Review by StarcryX

Reviewed: 11/17/05

Great Game, buy it for sure!

I recently bought this game with very little hope, but after years of waiting for another Castlevania Symphony of the Night, I was not let down!

Graphics 8/10
It looks very much like the first Castlevania for the PS2, A bit of a let down considering what the last few Final Fantasy's and many other games have done. Nothing breath taking, but nothing too horrible either.

Sound 10/10
I can't say enough about the soundtrack to this game. The sounds are wonderfully composed and placed in just the right areas of the game. I also love how they use areas of silence to put you on the edge of your seats with nothing but back ground sounds to key you up. Such as the ticking of a clock in certain stages.

Combat System 8/10
The moves are very well laid out and very fluid. The Innocent Devils seem to have a very good AI, although sometimes they tend to over use special moves if you leave them on auto. The one main problem I had here was the animation of putting away your weapon. Sometimes this can cause you to take a few hits before you can put it away and then redraw the weapon. Also Stealing from some enemies can be a really huge headache.

Equipment/Level system 9/10
The level system itself is well balanced. You don't have to ever stop to kill tons of monsters to get caught up but nor do you end up much stronger than the monsters as you go. The level system uses the basic idea of so many Experience till you gain the level and the game automatically assigns your stat pluses. The Equipment system is great, You collect materials as you progress and use your devil forging skills to create weapons and armor. If you are very careful and steal from each boss you can even create some super powerful items. The only problem I had here was to get some of the materials you must steal items and stealing can be a major headache in this game.

Story 8/10
The story is well done but certainly not very original. There really aren't a lot of FMV's but the voices in the ones that are there are well done. There are a few surprises as you go, but honestly if your looking for a great story, I really have to suggest you not buy this game.

Replay value 10/10
This game has 3 or 4 game play levels as well as a hidden character. The hidden Character was well thought out and it's almost like a whole new game when you run through it as him. I wont say whom because I don't want to give any spoilers. If your not using a FAQ or a guide, odds are your going to have to go through the game a couple of times to find out the areas and create all of the different weapons.

Overall 9/10
This game was very well made and worth a rent at the very least. If you liked the last few Castlevania's, then you will love this one. If you like Devil May Cry I really suggest that you give this game a try. Its not on par with C:SOTN, but it's still a great game in its own rights.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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