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"OD'ing on an addictive thing called fun"

Ever been to Mexico ?? Yes ? No ? Maybe on a fun drunken road trip that you dont remember ?? Then you may know that that place is real fun, not as fun as this game, but still fun. This game, Total Overdose is set just between the border of US and Mexico, so it takes the fun from both places. Thats why TO is una mezcla de muchos genres (see? the game made me talking spanish).
TO borrows from all sorts of game, like Max Payne, GTA and then it pours tequila all over it. It includes stuff like a deranged masked wrestler smacking people with a a bat and exploding pinatas. Then you KNOW that the game must be fun. Right, now getting with the business. Lets start with them graphics, eh?

Graphics: 8

Cool looking graphics, with nice character designs, but its nothing really to shout about. The environments, though, are drooltastic with lots of explosions and bullets, which are beautifully rendered. Plus the game can get a wee bit glitchy with the graphics, but its quite understandable since the city IS quite huge (hey, just look at how glitchy GTA is).
The regular people on the street are also pretty good looking with good animations, (they can for example be leaning against the wall and all).

And dem Audios: 10

Seriously boy, this has got to be one of the best features of the game. The music is very well chosen, with stuff from Delinquent Habits and Control Machete. The music fits the mood of the game REAL well, and pushes the adrenaline level up high. Sadly, the music only comes on when there is action on screen, and not in car radios like in GTA, so you cant hear it all the time. And then there is the sound effects. Those are also very much on par, with guns, rockets , explosions, trains, falling buildings... is all good. Very believable.

Gameplay: 8

This here will be split up in dos parts; one for vehicles and one for character

Character control: 9.5
Lets start with the good part, which is the character control. Man, the control is tighter than the underwear of a fat man in an african summer. The controls become second nature after just a few minutes, its so easy. Then comes in the shoot dodging (bullet time), walk walking and loco moves. Along with the controls being responsive, the crazy moves makes the game insanely fun.

Vehicle control: 6.5
Now to the bad part; all those vehicles. All of them drive like their tires had been soaked in mud and then some ice. Gotta be some of the worst vehicle controls ever. Which then becomes even worse when you need to complete mission with them said vehicles....insanely difficult (but do-able).
Yes, yes the designers tried to do something decent with jumps placed around the city, but it doesnt help much if the car is totally uncontrollable after the jump...
PS. Bikes are also included in the game, yet they control with the same style (i.e. ugly)

The Story: 8
The story of the game is pretty damn cool, with the classic one bad bro and one good bro, with a disgraced father. And the whole plot with the uncovering of the details and the secrets is nicely done. It gets an 8 because it can at some times get a bit confusing what your doing and why, and the feeling of "WTF just happened there !!!??!!" is often occurring.

The rest of tidbits of the game come under here, like sidequests and secrets. And it gets : 8

The sidequests in this game are very very fun. Other than just being fun, they are also helpful as you can get weapons and other upgrades from doing these missions, which again results in easier main storyline missions.

Other than the run-of-the-mill sidemission, there is "wrestle-mania" icons to collect. These icons let you become a wrestler, and fills the entire area with wrestlers which you have to beat up in a time limit. And there is "Day of the Dead" icons, where guys in skeleton costumes jump you all around the city with guns, and you have to beat them in a time limit (like the former).

As a sort of new addition, there are 500 and 3000 points markers floating around in the city. Mostly over jumps and hidden places. And as you collect them, you gain a higher overall score which then helps you to achieve certain upgrades.

The secrets in this game are pretty damn cool, including unlimited ammo and others(you gotta see for yourself). And they are unlocked once you complete the game or gain enough points to unlock them.

Overall, this game deserves an 8. Y'kno cos it is insanely fun, but with a few errors....which Deadline Games can hopefully solve in the the 2nd game (im so hoping). And in a game where you dive to the left and see a rocket fly past where you were a nano-second ago, and then the rocket blowing up a car behind you, thus the blast sending you flying TOWARDS the rocketeer, and you blowing him to pieces with dual shotguns....damn, you know its good. Go buy this game now

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/04/06

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