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    Fairy Type Innocent Devil FAQ by Hero_100_Fights

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    #--------------------CASTLEVANIA: CURSE OF DARKNESS---------------------------#
    version 1.0 (11/11/05)
    by Hero_100_Fights
     Table of Contents
      1) Introduction/Updates
      2) Fairy Type IDs
         I. Basic Info
         II. Fairy ID Names and Evolution Choices
      3) Fairy Type ID Skills
         I. Healing Skills
         II. Battle Skills
         III. Enhancement/Restorative Skills
         IV. Other Skills
      4) Contact Info
      5) Credits
      6) Legal Info
    This FAQ gives detailed info on every Fairy-Type Innocent Devil you can find 
    in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It covers both the PS2 and Xbox versions. 
    I've written it in essentially the format as my Battle-Type ID FAQ, so hope-
    fully once you read one ID FAQ the rest will be clear and easy to navigate.
    First version, hopefully complete, but feel free to e-mail with any problems.
    I.  Basic Info
    The Fairy is the first Innocent Devil you receive.  Fairies are primarily 
    healers, and generally have low Atk and Heart stats, but some evolution paths
    have abilities that allow them to be useful in battle for more than healing 
    or restoring Hector.  Until a battle skill is learned, Fairy IDs don't attack
    at all.  Unlike Battle IDs, some of the Fairy's "Final" forms have multiple
    paths leading to them, so make sure you consider which skills you want the
    fully-evolved Fairy to have and take the right path.  In the descriptions of
    each "Final" I'll give my opinion on the best path to take.  Fairy IDs also
    have many skills that are automatic, so you don't have to press a button to
    activate them, and some of these skills are required to get full map %.
    All of the Fairy Type IDs look extremely similar in game (unless you have a
    gigantic TV, maybe) and bob around Hector's head.  Since it's hard to tell
    by looking, if you have multiple Fairy IDs with you make sure you know their
    skills well, because having the wrong Fairy equipped and using the wrong skill
    in a hectic battle can take up loads of hearts for nothing.  It's also REALLY
    annoying when you're immersed in battle and use Heal 3 or 4 when you only 
    needed a small amount of HP.  In order to stop wasting hearts, whenever I use
    a healing spell I always put the cursor back on the lowest cost Heal and only
    move it when neccessary.  It's just a tip, some people probably aren't as
    clumsy/careless as I am, but using 10 hearts by accident is a lot better than
    using 20 or 50.
    Fairy IDs have only two modes: Command, and Auto.  I rarely if ever use Auto
    because the AI likes to spend hearts healing you when you don't need it, but
    in a room mobbed with enemies Auto mode can come in handy and let you focus
    on the action. 
    Evolving IDs: the game gives a pretty clear explanation for evolving IDs,
    so my guide assumes you know how.  If you don't, look in the "Tips" section
    of your status screen.
    Tier System: After every ID name I will put a number that corresponds to the
    IDs "level" on the chart, so Infant Fairy is "Tier 1," the lowest level of the
    chart, and Infant Fairy's evolution options are "Tier 2", the next level on 
    the charts.  Final evolutions that cannot evolve any more will be Tier "F-#"
    with the "#" standing for the chart level, although all Fairy Finals will be
    Tier F-4.
    II.  Fairy ID Names and Evolution Choices
    *Skill details are in the next section*
    TIER: 1
    Infant Fairy is the first form for all Fairy Type IDs.  Infant Fairy is a grey,
    androgynous looking creature, with grey wings and a thick pink "tail" as their
    crystal (all the IDs have crystals).  Unlike Battle and Bird Type IDs, all
    Fairy IDs have their crystal in the exact same location and form, from Infant
    Fairy to the Final Evolutions.  Infant Fairy comes with two extremely useful
    innate skills, Unlock (which allows Hector to open chests), and Heal Lvl. 1.
       SKILLS: Unlock, Heal Lvl. 1
       Infant Fairy-->Leaffle= 40 Sword/Knuckle crystals
       Infant Fairy-->Herbest= 40 Axe/Spear/Special crystals
    TIER: 2
    Leaffle looks like a small boy fairy with a green coat and green pants, and
    wears a hat made from a small leaf.  Leaffle is the the first Fairy ID with a
    battle skill, "Poison Powder," and its healing skill is a lot more cost-
    effective than Heal Lvl. 1. Unless you need HP right away, "Time Heal" is far
       SKILLS: Time Heal, Poison Powder
       Leaffle-->Killer Bee= 70 Sword/Spear crystals
       Leaffle-->Honey Bee= 70 Axe/Knuckle/Special crystals
    TIER: 2
    The other form of Fairy that evolves from the Infant Fairy, Herbest looks
    almost exactly like Leaffle, sporting the same green pants and wearing a leaf
    hat.  The only difference is that Herbest has a brown coat instead of green.
    Leaffle has much better skills and evolution options, but if you want the
    Comet Star Fairy (a Final Evolution) you must take Herbest's path up the right
    side of the chart.  Although Leaffle has better skills, Herbest is by no means
    terrible, but since the Fairy evolution charts allows both Tier 2 Fairies to
    end up as the middle two Final Evolutions (the other two Final's require one
    or the other), I recommend Leaffle over Herbest if you have the option.  If
    you're an obsessive completist like I am and intend to have every Final ID,
    you should still choose Leaffle over Herbest for three out of the four Finals,
    though I'm sure some people would disagree.
       SKILLS: Antidote, Heal Lvl. 2
       Herbest-->Killer Bee= 70 Sword/Spear crystals
       Herbest-->Hornet= 70 Axe/Knuckle/Special crystals
    TIER: 3
    The Tier 3 Fairies all have insect-like eyes, and also feelers on top of their
    heads, and wear the same pants and have the same coat.  All of the Tier 3 
    Fairies look almost identical, differentiated only by their color scheme.
    Killer Bee has purple eyes, hair, and pants, and wears a green coat.  Killer
    Bee is smack in the middle of the Fairy Evolution Chart, and can evolve
    into either of the middle Final Forms (Tiramisu and Tiara), which is why
    Leaffle and Herbest can both end up in those forms (since both can evole into
    Killer Bee).  Killer Bee has good skills, and is definitely the most well-
    rounded Tier 3 Fairy, but not neccessarily the best.  Curse Breaker is great
    on the rare occasion that you get cursed, and Heal Lvl. 3 costs a lot, but
    heals 100 HP instantly, so it's great for healing during boss fights.
       SKILLS: Heal Lvl. 3, Curse Breaker
       Killer Bee-->Tiramisu(Final)= 90 Axe/Special crystals
       Killer Bee-->Tiara(Final= 90 Sword/Spear/Knuckle crystals 
    TIER: 3
    Honey Bee has the same insect look as Killer Bee.  Honey Bee's coat is yellow,
    and his pants are a lighter shade of purple than Killer Bee.  Only Leaffle can
    evolve into Honey Bee, and only Honey Bee can become a Proboscis Fairy Final.
    Honey Bee's downside is that he only has one skill, but luckily it happens to
    be AWESOME.  Healing Field costs a third of Heal Lvl. 3 for approximately the
    same amount of HP.  Unfortunately it's useless during a battle, but after
    clearing a room full of enemies Healing Field is a godsend.  Honey Bee is the
    only Fairy that can evole into the Proboscis Fairy, who is necessary to unlock
    certain parts of the map.  Honey Bee's lack of a second skill makes him about
    even with Killer Bee as far as all around usefullness, but personally I think
    Healing Field makes Honey Bee essential.  One of each is even better.
       SKILLS:Healing Field
       Honey Bee-->Tiramisu(Final)= 90 Sword/Axe/Knuckle/Spear crystals
       Honey Bee-->Proboscis Fairy(Final)= 90 Special crstals
    TIER: 3
    Hornet looks almost exactly like Honey Bee.  Hornet's shirt is a different
    shade of yellow, and his pants are sort of reddish-purple.  Hornet's hair is
    purple, though, while Honey Bee's is yellow, which would be the only way to
    tell them apart if Hornet wasn't so awful in comparison.  Hornet's Healing
    skill, Lucky Slot, is completely useless, and sometimes IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK.
    Lucky slot can heal tons of HP for really cheap, but if you screw up you get
    no HP.  Hornet does have some redeeming factors, though.  The Stone Breaker
    skill gets you out of the most annoying and most dangerous status ailment in
    the game, but stoning is rare enough to make this skill almost useless.  What
    makes Hornet different from any other Fairy is his stat growth: level ups 
    boost Atk like crazy, but other stats get tiny gains if any.  The Atk boost is
    completely useless for Hornet, since the path to get there has absolutely no
    battle skills, but once evolved into Comet Star (who can only evolve from
    Hornet), the reasons for the Atk boost become evident.  Honestly, the only
    reason to evolve into Hornet is to get a Comet Star.  If you evolve a Hornet
    into a Tiara instead of a Comet Star, you end up with the worst Fairy you
    could possibly make.
       SKILLS: Stone Breaker, Lucky Slot
       Hornet-->Comet Star(Final)= 90 Special/Knuckle crystals
       Hornet-->Tiara(Final)= 90 Sword/Spear/Axe crystals
    TIER: F-4
    Thankfully, the Tier 4 Fairies don't all look the same, especially the 
    Proboscis Fairy.  The Prosboscis Fairy looks, well...like a creepy old man
    with Fairy wings.  Definitely strange looking.  However, despite appearances
    the Proboscis Fairy is very useful.  His innate skill Press It and See is the
    only way to get to some parts of the Castle.  His first gained skill is the
    worst in the game, but maybe there is a hidden use for it I haven't found yet.
    The second skill is an area attack called Skull Bomb, which doesn't do a lot
    of damage, but covers a pretty wide area.  The drawback is that Hector will
    get hit too, unless he blocks when it explodes, which fortunately is easy.
    Even though his first three skills are on the verge of being worthless, the
    Proboscis Fairy gets 4 skills, more than any other ID, and the fourth skill
    makes Herbest, Killer Bee, and Hornet pretty much worthless.  Restore is an
    automatic skill that cures Hector of ANY status ailment.  The Proboscis Fairy
    also has amazing skills from the path leading to him, most notably Healing
       SKILLS: Press It and See, Just a Little, Skull Bomb, Restore
    TIER: F-4
    Tiramisu looks like a Fairy from an anime, a small, smiling girl with big
    sparkling blue eyes and white wings, wearing a reddish-pink tunic.  Tiramisu
    has good skills, and depending on what path you take to get to her she can be
    the best Fairy in the game.  If you have a Proboscis Fairy or plan to make one
    I would take say the best path is Infant Fairy to Leaffle to Killer Bee, you
    probably only need one fairy with Healing Field, and having Heal Lvl. 3 from
    Killer Bee gives you instant healing when you need immidiate HP.  Tiramisu's
    first skill is costly, but powerful: 5,000 gold gets you back to full HP. Her
    second skill is Decipher, which lets you read ancient writing.  It's not used
    till late in the game, but it's the only way to read the text.  Her third 
    skill is flat-out ridiculous.  Invincible Vase makes Hector invincible for 
    about 10 seconds, and will save your life in some boss fights.
       SKILLS: Gold Heal, Decipher, Invincible Vase
    TIER: F-4
    Tiara looks like she could be an anime character too.  She wears a blue and
    gold coat, and smiles excitedly.  Compared to the other Final Fairy IDs, she
    is pretty much worthless.  She only gets two skills, and they're both awful.
    Her Healing Drop skill is cheap, but worthless unless you're fighting a large
    group, and other Healing skills would be a lot more practical. Her other skill
    turns Hector invisible for a short time, which is only usefull if you're near
    dead and need to get to a save point without fighting, which should never
    happen if you have a Proboscis Fairy or Tiramisu to heal you.
       SKILLS: Healing Drop, Crystal Skull
    TIER: F-4
    Comet Star is a goofy looking girl with a pointy red hat and a red tunic with
    stars all over it.  Comet Star's first skill lets her attack opponents with
    little yellow stars she draws in the air, but she attacks so slow that most of
    the time she misses because the enemy moves.  Her second skill is what makes
    Comet Star worth it at all.  Lullaby is another battle skill that puts enemies
    to sleep, and has a pretty good area of effect as well.  When she activates
    Lullaby, you get a lot of time to hack up your opponents, but it's not a skill
    you can command her to use, so you just have to hope she'll do that instead of
    the lousy star attack.  Her last skill is Heal Lvl. 4, which costs a ton but
    can really help out when you need it.
       SKILLS: Twinkle Star, Lullaby, Heal Lvl. 4
    HEAL Lvl. 1:
    COST: 10
    CONDITIONS: Innate
    EFFECT: Heals 20 HP
    OPINION: Great early in the game, but pretty useless later, especially when
    compared to Time Heal or Healing Field.
    HEAL Lvl. 2:
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Herbest
    EFFECT: Heals 50 HP
    OPINION: For 14 less hearts, Time Heal will give you just as much HP.
    HEAL Lvl. 3:
    COST: 30
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Killer Bee
    EFFECT: Heals 100 HP
    OPINION: For 20 less hearts, Healing Field blows this out of the water.
    HEAL Lvl. 4:
    COST: 50
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Comet Star
    EFFECT: Heals 200 HP
    OPINION: Costly, but if you really need HP, better than using a High Potion.
    COST: 6
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Leaffle
    EFFECT: Heals approximately 50 HP gradually over a short period of time.
    OPINION: If you aren't in immediate danger of death, Time Heal eats everything
    except Healing Field for breakfast. The equivalent HEAL costs more than three
    times as much.
    COST: 10
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Honey Bee
    EFFECT: Creates a small circle that restores HP rapidly when Hector stands
    inside.  Can heal around 100 HP.
    OPINION: My favorite healing skill.  Essential if you plan to tackle the Tower
    of Evermore.  Clear a floor, then use Healing Field and you'll get three times
    more Healing to use.  10 hearts for 100 HP is ridiculous.
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Proboscis Fairy
    EFFECT: Heals 1 HP, then disappears from use for a brief time.
    OPINION: I have to be missing something about this, it can't possibly be as
    horrible as it seems.  If anyone knows anything about it, please e-mail me.
    COST: 6
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Tiara
    EFFECT: Causes enemies to drop healing spheres when hit for a brief period.
    OPINION: Each sphere heals 2 HP.  I see no use for this at all.
    COST: 10
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Hornet
    EFFECT: Play a slot machine to determine how much HP is healed.
    OPINIONS: Worthless, but maybe people who are good at it think it rules? I 
    never get anything, so I have no idea how much HP it gives back.  I know I
    would rather be sure my ten hearts were getting me some HP.
    COST: 6 + $5,000
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Tiramisu
    EFFECT: Pay the Fairy $5,000 gold for full HP.
    OPINION: For use in dire needs only, although money doesn't buy you much in
    this game.  It will come in handy for tough boss fights.
    COST: 0
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Leaffle
    EFFECTS: Fairy attacks enemies by poisoning them. Fairy does automatically,
    you can't control or command it.
    OPINION: This can help alot. It does barely any damage, but keeps enemies off
    you for a little while.  Be careful when you're trying to steal, though, a lot
    of enemies don't have a steal opportunity when poisoned.  It can get really
    annoying, so even if you're taking a beating trying to steal from an enemy,
    only bring the fairy out to heal then send it back.
    COST: 0
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Comet Star
    EFFECT: Comet Star draws stars in the air and shoots them at enemies. Fairy 
    does automatically, you can't control or command it.
    OPINION: Ultra-slow, and when it hits it does tiny damage. Hope for Lullaby
    COST: 0
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Comet Star
    EFFECT: Comet Star puts nearby enemies to sleep. Fairy 
    does automatically, you can't control or command it.
    OPINION: When it activates it gives you a huge advantage. The sleep actually
    lasts for a while, so concentrate on the tough enemies on at time.  Works
    wonders in the Towers if Comet Star can pull it off.
    COST: 10
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Proboscis Fairy
    EFFECT: Drops a bomb that damages anyone in range, including Hector.
    OPINION: Not much damage, but has good area of affect and it's easy to block.
    The fairy gives you a countdown.  I say you're better off saving the hearts
    for healing, but it can come in handy sometimes.
    COST: 5
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Herbest
    EFFECTS: Cures poison automatically. Not an activated skill.
    OPINION: Nice to have, but rarely used.  Not too important.
    COST: 5
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Hornet
    EFFECTS: Cures stoning automatically. Not an activated skill.
    OPINION: Nice to have, but rarely used.  Since there's no item to cure stone
    status, this ability is better than Antidote or Curse Breaker.
    COST: 5
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Killer Bee
    EFFECTS: Removes curse automatically. Not an activated skill.
    OPINION: Nice to have, but rarely used.  Not too important.
    COST: 5
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Proboscis Fairy
    EFFECTS: Cures all status ailments automatically. Not an activated skill.
    OPINION: An all in one protection for the same price? Awesome.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Tiara
    EFFECTS: Renders Hector invisible for a brief period of time.
    OPINION: Pretty much worthless.
    COST: 30
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Tiramisu
    EFFECTS: Renders Hector invincible for a brief period of time.
    OPINION: Not for frequent use, but it will save your life on bosses.
    COST: 0
    CONDITIONS: Innate
    EFFECTS: Allows Hector to open chests.
    OPINIONS: None needed.
    COST: 0
    CONDITIONS: Innate Skill for Proboscis Fairy
    EFFECTS: Fairy will press hard to reach buttons for you.
    OPINIONS: You need it to get the whole Castle.
    COST: 0
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain number of enemies with Tiramisu
    EFFECTS: Allows Hector to read ancient script.
    OPINION: Uh...cool.
    Feel free to contact me with any corrections/questions regarding Battle Type
    IDs or their skills.
    DO NOT CONTACT ME asking where to use each skill or for help when you're stuck
    I get enough spam in my mailbox as it is.
    My name on the message boards is Hero_100_Fights.
    E-mail me at: Micahlandsman@lycos.com
    5) Credits
    Thanks to all the people on the board who helped when I needed it.
    Thanks to my terrible insomnia, for "giving" me time to actually write this.
    Thanks to Konami for Castlevania, especially.  Never stop making them or I
    might get violent. Heh.
    6) Legal Info
    This FAQ is copyright 2005 by Micah Landsman.  It may not be used on any site
    other than Gamefaqs.com for any reason, unless specifically granted permission
    by myself.
    Any trademarks or copywritten characters are Copyright or Trademarks of Konami.

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