone Mask*
    --1 Gano
    *To make the Stone Mask:
    --1 Jade (dropped by Assasin Zombie, super rare to get)
    --1 Sun Tears (dropped by Flame Demon, another super-rare drop)
    Thus, it is a pain to get this secret I.D. who honestly isnt
    all that useful.
    Anyway, back to the regular path, you will go through several rooms
    and reach a room where tons of Thiefs spawn. Past this room is a 
    teleporter, and further on is a save point. 
    At this point, your about to face the end of the game. You might
    want to do some major power-leveling OR re-stock on potions, as
    you'll be fighting several battles in succession. 
    When your ready, pass the next door to find the familiar long
    balcony that leads to Dracula's throne room. 
    Enter it for a cutscene.
    BOSS: Isaac Lv.50
    He's got an uber sword this time and can summon several I.D.s of
    his own When he summons them, you'll have to kill his I.D.s in order
    to take his life bar down-- unless you have a War Hammer,as it 
    is capable of busting through all blocks. 
    Don't bother stealing from him unless you feel like you need more
    heal items for the next battles, as all he has is 'Cheese'. 
    He'll summon a Bird, then a Battle, then a Knight. Neither of them
    are very difficult. 
    After this battle is over, a cutscene commences then another 
    battle will begin.
    BOSS: Death Lv.51
    Just run up to him and strike him with the War Hammer, which will
    prevent him from blocking.
    When he charges the fireball for his 'Big Bang' attack, you'll
    want to try to steal a'Death's Pulse' from him in order to make 
    an uber weapon, 'Death's Scythe'.
    You'll only be able to do this with an Invincibility Pot from a 
    Fairy though, and its tough because the window doesn't always
    If you don't get it and really want Death's Scythe,restart your
    game and try again if you accidentally kill him without getting
    his pulse. 
    After the battle, go through the door to find a save
    point, then ascend the stairs to enter the final boss door 
    for a cutscene.
    BOSS: Dracula
    He has a nasty attack where he grabs you and bites. 
    However, if you have a Twinkle Rod mage, just cast Twinkle Star 
    on him to do massive damage (1,200+ points at least). Two blows 
    of it and he will change form :p
    Be sure to run over and sit in his throne to get the final chair
    for your room.
    BOSS: Dracula (final form)
    Dodge his massive beam by jumping over it, and then when he comes
    up hit him with the War Hammer again. He might also run 
    back and throw a wave at you, so jump over it as well. 
    He will then rush forward and try to grab you in his hands, and
    don't let him do it, as he takes away about 300 HP with this
    You can also spam Twinkle Star until he's dead :p
    Congratulations, you beat the game. Enjoy the cutscene ending, 
    which hints at what the next game will be: the pre-quel 
    to Aria of Sorrow I'm guessing. (At least we can be 110%
    Alucard will be in that one :p)
    You will also probally unlock Trevor Mode and the Rush Modes,
    so if you haven't had enough of this game yet, you can replay
    them another way.
    ====EXTRA STUFF===
    =Money-Making Tactics
    In all honesty, there isn't much use for money in 
    this game aside from 'Gold Heal', but heres a few means of getting
    it besides the usual 'destroy every torch you see' strategy :p 
    I personally think the best way to make money is to sell 
    your Demon Shards. The majority of the Shards you get will be
    gained when your I.D.s are all below lv30, and frankly it's not
    worth juggling multiple I.D.s and making sure they are all leveled.
    Sell the lower lv ones and only use the ones from monsters that 
    are lv40+, so that when they begin with a bonus they will be able 
    to become buff as hell :p 
    With a lot of the lower-power weapons, you will be able to get 
    the materials to make them quite easily and have more than you 
    can carry. You can just use those materials to make the low weapons
     and then sell them at Julia's shop.
    The Bird I.D. Goldfinch also makes enemies turn into $1 coins every
    now and then, so you could also use one of them if your really
    desperate for cash :p
    =Raising Uber Innocent Devils
    The best time to do this is at the end of the game. Once your I.D.
    are above lv40, they will have some pretty good stats. So when 
    they make shards, the monsters will start out with a stat bonus.
    I'm not sure on the exact formula, but the bonus seems to be a 
    % of the stats of the monster that made the shard. To manipulate
    growth, you'll want to get a specific I.D. of a specific path 
    that has a growth bonus for the stats you want. 
    For example, if you wanted to make a Fairy with +100 atk for
    some peculiar reason, you'd want to keep making Hornet fairies
    and taking the shards to make more Hornet fairies so that
    the attk rating of the new faries will be higher than normal.
    Something many people don't seem to grasp is that the little growth
    chart icon for a heart is indeed what shows how big the heart bar
    (ie the I.D.'s HP) will be. So basically, the Heart icon = I.D. HP
    level ^^
    If you abuse the hell out of this knowledge, you can make some 
    practically invincible I.D.....if you have the extra time to spare
    that is. This is because I.D. do not give a shard at a lower 
    lv than the one they were created from.
    This means if you make a monster from a Lv.60 shard, you might 
    have to wait till that monster becomes lv63 to get another. As this
    is very tedious, it's only recommended if want to be like me,
    and beat the holy hell out of the last bosses without breaking
    a sweat on your first playthrough, heh :p
    (Since so many people have asked about this...
    Even at lv99 they will produce shards. The game explains that after
    killing a certain amount of enemies. So even if you use lv99 shard,
    once that I.D. becomes lv99, it will start counting kills and
    producing shards.)
    Also worth of note, the more generations a monster is, the large
    the Stat bonus will be that they will give to you. 
    So if you want tons of Luck, make crap loads of Fairies. 
    If you want tons of Strength, make tons of Battles, etc
    If you still dont get it, a 5th generation Battle
    gives more Strength than a 1st Generation Battle will, even
    if they are the same level!
    As for the "best overall" particular types of each I.D. 
    (and how to properly build them) this is my opinion:
    +-BATTLE I.D.
    Best Battle is a Corpsey, hands down, because of Bone Storm 
    which does good damage constantly AND knocks almost everything 
    down. He also has a combo attack with his sword and if his 
    AGI and STR is high he will rip mobs to shreds. You can probably 
    kill nearly every boss with just a 1st Generation Corpsey spamming
    Bone Storm, at least until Dracula's Castle anyway. And even then
    that 1st Generation will pwnz, but he'd be even better after a 
    few Generations of Juggernauts to raise his Hearts, ATTK and DEF 
    If you wanted to be super cheap however, after a few Generations
    of Juggernauts make a few generations of Speed mails and his 
    AGL will be as high as the Bird types ^^
    +-MAGE I.D.
    Best Mage type is hard to pin-point, as several of them have
    some good traits about them. 
    A 'Twinkle Rod'has 'Twinkle Star' which is a Holy attack that does
    about 1,000+ points of damage, but consumes 40 hearts.
    A Nautilus Rod has Purify, which lets it instantly kill the
    Blood skeletons and will allow you to access a room containing a 
    HP Up item. After making one of them, you should probally
    raise it to become an Embryo Rod, as their Demonic Disaster
    is a strong attack. 
    Also, Crystal Rod has Meteo, which is faster casting and does 
    about 700-800 damage to a mob.
    Goat Head has a spell that you need to run around with him
    for several hours to get (it says one hour but its realistically
    more like 2-3 hours) called Salamander but its honestly not
    worth the effort involved to get it. It's basically FireBird,
    only slightly more accurate, and therefore it's worthless
    compared to the more powerful attacks mages have available
    to them.
    As for growing their stats, Scissor Rod has the best Heart bonus
    and Talon Rod has the best magic bonus. Luckily, both of
    these paths are the very first two available for a mage to grow
    into, so you can maximize the stat bonus! 
    +-FAIRY I.D.
    Best Fairy is a Tiramisu but you need to raise it a certain way. 
    First, make a bunch of Leaffle-->>Killer Bee fairies to raise 
    their Heart levels up because Fairies begin with very 
    weak amount of life which makes them unable to use their Heal 
    spells, often as they run out of hearts pretty fast using 
    Heal spells. 
    After doing this several generations, make a Herbest, then a 
    Killer Bee and then finally a Tiramisu. 
    This will give you Heal lV1-3 plus Curse Breaker and
    Antidote. You'll also have the Invincible pot and Gold Heal.
    She also has Decipher, which will let you read
    all the weird writing hidden everywhere that gives you hints 
    about stuff.
    Now, if you'd like to make the Tower of Evermore easier,be sure 
    to learn Healing Field from a Honey Bee, which you need 
    to get a Proboscis Fairy anyway so you can complete all the maps,
    as he can press a button in the ruins to reveal some neat treasures.
    +-BIRD I.D.
    Best Bird is anything on the right path. Seriously.
    However, build them up a few generations of Khaos to raise the
    ATK drastically, then make some generations of Goldfinch to make 
    the AGL and Hearts skyrocket. 
    The left side seems to exist only to make the right side birds 
    stronger, since the left is pretty much all Dark type attacks-- 
    and Victor and Nuculais (besides the ghostly Dead Fencer forms) 
    are the only things in this bloody game that have a weakness to 
    Dark attacks, while tons of other stuff are strong against Dark. 
    On the right side, we have Crimson and Indigo,who are the final
    forms you should want when all the stat building is said or done:
    whichever is better is up to whether you prefer Ignition Blow 
    (a strong fire attack, and many things have a weakness against Fire)
    or Blizzard Breath (which isn't as strong BUT will freeze most 
    enemies so they can't fight back). Your choice.
    Crimson is best Vs. the last couple bosses, though. Crimson also
    has the highest magic growth, and magic increases the
    damage of breath attacks.
    The Skull Wing's Carpet Bomb is also a good, cheap
    attack for clearing out mobs of enemies.
    (One word about the Phoenix: he is lame! In CoD, he is the
    obligatory 'cool looking thing that actually sucks' which is
    found in every video game nowadays. His 'FireBird' attack is 
    pathetically weak (even against stuff that is weak Vs Fire!)
    and rarely ever hits anything, and though he does has a very 
    strong attack called 'Big Bang', it kills him when he uses it,
    and thats very retarded. The only nice thing about him is that 
    his stat growth is well rounded, but thats it.So unless you 
    like a gimped bird that is only useful for kamikazing himself,
    don't bother with making a Phoenix. I don't know why hes even 
    in the game. Honestly, even the Phoenix knows he sucks-- thats 
    probably why he even wants to kill himself in the first place.)
    +-DEVIL I.D.
    The Devil seems to exist just to be a plot device. 
    The only thing it is good for is the Magic Circle ability to enter
    certain areas, since it's special attacks drain energy fast, 
    only affect enemies on the ground, and are useless against bosses.
    His Exploding M.Circle might be useful in the Tower of Evermore 
    against the high lv75 Red ogres, but thats about it.
    If you still want to build him though, only power level him
    when he is a 'The End', as his atk bonus will spike up in this form,
    and the only thing he can do well is attack enemies quickly.
    The Best Devil is obviously The End, but you'll need to 
    make the 'Chauve-souris' spear in order to get it to grow into that
    form, because you must kill 100 enemies using it to get past
    Brow stage. 
    (It says "???", because this is the secret requirement)
    How to make a Chauve-souris:
    -Versatile Spear
    -Devil's Vein (Steal it from Isaac the first time you fight him OR
    get one in a chest near end of  the game: See below)
    -Dark Crystal (Steal from Evil Core near Legion boss room: 
    See below)
    Chances are you'll want to know how to make a Versatile Spear 
    and Trident too :p
    How to make a Versatile Spear:
    -Ether (Steal from Lizard Shaman)
    -Phlogiston (Steal from Flame Demons-- hit X and Square 
    at the same time to do a kick into the air then spam O, 
    this is -extremely- hard to time right, damn you Iga :p)
    How to make a Trident:
    -Ether (Steal from Lizard Shaman)
    -Aquaramine (Steal from Fishmen)
    +-PUMPKIN I.D.
    Pumpkin doesn't seem to matter, as it's kind of just a 
    joke I.D. but then again I haven't played with em too much. 
    =The "Extra" Devil's Vein
    After Dracula's Castle rises out of the water, many places you
    visited will have changed. One of these places is near the 
    Aqueduct entrance of the Forest of Jigramunt. Remember the area
    I told you to mark on your map when you first came here? 
    Revisit it now to find another chair (a toilet) and a chest
    containing a Devil's Vein. You'll need it if you didn't steal it
    from Issac the first time, otherwise you cant make the 
    Chauve-souris you need to raise your Devil type I.D. (see above)
    After Dracula's Castle rises, you can get past the waterfall 
    that was in the mountains. You'll come to a potion where the 
    lake was, and a door. Past the door is thieves and spirits, 
    and then a door will lead you to an XS Potion. Another door 
    has a Dark Crystal, and another has a chair and Dragon Scale 
    in it. Thats pretty much it :p
    =End of Game Quick Level up, Insanely Fast Evolution Crystals 
    Gathering and Secret Boss 'Legion'
    The best time to do this is after you have ran through Dracula's
    Castle BUT before you go to fight Isaac. You could probably do this 
    stuff before going through Dracula's castle though if you really 
    wanted to though. 
    Head to Garibaldi Temple to enter an area you can only access using
    the I.D. Devil 'Magic Circle' skill. Go there and look at your map
    on the 1st Floor. 
    You will see a cross-shaped series of rooms where the Fenrirs and
    Dead Fencers appear. The room on the bottom left of the screen has
    a fence with holes under it,and thats where we will enter via 
    Magic Circle. The first room will have a chair in it, and the 
    next will have a staircase going down. Grab the Ether first though.
    Down the staircase will lead you to a catacomb with tons of 
    low lv skeletons in it. But they aren't the reason we are here :p 
    Further down, there is Lv75 Blood Skeletons here and if you have a 
    Nautilus Rod Mage I.D. with Purify, he will instantly 
    kill them without any effort on your part, but you wont get exp for
    Anyway, the next room has what we are looking for-- a save point 
    and Evil Cores which you can easily steal Dark Crystals from.
    Killing the Cores will also net you a lot of exp, as they are 
    all lv42 and dont put up much resistance.
    You need Dark Crystals to make Issac's spear, Chauve-souris, which 
    is needed to fully evolve your Devil I.D. into 'The End',and to 
    make a variety of other cool stuff too. 
    The drop from Evil Cores are Miracle Eggs, which you also need to
    make some uber weapons, and the Pumpkin Mace needed to get the 
    Pumpkin I.D. in Dracula's Castle.
    Unfortunately, the eggs are an insanely rare drop so you'll 
    probably kill thousands of them before you get a single 
    Miracle Egg.
    At the base of this hallway is the secret boss 'Legion'.I don't 
    recommend fighting him until you've got yourself leveled up to
    the point you believe you're at least Lv.55, as he and the other
    boss right after him are pretty tough :p
    Anyway, the Evil Cores are all Lv.42 and die quickly, so its all
    good. If you want to lv up your I.D.'s really, really fast, put
    on the Brooch of Bonds so all your exp goes directly to the I.D. 
    Other than this spot, theres only two other places
    you can get good fast leveling. 
    One of them is the room in the Infinite Corridor that you needed
    Brute Force lv2 in order to access, near the room with the giant
    crystal. Since hundreds of Bone Knights and Lords spawn right in
    front of the save point, you can quickly lv both Hector and his 
    I.D.s up very fast him, and gather tons of crystals.
    How fast is gathering here? 
    Well, you'll average about 40-50 crystals per room spawn,and the
    skeletons all die in a few blows. 
    You'll find yourself beefing your party up in no time. 
    I got Hector to lv 99 in here ^^
    =Secret Boss 'Legion'
    Legion is the same boss that he was in SOTN. He has a bunch 
    of bodies that die in one shot. Run to the top of the stairs and
    use a flying I.D. to kill all the bodies protecting his core. 
    Best to use the Devil type I.D. for this task. Try hard to 
    not be hit by any of the kamikaze bodies running at you, as 
    they hurt really bad. When your up the stairs, hack the outer 
    parts of the core while standing on the ledge (you wont fall off,
    thank god) and it will fall down a level as each piece comes off.
    Keep doing this until it has no pieces left, and your ID will
    more than likely finish it off by this point by itself. 
    When Legion is dead, this is done the 'real' boss appears,
    who is called 'Nuculais' and he looks sort of like a 
    Starman from Earthbound. Anyway...he hits hard, so don't 
    let him touch ya :p He has a grab attack though and it does
    massive damage, so beware. He also summons corpses and tosses them
    at you, which hurts a lot. 
    He can turn into mud to teleport around, and he can 
    fire lasers from his mouth, but neither of these attacks 
    are very difficult to dodge if you just roll around 
    like a ninja.
    Try to let your Battle I.D. duke it out with him as much as you can,
    since he will focus almost entirely on your battle while he's out
    and you can focus on dodging. When he's almost dead, he will 
    reach down into the ground to pull out a corpse and devour it, 
    and this is the only time thats safe enough to get near him to 
    hit him with your baddest weapon. 
    He will then grow massively big and try to step on you. He will
    also jump to make a seismic wave, so when you see him jump, you 
    need to as well. 
    The secret to beating him is to having your Battle I.D.fight him 
    as long as you can, then follow up with your Mage using 
    your best magic (preferably Shadow, as he is strong Vs Holy), 
    and then your Bird using any other powerful attack it has. You 
    also need to roll almost the entire time in order to dodge the
    attacks of the starman. Do this, and you should beat him using 
    only a few heal items. 
    If curious, this was my setup when I beat him:
    Lv55 Hector
    Bastard Sword
    Crest Helm
    Cuirassiar Armor
    Boiling Ring 
    Sixth Sense Brooch
    1. First used Lv45 Brow to attack the Legion,
    2. Then used a lv51 Corpsey to repeatedly Bone Storm 
    him until Corpsey was dead.
    3. Then used a Lv48 Embryo Rod to Lightning Strike 
    until the I.D. was dead.
    4. Then used a Lv48 Crimson to barrage him with 
    Ignition Blow until the boss died :p
    They were all 1st Generation I.D. too, so he's not THAT tough,
    =Tower of Eternity and Tower of Evermore
    The other good leveling place is the secret Towers. 
    These are areas that only become available when Dracula's Castle 
    comes out of the water. The enemies in the first tower are a 
    cakewalk, but the enemies in the second tower are extremely high 
    lv. Make sure you bring a Magical Ticket or something, as there 
    is no way to leave once you enter. Also, you will need to bring a 
    Bird I.D. with Long Glide to even get to the second Tower, so 
    don't bother coming unless you bring one with you. 
    The first Tower is located in the Forest of Jigramunt. It's 
    in the area where there use to be a big cavern right next to a 
    save point. If you didn't go there, then just head north from the 
    transporter room, take the first east, east again, then north 
    and you'll come to the save point. 
    Beyond here is the Tower of Eternity.
    1st Floor: Lv.1 Skeletons.
    2nd Floor: Lv.5 Zombies.
    3rd Floor. Lv.18 Bone Soldiers
    4th Floor: Lv.14 Orcs
    5th Floor: Potion and Magical Ticket.
    6th Floor: Lv15 Armored Knight.
    7th Floor:Lv.11 Ghosts
    8th Floor: Lv.8 Cyclops
    9th Floor: Lv.10 Fenrir
    10th Floor: Potion
    11th Floor: Lv.9 Skeleton
    12th Floor: Lv.5 Skeleton Blaze
    13th Floor: Lv.8 Wizard
    14th Floor: Lv.15 Mermen and Lv.16 Fishmen
    15th Floor: Potion
    16th Floor: Lv. 15 Phantom Sword and Spectral Sword
    17th Floor: Lv.6 Cockatrice
    18th Floor: Lv.7 Fleaman
    19th Floor: Lv.11 Efreet
    20th Floor: Potion
    21st Floor: Lv.9 Skeletons
    22nd Floor: Lv.23 Lizardmen
    23rd Floor: Lv.19 Spirits
    24th Floor:Lv.31 Dead Baron and Dead Fencers
    25th Floor: Potion
    26th Floor:Lv.23 Lesser Demons
    27th Floor: Lv.14 Slogras
    28th Floor: Lv.17 Gaibons
    29th Floor: Lv.26 Skeletons Riders
    30th Floor:  Potion
    31st Floor: Lv.9 Skeletons
    32nd Floor: Lv.32 Spirits
    33nd Floor: Lv.14 Blaze Masters
    34th Floor: Lv.24 Assasin Zombie 
    35th Floor: Potion
    36th Floor: Lv.25 Vassago 
    37th Floor: Lv.25 Red Ogres
    38th Floor: Lv.21 Thiefs
    39th Floor: Lv.24 Sniper Orcs
    40th Floor: Potion
    41st Floor: Lv.9 Skeletons
    42nd Floor: Lv.23 Basilisks
    43rd Floor: Lv.23 Wolf Skeletons
    44th Floor:Lv.25 Great Armors
    45th Floor: Potion
    46th Floor: Lv.31 Flame Demons
    47th Floor: Lv.27 Thunder Demons
    48th Floor: Lv.29 Frost Demons
    49th Floor: Lv.26 Executioners
    50th Floor: Kit Bag: Increases the number of accessories 
    Now that your here, you can reach the other tower via 
    using Long Glide to jump off the tower toward the Moon.
    If you do it right, you'll land at the Tower of Evermore
    Now here is where the l33t monsters dwell ^^
    49th Floor: Lv.75 Red Ogres and Lv.40 Rapid Snipers
    48th Floor: Lv.43 Lesser Demons and Lv.40 Rapid Snipers
    47th Floor: Lv.46 Basilisks and Lv.43 Flame Demons 
    46th Floor: Lv.47 Iron Gladiators and lv46 Basilisks
    45th Floor: Lv32 Spirits, Iron Gladiators
    44th Floor: Lv.46 Great Armors
    43rd Floor: Lv.75 Red Ogres,  Lv.46 Great Armors
    42nd Floor: Lv.75 Red Ogre, Lv.75 Fleaman
    41st Floor: Lv.75 Fleaman, Lv.46 Great Armor
    40th Floor: High Potion, Thiefs
    39th Floor: Lv.44 Blaze Phantoms, Lv.38 White Dragons
    38th Floor: Lv.75 Final Guard, Lv.44 Blaze Phantoms
    37th Floor: Lv.45 Fishmen
    36th Floor: Lv.43 Lizard Shaman, Lv.75 Final Guard
    35th Floor: Lv.45 Skeleton Riders
    34th Floor: Lv.43 Lizard Shaman, Lv.43 Flame Demons
    33rd Floor: Lv.45 Efreet, Lv. 43 Flame Demons
    32nd Floor: Lv.32 Spirits, Blood Skeletons
    31st Floor: Blood Skeletons,  Lv. 75 Final Guards
    (defeat them with Purify to open the door fast)
    30th Floor: High Potion, Thieves, Death Ripper
    29th Floor: Lv.39 Frost Dragon, lv35 Mermen
    28th Floor: Lv.45 Jin, lv35 Mermen
    27th Floor: Lv.37 Executioner
    26th Floor: Lv.37 Executioner, Lv.38 Frost Demons,
    25th Floor: Lv.39 Frost Demons, Lv.44 Armored Sprinter
    24th Floor: Lv.44 Unicorns
    23rd Floor: Lv.37 Ectoplasms, Lv.44 Unicorns
    22nd Floor: Lv.75 Cyclops
    21st Floor:Lv.42 Dark Warlock, Lv.75 Cyclops
    20th Floor: High Potion, Lv.75 Fleamen, Lv.31 Gi-Li
    19th Floor: Lv.40 Thunder Dragon, Lv.44 Assasin Zombie
    18th Floor: Lv.44 Assasin Zombies
    17th Floor: Lv.44 Andruscias, Lv.43 Thunder Demon
    16th Floor:  Duke Mirage, Lv.44 Andruscias
    15th Floor: Lv.75 Ghoul, Duke Mirage
    14th Floor: Lv.44 Andruscias
    13th Floor: Lv.46 Basilisk, Lv.43 White Gravian
    12th Floor: Lv.43 White Gravian
    11th Floor: Lv.75 Ghoul, Lv.44 Assasin Zombie
    10th Floor: High Potionx2, Fleamen
    9th Floor: Lv.45 Slogra , Lv.45 Gaibon
    8th Floor: Lv. 75 Blood Skeletons, Lv.45 Slogra
    7th Floor: Lv.75 Blood Skeletons, Lv. 46 Cockatrice 
    6th Floor: Lv.46 Cockatrice, Lv.46 Harpies
    5th Floor: Lv. 46 Harpy, Lv.75 Red Ogre
    4th Floor: Lv.47 Iron Gladiator, Lv.75 Red Ogre
    3rd Floor: Lv. 75 Flea men
    2nd Floor: Vampire Blood
    1st Floor: Golden Bones, Lv.75 Flea men
    The last floor has the Golden Bones enemy, which has insanely 
    high HP but will always drop a Miracle Egg for you. 
    Break the wall here and exit to find yourself back in Garibaldi
    ==Material Gathering Information==
    Only important materials will be included
    Steal: Ceremonial Tools (knock them into the air)
    Rare Drop: Spirit of Fuiji
    Lesser Demon
    Steal: Spirit of Fuiji (when he does his spinning attack)
    Dead Fencer
    Drop:Knight's Vein
    Steal: Holy Man's Vein (when they charge at you)
    Bone Soldier
    Drop:Steel, Knight's Vein
    Iron Gladiators
    Steal:Damascus (when they spin their mace and smash it;
    stand directly in front of them to trigger this, or just
    set your Battle I.D. to guard and let them attack him
    until the window is red :p)
    Drop: Ancient Memory
    Steal: Aquamarine (when he does rolling attack)
    Dark Warlock
    Drop:Steel, Spirit of Fuiji
    Wolf Skeleton
    Drop:Indigo Steel, Potion
    Assassin Zombie
    Drop:Indigo Steel, Jade
    Red Ogre
    Drop: Indigo Steel
    Steal: Galtite (when he jumps)
    Great Armor
    Drop:Steel, Short Sword
    Steal: Carbon Steel (when they charge at you with shield)
    Skeleton Rider
    Drop: Dung
    Steal: Dragon Scale (jump into air to kill rider, then steal
    from dragon while it rampages around the room)
    Drop:White Steel
    White Gravial
    Drop: White Steel
    Lizard Shaman
    Drop:Indigo Steel
    Steal: Ether (when he starts to breathe in air for flame attack)
    Flame Demon
    Drop:Sun Tears
    Steal: Phlogiston (3 methods)
    method 1.use Bomb to knock into air, then steal;
    method 2: hold X+square at same time to do jumping kick, then
    spam circle;
    method 3: Use Battle I.D. Brute Force skill in
    a mob of them to knock several into the air then jump+steal
    Rapid Sniper
    Drop:Red Steel
    Drop: Forgotten Memory, Beelzebub's Seal
    Drop: Forgotten Memory, Angel Halo
    Final Guard
    Drop: Adamantine
    Evil Core
    Drop: Miracle Egg (extremely rare)
    Steal:Dark Crystal (attack them once then steal)

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