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"Lights, Camera, Review!"

Hello, this is Raabdude526. Today, I'll be reviewing one of my absolute favorites. Sponge bob square pants: Lights, Camera, Pants! This game is the best game in the world in my opinion because the campaign mode can be multi player or single player. I like this better than Mario party actually! Okay, enough introducing. Now you can get to know it.

Story - The story, surprisingly, isn't the worst thing in the world like Mario party 3 where they have it to decide who can do what. This game features a movie by mermaid man and barnacle boy. Sponge bob and his friends want to be in it so they enter for auditions for movie roles and whoever does the best gets to have the biggest role, next to being mermaid man or barnacle boy, the amazing bad guy role! There is a story mode called "story mode" and there are actually three campaigns after you enter that. Bronze, silver and gold and you can probably guess what order they go in. The only thing I have against the story is that it actually repeats itself when you go to each story. The difficulty gets really hard and really annoying when you're playing in single player mode.

Game play - The game play is amazing. It is fun and awesome to play! This is the best party game, hands down! The game play is smooth and fluent and there aren't many glitches. I didn't see any moment where they had some unintentional glitch in the game play other than the game freezing but that was mostly in the cut scenes. The game has some of the best game play in a game ever!

Controls - The controls are always displayed at the first part of of the mini game and each and every mini game has its own controls and there are no duplicate mini games like other party games. The controls are flawless for every mini game. The controls are very unique and so are some of the mini games.

Graphics - The graphics could have looked a little better for its time. It was the year the new generation was coming out, seriously! It's amazing how people aren't giving the games the best graphics and still the game freezes! That's just really annoying. The graphics were still really never that great in sponge bob games so I'm not going to criticize the graphics that much. Wrapping it up, the graphics were okay.

Good - The good things in this game really is way better the 3 bad things in this game. There's a new mode called cross - save mode which means if you have specific game data for one nickelodeon game made in the same year, and you go to the cross - save menu, you'll have new extras like trophies and artwork parodies. There are a few mini games I would like to point out like pedal of honor and rock bottom. Pedal of honor is like a bicycle stunt thing where you go off ramps, do tricks and avoid obstacles. Rock bottom is basically like guitar hero except you play in a band and this is probably where they got the idea for rock band. They even have a new special episode of sponge bob after you complete one of the story levels which was never released on television but it is a CG animation thing. It's actually the mermaid man and barnacle boy movie that they were making and it has a pretty funny set - up. This game is awesome!

Overall - Overall, this game has a great story, great controls, great game play, great extras, good graphics, and many other great things. This game is very unknown and I really don't know why. I wanted this game for about 2 years and when I finally got it, I wasn't disappointed. It was all worth it, my 17 dollars were not at waste. There are still a lot of copies in best buys and a lot of used game stop and EB games copies. Overall, this game gets a awesome 9/10. I recommend you buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/20/09

Game Release: SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! (US, 10/21/05)

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