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Reviewed: 02/28/06

A game made up of so may other titles. How could it possiobly be this bad?

Total Overdose looks like a hit game but once you play it you will understand all of it. This game is made up of so many other titles it is not funny but they managed to make a right mess of what could have been an excellent game. So read on and you will find out whether to buy this game or not.

Graphics: 4/10 Total Overdose's Graphics are nothing to be proud of. They are quite sharp with a few errors like the cars look far too cartoony, not to mention the whole area you play in looks like a cartoon version of grand theft auto. That is really not a bad thing though if you’re more or less a kid, but I am afraid this game is no kid game so I really don’t know where the company was headed when it designed Mexico to look more or less like a carnival. The Buildings and streets more or less all look the same.

Sound: 8/10 By far the best part of the game is this awesome soundtrack. It is more or less a Mexican hip hop that really fits into what you are doing in the game. The only downside is there is not enough tracks to keep the game play flowing and by the end of the game I was ready to mute it. The sound effects are good as well, with people on the streets saying quite funny quotes but once again becomes to repetitive to quickly. Every move you do to start off a combo is loud spoken as a "Spicy Move" and believe me by the end of the game you want to find out who keeps saying this "spicy move" and beat him to a pulp.

Controls: 4/10 The controls are very unresponsive and moving around is quite difficult. But by far the worst thing about the controls is the driving side of things. Driving a car is absolutely terrible. It is unresponsive and all the cars feel alike so there is no point in looking for a new fast car because it will feel like the other ones. Driving is more like a chore than anything and I can almost guarantee that you will be walking everywhere instead. Oh yeah the driving missions really suck as well.

Gameplay: 4/10 Don't get me wrong because it is only a 4/10. When you first boot up the game believe me you will be impressed. There is an open ended map which will allow you to travel to any part from the word go. The loading though is absolutely terrible and Mexico is split up into many parts which all have to be loaded up before you can enter them. Some of the moves you can do are impressive if not ridiculous. The whole idea of wall jumping in slow mo whilst shooting at bad guys is a great touch up to the game. But the whole game itself revolves around moving in slow mo. There are quite a number of side missions to do and the dawn of the dead is quite fun at first but than gets really boring. It seems this whole game revolves around repeating itself over and over till you want to throw it out the window. The best bit about it I found was the loco moves. The Loco moves give you a wide variety of special moves you can do to destroy your enemies. There are the likes of two machine gun guitar cases (Desperado anyone), a mad wrestler, a spinning attack plus quite a few more.

Story: 2/10 This game has possibly the worst story imaginable to it. I mean it truly is that terrible. Not to mention if it were not for all the side quests and dawn of deads than this game could be finished in no time. I don’t think the creators put much of an effort into this part of the game at all and instead tried to create it on Max Payne style gameplay.

Lifetime: 3/10 By the end of this game I was very tempted not to finish it. It got far too repetitive and really that’s pretty much it I guess. There really is nothing extra you obtain except guns.

Playtime/Replay Value: 3/10 You will not play this game again. Once is more than enough, besides there is no point to playing it again. It will not be any different from the first time you play this shocking rip off GTA, Max Payne game. The game itself really is not that long but if you play for 100 percent you will max it out a little bit more. I managed to totally overkill it in around 20 hours of gameplay.

Buy It or Hire It: To start off with definitely hire this out first. I bought the game straightaway thinking of it to be another GTA game. Oh how I was wrong. If you like the game than you should buy it, total overdose is selling quite cheaply at the moment (wonder why?). Make sure you give it a fair play time if you hire it because I doubt you will want to carry on with it.

Overall: 4/10 The game is good at the start but I really can't see anything unique about this title at all. It will not make gaming history and really I think it is a rip-off from so many other titles out there. Actually to have more fun while playing it try to count how many games have been ripped off by this cheesy title. There really isn't to much positive that I can say about this game, from when you 1st boot it up till when you put it back in its box never to be seen again it all just feels exactly the same. There truly are better games out there for example the two it tried to rip off more than anything, GTA (any of them) and Max Payne.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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