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"Better than it's predecessor."

When I first heard about the game I was a bit skeptical, so I did a little research and learned more about the game. The game is based on a popular anime show on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" block.

Inuyasha is a half demon who was put under a spell by the priestess Kikyo, who had thought that Inuyasha had betrayed her and stolen the Shikon Jewel. For those who don't know, it gives Demons more power once obtained. 50 years later, 9th grader Kagome Higurashi breaks the spell and releases Inuyasha. She then accidently breaks the Shikon Jewel into shards, and that's when their journey begins... to search for the missing shards.


This game has easy-to-learn controls from melee attacks, weapon attacks, and special attacks. For those who play arcade fighting games, this should be a snap to beat. The game has 3 major modes to it: Story Mode, Mission Mode, and Battle Mode.

Story Mode is basically like any other story mode in fighting games. They show a cutscene and you will fight against your opponent and then an ending cutscene. As you defeat your enemies, the level of difficulty will slightly increase. This mode has 4 chapters, with the final battle being against, "Inuyasha Villain" Naraku. (excluding Sesshomaru)

Mission mode is another mode which pits you against a number of challenges like time limits, a different set of rules, etc. You can help your characters build good relationships in Mission mode. These relationships give 2 characters the ability to combine their special techniques and use a combo special move. This mode really comes in handy if you want to destroy your enemy in style.

Battle Mode is just an arcade like mode, where you can fight against a computer or a friend. This mode is especially fun when you play against a friend.

Sadly, the only thing that sucks is the short number of playable characters in the game. There are 12, but there could be more. I really wanted to play as Naraku's other incarnations (for those new to Inuyasha, Naraku has dozens of incarnations of himself.)


The most highest rated for me... 10/10!!! The game has similar graphics to the Dragon Ball Z series (using cel-shading methods.) These guys actually look like they do in the anime series. Everything is well detailed, and the special techniques blow me away. If you are an Inuyahsa fan, you'll prasie the graphics.

Comparing these graphics to latter Inuyasha game, this one wins.


The sounds are alrights. They actually used the voice cast from the series which is good. All the moves have their own sound, though it can get pretty repetitive. But that doesn't matter, if you really like the game.


This game is one of my favorite anime games, but it could've been a 10/10 score if they had more characters to play as.


RENT, if you are curious about Anime in general or Inuyasha.

BUY, if you are a die-hard fan like me.

PASS, if you don't like Anime at all. (but that's too bad)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/06/08

Game Release: Inuyasha: Feudal Combat (US, 08/24/05)

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