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"Castlevania Curse of Dakness review"

This game is pretty big, it has huge levels and a great variety of items.

This game is totally different of all other Castlevanias, now it´s 3D.Now you can move more freely, it also has new ¨companions¨ that will help you in this journey, and now your items will be created by you, you must collect materials to forge new weapons.It combines the good old classic Castlevania with improved graphics.
In this game you control Hector, a devil forgemaster, who once helped Dracula with another devil forgemaster , Isaac. But now he wants to take out the curse that is destroying the land by killing Isaac.

This game also has a good story.You start the game persuing Isaac, but he escapes telling you that you need to regain more power.

Your ¨companions¨Are called Innocent Devils (I.D.) there are a fairy tipe, a fighting tipe, a bird tipe, a mage tipe and a devil tipe. Every Inocent Devil
can evolve into diferent forms by collecting evo cristal, there are 5 different cristals, one blue, one red, one white, one green and one yellow. To get the Blue one you need to equip the axe, to get the red one you need to equip the sword, to get the white one you need to equip a weapon with the ? sing, to get he green one you need to equip the lance and to get the yellow one you need to equip a fist or you can be empty handed.

You can also imput a name to your Inocent devils, not like the Castlevania symphony of the night, that is one good point to remark.

My score is 8 because the ambientation is very good, it has a good story, a great variety of items, the music isn´t so good I prefer the one from Castlevania Simphny of the Nigh.

I recommend this game to all who likes Castlevania, because, as I said earlier, it combines the classic Castlevania with improved graphics.

One of my most priced games is this Castlevania, huge maps, lots of levels it is just great for me.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/23/05

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