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"Castlevania "Reforged""

Castlevania Curse of Darkness, the second game for PS2 made by Konami, is not better than "Lament of Innocence" but is equal in fun and entertainment. The game has elements that there are not on LoI and vice-versa, CoD is more RPG and LoI is more adventure so the only way to think one is best than the other is if you like more action or RPG game.

This story begins right after the events passed in Castlevania 3, when Trevor Belmont and his companions(To be more exact:Grant Danasty, Sypha and Alucard) defeated Dracula and tells the story of a Devil forger(a type of wizard) named Hector who wants vengeance against his ex-friend Isaac(another devil-forger) because he burned Hector´s love Rosaly in the stake. Hector once fought for Dracula but after his doom by Trevor he left Dracula behind.

The few RPG elements that appeared in LoI are improved in this game but in the other hand action elements were lost. Hector gains experience when you kill enemies and level up, also the monsters leave items when they are dead. In the other game the player had to be confident in his own strenght. Like some people say:"In CoD Hector level up and in LoI YOU level up".

Hector is a very good fighter but his real ability is the devil forging, by summoning beasts there are called Innocent Devils he can make use of them like a companion of fights. The I.D´s also level up and gain new abilities. They vary in type and can help Hector in diferent ways, battle types help Hector in the fights or fairy types helps Hector heal himself and stuff like that. Managing the I.D's is a task a part in the game. The I.D system reminds me of the familiars of Symphony of the Night.

Taking the items that enemies drops Hector can make his own weapons and armors that vary in swords, spears, knuckles, axes, helmets and etc. The weapons are not equal, axes do a lot of damage however are very slow in comparison to rapiers.

The game is very fast and you get Hector's control easily and, believe me, you can get minutes and more minutes slashing enemies and you never get tired of that. Some times loadings screens can take a few times of your fun but it doesn´t look like a real flaw.

A few controls are new. There is a lock-on feature but it can be a little unfortunate some times but it helps out on the steal action a new feature too.

The only flaw that can be a flaw really is the camera, it can be very unfortunate some times and there are situations that you can´t see what is going on in your front.

The music remains the same: always great, every gamers of the series Castlevania knows that the music is a strong point in all games. Michiru Yamane achieved this point of the game to give the touch-finale on the game.

Like it was said this game is quite diferent from LoI but it is not better or worse and it is a game that no fan of Castlevania series can lost the chance of playing this beatiful game continuing the series that begun in 1987 with Castlevania I.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/05/05

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