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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by sephirosuy

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                BEATDOWN : Fists Of Vengeance Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
    Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance Spoiler-Free Walkthrough for PS2
    Created by: sephirosuy
    E-mail    : sephiroth_y@yahoo.com
    * 12/15/2005 Finish the first completed walkthrough
    * 04/16/2006 The lastest upgraded walkthrough
     Table of contents
      1. Introduction
      2. Reference map
      3. Tips
      4. Walkthrough
    1. Introduction  |-------------------------------------------------------------
    Thanks for clicking on the FAQ.
    (This guide is came from GameFAQs, non other can made this for their own
    If you're looking for a straightforward walkthrough with the storyline
    concealed, then this walkthrough is for you.
    I've already pick out as many spoilers as i can, because for easier
    understanding, I must bring out the name of some places and charaters into the
    walkthrough. If you feel this could be spoiler for you, then stop reading.
    This is also my first ever walkthrough in my life, hopefully i did it right.
    2. Reference Map  |------------------------------------------------------------
    This is the map has already been simplified from the game, is showing the
    main location in the game, hope this help.
                             _____________|    INDUSTRIAL    |
                             |   _________|       AREA       |
                             |  |         --------------------
                             |  |                |__   ___   |
                          ------------_________     |  |  |  |
                          | STATION  |______   |    |  |  |  |__--------------
                          |   ZONE   |      |  |    |  |  |_____|Town Square |
                          ------------      |  |    |  |        |  District  |
                              |  |          |  |    |  |        --||------||--
                              |  |          |  |    |  |        |  Hotel   |
    ----------                |  |          |  |    |  |        |  Zone    |
             |   --------   ------------    ------------        -||------||-
     HARBOR  |___| GAS  |___| DOWNTOWN |____| POLICE   |________| Hospital |
      GATE   |___|STAION|___|  STREET  |____| STATION  |________|   Zone   |
    ----------   --------   ------------    ------------        ------------
                                                    |  |        *RESIDENTIAL AREA*
                                                    |  |
                                                | SOUTHSIDE |
                                                |   PARK    |
    3. Tips  |---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Before we start, here are some little tips of the game for you which can help
    very much.
    ~Certain missions are required to pay some money to pass through, so don't
     waste the money for the nonsense.
    ~The faster way to gain more money is complete the side mission (job).
     To order a job, you can talk to an old man named Melvin or a dude named Joker.
     They will offer you the difference jobs from each other.
     Melvin is staying in The hole located in DOWNTOWN STREET.
     Joker is staying in Shopping District (inside Screamin' Tunes Record)
     located in STATION ZONE.
    ~When you're undertaking a job, mostly you can see a big red point in the map
     which is indicating the location you have to go, just except some jobs you
     need to follow the command. You can cancel the job from the job offer man 
     (is either Melvin or Joker). Also if you save the game, any undertaking job
     will automatically be cancel.
    ~Becareful when undertaking a job, some jobs are very dangerous, even if you
     did wrong will straight away die (GAME OVER)
    -In the game, you can always see two small icon at the top left side, they are
     indicating the detection of the police and mob.
    -The icon resemble a star was indicated the police detection, another icon
     is skull which indicated mob detection.
    -When any of the percentege reach 100, you have to becareful. Let say the
     police detection is 100%, the policeman will fight you if encountered, same
     with mob detection also.
    -Changing you costumes, decorations, taitoo... whatever things can change on
     your body can reduce the percentages. So keeping the lower detection % they
     won't bother you everytime you meet them.
    now go to the walkthrough...
    4. Walkthrough  |--------------------------------------------------------------
    #Begin in the Wharf
    -Follow some little tutorials while going through the path.
    -Defeat all enemies, use the weapons around for help.
     Some are hiding in the crate which can be broke easily.
    -Head to South and defeat Eugene.
    -Go to The Hole in DOWNTOWN STREET.
     Just move to The Hole, avoid the non-sense fight for now.
    -Talk to Tracy inside The Hole and choose "start dealing".
    -Talk to Melvin in The Hole.
    -Enter the change room and change your clothes.
     Currently you have only one option for each part of you clothing.
    -Head to POLICE STATION for some events.
    -You appear in the cell. Now keep hitting the cell gate to trigger a scene.
    -Defeat Wendel.
    -Destroy the cracked wall on the left side of the cell and then go out from
     there. You may also leave from the main hall as well. But both ways have to
     face some enemies.
    -The scene play once you have successfully escaped from Police Station.
    -At the beginning of this chapter, talk to Tracy.
    -Talk to the man standing in front of Tracy and defeat him.
    -Talk to Tracy again, then Melvin.
    -Now you goal is to recruit at least three member from Fatima's Saints.
     Check the location of any three people who're under Fatima's Saints by
     using your Blacklist (B.LIST). Find them, then negotiate and RECRUIT them.
     (most of them can be found in the STATION ZONE)
    -By the time, beware of the person named The Dukes, who's walking on
     the bridge, be cause he likes to throw you off the bridge to KO you.
    -Travel around STATION ZONE until someone telling you to go Basketball Court.
     (You must talk to someone in order to know whether you're be calling to
      Basketball Court. If not, RECRUIT some more people under Fatima's Saints.)
    -Prepare to take on a fight with a group.
     Go to the Basketball Court in STATION ZONE for some events.
    -Defeat all enemies in the Basketball Court.
    -Defeat Fatima.
    -Leave the Basketball Court for a scene.
    -Start by speaking to Tracy.
    -Talk to the guy just in front of The Hole.
    -Go to SOUTHSIDE PARK to receive a call. Afterwards, leave the place.
    -Go to Las Sombras Cantina in the North-East part of STATION ZONE within
     the time limit since when you receive the first call.
    -Defeat Mike in front of Las Sombras Cantina only will you to enter.
    -Talk to your friend (random from your friend list) in Las Sombras Cantina.
    -Leave that place for Platform in STATION ZONE to receive a call.
    -Go to Town Square District in RESIDENTIAL AREA within the time limit.
     (because somewhere is blocked for this chapter, so through DOWNTOWN STREET
      and POLICE STATION to reach your destination).
    -Talk to your friend (random from your friend list) in Town Square District.
    -Leave that place and back to The Hole to receive another call.
    -Move to Construction Site in North of INDUSTRIAL AREA.
    -Talk to your friend (random from your friend list) in Construction Site.
    -Leave that place and head to Abandoned Subway Station in DOWNTOWN STREET.
     Here comes the real fight, so prepare some weapons before this battle.
    -Defeat Ignacy.
    -Leave that place to trigger a scene.
    -Talk to Tracy.
    -Leave The Hole, and defeat Norma who's waiting wait outside.
    -Check the location of any five people who're under Eugene by using your
     Blacklist (B.LIST). Find them, then negotiate and INTERROGATE them.
     (like how you did for the Fatima's Saints before)
    -When you done, be prepared for some fights in a row.
    -Go into the Wharf in HARBOR GATE.
    -Talk to the man in front of the Wharf gate and defeat him.
    -Defeat all the enemies that you encounter in Wharf.
    -Head to the western Warehouse in the Wharf to trigger a scene.
    -Defeat Eugene.
    -Talk to Melvin, and then Tracy.
    -Prepare $10,000. By doing some missions takes shorter time.
    -When you done getting $10,000, go to Shopping District in STATION ZONE.
     (if you enter STATION ZONE from South, you need to defeat Norma again.)
    -Enter the Barbershop in Shopping District.
    -Talk to Archer inside the Barbershop.
    -Agree to pay Archer $10,000 for the TNT.
    -Find Carlo in the North-West part of STATION ZONE. Talk to Carlo, choose
     the second option and defeat him. Talk to Carlo again to get the Service Key.
    -Go to North Factory Zone in INDUSTRIAL AREA.
    -Unlock to side door and go inside.
    *You can enter without the Service Key as well, but from the other side.
     And you have to beat the person guarding the gate. But remember this gate
     doesn't allow you to escape when you done the mission inside here.
    -Enter the South Factory Zone through the side door.
    -Enter back the North Factory Zone through the main section (in the center).
    -Get into the Security Room that's near.
    -Defeat all enemies and leave Security Room through another door.
    -Head into Refinery on your left hand side.
    -Enter the Narcotice Factory.
    -Set up the TNT on the appointed spot for a scene.
    -Defeat Gregorio after the scene.
    -Leave the Factory Zone and defeat all enemies within the time limit.
    *Even if you came without using the Service Room part, you now have to
     exit through the Service Room, which is North of this place, so don't
     try to get out from the South gate.
    -Talk to Tracy.
    -Leave The Hole and move right to the Hospital Zone in RESIDENTIAL AREA.
    -Some people are in front of the hospital gate, get close to them for a scene.
    -Defeat Quincy.
    -Go to Hotel Zone and enter Hotel Lobby.
    -Defeat all enemies inside the hall that come to fight with you.
    -Take the elevator inside there up to Hotel Lounge.
    -Enter Hotel Bar, and then enter Hotel Room.
    -Defeat Zanetti inside there.
    -Leave the Hotel and head back the The Hole in DOWNTOWN STREET
     for some scenes and informations.
    -Get ready for the final battle,
     buy the necessories and call up your partners.
    -Once you've done, talk to Chester in The Hole twice then choose "YES".
    -Protect Chester until the POLICE STATION.
    -Get into Police Station through the Underground Parking Garage.
    -Enter the Employee Passage from Underground Parking Garage.
    -Enter to the Police Station Lobby for some events.
    -Defeat Wendel in the hall.
    -Defeat all enemies who're coming out to block you.
    -Afterwards, go upstairs and enter the Chief Office.
    -Run through the corridor and then enter the inner Chief Office.
    -Speak with that nurse inside there.
    -Prepare you equipments for the final boss.
    -Hit the askew bookcase at left of the room to open the hidden door.
    -Get into the secret area through the hidden door.
    -Defeat the final boss.
    CONGRATULATIONs~!!! You have finished the game~!
    Thank for reading my walkthrough.
    Any advices or suggestions you can e-mail me. This is my first ever
    walkthorugh anyway, I wish I can write more walkthroughs which are better
    next time for everyone. ^_^
    This guide/walkthrough is only use on 
    You may not copy or reproduce ANY PART of it under any circumstances except
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
                         COPYRIGHT (C) 2005-2007 by sephirosuy

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