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"Wow, whiff that tequila..."

First things first this game is great fun it combines driving games and shooting games almost perfectly, it has a rich atmosphere wherever you travel and you can almost feel the heat.

You play as Romiro Cruz, twin brother to Tommy Cruz, as he has just been released from prison to find out the truth behind their fathers murder. Officials say it was an overdose but Romiro and Tommy have other ideas. Travel through lands full of gang leaders and drug leaders to uncover the truth.

You have the ability to slow down time when shooting which is an amazing idea, I know it is not the first game to think of this, but it works extremely well in this case it adds an aspect to the game which cannot be matched, it also makes it slightly easier since it gets quite difficult during the later parts of the game.
During the slow mo you have a chance to pull off some cool combos and amazing looking kills, you have an adrenalin bar which is used up during slow-mo but it refills extremely quickly. Also when you die you have the ability to rewind the time to save yourself from death but caution you only have a limited amount of them and the pickups for this ability are hard to find.

The missions vary in difficulty as you progress through the game, as you would expect them to but the learning curve is extremely quick so you will have no problem getting to grips with the intense game play.

The wide range of weapons adds to the amazing game play, you can wield anything from garden rakes to heavy bazookas, and the range of vehicles to drive is also good, the driving parts are not the best in the world but they hold their own against some other games.

The story is well thought though sometimes feels as though it left out some parts, but at the end it still feels full and great.

The game has a free roam, so whenever you want to chill out from the harsh enemies your up against you can just chill out and steal some hats, yes some HATS.

You also have chances to play side missions and earn power-ups including extra ammo capacity, dual wield, unlimited ammo and health upgrades.
Some cool mini-games scattered around the free-roam area are a day of the dead mini-game where you defend yourself against weirdo's in skeleton costumes and one where you become a wrestler with a base ball bat, both are great fun.

The graphics look great but probably not the best they could have been and you will encounter a few glitches but overall they are good and the physics of the bodies as they fly about are real fun to watch and laugh at.

The music gives it a genuine Mexican feel with many of the songs having a Spanish kick to them, also there is quite a lot of different songs on it. The music does seem to come on randomly though which is a bit of a downer but when it does come on it is great. (I especially like the opening theme).

Overall this game will keep you entertained for a long time, trust me I love it.
Graphics- 8/10
Game play-10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/04/05

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