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"Probably the worst in the whole series"

I take the liberty to give you scores first and then you can read the whole thing if you want.
Graphics: 3/10. Baaaaaad levels, enemy design, character design, everything. The cut scenes look nice tho.

Sound: 7/10. The music was pretty cool. A different break from the creepy Gothic choir stuff you normally hear. A lot of electric guitar was pretty cool. The other effects like weapon swings and feet slamming on the ground were decently well done as well. The voice acting is well done as well.

Control: 5/10. Hector runs like he shat his pants and jumps like he's wearing lead boots. Apparently gravity is tripled in the game. On top of that, Hector's top speed is 1 MPH. It is the most aggravating thing in the game, due in part to the annoyingly similar hallways that you are forced to stare at. The camera is really hokey as well and you have almost no control over it. None of it has much of an effect on the combat though, which is good. Basically just attack in any direction and you'll kill something if your lucky enough to actually have an enemy in the room.

Story: 8/10. Its actually a pretty cool story of revenge and a break from the normal Belmont vampire killing thing. It works to so its nice.

Overall: 4/10. Not enough good stuff in the game. Its way to boring to finish and way to easy to make you want to finish it. Don't waste your money on it.

I had high hopes for a new Castlevania game. I enjoyed the GBA versions and the Nintendo 64 one as well. But this game lacks so many things that could've made the game semi fun. That being said, there are some things that are not bad, but not enough to make the game enjoyable.

So you are a Devil Forger by the name of Hector. You and your friend Isaac where Dracula's right hand men. You fall in love with a girl, abandon the count and your forging powers, and as a result you allow Trevor Belmont to kill Dracula. Dracula curses the land and Isaac kills your girl. You want revenge and so you pick up your lost powers and go to kick the crap out of your old pal. Sounds like a good story, and it is. Its a very welcome break from being a Belmont and killing Drac with a whip, like you always do.

From the beginning the game looks pretty cool. You start in a cut scene that is pretty well done in terms of graphics and voice acting. While the graphics in the cut scenes could've been better, they are not bad. The voice acting is excellent and makes you forget about that though. Once the game starts, thats when you start having problems. The extremely well detailed Hector all of a sudden becomes a semi stick figure character with really bad looking armor. The castle looks like a cardboard cut out. All of the detail in the cut scene is gone to reveal what the rest of the game looks like: crap. Every single fricken hallway looks EXACTLY the same, every single outdoor shot looks EXACTLY the same, and even the enemies look EXACTLY the same. No two hallways are different, and they aren't even well detailed. You run down a hallway looking at the same boring wall and trying desperately to get to that elusive door, not that its far away or that there's something chasing you (for the most part you wont even see an enemy in a room), but because Hector runs so god awfully slow that it takes you a good 5 minutes to run down the same hallway 20 billion times.

Which brings me to the next point: Hector is not in the best shape of his life. He runs like he's wearing lead boots and jumps the same way. None of his movements are anywhere near fluid. The fighting isn't even fluid, which sucks for you because on the rare occasion when you fight something you don't get to enjoy it for 2 reasons: it just looks like utter crap, the enemies die way to fast, and all your moves are exactly the same. There is nothing to keep this going it just sucks out loud. Another annoying detail tidbit: any armor that you find, not matter if you equip it or not, does not show up on you. Better start enjoying Hector's ass and white hair because that's all you get to see.

A few of the good things in this game are the new stuff. Enemies drop items that can be crafted into new, more powerful armor and weapons. You don't get much freedom with it nor are you going to want to try to craft everything that there is. The crafting provides a temporary distraction from the boring backgrounds and enemies (The enemies are outright stupid by the way. They don't even attack you all the time. Sometimes they just run around in circles, allowing you to proceed to kick the living piss out of them with no worries of retaliation.) The other welcome distraction is the Innocent Devils (IDs). They attack with you and can perform actions that you can't. They level up with you and, depending on what type of weapon you kill enemies with, they will evolve into more powerful versions of themselves. It's kind of cool to have the little RPG elements in this game. It makes the game more enjoyable at the start. It wears thin after hours of nothing, but the game developers tried, which is all that matters I guess.

So in short this game had many, many flaws. Bad graphics, bad character movement, bad combat system, bad level design, mostly bad everything. On the plus side it had a good story and good voice acting, cool characters, and some cool new things to do other than pummel skeletons senseless. Unfortunately this game is just not interesting enough to be entertaining for its 10 hours or so. If you really want it, rent it but don't buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/05/07

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