Review by Inuyashafan2

Reviewed: 08/26/05

Fast action feudal fighting fun

Any fan of Inuyasha should at least take a look at this fighting game from BANDAI. I guarentee that no one will leave dissappointed. Anyone else on the other hand is another story. This game in my opinion, is 1,000% better than Dragonball Z Budokai ever was. Inuyasha is the more superior anime, and much better games. The fact that you can mix and match your favorite Inuyasha stars from Inuyasha all the way to the unknown (to me) Bankotsu, in extremely fast 1v1, 2v1, 1v2, or 2v2 action where there are NO TAGGING! Your partner is controlled by the CPU and you can set the formation to get your partner to do numorous things.


Two words. WOW WEE!!! The game looks like and absolutely nothing like Dragonball Z Budokai. The character models look exactly like their anime counterparts, and the environments look beautiful. The interactive environment's objects really get destroyed beautifly, if that is even possible. The super move animations are really created well, and any Inuyasha fan (like myself) would be proud.


Another two words: Simply amazing. Like the Secret of the Cursed Mask, BANDAI has outdid themselves once again. They went out of their way again to get the American voice actors to do the voices for the characters in the game. But who in the world did Bankotsu? I got absolutely no idea on earth! The music, well, that's completely up to you to decide, since I could care less about.


One would expect to see some tagging involved in a 2-on-2 battle. WRONG! All 4 people (Humans, Half-Demons, or Demons) fight at the same time, making the action fast and frantic. Your partner can assist you in attacking your main opponent, he or she can attack your opponent's partner, or whomever you don't have targeted, or even protect you. The possibilities are endless and you can even do dual Super Moves, like the Backlash Wave/Sacred Arrow combo using Inuyasha & Kagome. Three buttons do your attacks. One for quick attacks, one for stronger, but slower attacks, and the best to me, one for SUPER MOVES, meaning you don't have to do some complex maneuver with the Control Stick like in Capcom vs. SNK or any SNK Fighting game. That makes it much easier to use your favorite attacks. A much needed improvement from A Feudal Fairy Tale.

Replay value:

There may not be enough modes to keep you happy, but Mission Mode will definetely keep you busy for a very, very long time, with up to fifty saves for a character and a partner of your choosing that you can work with, then you can use them in Battle Mode which is like VS. Mode from A Feudal Fairy Tale. Only one difference from the two game's VS. modes is that here, you can pit CPU vs. CPU, and you don't have to continuously get your butt kicked. And that really helps you be entertained for a very long time.


Anime and fighting game fans might want to rent this game, but die-hard Inuyasha fans (Like myself) must get this game to add to your Inuyasha collection. I guarentee that no Inuyasha fan will leave disappointed. This game is extremely entertaining, and I recommend this game to any Inuyasha fan.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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