Review by Daleeria

Reviewed: 07/03/08

Inuyasha: Feudal Failure or Fantasic Fun?

I’ve been a die-hard fan for many years of the Inuyasha series. I watched every movie, at least 80% of the episodes, played the first game they came out with for the original Playstation. So when I found an Inuyasha game I never heard about at the local game store, I bought it without even looking or thinking about it. So here’s my review.

Before this I had never even heard of cell-shading, but I must say I’m impressed. Generally I hate seeing my favorite dog-demon (aka Sesshomaru) in 3-D, but the graphics were close-enough to please me. I loved the backgrounds and how you could sort of interact with them. I must say though that some of the things that fell on you and what not (the rocks for example, or even the mansion) were a bit unrealistic. I give it a high rating though, because it appeased me in the character department, which is all I’m looking at when I’m in an intense battle.

The only thing that irritates me more than my dog is the repetitive calling-out of stupid attacks, especially if I can barely understand them… I hear Miroku randomly (albeit quietly) saying “Wind Tunnel!” Nothing irks me more than that. Of course, then I can’t hear Sesshomaru at all because his voice is so quite and low. The only credit I have for this is the fact that the voice actors are the same ones from the show (at least some of them are).

It’s simple. I like simple. The only reason I really play fighting games at all is to relieve stress, though Mission mode makes everything worse at times. So when I don’t have difficult combinations to memorize to get characters to use powerful attacks, I’m a very happy girl. My memory doesn’t serve me well, sometimes it doesn’t serve me at all. The only difficulty I had was learning the partner combos. That’s what the practice stage in the Mission Mode is useful for.

Replay Value
I have no life. I like to discover every combination possible of teams in Mission mode and find out what individual mission modes are and basically dissect the game. For me, replaying through story modes when I’m bored doesn’t bother me a bit. Around here we get desperate for fun. I repeatedly beat Kingdom Hearts II 15-times straight before I gave up and finally bought this. So if you like using up your time to find everything, then this I would suggest. Especially getting good affinity scores for people that you would think impossible… Though I do wish there were a couple more story modes…

Multiplayer Value:
Like I said we get bored, so we sit around playing fighting games and kicking the crap out of each other. It’s fun. Then again, I’m very biased toward the Inuyasha series in general…

Yeah, some aspects were lacking, but overall I’m happy I bought the game. It’s good after a long hard day to sit back and kick their sorry butts… And long hard days happen often to me. I’d suggest buy it if you think you’re going to need a long of stress relief, rent it if you like the series and just want a quick-play, and pass if you’re not big on anything repetitive or like more action and story lines.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Inuyasha: Feudal Combat (US, 08/24/05)

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