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    Chapter 1 Translation by BlueJr

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    (ナムコ クロス カプコン) Chapter 1 Story Translation
    Copyright 2005 BlueJr (A.k.a. William Chu) 
    Started June 20th, 2005
    This guide was made to help people understand the story line behind
    this fanservice game.You may only use this guide for personal use 
    and nothing else. I will not stand for plagiarism, and any wish to post 
    this guide in an unaltered form must receive my permission. 
    Look at the Contact Info section for more info about contacting me.
    ===  Disclaimer ==========
    This work is not authorized by Namco, Capcom, or any other company.  
    This game and all characters are copyrighted works of their 
    respective companies. I have no legal claim to these characters.
    ~Table of Contents~
    1.Update History
    4.Contact Info
    ~Update History~
    June 21, 2005- First draft posted.
    June 25, 2005- Some grammer corrections
    Latest version can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
    ...The present world.
    ...A past that defies time and space.
    ...A world of swords and scorcery.
    ...A country inhabited by gods.
    ...A land ruled by demons.
    Worlds that have no interaction with another in its' natural state.
    The incidents occuring in the various worlds...
    No one has yet to realize that they are the sparks
    of a coming battle...
    At this time, Reiji and Xiao-Mu, agents of the special 
    unit "Shinra," hurry to Shinra Headquarters after ending
    their battle in Shibuya...
    +Western Calender 20XX-Japan, Shibuya+
    Reiji:...No good.
    Xiao-Mu:Strange...weren't we open 24/7?
    	...You don't suppose business hours changed?
    Reiji:There's no chance of that happening.
    Shion:Excuse me, but what's the matter?
    Reiji:We can't contact HQ.
    KOS-MOS:I am not detecting any jamming devices.
    Reiji:Don't let your guard down.
          "They" might be around.
    Xiao-Mu:The secret organization "Shadowloo"
    	If they know about us, it's pretty likely that they're
    	planning something nasty.
    	They might even know something about the "Sleeping Sickness"
    	that has been going around.
    M.O.M.O.:Sleeping Sickness?
    Reiji:Technically, it's more of a coma then sleep.
          The victims are alive, but can't be awakened.
          The cause is unknown, but there is a crack-pot theory going 
          around that suggests that the person's soul is 
          being sucked out.
          ...But considering how things are, we it can't be disproven.
    Shion:Seems like something bad is happening in this world...
          KOS-MOS, are you able to sense anything else?
    KOS-MOS:In our current situation, we are lacking information.
    	There seems to be no information to be collected at this 
    Reiji:You're right. Lets get going.
    Xiao-Mu:Oh yeah, one more thing. when we were fighting...
    Shion:Is something else bothering you?
    Xiao-Mu:Yeah. You're...Momo, right?
    M.O.M.O.:Hm? Yes?
    Xiao-Mu:Your skirt is too short. Its got me all worried.
    M.O.M.O.:Um...I'm sorry.
    Shion:That was what was bothering you!? During a battle?!
    Reiji:Just ignore her.
          Lets make our way towards to HQ.
          But before we do, I need you to come with me.
    Reiji:A group is waiting for us in front of the Mishima Zaibatsu 
          Building. We originally planned to head there after the 
    Shion:I don't mind. We did come to this world without warning.
    Xiao-Mu:Ah no. Men are a bunch of wolves. Don't just follow 
            them blindly.
    Reiji:Don't tell people strange things, especially if they're 
          from another world.
          Enough dawdling. Lets go.
    Xiao-Mu:Hm. We can get there faster if we go past the 
            Namco Theatre.
    +Western Calender 20XX  Japan, Namco Theatre+
    Wonder Momo:Thank you!
    	    Someday...someday I will be back!
    	    This isn't goodbye!
    	    Let me express my gratitude! Thank you!
    Sakura:Awww, it's over already.
    Karin:It can't be helped. This theatre is fairly close to the
          quarantined Shibuya district.
    Sakura:But I'm surprised you were able to get tickets to the
           last show.
    Karin:Didn't you know? The Kanzuki Corperation had a hand in
          the construction of the Namco Theatre.
           Wow, you're into a lot of things.
    Karin:Of course. The Kanzuki Corperation is known not only in Japan
          but also in world politics and economies throughout the world.
          It would only be natural for our hand to be in all walks of life,
          from weapons development to entertainment.
          "Be the winner at everything you do." Our family motto does not
          demand a physical win, but rather...
    Sakura:(Ah crud. This could take a while...I better 
           change the subject.)
           Um...but it's a shame that the Wonder Momo and 
           Felicia concert got canceled.
    Karin:You should not have mentioned that.
    Karin:The arrival of Metro City's musical star Felicia...
          and the Wonder Momo/Felicia duet concert "Battle Musical."
          You may not consider it much, but do you have any idea how
          much my corperation invested into those ventures?
    Sakura:(Ah no, did I set her off?)
           Um...Kanzuki! Why don't we go get something to eat?
           We'll continue the conversation there. Please?
    Karin:I'm in the middle of this discussion...but I suppose it can't
          be helped.
    Sakura:(Ha. This can't be what normal high school girls talk about...)
    +One hour later  Japan, Namco Theatre+
         (It's all over.)
         (Even though...even though I came this fare...)
         (Even though I practiced so hard for my 
         duet with Miss Felicia...)
         (I guess...there's nothing I can do.)
    ???:That's right. There is nothing you can do, Kanda Momo.
    Momo:Eh? Who's there?
         We should be closed right now!
    Momo:Amazona? What's the matter? The final show...
    Momo:...You're not Amazona! Who are you?
    Amazona:Kanda Momo. Lord Druaga wishes to see you.
    Momo:Lord Druaga?
    Amazona:Kanda Momo, you cannot resist.
    	You will come with me, even if I must slice a limb
            or two off.
    Momo:Somebody! Is anybody here?!
    Amazona:It's pointless. No one can hear you scream.
    ???:Except for one person, that is.
    Amazona:Who are you!?
    Bravoman:Bravo, ready for action!
    Momo:Bravo? As in Bravoman?
         You're the Super Kisetsurinjin Bravoman?
    Bravoman:I have come for you Miss Kanda Momo.
             Or should I say "Wonder Momo?"
    Amazona:Don't get in my way...
    Bravoman:Miss Momo, she is?
    Momo:Amazona plays the role of my rival character, but she has
         been acting weird...
    Bravoman:She seems to have been possessed by a demon.
    Momo:A demon? What are you talking about?
    Amazona:Kanda Momo, your strong soul makes you a perfect sacrifice
            for Lord Druaga.
    Momo:Sacrifice? What is this all about?
    Bravoman:You have been targeted by a demon.
             This is due to the fact that you have the power to
             utilize the "Super Transformation Substance."
    Momo:Su...Super Transformation Substance!?
    Bravoman:Explanations and business cards will have to come later.
             We must first head outside.
             Miss Kanda Momo, when we reach the outside, there is a choice
             you must make.
    Momo:A choice?
    +Same time   Japan, In front of the Namco Theatre+
    Felicia:Aww....we didn't make it?
    King:Seems so. If they went according to schedule, then it has
         been an hour since the last show.
    Felicia:King, how could this happen!?
    King:There wasn't anything we could do...
         The flight was delayed due to the monster scare. There
         wasn't anything else stopping us, was there?
            Hah...the concerts are on indefinitely postponed,
            and we didn't make it to today's show...
            I can't stand it!
    King:The problems are occuring on the international level.
         Getting made won't solve anything.
    Felicia:So we have to wait?
    King:The big wigs are looking at things, so I doubt 
         they'll leave the problem alone.
    Felicia:...I suppose...
    King:Speaking of the monster scare...are you getting anything?
    Felicia:...To be honest, I am getting some odd vibes. It's just... the
            scent I'm picking up is off.
            You got a good nose, King. You ought to know.
    King:...This is a mask.
         But things haven't been going well. There was that incident at Shibuya.
    Felicia:That's exactly why I wanted to at least say hi.
            But we couldn't make it!
            To top it off, the manager is going to be pissed when he finds out
            that I snuck off...
            Think about poor little me.
    King:Think about how you dragged me into this mess.
    Felicia:Now, now. No need to flash your fangs.
            Those long, sharp fangs give me the willies.
    King:...This is a mask.
    +World of Substance  Namco Theatre+
    Felicia:I wonder if Momo is still around.
    King:Its only been an hour since closing. Maybe we can meet her?
    Felicia:You're right. Come on. Lets sneak into the dressing room.
    King:Go in from the front. The security should...
    Felicia:...King, wait.
    King:Hey! Don't take your clothes off in the middle of this traffic!
    Felicia:Traffic? Where?
    King:What do you mean "where..."
         Hm? There's no one here...
    Felicia:Someone's here all right. They're the same race as me. Or should
            I say "Non-Human?"
    King:What the? Costumes?
         Is this a Namco Theatre attaction?
    Felica:You're half-right.
           I just doubt that humans are in those get-ups.
    King:Could these be the monsters that were terrorizing the peir?
    Felicia:Momo...what happened here?
    *Defeat one enemy*
    King:These guys came from inside the theatre...
         Things don't look good.
    Felicia:I know!
            These guys are pretty strong. If they were normal humans...
    King:We might be too late. We better hope not...
    Felicia:Someone else is coming!
    Bravoman:Over here, quick!
    Felicia:Hey, isn't that Momo?
    Momo:Eh? Miss Felicia!?
         Why are you here!?
    Bravoman:And you are?
    King:Felicia, is this masked man also...
    Felicia:Nope. This one has a human scent.
            Did you rescue Momo?
    Bravoman:I only just guided her outside. Her rescue comes now.
             However, the only one that can save her is her own self.
    Momo:Eh? What is that supposed to mean?
    Amazona:Kanda Momo. You will not escape.
    King:Did they follow you?
    Momo:Mr. Bravo, what should I do? I...
    Bravo:Kanda Momo. Please transform into Wonder Momo.
    King:Hey, hold on there for a minute Mr. Masked Man.
         Wonder Momo is...
    Felicia:How should I say this?
    Momo:That's impossible. Wonder Momo is only a character in a play!
    Bravoman:You're wrong.
             The version of you that resides within your heart is Wonder Momo.
    Momo:The me within my heart?
    Bravoman:That's right. The "Super Transformation Substance" is the persona
             of a person that resides within his heart.
             When you wish for the strengh to protect those you care for, it will
             guide you...
             Just as it guided me then...and as it is guiding me now.
    Momo:The Nitta Forth Block Incident...
    Bravoman:Something is happening in this world. For the sake of those we love
             and the families we must protect...
             I will give you power.
    Amazona:Kanda Momo, you will come with me.
    King:She changed!?
    Felicia:She really did! Momo...
            No, Wonder Momo!
    Wonder Momo:Miss Felicia!
    Felicia:Lets do this! The "Battle Musical" begins right here, right now!
    [Chapter 1-A Sudden Storm Through the Empty Streets]
    *Defeat 2-3 Enemies*
    Sakura:See! I knew it!
           Ow wow! It's Wonder Momo!
    Karin:Is this some sort of outdoor fanservice attraction?
    Felicia:Mya? Who's there?
    Sakura:W-Wha? No way!? It's Felicia! Hey, Kanzuki! Looklooklooklook!
    Karin:I can see! Could you not shake me around?
          (...But why aren't there any spectators?)
          (Then there's this ambience...)
    Bravoman:This is bad...
             You there! It's dangerous here! Please evacuate the area! This
             is not an attraction!
    Sakura:...So says the guy in the hero costume...
    Karin:...Bravoman!? The Super Kisetsurinjin that saved Nitta's Forth Block?
    King:More came!?
    Bravoman:What!? Isn't that...?
    Wonder Momo:Mr.Bravo?
    Felicia:Hah? I'm not getting a scent off these guys.
    Bravoman:...That is also an enemy.
             It is an android. A mere robot.
    King:To see something like that come out...
    Bravoman:(There's no mistake. That's Benjamin Daikubohiko Saemon.)
             (Just what are the soldiers of Dr. Bomb appear now!?)
    Sakura:Huh? What?
    Karin:(I've read a file on this. If my memory is correct, that is an
           android from Dr. Bomb's army!)
          (First there were the recent Mouryou commotion, then Dr. Bomb's 
           army, and Bravoman. Just what is going on?)
           Sakura, lets leave for now.
           The situation is too vague.
    Sakura:I'm not leaving.
    Karin:Didn't you hear what Bravoman said!?
    Sakura:I'm not leaving! There's people in need of help. I can't just
           leave because we don't know the enemy's strength.
    Sakura:"He" would never do such a thing.
           You never change your mind once you start talking about him.
           Oh well. If I were to leave and let a commoner fight 
           alone, I would only embarrass the family name.
           Allow me to accompany you.
    *After some time passes*
    ???:Oh my.
        I was expecting a quick return, but it seems you're stuggling.
    King:What? Who's there?! Where are you?!
    Joker:Hmmm, this won't do.
          Not only did Raptor fail, but we're encountering more resistance
          then expected.
    King:What the...? A round clown?
    Wonder Momo:Is it an enemy? ...He's kind of cute though.
    Joker:Oh, so you're the sacrifice. Thank you for the complement.
          Oh forgive my rudeness. I have yet to introduce myself.
          I am known as Joker. My regards.
    Bravo:Sacrifice? So you're also after...
    Joker:That's right. If you quietly hand over the pretty girl in the
          helmet, we'll be on our way, yes.
    Wonder Momo:Why me?
    Joker:Oh, but it is my job to gather pure girls with strong souls.
    Sakura:Hey! I don't understand a thing you're saying!
    Joker:This doesn't concern you, so please keep...
    Sakura:Uwa. What was that about?
    Joker:This is perfect! Nohohohohoho!
    Bravoman:Oh no. You aren't going to...
    Joker:That is correct! I'll have to change the situation 
          from "Behind schedule" to "Getting more sacrifices 
          then scheduled!"
    Felicia:Here he comes!
            Be careful everyone. He may look stupid, but he's strong!
    King:Now these type of demons are coming out? Oh God...
    Karin:I'm not sure they're talking about, but what are you 
          going to do Sakura? They seem to have 
          set their sights on you.
    Sakura:What? Why!?
    Joker:You won't need to know that. Nohohohoho...
    *Next Phase*
    Joker:Oh? There seem to be so many guests today.
              Things keep on getting interesting.
    Shion:There's a battle going on here too!?
    Reiji:It's just one problem to another!
    Xiao-Mu:There even problems occuring outside the quarintine area?
            Be careful Reiji. That thing may look silly, but it's a high
            level spirit.
    Karin:(Crimson jackets? Aren't those...?
    Wonder Momo:They don't look like enemies.
    Bravoman:Don't let your guard down. Despite appearances, they 
             might not be human.
    KOS-MOS:That is correct.
    M.O.M.O.:...You're right.
    Xiao-Mu:That is the correct answer.
    Reiji:This discussion is going off track. Include all non-humans.
          Are the people fighting civilians?
    King:Are you allies!?
    Reiji:(Hm...what should I do? Give them an explanation?)
          ...We're members of the police force. All civilians, evacuate the area!
    Sakura:Kanzuki! The cops are here!
    Karin:The police? I don't think so.
          That crimson jacket...You're a member of the special unit "Shinra."
    Reiji:What? How do you know that?
    Karin:Hohoho. Don't underestimate the intelligence capabilities of the
          Kanzuki Corperation.
          Shinra is a group that has dealt with spirits and other-worldly beings
          since ancient times.
          With a foundation on Ying-Yang magic and (Taoism?), they utilize various
          weapons and secret arts.
    Karin:Not only do they shoulder a reputation for evil, imprisonment, 
          and killing, but also theivery and the elimination of all that 
          oppose them. Their fearsome fighting abilities are...
    Xiao-Mu:Um...I've been doing this job for a long time, but I 
            don't remember our organization getting into any of that stuff.
            Did they mistake us for hoodlums?
    Reiji:The last part is odd, but that doesn't change the fact 
          that our cover is blown.
          So you're the daughter of the Kanzuki Corperation?
          And you're...Bravoman?
    Xiao-Mu:He seems like the real thing. A real revival of a old hero.
    Reiji:There seem to be more celebrities here as well.
    Xiao-Mu:First, there's Felicia, the musical star that swept the world off
            its' feet in "The World is Mine." Then the big jaguar-man is the
            pro-wrester King...the Second.
            That title match you have with CWA's Mike "Macho" Haggar was so cool.
    Reiji:You sure know a lot.
    Xiao-Mu:Don't underestimate me. My studies aren't for show.
    Reiji:Studies? You mean those late-night shows, video games, comics and
          your internet time?
    KOS-MOS:Such items would typically be classified under "pleasure."
    Xiao-Mu:Hey! We never had any of that stuff back in the day! Leave me alone!
    Reiji:Now we have high school girls and robots from another world. 
          This is crazy.
    Joker:Nohohoho. Forgive me for intruding on your entertaining conversation,
          but I am quite busy.
          Work is something to be treasured.
    Reiji:That's nice to hear.
          We also have our next appointment coming soon.
          We both got problems. Don't worry about it.
    *Beat Amazona*
    Joker:You seem quite strong, but it looks like you need some experience.
    Wonder Momo:Amazona, wake up! Please!
    Wonder Momo:No...
    Bravoman:Miss Momo, this is just the beginning...
             The beginning of Wonder Momo's battle.
    *Beat Joker*
    Joker:Hm...this won't do.
          There are some strong fighters even in this world.
    King:You're (cowardly?)...but a difficult opponent.
         A true heel.
    Joker:Ohohohoho. It is the way of the world for cocky heels to be
          done in by baby-faces.
          Now that we have gotten to know each other, I must leave now.
          I found some nice material, and I had my fun for the day.
    Wonder Momo:...
    Reiji:Material? What do you plan to do?
    Joker:Oh no, I won't go as far as to take life.
          I just have them sleep for a little while.
    Bravoman:You mean the fall into a coma as they lose their souls?
    M.O.M.O:That condition...That sounds just like the...
    Reiji:"Sleeping Sickness!?" You're the one behind it!?
    Joker:My,my. Whatever are you talking about?
          I have no paticular interest in what this world calls the condition.
    Sakura:He's the culprit behind the Sleeping Sickness!? Hold it!
    Sakura:We have to stop the problem at the source! That's what Mr.Shimazu said!
    Joker:Now then, A~di~os!
    Sakura:We have to follow him!
    Karin:Sakura! Were you talking about the Mr.Shimazu of Justice High School?
    Xiao-Mu:Wait up!
    KOS-MOS:Shall I pursue? It is possible to catch up with my speed.
    Reiji:...No, don't.
          There are too many problems occuring at once.
          We can't respond properly without back-up.
          We have to hurry back to HQ.
    *End of Battle*
    M.O.M.O.:Scanning for hostiles....complete.
             I detected nothing in the current vicinity.
    Shion:Good work Momo.
          Mr.Arisu, what should we do now?
    Reiji:We go to the Mishima Zaibatsu Building. We'll leave this place to HQ.
          ...Oh, that's right. We can't contact them.
    KOS-MOS:In this event, our only option is to head directly our target location
            as we have been doing.
    Reiji:As usual, you always have precise opinions.
          Looks like we can't do anything about those high school girls that
          just went off.
    Nakumura:I agree.
    Shion:Who are you?
    Nakamura:Eh? Oh, hello.
             Here is my card.
    Xiao-Mu:Lets see...Nakamura Hitoshi...insurance agency businessman?
    Wonder Momo:So you're Mr.Bravo.
    Felicia:He's so...normal. In fact, kind of boring...
    King:Felicia, that's rude.
    M.O.M.O.:But he seems like a nice person.
    Nakamura:Oh no. Hahaha. You embaress me.
    Reiji:Bravoman...I mean Mr.Nakamura. Why are you here?
    Nakamura:Kanda Momo was targeted by a demon.
             I simply came to save her from it.
    Xiao-Mu:The Sleeping Sickness. It's true form seems to be the
            soul-sucking that clown mentioned.
    Reiji:I've never seen his type. Just what is going on...
          At any rate, I would want know more about the situation. Kanda 
          Momo, could you come with us to HQ?
    Momo:...Very well.
    Felicia:We're coming too!
    Felicia:We're witnesses to this case, aren't we? We got to go!
    Momo:Miss Felicia...
    Xiao-Mu:In travel many join, and we skip the world...
            Life is pretty easy, like 9x9=88.
    (NOTE:My poetry is lousy. This is the best I could do)
            I got a really bad feeling about this. What's going to happen now.
    Reiji:The only way to find out is to move forward.
          ...By the way, nine times nine is eighty-one.
    This is where I give due credit to people who 
    contribute to my translation. Look at 
    Contact Info for more information.
    CJayC for GameFAQS
    ~Contact Information~
    If you need to contact me about this guide, 
    e-mail me at Cchu589691@aol.com . Be sure
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