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    Bird Type Innocent Devil FAQ by Hero_100_Fights

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/14/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    #--------------------CASTLEVANIA: CURSE OF DARKNESS---------------------------#
    version 1.0 (11/14/05)
    by Hero_100_Fights
     Table of Contents
      1) Introduction/Updates
      2) Bird Type IDs
         I. Basic Info
         II. Bird ID Names and Evolution Choices
      3) Bird Type ID Skills
      4) Contact Info
      5) Credits
      6) Legal Info
    This FAQ gives detailed info on every Bird-Type Innocent Devil you can find 
    in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It covers both the PS2 and Xbox versions. 
    I've written it in essentially the format as my Battle-Type ID FAQ, so hope-
    fully once you read one ID FAQ the rest will be clear and easy to navigate.
    Hopefully in the next week I'll have all of my ID FAQs finished (except the 
    Pumpkin, which I have yet to find).
    First version, hopefully complete, but feel free to e-mail with any problems.
    I.  Basic Info
    The Bird Type Innocent Devil is a combat-oriented ID, and although they lack
    the sheer brute force and power of the Battle-Types, some of their abilities
    are incredibly effective.  Bird IDs, as with most types, have an ability that
    lets you access parts of the map the would be otherwise inaccessable. Bird IDs
    become available after defeating the boss in the Mortiva Aquaducts.
    Bird IDs have three modes: Command, Guard and Auto. As with most IDs, I find
    keeping them on Command mode the best way to use them.  In auto mode sometimes
    your ID uses abilities frivolously, and generally auto mode is a good way to
    waste hearts.  Unlike the Battle Type's guard mode, Bird IDs' guard mode has
    the ID guard himself against enemy attacks, and can sometimes be used to draw
    aerial opponents off of you, but gives no defense bonuses to you.  I only put
    my Bird in guard mode if he's low on hearts and I need to keep him alive (as
    opposed to just switching to another ID).
    Evolving IDs: the game gives a pretty clear explanation for evolving IDs,
    so my guide assumes you know how.  If you don't, look in the "Tips" section
    of your status screen.
    Tier System: After every ID name I will put a number that corresponds to the
    IDs "level" on the chart, so Crow is "Tier 1," the lowest level of the
    chart, and Crow's evolution options are "Tier 2", the next level on the charts.
    Final evolutions that cannot evolve any more will be Tier "F-#" with the "#" 
    standing for the chart level.
    II.  Bird ID Names and Evolution Choices
    *Skill details are in the next section*
    TIER: 1
    Crow is the starting level for all Bird IDs, and is pretty much useless until
    evolved.  Crow looks a lot like a real crow, but one that's half-dead and has
    little glowing crystals sticking out of it.  The Crow's innate skill, Glide,
    is necessary to advance after the aquaducts, but most secret area's requiring
    the Bird ID will need the upgraded "Long Glide" that the Wingosaurus ID (3rd
    tier, far right side) learns.
       SKILLS: Glide
       Crow-->Skull Wing= 40 Axe/Sword crystals
       Crow-->Goldfinch= 40 Knuckle/Spear/Special crystals
    TIER: 2
    The right side evolution of the Crow, the Skull Wing is a flying bird skeleton.
    Skull Wing has a couple highly usefull skills that are far better than most 
    Tier 2 ID skills, and cheap for the damage, too.  Skull Wing is also the only 
    Bird Type that can evolve into to a Phoenix, certainly the most unique Bird ID,
    if not the best.
       SKILLS: Carpet Bomb, Bone Shot
       Skull Wing-->Wingosaurus= 70 Sword/Axe crystals
       Skull Wing-->Phoenix(Final)= 90 Spear/Knuckle/Special crystals
    TIER: 2
    Crow's left side evolution, the Goldfinch falls short of the Skull Wing. It's
    only ability, Caltrops, is almost exactly the same as Carpet Bombs only less
    damaging.  Goldfinchs look like like long-necked, green feathered birds, and
    have one advantage: hitting enemies while goldfinch is quipped causes money to
    appear out of nowhere, although only $1 at a time.  In my opinion this hardly
    maked up for it's lack of a second skill. The jump from Goldfinch to it's
    evolved from of Khaos also makes almost no sense, especially visually.
       SKILLS: Caltrops
       Goldfinch-->Khaos= 70 Any Type crystals
    TIER: 3
    Wingosaurus is a long reptillian bird that is essential for getting both the
    entire map (due to it's Long Glide ability) and the two best Final Bird IDs.
    Other than Long Glide, Wingosaurus gets Deadly Absorb, which seems useful but
    more often than not ends up costing too many hearts and giving too little HP.
       SKILLS: Long Glide, Deadly Absorb
       Wingosaurus-->Crimson(Final)= 90 Sword/Axe/Special crystals
       Wingosaurus-->Indigo(Final= 90 Spear/Knuckle crystals 
    TIER: 3
    Coming from a normal looking bird like the Goldfinch, Khaos throws you off a
    little.  Khaos looks like a fleshy mass of heads jammed together in a ball with
    a sping for a tail and two tiny little bat wings that just out of its head like
    ears. Khaos has only one ability, which is extremely disappointing for a Tier
    3 ID, and although Sphere of Darkness can cause massive damage (especially to
    enemies weak against the dark attribute), it's slow startup and 15 heart cost
    make it pretty useless.  Khaos does get huge Atk increses, but it hardly makes
    up for the lack of abilities.  The Final Evolutions he can become also pale in
    comparison with the other Final Bird IDs.
       SKILLS:Sphere of Darkness.
       Khaos-->Gargoyle(Final)= 90 Axe/Special crystals
       Khaos-->Blagsdeth(Final)= 90 Sword/Spear/Knuckle crystals
    TIER: F-3
    Phoenix is a bird of legend, appearing in mythology as a bird of pure fire who
    cannot be killed.  The Phoenix ID looks the part, a regal looking bird of fire
    that leaves hot trails behind him in the air.  Unlike most Final Form IDs of
    any type, Phoenix has rounded stat growth, meaning he gains consistently on
    every level-up.  What makes the Phoenix totally unique however is his Big Bang
    ability, which lets the phoenix sacrifice his life to cause massive damage to
    every enemy in the room, usually wiping out all of your enemies.  Although this
    leaves your ID dead, it can be an absolute life-saver at points in the game.
    The Phoenix's other ability, Bird of Fire, causes the bird to super heat and
    swoop attack your enemies, and causes pretty good fire damage to anything it
       SKILLS: Big Bang, Fire Bird
    TIER: F-4
    The Blagsdeth and Gargoyle Final Evolutions look EXACTLY the same, except
    Blagsdeth is gold and Gargoyle is grey.  They both look like winged demon
    statues with spike shaped crystals for feet.  Unfortunately, they're both also
    terrible.  Blagsdeth is a pathetic Final Form with only one skill, and when you
    look at the path to him you realize you get a Final ID with only four skills.
    PATHETIC.  His skill isn't even particularly good, he just kicks an enemy with
    his spiky feet a few times for minor damage. 
       SKILLS: Beat Progress
    TIER: F-4
    Almost as terrible as it's gold twin, Gargoyle at least has two skills. The
    first skill is just a slightly less effective version of Blagsdeth's Beat
    Progress that at least costs less.  Force Cannon, Gargoyle's second skill, can
    be useful sometimes, but any of the other Final Form Bird IDs besides Blagsdeth
    still blow it out of the water.
       SKILLS: Conflict Fall, Force Cannon.
    TIER: F-4
    Crimson is a mini fire dragon, with a huge wingspan and red-scaled hide. His
    crystals line his spine and make for one cool looking Innocent Devil. Crimson
    and Indigo are both dragons, one for fire and one for ice.  Both are excellent
    forms to go for, as they will both have Long Glide from Wingosaurus and their
    skills, depending on whether you prefer fire or ice, are very good.
       SKILLS: Ignition Blow, Flame Breath
    TIER: F-4
    The Ice element Final Bird form, Indigo looks much like Crimson, except blue.
    His crystals on top of his head instead of on his back.  Either dragon is a 
    good choice for the Final Form Bird.
       SKILLS: Icicle Shot, Blizzard Breath
    COST: 0
    CONDITIONS: Innate
    EFFECT: Hector grabs onto the ID, allowing him to glide long distances
    OPINIONS: Neccessary to go a few places, but it's upgraded version is what you
    should shoot for
    COST: 15
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Skull Wing
    EFFECT: Drops bone-shaped bombs around an area around Hector.
    OPINIONS: Carpet Bombs is a great skill, especially for an early one. Pretty
    good damage and area of affect. In small rooms Carpet Bombs can nearly wipe out
    Hector's enemies.
    COST: 10
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Skull Wing
    EFFECT: Shoots out shards of of bone at enemies.
    OPINIONS: Small damage and small range, but still effective when you need it.
    Think of it as a mini Bone Storm (A Battle ID Ability).
    COST: 10
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Goldfinch
    EFFECT: Drops caltrops that explode after a short while.
    OPINIONS: The smaller cost isn't enough to justify the lesser damage and small
    time delay when compared to Carpet Bombs.  Mediocre, but not terrible.
    COST: 0
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Wingosaurus
    EFFECTS: Glide even farther.
    OPINIONS: Neccessary to reach several areas of the game, you should always get
    this skill for at least one Bird ID.
    COST: 30
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Wingosaurus
    EFFECTS: Drains life from enemies and gives it to Hector.
    OPINIONS: This skill takes up a lot of hearts, is only good when used in a big
    crowd, and often doesn't work very well.  Overall I'd say just heal with a
    Fairy instead of wasting the hearts.
    COST: 15
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Khaos
    EFFECTS: ID fires small spheres of dark energy which do considerable damage to
    most enemies.
    OPINIONS: The start up time and slow moving spheres can be a pain, but when it
    hits it can cause massive damage.  Not bad, but not good either.
    COST: must have at least 49 hearts
    CONDTIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies over lvl. 25 with Phoenix
    EFFECTS: Phoenix sacrifices his life to cause massive damage to all enemies
    OPINIONS: Only for use in a life or death situation, Big Bang can be the
    difference that lets you stay alive.  Your Phoenix will lose all hearts, but
    if any enemies are left they're probably Final Guards or a Boss.  Massive,
    massive damage.
    COST: 12
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Phoenix
    EFFECTS: Phoenix super heats and rams into enemies all over the screen
    OPINIONS: Sometimes Fire Bird just makes Phoenix fly around uselessly for a
    little while, but in a crowd Fire Bird can cause good fire damage to a lot of
    enemies.  Not a bad skill.
    COST: 6
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Blagsdeth
    EFFECTS: Blagsdeth launches a frenzy of kicks at foes
    OPINIONS: Does little damage and usually only hits one enemy. Useless.
    COST: 10
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Gargoyle
    EFFECTS: Gargoyle super-charges an explosive kick at a single foe
    OPINIONS: Better than Beat Progress, but not by much. At least Conflict Fall
    can cause knock-back and do some decent damage.
    COST: 15
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Gargoyle
    EFFECT: Gargoyle turns into a magic circle and fires energy beams at the enemy
    OPINIONS: Does decent damage, but has a slow start up and poor accuracy. Not
    to bad if you're in a crowd, but otherwise it often misses.
    COST: 10
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Crimson
    EFFECT: Crimson shoots fire balls that sprout into pillars of flame
    OPINIONS: Good damage, especially against fire-weak enemies, and the pillars
    that shoot out of the ground hit for good damage as well.
    COST: 30
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Crimson
    EFFECTS: Crimson unleashes a stream of fire across the room that burns up foes
    OPINIONS: A lot like the wyvern bosses fire breath.  Not always accurate, but 
    in a small room it demolishes.  Heavy damage.
    COST: 8
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Indigo
    EFFECTS: Shoots Icicles that home in and cause Ice damage to enemies
    OPINIONS: For only 8 hearts it follows enemies and causes pretty decent damage.
    Not bad at all.
    COST: 30
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Indigo
    EFFECTS: Indigo unleashes freezing breath to damage and stop enemies in their
    OPINIONS: Doesn't do as much damage as Flame Breath, but has the added bonus 
    of freezing your enemies so you can beat on them while they're helpless. Great
    for a certain type of pesky Ogre in one of the Towers.
    And there they are, all the Bird IDs and their Skills.  Feel free to e-mail
    with any questions or corrections.
    Feel free to contact me with any corrections/questions regarding Bird Type
    IDs or their skills.
    DO NOT CONTACT ME asking where to use each skill or for help when you're stuck
    I get enough spam in my mailbox as it is.
    My name on the message boards is Hero_100_Fights.
    E-mail me at: Micahlandsman@lycos.com
    5) Credits
    Thanks to all the people on the board who helped when I needed it.
    Thanks to the people who read my other FAQs and Gave me positive feedback, I
    might not have even bothered to write any more if it didn't seem like they
    were helping.
    Thanks to Konami for Castlevania, especially.  Never stop making them or I
    might get violent. Heh.
    Also thanks to IGA for finding new ways to keep me enthralled in every
    6) Legal Info
    This FAQ is copyright 2005 by Micah Landsman.  It may not be used on any site
    other than Gamefaqs.com for any reason, unless specifically granted permission
    by myself.
    Any trademarks or copywritten characters are Copyright or Trademarks of Konami.

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