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    Special Boss/Postgame FAQ by WickedOne64

    Version: .99 | Updated: 08/04/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    			Makai Kingdom 
    		Special Boss and Postgame FAQ
    			by Arkmay64
    Table of Contents
    I. About this FAQ
    II. Suggestions to make your life easier
    	1.  Classes
    	2.  Leveling
    	3.  Unlocking Tiers
    III.  Free Dungeons
    	1. Advice
    	2. 3x3 Dungeon trick
    IV.  Secret Characters
    	1.  Flonne
    	2.  Etna
    	3.  Castille
    	4.  Laharl
    	5.  Robosuit
    	6.  Zetta
    	7.  Pram
    	8.  Valvoga
    	9.  Babylon
    	10.  Seedle
    	11.  Salome
    	12.  King Drake
    	13.  Alexander
    	14.  Asagi
    	15.  Yoshitsuna
    V.  Thanks and such
    VI.  Legal Stuff
    I. About this FAQ
    This FAQ is meant to help people better prepare for and deal with the secret
    character boss fights. It is suggested to not attempt to get any special 
    characters on your first playthrough, just roll through and enjoy the story, 
    and get the good ending.  Simply getting 3 of the secret characters will end 
    the game right then and there while the rest just let you carry on your normal
    game.  Because of this, you should be prepared to play through the game 
    several times.
    This guide contains my opinions and what I did in order to beat the secret
    bosses and what I did to get strong enough to do so.  There are many other
    ways and the stats I list are safety zone stats, as in they are what I think
    are the stats you should have to pretty much gaurantee victory.  In other
    words, you can probably win with less, but it won't be easy, and may require
    something not listed in this FAQ.
    This guide has spoilers, lots of them, its just one big spoiler.  Here look
    (The other will be at the bottom)
    If you have anything to add, ask, or comments you wish to make email me at
    II. Suggestions to make your life easier:
    1.  Classes:
    It is in your best interest to use good job classes when taking down the
    secret bosses in this game.  Using a bunch of apprentice warriors is feasible,
    but will require much more leveling and reincarnating than the better classes.  
    Some of the better classes for taking on end game bosses are:
    Saber kitties:  These little guys are terrible in everyway but what counts, 
    move and attack power.  Sporting some of the best move in the game and high 
    attack, these guys can kill just about anything before it knows what is going 
    Berserkers:  Berserkers are a top tier classe for good reason.  They have the 
    best attack of any normal class in the game.  Their hp isn’t too bad either, 
    though that isn’t nearly as important.  Their move isn’t as good as a saber 
    kitty, and they only have 2 slots for accessories, but they are still 
    excellent candidates for taking on endgame bosses.
    Sword Masters:  All around good characters, with good attack power, move, jump
    and weapon options, these guys are another good candidate for killing bosses.
    Archers:  Archers are exceptional tech characters, maybe even edging out the 
    berserkers attack stat.  They are very fragile but if your characters can 
    survive a hit from a special character then you don’t really need much help to
    beat them.
    Mages: Assuming you can get them up to the necessary levels without them dying 
    on you all the time, their int stat is very useful.  Most special bosses have 
    much lower res than def, and the ones with high res have low health, so non 
    atk/tech attacks can be very useful.  
    Female Officers (or Whip Masters as some prefer):  These girls are great 
    in a vehicle, which is where I suggest you keep them.  If you use vehicles
    it couldn't hurt to put one of these in there to make sure it is running at 
    full capacity (50% stat boosts that come from having a high enought tech).
    Any special character:  Face it, no matter how much you love your sword master 
    or carrot man their stats can not compare to that of special characters.  You 
    can beat all the secret bosses with normal classes, but it will be more 
    difficult.  Even with all the stat bonus abilities and the exp and mana +% 
    abilities, normal characters will pale in comparison to special characters.  I
    suggest replacing your normal group as you gain special characters.
    You should use the best available tier for each class when it becomes 
    available.  I suggest reincarnating your character when tiers 3, 5 and 6 
    become available.  Tiers 3 and 5 give higher bonuses to stats and abilities 
    such as exp+.  Tier 6 gives the best abilities as well as the best stats and 
    best equip %.
    2. Leveling:
    High levels aren’t as important in this game as they were in Disgaea.  You can 
    take down most of the secret bosses with no one in your party above 300.  Your 
    best bet for leveling up to 100 is stage 9-9.  It is also a no brainer to 
    always level using an academy.  If you have the patience, taking all your 
    characters through the 5th tier carrot man class up to level 100 will give 
    them the exp and mana +80% skills.  This will make all future leveling and mana 
    getting attempts that much easier.
    I would suggest getting mastery of weapons such as spears and swords on every 
    character you plan on using.  These weapons have good AoE attacks that make 
    killing groups of enemies easier and improve your ability to level quickly. 
    Only level 3 sword master is required to learn tornado slash, so having each 
    of your Atk stat characters learn up through that while being carrot men would 
    be very beneficial.  Tech users can use gatling guns, flame throwers and 
    bazookas, as well as others to get good AoE attacks.
    For more on leveling look at 3x3 dungeon trick in Section II below.
    3.  Unlocking Tiers:
    For getting the best ability bonuses such as HP+8 and Exp+80% you want to use
    the 5th tier of the right classes.
    My personal method of unlocking new tiers is to make 2 warehouses and pile all
    my classes that I want to level up into them.  While im leveling up in 9-9 or
    in free dungeons I summon both down along with my main team.  With the bonus
    experience they should be getting, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting
    high enough to unlock all the secret classes and all the level 6 tiers
    depending on what level they need.  Most basic classes should easily get their
    5th tier in no time.  This way you dont need to actually use them in battle 
    to level them up.  You could build two academies instead but since that takes
    away 8 slots worth of classes and costs a lot of mana, I think warehouses are 
    a better idea.  In only a few level 500+ free dungeons floors, you can get 
    even the classes that require level 200 up to that in a few good levels.
    2.5 million exp is not a rare occurance
    For past level 100, look at section III below.
    III. Free Dungeons
    After reaching level 100 or so on stage 9-9, free dungeons will become your 
    best bet for leveling characters and finding the best items in the game.  
    Traversing a free dungeon in its entirety takes hours, so be prepared.  
    1. Advice:
    When attempting free dungeons it is better to focus more on items then 
    leveling.  Trying to kill every enemy on every stage is not just abysmally 
    time consuming but will get your characters killed, which is something you want
    to avoid.  At the beginning of every level you should check the bonus menu to 
    see exactly what items you have available to you.  If you see an item that is
    better than, or might be better than another item you have than you should try
    to get enough bonus points to get that item.  If you see nothing of interest 
    you should try and get the minimum points for that level (100 on most stages, 
    500 on every tenth stage), and continue on to the next stage.  
    There are a few things you should do before going into a free dungeon in order 
    to ensure that you get the most out of your trip.  
    1.  You should take every character you plan on using out of any facility that 
    they may be in.  While facilities are wonderful to have during the normal game, 
    in free dungeons they can be a vice.  The reason is that certain levels 
    (generally between a third and half of them) have restrictions that prevent 
    inviting facilities to the field.  There will never be such a restriction on 
    individual characters however, and that is why they are best left out of the 
    facility, making sure they are on call for every level.
    2.  You should have two gency tonics and at least one diver.  Gency tonics 
    allow you to escape from the dungeon whereas divers let you go 30 floors 
    further in, or take you out entirely if there are less than 30 stages.  You 
    want to put one gency tonic on your leader and the other on your stooge/stooges 
    (discussed later).  Your leader is a good candidate because unlike any other 
    character you can invite, when they die, they will come back on the next level 
    with 1 hp.  This makes them a very dependable way of escaping the dungeon, 
    assuming you don’t need to escape on the level they died on anyway.  
    3.  Get a stooge.  A stooge is a character who is not among your main attack 
    party.  You will never want him anywhere near the fight because fighting is 
    not his purpose.  Your stooge will be carrying your escape item, the gency 
    tonic, as well as support items like food.  Good candidates are thieves.  They
    have exceptional move and 6 item slots available to them.  An ideal setup 
    would include:
    a)  A pair of boots.  You want your stooge to be able to go as far as he can 
    as fast as he can.  The better the boots the better he can accomplish this 
    b)  A gency tonic and diver.  Gency tonic and diver are important items that 
    you should have at least one of if you enter a free dungeon.
    c)  A food item.  I suggest at least one food item because, even though your 
    characters may have what seems to be an unlimited supply of sp, they will run 
    low as the dungeon trudges on.  Your characters will need to use more 
    expensive skills in order to avoid being killed by swarms of enemies.  Items 
    can restore your sp to full without needing to leave the dungeon.
    If you are using a thief you can use a UFO either with the boots or instead of 
    them.  This will allow you to get keys and possibly steal items if your thief 
    is high enough in level.  You must leave at least one item slot open.  
    The reason is that you will want to pick up items that you find lying around.  
    You will find some very good items just lying around in dungeons that would be 
    good to pick up, and by having your stooge do it, you will have more room on 
    your main party for accessories.  Also, its doubtful anyone on your team will 
    have as much move as the stooge.  A level 80 thief with the best purchasable 
    UFO and a pair of air sneakers will have just under 90 move.  With the best 
    UFO and the best sneakers he will break 100.
    *Side-note, having a stooge for gathering items and one for carrying items and
    another for the diver and the tonic wouldn’t hurt either, I just prefer to 
    focus on one stooge, not three.*
    4.  A well rounded party.  While focusing on mainly damage will work in the 
    main game, a 100 level free dungeon has more levels than the entire main game, 
    in a row, without a hospital in between fights.  You want a party with some 
    decent def and res on top of a good attack/tech/int stat.  That way, getting 
    hit will not be quite so fatal when going up against enemies twice your level.  
    Whatever party you used during the main game will be alright for a free 
    dungeon, but I would suggest having someone such as a sword user or mage for 
    area affect damage as well as powerful single hitters such as katana and axe 
    users.  Mage types are good for clearing out dungeons but are very frail and 
    will die quickly, even to other mages.  Use them if you know how to keep them 
    alive, but one stray attack will probably kill them outright.
    5.  You may wish to take a vehicle along with you.  Vehicles will be unusable 
    about as often as facilities, but can be very useful when they are available.  
    The Skydiver and the Yamasaki are particularly useful because of their high 
    move.  This will allow them to destroy high point items and enemies well out 
    of the range of your normal party, while their higher than average hp, res 
    and def will give them a decent chance of surviving some of the attacks that 
    might ensue.
    After you think you are ready you should try and make a free dungeon.  I would 
    use whatever character is the lowest level out of the ones you plan on using, 
    since that will make the dungeon more manageable.  If you want the best items, 
    being on floors where the enemies are level 400 or so and up will get them to 
    start appearing on the bonus menu, but don’t bother with enemies that high 
    level if you can’t kill them.
    Since the idea behind the dungeon is more to get good items than actually 
    level, you will probably want to use a diver as soon as you get inside.  That 
    will put you into an area where enemies are quite a bit higher, but still 
    manageable.  It will also get you better items and rewards.  Even without 
    focusing on leveling, you will probably get up at least 50 levels on all 
    characters, assuming they all participated equally.  
    2. The 3x3 Free Dungeon trick:
    The best way in the game to level, is by having a level 100+ character equip a
    food item then wish for a free dungeon.  This will create a 3x3 group of 
    enemies that are double the wishers level and can easily be killed by an AoE 
    attack getting you up several levels each time.  These special dungeons have 
    no restrictions so academies work too.  I have read on the boards that having 
    a chef do this will add extra exp bonuses to these dungeons but I have not 
    personally confirmed this.  
    The biggest problem with this method is that these dungeons only have 1 floor.
    That might seem nice to you, but that means only one 3x3 group per free 
    dungeon you make.  If you want to do this 10 times, you will need to pay for 
    ten free dungeons.  At 4000 plus a pop and going up in cost very quickly as 
    the wishing character goes up in level, you simply will not have enough mana 
    to do this on a whim.  However it is a good sink for characters with a lot of 
    extra mana, and will gain you plenty of levels when you take advantage of it.
    You should also use the food experience trick everytime you go into here.
    That is, have a chef feed your character food every battle so that the tech
    of the food adds up to 450.  I believe the chef gives a double bonus with 900
    being the largest.  That is 900%.  You'll love beating this place once, them
    all being a lower level than your character, with you gaining 100 levels each
    time.  I would suggest summoning a food market or two to help you from
    running out of food, as well as picking up any food you can in free dungeons.
    Its usually a good idea to use the extra mana you get from clearing a normal 
    free dungeon to level up your characters in one of these, making you that much 
    more fit the next time.  I would suggest leveling one or two characters 
    exclusively, so that they can "come to the rescue" on more troublesome floors.
    VI. Secret Characters:
    The stats I list are safety zone stats, as in they are what I think should 
    have to gaurantee victory.  In other words, you can probably win with less, 
    but it won't be easy, and may require something not listed in this FAQ.
    I defeated every one of these bosses with a party of 6 people and a vehicle, 
    or 8 people in this case of Yoshitsuna since I got tired of leveling my 
    Robosuit.  I always had one character much higher in attack and level than 
    anyone else in my team.  I also used a castle to bolster my attack.  A 
    swordmaster can make castles.
    If you are using a solo strategy, I would suggest at least double numbers
    for Atk if not triple and 5 braveheart users taking hits and beefing your 
    If getting in attack range is a problem, summon a building with a throw away
    unit, such as a thief or lucky doll, and have him pick up your castle 
    and throw it as far as he can while still allowing him to get back into his 
    The battles will be listed in the order I beat them.  The reason I beat Zetta
    before beating most of the other characters is for two reasons.
    1.  I knew that if I beat zetta, I could beat every other overlord.
    2.  Zetta kicks ass.
    Essentially I wanted to use him to gauge how my team would handle the bad
    ending I had set up for me and the several overlords I knew I would fight on
    my third and fourth playthroughs.
    I will List battles as follows:
    Name of Secret Character
    Requirements to unlock the fight with this character
    A strategy for beating this Character
    Reward: What you get for beating this Character
    Notes:  I will list here if beating this character will end your current
    playthrough and on what playthrough I got this character.  Also any asides.
    To battle Flonne you need a level 70 character with 3000 mana wish to "Fight
    Ally of Justice".
    This battle is tough.  While flonne isn't too hard to kill, the battle set-up 
    is not in your favor.  She has 4 Skydivers all ready to Death Acrobat your 
    team into the ground, with the move to do so on the first turn.  The first 
    step is to get rid of them.  Summon your castle with your main attack party in 
    it, making sure each character has around 2k attack.  Then on the opposite 
    side of the platform summon your dog house or another level 1 facility that 
    can be invited at long range.  Kill whichever prinny has the key.  You can 
    ignore the other prinnies since they probably will just sit there throwing 
    things off the platform and do no real damage.  With any luck, the Divebombers 
    will take out the level one building leaving your party unscathed.  At this 
    point you should use area attacks to take them out.  Move all your characters 
    as far away from Flonne as you can as soon as you take them out.  On the next 
    turn Flonne should be in range of your characters.  Simply gang up on her and
    combo kill her.  She doesn't have much health and shouldn't last too long.
    Reward: none
    Note:Second playthrough.
    To battle Etna you need a level 80 character with 4000 mana wish to "See the
    This battle is much easier than the Flonne battle.  Etna's tanks can't get
    anywhere close enough to hit you on the first turn, allowing you plenty of
    leeway to take her out without needing to mess with them.  Simply gang up on
    her with your party on their second turn and she should die right quick.
    Reward: none
    Note:Second playthrough.
    To unlock the battle with Castille you need to beat both Etna and Flonne and
    have a character at level 100 with 5000 mana wish to "Fight a Hero".
    The easiest secret character battle in the game.  You start with 4 friendly
    idols on your side of the map.  Kill whichever one is the key with your
    castled up characters and simply wait for her to come near.  She will 
    *probably* kill one of your characters, but it doesn't really matter.  Attack
    her with anyone that survives and she will probably die before you can see her
    Reward: You get Castille on your team.
    Note:Second playthrough.
    To unlock the battle with Laharl you need to beat Castille and have a
    character at level 150 with 6000 mana wish to "Fight and Overlord from the
    This battle is fairly tough.  You will need a stronger party for this one, I'd
    suggest an attack of 7k on your top character and at least 3.5k on everyone
    else.  You should try for at least 65 move on your close range characters.  
    Having ranged characters makes this easier.
    The trick to this battle is shoes and distance.  You need to get a feel
    for how close you can get to him without him being able to Seven Sins you on
    his first turn.  Using the compass thing on the platfrom, I'd say stand behind
    the second arrow things.  You will probably get what I mean, if you don't just
    experiment.  Assuming you moved within the sweetspot range, you should be able
    to gang up on him and kill him on the next turn.  If you can't then, don't
    sweat and try again.
    Another strategy is to simply have a lucky doll throw your castle over the gap
    and unleash on Laharl immedietly.  I did it the hard way though, so that's why
    I listed that strategy too.  This didn't occur to me until afterwards.
    Reward: You get Flonne, Etna and Laharl on your team at last.
    Note:Second playthrough.
    Have a character that is level 200 with 30000 mana wish to "Fight Strongest 
    His defense is about the same as Laharl's, so if you defeated Laharl you can
    beat the Robot.  He starts within invite-attack range so just gang up on him.
    You don't even need to kill the pilot to win the fight, though it couldn't
    hurt to do so if you have the extra attack.
    Reward: Robotsuit
    Note:Second playthrough.
    To battle Zetta you need a level 300 character with 30000 mana wish to "Fight
    the Strongest Overlord".
    This battle has a very easy setup.  You can move your characters within 
    range immediately, making killing him the only real challenge.  And it is
    quite a challenge, at level 2000 and sporting some wicked gear Zetta will 
    have around 65k in defense and offense.  To counter this will require a full 
    team of characters with around 15k in their attack stats to kill him in one 
    turn.  As usual that takes into account the usage of a castle facility.  Level
    200-300 on all characters should do it.
    The basic strategy is to simply invite the castle with your army in it, and 
    having them hit with the biggest combo you can.  Assuming this does not take 
    him down in one turn you need not worry, if you have stats like I suggested 
    he should be at almost nothing.  Just move everyone as far away from each 
    other as possible and summon a level 1 building near your least powerful 
    character.  He should attack that facility and that character with a zodiac or
    seven sins, allowing you to finish him off on the next turn.
    Reward: The Most Bad Ass Freakin Overlord in the Cosmos Zetta's Body on your
    Note:Second playthrough.
    Supposedly kill more than 60 allies during the game.  Done pretty quick
    if you liked getting mana that way.  Not something you'd do on accident
    This battle is ridiculuous if you got it on your first playthrough, but a
    complete joke if you managed to beat Zetta.  Pram has far less defenese than
    Zetta, making her an easy kill.  Have a stooge throw the castle within 
    invite-attack range and this will be over in no time.
    Reward: Get Pram.
    Note: Second Playthrough.  Considering she is the bad ending's final boss, 
    this ends your playthrough.  You'll also get a hint from the game about 
    what you did wrong and what you should change to get the good ending.  All bad
    endings have this hint btw.
    Be in chapter 1, but not to chapter 9 yet and make a wish to fight Valvoga.
    Requires level 250 character with 10000 mana.
    Actually tougher than I would have thought.  Probably the closest thing to
    Zetta out of all the Overlord fights.  Simply use the same strat you had for 
    Pram and he will drop just a little less quickly.
    Reward:  A more humanoid Dark Lord Valvoga phantom to use.
    Note: Third Playthrough.
    Be between chapters 2 and 8 and have a level 200 character with 9000 mana wish 
    to "Fight Young Babylon".
    Wow, he turned into a berserkish old man.  This guy is the third strongest of
    Overlords you fight, but should still be no problem.  Use the same strat as
    listed above.
    Reward:  A far less intimidating Old Man Babylon Phantom.  Which is weird cause 
    hes supposed to be the young babylon.
    Note: Third Playthrough.
    Be Between Chapters 3 and 8 and have a level 160 character with 7000 mana wish
    to "Fight against Seedle".
    This one isn't an Overlord, hes an Underlord, so he isn't so tough.  Same 
    strat and you beat him.
    Reward: Something about spirits forming into a phantom copy.  You get Seedle.
    Note: Third Playthrough.
    Be between chapters 5 and 8  (yes 5, nothing special about 4) and have a level
    180 character with 8000 mana wish to "Fight with Salome".
    The comment about the booty call had me laughing long past this fight, which
    is over pretty quick.  Same Strat and she done.
    Reward: Salome
    Note:  Third Playthrough, since she isn't alive to give you mana power in the
    future (which is bogus because no one else you fought died as a result), this
    playthrough ends.  You get another hint about what you did wrong this time.
    King Drake
    Between Chapters 6 and 8 have a level 120 character with 5500 mana wish to
    "Fight King Drake".
    I hate this guy, so this fight made me happy.  He drops really quick, faster
    than pram even.  Same strategy applies.
    Reward: Drake's phantom double, oh whoopity doo.  I do appreciate the 10% int
    Note: Fourth Playthrough.
    In the chapter 8-6 boss fight, make sure Salome dies before Alex, then kill
    him.  Then kill him again.
    Somewhat tricky.  Send out a level 1 facility to draw Alex's fire
    on the first turn.  On the second turn they should be right next to each
    other.  Use 2 single target attacks on Salome then 2 area attacks on them
    both.  That should kill Salome, if it doesn't, finish her off, then Alex.  If
    you accidently kill Alex first, restart and try again.  By now you should know
    the damage each member of your party deals, so you should be able to handle it.
    If you are having trouble, wait for alex to have 1 hit left, then jump in, 
    kill Salome, then kill him.
    Second Part
    Now Zetta is ticked off that his woman died (even though you caused it) and
    challenges Alex to the death, not just some "friendly" match.  He isn't much
    thougher here, just use the Pram strat and he will go down.
    Reward: Alejandro, Asshat, or Alex God of Destruction on your team.
    Note: Fourth Playthrough.  This is a pretty sad ending, but I like it a hell
    of a lot better than the Salome and Pram endings.  Ends your current
    Requirements: Have a level 1000 characters with 100,000 mana wish to 
    "Get a Preview of the Next Game!".
    You won't need this to beat her if you managed to unlock her.  She is level 50.
    Nuff said.  Very nice stats, though probably a little late in coming.
    Reward:Asagi, the next protaganist.  (Though I heard they dropped the game she
    was going to be in so have fun with the only time you'll ever see her!)
    Note:  Fifth Playthrough.
    Requirements:Beat Zetta, then have a level 300 character with 20,000 mana wish
    to "Fight the Strongest Enemy in the Game".
    300k defense.  Over 100k damage on your best guys.  This guy is TOUGH.  Way
    Worse than Zetta, this guy will destroy you utterly.  
    To make your life easier I suggest you remake your party to include entirely 
    special characters.  Their stat bonuses will definetely help get you to a 
    level of power that will allow you to beat Yoshitsuna about 1000 levels 
    earlier.  I would also suggest to pick characters who can use weapons that 
    are effective against vehicles.  Beam swords and Bazookas are wicked powerful 
    in their highest tiers, making them that much better.  I would suggest using 
    Zetta, Castille and Laharl at the very least.  They get extremely good attack 
    and tech stats respectively,and can master the correct weapon types.
    Now that you have your party picked out, you should get at least one to level
    100 so they can make 100 floor free dungeons.  If you plan on using some of 
    the characters you used to beat Zetta and the other Overlords you should 
    already have a level 100 character obviously.  Focus on getting the top tier
    equpiment of each type, with 4 of every belt/ring/glasses for each character
    who uses that stat.
    Now, even working all this time on a full party, you can make the game a bit
    easier on yourself.  I suggest choosing two or so people.  Valvoga, Zetta,
    and Laharl are good choices.  You'll want them to use the best beam sabers 
    you can find.  The Reason I say beam sabers is because they have the glorious
    benefit of being the only anti-vehicle weapon in the game that relies on your
    atk stat.  That means that you can focus all your mana on making the 3x3 
    dungeons for two characters and getting them to around level 1000.  At that
    level, and the two divine lights (top tier beam sabres) that you hopefully 
    found (I had found 4 by this point, two with stars), you will be able to do 
    enough damage to beat the Yoshitsuna.  The reason being everyone's favorite 
    spell, Braveheart.  Having three attack characters and five clerics casting 
    braveheart at the beginning of battle will double your attack power.  This 
    makes your life a lot easier.  With your two characters around 70k damage 
    base, or three around 60k damage base, you should have no trouble taking the 
    Yoshitsuna down.  Even withthis setup, it'll be easier obtaining all these 
    items and the mana needed to use the 3x3 dungeons if you use a full party. 
    Generally even your two or three best characters won't be able to hit enough 
    enemies to clear a room, so I suggest you give a priority to mastering the 
    beam sabres with your top characters but let everyone get a piece of the 
    action.  Most of your top characters will be getting their exp from the 3x3 
    dungeons anyway.
    Now comes the fight.  My suggested equip for this battle would be every 
    championship belt you have for your attackers, along with 1 pair of the best 
    shoes per each of the 8 characters.  Even if you only have 2 characters with 
    decent attack, I would suggest bringing a 3rd for combo boosting the other 2.  
    You'll want to start the battle in a castle with your 5 bravehearters and your
    3 attackers.  Summon the castle as close to the Yoshitsuna as you can, and
    take out each of your attackers right next to each other.  Then have your
    clerics come out of the castle spaced out from each other and cast braveheart
    on your three front characters.  After the 5th braveheart, use your most
    powerful beam sabre attack, hopefully the 4th one you get at mastery 12.  His
    health will drop significanty.  Leave one cleric next to your castle and space
    every other character out.  
    On Yoshitsuna's turn, two or three prinnies will pop out and attack your 
    castle and the cleric (most likely), and will also probably be killed be the 
    Yoshitsuna's attack in the process.  If any Prinnies survive, ignore them, 
    their stats aren't high enough to touch your main attackers.  
    Have the remaining clerics rebuff your characters back to double attack status 
    and attack the same as you did the first turn, leaving two clerics next to 
    each other when is all is said and done.  If the Yoshitsuna isn't dead yet 
    space everyone out again but those two clerics, and end your turn. 
    On the next turn, expect for those two clerics to die.
    On this third turn, if you can't finish Yoshitsuna off you probably won't be
    able to.  Have your last cleric that is hopefully still alive braveheart your
    attackers and then unleash.  If you still haven't killed the Yoshitsuna yet,
    put your weakest attacker next to the cleric and hope that you can finish
    it next turn.
    If you died, but know you could have won, you probably made one of two 
    mistakes.  You either left two characters too close together and they were 
    killed before they should die, for example, your two best attackers, or you 
    moved your attackers too far away from the battle and they couldn't get within
    attack range on the second turn.  Don't fret, you will get the hang of it in a 
    few tries.
    If all went well, congratulations.  You can either kill Prinny Baal, which
    would be pretty crazy considering his stats are just below Yoshitsuna's, or
    you can exit the battle, whichever you prefer.
    Reward:  A level 1 Yoshitsuna.  More than that, the satisfaction of beating
    the stupid thing and mastering Makai Kingdom.
    Note:  Fifth Playthrough.
    V.  Thanks and Such
    This is where I will list any credits that are due, as well as thanks that are
    also due.  So without further ado:
    1.  NIS America and Nippon Ichi Software for making this game that is both fun
    and addictive.
    2.  Everyone who answers dumb questions on the boards, cause I know I asked a
    3.  Every other FAQ writer that I ever liked, who inspired me to write a FAQ
    that I thought would be useful to others.
    4.  Rose4256 because I forgot the mana and level numbers for a few of these,
    and her Codes and Secrets contribution let me find out.
    VI.  Legal Stuff
    Makai Kingdom is Copyright of NIS America and Nippon Ichi Software.  I am in
    no way affiliated with them whatsoever.  This guide is copyrighted 2005 by me, 
    Mark R. McClellan.  If you wish to post this guide or use it for whatever 
    purpose, send me an email and I'll consider it.
    *end spoilers*

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