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    Mage Type Innocent Devil FAQ by Hero_100_Fights

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/29/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    #--------------------CASTLEVANIA: CURSE OF DARKNESS---------------------------#
    version 1.0 (11/29/05)
    by Hero_100_Fights
     Table of Contents
      1) Introduction/Updates
      2) Mage Type IDs
         I. Basic Info
         II. Mage ID Names and Evolution Choices
      3) Mage Type ID Skills
      4) Contact Info
      5) Credits
      6) Legal Info
    This FAQ gives detailed info on every Mage-Type Innocent Devil you can find 
    in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It covers both the PS2 and Xbox versions. 
    I've written it in essentially the format as my Battle-Type ID FAQ, so hope-
    fully once you read one ID FAQ the rest will be clear and easy to navigate.
    Sorry about the long delay between the FAQs, I didn't have access to my Xbox
    or my computer for over a week because my power got cut off.
    First version, hopefully complete, but feel free to e-mail with any problems.
    I.  Basic Info
    The Mage Type ID is one of the most unique types in the game.  Mage IDs have
    incredible offensive skills and good defensive skills as well, but their 
    generally relatively low DEF stat leaves them open to enemy attacks while using
    skills.  As one would probably assume, Mages have huge MAG stat and some forms
    have MAG growth that borders on ridiculous.  Most Mage forms have low HEART
    growth, however, and it's their low HEARTs that makes them tricky.  Even though
    Mage skills cause massive damage, they're almost all 20 hearts or more to use,
    which means you must be careful when and where to best use your Mage's hearts.
    This also means you need to keep a close eye on the Mages hearts because an
    enemy attack that successfully hits your Mage will likely take away a fair
    amount of hearts, and if you've been abusing the Mage's skills without care, a
    few whacks from an enemy can leave you with no Mage when you desperately need
    one. Used correctly, Mage IDs can be utter killing machines in a completely
    different way than Battle Types. I should mention that Mage IDs attack auto-
    matically, like Bird and Battle Types, and actually do a fair amount of damage
    with a projectile attack that has a longer range than any other ID.  For sheer
    brute force stick with Battle Type IDs, especially in a large crowd with foes
    that will attack your ID directly instead of just going for Hector. If you have
    a strategy or know of a particular weakness in a large group of enemies and you
    have the Mage to exploit that weakness, you can clear a room of enemies quick
    as lightning. Mages also have several skills without which you would be unable
    to access the whole map, and the Nautilus Rod Form is the only way besides
    using the "Hien" weapon to kill the pesky blood-skeletons that just won't die.
    Mage IDs cannot perform Chain Combos. You'll gain your first Mage ID well into
    the game, in the Cordova Town level towards the end.
    Mage IDs have three modes: Command, Guard and Auto. As with most IDs, I find
    keeping them on Command mode the best way to use them. They still attack of
    their own will, and their plethora of skills are available at the push of a
    button.  I have never found a reason to put a Mage ID in Auto mode, and I
    strongly reccommend against it.  Their guard mode is very useful however. It is
    the same as the Bird type Guard mode, the Mage prevents damage to himself. If
    you are low on hearts and your mage is in danger of taking a beating, put him
    on guard and he'll defend himself until you take it off, and hopefully by that
    time you'll have regained sufficient hearts to unleash some more of the Mage's
    killer skills.
    Evolving IDs: the game gives a pretty clear explanation for evolving IDs,
    so my guide assumes you know how.  If you don't, look in the "Tips" section
    of your status screen.
    Tier System: After every ID name I will put a number that corresponds to the
    IDs "level" on the chart, so Wood Rod is "Tier 1," the lowest level of the
    chart, and Wood Rod's evolution options are "Tier 2", the next level on the 
    charts. Final evolutions that cannot evolve any more will be Tier "F-#" with
    the "#" standing for the chart level. All Mage Finals are Tier F-4.
    II.  Mage ID Names and Evolution Choices
    *Skill details are in the next section*
    TIER: 1
    Wood Rod is the template for all Mage type IDs.  A dark coat with the familiar
    ID crystal underneath, seemingly keeping him afloat, a wide-brimmed, pointy
    wizard hat and a wooden rod for spell casting. Mage Type IDs all follow this
    same appearance, with each ID's main distinguishing characteristic being it's
    rod, with the exception of the Twinkle Star final form.
       SKILLS: Time Stop, Lightning Strike
       Wood Rod-->Scissor Rod= 40 Knuckle/Sword crystals
       Wood Rod-->Talon Rod= 40 Axe/Spear/Special crystals
    TIER: 2
    While still looking much like the Wood Rod, the Tier 2 Mage IDs both have a red
    coat and a grey hat. Scissor Rod has a sword tip on top of his rod. Scissor Rod
    has better skills, but less MAG growth than the Talon Rod, but both are good.
    You must choose Scissor Rod if you want to make the Nautilus Rod and/or end up
    with an Eyeball Rod Final form.
       SKILLS: Floating B, Sorcery Flame
       Scissor Rod-->Ogre Rod= 70 Sword/Axe crystals
       Scissor Rod-->Nautilus Rod= 70 Spear/Knuckle/Special crystals
    TIER: 2
    Just like the Scissor Rod, Talon Rod has a red coat and a grey hat, and it's
    rod is topped off by three claws.  Talon Rod's skills aren't particularly good,
    but each level up gives a great MAG stat boost, although all of his other stats
    suffer because of it.  If you want to end up with a Twinkle Star, you must go
    through Talon Rod to get there.
       SKILLS: Circle Scissors, Freeze
       Talon Rod-->Ogre Rod= 70 Axe/Sword/Special crystals
       Talon Rod-->Goat Head Mage= 70 Spear/Knuckle crystals
    TIER: 3
    The Tier three mages all havev purple coats and wear tall brown hats with small
    "wings" at the top.  Nautilus Rod's rod has a seashell on top.  What makes the
    Nautilus Rod so valuable is Purify which costs nothing and takes out undead
    instantly. I suggest making at least one Nautilus Rod so you can access the
    area in the Bhaljet Mountains blocked by blood skeletons.
       SKILLS: Purify, Satellite B
       Nautilus Rod-->Eyeball Rod(Final)= 90 Spear/Axe crystals
       Nautilus Rod-->Embryo Rod(Final)= 90 Sword/Knuckle/Special crystals 
    TIER: 3
    Ogre Rod has the same coat and hat as Nautilus Rod, but his rod is capped with
    the fist of a Red Ogre cloed around an eye.  Ogre Rod has the highest Heart
    growth of any mage, and can end up as either the Embryo Rod or Crystal Rod.
       SKILLS: Agnea, Synchron Saucer B
       Ogre Rod-->Crystal Rod(Final)= 90 Axe/Special/Knuckle crystals
       Ogre Rod-->Embryo Rod(Final)= 90 Sword/Spear crystals
    TIER: 3
    Again sporting the same general appearance as the other Tier three mages, Goat
    Head Mage's rod has the head of a black goat on top. Goat Head Mage has huge
    MAG growth and is the only form that can end up as a Twinkle Star, but getting
    Salamander requires some serious patience (see skill section below). 
       SKILLS: Argent B, Salamander
       Goat Head Mage-->Crystal Rod(Final)= 90 Sword/Axe/Spear/Knuckle crystals
       Goat Head Mage-->Twinkle Star(Final)= 90 Special crystals 
    TIER: F-4
    The Eyeball Rod, Embryo Rod, and Crystal Rod all have the same general look, a
    green coat with a dark red hat. Eyeball Rod's rod has a big mass of eyeballs
    on top. Although Tension Boost and Homing can be usefull, I'd say all of the
    other Final Mages are better choices.
       SKILLS: Tension Boost, Homing
    TIER: F-4
    Embryo Rod's Rod is capped with a shell that holds the tortured souls of demons
    inside.  Demonic Disaster is a force to be reckoned with, which makes Embryo
    Rod a good choice for a Final Form.  Any path you take to get there will give
    you an excellent mage.
       SKILLS: Explosion B, Demonic Disaster
    TIER: F-4
    Crystal Rod looks exactly like Embryo Rod and Eyeball Rod save for the blue
    crystal shard in top of his rod. Shield and Meteo are both excellent skills,
    and really any of the final mages will be a great ID.
       SKILLS: Shield, Meteo
    TIER: F-4
    My first response to seeing Twinkle Star was kind of like getting kicked in the
    groin.  Even the Final Fairy IDs looked cooler than this, but despite looks 
    Twinkle Star can potentially be the most dangerous Mage ID. To describe what it
    looks like, think of a bigger Fairy ID with lots of pink and purple, and in
    place of a normal rod, a candy-cane bottom with a yellow star surrounded by
    clouds on top.  Despite it's cutesy appearance, Twinkle Star's skills both do
    Holy damage, making her particularly usefull for later in the game.  Also, the
    path taken to get a Twinkle Star will give you a very high MAG stat.
       SKILLS: Twinkle Star, Dancing Star
    COST: 40
    CONDITIONS: Innate
    EFFECT: Stops time for enemies, while leaving Hector to beat on them 
    unmercifully and unapposed.
    OPINIONS: Neccessary to go a few places, and can completely save you when you
    find yourself in a bad situation, but its high cost and the fact that it does
    not work during boss battles makes it less than ideal for routine use. Time
    Stop can be your best friend in the Tower of Evermore if you use it wisely (red
    ogres sit still and take your beating without moving), but be careful of using
    it too often.
    COST: 8
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Wood Rod
    EFFECT: Rains lightning down on a foe (sometimes hits multiple enemies).
    OPINIONS: While at first I was unimpressed with this skill, I've found it to be
    the most cost-effective spell in any Mages arsenal.  For only 8 hearts you deal
    out ridulous damage at higer levels mages with almost no concern for heart
    usage. Shoot one or two off right as you enter a crowded room and watch it hit
    four or five enemies each time. Definitely my most used Mage skill, and easily
    abused for massive damage.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Scissor Rod
    EFFECT: There are a lot of Mage skills with the letter B after them, and all of
    these skills involve sending out various weapons/spells that revolve around
    Hector and damage opponents they touch. Floating B sends out three balls of
    OPINIONS: Most "B" spells don't seem to be worth the cost, although some can be
    quite usefull at time, but Floating B is probably the worst of the lot.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Scissor Rod
    EFFECT: Your Mage shoots a beam of fire in a slow sweep across the room.
    OPINIONS: This spell can be pretty useful, in small rooms especially it causes
    good damage to anything it hits.  Causes excellent damage against undead.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Talon Rod
    EFFECTS: Similar to a "B" spell, Circle Scissors creates a glowing blue ring
    around Hector that damages anything that gets close.
    OPINIONS: Circle Scissors is relatively useless against most enemies because
    it does very little damage, but its very effective against the enemies like
    fleaman who are quick and hard to hit, but die easily.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Talon Rod
    EFFECTS: Freezes an enemy in a block of ice, allowing Hector to put some hurt
    on him, and also causes ice damage.
    OPINIONS: This skill takes up a lot of hearts, is only good when used in a big
    crowd, and often doesn't work very well.  Overall I'd say just heal with a
    Fairy instead of wasting the hearts.
    COST: 0
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Nautilus Rod
    EFFECTS: This is the skill that allows the Mage ID to kill blood skeletons.
    Like many of the Fairy skills, Purify isn't activated, the mage performs it
    automatically. It affects all undead, not just blood skeletons.
    OPINIONS: Liquify some undead pests at no costs, and FINALLY get to see what's
    behind that door in the mountains.  Purify doesn't activate very quickly or
    very often, but it can still be useful in later areas of the game that contain
    many undead monsters.
    COST: 20
    CONDTIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Nautilus Rod
    EFFECTS: One of the only usefull "B" spells, Satellite B summons three small
    laser-cannons that shoot at enemies for decent damage.
    OPINIONS: Good for a "B" spell, but I'd still rather use other spells than see
    20 hearts go towards it.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Ogre Rod
    EFFECTS: Your Mage shoots out holy chain-lightning that hits enemies in front
    of it at random.
    OPINIONS: Agnea is a frustrating spell. Sometimes it causes massive damage to
    tons of enemies, and sometimes it only hits once or twice. If enemies aren't
    in front of the ID (not Hector), nothing gets hit, so I only use Agnea in 
    crowded rooms where I know it's going to nail at least a few enemies. I've
    found that using 2 or 3 Lightning strikes will almost always cause more damage
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Ogre Rod
    EFFECTS: Summons three floating saucers that attack as Hector attacks.
    OPINIONS: One of the most usefull "B" spells, Synchron Saucer B's floating
    discs shoot out in the direction Hector attacks, and add a pretty decent amount
    of damage.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Goat Head Mage
    EFFECTS: Summons blades that rapidly fly around Hector, damaging any enemies
    that come near.
    OPINIONS: I rarely use "B" spells, and Argent B is no different. Like any "B"
    spell it can be usefull, but most enemies don't get close enough to make it
    worth the 20 hearts.  What's good about Argent B above some of the other "B"'s
    is that the spinning blades also protect above Hector.
    COST: 30
    CONDITIONS: Move with Hector for over an hour with Goat Head Mage equipped.
    EFFECT: Summons a serpent of fire that hits enemies at random, popping in and
    out of the ground for a short period of time.
    OPINIONS: Salamander is a decent spell that causes a lot of damage when used in
    the right places, but it's THE MOST ANNOYING SKILL TO LEARN in the entire game.
    My advice for learning Salamander is to head somewhere you can have Hector run
    in circles for a long time, and leave your controller upside-down for at least
    an hour, which should meet the requirement, but even after doing that you may
    have to run around a little more and go to different rooms/kill some enemies.
    Worth it to learn if you have the patience.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Eyeball Rod
    EFFECT: Boosts Hectos ATK stat for a short time.
    OPINIONS: Great for finishing off bosses quickly, and the only Mage skill that
    directly enhances Hector's stats. It doesn't last very long, however, so don't
    abuse it or you'll run out of hearts fast.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Eyeball Rod
    EFFECTS: Fires homing laser's at enemies.
    OPINIONS: Homing can be usefull sometimes, but unless I'm fighting enemies that
    are resistant to thunder, 3 lightning strikes will cause far more damage for
    less hearts.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Embryo Rod
    EFFECTS: Summons three floating orbs around Hector that explode on conctact
    with an enemy, causing damage and knockback.
    OPINIONS: Think of three grenades just circling Hector. They cause come damage,
    but I would still rather save the hearts most of the time.
    COST: 35
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Embryo Rod
    EFFECTS: Unleashes a huge explosion that damages enemies over a huge range.
    OPINIONS: A great spell for clearing rooms, the only problem with Demonic
    Disaster is that it has about a 2-3 second startup time, and its high cost
    makes it hard to use as regularly as you might like.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Crystal Rod
    EFFECTS: Blocks one enemy attack completely.
    OPINIONS: I never found a justifiable use for this spell out side of boss
    battles.  It works wonders when you know a boss is about to smack you with a
    high-damage/hard-to-dodge attack.  For 20 hearts a pop, however, be carefull
    not to use up all your hearts on defense.
    COST: 40
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Crystal Rod
    EFFECTS: Summons a meteor from the sky to crash down on an enemy.
    OPINIONS: Meteo costs a lot, but for bosses that are weak to fire, or ANY enemy
    that gives you trouble, one shot from Meteo can cause ridiculous damage.  Use
    sparingly, but definitely use Meteo.
    COST: 40
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Twinkle Star
    EFFECTS: Exactly the same as Meteo but with Holy element instead of Fire.
    OPINIONS: The Twinkle Star Mage may look a little lame, but the Twinkle Star
    spell will wreak havoc against any enemy. If you want to take a huge bite out
    of the end boss, this is the spell for you.
    COST: 20
    CONDITIONS: Defeat a certain # of enemies with Twinkle Star
    EFFECTS: Essentially a "B" spell, Dancing Star summons three smiley-faced stars
    that circle around Hector and do Holy damage to enemies that come close.
    OPINIONS: The smiley-face stars make this by far the least cool looking spell
    in the game, but as far as "B" spells go, Holy damage is better than anything
    else.  Especially usefull in the Infinite Corridor, or against any undead.
    There it is, all info about the Mage IDs and their skills. It's hard to choose
    one which is better than the rest, because any Mage ID will do some hard damage
    in the right setting. I advise making at least two Final Form Mages, and having
    at least one go through Nautilus Rod's route.
    Feel free to contact me with any corrections/questions regarding Mage Type
    IDs or their skills.
    DO NOT CONTACT ME asking where to use each skill or for help when you're stuck
    I get enough spam in my mailbox as it is.
    My name on the message boards is Hero_100_Fights.
    E-mail me at: Micahlandsman@lycos.com
    5) Credits
    Thanks to all the people on the board who helped when I needed it.
    Thanks to the people who read my other FAQs and Gave me positive feedback, I
    might not have even bothered to write any more if it didn't seem like they
    were helping.
    Thanks to Konami for Castlevania, especially.  Never stop making them or I
    might get violent. Heh.
    Also thanks to IGA for finding new ways to keep me enthralled in every
    6) Legal Info
    This FAQ is copyright 2005 by Micah Landsman.  It may not be used on any site
    other than Gamefaqs.com for any reason, unless specifically granted permission
    by myself.
    Any trademarks or copywritten characters are Copyright or Trademarks of Konami.

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