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    Game Script by Pleinair

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 02/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome Game Script
    Written by Pleinair (Pleinair123@aol.com)
    Version 1.02  February 14, 2006
    Notes:      This document contains massive spoilers for the game
                Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome for the PS2.
                Read no further if you have a problem with that.
                This document also employs a QuickFind system which allows
                you to locate data by searching for its respective code
                listed in the table of contents.
    Version History               [SCVHISTORY]
    My Intro                      [SCPLINTRO]
    Game Script                   [SCSCRIPT]
          Title Screen                              [SCTS]
          Prologue                                  [SCPRO]
          Intro                                     [SCINTRO]
          Episode 1 - Pages of Tragedy              [SCEP1]
                            Episode 1 Beginning                       [SCEP1B]
                            1-1 Upon Entry                            [SCEP11E]
                            1-1 Completion                            [SCEP11C]
                            1-2 Upon Entry                            [SCEP12E]
                            1-2 Completion                            [SCEP12C]
                            1-4 Completion                            [SCEP14C]
          Episode 2 - Arch Nemesis                  [SCEP2]
                            Episode 2 Beginning                       [SCEP2B]
                            2-1 Upon Entry                            [SCEP21E]
                            2-2 Upon Entry                            [SCEP22E]
                            2-6 Completion                            [SCEP26C]
          Episode 3 - Mystery Girl                  [SCEP3]
                            Episode 3 Beginning                       [SCEP3B]
                            3-1 Completion                            [SCEP31C]
                            3-6 Completion                            [SCEP36C]
          Episode 4 - Looting Question              [SCEP4]
                            Episode 4 Beginning                       [SCEP4B]
                            4-1 Upon Entry                            [SCEP41E]
                            4-4 Completion                            [SCEP44C]
                            4-6 Upon Entry                            [SCEP46E]
                            4-6 Completion                            [SCEP46C]
          Episode 5 - Salome the Traitor            [SCEP5]
                            Episode 5 Beginning                       [SCEP5B]
                            5-1 Completion                            [SCEP51C]
                            5-2 Completion                            [SCEP52C]
                            5-6 Completion                            [SCEP56C]
          Episode 6 - Prediction                    [SCEP6]
                            Episode 6 Beginning                       [SCEP6B]
                            6-1 Upon Entry                            [SCEP61E]
                            6-2 Completion                            [SCEP62C]
                            6-6 Completion                            [SCEP66C]
          Episode 7 - The One                       [SCEP7]
                            Episode 7 Beginning                       [SCEP7B]
                            7-1 Upon Entry                            [SCEP71E]
                            7-2 Upon Entry                            [SCEP72E]
                            7-6 Completion                            [SCEP76C]
          Episode 8 - The Curse                     [SCEP8]
                            Episode 8 Beginning                       [SCEP8B]
                            8-1 Upon Entry                            [SCEP81E]
                            8-2 Upon Entry                            [SCEP82E]
                            8-6 Upon Entry                            [SCEP86E]
                            8-6 Completion                            [SCEP86C]
          Episode 9 - Armageddon                    [SCEP9]
                            Episode 9 Beginning                       [SCEP9B]
                            9-1 Upon Entry                            [SCEP91E]
                            9-2 Completion                            [SCEP92C]
                            9-4 Completion                            [SCEP94C]
                            9-10 Upon Entry                           [SCEP910E]
                            9-10 Completion                           [SCEP910C]
    Stage Names                   [SCSTAGES]
          Beginner's Lounge                         [SCSN1]
          End of World                              [SCSN2]
          Mad Science                               [SCSN3]
          Death Cradle                              [SCSN4]
          Lose Control                              [SCSN5]
          Night Dance                               [SCSN6]
          Fate                                      [SCSN7]
          Dragon Land                               [SCSN8]
          Salome's Netherworld                      [SCSN9]
    Character Quotes              [SCCQUOTES] 
          Episode 1                                 [SCCQ1]
          Episode 2                                 [SCCQ2]
          Episode 3                                 [SCCQ3]
          Episode 4                                 [SCCQ4]
          Episode 5                                 [SCCQ5]
          Episode 6                                 [SCCQ6]
          Episode 7                                 [SCCQ7]
          Episode 8                                 [SCCQ8]
          Episode 9                                 [SCCQ9]
          Other Character Quotes                    [SCOCQ]
          Special Character Quotes                  [SCSCQ]
          Facility Quotes                           [SCFQ]
    Menu Help                     [SCMHELP]
    Lord Zetta Q&A                [SCLZQA]
    Items                         [SCITEMS]
          Confine Items                             [SCICI]
          Weapon Items                              [SCIWI]
          Armor Items                               [SCIAI]
          Accessory Items                           [SCIACI]
          Vehicle Parts                             [SCIVP]
          Food                                      [SCIF]
          Free Dungeon Items                        [SCIFDI]
    Skills                        [SCSKILLS]
          Equipment Skills                          [SCSES]
          Unarmed Skills                            [SCSUS]
          Magic Skills                              [SCSMS]
    Custom Characters             [SCCUC]
    Special Characters            [SCSPC] 
    Vehicles                      [SCVEHICLES]
    Facilities                    [SCFACILITIES]
    Special Events                [SCSEVENTS]
          Pram Ending Intro                         [SCSEPI]
          Pram Ending Loss                          [SCSEPL]
          Pram Ending Win                           [SCSEPW]
          Alex Ending Intro                         [SCSEAI]
          Alex Ending Loss                          [SCSEAL]
          Alex Ending Win                           [SCSEAW]
          Salome Ending Intro                       [SCSESI]
          Salome Ending Win                         [SCSESW]
          Valvoga Battle Intro                      [SCSEVBI]
          Valvoga Battle Win                        [SCSEVBW]
          Babylon Battle Intro                      [SCSEBBI]
          Babylon Battle Win                        [SCSEBBW]
          Seedle Battle Intro                       [SCSESBI]
          Seedle Battle Win                         [SCSESBW]
          King Drake Battle Intro                   [SCSEDBI]
          King Drake Battle Win                     [SCSEDBW]
          Flonne Battle Intro                       [SCSEFBI]
          Flonne Battle Win                         [SCSEFBW]
          Etna Battle Intro                         [SCSEEBI]
          Etna Battle Loss                          [SCSEEBL]
          Etna Battle Win                           [SCSEEBW]
          Castile Battle Intro                      [SCSECBI]
          Castile Battle Win                        [SCSECBW]
          Laharl Battle Intro                       [SCSELBI]
          Laharl Battle Loss                        [SCSELBL]
          Laharl Battle Win                         [SCSELBW]
          Asagi Battle Intro                        [SCSEABI]
          Asagi Battle Win                          [SCSEABW]
          Zetta Battle Intro                        [SCSEZBI]
          Zetta Battle Loss                         [SCSEZBL]
          Zetta Battle Win                          [SCSEZBW]
          Baal Ending Intro                         [SCSEBI]
          Baal Ending Loss                          [SCSEBL]
          Baal Ending Win                           [SCSEBW]
          Super Robo Suit Battle                    [SCSESRSB]
          Yoshitsuna Intro                          [SCSEYBI]
          Yoshitsuna Loss                           [SCSEYBL]
          Yoshitsuna Win                            [SCSEYBW]
          Good Ending                               [SCSEGE]
    Q&A                           [SCQA]
    Disclaimer                    [SCDISCLAIMER]
    Contact Info                  [SCCONINFO]
    Special Thanks                [SCSPTHANKS]
    No Thanks                     [SCNOTHANKS]
        Version History           [SCVHISTORY]
    Version 1.00 - February 09, 2006:
    FINALLY completed, several months behind schedule.  Many of the Game Script's
    typos that a reader may find are intentional, for the game made them as well.
    I have no intention of correcting such ones as of now.
    Version 1.01 - February 11, 2006
    -Added to the table of contents.
    -Added Prinny Baal to the Special Character List.  I don't know why he wasn't
     in version 1.00.
    -Q&A section added.
    Version 1.02 - February 14, 2006
    -One person in the Special Thanks section politely requested his removal.
     I considered moving him to the No Thanks section.  I didn't.
    -4 Errors in the QuickFind system were fixed.  Oddly, none of those who have
     sent emails noticed these.
    -More added to Q&A section.
    -Condition of Makai Gates other quote ever so slightly tweaked.
        My Intro                  [SCPLINTRO]
    God this thing took forever.  Why I even attempted of handling this task,
    I don't even know anymore.   From the 739 items to document, to the scenes
    I had to videotape, this was a grueling process.  Regardless, it's complete.
    The QuickFind system should be easy enough to use.  Just know that all the
    special ending scenes, the greatest spoilers of the game, are listed at the
    end of the document.
        Game Script               [SCSCRIPT]
    Here we are.  The meat and potatoes of this document.  Everything that is read
    during a playthrough, except the Prologue, which is given prior to starting a
    game.  Note that many tutorials given in the first cycle are not repeated in
    New Game+.
                      TITLE SCREEN                  [SCTS]
    NIS America
    Chronicles of the Sacred Tome
                      PROLOGUE                      [SCPRO]
      The man fulfilled his wish at last.
        Once he had everything, the man
               seemed to forget
        about the woman who had left...
       The two met in the fires of hell:
     a woman betrayed by those she trusted,
        and the man who saved her soul.
             He had many ambitions
     and was not satisfied with his life.
            Together with the woman,
              he began a conquest
            of blood and destruction
      to satisfy their thirst for battle.
                 Time passed,
          and the woman left the man.
        He was happy with his position,
            and lived an empty life.
        Deceptive words tricked the man
     and lead him to an unexpected future
        where his world came to an end.
              That's all I know.
    Let fate dictate the rest of the story.
    Perhaps living a life without knowledge
     of the future would prove worthwhile
        for one who knows everything...
                      INTRO                         [SCINTRO]
    Pram (Narrating): There is, of course,
                      more than one universe.
                      In one such world,
                      in the corner of a backwater galaxy,
                      humans rule over a senseless planet...
                      However, that's about as
                      important as a speck of dust
                      in this pluralistic cosmos.
                      Well, here in the Netherworld,
                      things work the same way.
                      I wanted to tell him that, but...
                      he had problems
                      with my prophecy, already.
                      That precious little puppet is
                      Lord Zetta,
                      an Overlord with the most powerful Mana
                      in the universe...
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      Nothing can stop me now!
                                               [Inside the Forbidden Library]
                                               [The place is on fire]
                                               [Ghosts & Flying Books are escaping]
    Zetta:            Security's tighter than I expected.
                      Then again, this IS where
                      the Sacred Tome is kept...
                      Argh! I shouldn't be wasting my time!
                      If I don't hurry up, my Netherworld will
                      disappear like that damn prophecy said...
                                                          [Deep within the Library]
                                                          [Raiden appears]
    Zetta:            What the--!?
                      Who the hell're you?
    Raiden:           I am called Raiden.
                      As per my master's orders,
                      I am here to destroy you.
    Zetta:            So, uh, let me guess...
                      You're the reason my Netherworld
                      is supposed to be destroyed?
                      Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      I'm a freakin' Overlord you idiot!
                      ...The strongest one in the entire cosmos.
                      Are you really the best warrior
                      that prophecy could send?
                      I'll crush you like a grape!
                                                            [Neato Flashy Effects!]
                                                            [Their battle begins]
    Zetta:            I'm going to mumble on now,
                      so skip if you want to.
                      Watch the battle tutorial?     (Yes)
                                                     (Hell no)
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: How to Move]
                      First, place the cursor on a character
                      and press the {X} button.
                      If the cursor selects multiple
                      characters then press the select button.
                      The selected character will display a red
                      circle representing its movement range.
                      Now select [Move] from the command
                      menu to move the character.
                      Move the character around with the
                      left analog stick. Decide where to
                      move and press the {X} button.
                      You can move the character at any
                      time, as long as the [Move} circle
                      is displayed.
                      Now here comes the fun part.
                      How to attack the enemies!
                      [Tutorial: How to Attack]
                      First select the character you want
                      to move and press the {X} button.
                      A red circle will appear to represent
                      its range.
                      Select [Attack] from the menu and
                      press the {X} button.
                      The blue circle represents the attack
                      range. Be careful, any character or
                      unit within the blue circle will be
                      affected by your attack.
                      Press the {X} button to confirm the action.
                      If you want to attack immediately,
                      open the command menu and select
                      Unlike [Move], you can only [Attack]
                      once per player turn. Therefore,
                      choose your attacks wisely.
                      When you have completed all of your
                      commands, open the command menu and
                      select [End turn].
                      If you have any questions, check
                      out the [Help] menu.
                      Try to get used to the controls,
                      before you go into combat.
                                                                     [After Battle]
    Zetta:            ...Raiden, hm?
                      I've seen that fighting style
                      somewhere before.
                      But, I'm over it.
                      Looks like my Netherworld
                      is same, now.
                      Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      I'm one bad-ass freakin' Overlord.
                      Ah... "The Sacred Tome."
                      It's about damn time.
                      Everything pertaining to my netherworld
                      should be recorded in this book.
                      Let's take a look-see if things
                      have improved since I trashed
                      that Raiden guy...
                      What the--!?
    Sacred Tome:      Lord Zetta is stupid.
                      His foolishness has doomed
                      the Netherworld to extinction.
    Zetta:            Heh, what a crock...
                      Well I'll be a son of a--
                      Stupid, am I?
                      My foolishness doomed the Netherworld?
                      How dare you read to me like that!
                      I'm a freakin' Overlord!
                      What is this!?
                      "Sacred Tome?" HA!
                      More like...Sucky...Dumb......thing...!
                                                      [He burns it]
                                                      [Everything starts vibrating]
                      What the--!?
                                                 [Everything is engulfed in flames]
                      What the hell's going on!?
                      If the Sacred Tome is...
                      Ahh, crap!
                      My netherworld's gonna be destroyed!
                      What the hell can I do?
                      I'll bind my soul to the damn book!
                                            [Zetta disappears into the Sacred Tome]
    Pram (Narrating): That's how my prophecy came true.
                      Lord Zetta avoided destruction by
                      trapping his soul in the Sacred Tome...
                      Man, That guy's harder to kill
                      than a cockroach.
                      thusly Lord Zetta's Netherworld
                      vanished into inky black nothingness...
                                                                    [Phone Ringing]
    Pram:             Uh-oh, looks like an SOS
                      from Zetta...
                      Guess he needs my help again.
                      Tee hee...
                                                        [Zetta's floating in space]
    Zetta:            Holy crap...
                      I lost everything...
                      My netherworld, my castle, my brothers...
                      Even my own body... it's all gone.
                                                                  [Girl wanders in]
                      How did I end up like this?
                      I was the most badass Overlord
                      in the universe, for Magog's sake!
                      Hey, hold on a second!
                      Who the hell're you?
                      What are you doing here?
                      Only beings of demon class
                      or higher are allowed in my space...
                      How'd a little girl get in!?
    Girl:             Oh, you're not concerned
                      with me, sir.
    Zetta:            ...I'm not?
    Girl:             That's a relief.
                      Have a nice day!
                                                                     [She runs off]
    Zetta:            H-Hey! Wait!
                      Cease! Halt! Come back!
                      ...What the hell was that about?
                      Aha! A strong mana's coming
                      this way--I can feel it!
                      Who could it be?
                      Hmmph, It better not be Salome!
                                                [Pram arrives from her Netherworld]
    Pram:             So, how are things, Zetta?
    Zetta:            Oh, it's you.
                      Hello, Pram.
    Pram:             "Hello!?" Who were you expecting?
                      You're the one who summoned me here.
    Zetta:            Oh, right...
    Pram:             So, you're looking literary, today.
                      Walk me through your makeover,
                      page by page... *giggle*
    Zetta:            Stop laughing!
                      I didn't do this on purpose!
    Zetta (Aside):    Nobody knows when
                      Pram the Oracle came to
                      my netherworld.
                      But, she recently received
                      one of her own.
                      She's young, but she has the ability
                      to see into the future,
                      which earned her respect among
                      the other Overlords.
                      Still, her exceptional mana power
                      is also making them nervous.
                      Pram is the Oracle who foretold
                      my netherworld's demise.
    Zetta:            How will this affect business?
                      Can I pull outta this?
    Pram:             Of course!
                      Don't you have any faith?
                      I brought a friend along.
                                                                    [Enter Valvoga]
    Micky:            Haaa, are you okay, Zetta?
                      You nearly gave me a heart attack!
                      When I heard you were in trouble,
                      I rushed right over.
    Ophelia:          Ohhh please!
                      Cut the crap, Micky,
                      you're here to kill Zetta.
    Micky:            What!?
                      Goodness, no!
    Dryzen:           Hehehehehe...
                      Kill him kill him kill him!
    Micky:            Stop that, both of you!
                      I'm really worried about
                      Lord Zetta...
    Zetta (Aside):    This thing, er... these things are
                      Dark Lord Valvoga, the Star Overlord.
                      In many worlds,
                      they're the Final Boss.
                      The lower body is
                      a dragon named Dryzen.
                      That face on its stomach is Ophelia,
                      the fallen angel.
                      The upper body is Micky,
                      who supposedly makes
                      the decisions...
                      But, the other two tend to bully him.
                      ...They're basically calling the shots.
                      For a demon general,
                      he's pretty spineless.
                      There's more than one world in
                      the universe,
                      so of course there are
                      many netherworlds.
                      I have mine, but it's not the only one.
                      Of course, with all these netherworlds
                      floating around,
                      Overlords try to conquer
                      other nearby netherworlds.
                      In fact, they pounce on
                      any chance to do so.
                      Nobody attacked me before
                      because of my
                      Mana power, but now...
    Micky:            Wow, Zetta... Even though you're
                      just a little novella now,
                      you haven't lost any power at all.
    Zetta:            Damn right! I'm the best there is.
                      You lame Overlords can't compare
                      to me!
    Pram:             Put a sock in it, already.
                      Mana power isn't worth much
                      if you can't even move around.
                      You're awfully helpless for a
                      "bad-ass freaking Overlord."
    Zetta:            Damn...
                      Seriously, what's the plan?
                      Can I really get my netherworld
                      back again?
    Pram:             Don't forget, I'm Pram the Oracle!
                      You became the Sacred Tome, right?
                      Well, just write your wish in the book;
                      the Netherworld will return.
    Zetta:            Are you sure?
    Pram:             Just trust me on this, kay?
                      Hm, though, you obviously can't
                      write it yourself...
    Zetta:            Damnit, arms!
                      Maybe you can write some in.
    Pram:             Nah, arms are overrated.
                      Ooh, here, I'll try something...
                      Let's see...
                                                [Pram produces a VERY large pencil]
    Zetta:            Whoa, time out! Stop!
                      It's my body, and I'll decide
                      what gets written on it!
                      ...Write something about a castle.
                      I need an Overlord's Castle!
    Pram:             Castle, hm?
                      Isn't that a little greedy?
                      hey, I know!
    Inside the Tome:  An Overlord's Castle has been created
                      in the name of Pram the Oracle.
    Zetta:            Sweet!
                      An Overlord's castle!
                                                     [Zetta's "Castle" is revealed]
                      What the hell?
    Pram:             It's a doghouse.
                      Why not start again from the bottom?
                      Life's not easy, y'know?
    Zetta:            You could have made it easier!
                                                         [Now at Overlord's Castle]
    Zetta:            I have my netherworld now, but I
                      can't move around yet.
                      I need loyal servants to by my
                      arms and legs.
                      Now go create custom characters by
                      confining lost souls to objects
                      found within the kingdom.
                      Depending on what you confine the souls
                      to, character status will change. For
                      example, rocks will increase (DEF),
                      while flowers will increase (INT).
                      I will create the first character,
                      so you do the rest.
                      That item over there looks useful.
                                           [Cursor goes over Allied Symbol]
                                           [You create your first Custom Character]
                      You're in command now.
                      Your first mission is to create more
                      Stand next to an object and press
                      the {X} button to confine a soul into it.
                      First make two characters.
                                             [If you talk to Zetta before making 2]
    Zetta:            Hm? I told you to create two
                      Simply approach an object and press
                      the {X} button to confine a soul into it.
                      Try making two characters.
                                                                   [After making 2]
    Zetta:            Good, now you know how to make
                      custom characters. You can make
                      more if you want to.
                      Now, let's move on.
                                                                    [A shop spawns]
                      Approach the shop and press the {X}
                      button to buy and sell items.
                      (You can also but from the merchant)
                      You can equip the item you bought
                      by accessing the [Equip-Arrange] menu.
                      Objects on the ground are equippable,
                      so try them out too.
                                                    [Talk to Zetta before shopping]
    Zetta:            What's wrong? You're not going to
                      but anything?
                                                          [As you talk to the Shop]
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Shopping]
                      Shop for weapons and armor at the
                      overlord's shop.
                      LV of the merchant will affect item
    Shop:             May I help you?
                      This is a vending machine with some items.
    Zetta:            We need a new netherworld to be created,
                      but we won't ask Pram. You never know
                      what she will do to us, so we'll ask
                      Micky instead...
    Inside the Tome:  A new netherworld has been created
                      in the name of Dark Lord Valvoga.
    Micky:            Whew...ha, that's harder than it looks.
                      It took some of my power as soon
                      as I wrote down my wish.
    Pram:             I see... Each wish has a price.
                      I assume it depends on the size
                      of your wish.
                      Something huge like rebuilding a netherworld
                      would probably erase a basic demon.
    Ophelia:          Which means only an Overlord
                      could create a netherworld.
                      How will you compensate us for
                      the trouble we've gone through to help?
    Dryzen:           Money! Babes! Alcohol!
                      Gwaaa ha ha ha ha!
    Micky:            Can't you just calm down?
                      Lord Zetta's in trouble
                      and we need to help him, okay?
                      Okay, Zetta...
                      You can go to the new
                      netherworld, now.
    Zetta:            Yeah, thanks...
                      You're not a bad guy, Micky.
                      But, that's why you'll never
                      be a great Overlord.
                      Episode 1  Pages of Tragedy   [SCEP1]
                                                    Episode 1 Beginning    [SCEP1B]
                                                                [Makai Gate spawns]
    Zetta:            We will travel to other netherworlds
                      through this Makai gate.
                      Approach the gate and press the {X}
                      button to select your destination.
                      Anything can happen, so don't forget
                      to save before taking off.
                                                    1-1 Upon Entry        [SCEP11E]
    Zetta:            Behold, my new netherworld!
                      Thanks a lot, Micky.
                      Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                                                               [Elsewhere in space]
    Pram:             Why'd you wuss out like that?
                      Are you afraid of Zetta or something?
                      That was the perfect chance to
                      have a little fun...
                      Are you sure you're the Dark Lord?
    Micky:            O-Of course I am...
    Ophelia:          Leave Micky alone, you bitch.
                      The only people who get to
                      bully Micky are myself and--
    Dryzen:           Dryzen picks on Micky!
                      Graah ha ha ha ha!
    Pram:             Ha, whatever...
                      I'm sick of you guys, anyway.
    Ophelia:          Don't get so bent out of shape, Pram.
                      I played a trick of my own.
                      ...We'll have our fun, don't worry.
    Pram:             Huh...?
                      What'd you do?
    Ophelia:          Well...
                                                      [Enemies appear before Zetta]
    Zetta:            What the hell kind of netherworld
                      is this!?
                      Nobody said anything about enemies!
    Inside The Tome:  A new netherworld has been created
                      in the name of Dark Lord Valvoga.
                      Please enjoy the thrills and adventure.
    Zetta:            Thrills and adventure!?
                      I don't have time for that crap!
                      ...Micky, you bastard!
                      Well, if I gotta take this world by force,
                      then so be it...
                      It's ass-kicking time.
                      Listen up, you punks!
                      The name's Zetta, and I'm gonna
                      Overlord your faces off!
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Invite]
                      You need to summon characters to fight.
                      Set the cursor on me and press the
                      {X} button to open the [Invite] command.
                      Select [Invite] to summon friendly
                      units onto the battlefield.
                      The number of units you can summon
                      is restricted. Check the [POP].
                      The # on the right represents the
                      total # of units you can summon.
                      The # on the left represents the
                      # of units on the field.
                      If your unit is defeated during
                      battle, the # on the right will
                      decrease. Reach zero and it's game over.
                      You can summon all at once or
                      summon little by little. It's
                      your choice.
                      How to clear the stage.
                      Check out the [Score] on the bottom
                      right of the screen.
                      [Tutorial: Stage points]
                      # on the right represents the total
                      score required to clear the stage.
                      You can collect stage points by
                      defeating your enemies.
                      This map requires 200 points to clear.
                      You can recieve a total of 400 here.
                      Therefore, if you defeat 200 points
                      worth of enemies, you can clear the
                                                    1-1 Completion        [SCEP11C]
    Zetta:            Good job.
                      We acquired a hospital.
                                                                  [Hospital spawns]
                      Heal the wounded at the hospital.
                      (You can also heal with the healer)
                      Approach the hospital and press the
                      {X} button to access the hospital.
                      You need money to heal, but you better
                      do it, just in case.
                                                    1-2 Upon Entry        [SCEP12E]
    Zetta:            Did you know you that you can lift     [WTF did he just say?]
                      objects up and throw them during battle?
                      [Tutorial: Lift&Throw]
                      Lift and throw is one of the most
                      important tactics in this game.
                      You can use [Lift], if the character
                      is not holding anything.
                      Select [Lift] and choose the object
                      you wish to carry. You can carry
                      either an object or a character.
                      Don't forget! You can take the item
                      you are holding back to the kingdom
                      if you beat the stage while holding it.
                      Next, how to [Throw].
                      Strategically throw items and characters
                      to your benefit during battle.
                      Remember you can't lift&throw while
                      you are holding something, so you
                      have to unequip the character first.
                      If you are holding something, go to
                      the [Item] menu and unequip the
                      You can also equip an item by
                      approaching it and pressing the {X}
                      It's the easiest way to get extra
                      items during the game.
                      Oh, I forgot to tell you something
                      [Tutorial: Extension]
                      Usually, when you throw an item off
                      the map, it becomes O.B.
                      However, depending on where you throw
                      the item, an extra hidden map called
                      [Extension] will appear.
                      Extensions will also appear by defeating
                      or destroying key items and characters.
                      Extension maps can be used to train
                      the army.
                      The more extension maps you find, the
                      stronger the enemy becomes, so
                      watch out.
                                                    1-2 Completion        [SCEP12C]
                                               [Pram & Valvoga are watching via TV]
    Pram:             So that's your little trick?
                      Hm, I guess this might prove
                      amusing, at best...
    Ophelia:          Where there is good, there is
                      also bad, correct?
                      It's important to have balance.
    Micky:            Ohhh no...!
                      How could you, Ophelia?
                      Now Zetta will be angry...
                      How dare you do this to me!
    Pram:             So let him be angry, geez.
                      You're the Dark Lord, aren't you?
                      ...Grow a pair...
                      You're practically shaking at
                      the thought of Lord Zetta!
    Micky:            Shut up!
                      You're a newbie Overlord, anyway.
    Pram:             Ha! Is that all you've got?
                      I'm supposed to submit to you
                      just because you're older?
                      Mana power is all that matters.
                      I can show you, if you want...
                                                   [Pram shows off her awesomeness]
    Micky:            A-Alright, Pram...
                      Forget it.
                      You're more powerful than I am.
    Pram:             Hmph...
                      Glad to hear it.
                      Tee hee.
                                                    1-4 Completion        [SCEP14C]
    Zetta:            Great work, everyone.
                      To be honest, I was worried...
                      Power or not, I can't fight in this form.
                      ...But that's all worked out, now.
                      I'll just have you fight my battles
                      for me!
                      Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                                              [Pram is seen overlooking from above]
    Pram:             Hm, even in that pathetic state,
                      he still acts like an Overlord.
                      I knew I could count on him...
                      But, there isn't time to relax.
                      I can no longer read the Netherworld's
                      future... Tee hee...
    Zetta (Aside):    7 netherworlds until I get
                      my own back.
                      Episode 2  Arch Nemesis       [SCEP2]
                                                    Episode 2 Beginning    [SCEP2B]
    Zetta:            Stay the hell away from my netherworld,
                      Micky... Got it?
    Micky:            B-But...
                      I didn't do it!
    Pram:             Um, excuse me Zetta... Even though it was all
                      Micky's fault this time, aren't netherworlds
                      supposed to be full of monsters?
                      Uh, you can't have a netherworld without
                      monsters, can you? It's kind of a universal
                      truth...don't you think?
    Zetta:            Hm... I see your point.
                      I actually had to kill a lot of monsters
                      in order to get my first netherworld.
    Pram:             See? Exactly.
                      So it makes sense for roving monsters
                      and wild demons to be in the Netherworld.
                      Oh, um, by the way, Zetta,
                      another assistant should be
                      on the way.
    Zetta:            Who is it this time!?
                      (It'd better not be Salome...)
                      (No, that'd never happen.
                      She left of her own free will...
                      Salome wouldn't dare show her face again.)
    Pram:             Here he is...
                      ...Uh, it's about time.
    Zetta:            Y-you're--!
                                                                    [Enter Babylon]
    Babylon:          Long time no see, haha, young Zetta.
                      My eyesight isn't what it used to be...
                      So I ran into a few planets
                      on the way here.
                      I'm...assuming they were destroyed.
                      I, I must apologize.
    Zetta:            It's an honor, Dragon Overlord Babylon.
                      I thought you were retired.
    Babylon:          Nonsense! I'm in my prime.
                      Youngin's like you are no match
                      for my experience.
    Zetta (Aside):    That huge geezer is Dragon
                      Overlord Babylon.
                      He's the oldest known Overlord,
                      and he once ruled the universe with
                      his incredible power.
                      He was unbeatable back then...
                      but they say
                      the brain is the first thing to go.
                                                     [Babylon falls asleep on them]
    Zetta:            Hey, uh... Pram?
                      Is this really a good idea?
    Pram:             I don't think you have much choice.
                      You do want your body back,
                      don't you?
    Zetta:            My body...?
    Pram:             Yeah, if we keep recording wishes,
                      and the Netherworld returns to normal,
                      your body will, too.
    Zetta:            Y-you serious!?
    Pram:             I'm an Oracle, aren't I?
                      Uh, just leave it to Pram, kay?
                      Tee hee...
    Zetta:            Uhkay...
                                                                 [Babylon wakes up]
    Babylon:          I suppose that's all settled...
                      So? Why was I summoned?
    Pram:             I'd like you to record your wishes
                      for a new netherworld on Zetta, here.
    Babylon:          Ah, I see.
                      But I don't want any questions
                      about how I can write without hands!
                      (None of yer damn business...)
                                                             [At Overlord's Castle]
    Zetta:            You've been inviting the custom
                      characters onto the battlefield.
                      But, did you know that you can invite
                      facilities onto the field too?
                      You can store the characters and
                      items inside the facility by
                      accessing the [Equip-Arrange] command.
                      Every facility will give special
                      bonus features to assist you during
                      You can always access the stored
                      items during battle to heal the
                                                    2-1 Upon Entry        [SCEP21E]
    Zetta:            This is the new netherworld, huh?
                      ...Not so bad.
    Voice:            I've been waiting for you,
                                                                       [Enter Alex]
    Zetta:            You!
    Zetta (Aside):    This punk is Alexander,
                      God of Destruction.
                      aka. Alejandro, Asshat, or Alex.
                      He comes off like a know-it-all brat,
                      but he is actually an Overlord.
                      Heh, but even after
                      20,846 assassins
                      and 6,413 meaningless wars,
                      he still hasn't taken me down...
    Zetta:            What up, Alex?
    Alex:             Spare the "what's up" crap!
                      I'm here to end you!
    Zetta:            Not this again...
                      How many times do I haveta
                      kick your sorry ass?
    Alex:             Shut up! We're tied, and you know it!
                      ...And, this time, you're goin' down!
    Zetta:            Go home, kid. You can't win.
                      I'm the strongest freaking Overlord
                      you'll ever piss off.
    Alex:             The strongest?
                      What're you gonna do, bookworm?
                      Give me a paper cut?
    Zetta:            Hya...Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      Like I haven't heard the book
                      jokes a thousand times already.
                      You want some wrath, little boy?
                      Then keep on talking...I'm doin'
                      just fine in the literary world.
    Alex:             You're full of it!
                      There's no way you have that much power;
                      you're a freaking book!
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      I didn't expect you to understand.
                      I'm Lord Zetta, one bad-ass Overlord!
                                                                 [Zetta falls over]
                      What the--!?
                      I can't move!
    Alex:             Aha...Haa! Hahahaha! You idiot!
                      Who's the Overlord now, bitch!?
                      If your mana power's so great,
                      why can't you get up, huh?
                      Ahaahahahaha! This is hilarious!
                      What would your disciple say
                      if she saw you like this?
    Zetta:            I don't have a disciple!
                      She's dead to me!
    Alex:             Ohhh, how cold hearted, Master Zetta.
                      Salome would cry if she heard you
                      say that.
    Zetta:            Shut up!
                      It's none of your business, anyway!
    Alex:             I suppose that's true...
                      Should we continue our business, then?
                      Forget it, I don't need to prove anything.
                      Even these guys could waste you
                      at this point...
                      Hope they don't break you...spine!
                      Ha ha ha!
                                                               [Exit Alex]
                                                               [Enter Hell Kitties]
    Zetta:            Damn bastard...
                      You'll pay for this!
                      But first... I gotta...
                      ...get up.
    Zetta:            Done arranging the facilities?
                      Then try inviting them now.
                                                    2-2 Upon Entry        [SCEP22E]
    Pram:             Alexander, God of Destruction, huh?
                      Why's he all up in our business?
    Micky:            Something's not right...
                      This netherworld is brand new,
                      but he was there waiting for Zetta.
    Babylon:          Hmmmm...
                      It is curious, indeed.
    Ophelia:          It's not possible unless he can
                      see the future somehow.
    Dryzen:           You're the only one here with that power!
                      Grah ha ha ha ha!
    Pram:             Uh, what are you implying!?
                                                         [Pram goes into Kill Mode]
    Micky:            Wha--? Hey!
                      Why are you looking at me!?
                      THEY said it!
                      It was Ophelia and Dryzen!
    Ophelia:          We three are one.
                      Our sin is Micky's as well.
    Dryzen:           You'll burn along with us, Micky!
                      BWA ha ha ha ha ha!
    Babylon:          Well, you kids have fun.
                      It's time for this old man to go.
                                                          [Babylon leaves]
                                                          [Pram's about to explode]
    Micky:            No! Pram! Stoooop!
                      You're making a mistake...
                      I don't wanna die!
                                                                    [Back to Zetta]
    Zetta:            Hm? An earthquake?
                      ...Did I just hear Micky screaming?
                                                              [Hell Kitties appear]
                      Oh well, nevermind...
                      I should concentrate on these guys.
                      Disperse, loyal battle monkeys!
                      Do my bidding and bust a cap!
                                                    2-6 Completion        [SCEP26C]
    Zetta:            Damnit, Alex!
                      Now that he knows my weakpoint,
                      it won't be long until he sends
                      an assassin...
                      I need to hurry up and get
                      my body back.
    Zetta (Aside):    6 netherworlds til I'm back in
                      my hell-hole.
                      Episode 3  Mystery Girl       [SCEP3]
                                                    Episode 3 Beginning    [SCEP3B]
                               [Zetta wakes up to find him self as a potato cooker]
    Zetta:            Gaaaaaaaaargh!!
                                                   [He humorously puts himself out]
    Girl:             Oh poo, the fire's out, ohhh.
    Zetta:            Who the hell--!?
                                                                       [Enter Pram]
    Pram:             What is going on out here?
    Zetta:            That girl...
                      She set me on fire!
    Pram:             What!?
                      ...She did?
                      Did you really light Zetta
                      on fire?
    Girl:             Yup!
    Pram:             Geez, you're an honest one,
                      aren't you?
    Zetta:            Who the hell is she?
                      One of Alex's assassins!?
    Voice:            Ha ha ha... Her? An assassin?
                      You've grown paranoid, Zetta.
                                                                     [Enter Seedle]
    Zetta:            ...Demon Overlord Seedle.
                      You rarely leave the Underworld...
                      What's the occasion?
    Seedle:           Pram the Oracle said you were in trouble.
                      I just came to see for myself...and maybe
                      have a little fun. Ha ha ha...
    Zetta (Aside):    Yeah, that's Demon Overlord Seedle.
                      He's the ruler of the Underworld
                      (y'know, the place with
                      all the dead people).
                      He was a kind, brave samurai until he
                      got lost in the Underworld,
                      where he kicked enough ass
                      to become head-honcho.
                      ...I wonder what he's really after.
    Zetta:            Is that chick one of
                      your spies, Seedle?
                                              [Girl gets distracted by a butterfly]
    Seedle:           My spies? Ha! Not her, no way.
                      All of my spies are still in the
                      Except, of course, for the ones
                      I placed in your ranks.
    Zetta:            Mmmm...
    Seedle:           Well Zetta, you certainly are high-strung
                      if you thought this little girl walking
                      around in the open was an assassin...
    Zetta:            Shut up...
                      You, little girl!
                      Who are you, anyway?
                      ...Did you come here to kill me?
    Pram:             Um, Hold on, Zetta...
                      Something strange is going on.
    Zetta:            I know that!
                      She's a strange looking girl.
    Pram:             No, no...
                      She shouldn't be able to exist here
                      if she's just an ordinary girl.
    Zetta:            Well... Yeah...
                      I was wondering that, too.
                      But, do you think she knows
                      where she is, or what she's in
                      the middle of?
    Pram:             Um...
                      She looks pretty dense,
    Zetta:            Hey! What's your name?
    Trenia:           Trenia.
    Zetta:            Trenia...
                      (Why do I care what her name is?)
                      (I used to be able to eliminate
                      dumb girls like this without
                      a second thought...}
                      (Damn, I'm getting soft...)
                      (She made an attempt at my life!
                      ...Why don't I want to kill her?)
                      (It's like something inside of me
                      won't let me kill her.)
                      (...Who the hell writes this crap!?
                      Just because I lost my body doesn't mean
                      I have to lose my mind!)
    Pram:             Excuse me, what's the deal, Zetta?
                      Books shouldn't have long
                      internal monologues.
    Zetta:            What...?
                      No, nevermind.
    Pram:             So, what about this chick?
                      Should we kill her now, or find
                      a deliciously evil way to torture her first?
    Zetta:            Just let her go.
    Pram:             ---------------!?
                      What the hell!?
                      Zetta, are you out of your freakin mind?
    Zetta:            Shut up, just leave her alone.
                      I, Overlord Zetta, decree that nobody
                      is allowed to harm that girl.
                                                                      [Pram's PO'D]
    Pram:             Heh...Whatever.
                      (What's HIS problem...)
    Seedle:           Ha ha ha...
                      You're the genius oracle, right?
                      So, tell me... What's Zetta thinking?
    Pram:             .........!
                                                            [Trenia stares blankly]
                                                             [At Overlord's Castle]
    Zetta:            You can create an [infantry] and
                      a [medic].
                      [Tutorial: Infantry-Medic]
                      Both infantry and medic are experts
                      of firearms.
                      An infantry is like a warrior that
                      can use a gun and a medic is like a
                      healer with a gun.
    Captain Obvious:  You can now create [infantry] and
                      You can also buy a gun now!
                                                    3-1 Completion        [SCEP31C]
                                                    [Trenia's with some Hell Kitty]
    Pram:             So, Trenia...
                      Why'd you really come here?
                      You can tell me.
    Trenia:           Why'd I come?
    Pram:             Don't play dumb, girly.
                      Answer me--why'd you try
                      to kill Zetta?
    Trenia:           Kill Zetta? That never even crossed
                      my mind...
                      I was just being spontaneous.
                                                         [Pram activates Kill Mode]
    Pram:             ...Uh, You're kidding me.
                                                           [Reaching Critical Mass]
                      How stupid do you think I am!?
                      Nobody kills an Overlord out of
    Trenia:           You're cute when you're mad.
    Pram:             Tch, Whaa--!?
    Trenia:           Hmhmhm, oh I get it!
                      You're a wannabe fortune teller, huh?
                      You want to know everything! Eh, ha!
    Pram:             Did you just say...
    Trenia:           You shouldn't want to know everything
                      about this world, though...
                      There's bad things in this world, too.
                      Sometimes there are things you'd be
                      better off not knowing.
                                                    3-6 Completion        [SCEP36C]
    Zetta:            Hmm...
                             [Alex is seen walking away, dropping a piece of paper]
                      No, it wasn't Alex...
                      But, who besides him would try
                      to attack me?
                      What's that?
    Piece of Paper:   Stupid Lord Zetta survived...
                      Just like a cockroach, he simply
                      refuses to die.
    Zetta:            Wh-What the--!?
                      Just as I thought, it HAD
                      to be Alex!
                      Did he come here just to mock me!?
                      ...I'll knock that bastard down
                      a peg or two...
                      Eh? Wait a minute...
                      That sounded just like--
    Sacred Tome:      Lord Zetta is stupid.
                      His foolishness has doomed
                      the Netherworld to extinction.
    Zetta:            It's the same person who rewrote
                      the Sacred Tome...
                      Who would dare slander my name!?
                      ...Could Alex really have written
                      that crap in the Sacred Tome?
                                                      [Image of Alex is seen above]
    Alex's Image:     Ahahahahahaha!
    Zetta (Aside):    5 more netherworlds til
                      my sulphur wash.
                      Episode 4  Looting Question   [SCEP4]
                                                    Episode 4 Beginning    [SCEP4B]
                                             [Zetta returns to the other Overlords]
    Pram:             Welcome back, Zetta.
                      Things seem to be going pretty well.
    Zetta:            Huh...?
                      Yeah, guess so.
    Pram:             Something wrong?
                      What's on your mind--er, your page?
    Zetta:            Looks like Alex is behind everything.
                      The loss of the Netherworld, my body...
                                                            [Pram sure looks happy]
    Micky:            What?
    Babylon:          What evidence do you have, young Zetta?
    Zetta:            Well, I found this piece
                      of paper.
    Piece of Paper:   Stupid Lord Zetta survived...
                      Just like a cockroach, he simply
                      refuses to die.
    Pram:             Tee hee..."Stupid Lord Zetta."
                      It sounds like something he'd say.
    Ophelia:          Then, it was no accident that Zetta
                      lost his netherworld.
    Babylon:          Do you really think one piece
                      of paper proves Alex is at fault?
    Pram:             It makes sense.
                      Alexander, God of Destruction, could
                      certainly do all that.
                      ... Yes.
                      I'm sure he did everything.
    Micky:            Pram's an oracle, so if she says it,
                      it must be true.
    Dryzen:           Mystery solved! Go Zetta!
                      Graah ha ha ha!
    Seedle:           Shut up, idiots!
                      Can't you tell something strange
                      is going down?
    Zetta:            Eh!?
                      Is Alex coming to attack us?
                                                                  [Sparkly Effects]
    Babylon:          I say!
                      What the hell is going on?
    Pram:             Okay, nobody panic, it's just...
                      ...He's certainly the last person
                      I ever expected to show up.
                                                                      [Enter Drake]
    Drake:            Bwa ha ha ha ha!
                      You've all waited so patiently,
                      and now I've finally arrived!
                      I'm the king of the universe,
                      the galactic hero, the creator
                      of all things decently sized!
                      Say my name if you know it...
                      I am......
                                                                   [Flashy Effects]
                      King Drake the third!
    Zetta (Aside):    That's King Drake the third.
                      I'm sure you heard what he said,
                      so there's not much to add...
                      Oh, he's a moron.
    Drake:            Hm...Lord Zetta, my friend.
                      You've become much, umpgh, wordier than
                      the last time we met...Hmhm, what a shame.
                      I heard what happened.
                      Don't worry, I will set you free!
    Zetta:            Well, it looks like I have plenty
                      of help already, you can go now.
                      ...Seriously, get lost.
    Drake:            Wah ha ha ha ha! Nonsense!
                      What else are friends for?
    Micky:            It's okay, isn't it Zetta?
                      It never hurts to have more friends.
    Seedle:           Ha ha ha, you can't be serious.
                      Since when have we been friends?
                      Should we all hold hands?
    Babylon:          Ot would be easier on these old bones
                      if we had more help...
    Drake:            Aha! I understand perfectly!
                      Never fear, King Drake the third
                      will fight hard for his new friends!
                      Haaaa ha ha ha ha!
    Pram:             Ugh...just shoot me now.
                                                             [At Overlord's Castle]
    Narrator:         Got [Engineer] and [Vehicle]!
                      You can create a [professor] and an
    Zetta:            Let me explain about the vehicle we
                      just got.
                      [Tutorial: Vehicle]
                      A vehicle is like a moving fortress
                      that can attack, so use it. Don't
                      forget to equip-arrange it before
                      If you want to learn more about vehicles,
                      ask the [engineer].
                                                    4-1 Upon Entry        [SCEP41E]
                                                  [King Drake is standing in space]
                                                  [Enter Pram]
    Pram:             What's your scheme?
    Drake:            Hey, it's Pram!
                      I didn't expect to see you here.
    Pram:             Cut the crap.
                      How'd you know we were here
                      without being invited?
                      You're planning something...
                      So out with it!
    Drake:            How could you suspect me of fould play?
                      A lesser Overlord would be insulted...
                      I am King Drake the third.
                      I swear by the Underworld below
                      that I have nothing to hide.
                                                                   [Flashy Effects]
    Pram:             You'd better hope so...
                      I don't want you doing anything stupid.
                                                                     [Enter Raiden]
    Zetta:            Y-You're--!
    Zetta:            What the--!?
                      Who the hell're you?
    Raiden:           I am called Raiden.
                      As per my master's orders,
                      I am here to destroy you.
    Zetta:            So, uh, let me guess...
                      You're the reason my Netherworld
                      is supposed to be destroyed?
                      Bwa ha ha ha!
                      I'm a freakin' Overlord, you idiot!
                      ...The strongest one in the entire cosmos.
                      Are you really the best warrior
                      that prophecy could send?
                      I'll crush you like a grape!
                                                              [Back to the Present]
    Zetta:            Heh, you're better than I thought.
                      I'd assumed you went down with
                      my netherworld.
    Raiden:           Lord Zetta...
                      This time, I will destroy you
                      for sure.
    Zetta:            I admire your rash vindictiveness.
                      Tell me, Raiden, what's your motive?
    Raiden:           .........
                                                                  [Raiden vanishes]
    Zetta:            Stop! You won't escape!
                      Don't let him get away!
                                                    4-4 Completion        [SCEP44C]
    Zetta:            My loyal servent... Do you know                    [servent?]
                      about [Reincarnation]?
                      [Tutorial: Reincarnation]
                      Every time you make a wish on the
                      sacred tome, you sacrifice a character.
                      However, the sacrificed character's
                      soul can be used to create a new
                      character, while keeping the old stats!
                      Try reincarnating a LV 10 and above
                      character. You'll be surprised.
                      By utilizing reincarnation, you can
                      create a warrior who can use healing
                      magics, or a magician with a high ATK.
                      The higher the LV, the more bonus
                      points you get for charater creation.
                      Use an rare item for confine and recieve                  [?]
                      even more bonus points.
                      Characters confined to *items can
                      [*Reincarnate]. *Reincarnate returns your
                      soul by absorbing the * of the item.
                      The more * you collect, the more
                      bonus points you receive for character
                      creation, so utilize it!
                      Reincarnation is the key to victory,
                      so use it wisely!
                                                    4-6 Upon Entry        [SCEP46E]
    Zetta:            There's nowhere left to run!
                                                                       [Enter Alex]
    Zetta:            Alex!
                      ...Ah hell, it was a trap.
    Alex:             Ahaahahahaha!
                      You're like a cockroach, Zetta!
                      Why won't you die!?
    Zetta:            Alex, Raiden was your...?
                      I knew you were behind this!
    Alex:             Ah, you guessed correctly for once!
                      Raiden's been acting at my command!
    Zetta:            I guess I underestimated you...
                      I didn't think you were such a coward!
                      You couldn't beat me without rewriting
                      the Sacred Tome and taking my body!
    Alex:             ...Huh?
                      What are you talking about?
                      Ha, all I did was send Raiden
                      to kill you...
                      I know you're pathetic, miserable,
                      and weak...but don't pin all your
                      problems on me!
    Zetta:            .........
    Alex:             What's with the silent treatment?
                      Ellipses are for chumps--
                      say something!
    Zetta:            So...
                      You really didn't write in the
                      Sacred Tome?
    Alex:             Not this again...
                      What the hell's the Sacred Tome,
    Zetta (Aside):    Tch...!
                      (Okay, what's going on?
                      Alex hasn't even heard of
                      the Sacred Tome...)
    Alex:             I think it's about time I did a little
                      length editing of my own...
                      Raiden! Tear out this bastard's pages.
                                                           [Raiden starts flashing]
                      So long, Zetta...
                      If you manage to limp away,
                      we'll meet again!
                                                                        [Exit Alex]
    Zetta:            H-Hey, Alex, wait!
                      I still have more questions!
                                                    4-6 Completion        [SCEP46C]
    Zetta:            So... Alex isn't behind this.
                      For the God of Destruction,
                      he's a pretty straight-shooter.
                      He wouldn't lie to my face...
                      The, who the hell set me up?
                                                             [Meanwhile in space]
                                                             [Trenia's watching TV]
                                                             [Enter Pram]
    Pram:             You...
                      Tell me what you know.
                                                                [Trenia plays dumb]
                      If you didn't know what was going on,
                      you wouldn't dare call me a wannabe.
                                                         [Pram goes into Kill Mode]
                      Answer me!
                      How much do you know!?
    Trenia:           Hmhm, I know eeeeeeverything hm,hm.
                                                   [Critical Mass has been reached]
                                                   [Even the TV phears Pram!]
    Pram:             Everything!?
                      ...Ugh, you're bluffing.
                                                                  [Pram calms down]
                      You little bitch...
                      The only reason you're still alive
                      is because Zetta commanded it.
                                              [Trenia is distracted by a butterfly]
                                              [Pram, once again, is pissed off]
    Zetta (Aside):    4 netherworlds til aroma
                      therapy brimstone.
                      Episode 5  Salome the Traitor [SCEP5]
                                                    Episode 5 Beginning    [SCEP5B]
                                                                         [In space]
    Voice:            Zetta...
                                              [Salome arrives from her Netherworld]
    Zetta:            Salome...
    Salome:           Oh, Zetta...
                      It's been so long.
    Zetta:            Heh...
                      So, you're here to laugh at me?
    Salome:           Of course not.
                      Do you really think I would do
                      such a thing?
                      ...You haven't changed at all.
    Zetta (Aside):    Lady Salome...
                      She gave up her humanity
                      to live here.
                      She was one of my students,
    Seedle:           Ah, Lady Salome...
                      You've finally arrived.
    Salome:           You're as charming as ever, Seedle.
                      Were you waiting just for me?
    Seedle:           Well, I knew you'd show up if Zetta
                      was in trouble... Ha ha ha!
                      But...Don't you feel bad about
                      making him wait so long?
                      ...Is something wrong?
    Salome:           .........
    Seedle:           Hmph, don't try to hide it.
                      I know all about you.
                      I know your dreams,
                      I know your fears,
                      and, of course...your illness.
                      You lose a little more Mana power
                      with each tick of the clock.
                      Am I right? Ha!
    Salome:           .........
    Drake:            Aha! This IS interesting!
                      Lady Salome could have surpassed even
                      Lord Zetta...but now she's losing Mana!
    Babylon:          She's still just a human, then.
                      Oh, heaven help her!
    Seedle:           Ha ha ha ha ha!
                      I could tell Zetta how ill you've
                      become, if you'd like...
    Salome:           Shut up!
                      You're all horrible!
                                                           [Salome puts on an act]
                                                           [Seedle draws his sword]
                      So you think I'm weak?
                      You know all about me, do you?
                      You'd better stay the hell away
                      from me, you pathetic piles of sin!
                                                [She attacks Valvoga's Netherworld]
    Micky:            Ahhhhhhh!
                      M-M-My netherworld--!
                                                        [Ophelia shakes her "fist"]
    Ophelia:          ...You little slut!
                      How dare you!?
    Dryzen:           Get her, Micky!
                      Kill her! Rip her apart!
                                                      [Trenia walks her Hell Kitty]
    Pram:             Stop it, all of you.
                      Salome, you shouldn't write checks
                      that your diminishing Mana power
                      can't cash.
                      Your little trick isn't even
                      very impressive...
                      Even I could do that.
    Salome:           You must be Pram the Oracle...
                      I guess the rumors were true.
    Pram:             What!?
    Salome:           But, you shouldn't overestimate yourself
                      just because you've never been defeated.
    Pram:             Ha! Don't be stupid.
                      I know everything.
    Zetta:            That's enough!
                      Can we think about ME for a second?
    Salome:           Yes, of course...
                                                  [Seedle waves his sword in anger]
                      What now, Seedle?
                      Aren't you here to help Zetta?
                                                        [Seedle sheathes his sword]
    Seedle:           ...We'll continue this when there
                      aren't any interruptions.
                                                    5-1 Completion        [SCEP51C]
    Salome:           Zetta...
                                                                     [Enter Salome]
    Zetta:            Why are you here, Salome?
    Salome:           Why the cold shoulder?
                      ...It's been so long since
                      we were together.
    Zetta:            Ha! Don't be selfish.
                      You're the one who left me...
    Salome:           You neglected me...
                      Was a second of your time
                      so much to ask?
                      I cared so much for you,
                      but all you cared about was becoming
                      stronger, so I...
    Zetta:            Of course I wanted to be more powerful--
                      I'm an Overlord.
                      I don't see what the problem was.
    Salome:           Yes, I understood that...
    Zetta:            So...
                      I heard you're sick.
                      Is that true?
    Salome:           Yes, I've fallen ill...
                      Ha, are you concerned?
    Zetta:            I'll say!
                      Losing Mana power because you're sick?
                      What a waste.
    Salome:           Hm...
                      Do you have to be so cold?
    Zetta:            What did you expect? I'm an Overlord.
                      Were you expecting me to comfort
                      you tenderly or something?
                                                                  [Change in Music]
    Salome:           .........
                      Don't you love me, Zetta?
    Zetta:            Tch! Don't you ever get all
                      mushy on me again! Your wimpy girl
                      talk is starting to drain MY power!
                      No wonder you're so weak, now.
    Salome:           ...Maybe you're right.
    Salome (Aside):   (But before I die...
                      I'd like to hear him say it.
                      ...just once.)
                                                    5-2 Completion        [SCEP52C]
    *There is no actual dialogue in this scene
    *Trenia is seen tilling "soil" in space
    *She's then seen snacking on riceballs
    *She's then seen planting a a single seed of corn and giggling
    *She then says "All set!" & walks off
    *Urge to play Harvest Moon... rising
                                                    5-6 Completion        [SCEP56C]
    Zetta:            Dammit, I have to clear my mind.
                      I won, but it feels so empty...
                      Grr...I can't get Salome out of my mind.
                      Focus, Zetta! Don't let your mind
                      I'm better than this...
                      I'm a bad-ass freakin' Overlord!
                      I need to get my netherworld back,
                      I shouldn't be worried about old
    *Once again, Trenia is seen, watering the corn this time
    Zetta (Aside):    3 more netherworlds,
                      and I'm home free!
                      Episode 6  Prediction         [SCEP6]
                                                    Episode 6 Beginning    [SCEP6B]
                                                       [Zetta is snoozing in space]
    Zetta:            ZzzzZzzz...*snort*
                                                                      [Enter Drake]
    Drake:            Heh heh...
                      Look at mister sleepy-head
                      ...Er, book.
                      Man, I can't believe nobody thought of this!
                      It's so brilliant, I'm shaking...
                      Haha...Ha ha ha!
                      All I need to do is rewrite the
                      Sacred Tome while Zetta's asleep...
                      Okay, let's see...
                      "Give me ownership of the Netherworld..."
    Bzzt!:            Wish denied.
    Drake:            What the--!?
                      How dare you!
                      ...Maybe it misunderstood.
                      I'll try again--
                                                                     [Rejection x3]
    Zetta:            Umpgh, hey, that tickles.
                      Uh, give it a rest, buddy.
    Drake:            Z-Zetta...hey...Uh...
                      You knew what I was planning?
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha, of course!
                      She predicted it...
    Drake:            Predicted--!? Pram...?
                                                                     [Enter Trenia]
    Trenia:           Hee hee... Wrong! Hmhm.
                      The Sacred Tome isn't just some magic
                      omnipotent book that grants wishes...
                      The Tome has a personality,
                      and if it doesn't accept a wish,
                      then that wish will be erased.
                      Hmm, maybe I should rephrase that...
                      Lord Zetta has to accept a wish
                      before it can become truth.
    Drake:            That's ludicrous!
                      I never heard anything about these
                      stupid rules!
    Trenia:           Well, hmhm, yeah, I hadn't told you
                      about them yet.
    Pram's Voice:     You understand the Sacred Tome...
                                                                       [Enter Pram]
    Pram:             (How does she know so much
                      about that damn book...?)
    Drake:            Aha, Pram! Excellent timing.
                      This little brat was bothering me.
    Pram:             Ah, Shut up!
                      You're an embarrassment.
    Drake:            ...What!?
    Pram:             Don't you have any self respect?
                      You tried to steal the Netherworld while
                      Zetta was sleeping. Pathetic!
    Drake:            Don't you know who I am...?
                      This...this was all YOUR fault!
                      D...Damn you!
                                                         [Drake runs off comically]
                                                                     [Enter Salome]
    Salome:           Was King Drake...crying?
                      What happened?
    Zetta:            It's not important.
    Salome:           Then, shall we pick up
                      where we left off?
    Salome (Aside):   (Zetta...
                      I'll help you regain your body.)
                      (Then, I'll make my own wish come true...)
                                                    6-1 Upon Entry        [SCEP61E]
    Zetta:            ...Eh?
                                                                       [Enter Alex]
    Alex:             What's up, Zetta?
                      You don't look so good.
                      I feel bad for you...
                      It must be tough trying to fight
                      while you're just a stupid book.
    Zetta:            Heh...
                      If that's how you feel, then just
                      get outta my way.
    Alex:             You know I'm not going anywhere
                      until you're dead...
                                                     [Meanwhile in space]
                                                     [Everyone's watching TV]
                                                     [Except Babylon, who's asleep]
    Salome:           Alexander is here too?
                      ...They must be really good friends,
    Seedle:           Heh heh heh...
    Salome:           How many beatings will it take
                      for you to leave me alone?
    Seedle:           Watch your back, bitch.
                      ...One day I'll send you to meet some
                      old friends in the Underworld.
                                                             [Yet another standoff]
                                                             [Babylon wakes up]
    Pram:             ...How could he be in that brand-new
                      netherworld already?
                      It's not possible.
                      The first time could have been
                      coincidence...but not after this!
    Micky:            You really do know everyhing.
                      Er...Don't get me wrong,
                      I'm not accusing you of anything!
    Pram:             Everything in the Sacred Tome disappeared
                      along with the Netherworld...
                      ...So how could Alexander possibly
                      know what the future holds?
    Trenia:           Oh, right!
                      That's where I come in.
    Babylon:          What does that mean, child?
    Trenia:           Hmhm, I told Alex what to do.
                      I explained the situation to one
                      of his servants, haha.
    Seedle:           This isn't a game, little girl!
                      If tou thought that was funny,
                      I'll end your pitiful life here.
    Trenia:           Okie dokies!
                      ...Cause I wasn't joking, haha.
    Micky:            Then you're in even bigger trouble...
                      Don't you get it?
    Salome:           Hm hm hm... She's interesting.
                      Where did she come from?
    Pram:             No clue.
                      By the time we noticed her,
                      she was already here.
    Salome:           Something about her just isn't right.
                      You really helped Alex,
                      didn't you?
    Trenia:           Oh, why won't anyone believe me?
                      Of course I told him!
                                                            [Pram enters Kill Mode]
    Pram:             Uh, then explain it to me!
                      Where did you hear about this?
                      How could you lead Alexander
                      to a netherworld we'd just created!?
    Trenia:           I don't really know...
                      I just told him everything I knew,
                      y'know? haha!
                                                                      [Phear Pram!]
    Pram:             How'd YOU find out!?
    Trenia:           Well...I'm psychic.
                      I can see the future.
                                                                 [Trenia walks off]
    Salome:           Ha ha...
                      What a peculiar little girl.
    Micky:            Hee hee...Trenia the Oracle, huh?
                      Uh-oh, Pram! You've got a rival!
                      Ha ha ha...
    Ophelia:          Think she's stronger than you, Pram?
                      Hm hm hm...
                              [Almost everyone is unable to contain their laughter]
    Pram (Aside):     ...I have never been so humiliated!
    *Trenia & the corn again
    *Corn sprouts
                                                  [Finally, back to Zetta & Alex]
                                                  [This is one long cutscene, huh?]
    Alex:             Hahaha, I've waited for this day, Zetta.
                      Are you ready!?
    Zetta:            Ha, anytime!
                      I'll show you what a real Overlord
                      is made of...
                                                    6-2 Completion        [SCEP62C]
                                                        [Extreme rumbling in space]
    Drake:            Did you feel that shaking?
                      ...Is it over?
    Salome:           I have no idea.
    Babylon:          That was no mere earthquake!
                      It's just like that time...
                      The One is coming!
    Pram:             ...The One?
    Micky:            Did you just--
                      Are you talking about The One?
    Hell Kitty:       .........
                                                             [Hell Kitty walks off]
                                                    6-6 Completion        [SCEP66C]
                                                                       [Enter Alex]
    Alex:             Heh... Not bad, Zetta.
                      You may be rotten to the core,
                      but you know your stuff.
    Zetta:            How dare you!
                      I'm not rotten!
    Alex:             Well get ready, Booky!
                      It's time we finished this!
                                                   [Alex start shooting off sparks]
    Zetta:            ...Damn!
                      He's a lot stronger than before.
    Alex:             Haaahahaha! Damn straight!
                      I'm a growing boy!
    Zetta:            Hm...
                      I didn't see that coming.
                                                  [Enter Hell Kitty]
                                                  [Hell Kitty tells Alex something]
    Alex:             What!?
                      Agh, Argh! Gotta run...
    Zetta:            What the hell's going on?
    Alex:             You'll know soon enough.
    Zetta:            Hey--!
    Alex:             Laterz.
                                                       [Exit Alex]
                                                       [Exit Hell Kitty, comically]
    Zetta:            Why would Alex stop fighting
                      in the middle of a duel?
    Zetta (Aside):    2 netherworlds until
                      my succubus sponge bath.Mrowr!
                      Episode 7  The One            [SCEP7]
                                                    Episode 7 Beginning    [SCEP7B]
    Zetta:            What's the deal!?
                                                 [More rumbling & lighting effects]
                      What was that!?
    Pram:             Yeah, we felt the earthquake too, and--
                                                                    [Enter Babylon]
    Babylon:          The One is coming!!
    Zetta:            Eh? "The One?"
    Salome:           I think the old man's finally lost it.
                      He hasn't stopped screaming since
                      that earthquake.
    Narrator:         The One...
                      He's the arbiter of universal disputes,
                      and keeps the cosmos in order.
                      Because of The One,
                      there has not been
                      a "bad ending" for millenia.
                      Nobody would dare to
                      challenge The One.
                      In fact, anyone who defies the natural
                      order is cursed,
                      and The One buries them in darkness.
                      There is no way to escape.
                      In fact, I wouldn't be exaggerating
                      if I said that
                      The One keeps the entire
                      Universe running.
                      However, no one really knows what
                      The One looks like, exactly...
    Salome:           ...It was just an earthquake, Babylon.
                      The One is not coming.
    Micky:            He could be!
                      Look at all the Overlords gathered here...
                      Maybe The One isn't happy with us!
    Babylon:          The One is coming!!
                      I know The One's power...
                      I've seen it...
                      I've FELT it.
                      ...I was still young, then.
                      Back then, I had so much Mana power
                      that I could have taken all of you on.
                      I was invincible, and everyone know it.
                      Then...The One came, and placed
                      a curse on me.
                      They say that once cursed by The One,
                      an Overlord has only three days to live.
    Zetta:            Three days!?
                      Ha! You're ancient!
    Babylon:          It took almost every drop of Mana power
                      I had to counteract the curse...
                      I lived...but I'll never be invincible
                      like that again. You couldn't imagine
                      the amount of power I lost...
                      Whether you like it or not...
                      If you disturb the order of the Universe,
                      you'll be punished by The One.
    Seedle:           Ha!
                      Then, I guess the rumors
                      about The One were true.
                                                             [Babylon falls asleep]
    Salmoe:           (The One...?
                      Eh, it's not possible.)
                      (Because, that was......)
    Drake:            Haha! Haa ha ha ha ha!
                      I fear nothing--not even
                      The One's curse!
                      I pride myself on being good and fair,
                      so there's noooothing for me to
                      worry about.
    Pram:             Which one of us incurred
                      The One's wrath?
    Zetta:            Are you worried, Pram?
    Pram:             Agh, as if! Why do you ask?
    Zetta:            The One...
                      Now I see why Alex just gave up
                      all of a sudden.
                      At least the curse scare'll
                      keep him quiet for awhile, right?
    Alex's Voice:     Haaahahahaha! Thing again!
                                                                       [Enter Alex]
    Zetta:            What!? Alex--
    Alex:             Don't get me wrong...
                      I ain't here to fight.
    Zetta:            --Huh!?
    Alex:             I'll help you out until
                      The One takes off.
                      So... Ready to play nice?
                      Haahahaha! This is going to be fun!
                                                    7-1 Upon Entry        [SCEP71E]
    Zetta:            What the--!?
                      Who the hell are you freaks?
    Corn:             Freaks?
                      That's funny, coming from
                      a talking dictionary!
                      This is OUR field.
                      Who the hell are YOU!?
    Zetta:            You've gotta be kidding!
                      I'm the freaking Overlord...
                      I own this whole netherworld!
    Corn:             I didn't know we had an Overlord.
                      I thought we were an autonomous collective.
                      ...Hey, You're here to steal our field, eh?
    Zetta:            Listen up, you corn!
                      The name's Lord Zetta--supreme
                      Overlord of this netherworld!
    Corn:             Oh, you're that Zetta guy?
                      Aren't you supposed to be the most bad-ass
                      Overlord in the whole cosmos?
    Zetta:            That's right!
                      I'll let you live this time--
                      so get out of my sight at once!
                      (I'm sure The One is watching me,
                      so I should avoid fighting when
                      at all possible.)
                      (I'm not really afraid, per se...
                      but it's best not to underestimate
                      curses, that's all.)
                                                   [Corn beats Zetta with a shovel]
    Corn:             Hmph... Well, I didn't vote for you.
                      I certainly wouldn't put an old
                      book into office.
    Zetta:            W-Wait! I can explain that part!
                                                  [Corn & Carrots go nuts on Zetta]
                      Grrr... Screw it!
                      Come on out, guys...
                      Pop this corn to hell!
                                                    7-2 Upon Entry        [SCEP72E]
    Pram:             I wonder what The One looks like...
                      Hey, old man, can you remember?
    Babylon:          Well...
                      It was a very long time ago.
                      I do remember hair...
                      and a glossy sheen.
    Micky:            Is that all you remember?
    Pram:             Agh, forget it.
                      I never should have asked him.
                      But, why would The One hide himself
                      from all of us?
    Drake:            I know why!
                      It would probably be a hassle if people
                      knew what he looked like.
                      I'm sure a lot of morons
                      would try to attack him.
    Pram:             Morons like you?
                                      [Trenia walks in and wave goodbye to someone]
    Trenia:           Bye bye!
                      See you guys later! Hmhm.
    Alex:             Hey, you're Trenia, right?
                      My vassals told me about you.
                      Your information was very helpful,
                      thanks a lot.
    Pram:             Trenia...!
                      You were behind his plan
                      all along!?
    Trenia:           Yup!
                      ...I already told you that. Hmho.
    Pram:             But she--
                      How is that possible?
                      Hey! Who was that, before?
                      What are you up to now!?
    Trenia:           Who was he?
                      Oh, that's just my new friend.
    Pram:             You're lying...
                      Normal beings can't exist
                      in this space.
                      No way...
                      Could that have been The One?
    Zetta:            Stupid corn...They're everywhere!
                      I'll never eat another vegetable
                      as long as I live.
    Corn:             You should have two servings of
                      vegetables every day.
                      We're rich in nutrients we are!
    Zetta:            Shut up! I can't stand you!
    Corn:             Well, you'll have to accept vegetables
                      if you want to grow up healthy and strong.
    Zetta:            Argh! No vegetable talks to me that way!
                      I'll butter you up and season to taste!
                                                    7-6 Completion        [SCEP76C]
    Corn:             Aha! Now we see the violence inherent
                      to the system... I will not stand for
                      my brothers being oppressed!
    Zetta:            See what happens to rebels?
                      Get ready to be shucked...
                      Hyaaha ha ha ha!
    Corn:             You'll pay for this you will!
                      I won't stand for your blatantly
                      anti-vegetable policies!
                                                                    [Corn runs off]
    Zetta:            I, the mighty Overlord Zetta,
                      do not fear corn, kettle or otherwise!
                      I think I'll make muffins the next time
                      corn crosses me...
                      and don't you forget it! Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                                                               [Meanwhile in space]
    Pram:             If you're such good friends with
                      The One, then you know what he looks
                      like, right?
                      So, tell me...
                      What does he look like!?
    Trenia:           What are you talking about?
                      That was just my new friend.
    Pram:             Exactly--The One.
                      Tell me all about him!
    Trenia:           Oh, I get it!
                      You wanna be his friend, too.
                      Oh, that's cool...
                                                          [Pram's ready to give up]
                      Okay, well...
                      He's a little hairy,
                      and he has a glossy sheen...
                                                         [Enter "The One"]
                                                         [Features are pointed out]
    Pram:             He's hairy...
                      And, he has a glossy sheen...!?
    Trenia:           Hey you! Perfect timing.
                      This is my new friend--
                                                                      [Enter Zetta]
    Zetta:            Hey, what's going on here?
                      It's that damn corn again!
                      You'll taste great wrapped in tin foil
                      over the grill!
                                                                     [Time to die!]
                      Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      How'd you like that, cornface!?
                      Toasted, in the blink of an eye!
                                                            [Pram sure looks happy]
                      What's wrong?
                                              [Babylon hauls ass outta there]
                                              [Trenia pokes "The One" with a stick]
                                              [Trenia then prays over him]
    Zetta (Aside):    1 more netherworld til a lovely
                      Styx cruise.
                      Episode 8  The Curse          [SCEP8]
                                                    Episode 8 Beginning    [SCEP8B]
    Narrator:         The curse of The One...
                      It was strong enough to absorb all
                      of Lord Babylon's Mana energy...
                      What a terrifying power;
                      those cursed by
                      it have but 3 days to live.
    Zetta:            No way...
                      That annoying corn guy
                      was The One!?
    Seedle:           Ha ha ha... Great work, Zetta.
                      Your name will go down in history
                      as the Overlord who overthrew The One.
    Alex:             There isn't any proof that corn
                      was The One--I don't believe it.
                      The only person who'd know is old Babylon.
    Pram:             I don't know how else the corn
                      would be able to exist here.
    Babylon:          Ohhhhh, there's no doubt about it!
                      That corn was definitely The One.
                      Those horrible eyes! His mouth...His shape!
                      They're seared into my mind...
                      Yes, he put that curse on me!
    Salome:           (This is serious, if The One
                      is coming out in the open.)
    Micky:            I guess he was The One, then.
                      ...I just wasn't expecting him
                      to look like that.
    Ophelia:          Yes, the memory can be misleading.
                      ...Especially old Babylon's memory.
    Micky:            Yeah, but don't you think this is all
                      just a little...Mmmm, corny?
                                                   [Oh, you did NOT just say that!]
    "The One":        *cough*
                      I'm not dead yet!
    Dryzen:           Micky, he's still alive!
                      Finish him off! Do it!
    "The One":        ...I won't forget this, you bastard!
                      Damn you! Damn you to...well, not hell,
                      but somewhere really really bad!
                      You'll pay this...
                      You'll never escape my terrible curse!!!
    Zetta:            ----------!?
                                                              ["The One" collapses]
    Drake:            Ohhh no! Oh, oh, are you alright, my friend?
                                                         [Drake picks up "The One"]
                      Did you hear him?
                      Did you hear The One's curse?
                      Here, I'll repeat what he said
                      verbatim, in case you missed it:
                      Bwa ha! I, corn, am definitely The One!
                      I shall curse Zetta for eternity,
                      because he is a terrible person!
                      Those cursed by me shall die within
                      3 days of receiving my phone call!
                      You cannot run from my fury!
                      Prepare yourself, umphm, Overlord...
                      By my salt and butter, you are
                      now um, cursed and/or damned!
                      Hmph, that's what happened.
                      Remember it, now?
                      Lord Zetta's been cursed
                      by The One.
                      ...He's going to die in 3 days!
                      But, never fear!
                      I can ask The One to remove
                      his fearful curse.
                      Hmph, he and I have been bros for awhile.
                      We used to chill in school together, believe
                      it or not.
    Pram:             Would you shut up!?
                      You're so full of it, I'm surprised
                      you can even stand!
    Drake:            Shut up!? Wa, do YOU wanna be cursed?
                      I can just have it transferred from
                      Zetta to you, y'know!
                      Look, if you hadn't taken my
                      netherworld, none of this would
                      have happened. Get it?
    Pram:             ...Here we go.
    Drake:            If you want the curse removed,
                      give me your netherworld, Zetta.
                      ...I can save your life.
                      Do you really want to go out like a
                      punk because of some curse?
    Zetta:            Tch...
                      So, this was your plan all along.
    Salome:           Hahaha! A curse!?
                      I don't fear death.
    Zetta:            Salome, what--?
    Salome:           Don't interrupt me!
                      I won't let you stand in my way.
    Drake:            Ugh, stupid woman...
                      Don't you value your life?
    Salome:           No, not at all.
                      If I could give my life to save Zetta's,
                      I'd do it in a heartbeat.
    Drake:            Argh, gah!
                      Retreat... Ah!
                                                                   [Drake retreats]
                      I won't forget this!
    Zetta (Aside):    Three days to live.
    Zetta:            Man, three days?
                      What a ripoff.
    Salome:           Zetta...
    Zetta:            Heh... Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      I'm not afraid of some stupid curse!
                      After all, Babylon's still here.
                      If he can overcome the curse, I sure
                      as hell can beat it!
    Seedle:           Ha ha ha...
                      So, the mighty Lord Zetta is willing
                      to live without his Mana power.
                      Sounds like someone else
                      we know, doesn't it?
                                                             [Yet another standoff]
    Salome:           Shut up!
    Zetta:            Ignore him, Salome.
                                                        [Seedle sheathes his sword]
                      I'm Lord Zetta--there's nothing
                      to worry about. I can beat this stupid
                      curse, no problem!
    Salome:           (You can't do anything about it.
                      Don't you see that, Zetta?)
                      (I'll have to change my plan...)
                      (If I make my wish come true before
                      you have your body, Zetta...)
                      (...Then, it might still be possible.)
                                               [Goddamnit, that scene took forever]
                                                    8-1 Upon Entry        [SCEP81E]
                                                                       [Enter Alex]
    Zetta:            What are you doing here, Alex?
    Alex:             What were you thinking, you stupid jerk!?
                      I didn't say you could get cursed!
                      How could you let The One curse you?
                      How DARE you...! *sniff*
                      I'm supposed to kill you!
    Zetta:            ...Are you crying?
    Alex:             Shut up! ...Of course not!
                      I'm a freaking Overlord...
                      We're fighting, right here, right now!
                      I'll kill you before that stupid curse
                                                         [Alex summons his minions]
                      This is it, Lord Zetta...
                      A final battle no one will ever forget!
                                                                        [Exit Alex]
                                                    8-2 Upon Entry        [SCEP82E]
    Pram:             (Agh, we were fortunate...
                      I was actually worried at one point.)
                      (But, I do feel bad for Zetta.
                      Sucks that he got cursed like that.)
                                                                     [Enter Trenia]
    Trenia:           Are you happy that nobody realized
                      what you did?
                                                                  [Pram is shocked]
    Pram:             What are you talking about?
    Trenia:           I'm talking about The One.
                      If they know what you did, I'm sure
                      you'd be the cursed one.
    Pram:             What the...!?
    Trenia:           You started this mess when you rewrote
                      the Sacred Tome, didn't you?
    Pram:             Agh.. Wh-Who the hell ARE you!?
                      (Trenia's not just a child...
                      I'm actually a little worried.)
                      (...She acts like a real Oracle.)
    Zetta:            Damn Alex...
                      He's really into this, huh?
                      Well, I guess I would rather die
                      in battle than from some curse.
                      Of course, that won't happen!
                      Lord Zetta will never be defeated
                      in battle!
                      Once I rule this place, my netherworld
                      will be restored, and I'll get
                      my body back!
                      Then I can beat this curse,
                      no problem!
                      Get ready, men...
                      Prepare to enter into legend!
                                                    8-6 Upon Entry        [SCEP86E]
                                                                       [Enter Alex]
    Alex:             That's more like it, Zetta.
                      You were truly worthy to be my
                      life-long nemesis.
                      I'll be sad to see you go...
                      ...But it's time we ended this!
                      Are you ready!?
                                                   [Alex starts his neato lighting]
    Zetta:            Dammit--!
                                                                     [Enter Salome]
    Alex:             Lady Salome!?
                      Don't interfere with our decisive
                      last battle!
    Salome:           Oh, please. You're the one who's
                      interfering. Lord Zetta and I have
                      a relationship, remember?
    Zetta:            Salome...?
    Salome:           (Zetta...
                      There isn't much time left.)
                      (You can't waste time fighting
                      with children.}
    *If Salome is beaten during the proceeding battle, the storyline is cut short
    *and proceeds straight to Alex's endings.  Refer to the Special Scenes section
    *for details.
                                                    8-6 Completion        [SCEP86C]
                                           [After winning 8-6 without Salome dying]
    Alex:             Damn you, Salome!
                      ...I thought you lost your Mana power.
                      How could you beat me?
    Salome:           You're not at my level, that's all.
                      This isn't a game, boy.
    Alex:             What the hell!?
    Salome:           You lost!
                      Get out of here!
    Alex:             Argh...
                                                  [Exit Alex]
                                                  [Salome starts caughing up blood]
    Zetta:            Salome!?
    Salome:           Stay back...
    Zetta:            But, you're bleeding--
    Salome:           .........
    Zetta:            You shouldn't be fighting in that state...
                      Are you TRYING to die?
    Salome:           Heh...I don't have that long, anyway.
                      The strongest Overlord, Zetta...
                      Since I left...
                      You've gained...so much power...
                      Tell me...
                      How it felt to...become the strongest
                      in... the universe...
    Zetta:            Why does it matter?
    Salome:           Just tell me, please...
                      How did it feel?
    Zetta:            It felt great.
                      I've never felt so proud and elated
                      as I did then.
    Salome:           I see...
                      I'm glad to hear that.
                      ...Do you love me?
    Zetta:            Not that crap again!
                      You're so weak because you let emotions
                      cloud your judgement!
    Salome:           Heh...
                      ...I knew you wouldn't...
                      answer me.
                      Can you...do me a favor?
    Zetta:            What is it?
    Salome:           Will you marry me...
    Zetta (Aside):    Looks like it's time to get
                      my netherworld.
                      Episode 9  Armageddon         [SCEP9]
                                                    Episode 9 Beginning    [SCEP9B]
    Zetta:            Salome...
                      What was she thinking,
                      asking me to marry her!?
                      She's just a human!
                      She's no longer my apprentice or
                      an Overlord... She must die in obscurity
                      as a worthless human being.
                      I need to forget about her...
                      Come on, Zetta--focus!
                      Gotta stop this curse!
                      I've got my netherworld back,
                      so everything should be back
                      to normal pretty soon.
                      Then I can get to work on that stupid curse.
                      Haaha ha ha ha!
                                                             [In space with Trenia]
                      Waitaminute, what the hell!?
                      I'm supposed to have my normal
                      body back now!
                      Hey, Pram!
                      Where the hell are you!?
                      What's going on?
                      You have a lot of 'splainin to do!
                      ...There's no sign of her.
                      Where the hell could she be?
                      Hey, you. Where'd everyone go?
                      Where's Pram?
    Trenia:           Pram's netherworld was attacked,
                      so she went back to check on it.
    Zetta:            What about the old dragon?
    Trenia:           Uuuu, let's see...
                      His arthritis started acting up,
                      so, hmm, he went home too.
    Zetta:            ...And Dark Lord Valvoga?
    Trenia:           Ah, Darklord? Oh, let's see.
                      He got a job somewhere
                      as the "final boss."
    Zetta:            Seedle, then.
    Trenia:           Hmmm...I don't know.
                      I haven't seen him around.
    Zetta:            So you're the only one left?
                                                                      [Trenia nods]
                      This is a conspiracy, right?
                      There's no way everyone just
                      left at once.
                      Another earthquake...!?
                                                                     [Enter Salome]
    Salome:           I've come for you, Zetta my love...
    Zetta:            Salome!
                      Did you make everone leave?
    Salome:           Of course.
                      I didn't want anyone to interfere
                      with our wedding.
    Zetta:            What are you talking about?
    Salome:           Aren't you happy, Zetta?
                      I wanted everything to be perfect
                      for the ceremony.
    Zetta:            My netherworld...!
                      Did you just crash your netherworld
                      into mine!?
    Salome:           Do you like it?
                      That's where we're getting married.
                      ...We're destined to die there, together.
    Zetta:            What the hell are you saying!?
    Salome:           We will both die soon.
                      But, it's so tragic to die alone.
                      My love...
                      Won't you die with me?
    Zetta:            That...That's your wish?
    Salome:           Yes.
                      Could you help my wish come true?
    Zetta:            Sorry, but I don't plan on dying
                      any time soon.
                      I'll overcome that blasted curse.
    Salome:           Would you deny me my final wish...?
    Zetta:            .........
    Salome:           Then, you must kill me.
                      Kill me, or else I'll destroy your
    Zetta:            What the--!?
    Salome:           I'm waiting, Zetta...
                      ...My love.
                                                                      [Exit Salome]
                                                    9-1 Upon Entry        [SCEP91E]
    Zetta:            This is Salome's netherworld...?
                      This place is a mess!
                      I can't feel any Mana energy...
                      It's a netherworld without Mana.
                      ...No wonder Salome is dying.
                                                           [Enter Salome's minions]
                      She rolled out the red carpet, huh?
                      If this is what she wants...
                                                    9-2 Completion        [SCEP92C]
                                                            [Trenia is watching TV]
                                                            [Pram enters, PO'd]
    Pram:             My netherworld's fine;
                      there isn't anything wrong...
                      What are you watching?
    Trenia:           Oh my goodness,
                      it's that woman's last chance.
                                                    9-4 Completion        [SCEP94C]
                                                                     [Enter Seedle]
    Zetta:            Aha!
    Seedle:           Ha ha ha... What's wrong?
                      Don't tell me you came here to
                      die along with that woman!
    Zetta:            Shut up...
                                                           [Seedle draws his sword]
    Seedle:           I'm going to kill her,
                      and there's nothing you can do!
    Zetta:            How can you possibly hate Salome
                      that much...!?
    Seedle:           Hmph...do you really wanna know?
                      That bitch took my life!
                                                                [Zetta's surprised]
                      I was once a famous samurai.
                      I traveled with many people
                      who admired me.
                      Salome was one of them...
                      She was always gentle and kind.
                      But, she wouldn't submit to my desires...
                      And, she stabbed me to death!
                      Can you imagine the shame of a samurai
                      killed by a pathetic woman!?
    Zetta:            You probably deserved it.
    Seedle:           Ha ha... Maybe so...
                      But, I'll never forgive her.
                      I wanted her, Zetta...
                      And, I was willing to take her
                      by force!
    Zetta:            You bastard...
    Seedle:           Heh...
                      She was burned to death for murdering
                      an honored samurai...
                      But, that wasn't enough!
                      I won't be avenged until I
                      tear her apart with my own hands!
    Alex's Voice:     Tch...
                      You pathetic bastard...
                                                         [Seedle sheaths his sword]
                                                         [Enter Alex]
    Zetta:            Alex!
    Alex:             Do you know why I'm here?
                      I wanted to see why that woman felt
                      your relationship was more important
                      than the battle between us.
                                                         [Seedle draws both swords]
    Seedle:           Careful, kid...
                      You're pissing me off!
    Alex:             Ha! Don't make me laugh, you
                      sick, obsessed freak!
                      If anyone should be pissed,
                      it's me!!
                                                                [The 2 have it out]
    Zetta:            Alex...
                                                    9-10 Upon Entry      [SCEP910E]
                                     [Salome appears before Zetta wearing... uh...]
                                     [Is that BLOOD!? Get a new decorator!]
    Zetta:            Salome...
    Salome:           I've been waiting for you, my love.
                      I'm sure our blood soaked wedding
                      will be absolutely perfect.
    Zetta:            There has to be some way to
                      stop all this!
    Salome:           No, and we don't have much time.
                      Please... Make my final wish come true.
                      Soon, the curse will end your life.
                      Let's die here, and stay together
                      for all eternity...
    Zetta:            I'll never choose death!
    Salome:           Then...
                      You'll just have to kill me.
    Zetta:            Salome!
                                                          [Salome changes wardrobe]
    Salome:           This is the only way...
                      Zetta, my love...
                                                    9-10 Completion      [SCEP910C]
    Salome:           *cough*
                                                     [Salome's blood is everywhere]
    Zetta:            Salome...!
    Salome:           Heh...Don't worry...
                      This is exactly what I wanted.
    Zetta:            .........!?
    Salome:           When I found out I was dying,
                      it frightened me.
                      It wasn't death that I feared...
                      I was afraid that I would die
                      without telling you...
                      ...I wanted to die in the arms of
                      my beloved.
                      My wish was to die in your embrace...
    Zetta:            All this time, you just wanted me
                      to kill you!?
    Salome:           Yes, that was my wish...
    Zetta:            That's screwed up!
    Salome:           I know it sounds crazy...
                      But, I can't pretend I didn't
                      want that.
                      That's just how much...
                      ...I love you.
    Zetta:            Salome...
    Salome:           Tell me, Zetta...
                      Do you love me?
    Zetta:            ............
    Salome:           Heh...
                      I knew...you wouldn't answer me.
                      That's my Lord Zetta...
                      The invincible Overlod
                      that I... loved.
                                                                [Salome keels over]
    Zetta:            Salome!
    Salome:           Zetta, I see it...
                      I can see your body...manly and strong,
                      just like always...
                      Fight the curse, my love.
                      Please... Live on, for me...
                      I love you, Zetta.
                      I always will...
                      This is the last thing
                      that I can do for you...
                                                                      [Salome dies]
    Zetta:            Salome...
                                                            [Zetta starts flashing]
                      What's going on...?
                      I can feel so much Mana power...
                      This is the same feeling
                      as when I became the strongest Overlord!
                           [Meanwhile in space, Pram & Trenia's reception goes out]
    *This concludes the Storyling Script.
    *From here on out, your actions during the game decide your fate.
    *See Special Scenes section for more details.
        Stage Names               [SCSTAGES] 
    For Episodes 2 through 8, you will have a choice as to which Overlord shall
    create your new Netherworld, with your selection changing as the game proceeds.
    Who you choose has no affect on the outcome of the story, but affects the
    layout of your battlefields and the stage names.  Listed here are the names of
    the stages depending on who you select at the beginning of each Episode, as
    well as the forced stages of 1 and 9.
                      Beginner's Lounge             [SCSN1]
    1-1 Meet Micky
    1-2 Micky's Celebration
    1-3 Micky's Anthem
    1-4 Micky's Blessing
                      End of World                  [SCSN2]
        Valvoga                  Pram                     Babylon
    2-1 Micky's Twilight         Pram's Podium            Babylon's Rest Area
    2-2 Micky in Hell            Lil' Devil Pram          Babylon's Castle Ruins
    2-3 Micky's Army             Pile of Corpses          Sleeping Babylon
    2-4 Micky's Premonition      Dark Pram                Babylon's Husk
    2-5 Ruins of Castle Micky    Pram's Tempest           The Aged Babylon
    2-6 Micky's Sanctuary        Pram's Coffin            Fallen Babylon
                      Mad Science                   [SCSN3]
        Valvoga                  Pram                     Babylon
    3-1 Micky's Prediction       Pram's Prophecies        Babylon's Treasure
    3-2 2005 Micky Odyssey       Pram's Aura              West Wind Babylon
    3-3 Micky's Universe         Pram the Immortal        The Lost Babylon
    3-4 Space Micky              Pram's Offering          Babylon's Messenger
    3-5 Micky's Base             Pram the Seer            Meditating Babylon
    3-6 Micky's Masterpiece      Pram's Star World        Babylon's New Digs
    3-1 Seedle's Revenge
    3-2 Seedle the Relentless
    3-3 Sickened Seedle
    3-4 The Evil Seedle
    3-5 Twisted Seedle
    3-6 Seedle's Shadow
                      Death Cradle                  [SCSN4]
        Valvoga                  Pram                     Babylon
    4-1 Ice, Snow, and Micky     Pram's Wisdom            Babylon's Hometown
    4-2 Micky au Nature          Pram the White Fairy     Babylon at Sea
    4-3 Deep Blue Micky          Pram's Resting Spot      Babylon's Dance
    4-4 North Wind Micky         World According to Pram  Wavering Babylon
    4-5 Drifting Micky           Unconventional Pram      Babylon's Ice Fang
    4-6 Micky's Blessing         Pram's Evil Eye          Furious Babylon
        Seedle                   King Drake the 3rd
    4-1 Loathsome Seedle         The Gorgeous King
    4-2 Seedle's Fear            The Great King
    4-3 Cursed Seedle            The Beautiful King
    4-4 Seedle in Hell           The Exciting King
    4-5 Seedle's Miasma          The Lovely King
    4-6 Cowardly Seedle          The Space King
                      Lose Control                  [SCSN5]
        Valvoga                  Pram                     Babylon
    5-1 Micky's Dig              Pram's Old Battlefield   Endless Babylon
    5-2 Micky's Mine             Predestined Pram         Babylon's Depression
    5-3 Burned Out Micky         Pram's Fighting Arena    Babylon's Downfall
    5-4 Micky's Hidden House     Pram the Martyr          Babylon the Dreamer
    5-5 Digging Micky            Pram's Fortress Ruins    Babylon's Servant
    5-6 Micky's Factory          Pram in Chaos            Babylon's Den
        Seedle                   King Drake the 3rd       Salome
    5-1 Jet Black Seedle         The Devil King           Salome's Agenda
    5-2 Seedle's Grave           The Wonderful King       Saddened Salome
    5-3 Seedle the Ghoulish      The Dream King           Melancholy Salome
    5-4 Seedle's Degredation     The Ultra King           Gray Salome
    5-5 Starving Seedle          The Funky King           Salome's Prayer
    5-6 Seedle's Lost City       The Hustler King         Salome in Thorns
                      Night Dance                   [SCSN6]
        Valvoga                  Pram                     Babylon
    6-1 Micky's Decline          Pram's Secret Move       Sleeping Babylon
    6-2 Bound Micky              Dark Spirit Pram         Babylon's Fitful Sleep
    6-3 Micky's Funeral          Pram and the Reaper      Frightened Babylon
    6-4 Disfigured Micky         Pram in Darkness         Babylon's Night
    6-5 Micky's Anxiety          Black Magic Pram         Babylon's War Cry
    6-6 Ominous Cloud for Micky  Death Throne Pram        Babylon's Eternal Rest
        Seedle                   King Drake the 3rd       Salome
    6-1 Sinister Seedle          The Astro King           Salome in Anguish
    6-2 Seedle's Plunder         The Lucky King           Salome's Confession
    6-3 Seedle the Conqueror     The Super King           Salome's Sigh
    6-4 Seedle's Thirst          The Cyber King           Fallen Salome
    6-5 Seedle's Torture Room    The Marvelous King       Salome's Compensation
    6-6 Seedle's Scheme          The Muscle King          Tragic Salome
                      Fate                          [SCSN7]
        Valvoga                  Pram                     Babylon
    7-1 Micky's Harvest          Pram's Fantasy           Cautious Babylon
    7-2 Kind-hearted Micky       Pram the Dream Taker     Babylon's Reserves
    7-3 Micky's Photosynthesis   Pram's Life Control      Babylon the Devourer
    7-4 Reverent Micky           Pram Tempting Fate       Overindulgent Babylon
    7-5 Micky's Goodwill         Pram's Experiment        Babylon the Gourmet
    7-6 Micky's Bumper Crop      Pram's Protection        Babylon's Stuffed
        Seedle                   King Drake the 3rd       Salome
    7-1 Doomed Seedle            The Japanese King        Maternal Salome
    7-2 Seedle's Death Knell     The Chinese King         Salome's Healing
    7-3 Exiled Seedle            The French King          Nurturing Salome
    7-4 Greedy Seedle            The Sushi King           Salome's Gift
    7-5 Depraved Seedle          The Barbecue King        Tender Salome
    7-6 Seedle's Ambition        The Full Course King     Salome's Earth
    7-1 Alexander the Tyrant
    7-2 Alexander Avarice
    7-3 Fierce Alexander
    7-4 Violent Alexander
    7-5 Ravenous Alexander
    7-6 Alexander's Plunder
                      Dragon Land                   [SCSN8]
        Valvoga                  Pram                     Babylon
    8-1 Micky in Crisis          Pram in Crimson          Heatwave Babylon
    8-2 Micky's Great Furnace    Pram's Fierce Storm      Babylon's Breath
    8-3 Fatal Micky              Cremating Pram           Rampaging Babylon
    8-4 Hot-blooded Micky        Pram's Red Walls         Babylon's Dwelling
    8-5 Micky's Great Eruption   Pram the Firestarter     Firebreathing Babylon
    8-6 Burn, Micky!             Pram at the End          Babylon's Fiery Hell
        Seedle                   Salome                   Alex
    8-1 Bloody Seedle            Salome Prepares          Alexander's Rage
    8-2 Seedle's Silence         Woeful Salome            Thunderous Alexander
    8-3 Ravaging Seedle          Salome's Premonition     Furious Alexander
    8-4 Firestarting Seedle      Salome Enraged           Alexander's Flight
    8-5 Firefighting Seedle      Clairvoyant Salome       Burning Spirit
    8-6 Seedle Cremation Song    Salome the Immoral       Alexander's Last Stand
                      Salome's Netherworld          [SCSN9]
    9-1  Salome's Intention
    9-2  Salome the Temptress
    9-3  Salome's Emotion
    9-4  Salome's Battle
    9-5  Salome's Decision
    9-6  Salome's Psyche
    9-7  Fearless Salome
    9-8  Salome's Soiree
    9-9  Determined Salome
    9-10 The Death Temple
        Character Quotes    [SCCQUOTES] 
    As you proceed through the episodes of the game, what your custom characters
    say as you speak to them with your leader will change.  Simply put, each
    character you talk to for the first time at Overlord's Castle will take a
    spot in a specific cycle of quotes, and what quote you got last will determine
    what you will get next.  This is why they may say something very odd for their
    gender.  Here, listed are all custom character quotes in the order that they
    will cycle through.  Also note that where you were in a cycle determines your
    place in the next episode's, although the fact that they don't have the same
    number of quotes makes it far too time-consuming to determine how it is works.
                      Episode 1                     [SCCQ1]
    -- Welcome to the Overlord's Castle!
       The interior isn't much to look at,
       but that can't be helped.
    -- You'll have an easier time early on
       if you make friends with a lot of magicians
       and skilled soldiers.
    -- Physical attackers should get swords.
       Magical fighters should get books.
       I thought that was common sense...
    -- Get to the hospital or a healer
       after battle, first thing!
       Don't forget!
    -- Pram's predictions never fail...
       How can she be right every time?
       It must be the strength of her mana.
    -- Is there some reason Pram's always appearing
       before Lord Zetta?
    -- If you attack the same enemy repeatedly,
       you may pull off a combo attack.
    -- Micky looks intense when he's not talking.
       ...Why doesn't he have any confidence?
    -- Junk Merchants and Thieves might seem
       useless, but they might surprise you
       if you take the time to develop them.
    -- Pram looks like a newbie, but her Mana's
       already approaching Lord Zetta's level.
       How do you think she'll use that talent?
    -- Lord Valvoga's popular in videoworld.
       Game makers from all over invite him to
       star in the final boss role.
    -- Characters will develop as you fulfill
       certain conditions and progress through
       the game. Fun, huh?
    -- Don't just develop your regular soldiers--
       the ones in reserve need exercise too,
       or they won't do much good.
    -- The Overlord's Castle used to rock...
       but it's just a doghouse nowadays.
       What a shame.
    -- I used to serve under Lord Zetta...
       Unfortunately, it looks like I'm right back
       in that position again.
    -- The Netherworld burst into flames
       all of a sudden... What the hell happened!?
    -- Ophelia... What an angel...
       She's just a face, but I'm speechless...
    -- Hello, leader!
       You're a good person, not at all like
       Lord Zetta......Right?
    -- Working your life away without pay, huh?
       Kinda sucks, don't you think?
    -- Overlord Baal, blah blah blah...
                      Episode 2                     [SCCQ2]
    -- There should be things you can and can't
       do, even in the Netherworld. But, common
       sense doesn't really apply here.
    -- I can't believe that Dragon Lord Babylon
       used to have the strongest mana power
       in the entire universe!
    -- If Lord Zetta takes damage during battle,
       enemies and allies will also take damage.
       What a stupid rule...
    -- Press [Circle] to jump, [Square] to pick up and throw,
       [R2] to attack and... Well,
       maybe you shoulda played Phantom Brave.
    -- It's too bad Lord Zetta can't move.
       That's too bad, isn't it?
    -- There are still a lot of Overlords left.
       They should all turn up eventually.
    -- Don't forget to save often.
       ...Don't blame me if your data's wiped out.
    -- If you completely restore the Netherworld,
       Lord Zetta will return to his former state.
       Do you really want that to happen?
    -- Lord Zetta isn't really the main character.
       It's you, leader!
       So let's give it all we've got!
    -- To be sure, vehicles are powerful, but they
       use up a lot of resources.
    -- Let's get rid of all the enemies we meet!
       If we do that, we won't have to think!
       Right? Good idea, huh?
    -- What if we throw the enemies out of here?
    -- Lord Pram is so kind, isn't she?
       ...Always giving Lord Zetta advice.
    -- You can sell items you don't need, or you
       can develop characters with them.
       Make an educated decision from there.
    -- What could Lord Babylon and Lord Valvoga
       possibly eat to make them so big?
    -- It seems each Overlord has an agenda.
       But, that doesn't really concern us.
    -- That girl with an axe...
       She's cute, isn't she?
    -- Developing characters is always troublesome.
       Should you concentrate on their appearance,
       or purely on ability? It's a tough one.
    -- Oh, how lamentable that I am once again
       Lord Zetta's servant!
       Someone up there's forsaken me.
    -- If you can develop your character to higher
       ranked work, should you throw away those who
       are still doing lower ranked work? Hmm.
    -- I'm hungry! Let's get something appetizing
       from the 'Makai Chef.'
                      Episode 3                     [SCCQ3]
    -- You might be able to find useful game
       info if you check the internet or
       something... Maybe read a book about it?
    -- Are you keeping your stats up?
       Don't underestimate those magic numbers.
    -- So I still don't understand why Pram
       is always at Zetta's beck and call.
    -- Items inside buildings can be used
       repeatedly at any time.
    -- After defeating a new enemy, check to see
       if you can create a character at the
       Overlord's Castle.
    -- By using THROW well, you can
       assist the movement of characters whose
       movement and jumping power are low.
    -- The status 'Equip' has significance.
       The higher the level,the more effectively
       you will be abe to use your equipment.
    -- Lord Zetta and Alexander are eternal
       rivals... It seems like Alex is always
       attacking him.
    -- You're going to take on Alexander?
       That's no good... You shouldn't interfere
       With two Overlords.
    -- If you're on a map where Lord Zetta is
       an easy target--it's always best for
       someone to lift him up.
    -- If you can't beat a certain enemy, go back
       to the previous map and level up.
       This is a standard RPG rule.
    -- Who's this Trenia person?
       ...She sure is a weirdo.
    -- I don't really like that Dark Lord Seedle.
       He's gloomy, sarcastic, and always hating
       on people. What a jerk.
    -- Just because you get new abilities
       doesn't mean you should try immediately.
       You should wait for the appropriate time.
    -- If you throw items into one of your
       buildings, they'll go to the Overlord's
       Castle after the battle.
    -- Have you ever thrown an enemy into one of
       your own buildings?
       Try it and find out--ha!
    -- Do you know what an attribute attack is?
       Focus on an enemy's weak spot and attack to
       inflict great damage.
    -- You're not the kind of person who says "we
       only want female allies," are you,
    -- How do you decide on a good name when
       you're naming new characters?
       ...Do you think of someone you like?
    -- Are you ready to kick it in battle?
       There are "hidden tasks" throughout this
       world, so try to find them.
    -- King Drake the 3rd and Lady Salome are the
       only ones left. Like it or not,
       you'll meet them eventually.
    -- Pay attention to how buildings and
       vehicles are set up. You can't get
       through life just focusing on characters.
    -- I really think those Overlords have
       a couple screws loose.
    -- I wonder if we'll ever be able to have Mana
       the way the Overlords do.
    -- There's a hospital and a shop, so...
       Why aren't there bathrooms or toilets?
    -- The Netherworld's great, isn't it?
       Anything goes down here!
    -- I saw a weird penguin-shaped shadow
       during the last battle... Maybe it was
       just my imagination...
                      Episode 4                     [SCCQ4]
    -- Have you been saving your money?
       It's a shame to waste money.
    -- Is Lord Zetta necessary?
       I mean, when you get down to it,
       isn't he kind of a bother?
    -- A girl with guns!?
       Never heard of her...
    -- If you enter your enemy's building, you can
       get all the items inside. But the opposite
       could happen as well.
    -- During battle, you will be touched by the
       effects of the building you last entered.
       Take advantage of this rule during battle.
    -- If you equip a lot of heavy items, your
       movement will decrease.
    -- There's an item that allows you to escape
       from Free Dungeons, but it isn't something
       you'll find in stores.
    -- There's an item that allows you to change
       levels in Free Dungeons, but it isn't
       something you'll find in stores.
    -- I can't believe King Drake the 3rd
       is an Overlord.
       I'm glad I don't work for him.
    -- Though buildings don't level up, you can
       strengthen them by rebuilding.
    -- Is Alexander really the one responsible?
       I always thought he was an honest person.
    -- Setting some battle power aside for
       later fields is a good tactic.
    -- If you're afraid to reincarnate a character,
       try it out on me first!
       I'm sure I'll be popular, next life.
    -- You can use a UFO to drag your enemy down
       from the vehicle.  If you steal this vehicle
       and fight with it, you'll have an advantage.
    -- Do you know about reincarnation?
       Sacrificed spirits can come back!
    -- Are you down your wishes?
       If you increase your wishes, your fighting
       options will widen and new ideas will come.
    -- Up to now, Alex has always fought face to
       face, so why is he trying to psych us
       out with some stupid trick?
    -- Which Overlord should create the new
       King Drake is out of the question.
    -- Do you think that Drake is up to something?
       He's a pretty suspicious guy.
    -- Did you know that Lord Zetta had a human
       apprentice a long time ago? Furthermore, it
       was a woman. It seems he has a past...
    -- We might be fighting against an Overlord
       who isn't Alex soon.
       I want a different job.
    -- You're bound to forget weak Overlords with
       all the strong one's around.
       I hope Zetta's not forgotten.
    -- This many Overlords together in one place?
       Seems pretty unprecedented.
    -- "Stupid Lord Zetta..."
       Heh, cracks me up...
    -- I don't think Lord Zetta understands how
       we feel out there on the battlefield.
    -- How could the Overlord's Castle be
       regaining its energy?
    -- What are we living for? What are we
       fighting for?
       Well, whatever, it's probably okay.
    -- Hey, Leader.
       What's "multiple endings" mean?
                      Episode 5                     [SCCQ5]
    -- (Don't you think Lady Salome kind of
       dresses like a slut? Are all human
       women like that?)
    -- If it were up to me, our Overlord would be
       a sexy lady.
    -- Salome was Lord Zetta's first and only
       apprentice... I think...
    -- Items marked with a * are more
       effective than everyday regular items, but
       they're only available on battle maps.
    -- There are rare items that you can't purchase
       from shops or merchants. The only way to get
       them is to bring them home from battle.
    -- Soldiers and many others can "Change Class"
       if they rise in level.
    -- Since Micky's always in that condition,
       the other two are in charge of taking care
       of him.
    -- Lord Salome was once Lord Zetta's apprentice.
       But it looks like that wasn't all...
    -- Enemy vehicles are fierce. Take them out
       with a combo. A vehicle's exp points are
       about 3X a normal character.
    -- It looks like there are fateful connections
       between Dark Lord Seedle and Lord Salome.
    -- "Academy" is perfect for leveling up.
       Characters who go to battle from an academy
       can earn more experience points.
    -- It looks like Pram has been irritated
       lately. Wonder what's wrong?
    -- I've never heard of a lord being sick. Lord
       Salome was once a human though, so I guess
       it makes sense.
    -- I wonder why Salome quit being Zetta's
       apprentice. Did she graduate? Or did she run
       away because it was a thankless job?
    -- You probably know this, but you can play
       through a map that you have finished again
       and again. Go for the experience points.
    -- So now the Overlords are all together...
       What should we do?
    -- Your friends are all "Merchants," or
       That's certainly one way to play.
    -- Battle always comes with sacrifice.
       Just don't use me as a sacrifice. Okay?
    -- The Overlords seem to think something bad
       could happen...
       I wanna go home.
    -- Are you using buildings in battle?
       There may be things you haven't thought of,
       so experiment.
    -- Without any confidants, Lord Zetta is having
       a hard time. He's getting what he deserves.
    -- What kind of vehicle do you like, Leader?
       I like motorcycles.
    -- It doesn't seem right to flaunt that
       the Overlord's Castle is full of women.
    -- If you wished for ultimate power, could
       you rival the Overlords?
    -- Living the life of a villain isn't easy.
       Just once, I'd like to take on a hero.
    -- ...If we go on strike, what will happen
       to Lord Zetta?
    -- C'mon Micky, keep trying!
       You're fading fast!
                      Episode 6                     [SCCQ6]
    -- I heard a rumor about the strongest vehicle
       in the universe. It's flying the skies now.
    -- It looks like Lord Zetta still has some
       lingering interest in Lady Salome.
    -- After she left Lord Zetta's side,
       time passed and Lady Salome's powers
       began to weaken.
    -- Alexander's right hand man is Raiden.
       He also has a loyal subordinate 'left-hand.'
       but his form is unknown.
    -- Thieves stealing items with UFO's have
       double the success rate of other characters.
    -- Items marked with a * are rare items.
       If it's a weak item, there isn't much
       difference, but if it's a strong item...
    -- Whatever he says, he always talks about
       Salome. The fact is, Lord Zetta is in
       love with Salome. Give me a break!
    -- Seedle fell into the Underworld as a villain
       but power earned him the title Dark Lord.
    -- King Drake the 3rd is known for his
    -- How far to keep going on a map...
       That's a difficult call.
    -- It looks like rivalry is starting to
       develop between Pram and Trenia.
    -- Try making monster characters, as well
       as human ones.
    -- What kind of person is Trenia?
    -- Once you get hooked on it, you can't stop.
       Free Dungeons are fascinating.
    -- If you're reincarnated, you will regain your
       original abilities. After reincarnation,
       basic abilities may increase tremendously.
    -- Even monsters don't want to fight against
       monsters. They can be easily mistaken.
    -- Leader, it's tough that you were just chosen
       by Lord Zetta. I can't really help you.
    -- Are you doing high-level tasks yet?
       Three are 6 task levels. Do your best
       and reach the highest one.
    -- You should take a side-trip to level up
       from time to time.
    -- It feels great when you decide to use
       a really flashy technique.
    -- Hey, Leader. Could you possibly let us
       take a break sometime?
    -- If you use skills with wide effect ranges,
       make sure not to hurt your allies.
    -- With effort (level) and devices (tactics),
       you should be able to defeat any enemy!
    -- What was Lord Zetta's original form?
       I've already forgotten. Hahaha.
    -- Let's end this fighting right now...
       ...And go on a vacation! Woo hoo!
    -- Glasses,glasses...
    -- Have we reached the halfway point of this
       battle? Let's keep pushing on!
    -- He doesn't have to use a toilet or eat
       because he's a book.
       But, he certainly can sleep.
                      Episode 7                     [SCCQ7]
    -- When Salome was a human being, she was
       a priestess in the Brave Party.
       So why did she become an Overlord?
    -- I can't believe she was really Lord Zetta's
       apprentice. She must've really been
       desperate for power...
    -- About ten years ago, King Drake the 3rd's
       wife gave up and left him...
    -- What kind of person is Trenia?
       She's a little too shady.
    -- If you are equipped with heavy items like
       a rock or a brick, your movement slows.
    -- I snuck a peek at Trenia's stats...
       She's level 1.
       How in the world can she exist here?
    -- I heard that Lord Babylon used to be great,
       but that's debatable...
    -- I can't believe The One actually showed up.
    -- Pram's been acting strangely...
       Is she afraid of The One, too?
    -- For the time being, Alex is cooperating with
       The One. Perhaps he's afraid of him.
    -- How did Babylon get like that? Was it
       because of The One's curse?
       That can't be the only reason.
    -- I sense that Pram sees Trenia as a rival...
       I guess that makes sense.
    -- If you are cursed by The One...
       Well, just look at Lord Zetta.
    -- Surround the enemy and beat them with
       a Combo. Watch out for your allies,though.
    -- Wide-ranging attacks are useful,
       but they do lack a bit in power.
    -- So you finally found a new tactic.
       You're proud of yourself, aren't you?
    -- Although you've made it to the highest level
       tasks, there's still a lot more you can do!
    -- How big can the damage counter go?
    -- Salome will do anything for Zetta.
       I wonder what Lord Zetta thinks about that.
    -- What's Trenia thinking?
       I have no idea what that girl could
       be thinking...
    -- At this point, you should be saving often.
    -- Something bad is always happening to Zetta.
       ...Poor guy.
    -- Let's go to the next Netherworld!
       If the tension doesn't stay high,
       you won't really feel like working.
    -- A warrior never rests.
       He just fights single-mindedly.
    -- Sometimes you have to fight the good
       guys. So... where are they?
    -- My dream is to create a character with
       an item. So, how 'bout it, leader?
    -- How would you like to ride the Robot.
       Robot... Man, that sounds cool.
                      Episode 8                     [SCCQ8]
    -- How come the corn that grows here in
       the Netherworld looks so old?
    -- Who's responsible for this!?
       ...I have no idea.
    -- How come the Overlords won't let us have TV?
       It's not fair!
    -- Even if you become a lord, you still need
       money. Sad, isn't it?
    -- The One didn't look so tough.
    -- Just a while ago, a strange girl who called
       herself the friend of justice chatted me up.
       Spring must be on the way.
    -- "Giving up" is vital sometimes.
    -- I'm gonna beat the crap outta you!
       ...Whew! That feels better.
    -- Do you focus too much on Strength?
       HP and Defense are important, too.
    -- I saw a penguin operating a robot.
       It's true! Believe me!
    -- Lord Zetta is extremely unlucky.
       But we can't really say anything about it
       because we work for him.
    -- The speed with which King Drake the 3rd
       changes his body is akin to the speed at
       which he changes underwear...I hope.
    -- Maybe Lord Zetta is just an idiot.
    -- It seems that there's some kind of secret
       between Pram and King Drake the 3rd.
    -- Please utilize your wishes well.
       If you try to make your dreams come true,
       you'll definitely feel some satisfaction.
    -- Just once, I'd like to beat the crap
       out of King Drake the 3rd.
    -- Use your Wish Book and try to go up against
       stronger enemies.
    -- I can't believe it's come to this...
       How interesting!
    -- If Lord Zetta dies, we'll have to start
       thinking about our own safety.
    -- Lord Zetta has been cursed?
       That's great news!
    -- Salome's feelings for Zetta are real.
       What kind of man is he?
    -- Traing, training, and more training. And
       on top of that: reincarnation.
       I've had enough!
    -- Every now and then, we should remodel the
       castle for a change of pace.
    -- If we don't lift a finger for 3 days,
       Lord Zetta will die, right? Hmm...
    -- Hey leader, if we use the strongest
       weapons, we'll look really cool.
       I've gotta get my hands on one.
    -- It's very important to work toward victory
       without giving up.
       Hitting reset is for losers!
    -- Maybe I'm stating the obvious,
       but having friends is a good thing.
    -- I used to think The One was so terrible,
       but one blow from Lord Zetta knocked him
       out. Is The One the real thing?
    -- I need a drink. I just can't deal with this.
    -- If you play too hard, it'll kill you!
       Moderation is the key.
                      Episode 9                     [SCCQ9]
    -- You can't be scared now--there's no
       turning back!
    -- Lord Zetta and Lady Salome...
       What am I missing here?
    -- Even Overlords want to get married.
    -- If things don't work out with Lord Zetta,
       I'd be glad to marry Lady Salome.
    -- I'm really happy that this could be
       the final battle...
    -- Did you get your special pre-order bonus?
    -- Maybe Lord Zetta should throw in the towel
       and let Salome take over.
    -- I was born with evil in my veins.
       Fighting brave men is my destiny.
    -- Defense is important.
       You will realize this later on.
    -- What the hell is Salome thinking?
       The heart of an Overlord is a complicated
       thing, that's for sure!
    -- I wonder how the Overlords are going
       to run things from now on.
    -- Lady Salome can be kind of pushy...
       (What kind of wife will she make?)
    -- What's Lord Zetta planning to do now?
    -- A wedding...?
       Hey, I want to have one, too.
    -- It's a little sad to think this is the
       final battle. So, let's keep it going
       for a little bit longer.
    -- What do I think about Lady Salome?
       Sometimes she acts like a stalker...
    -- Be quiet, give in, and just marry her!
       Sometimes Lord Zetta's so dense...
    -- You could say that every Overlord
       is crazy in some way...
    -- If Zetta and Salome get married,
       they'll be the strongest couple
       since Jadd and Bren.
    -- Let's leave the VIPs to fight amongst
       themselves.  Let's take care of things at
       our own pace, leader.
    -- It is kind of sad that the only way to
       express yourself is to fight... Oh, well.
    -- It seems that Pram had an agenda, but I
       wonder what ever became of it?
    -- Then, everybody is gone...
    -- It is nice to win after much effort, but it
       must be nice to win effortlessly sometimes.
    -- There is no end to this battle.  We're still
       a long way from the ultimate goal.
    -- It's my dream to reach level 9999.  If I do,
       I'll have Lord Zetta be my servant.
    -- At last, the final battle. If we survive,
       let's get a cool drink.
    -- The battle begins right here, right now.
       I love catchphrases like that.
    -- The latest rumor is that Zetta isn't
       actually the strongest Overlord.
    -- Apparently, Pram can shape-shift.
       But, they say she's only done it once
       her whole life.
                      Other Character Quotes        [SCOCQ]
    These custom characters do not participate in the chapter quote cycle,
    either because they perform a service, or they have earth-shattering info.
    Merchant:         May I help you?
    Healer:           Leave the healing to me--the healer.
    Witch:            Do you want to arrange skills or magic?
    Idol:             So, you want to paint?
    Engineer:         You can but vehicle parts here.
                      I can also materialize new items.
    Professor:        Wanna upgrade your vehicle?
    Prinny:           It's Prinny, dood!
                      Special Character Quotes        [SCSCQ]
    Any non-custom character who isn't listed here says "........."
    Castile:          Big brother...?
                      Where could he be?
    Laharl:           Let's keep quiet until we achieve
                      our goals...
    Flonne:           I need to spread love throughout the
                      Netherworld. You believe in me, don't you?
    Etna:             It's not as bad here as I thought
                      it'd be.
    Asagi:            Get back to your world, quick!
    King Drake:       Haaahahahaha!
                      Facility Quotes               [SCFQ]
    Few facilities say anything at Overlord's Castle.
    Those that do are listed here.
    Hospital:         This is a hospital.
                      Netherworld doctors are the best.
    Shop:             May I help you?
                      This is a vending machine with some items.
    Library:          This is a library.
                      Here, you can optimize skill data.
    Factory:          You can buy vehicle parts and
                      materialize new items here.
    Laboratory:       This is a research facility.
                      You can upgrade your vehicle, here.
    Makai Gate:       The Makai gate's been activated.
    *Makai Gate:      Not ready, please come again.
    *This is only said prior creating your first Netherworld in a new cycle.
        Menu Help           [SCMHELP]
    Zetta:            What do you want to learn about?
    -Battle basics-
    Zetta:            It's important to know the basics,
                      so ask me anything.
    --How to move--
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: How to Move]
                      First, place the cursor on a character
                      and press the {X} button.
                      If the cursor selects multiple
                      characters, then press the select button.
                      The selected character will display a red
                      circle representing its movement range.
                      Now select [Move] from the command
                      menu to move the character.
                      Move the character around with the
                      left analog stick. Decide where to
                      move and press the {X} button.
                      You can move the character at any
                      time, as long as the [Move} circle
                      is displayed.
    --How to attack--
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: How to Attack]
                      First select the character you want
                      to move and press the {X} button.
                      A red circle will appear to represent
                      its range.
                      Select [Attack] from the menu and
                      press the {X} button.
                      The blue circle represents the attack
                      range. Be careful, any character or
                      unit within the blue circle will be
                      affected by your attack.
                      Press the {X} button to confirm the action.
                      If you want to attack immediately,
                      open the command menu and select
                      Unlike [Move], you can only [Attack]
                      once per player turn. Therefore,
                      choose your attacks wisely.
                      When you have completed all of your
                      commands, open the command menu and
                      select [End turn].
    --About Icons--
    Zetta:            What do you want to learn about?
    ---Abnormal status---
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Abnormal status]
                      When hit by a skill, a character can
                      receive an abnormal status effect.
                      Abnormal effects can be cured by using
                      the [Espoire] skill, or by waiting
                      until after the battle.
                      [Poison]: Damage is taken every time
                      the character takes a turn.
                      [Sleep]: The character skips their turn
                      [Paralyzed]: The character's body is
                      frozen: Speed and Movement decrease.
                      [Amnesia]: The character forgets how
                      to perform all but the most basic skills.
                      [Dazed]: The character picks up no EXP.
                      [Gamble]: The next attacl will either
                      kill the character, or miss entirely.
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Attributes]
                      Every chracter and item will have               [lol spelling]
                      elemental (Fire, Wind, Ice) attributes.
                      Elemental attribute is the character's
                      ability to apply extra damage to enemies
                      with low elemental resistance.
                      Use a fire skill to a character with
                      -50% elemental resistance and you will
                      do extra damage.
    ---Skill Effect---
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Skill effect]
                      Each skill has a variety of
                      Icons next to the kill like [ATK][INT][TEC]
                      represent skill effect. For instance
                      skills with [ATK] will increase in damage
                      if the character's ATK is higher.
                      To resist skills with [ATK][TEC][HP], you must
                      increase your DEF. To resist [INT][RES][SP] skills
                      you must increase your Magic RES.
    ---[Facility] & [Mech]---
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: [Facility] & [Mech]]
                      The [Facility] & [Mech] mark on a skill represent
                      extra damage. Skills with the [Facility] mark
                      increase damage against facilities by
                      1.5 times. Skills with the [Mech] mark will
                      increase damage against vehicles by
                      1.5 times.
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Territory]
                      [The 4 territory icons] shon on the screen represent
                      territory. Blue is friendly territory
                      and red represent enemy territory.
                      [Characters] represent number of characters, [Items]
                      represent number of items, [Mechs] the
                      number of vehicles, and [Facilities] the number
                      of facilities on the battle map.
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Invite]
                      You need to summon characters to fight.
                      Set the cursor on me and press the
                      {X} button to open the [Invite] command.
                      Select [Invite] to summon friendly
                      units onto the battlefield.
                      The number of units you can summon
                      is restricted. Check the [POP].
                      The # on the right represents the
                      total # of units you can summon.
                      The # on the left represents the
                      # of units on the field.
                      If your unit is defeated during
                      battle, the # on the right will
                      decrease. Reach zero and it's game over.
                      You can summon all at once or
                      summon little by little. It's
                      your choice.
    -Stage requirements-
    Zetta:            How to clear the stage.
                      Check out te [Score] on the bottom
                      right of the screen.
                      [Tutorial: Stage points]
                      # on the right represents the total
                      score required to clear the stage.
                      You can collect stage points by
                      defeating your enemies.
    -Lift & throw-
    Zetta:            Did you know you that you can lift        [He said it again!]
                      objects up and throw them during battle?
                      [Tutorial: Lift&Throw]
                      Lift and throw is one of the most
                      important tactics in this game.
                      You can use [Lift], if the character
                      is not holding anything.
                      Select [Lift] and choose the object
                      you wish to carry. You can carry
                      either an object or a character.
                      Don't forget! You can take the item
                      you are holding back to the kingdom
                      if you beat the stage while holding it.
                      Next, how to [Throw].
                      Strategically throw items and characters
                      to your benefit during battle.
                      Remember you can't lift&throw while
                      you are holding something, so you
                      have to unequip the character first.
                      If you are holding something, go to
                      the [Item] menu and unequip the
                      You can also equip an item by
                      approaching it and pressing the {X}
                      It's the easiest way to get extra
                      items during the game.
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Extension]
                      Usually, when you throw an item off
                      the map, it becomes O.B.
                      However, depending on where you throw
                      the item, an extra hidden map called
                      [Extension] will appear.
                      Extensions will also appear by defeating
                      or destroying key items and characters.
                      Extension maps can be used to train
                      the army.
                      The more extension maps you find, the
                      stronger the enemy becomes, so
                      watch out.
        Lord Zetta Q&A      [SCLZQA]
    *Note: Much of the Menu Help is available here,
           but only Menu Help is available during battle.
    Zetta:            What do you want to learn about?
    -Create characters-
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Create characters]
                      Approach a object, ress the {X}
                      button and select create.
                      In the beginning, types of creatable
                      characters are limited, but additional
                      characters will be available as you
                      progress through the game.
                      Know the characteristics of each job
                      class to effectively cobat enemies.
    -Weapon mastery-
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Weapon mastery]
                      Weapon mastery represents the character's
                      qualification with a weapon. Every
                      character has his or her favorite
                      Every character can use every
                      weapon, but not all of them effectively.
                      Therefore, you should know which weapons
                      are truly compatible with the character
                      you are using.
                      Increase the weapon LV to learn new
                      Weapon LV will carry on to a different
                      weapon as long as it is of the same type.
                      Instead of using a variety of weapons,
                      you should stick to a single weapon
                      per character.
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Summon*O.B.]
                      You will use [Summon] to dispatch
                      units and facilities during battle.
                      If you have too many units at the
                      kingdom, throw them out of bounds.
                      You can always summon the O.B. Units
    Zetta:            What do you want to learn about?
    --Abnormal status--
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Abnormal status]
                      When hit by a skill, a character can
                      receive an abnormal status effect.
                      Abnormal effects can be cured by using
                      the [Espoire] skill, or by waiting
                      until after the battle.
                      [Poison]: Damage is taken every time
                      the character takes a turn.
                      [Sleep]: The character skips their turn
                      [Paralyzed]: The character's body is
                      frozen: Speed and Movement decrease.
                      [Amnesia]: The character forgets how
                      to perform all but the most basic skills.
                      [Dazed]: The character picks up no EXP.
                      [Gamble]: The next attacl will either
                      kill the character, or miss entirely.
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Attributes]
                      Every chracter and item will have        [lol spelling again]
                      elemental (Fire, Wind, Ice) attributes.
                      Elemental attribute is the character's
                      ability to apply extra damage to enemies
                      with low elemental resistance.
                      Use a fire skill to a character with
                      -50% elemental resistance and you will
                      do extra damage.
    --Skill Effect--
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Skill effect]
                      Each skill has a variety of
                      Icons next to the kill like [ATK][INT][TEC]
                      represent skill effect. For instance
                      skills with [ATK] will increase in damage
                      if the character's ATK is higher.
                      To resist skills with [ATK][TEC][HP], you must
                      increase your DEF. To resist [INT][RES][SP] skills
                      you must increase your Magic RES.
    --[Facility] & [Mech]--
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: [Facility] & [Mech]]
                      The [Facility] & [Mech] mark on a skill represent
                      extra damage. Skills with the [Facility] mark
                      increase damage against facilities by
                      1.5 times. Skills with the [Mech] mark will
                      increase damage against vehicles by
                      1.5 times.
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Territory]
                      [The 4 territory icons] shon on the screen represent
                      territory. Blue is friendly territory
                      and red represent enemy territory.
                      [Characters] represent number of characters, [Items]
                      represent number of items, [Mechs] the
                      number of vehicles, and [Facilities] the number
                      of facilities on the battle map.
    --Special command--                     [What does this have to do with icons?]
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Special command]
                      Walking around isn't the only thing
                      you can do at the kingdom. You can
                      talk, shop, and beat up your characters.
                      Press the {Square} button to lift/throw
                      and press the R2 button to beat your
                      friends up. If you press R2 facing
                      the character, you will do a giant
    -Make a wish-
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Write a wish]
                      Writing a wish is a dangerous task.
                      First select a character to write a
                      wish and talk to me. Writing a wish
                      requires Mana and LV, so be careful
                      or you will kill the character.
                      Increase the Mana and LV of the
                      character before you write a wish.
    -What is Mana?-
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Mana?]
                      Mana is the life energy required to
                      write wishes. You can gain Mana by
                      defeating monsters during battle.
                      Mana is like money, so go out there
                      and make some Mana! Haahahahaha!
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Facility]
                      Facilities like [Shop] and [Hospital]
                      can help you during battles.
                      Press the {Triangle} button, select
                      [Equip*Arrange] and choose
                      [Facility arrangement].
                      By storing units within the facilites,
                      you can summon them all at once during
                      battle. Also facilities provide extra
                      bonus stats to the characters during
                      Don't forget to store healing items.
    Zetta:            [Tutorial: Reincarnation]
                      Every time you make a wish on the
                      sacred tome, you sacrifice a character.
                      However, the sacrificed character's
                      soul can be used to create a new
                      character, while keeping the old stats!
                      Try reincarnating a LV 10 and above
                      character. You'll be surprised.
                      By utilizing reincarnation, you can
                      create a warrior who can use healing
                      magics, or a magician with a high ATK.
                      The higher the LV, the more bonus
                      points you get for charater creation.
                      Using a rare item to confine will grant
                      you even more bonus points.
                      Characters confined to *items can
                      [*Reincarnate]. You become able to
                      reincarnate with the * of the item.
                      The more * you collect, the more
                      bonus points you receive for character
                      Reincarnation is the key to victory,
                      so use it wisely!
        Items               [SCITEMS] 
    The hardest damn part of creating this document.  Here, the game's description
    of every single item obtainable by normal means is recorded.  All 739 of them.
    They are organized by their type, and not by how they will appear in any
    automatic arrangement.  Some items were split into seperate categories, such as
    grasses and flowers, due to the fact that they function quite differently from
    those that share their type.
                      Confine Items                 [SCICI]
    Rock:             A large rock with no special features
    Anthill:          An interesting shape that really hurts.
    Flat Rock:        Used to be a wall? A floor? :shrug:
    Stone:            An absurdly large rock.
    Tall Stone:       One of nature's ancient works of art.
    Brick:            A big, battered brick.
    Giant Stone:      A rock on which giants sat.
    Evil Rock:        Devil's may or may not have crossed it.
    Ancient Rock:     A remnant of the megalith civilization.
    Demon Stone:      It looks powerful, but it's really just a rock.
    Sacred Rock:      A mysterious stone.
    Devil Stone:      There might be something amazing written on it.
    Palm Tree:        A tree that grows on the beach.
    Sapling:          Type of tree you'd expect to be edible.
    Pine Tree:        A tree with prickly needles.
    Tropic Tree:      Put one in your room for a tropical atmosphere.
    Evergreen:        A tree that's full of life.
    Spirit Tree:      Houses the spirits of the dead.
    Happy Tree:       It's said to bring happiness.
    Flourish:         A tree that provides bountiful fruit.
    Sacred Tree:      Cultivated by an agricultural wizard.
    Paradise Tree:    Just another day with this tree.
    National Tree:    Brings wealth to nations.
    Divine Tree:      A tree planted by the gods.
    Flower:           That's right--just a flower.
    Small Flower:     So who're you giving it to?
    Cutesy:           Popular with the ladies.
    Innocence:        Want a boquet of pretty flowers?
    Fairy Bow:        A flower where the fairies rest.
    Sacred Petal:     Emits a tantalizing fragrance.
    Angel Flower:     An angel reborn as a flower.
    Legend Flower:    There's not room to tell its legend here.
    Weed:             Don't judge it by its appearance.
    Skinny Weed:      For some reason, this grass is on a diet.
    Misc Weed:        Doesn't really stand out.
    Sacred Grass:     Eat this to improve your digestion.
    Illusion Grass:   Eat this and you will see ghosts.
    Spirit Grass:     This grass glows in the evening hours.
    Shadow Grass:     It appears that something is hiding in the grass.
    Divine Grass:     Source of eternal youth medicine.
    -Dead Trees-
    Dead Tree:        The tree's dead and there's nothing to do.
    Makai Tree:       Grows across the Netherworld.
    Wither Tree:      Died of malnutrition.
    Grudge Tree:      It's haunted by odd spirits.
    Wight Tree:       So old it could fall at any time.
    Rotten Tree:      It's being eaten by the miasma.
    Blasphe Tree:     This tree is ancient.  It sounds good,but...
    Darkness Tree:    This tree puts out a negative aura.
    -Makai Flower-
    Makai Flower:     This flower grows all over the Netherworld.
    Bloody Flower:    Feeds by sucking blood.
    Curse Flower:     This flower looks like it could curse you.
    Hell Flower:      The only flower that blossoms in hell.
    -Makai Grass-
    Makai Grass:      It tastes terrible, but is very nutritious.
    Man Eater:        Not as dangerous as it looks (or is it?).
    Hungry Grass:     Please don't feed it!
    Head Hunter:      A very popular houseplant in the Netherworld.
                      Weapon Items                  [SCIWI]
    Dagger:           It looks cheap, but it works just fine.
    Stone Knife:      Used by warriors of the past.
    Butterfly Knife:  An elegant knife emblazoned with butterflies.
    Bronze Dagger:    Named "Compassion." Used for a final attack.
    Dirk:             A foreign dagger. Surprisingly easy to use.
    Louie's Knife:    A freedom dagger from France.
    Army Knife:       This dagger is good for actual battle.
    Hidden Dagger:    Easy to hide within your garments.
    Survival Knife:   Useful for any camping trip.
    Magic Dagger:     Cuts well thanks to its magical engraving.
    Luxor Knife:      A gorgeously decorated, high-end knife
    Steel Cutter:     Cuts fairly well. Useful for hadicrafts.
    Thief Dagger:     For thieves who may be up to no good.
    Assassin Dirk:    Used by assassins.  Don't imitate them.
    Sword Breaker:    Strong enough to break a thin sword.
    Crystal Blade:    This dagger has a beautiful blade.
    Sheild Dagger:    Rare dagger for offense or defense.
    Shadow Edge:      This dagger does not reflect light.
    Bloody Fang:      Insane knife that thirsts for blood.
    Fairy Knife:      Its power is enhanced by mana.
    Divine Knife:     A weapon that is blessed by the gods.
    Impervium:        A light dagger made of legendary metal.
    Killer Pain:      An evil weapon that inflicts great pain.
    Immortal Edge:    A weapon from another world. Can smash spirits.
    Revelation:       Strengthened by fallen angels.
    Broadsword:       Just a regular sword.
    Saber:            Look like a soldier with this at your waist.
    Long Sword:       It's a little long, I guess...
    Blade:            This weapon appears to have a good cutting edge.
    Gladius:          An elegant sword that impresses the girls.
    Wing Sword:       Simple, but easy to use.
    Master Blade:     Use it once you're fully fledged.
    Heavy Blade:      More like a large kitchen knife.
    Knight Sword:     Used by knights. It looks important.
    Talwaar:          It might've been made in the mountains of India.
    Falchion:         Looks like it is from a foreign country.
    Claymore:         Three qualities: Tough, heavy, and pain-causing.
    Rage:             For the discriminating thug.
    Gilded Sword:     Waved blades make for painful cuts.
    Zweihander:       Heavy enough to hold with two hands.
    Mystic:           A unique process makes it super hard.
    Great Sword:      Yeah, okay... Great!
    Samurai Sword:    An ancient, sacred sword. Will it make the cut?
    Dragon Slayer:    Use this to slay the dragons.
    Soul Blade:       Master using it, and you can try this out.
    Hero Killer:      An evil sword that spilled the blood of heroes.
    Raiden:           A great sword that holds the power of thunder.
    Excalibur:        A sacred sword that repels evil.
    Crusader:         A legendary sword that brings its owner victory.
    Genesis:          The strongest, craziest sword there is.
    Katana:           Cry out "Hi-yah!" when you are using it.
    Silver Katana:    Famous sword that has seen the end of an era.
    Gold Katana:      A gem from long ago. It does good work.
    Master Katana:    Houses the souls of warring state soldiers.
    Warlord Katana:   Marked with a fancy tiger engraving.
    Imperial Katana:  Chops heads and takes names.
    Yamato:           Forged by a blacksmith in the Gifu region.
    Rising Sun:       A gem that has been beautifully decorated.
    Last Samurai:     This sword has a bloody history.
    Divine Wind:      A legendary sword of resurrection.
    -Beam Sabers-
    Beam Saber:       Cauterize your own victims!
    Photon Saber:     Just like that one movie!
    Laser Blade:      A custom-made sword with dynamic power.
    Light Sword:      A sword that shines like the sun.
    Divine Light:     This is the final trump card!
    Axe:              Please don't swing it around.
    Small Axe:        Don't dis it just because it's small!
    Wood Chopper:     Do you like splitting wood?
    Silver Axe:       Used regularly by a certain tribe.
    Golden Axe:       Would impress anyone, don't you think?
    Theif Axe:        Just gimme the money.
    Battle Axe:       An average axe used as a combat weapon.
    Stone Crusher:    Effective for weight loss! A must-see!
    Bear Hunter:      The one that Paul Bunyan carries.
    Crescent Axe:     An axe in the shape of the crescent moon.
    Heavy Axe:        So heavy it'll make your shoulders stiff.
    Warrior Axe:      An axe used in the coming-of-age ceremony.
    Tomahawk:         It won't come back if you throw it.
    War Axe:          Just holding it makes one look strong.
    Master Axe:       An aggresive axe with a big blade.
    Tribal Axe:       Infused with a primal scent.
    Decaxitate:       Don't lose your head... Ulp!
    Lunar Axe:        A magical spell is engraved, but cannot be read.
    Horn Axe:         An axe left by a great old man.
    Executioner:      A horrible axe used in executions.
    Chaos Axe:        An axe loved by an ancient violent emperor.
    Guillotine:       This huge blade brings sinners to justice.
    Extinction:       A doomed axe that brings the plague.
    Demon Lord:       An axe that a devil bought with a 30-year loan.
    Armageddon:       One swing takes everything out!
    -Frying Pans-
    Frying Pan:       Can be used as a weapon and as a shield?
    Skillet:          It sounds good when you strike it.
    Nonstick Pan:     Cooking is a martial art!
    Stainless Pan:    Next time, I will cook you!
    Wok:              One serving of minced meat comin' up!
    Holy Skillet:     Might make a good wedding gift.
    Master Wok:       Only chosen ones may use this frying pan.
    Divine Pan:       How are such delicious meals possible?
    Heavenly Wok:     It produces a heavenly taste.
    God of Cookery:   The gods use it to make fried rice.
    Ball and Chain:   Also recommended for the lady of the house!
    Morningstar:      Get hit with it and see stars.
    Heavy Iron:       A painful blow. Is this love that I'm feeling?
    Steel Smasher:    An iron ball suited for battle. Fight!
    Prisoner Chain:   Used to prevent escape.
    Heart Crusher:    A hammer to shake your heart.
    Giga Crusher:     Destroys everything in sight.
    Doom Basher:      So does it bash doom, or... ?
    Nether League:    Holds the home run record.
    Last Impact:      I can't get enough of this feeling.
    Nunchaku:         Cowabunga, dude!
    Thunder Chaku:    Defeat your enemy quickly.
    Twin Flail:       Look like wooden clappers, but they're not.
    Twin Stick:       Keep those things away from me!
    Wing Flail:       Would you like to have these as a souvenir?
    Battle Chaku:     Friendship can bloom on the battlefield.
    Dark Nunchaku:    Release your inner kung-fu star.
    Golden Chaku:     Make sure nobody's around you before using.
    Rioter:           Rage... for victory!
    Mach 1:           These move faster than the speed of sound.
    Moon Light:       A gem that quietly reflects the moonlight.
    Hidden Dragon:    Hey you guys...I'll crack your heads!
    Dragon Soul:      A favorite of legendary martial artists.
    Mystic Hammer:    If this hits you...
    Price Hammer:     While you're at it, just take the enemy's life.
    Cashier:          The lost property of the god of fortune.
    Golden Time:      Ya know, it's all about the money.
    Millionaire:      Who wants to use a millionaire?
    Short Spear:      Longer doesn't always mean better.
    Sai Spear:        It has sickle-like protuberances on both sides.
    Pike Spear:       Developed for use against the calvary.
    Estoque:          A spear used by gladiators.
    Soldier Spear:    A spear used by gatekeepers.
    Claw Spear:       A spear with claws. Wow, that looks painful.
    Cross Spear:      An Eastern spear used by priest-soldiers.
    Silver Spear:     A rather small spear suitable for field battle.
    Charge Spear:     A battle spear perfect for thrusting.
    Vouge:            Vouge...Hmm, that's hard to say.
    Spectrum:         Holding it empowers the user.
    Trident:          You can use this instead of a fork.
    Partisan:         Great for thrusting and slashing attacks.
    Javelin:          You can throw it. You don't have to, though.
    Harpoon:          This harpoon is useful for catching fish.
    Halberd:          A lance for the upper-class. Hard to manage.
    Scorpion:         It looks like a spear for the elite.
    Holy Pike:        A weapon favored by brave warriors.
    Brave Spear:      You may become a hero with this in your hands.
    Gaebolg:          A dreadful, evil spear.
    Valkyrie:         Wielded by heavenly warriors.
    Brionac:          This spear's glow destroys demons.
    Gungnir:          I've been waiting for a spear like this!
    Pinaka:           The spear carried by the god of destruction.
    Longinus:         Also known as "Godslayer."
    Rapier:           Ha ha! Parry! Thrust!
    Iron Rapier:      Lighter and easier to handle.
    Steel Rapier:     Perfect for beginners.
    Tuck:             Don't point sharp objects at people!
    Estoc:            Has superior thrusting capabilities.
    Dress Sword:      Attack elegantly.
    Mythrial:         A spear with aesthetic sense.
    Stinger:          Used by aristocrats in battle.
    Blood Needle:     You'll surely bleed if you're stabbed with this.
    Razor Blade:      Goes through anything.
    Royal Blade:      Dances like a butterfly, stings like a bee.
    Crimson Rose:     Causes flowers of blood to bloom in battle.
    Eternal Land:     The dance of death has no end...
    Syringe:          What's in it? Could be placebo...
    Nurse Needle:     This may sting a little...
    Dr. Needle:       Never misses the mark. Thanks, Doc!
    Dream Syringe:    Used by the great doctors of old.
    Love Needle:      If you have love in your heart, you'll be fine.
    -Fishing Poles-
    Fishing Pole:     So, what are you going to catch?
    Master Pole:      Ah, the old man is catching something!
    Legend Pole:      That pole has the fisherman's spirit.
    North Pole:       This one catches happiness. No it doesn't.
    Fisher King:      The fish bite with every cast.
    Musket:           A matchlock introduced by blue eyed invaders.
    Rifle:            A classic gun with an improved accuracy rate.
    Show Rifle:       A curio that utilizes flint.
    Hunting Rifle:    Use this when up against a bear.
    Semi-Auto Rifle:  A mass-produced semi-automatic.
    Crime Rifle:      There's the target!
    Sniper Rifle:     The gun of choice for hitmen.
    Inforcer:         Shoot toward tomorrow.
    Barracuda:        Eyes. Aim for the eyes.
    AntiTank Rifle:   Pierces through armor.
    Wildcat:          Snipers love this gun.
    Hawkeye:          It's slogan is: "I won't miss the target!"
    Glory:            Shoot once, and aim for glory.
    Judgement:        Declare your verdict: death!
    Survivor:         Hit!
    Salamander:       Watch out! Arson is a legitimate crime.
    Flaming Tongue:   When eating BBQ, start with salted tongue.
    Ifrit:            Burn enemies to bits with fire from hell.
    Detonator:        Hey, separate your non-burnable trash!
    Dragon Breath:    Hot as the fire from a dragon's mouth.
    Incinerator:      It made short work of the campfire.
    Crimson Flame:    "Man, what a fire!" "Hey,that's my house!"
    Megito Fire:      This is the hottest weapon around.
    Hell Fire:        Our spirits are also burning.
    God's Wrath:      Sleep now in the fire.
    -Gatling Guns-
    Gatling Gun:      A mechanical revolver.
    Vulcan Cannon:    If you barrage falls short, you'll be scolded.
    Hyper Vulcan:     This gun is retro. It is still used however.
    Wild Hog:         Its 16-shot capability astounds the masters.
    Big Bison:        Shoot, shoot, and keep shooting!!!
    Mad Bull:         Even a demon sergeant will turn deathly pale.
    Cerberus:         And then, the battlefield became hell.
    Nidhog:           Sold on the Netherworld black market.
    Orochi:           Use the Vulcan while battling the boss!
    Hecatoncheir:     Has destructive power that shakes the spirit.
    Bazooka:          The ideal stress-reliever.
    Rocket Launcher:  Keep out of children's reach.
    Faust Launcher:   Blow away all the eyesores.
    Arm Blaster:      How about a one-shot pow!?
    Anti-Air Gun:     Recently adopted for use by the Makai Army.
    Dragoon:          A long range weapon with outstanding power.
    Punisher:         Time for a little discipline...
    Mega Death:       What the...!? Okay, that's it--!
    Catastrophe:      There's no use arguing. I will destroy you.
    Anglomois:        The great king of fear appeared late.
    Makai Cannon:     If you have this, you may be invincible?
    Grudge Cannon:    Break through the point at which blood boils.
    Demon Cannon:     A really big gun.
    Thunder Cannon:   Something will come out of it...
    Hand Blaster:     This weapon is shaped like a hand.Strange.
    Hell Gate:        Direct flight to hell, cleared for departure.
    Death Sentence:   Judgement against the bad guys.
    Hell Raiser:      Use this to complete the attack.
    Mandara Cannon:   Is this your ticket to paradise?
    Pandora's Box:    The weapon for the final battle of mankind.
    Factory Wrench:   Tighten things you'd like tighter.
    Worker Wrench:    Tool favored by the local hardware store.
    Veteran Wrench:   Dad's old wrench.
    Quality Wrench:   The very latest of wrenches.
    Handy Wrench:     A nice dandy wrench.
    Super Wrench:     Now you can fix anything!
    Hyper Wrench:     Restore junk to like-new condition in no time.
    Master Wrench:    Approved by Makai master technicians.
    Legend Wrench:    This wrench is legendary among craftsmen.
    Divine Wrench:    You could fix a spaceship with one of these!
    Shovel:           A must-have for gardening.
    Worker Shovel:    A shovel full of love for your hard work.
    Labor Shovel:     You can count on this in case of evergency.
    Factory Shovel:   Let me call you big brother.
    Quality Shovel:   For those who like to dig.
    Handy Shovel:     The future is our frontier.
    Super Shovel:     Wow, you're a superman!
    Master Shovel:    The perfect shovel for a jailbreak.
    Dragon Shovel:    Keep on digging! No one can stop you!
    Gaia Shovel:      A shovel blessed by gods of the earth.
    Remote:           Use it to control things.
    Naughty Remote:   Don't use if for mischief.
    Super Remote:     Control anything with the touch of a button.
    Secret Remote:    The guy who invented this...What a genius!
    Divine Remote:    What does this button do...?
    Bomb:             Be careful when handling hazardous materials.
    Pipe Bomb:        Loaded with gunpowder.
    Gift of Death:    Hey, this thing is ticking...
    Danger Toy:       Whoever buys this is a danger to society.
    Watch Out:        Even the bomb squad can't handle it. Duck!
    Revenger:         Let's shoot off some big fireworks!
    Surprise!:        Hmm... Something's not right.
    Hell Buster:      One-way ticket to the afterlife.
    Last Crisis:      Everyone evacuate immediately!
    Big Bang:         The big bang that started the universe.
    Drill:            The drill writes the man's novel.
    Power Drill:      Put a little elbow grease into it.
    Magnetic Drill:   Fall in love with a nice body.
    Nuclear Drill:    Use it with a pair of coveralls.
    Photon Drill:     Merciless! Grit your teeth and use it, sister.
    Land Dragon:      Awesome. Simple. Feels good.
    Tornado Drill:    A new story begins the moment you pick it up.
    Penetrator:       Strong enough to penetrate the heavens. Dazzling.
    Slayer:           Write an essay called "Brave New Drill."
    Warlord DX:       An extreme drill powered by your blood.
    Used Book:        Teaches kindly to beginners.
    Book:             The basic Makai Book. Revised Edition.
    Dictionary:       Command language to your bidding.
    Secret Book:      What lies within its pages?
    Spell Book:       A bestseller. Every home should have one.
    Guide Book:       Read it and learn to speak with the dead.
    Encyclopedia:     A mysterious power awakens inside you.
    Must Read:        Become popular with a secret Eastern art.
    Manual:           An encyclopedia of alchemy with a prize inside.
    Lithograph:       Immediately use these magic formation techniques.
    Mystery Book:     Contains the prohibitive secrets of magic.
    Cult Book:        Written by a celebrated wizard.
    Ancient Book:     A great book written by a hermit.
    Solomon's Book:   "Key" is written on it, but it's a book.
    Lemegeton:        Become friends with 72 demons. Good for you!
    Arbatel:          All about transcendental magic ceremonies.
    Hunter's Bible:   How to forge contracts with demons.
    War Tactics:      Traditional Eastern sorcery,in Chineese.
    Fairy List:       By its title, this magic book sounds suspicious.
    Summoner:         Antique magic book. You can call angels with it.
    Note of Death:    Something terrible is said to have been written.
    Book of Hermes:   The ultimate book of sorcery. (A reprint.)
    Origin:           A book that unlocks all the secrets of the world.
    Eden:             Secretly teaches forbidden wisdom.
    Pnakotic Diary:   The oldest book of sorcery. What's in it?
    Staff:            Men can also use this. But, please don't.
    Fancy Staff:      Declared 100% pure young lady.
    Miracle Staff:    The stick that brings you miracles.
    Savor Staff:      Targeted at kids 14 and under.
    Dream Baton:      Use this and your forgotten dreams may blossom.
    Fan:              A cool wind for you.
    Wind Fan:         Brings you a powerful wind.
    Tornado Fan:      Used by the wind gods to create typhoons.
    Hurricane Fan:    I want to be called: "The man who summons storms."
    Kamikaze Fan:     When the wind gusts, it blows!
    Magnet:           Contains north and south poles.
    Power Magnet:     Able to bring relief to stiff shoulders.
    Super Magnet:     Use it to attract that special someone.
    Hyper Magnet:     Well, anyway, it's a great magnet.
    Magnet V:         A magnet of this magnitude is a perfect weapon.
    Drum:             The Lightning God's grooming tool.
    Dragon Beat:      One strike of this drum produces 1 million volts.
    Devil Beat:       Beat it like a madman.
    Angel Beat:       The drum the gods beat when they're angry.
    Divine Beat:      Quiet! Do you know what time it is?
    Pie:              You know how to use this, don't you.
    Apple Pie:        Grandma's homemade pie. I could get used to this.
    Pumpkin Pie:      Very rich. Have it with ice cream.
    Key Lime Pie:     You haven't had enough yet, fatty!
    Heavenly Pie:     The pies girls make are filled with love.
    Balloon:          Doesn't necessarily guarantee flight.
    Dream Balloon:    Inflated with everyone's dreams.
    Lovely Balloon:   Carries joy to the highest cloud.
    Angel Balloon:    Can carry you to heaven.
    SciFi Balloon:    Go anywhere! The sky's the limit!
    Box:              A soldier's best friend.
    Black Box:        Its contents are top-secret!
    Mystic Box:       Perhaps mages can hide in it.
    Code Red:         The number one useful battle accessory.
    The Box:          The only comrade you can count on.
    UFO Yoink!:       You can use a special theft technique.
    UFO Mine!:        You can use a special theft technique.
    UFO Greed:        You can use a special theft technique.
    UFO Hysteria:     You can use a special theft technique.
    UFO Godspeed:     You can use a special theft technique.
    UFO Precedent:    You can use a special theft technique.
                      Armor Items                   [SCIAI]
    Cotton Robe:      Very comfortable...Here, touch it!
    Chineese Dress:   Swept awat in the eternal fabric stream.
    Vest:             A garment made of common cloth.
    White Robe:       Is it okay to wear this?
    Magical Vest:     Makai school uniform.
    Gym Clothes:      Better change and get out there fast!
    Ripped Top:       Its refinement stands out. Moves easily.
    Kitchen Apron:    Does it have any defensive properties?
    Silk Robe:        An elegant robe.
    Baggy Clothes:    Out of style gang-wear.
    Elegant Robe:     You might look wise if you wear this.
    Night Gown:       Men might not want to wear this.
    Celeb Clothes:    An elegant garment worn by royalty.
    Thief Outfit:     A garment for those who don't want to stand out.
    Ninja Outfit:     Wearing this doesn't mean you can use ninjutsu.
    Magician Robe:    Favored by evil magicians.
    Spirit Clothes:   How about these unconventional clothes?
    Soul Toga:        Everybody gives thanks when you wear this robe.
    IQ Robe:          I wish my idiot son would wear this.
    Silver Gown:      A garment worn by high ranking clergy.
    Supreme Gown:     This hasn't been washed for about 100 years.
    Divine Coat:      A coat woven with sacred threads.
    Angel Robe:       It smells wonderful!
    Heavenly Gown:    A gown cast off by a goddess.
    Hades Robe:       Legendary gown dyed black in the Underworld.
    -Light Armor-
    Armor:            Armor of cloth.
    Light Armor:      Padded armor to protect the body.
    Linen Armor:      Prickly-feeling armor woven from linen.
    Leather Jacket:   Unfortunately, it's not a vintage garment.
    Kilt Armor:       In a word, this cloth armor is 'tough.'
    Trench Coat:      A military suit that guards against cold.
    Leather Armor:    Gets better with a lot of use.
    Bondagesuit:      ...Specialty...Armor.
    Body Armor:       Take a hit and you'll be OK, more or less.
    Powersuit:        Is this really for protection?
    Fur Armor:        Can fur really be used as armor?
    Silver Armor:     Leather with metal rivets. Heavy metal?
    Magic Armor:      Hardened leather armor.
    Chain Armor:      For some reason, it's made of rings.
    Samurai Armor:    Suddenly you feel like fighting battles.
    Carbon Vest:      Armor with a special coating applied.
    Chainmail:        Not a special delivery.
    Power Jacket:     A powerful person should wear it.
    Protector:        Protects your delicate parts.
    Onepiece:         A one-piece dress made of chains.
    Shogun Armor:     The warrior's desire. I want one.
    Battlesuit:       Wear this when you're ready for battle.
    Demonchain:       Sweater woven by a demonic old lady.
    Beast Master:     Wanna be at the top of the food chain?
    Nirvana:          Legendary armor. Reach enlightenment.
    -Heavy Armor-
    Chest Protector:  An iron breastplate.
    Iron Plate:       It's...armor.
    Steel Plate:      Its unexpected hardness is surprising.
    Shell Armor:      Put the shells where you need protection.
    Hybrid Armor:     Leather armor overlain with a metal coating.
    Metal Armor:      Shows off a tight body line.
    Gold Armor:       A little heavy, but very sturdy.
    Steel Tux:        Kid, you look great in that!
    Bandit Mail:      Armor surrounded with a metal band.
    Heavy Armor:      Enemy bullets won't hurt. Sorry, I lied.
    Etherial Armor:   Toughness really increases.
    Steel Jacket:     Thick, heavy, and very trustworthy.
    Iron Dress:       Found: A fashionable man on the battlefield.
    Full Metal:       Full-body metal covering. Hard to move.
    Knight Armor:     Armor overflowing with chivalry.
    Dark Armor:       Wear this and look like a bad guy.
    Titan Armor:      Strong, light, and rustproof.
    Reflect Armor:    Repels half-hearted attacks.
    S.Powersuit:      If I wear this, will I be strong too?
    Exoskeleton:      Armor inspired by the bodies of insects.
    Holy Mail:        Sacred armor that repels evil spirits.
    Dragonmail:       Cool dragon-scale armor.
    Iron Gear:        High-tech suit you can instantly wear.
    Tyrant Armor:     Armor of a legendary warrior god.
    Overfiend Armor:  Armor worn by a great emperor.
    Shield:           A small, unreliable shield.
    Iron Shield:      Small, but adequate.
    Steel Shield:     A classically designed shield.
    Power Shield:     A special shield worn on the shoulder or elbow.
    Riot Shield:      You'll be fine in a riot. Round 'em up!
    Shell Shield:     A simple design, beautiful and functional.
    Defender:         For the guy who wants to protect everyone.
    Chaos Shield:     A rather large shield, for peace of mind.
    Raven Shield:     A triangular shield developed for cavalrymen.
    Knight Shield:    Worn by and for good knights
    Gate of Hell:     Tough. In a word, tough.
    Aegis:            A shield blessed by the goddess of war.
    O-Fiend Shield:   A shield carried by lords throughout history.
    Traveler Cape:    Sometimes, you just feel like taking a trip.
    Silk Cape:        A cape with lovely embroidery.
    Poncho:           Now in festive colors. Ole!
    Magic Cape:       It flows even when there's no wind.
    Weather Cape:     It's really none of my business.
    Dark Cape:        You can blend into the darkness. And... ?
    Hunter's Cape:    Blend into the scenery and go undetected.
    Ninja Cape:       Hahaha... You can't see me.
    Celeb Cape:       Feel what it's like to be a star.
    Stealth Cape:     A high-tech poncho for stealthy activities.
    Fairy Cape:       Faries use this while playing hide-and-seek.
    Hero Cape:        I won't tolerate people who threaten world peace!
    Overfiend Cape:   All you own... you owe.
    Wood Helmet:      Just as it looks: it's a wooden helmet.
    Worker Helmet:    Safety first. Sorry to inconvenience you.
    Headgear:         Protects your all-important head.
    Wig:              A hairstyle that makes a statement.
    Skullmet:         The helmet that looks like a skull. Eerie.
    Viking Helm:      A courageous looking helmet with horns.
    Iron Helmet:      A helmet that envelops your entire head.
    Steel Helmet:     Hide your ugly face: kill 2 birds with 1 stone!
    Barbuta:          You'll go bald if you wear it too long.
    Samurai Helmet:   The day of control is near!
    Dark Helmet:      At this point, it's practically art.
    Demon Helm:       But...you can't see in front of you.
    Overfiend Helm:   The helmet favored by gods who love battle.
    Hat:              A hat made of cloth. Don't expect any protection.
    Clown Hat:        Everybody loves a clown.
    Mage Hat:         A trademark of wizards.
    Winged Hat:       Worn by noblemen.
    Witch Hat:        Worn by witches and their apprentices.
    Magical Hood:     Wear this hat for better concentration.
    Riding Hood:      Quietly defeat the bad guys. How nice of you!
    Permafelt:        I'm not hiding my bald head. Really, I'm not.
    Wizard Hat:       The perfect hat for a wizard.
    Cowboy Hat:       It looks great in the dry wind. A cowboy hat.
    Glory Wimple:     An item that conveys grace and intelligence.
    Holy Turban:      Reach enlightenment as soon as you put it on.
    Divine Crown:     A crown that houses the wisdom of the gods.
                      Accessory Items                  [SCIACI]
    Power Belt:       You try so hard! This will help your muscles!
    Courage Belt:     Your can-do spirit is at full throttle.
    Monster Belt:     You're full of power. This belt is the secret.
    Sumo Belt:        This belt will attack your heart.
    Energy Belt:      Your spirit has never been so high.
    Hero Belt:        Your wrongdoing stops here!
    Spirit Belt:      Your legend begins right here!
    Ironhero Belt:    Wear this and perform squats indefinitely.
    Blackbelt:        Proof of your mastery of the art.
    Champion Belt:    Galaxy champion belt. Proof of your strength.
    Shoes:            Excel in footraces.
    Wing Boots:       It feels like my body is lighter!
    Sandals:          Wear these and run all day.
    Turbo Sandals:    These kept Hermes on schedule.
    Hayabusa:         A falcon doesn't wear shoes.
    Air Sneakers:     Dash toward tomorrow in these high speed shoes.
    Mach Engine:      Don't be fooled by their appearance.
    Gravity Shoes:    Experience weightlessness at all times.
    F&F Shoes:        A rare item for speed demons.
    Artemis Brand:    How far do you want to go?
    Crystal Ball:     You may see a bright future.
    Crystal Orb:      Increase your Mana.
    Dark Crystal:     This orbs hides the secret of dark Mana.
    Holy Crystal:     Obtain the protection of a holy ghost.
    Star Crystal:     A mysterious crystal that came from outer space.
    Moon Orb:         Summons the mysterious Mana on the moon.
    Millenium Orb:    A treasure passed on for generations.
    Divine Orb:       A rare orb that houses a sacred power.
    Chaos Orb:        A magic tool that reflects another world.
    Overfiend Orb:    A favorite jewel of lords.
    Ring:             Contains a magic spell that makes you wiser.
    Magic Ring:       A ring imbued with Mana. The name says it all.
    IQ Ring:          This ring suddenly makes you smarter.
    Cateye Ring:      A must-have item for cat lovers.
    Silver Ring:      A cold, silver ring.
    Mermaid Ring:     Given as a souvenier by a mermaid.
    Ancient Ring:     Wear ancient wisdom. Learn from the past.
    Demon Ring:       Become as skilled with intrigue as a demon.
    The Ring:         A jewel that hides extraordinary Mana.
    Shen Ring:        A goddess's engagement ring.
    Glasses:          I think your eyesight will improve.
    Heavy Glasses:    You look like a genius.
    Crystal Lens:     Very stylish glasses.
    Magni Lens:       Now you won't be scared at night!
    Starlight:        Good for stalking insects.
    Laser Vision:     Can you see your opponent's weakness?
    Magic Eye:        The magical glasses everyone wants.
    Foresight:        You can see far, far ahead.
    Destiny Eye:      A surprising item that projects fate.
    Providence:       The treasure that predicts natural law.
    Protein:          A charm for strength. Live strong!
    Hyper Protein:    Reshape your own body!
    Magic Protein:    Invite great power with magic.
    Mucho Macho:      With sleek muscles,you'll attract many people.
    Builder:          A popular mail-order item. It's easy!
    Muscle Machine:   Protein controller sold seperately.
    Muscle V:         Seize victory! With muscle!
    Worldclass:       Am I a sexy beast or what?
    Netherclass:      Flex those pecs!
    Planet Lifter:    The best muscles in the galaxy. Awesome!
    Dream Stone:      Does it have some kind of divine protection?
    Valentine Kiss:   It will comfort you when you're lonely.
    Love Charm:       A cute charm. Schoolgirls love it.
    Fairy Stone:      A stone shaped like a fairy.
    Holy Symbol:      The clergyman's ID.
    Holy Jewel:       A legendary statue of a holy woman.
    Mana Stone:       The power of nature will protect you.
    Enlightenment:    The main object of worship in some churches.
    Divine Jewel:     Statue of a goddess who grants her love to all.
    Innocence:        The symbol of a pure spirit.
    Imperial:         A typical Netherworld charm.
    Dark Jewel:       Amplifies the power of the dark.
    Devil Chain:      Pendant covered with a devil's pattern.
    Symbol of Love:   A rocket that contains the saints' prayers.
    Spirit Chain:     The power of departed spirits, crystallized.
    Master Chain:     Legendary item that controls demons.
    Sorcerer Stone:   Illusory treasure that confers almighty power.
    Testament:        Symbol of royalty worn by high-class devils.
    Exodus:           The key of fate to unlock the next dimension.
    Divine Symbol:    Proof that you are the ruler of all.
                      Vehicle Parts                 [SCIVP]
    Paper Armor:      Dummy Armor
    Iron Armor:       Its light weight is its selling point.
    Carbon Armor:     Compensates for the user's weak points.
    Steel Armor:      Increase your stamina!
    Machine Armor:    Protects you with the power of science.
    Silver Armor:     Armor made from magical metals.
    HighTech Armor:   Not as powerful as it's purported to be.
    Titanium Armor:   Light and rust resistant.
    Shield Armor:     A flexible shield for defense.
    Gold Armor:       Heavy! Exclusively used by the newly rich.
    Makai Armor:      Light armor enhanced by a Netherworld technique.
    Spirit Armor:     Offers an ancestor's protection.
    Rare Armor:       Traded at a very high price among hobbyists.
    Dark Armor:       Heavy armor enhanced by a Netherworld technique.
    Dream Armor:      What, are you gonna defend yourself with dreams?
    Mystic Armor:     Why is my defensive ability increasing?
    Space Armor:      The very latest armor, developed in space.
    Energy Armor:     Well, the name sounds great.
    Galaxian Armor:   The strongest armor in the galaxy.
    Super Alloy:      The armor of the future!
    Air Bullet:       Can you defeat the enemy with this?
    Pea Bullet:       Don't shoot these at people!
    XXX Bullet:       Use this when you're in a bind.
    9mm:              Is this for a pistol?
    Magnum:           A bullet for dirty men.
    Armor Piercing:   Has enough power to penetrate armor.
    Poison Bullet:    It's a poisonous bullet...Duh.
    Silver Bullet:    Will this work against vampires?
    EXP Bullet:       Scatters in mid-flight, (it's supposed to).
    Flaming Bullet:   A high temperature bullet.
    Steel Bullet:     You can tell it's hard just by looking at it.
    Beam Rounds:      Why do they call it a bullet if it's a beam?
    Magic Rounds:     Bullet under a magic spell.
    Demon Rounds:     Another way to kill demons.
    Power Rounds:     A bullet enflamed by emotion.
    Chaos Bullet:     The day you're hit by this bullet...
    Gold Bullet:      A golden bullet.
    Energy Blaster:   Is it packed with a lot of particles?
    44 Sonic:         A bullet with profound meaning.
    Overfiend Shot:   A bullet made with Netherworld power.
    Trash Can:        It's better than nothing...Or is it?
    Oil Tank:         The kind you put kerosene in.
    Gas Tank:         Try not to blow it up.
    Fuel Tank:        Economy Size. Easy on the budget.
    Hybrid Tank:      A tank invented by an old cheapskate.
    Eco Tenk:         A recyclable tank. Good for the environment.
    Luxo Tank:        A brand name tank popular with schoolgirls.
    ExtraLarge Tank:  Its big size is not necessarily a good thing.
    SuperSize Tank:   This tank is for military use.
    Energy Tank:      Whether it's really high-powered is debatable.
    Mega Tank:        So... How big is TOO big?
    Hyper Tank:       Developed by a brilliant scientist.
    Combat Tank:      Gets you through the hardest battles.
    Tera Tank:        Extend beyond your abilities.
    Master Tank:      Comes with a free 3 year warranty.
    DX Tank:          Everyone loves its magnificent silhouette.
    Plasma Tank:      You'll be so glad that you're prepared.
    Nuke Tank:        Condenses your hot aura without changing it.
    Wonder Tank:      The best quality tank. Wonderful!
    Cosmos Tank:      Draws out your infinite power.
    Engine:           The pistons are firing.
    Turbo Engine:     Would you like to feel the wind?
    Nitro Engine:     For those of you who feel the need for speed.
    Engine X:         Hey bro, you're not supposed to use that one.
    Engine Z:         Your accelerated heartrate just won't stop.
    Super Engine:     You'll want to touch this engine.
    Hyper Engine:     This engine can combine or transform.
    Dark Engine:      A collaboration between magic and science.
    Nuke Engine:      Your heart is always overheating.
    Fusion Engine:    An engine that can fly into the next dimension.
    Barrier:          This barrier is not very effective.
    Magnetic Barrier: This barrier gently envelops you.
    Reflector:        Produces a membrane that repels objects.
    Magic Shell:      You'll basically be stronger against magic.
    PsychicBarrier:   A telekinetic barrier.
    Aegis Shield:     The latest in defense shields.
    EXP Barrier:      A mad scientist's invention.
    Plasma Barrier:   That kind of attack isn't painful or itchy.
    Zero Field:       Renders energy attacks harmless.
    The Last Line:    Our final line of defense.
    Booster:          Maybe it's used to amplify something.
    Energy Booster:   Increases energy efficiency and power.
    Mana Cylender:    Expect this to increase magic prowess.
    Energy Amp:       A high quality amplifier.
    Photon Booster:   Particle stream speed is increasing.
    Mana Booster:     Will this combine magical powers?
    Magic Amp:        Wow! This is crystallized Mana!
    Dream System:     Your guess is as good as mine.
    Dark Energy Amp:  A relic from an ancient civilization.
    Mass Driver:      Please use this for peaceful purposes.
    OS:               A program for vehicles.
    Battle OS:        Records battle data.
    Combat OS:        Works well in any situation.
    Hyper OS:         Will make your machine smart.
    OSX:              The latest operating system, now at a great price!
    OSX Ver.2:        An improvement on an older version.
    Ultima:           (Insert nonsensical translation)
    V3:               Created by a genius programmer.
    Dynasty:          Narrated by a popular voice actor.
    G.O.D.:           An eternal bachelor created this one.
    Steering Wheel:   It stinks a little.
    Racing Wheel:     Can you feel excitement in your heart?
    Luxo Wheel:       Purchased with Father's bonus.
    Powersteering:    A wheel that the ladies can easily handle.
    Battle Wheel:     Sweat and tears went into this one.
    Victory Wheel:    This wheel doesn't guarantee victory.
    Master Wheel:     You'll fall in love with the grip!
    Space Wheel:      Don't go to space without it!
    Hero Wheel:       Used by some guy who protects the world.
    Captain Wheel:    Off to the sea of battle: bon voyage!
                      Food                          [SCIFI]
    -HP Food-
    Carrot:           A rabbit's favorite.
    Pumpkin:          Full of nutrients. Boil it and enjoy.
    Corn:             It's plump and juicy!
    Apple:            It smells so sweet and tart.
    Bread:            A taste you can count on.
    Ration:           Food preserved for an emergency.
    Rice Ball:        Exciting delicacy for otaku like you.
    Sandwich:         Eat it like you're on a picnic.
    Sushi:            How about some fresh seafood?
    Meat:             Mmm... That looks so good.
    -SP Food-
    Corn Soup:        This is hot soup.
    Veggie Soup:      Good if it's not too tomato-ish.
    Omelet:           Delicious ingredients wrapped in fluffy eggs.
    Stuffed Omelet:   An omelet covered with a demi-glace sauce.
    Curry:            Spicy and flavorful.
    Meat Stew:        Rice covered with meat stew.
    Hamburger:        Popular with the kids.
    Steak:            Just taste this world class beef!
    Hot Pot:          A wintertime standard. Warms you up, doesn't it?
    Sukiyaki:         The legendary taste of Japan.
    -HP/SP Food-
    S. Short Cake:    We always have room for dessert.
    Cheese Cake:      We always have room for dessert, right?
    Choc Cake:        We always have room for dessert, don't we?
    Green Tea Cake:   Y'know, we always have room for dessert.
                      Free Dungeon Items            [SCIFDI]
    -Travel Items-
    Gency Tonic:      Escape from the Free Dungeon.
    Diver:            Move up 30 levels in the Free Dungeon.
        Skills                    [SCSKILLS]
    Listed here all all the skills with descriptions not exclusive to special
    characters.  Status abnormality effect and special damage symbols are noted
    on the right.  Because of issues regarding elemental damage, symbols indicating
    them will not be displayed in this document.
                      Equipment Skills              [SCSES]
    Sniper Edge:      Basic dagger skill.                                  [Poison]
    Trick Blade:      Triangle offense.                                    [Poison]
    Aero Striker:     Elaborate air raid attack.                           [Poison]
    Illusion Hunt:    Work with your double for double damage.             [Poison]
    Raging Fangs:     Four way attack.                                     [Poison]
    Fire Storm:       A fire and ice attack swallows the target.           [Poison]
    Outlaw:           The target is dead before it realizes.               [Poison]
    Showtime:         Shake the galaxy to its foundation(s).               [Poison]
    Slash:            Basic sword skill.
    Berserker:        Beat multiple targets.
    Tornado Slash:    Rotate quickly to cut creatures.
    Ice Slash:        Freeze your enemy to death.
    Fire Slash:       Envelope your sword in flames.
    Moon Slash:       Unleash the power of moon energy.
    Darkness Falls:   Dimensional sword from hell.
    Zodiac:           Heavenly energy crushes your foes.
    Seven Sins:       Power echoes through the Netherworld.
    Silver Flash:     Basic katana skill.
    The Shadow:       Light speed sword skill.
    Storm Blade:      Wind attack slashes your enemy.
    Rolling Thunder:  A devastating thunder slash.
    -Beam Sword-
    Beam Slash:       Basic beam sword skill.                                [Mech]
    Twin Saber:       Two, two, two swords for double damage.                [Mech]
    Angel Wing:       Beam sword power output to max.                        [Mech]
    Omega Force:      Ultimate chakra slash.                                 [Mech]
    Skull Crush:      A basic Axe skill.
    Spin Break:       Rotate quickly to bash the target.
    Hell Crush:       A quick swing to destroy target.
    Axe Driver:       Drag the dregs to death.
    Le Rock:          Carve out a niche...and throw it.
    Gelato Slicer:    Chop the target in half.
    Cross Slash:      An elegant midair slash.
    Meteor Axe:       Drop a meteor from space, what else?
    -Frying Pan-
    Chef Attack:      A basic frying pan attack.
    Saute:            Stir fry the target 'til he's a vegetable.
    Chef's Heart:     Create a fabulous dish to heal the target.
    Hammer Attack:    Basic morningstar skill.                           [Facility]
    Miracle Shot:     Bash your target to death.                         [Facility]
    Deadly Rave:      Exploding swing of death.                          [Facility]
    Gaia Dance:       Introduce the enemy to terra firma.                [Facility]
    Dragon Strike:    A basic nunchaku skill.                             [Amnesia]
    Dragon Blow:      Pound the target repeatedly. Whack whack!           [Amnesia]
    Dragon Fury:      A series of strong skyward strikes.                 [Amnesia]
    Dragon Rage:      Devastate that dastardly devil!                     [Amnesia]
    Hammer Attack:    A basic hammer skill.
    Hammer Dance:     Leave opponents sore.
    Flying Hammer:    An awesome strike from the airborn.
    Whacka Mole:      Strike all who rise.
    Hammer Impact:    The whack head 'round the world!
    Multi Ray:        A basic spear skill.
    Sonic Charge:     Slay a group of foes.
    Dark Lance:       This attack leaves nothing but darkness.
    Sky High:         Heads up and watch out.
    Thunder Bolt:     Electricity lashes from the lance.
    Star Light:       Foes become tiny stars in the sky.
    Chronicles:       Empowered by divine energy.
    Moon Darkness:    Dark fire of the moon engulfs the enemy.
    Striker:          Basic rapier skill.                                   [Sleep]
    Ring Arrow:       A quick circular stab.                                [Sleep]
    Rising Stab:      Too fast to see its stabs.                            [Sleep]
    Aquarius:         Engulf your foes in a tidal wave.                     [Sleep]
    Heaven Ray:       One of the most powerful skills in the galaxy.        [Sleep]
    Medic:            A basic syringe skill.
    Hell Needle:      This may sting... Hell, it's gonna hurt!
    Poison Attack:    Drain the target's HP--inject poison.                [Poison]
    Crazy Shot:       A vicious plant drains some HP.
    -Fishing Pole-
    Thwack:           A basic fishing pole skill.
    World Class:      Fish for targets from around the world.
    Marlin Strike:    You could catch anything!
    Space Casting:    Catch and release...to space.
    Shot:             A basic rifle skill.
    Charge Bullet:    Fire armor piercing bullet.
    Psychic Blast:    Attack from all angles.
    Go To Hell:       Everyone, fire at Will! (He's in the back).
    -Flame Thrower-
    Fire Breath:      A basic flame thrower skill.
    Sub-Zero:         It snowed in hell, so lookout!
    Volcanic Fury:    Magma flames torch everything.
    Poseidon:         Waves of water wash it all away.
    Hephaestos:       Demon flames burns all to ashes.
    -Gatling Gun-
    Gatling:          A basic gatling gun skill.
    Bloody Rain:      A storm of bullets rains down.
    Crazy Killer:     Incoming!
    Carnage:          Do it executioner style.
    Grenade:          A basic bazooka skill.                                 [Mech]
    Shadow Blast:     Sneak up from behind.                                  [Mech]
    Explosion:        Bombard multiple targets.                              [Mech]
    Space Travel:     Please enjoy the flight.                               [Mech]
    Astro Flare:      Boom boom boom...                                      [Mech]
    Makai Cannon:     A basic Makai Cannon skill.                          [Poison]
    Mist Attack:      Smoke out the target.                                [Poison]
    Nightmare:        Heavy bombardment.                                   [Poison]
    Super Nova:       A fiery flame engulfs all.                           [Poison]
    Emergency:        A UFO strikes the target.                            [Poison]
    Wrench Attack:    A basic wrench attack skill.                 [Paralyze][Mech]
    Tech Bash:        Repair vehicles quickly.
    Wrench Spiral:    Screw target A into ground B.                [Paralyze][Mech]
    Hyper Wrench:     Repair several vehicles quickly.
    Omega Stungun:    Powerful electric blasts should spark it.    [Paralyze][Mech]
    Dig:              A basic shovel skill.                              [Facility]
    Dig More:         Burrow, fill, repeat.                              [Facility]
    Hopping:          The hippest of hip attacks.                        [Facility]
    Found Water:      Look, a hotspring! ...Let's throw him it!          [Facility]
    Microwave:        A basic remote skill.                               [Amnesia]
    Sodom's Sorrow:   An extermination machine.                           [Amnesia]
    Bomb Attack:      A basic bomb skill.                                  [Gamble]
    Time Limit:       Countdown: 5, 4, 3...                                [Gamble]
    Risk Attack:      Bomb's not working so well.                          [Gamble]
    Lightspeed:       Hurry up and set up the bomb!                        [Gamble]
    Suicide Rush:     Throw yourself (with bomb) toward foes!              [Gamble]
    Drill Attack:     A basic skill of the drill.                        [Facility]
    Drill Break:      Drill target to pieces.                            [Facility]
    Drill Combo:      Drill through earth, toward the target.            [Facility]
    Drill Sonata:     An elegantly hell-inspiring drilling.              [Facility]
    Book Shock:       A basic book skill.
    Flare Sphere:     Engulf targets with the fire of hell.
    Thunder Cage:     Entraps target within a thunder world.
    Hurricane X:      Heavy wind blows opponent away.
    Chrono Saber:     Trap and strike.
    Volcanic Blast:   A meteor is drawn forth from space.
    Soul Chiller:     Soul-freezing ice crushes the targets.
    Aqua Nova:        Channel the power of water spirits.
    Beauty Strike:    A basic cane attack.
    Lovely Heart:     Heart-shaped blaster devours the target.
    Heart Breaker:    Trap...then stab!
    Angel Heart:      God's mighty wrath strikes the target.
    Wind Fan:         A basic fan skill.
    Flying Wind:      Boomerang boomers the rang outta someone!
    Dark Cyclone:     Fierce winds get kicked up.
    Nature's Fury:    Channels wind energy.
    Magnet Attack:    A basic magnet skill.                                  [Daze]
    North&South:      Magnet rips target apart.                              [Daze]
    Magnet Field:     Hyper magnet drags the target nearby.                  [Daze]
    Magnet Force:     A magnet blast strikes foes.                           [Daze]
    Gravity Blast:    Gravity sphere crushes foes.                           [Daze]
    Thunder Drum:     A basic drum skill.                                [Paralyze]
    Thunder Beat:     Thunder strikes your foes.                         [Paralyze]
    Thunder Ring:     Spinning electricity strikes target.               [Paralyze]
    Thunder Dance:    The thunder god lends his powers.                  [Paralyze]
    Toss:             A basic pie attack skill.
    Holy Pie:         Pies in the face are ALWAYS funny.
    Balloon Attack:   A basic balloon attack skill.
    Balloon Doll:     Dummy balloon attacks target.
    Balloon Wave:     Blast wave blows everone away.
    Dogfight:         It's a midair flying bonanza!
    Lunch Time:       A basic box skill.
    Mimic Blade:      The box eats the target!?
    Pandora Force:    A sacred ray torches the target.
    Crane Catcher:    Basic stealing skill.
    Abduction:        Steals points from the target.
    Probe:            Apply damage to single target.
    Venus Attacks:    Steal the area key from an enemy.
    Armor Press:      The extreme weight crushes the target (slowly).
    Wood Strike:      Bash the target with a 2x4.
    Strike:           A basic nature attack skill.
                      Unarmed Skills                [SCSUS]
    Fist of Fury:     Basic unarmed attack.
    Falling Heaven:   Slam the target into the ground.
    Raging Fury:      Grab enemy in air and strike as you fall.
    Paradise Lost:    An impressive body slam.
    Galactic Blast:   Elaborate swinging strike.
    Circle of Life:   Hellishly amazing spin attack.
    Prinny Rush:      They really put a lot into this one.
    Prinny Bomb:      Uh oh, looks like he's bombing...
    Power Strike:     Swing plus throw equals...?
    Energy Blast:     Dark powers merge for an impressive attack.
    -Status Skills-
    HP+#:            Bonus points are added to HP.
    SP+#:            Bonus points are added to SP.
    DEF+#:           Bonus points are added to DEF.
    ATK+#:           Bonus points are added to ATK.
    INT+#:           Bonus points are added to INT.
    RES+#:           Bonus points are added to RES.
    TEC+#:           Bonus points are added to TEC.
    MOVE+##:         Increase movement range.
    JUMP+##:         Increase jump height.
    MONET+##%:       Gain more money.
    EXP+##%:         Gain more EXP.
    MANA+##%:        Gain more Mana.
    TK.EXP##%:       Gain EXP while riding a vehicle.
                      Magic Skills                  [SCSMS]
    -Offensive Magic-
    Fire:            A weak fire spell.
    Wind:            A weak wind spell.
    Ice:             A weak ice spell.
    Giga Fire:       A strong fire spell.
    Giga Wind:       A strong wind spell.
    Giga Ice:        A strong ice spell.
    Mega Fire:       A decent fire spell.
    Mega Wind:       A decent wind spell.
    Mega Ice:        A decent ice spell.
    Omega Fire:      An awesome fire spell.
    Omega Wind:      An awesome wind spell.
    Omega Ice:       An awesome ice spell.
    -Passive Magic-
    Enfeeble:        Decrease ATK (1/2X Max).
    Armor Break:     Decrease DEF (1/2X Max).
    Nullify:         Decrease RES (1/2X Max).
    Braveheart:      Increase ATK (2X Max).
    Shield:          Increase DEF (2X Max).
    Magic Wall:      Increase RES (2X Max).
    Magic Boost:     Increase INT (2X Max).
    Expoir:          Cure abnormal status ailments.
    -Healing Magic-
    Heal:            A weak heal spell.
    Mega Heal:       A decent heal spell.
    Giga Heal:       A strong heal spell.
    Omega Heal:      Am awesome heal spell.
        Custom Characters         [SCCUC]
    Here are listed all the Custom Character Jobs and their classes.
    Job names, which are not listed in-game, are provided by NIS America.
    They shall follow this format:
    1. Class 1
    2. Class 2
    3. Class 3
    4. Class 4
    5. Class 5
    6. Class 6
    Apple Kid
    A healthy ghoul with an apple for a head.
    1. Appleseed
    2. Ghost Fruit
    3. Killer Apple
    4. Hyslop
    5. Forbidden Fruit
    6. Apple King
    A Netherworld hunter who's made for mid-range fighting.
    1. Archer
    2. Hunter
    3. Sniper
    4. Bow Master
    5. Sharpshooter
    6. Eagle Eye
    Berserkers: high on attack, low on magic resistance!
    1. Rogue
    2. Brigand
    3. Bushwacker
    4. Bandit
    5. Berserker
    6. Desperado
    Give this walking powder keg heavy weapons, okay?
    1. Bomber Head
    2. Boobie Trap
    3. Floating Mine
    4. Balloon Imp
    5. Death Drifter
    6. Incarnate Rage
    Carrot Dude
    Children everywhere fear carrot monsters!
    1. Evil Carrot
    2. Mandragora
    3. Carrot Man
    4. Hell Radish
    5. Old Ghost Root
    6. Carrot King
    Balances his meals with a side of war.
    1. Dishwasher
    2. Makai Chef
    3. 3-Star Chef
    4. Gourmet Chef
    5. King of Taste
    6. Taste Sensation
    Corn Guy
    Corn bred on the farm--shockingly smart.
    1. Walking Corn
    2. Corn as Folk
    3. Harvest
    4. Mad Plant
    5. Organicorn
    6. King Corn
    Slinks in and out of shadows.
    1. Shadow
    2. Follow
    3. Night Stalker
    4. Dark Lace
    5. Kids in Hell
    6. Null of Descent
    Guides of the underworld with deadly powers.
    1. Specter
    2. Dark Bishop
    3. Lich
    4. Spirit Hunter
    5. Golden Convict
    6. Death Director
    Devil 1
    High level warrior of an evil sect. Has few weaknesses.
    1. Lesser Demon
    2. Devil's Servant
    3. Night Gaunt
    4. Judge of Hell
    5. Dark Lord
    6. King of Plague
    Devil 2
    High level demons with solid bodies.
    1. Muscle Demon
    2. Demon Soldier
    3. Hellbouncer
    4. Lord's Guards
    5. Death Grapplers
    6. Dark Savior
    A hard-worker with a bag full of tools.
    1. Mechanic
    2. Engineer
    3. Crafsman
    4. Weaponsmith
    5. Tinker
    6. Technopath
    Forsaken One
    Protean mud people; very strong at close range.
    1. Tar Man
    2. Gel Boy
    3. Shambler
    4. Swamp Devil
    5. Plague
    6. God of Filth
    Strong protectors of the forest; weak to magic.
    1. Wood Doll
    2. Wood Folk
    3. Stump Man
    4. Torrent
    5. Treetop Spirit
    6. Earth's Voice
    Fast-growing monsters with eating on their minds.
    1. Gourmet Olga
    2. Gluttony
    3. Mad Eater
    4. Hungry Demon
    5. Ravenous Royal
    6. Gourmet King
    Hardness is this giant's only redeeming quality.
    1. Scrap Metal
    2. Iron Guard
    3. Steel Titan
    4. Mythril Man
    5. Adamant Giant
    6. Unbreakable
    Heaven's Bliss
    A total mystery. Is it a symbol of happiness?
    1. Lucky Doll
    2. Happy Owl
    3. Happy Bluebird
    4. Dream King
    5. Paradise Man
    6. God of Fortune
    Hell Kitty
    Attacks blazingly fast with disappointingly weak hits.
    1. Cat Kid
    2. Death Saber
    3. Wolverine
    4. Hell Cat
    5. Predator
    6. King of Beasts
    Symbols of the Netherworld, kind of... I guess.
    1. Red Idol
    2. Green Idol
    3. Blue Idol
    4. Purple Idol
    5. Black Idol
    6. White Idol
    Iron Golem
    A slow-moving doll encased in impenetrable armor.
    1. Tin Doll
    2. Puppet Robot
    3. Metal Golem
    4. Machine Man
    5. Terminator
    6. Secret Weapon
    Wields the elements in powerful magic spells.
    1. Magician
    2. Sorcerer
    3. Warlock
    4. Wizard
    5. Rune Master
    6. Ghost Hunter
    Mana Sphere
    A curious life-form who doesn't lack SP.
    1. Big Eye
    2. Energy Ball
    3. Watcher
    4. Mesmerizer
    5. Beholder
    6. Entity
    Roams the battlefield teaching rescue techniques.
    1. Medic
    2. Rescue Crew
    3. Rescue Squad
    4. Rescue Leader
    5. Rescue Command
    6. Rescue Expert
    Fights the enemy while balancing accounts.
    1. Junk Trader
    2. Pawn Shop Clerk
    3. Specialty Gal
    4. Treasure Grader
    5. Legend Merchant
    6. Great Trader
    Protects treasure by holding money in its body.
    1. Surprise Box
    2. Mimic
    3. Hidden Maw
    4. Presenter
    5. Distreasure
    6. Pandora Box
    A holy priest, blessed with recovery skills.
    1. Healer
    2. Priest
    3. Cleric
    4. Bishop
    5. Holy Master
    6. Savior
    A string Netherworld dweller. Has no get up and go.
    1. Prinny
    2. Prinny Leader
    3. Prinny General
    4. Prinny King
    5. Prinny Hero
    6. Prinny God
    A brilliant demon mind in favor of aggressive weapons.
    1. Professor
    2. Electric Prof.
    3. Plasma Prof.
    4. AntiGrav Prof.
    5. Shocking Prof.
    6. Genius
    Pump Kin
    Pumpkin-headed, gun slinging goblins
    1. Errant Pumpkin
    2. Pumpkin
    3. Scarecrow
    4. Halloween
    5. Field Sentry
    6. Pumpkin King
    Soldier (F)
    A mercenary soldier who knows how to handle a rifle.
    1. Enlistee
    2. Trooper
    3. Elite Unit
    4. Warmonger
    5. One-Woman-Army
    6. Lethal Weapon
    Soldier (M)
    A mercenary soldier who knows how to handle a rifle.
    1. Enlistee
    2. Trooper
    3. Elite Unit
    4. Warmonger
    5. One-Man-Army
    6. Lethal Weapon
    Has high attack power and live for Bushido.
    1. Ronin
    2. Working Samurai
    3. Master Samurai
    4. Great Samurai
    5. Samurai Legend
    6. Extreme Samurai
    1. Pickpocket
    2. Burglar
    3. Thief
    4. Phantom Thief
    5. Master Thief
    6. Trickster
    Thunder God
    A thunderous demon with an electric personality.
    1. Thunder Giant
    2. Thunder God
    3. Thor
    4. Indra
    5. Zeus
    6. Jupiter
    A footsoldier who specializes in close-range combat.
    1. Apprentice
    2. Fighter
    3. Warrior
    4. Destroyer
    5. Gladiator
    6. Makai Brave
    A Netherworld noble with strength and intelligence.
    1. Incubus
    2. Vampire
    3. Maximov
    4. Nosferatu
    5. Count Makai
    6. Immortal Prince
    A footsoldier who specializes in close-range combat.
    1. Apprentice
    2. Fighter
    3. Warrior
    4. Destroyer
    5. Gladiator
    6. Makai Brave
    Whip Master
    A strong leader who feels at home in a vehicle.
    1. Commander
    2. Officer
    3. Captain
    4. Colenel
    5. General
    6. War Queen
    Wields the elements in powerful magic spells.
    1. Witch
    2. Sorceress
    3. Occultess
    4. Uber Witch
    5. Rune Master
    6. Ghost Hunter
        Special Characters        [SCSPC]
    Here are listed all the special characters, their descriptions, their skills,
    and a brief summary on how you can get them (if you can).  Many will refer to
    the Special Scenes Section.  And yes, there are technically two Zettas.
    Name:             Zetta
    Class:            Overlord
    Description:      The strongest Overlord in the cosmos.
    Special Skills:   Showtime
                      Darkness Falls
                      Zodiac     [Yes, he can perform all 3 of these while unarmed]
    How to get:       You can't (Not without cheating). You use him during the
                      first battle with Raiden, and that's it.  Don't worry, his
                      stats suck in comparison to the Zetta you CAN get.
    Name:             Raiden
    Class:            Secret Assassin
    Description:      Secret thunder-assassin.
    Special Skills:   None. Some sources claim that Thunder Dance is an inate skill
                      but he does not have it in the second/third fight no matter
                      what you level him up to, and his Drum Mastery is always 
                      more than high enough on the first.
                      No means of proving it without the use of cheating devices.
    How to get:       You can't.  Not without cheating.
    Name:             Sacred Tome
    Class:            Sacred Tome
    Description:      It's said to govern life in the Netherworld.
    Special Skills:   INVITE: Summon units on to area map
                      END ACTION: End map
    How to get:       You start with him.  He is your base panel, after all.
    Name:             King Drake
    Class:            Overlord
    Description:      Just a typical moron.
    Special Skills:   Passion: Bodypress foes with passion.
    How to get:       Wish to battle him. See Special Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Valvoga
    Class:            Dark Lord
    Description:      Brow-beaten Micky and "friends."
    Special Skills:   Dynamic V: The ultimate anti-hero skill.
    How to get:       Wish to battle him. See Special Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Babylon
    Class:            Dragon Lord
    Description:      A dragon who was the strongest Overlord in his day.
    Special Skills:   Absolute Zero: Shatter those who oppose you.
    How to get:       Wish to battle him. See Special Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Seedle
    Class:            Underlord
    Description:      The king of the Underworld.
    Special Skills:   Dark Revenge: Send targets to the deepest pit of hell.
    How to get:       Wish to battle him. See Special Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Alexander
    Class:            Destruction God
    Description:      A childish god who controls lightning.
    Special Skills:   Vanishing Bolt: Splits the heavens and the land.
    How to get:       Trigger Alex's Ending branch and defeat him.  See Special
                      Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Salome
    Class:            Overlord
    Description:      A human being who gave her soul to evil.
    Special Skills:   Black Prison: Dark energy entraps the target.
    How to get:       Wish to battle her and trigger her ending. See Special Scenes
                      section for details.
    Name:             Pram
    Class:            The Oracle
    Description:      A young but highly competent oracle.
    Special Skills:   White Rage: The divine ray to end humanity.
    How to get:       Trigger Pram's Ending and emerge victorious. See Special
                      Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Zetta
    Class:            Overlord
    Description:      Lord Zetta's body, sans soul.
    Special Skills:   Omega Drive: The ultimate Overlord's skill.
    How to get:       Wish to battle him. See Special Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Flonne
    Class:            Fallen Angel
    Description:      A fallen angel who's in love with love.
    Special Skills:   Metamorph: A popular move among the hardest of core.
    How to get:       Battle Laharl. See Special Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Etna
    Class:            Demon
    Description:      Laharl's "faithful" servant.
    Special Skills:   Prinny Raid: Do prinnies have human rights? (Of course not).
    How to get:       Battle Laharl. See Special Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Laharl
    Class:            Overlord
    Description:      An Overlord from a different game... Wait, what!?
    Special Skills:   Overlord'sWrath: Sphere of darkness crushes all.
    How to get:       Battle Laharl. See Special Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Castile
    Class:            The Brave
    Description:      A girl from Ivoire who's searching for her brother.
    Special Skills:   Psycho Burgundy: A legendary skill passed down through
                      genetics. {Fire}
    How to get:       Wish to battle her. See Special Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Asagi
    Class:            Gunner
    Description:      Is this the newest main character?
    Special Skills:   Holy Arrows: Divine bullets raze the target.
    How to get:       Wish to battle her. See Special Scenes section for details.
    Name:             Prinny Baal
    Class:            Demon Overlord
    Description:      The strongest...penuin...in the cosmos!?
    Special Skills:   Pringer Beam: They do work pretty hard...
    How to get:       You can't. Too bad, seeing how amazing his stats are.
        Vehicles                  [SCVEHICLES]
    Listed in this section are vehicles and their skills.
    They shall follow this format:
    Vehicle:          Its description
    *Skill 1:         Skill's description
    *Skill 2:         Skill's description
    Symbols noting status effects and Anti-Mech/Facility damage will be noted to
    the right.
    Gear Metal LEX:   Its main cannon enables long-range attack.
    *Fire at Will:    A basic vehicle attack skill.                          [Mech]
    *Arc Fire:        Targets can't escape the heat-seeker.                  [Mech]
    *Death Army:      Surround... Aim... FIRE!                               [Mech]
    Dark Runner Z2:   A 'war buggy' built for storage and mobility.
    *Buggy Gun:       A basic buggy attack skill
    *GTA:             Run over anything in your way.
    *Route 666:       One-way ride straight to hell!
    Driller G:        Its purpose is to destroy all in its path.
    *Tunnel Drill:    A basic drill vehicle attack skill.                [Facility]
    *Death Drill:     Slowly grinds away at the target.                  [Facility]
    *Change! Drill X: It's time to fly in the sky.                       [Facility]
    TX-5 Hopster:     A war machine designed to reach hard-to-reach places.
    *Air:             A basic jump vehicle attack skill.
    *Overhead:        Slam that target into the ground.
    *Drill Kick:      A spinning drill kick.
    *Thunder Press:   Divine thunder crashes down on foes.
    Yamasaki ZX1:     A highly mobile combat motorcycle.
    *Quarter Mile:    A basic motorcycle attack skill.                     [Gamble]
    *Donut:           Spin attack to crush target.                         [Gamble]
    *Miracle 8:       Run over the target while making a cute pattern.     [Gamble]
    *Hero Stunt:      Quite possibly the greatest stunt ever. Ever!        [Gamble]
    Dark Gear XX:     An evil vehicle that weakens its targets' bodies.
    *Fang:            A basic Makai vehicle attack skill.
    *Dinner Time:     Target becomes dinner.
    *Devil's Cry:     Your foes will cry for mercy.
    CX-1 Hellpha:     Fitted with energy absorption equipment.
    *Thunder Attack:  A basic flying vehicle attack skill.
    *Cyclone:         Rotate quickly to give it to the enemy.
    *Life Blaster:    Absorb the target's life energy.
    *Destruction:     Chaaaaarge! Cruuuuuush!
    CX-2 Hellta:      Logistical support vehicle provides allied back up.
    *Seed Vulcan:     A basic seed vehicle attack skill.
    *Seed Cannon:     Magical seed increase ATK.
    *Eternal Seed:    Magical seed increase DEF.
    *Blooming Seed:   One's ending marks another's beginning.
    FX-7 Skydiver:    A long-range fighter, designed to hit and run.
    *Sky Vulcan:      A basic flying vehicle attack skill.                   [Mech]
    *Air Raid:        Massive bombardment right into the enemy.              [Mech]
    *Death Acrobat:   Give it everything you've got!                         [Mech]
    WarCry 01:        Sudden bursts of wind blow enemies away.
    *Air Crush:       A basic windmill vehicle attack skill.
    *Velvet Wind:     Massive winds (scary wind sounds).
    *Air Cannon X:    Fierce wind blows enemies away.
    Sonic Blaster:    Emits a loud noise to confuse the enemy.
    *Noisy Parade:    A basic sound vehicle attack skill.               [Poison]
    *Sound Blaster:   Paralyze target with sound waves.                 [Paralysis]
    *Jammin:          Can you feel de' rydhm, brudda?                   [Sleep]
    *Bravo:           Crush the target by materializing sound waves.    [Confuse]
    RX-66 Helldam:    A well-balanced bipedal death mobile.
    *Bomb Crush:      A basic armor vehicle attack skill.                    [Mech]
    *Venom Blast:     A blast reduces the enemy's ass to ash.                [Mech]
    *Mugen Flame:     You keep on firin', they keep on dyin'.                [Mech]
    Justice Gear:     Fires light beams from great distances.
    *Laser:           A basic beam vehicle attack skill.                     [Mech]
    *Mega Laser:      Powerful laser destroy foes.                           [Mech]
    *Omega Laser:     Lasers... There's nothing they can't do.               [Mech]
    Super Robo Suit:  A fighting robot from the future.
    *Robo Punch:      A basic robosuit attack skill.                         [Mech]
    *Omega Laser V:   The ultimate victory laser.                            [Mech]
    Yoshitsuna:       Flagship of the Netherworld Navy. Can nuke planets.
    *Fusion Bomb:     A basic battleship skill.                              [Mech]
    *Yamato Cannon:   Technology surpasses divine power.                     [Mech]
        Facilities                [SCFACILITIES]
    Listed in this section are facilities and descriptions.
    Note that most of their Drop Effects are not described by the game.
    They shall follow this format:
    *If Enemy Facilities have different descriptions, they shall be listed.
    Dog House
    Protection:       PWR Up+10%
    Description:      Strength up 10% in battle; invite from far away.
    Protection:       None
    Description:      Holds accomodations for a number of characters.
    Protection:       EXP+50%
    *Protection:      LV UP every turn
    Description:      Earn 50% experience points in battle.
    *Description:     Unit LV UP every turn
    Protection:       PWR Up+10%
    Description:      Strength up 10% in battle; invite from far away.
    Raider Hut
    Protection:       ATK+20%
    Description:      Attack power increases by 20% during battle.
    Outpost Tent
    Protection:       DEF+30%
    Description:      Defense power increases by 30% during battle.
    Protection:       ATK+30%
    Description:      Attack power increases by 30% during battle.
    Protection:       ATK+40%
    Description:      Attack power increases by 40% during battle.
    Command Center
    Protection:       DEF+40%
    Description:      Defense power increases by 40% during battle.
    Super Fortress
    Protection:       DEF+50%
    Description:      Defense power increases by 50% during battle.
    Protection:       DMG 10%
    Description:      Character damage recovers 10% each turn in battle.
    Protection:       HP Heal 10%
    Description:      Non-vehicles recover 10% after every turn in battle.
    Protection:       Money+50%
    Description:      Hell gained in battle increases by 50%.
    Protection:       WP Mastery+50%
    Description:      Weapon Mastery Points increase by 50%.
    Foods Market
    Protection:       None
    Description:      When it's invited, food increases in an empty slot.
    *Description:     Vegetable monsters multiply
    Protection:       MOVE+30
    Description:      Movement will increase during battle.
    Clock Tower
    Protection:       None
    Description:      Enemies in range rest 1 turn when it's invited.
    Protection:       HP Heal 10%
    Description:      Vehicles recover 10% after every turn in battle.
    Protection:       None
    Description:      While inviting, TEC up 20% for characters in range.
    Makai Gate
    Protection:       N/A
    Description:      N/A
        Special Events            [SCSEVENTS] 
    The greatest spoilers of the game.  Listed here are every event that isn't
    forced upon you by the game.  From Endings to special battles you must wish to
    fight.  Fancy Game Overs are also listed.  Many special Battles cannot be
    wished for until beating the game at least once and triggering New Game+.
    Whether this is required for a requested battle or not will be noted.
    Note: Quit telling me King Drake cannot be recruited during the first cycle,
    or that the Yoshitsuna can.  Your source of info contradicting me on this is
    wrong.  And I cannot say it enough, DO NOT SAVE AFTER MAKING THE WISH FOR THE
    BAAL ENDING!  You will need to beat the game and trigger a New Game+ to
    recruit Zetta if you do this.
                      Pram Ending Intro                         [SCSEPI]
    Prerequisites:    Complete Stage 9-10 with at least 50 ally kills.
                      Despite circulating rumors, there is NO point after which
                      ally kills aren't registered.
    Zetta:            Salome...
                      What a stupid woman...
                      Doesn't she know there's no afterlife
                      if you're in the Netherworld?
    Pram:             Welcome back, Zetta.
                      Tired? Why don't you lie down?
    Zetta:            Ha! There's no time to rest...
                      The battle's far from over.
                      I can't rest until I regain my netherworld,
                      my body, and kick this curse's ass.
    Pram:             Oh, you don't have to worry about
                      any of that, anymore. Hmhm.
    Zetta:            Huh? Why not?
    Pram:             Oh, because, I'm going to kill you.
    Zetta:            What the--!?
    Pram:             I found out how you became the strongest
                      ...Using a woman's love like that.
                      I thought you'd be above all that crap,
                      but I guess I was wrong.
    Zetta:            What the hell are you talking about?
    Pram:             Do I have to spell it out for you!?
                      Poor Salome... She wasted her life
                      on an idiot...
    Zetta:            Are you trying to piss me off, Pram?
                      ...Cause, it's working!
    Pram:             Heh, still acting tough, huh?
                      Don't you get it? Your power's fake!
                      You're not a real Overlord!
                      You know what, I'm getting tired of this.
                      It's time for you to die!
                      I'll show you the power of a
                      REAL Overlord!
                      I am the strongest Overlord in the cosmos!
                                                         [Pram goes into Kill Mode]
                      Pram Ending Loss                          [SCSEPL]
    Note from me:     This will automatically end the game with no New Game+
                      In other words, it is just a fancy game over.  Too bad,
                      seeing how it is the best outcome the game offers.
    Zetta:            I lost!?
                      That's crap!
                      I'm the strongest Overlord in the cosmos!
    Pram:             Hello... Don't you get it?
                      All that "strongest" crap was just
                      an illusion!
                      Heh, It wasn't even your power--
                      it was Salome's all along!
                      Get it!?
    Zetta:            What the hell are you saying?
                      That doesn't make any sense!
    Pram:             Well don't worry about it, then.
                      Because, it's time to say goodnight...
                      Enjoy your eternal sleep, Zetta.
                                                                 [Pram Kills Zetta]
    Zetta:            Gwaaaaarggh!!
    Trenia:           .........
    Pram:             What will you do now, Trenia?
    Trenia:           I will fade away with this netherworld.
                      It seems this was my destiny all along.
    Pram:             Well, I'm sorry...
                      But, you can't fight the inevitable.
    Trenia:           Good bye, Pram...
    Pram:             So long, Sacred Tome.
    Narrator:         Since then, Pram the Oracle has
                      seized control of many
                      different worlds.
                      She calls herself
                      "Eternal Overlord Pram,"
                      and is the lord of all cosmos.
                      Tens of billions of years have passed,
                      and all remains under Pram's control...
                      ...As it shall be for all eternity.
    Pram:             Mwaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
                      ...Tee hee.
                                                                      [Credit Roll]
                      BAD ENDING
                                  [How is the best ending of all considered "bad?"]
    Hints:            (hints for the Good Ending)
                      You attacked your own allies in order
                      to get Mana power, didn't you?
                      Whether or not you did it on purpose,
                      Pram and Trenia don't think you have
                      compassion for your allies, which is
                      necessary in a good Overlord.
                      Please try a little harder, next time.
                      Pram Ending Win                           [SCSEPW]
    Note from me:     Emerging victorious from this battle will trigger a New Game+
                      and Pram will become a playable Special Character.
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      That's int!? ...And you were talking
                      smack about MY power!?
                      For an Oracle, you sure had no idea
                      what you were up against!
    Pram:             Uh, Dammit...
                      I'm smarted than him!
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      You think mere intellect can stand
                      up against my unbrided power!?
                                                             [Trenia steps forward]
                      What's your problem?
    Trenia:           Hm, I believe you need to be destroyed.
    Zetta:            Heh...Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      Oh, and are YOU going to destroy me?
    Trenia:           No, your own stupidity will destroy you.
                      Hm, Just as it is written in the Sacred Tome,
                      you're a very stupid Overlord.
                                                                 [Pram's surprised]
    Zetta:            Stupid, am I!?
                      How dare you!
                      I don't have to deal with this...
                      You go squish now!
                                                      [Zetta lights Trenia on fire]
    Trenia:           Good bye, Zetta...
                      You will never return to your
                      body, ever again...
    Zetta:            What the--!?
                      What's that supposed to mean?
    Trenia:           .........
                                                                  [Trenia vanishes]
    Zetta:            ...I can't have my body back?
                      ...That sucks......
    Narrator:         Nobody ever saw Zetta
                      again afterwards.
                      Some say that he closed off
                      his netherworld
                      and lamented the body
                      he lost forever.
                      Others believe he lost consciousness
                      and became an ordinary book.
                      There used to be many rumors
                      about Zetta's fate,
                      but as time passed, his name
                      vanished from people's memories...
                      In the end, Lord Zetta left no mark
                      on the pages of history...
                      BAD ENDING
    Hints:            (hints for the Good Ending)
                      You attacked your own allies in order
                      to get Mana power, didn't you?
                      Whether or not you did it on purpose,
                      Pram and Trenia don't think you have
                      compassion for your allies, which is
                      necessary in a good Overlord.
                      Please try a little harder, next time.
                      Alex Ending Intro                         [SCSEAI]
    Prerequisites:    Complete Stage 8-6 with Salome falling in battle.
                      This ending and its battle will automatically trigger after.
    Salome:           *cough, cough*
    Zetta:            Salome!
    Salome:           It will all be over, soon...
                      Very soon...
                      I feel honored that I could...
                      help you before.. the end.
    Zetta:            Salome...
    Salome:           I tuly loved you, Lord Zetta...
                      Promise you'll live on...for me...
                                                                      [Salome dies]
    Zetta:            Salome!!!
                                                            [Zetta starts flashing]
                      What's going on...?
                      I can feel new power coursing
                      through my body...
                      I've felt this...
                      I've felt this before!
                                                                       [Enter Alex]
    Alex:             So much for the relationship, huh?
                      That woman won't interfere this time...
                      Are you ready, Zetta!?
    Zetta:            We've fought many times, Alex...
                      ...But I've never felt hatred for you,
                      until now.
    Alex:             Oh, and you can never forgive me, right?
                      You're this upset over some girl? Ha!
                      What are you, a teenager!?
    Zetta:            You're right...
                      She was just a woman...
                      ...Who died.
                      I don't care about her!
                      I just wanna beat the living
                      daylights outta you!
    Alex:             Alright then, Zetta.
                      Just you and me...
                      ...'til one of us dies!
    Zetta & Alex:     YaaaaaaAAAAARRGHH!!
                      Briiiing iiiit oooon!!
                      Alex Ending Loss                          [SCSEAL]
    Note from me:     This will automatically end the game with no New Game+
    Zetta:            --I lost!?
                      I can't believe that brat finally
                      beat me...
    Alex:             At least the curse didn't kill you, Zetta.
                      I gave you the death you wanted!
    Zetta:            Who the hell wants death, you idiot?
    Alex:             I understand this is hard for you,
                      but everyone dies eventually.
                      We'll never get to fight again...
                      Man, what a bummer.
    Zetta:            ...Al...ex......
    Alex:             This was fun, Zetta.
                      Thank you.
                      From now on, I'm the strongest
                      Overlord in the cosmos! Don't worry, I'll
                      take good care of the Netherworld.
                                                                 [Alex kills Zetta]
    Zetta:            Aaaargh!
    Narrator:         After defeating Lord Zetta,
                      Alexander set upon destroying
                      other worlds in searh
                      of another worty nemesis.
                      However, the God of
                      Destruction eventually
                      realized there would never again be
                      a foe as strong as Zetta.
                      Looking back, he saw only shattered
                      worlds and a wasted life.
                      For billions of years, Alexander
                      the God of Destruction wandered
                      the empty cosmos...
                      Alone, in the darkness...
    Alex:             Zeeeettttaaaaaaaaa-------!!
                                                                      [Credit Roll]
                      BAD ENDING
    Hints:            (hints for the good ending--you need it)
                      After Salome is defeated by Alex,
                      he and Zetta will duel.
                      If you want the good ending,
                      make sure you keep Lady Salome alive.)
                      Alex Ending Win                           [SCSEAW]
    Note from me:     Emerging victorious from this battle will trigger a New Game+
                      and Alex will become a playable Special Character.
                                    [Zetta stands over Alex & Salome's dead bodies]
    Zetta:            .........
                      What did you really want?
                      ...Was this worth ending your life?
    Narrator:         And so, Lord Zetta disappeared
                      from the history of the cosmos.
                      It is said that Zetta vanished
                      in shadows, still clutching Lady
                      Salome's body...
                      They were never seen again.
                      Where did Lord Zetta go...?
                      The answer will remain
                      forver unknown.
                      BAD ENDING
    Hints:            (hints for the good ending--you need it)
                      After Salome is defeated by Alex,
                      he and Zetta will duel.
                      If you want the good ending,
                      make sure you keep Lady Salome alive.)
                      Salome Ending Intro                       [SCSESI]
    Wish:             I wish to fight Salome!
    Wish Description: Battle Salome.
    1st Cycle?:       Yes
    LV Req:           180
    Mana Req:         8000
    Prerequisites:    Episode 5 Only
    Dungeon Name:     Fight Salome
    Zetta:            Hm...
                      They used to say Salome could be even
                      stronger than I am...
                      But, there can only be one bad-ass
                      Overlord, and that has to be me.
    Narrator:         The Past
    Salome:           Who's there?
    Zetta:            You don't recognize my voice?
    Salome:           Zetta...?
                      What happened to you?
    Zetta:            I was curious how strong you really were.
                      ...Y'know how people say you could be
                      stronger than I am?
                      Well, I came here from ~the future~
                      to see for myself.
                      Show me what you've got!
    Salome:           Oh...
                      I was hoping this was a booty call.
                      ...But, I guess that won't happen.
                      I shouldn't get my hopes up.
    Zetta:            What are you talking about?
                      Don't you want you fight?
    Salome:           You're from the future...?
                      Then, I suppose you really haven't
                      changed a bit.
                      You always did seek out power
                      without considering my feelings...
                      After everything I've done for you,
                      you're still the same arrogant
                      man you always were.
    Zetta:            ...Look, I didn't come here for this.
    Salome:           Perhaps I do need to defeat you,
                      after all.
                                                          [Salome struts her stuff]
    Zetta:            Damn, you're strong!
                      You've been hiding your true power
                      from everyone!
                      How dare you!
                      So, you think you're better than your
                      old master, do you!?
    Salome:           .........
    Zetta:            Forget about the master/apprentice
                      relationship! We're settling this
                      right here, right now!
                      Salome Ending Win                         [SCSESW]
    Note from me:     Emerging victorious from this battle will trigger a New Game+
                      and Salome will become a playable Special Character.
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      You still need more training.
    Salome:           This is it... Zetta...
    Zetta:            ...Eh?
                                                            [Zetta begins flashing]
                      What the hell's going on?
                      I'm losing... My Mana power...
                      How can this be...?
    Salome:           You've chosen the wrong path,
                      Next time, please don't make
                      the same mistake...
                      I'll always love you...
                      BAD ENDING
    Hints:            (Protips for the Good Ending)
                      Defeating Lady Salome drastically
                      alters Zetta's future.
                      Be careful what you wish for, because
                      you just might feel stupid afterwards.
                      Valvoga Battle Intro                      [SCSEVBI]
    Wish:             I wish to fight Valvoga!
    Wish Description: Battle Valvoga
    1st Cycle?:       No
    LV Req:           250
    Mana Req:         10000
    Prerequisites:    Episodes 1 and beyond
    Dungeon Name:     Battle with Valvoga
    Micky:            What's wrong, Zetta?
    Zetta:            Hmph... You know why I'm here.
                      It's time we had it out.
    Micky:            You, you want to fight...?
                      ...Without your body?
                      Agh, you may be the strongest Overlord, but
                      don't you think you're underestimating me?
                                                          [Ophelia shakes her fist]
    Ophelia:          That's right, Micky!
                      You tell 'im!
    Dryzen:           Slash his throat!
                      Eat his eyes!
                      Steal his shoes!
    Zetta:            I get it...
                      You think you can beat me
                      because I'm a book, eh?
                      Alright, then... Bring it on.
                      Defeat me, and you'll be the strongest
                      Overlord in the cosmos.
    Micky:            Why do you have to be like that, Zetta?
                      Tch, I don't like burning books...
    Zetta:            Ha! What'sa matter? ...Chicken?
                      What a loser...
    Micky:            If I'm such a loser, then how come
                      everyone wants me to be the last boss
                      in their games, huh!?
                      Why does everyone make fun of me!?
                      I can be scary when I have to...
    Ophelia:          Enough whining, Micky...
                      It's time to kill him.
    Dryzen:           Yeah ha! Let's do it!
    Micky:            .........
    Ophelia:          What's the problem, Micky?
                      We're just teaching Zetta a lesson,
                      that's all...
    Dryzen:           Heheheheheheheh...
                      Yeah...A lesson!
    Ophelia:          Don't overthink it.
                      Just clear your mind, and do exactly
                      what we tell you to.
    Micky:            .........
    Ophelia:          Dammit you're indecisive...
                      It's a good thing you've got us.
    Micky:            Tch, ah. Shut up.
    Dryzen:           Eh,hahaha! Huh?
                      What'd you just say!?
    Micky:            I said shut up!
                      Both of you!
    Ophelia:          What's wrong, Micky?
    Micky:            I'm tired of your crap!
                      You're always bossing me around!
                      I'm done listening to you two!
                      ...I-I can make my own decisions!
    Zetta:            ...Micky?
    Micky:            I'm gonna fight against Zetta because
                      *I* want to... and prove I can
                      be independent!
                      I'm Dark Lord Valvoga, dammit!
                      You two do what *I* say!
    Ophelia:          Damn straight, Micky.
    Micky:            Eh...Huh?
    Dryzen:           Our minds are finally one!
                      Grah ha ha ha ha!
    Ophelia:          You can bring our thoughts together
                      as one unstoppable will, Micky!
                      Show him the true power
                      of Dark Lord Valvoga!!!
                      Valvoga Battle Win                        [SCSEVBW]
    Note from me:     Winning this battle with awesome music will result
                      in Valvoga being a playable special character.
                                                          [Micky is New & Improved]
    Micky:            Huh, I had no idea.
    Ophelia:          This is the true Valvoga.
                      You're finally independent...
                      you just proved yourself!
    Dryzen:           Congratulations!
                      Bwa ha hahahahahaha!
    Micky:            You were being mean to me on purpose
                      to awaken our true power...?
    Ophelia:          Yeah, sure. Whatever.
    Micky:            But... I still lost.
    Ophelia:          You haven't lost anything, Micky.
                      You won the battle within yourself.
    Dryzen:           Hahaha, that's right!
                      Good job! Hahahahaha!
    Micky:            Ophelia... Dryzen...
                      Thank you so much.
    Zetta:            How the hell can you say all that
                      with a straight face?
                      You're an Overlord, dammit!
    Micky:            Thank you too, Zetta!
                      I couldn't have realized my true power
                      without your help!
                      None of this would have happened
                      if you hadn't asked me to fight.
                      Here's a gift...
                      Please accept it!
    Narrator:         Micky's phantom double agreed to help.
    Zetta:            ...Seriously,
                      you guys are embarrassing.
                      Babylon Battle Intro                      [SCSEBBI]
    Wish:             I wish to fight young Babylon!
    Wish Description: Battle young Babylon
    1st Cycle?:       No
    LV Req:           200
    Mana Req:         9000
    Prerequisites:    Episodes 2 and beyond
    Dungeon Name:     Battle with Babylon
    Zetta:            Dragon Overlord Babylon...
                      I heard you used to be invincible...
                      You ruled the entire universe.
                                                         [Babylon is seen sleeping]
                      He's so old, though...
                      I can't imagine him being stronger than me.
                      I'll go back in time to check the facts,
    Narrator:         The Past
    Babylon:          Who the hell're you?
                                                [Babylon is seen ripping up a town]
    Zetta:            ...That's the old man!?
                      Er--when he was young, I mean.
    Babylon:          Are you the one who challenged me?
                      ...You're either very brave, or
                      very stupid.
    Zetta:            Damn, he sounds tough!
                      I can't believe it's the same guy.
    Babylon:          Don't throw your life away, kid.
                      Just turn around.
    Zetta:            I get it...
                      He hasn't met me yet.
    Babylon:          What are you mumbling about?
                      Do you seriously want to fight, even
                      though you know I'm the Dragon Overlord?
    Zetta:            Yer damn straight. I traveled back
                      in time for this, old man.
                      Past, future... I'll control it all.
                      Even the strongest warriors will bow
                      at my feet and beg for mercy.
    Babylon:          Hmph... Too young to realize the
                      importance of life, I see.
                      Don't worry, I won't KILL you...
                                        [Babylon transforms into his fighting form]
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      Looks like you went soft a lot earlier
                      than I though...
                                                                 [Zetta gets ready]
    Babylon:          (Hmm... This is no ordinary kid.)
                      (His Mana power...
                      is he The One...!?)
                      Babylon Battle Win                        [SCSEBBW]
    Note from me:     Winning this battle will result in Babylon being a playable
                      special character.
    Babylon:          Arrgghh!!
                      How could I lose!?
                                                          [Bablyon begins flashing]
                      My power it's... slipping away...
                                              [A certain something spawns from him]
    Narrator:         Babylon's phantom double agreed to help!
                      The Present
                                       [Zetta is back in front of Sleeping Babylon]
    Zetta:            So... Am I the one who stole Babylon's
                      Mana power?
                      Nah... Couldn't be.
                      Seedle Battle Intro                       [SCSESBI]
    Wish:             I wish to fight Seedle
    Wish Description: Battle Seedle
    1st Cycle?:       No
    LV Req:           160
    Mana Req:         7000
    Prerequisites:    Episodes 3 and beyond
    Dungeon Name:     Battle with Seedle
    Seedle:           Ha ha ha... What's this, Zetta?
                      Are you challenging me?
    Zetta:            Challenging? No.
                      Beating you down to prove I'm the
                      strongest Overlord? Yes.
    Seedle:           Heh... You're very funny, Zetta.
                      Cleverness is what I look for
                      in a good book.
    Zetta:            I still have power, ass-face.
                      You don't need a body to have
                      unimaginable Mana energy.
    Seedle:           You really don't get it, do you?
    Zetta:            What are you talking about?
    Seedle:           You'll understand soon enough...
                      ...You'll realize why you're
                      the strongest...
                                                           [Seedle draws his sword]
                      Ha ha ha...
                      You're just an imposter, Zetta.
                      A big, fat, fake Overlord.
                      Perhaps my sword can open your mind!
                      Ha ha ha... Die!
                      Seedle Battle Win                         [SCSESBW]
    Note from me:     Winning this battle will result in Seedle being a playable
                      special character.
    Seedle:           *cough*
                                                  [Something glowing leaves Seedle]
                      Urgh, I underestimated him?
    Zetta:            Excuses, excuses...
                      Maybe you're just pathetically weak.
    Seedle:           Heh...
                      You'll see, soon enough.
                      Then you'll know how stupid
                      you really are.
                      Ha ha ha!
                                                                      [Exit Seedle]
                      Ha ha ha ha ha!
                                           [The glowing thingy moves over to Zetta]
    Narrator:         Oh goody, Seedle's spirits agreed to help.
                                                      [It takes the form of Seedle]
                      ...And, you used them to create
                      Seedle's phantom double.
    Zetta:            .........
                      ...What the hell does he know?
                      King Drake Battle Intro                   [SCSEDBI]
    Wish:             I wish I could kick King Drake's ass!
    Wish Description: Battle King Drake
    1st Cycle?:       Yes
    LV Req:           120
    Mana Req:         5500
    Prerequisites:    Episode 6 & 7 Only
    Dungeon Name:     I won't forgive you!
    Drake:            Oh ho ho ho ho!
                      I've been waiting for you, Zetta!
                      ...Are you angry?
                      Oh, why get upset about a sneak attack?
                      It was just a little joke! Ha ha!
    Zetta:            ...You're gonna start rambling,
                      aren't you?
    Drake:            It's been 30,000 years since we first
                      met, but we've never really had a chance
                      to sit down and talk.
                      ...but I always knew that we'd
                      face off against each other one day.
                      It's a shame, but such is the destiny
                      of an Overlord! Fight, steal, and rule!
                      ...Such an odd fate, yes?
                      Well, Lord Zetta!
                      I will call you my fighting friend!
                      Let us battle fair and square,
                      just as destiny would wish for us!
                                                             [Zetta doesn't buy it]
                      What's wrong, friend Zetta?
    Zetta:            Well, I never expected to hear you
                      talk about fighting fair and square.
    Drake:            But of course!
                      I AM King Drake the 3rd, after all!
    Zetta:            Aren't you the one who attacked me
                      in my sleep?
    Drake:            ...Only because I wanted your junk.
    Zetta:            You sick bastard...
                      I didn't know you swung that way.
    Drake:            What the hell!?
                      No, no, no, no! I wanted all your money
                      and valuables!
                      How dare you imply something so
                      insidious... Especially since we
                      have such a history together.
                                                                     [Music change]
                      You'll regret your harsh remarks!
                      Pay attention, Zetta...
                      Trember in abject horror at the
                      fullness of my true form!
                      Ta, uhm, that's not it.
    Zetta:            Hey, wasn't that--?
    Drake:            Still your tongue!
                      Hmgh, you should probably just forget
                      about what you saw, there...
                      Okay... Take 2!
                                                              [Oooooooh, glittery!]
                      How's this!?
                      Surely you realize I can crush you
                      like a tiny, worthless bug!
    Zetta:            Back up, I'm still curious about
                      that last one... Wasn't that--?
    Drake:            Argh, I told you to forget about that!
                      Fight me, damnit!
                      King Drake Battle Win                     [SCSEDBW]
    Note from me:     This victory shall give you the greatest special character
                      of all time... or not.
    Drake:            Yes! Splendid!
                      Ha, eh, I knew you'd fight well.
                      Ha ha! he he! Surprised?
                      I had to teach you that rough lesson...
                      Hopefully you realize what a good friend...
                      This isn't an elaborate excuse, you know.
                      I planned this all out from the beginning.
                      To prove my intentions,
                      I'll give you this...
    Narrator:         King Drake's phantom double agreed to help!
    Zetta:            Wh-What!? I don't want this!
    Drake:            Ho ho! No need to be gracious.
                      As friends, we have become as one!
                      Friendship lasts forever; friendship
                      never ends!
                      Ha ha ha ha ha!
                      Flonne Battle Intro                       [SCSEFBI]
    Wish:             I wish to fight a hero!
    Wish Description: Battle a hero
    1st Cycle?:       Yes
    LV Req:           70
    Mana Req:         3000
    Prerequisites:    None
    Dungeon Name:     Defender of Justice!
    Zetta:            As an Overlord, it's my job to humiliate
                      warriors, heroes, and mercenaries.
                      Let's see, who's up next?
                                                                     [Enter Flonne]
    Flonne:           Hi there!
    Zetta:            I'm guessing you're a...hero?
                      You look ridiculous.
    Flonne:           Yes, I'm Flonne the hero!
    Zetta:            You uh... Look like a demon.
    Flonne:           Well, I'm also a fallen angel.
                      But, I hold love forever in my heart!
                      I'm the hero of love!
    Zetta:            ...Uhkay.
                      Can I pass on this one?
    Flonne:           You shouldn't judge people by appearances.
    Zetta:            I guess you're confident...or naive,
                      or whatever...
                      C'mon, let's do this!
    Flonne:           Are you ready for this!?
                      Flonne the love hero, transform!
    Zetta:            What the!?
                      Where'd that come from?
    Flonne:           Tee hee... Just kidding!
                      ...I was hoping I'd transform.
                                                              [Zetta falls over]
                                                              [Flonne's eyes flash]
                      Did I catch you off guard?
                      Flonne Battle Win                         [SCSEFBW]
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      Is that all you got!? Ha!
    Flonne:           Hmmm...
                      I didn't expect you to be that good.
                      Haha, I've got another trick up
                      my cute puffy sleeves!
    Zetta:            Heh...
                      You wanna go another round?
    Flonne:           Nope!
                      I'll be right back!
                                                                 [Zetta falls over]
                      Flonne, the hero of love, will
                      grow in power and rise like a cuddly
                      pheonix from the ashes!
                      Ahaha. take care until then, kay?
                                                                      [Exit Flonne]
                      Etna Battle Intro                         [SCSEEBI]
    Wish:             I wish to see the ending!
    Wish Description: Don't you want to see the ending?
    1st Cycle?:       Yes
    LV Req:           80
    Mana Req:         4000
    Prerequisites:    None
    Dungeon Name:     Start the new game?
    Etna:             Ahahaha! This was definitely worth the wait.
    Next Episode:     [Etna]
                      It's judgement day for "Lord" Zetta...That idiot who
                      honestly believes he's the strongest Overlord around...
                      What the--!?
                      The whole cosmos, Zetta? Really?
                      I think you forgot about someone...
                      ...Who the hell are you, anyway?
                      The name's Etna! When I steal the title
                      from you, I'll be Queen of the Cosmos!
                      Dammit! Whatever, let's go!
                      Stay tuned for chapter 10:
                      "Etna, the Strongest Sex Queen Overlord!"
                      or..."Zetta's Pitiful Defeat!"
                      Aw crap...You changed the title and everything!
                      I won't give up! I'M the main character!
                      Etna Battle Loss                          [SCSEEBL]
    Note from me:     This is just a fancy game over.
                      And a vision of the most horrible concept ever.
    Etna:             Hm hm hm! I'm the winner!
                      Bow down to the strongest Overlord
                      in all the cosmos!
    Zetta:            Dammit...
                      This is the worst moment of my life!
                      How'd I lose to a little girl...?
    Etna:             Ha ha ha!
                      You're pathetic!
                      You asked for it, y'know?
                      It's too late to change the past.
                      Now, before we move on to my spinoff
                      sequel... It's time to roll the credits!
    Zetta:            Oh no...!
    Credits:          [Staff]
                      people and stuff
                      y'know, companies
                      that's it
                      the end
    Zetta:            This can't be happening!
    Etna:             Mwa ha ha ha ha!
                      I'm the main character now!
                      Heh... Juuust kidding!
                                [Zetta wakes up from this truly horrible nightmare]
                                [Thank God!]
    Zetta:            ...Aheh...
                      GAME OVER
                      Etna Battle Win                           [SCSEEBW]
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      I win!
    Next Episode:     [Zetta]
                      By defeating stupid brat Etna, Lord Zetta
                      retained the title of strongest Overlord!
                      Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      This fire's outta control, baby!
                      I barely even broke a sweat!
                      ...Yer pissing me off...
                                                                    [NOBODY CARES!]
                      Nobody can stop me now!
                      ...Do you think I'm TOO strong?
                      Sheesh...gag me.
                      I've gotta kill this guy.
                      "Makai Kingdom" continues! Enjoy chapter 10:
                      "Zetta is One Bad-Ass Freaking Overlord!"
                      Hyaaha ha ha ha! I'm more main character
                      than this game can handle!
                      We'll see... Enjoy it while
                      it lasts, you bastard. Heh...
                      Castile Battle Intro                      [SCSECBI]
    Wish:             I wish to fight a true warrior!
    Wish Description: Battle a true warrior.
    1st Cycle?:       Yes
    LV Req:           100
    Mana Req:         5000
    Prerequisites:    Defeat both Flonne & Etna
    Dungeon Name:     Brave men, come forth!
    Marona & Castile: Aaaaiiiiiieeeee!!
    Marona:           Hey, where's Ash?
                      ...For some reason, I don't think
                      he's allowed in here.
    Castile:          Wh-Where do you think we are, Marona?
    Marona:           Hmmmmm...
                      It looks like another dimension.
    Castile:          Could my brother be here?
    Marona:           I don't know.
                      We'll just have to look for him.
                                                           [They come across Zetta]
                      Excuse me, have you seen a man
                      named Walnut around here?
    Castile:          Why are you talking to a book, Marona?
                                           [Zetta turns around, stupifying Castile]
    Zetta:            Eh? No, sorry kid.
                      Never heard of him.
                      This is my world.
                      ...You shouldn't be able
                      to enter it.
    Marona:           ...Your world?
                      Who are you?
    Zetta:            I'm Lord Zetta, the most bad-ass
                      freakin' Overlord in the entire cosmos!
                                                          [Castile & Mocha back up]
    Castile:          Overlord?
    Marona:           Um, Castile?
                      I think he's crazy.
    Zetta:            Who the hell are you two, anyway?
                      You don't look like demons...
    Marona:           We're Chromas!
                      Those are like...warriors
                      who help people!
    Zetta:            What!? Ha, you're like twelve!
                      Your world must be full of
                      Let's see what you've got little girls!
                      Zetta beam!
                                                                     [Time to die!]
    Marona:           Eep...
    Castile:          Oh no! Marona!
    Zetta:            Tch...
                      Even weaker than I though.
                                                                  [Castile is PO'd]
    Castile:          How could you do something
                      so terrible and evil!?
    Zetta:            Evil is actually in my job description.
                      But hey, if she was really a skilled
                      warrior, she could have dodged that.
    Castile:          Marona trusts people!
                      She wasn't expecting you to
                      do a sneak attack!
                      Mocha, go to Phantom Isle with Marona.
                      I'll deal with the evil man.
                                                              [Marona & Mocha exit]
    Zetta:            Heh...
                      You're picking a fight with me, now?
    Castile:          I'm old enough to take care of myself...
                      This time, I'll protect Marona!
                      Are you ready?
                                                                   [Cue R&R Junkie]
                      Light of my soul, reveal
                      the power I hold...
                      Psycho Burgundy!
                      I'll make you proud, brother...
                      Castile Battle Win                        [SCSECBW]
    Note from me:     Winning this battle will result in Castile being a playable
                      special character.
    Zetta:            You're pretty brutal, kid...
                      I'd say you're probably tougher
                      than most girls your age.
    Castile:          I'm sorry, Marnoa...
                      I was defeated...
                      But, I can't get discouraged.
                      I have to continue my search!
                      I won't give up until
                      I've found my brother!
    Zetta:            This might be none of my business,
                      but how do you intend to do that?
                      You're kind of stuck.
    Castile:          Uh.........
                      Oh no!
                      I sent Mocha away, and now there's
                      nobody to take me home...
    Narrator:         Castile became Zetta's friend.
                      Laharl Battle Intro                       [SCSELBI]
    Wish:             I wish to fight an Overlord!
    Wish Description: Battle Overlords from other games.
    1st Cycle?:       Yes
    LV Req:           150
    Mana Req:         6000
    Prerequisites:    Defeat both Flonne & Etna
    Dungeon Name:     Overlord vs. Overlord
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      It doesn't matter what game I'm in,
                      I'm the strongest Overlord!
                      Woe be to those who claim to be
                      Overlords before me!
                      I'll teach them what real power is!
    Etna:             Hmph! Here he comes, Prince.
                      That's the guy.
    Flonne:           Aha ha, oh, yeah...
                      He does look familiar.
    Zetta:            Eh?
                      Who're you guys?
    Laharl:           So, you're Lord Zetta?
                      I am Laharl, Supreme Overlord!
                      So, that obviously makes it hard
                      for you to be the strongest Overlord...
                      In fact, I've prepared a demonstration!
                      Laharl Battle Loss                        [SCSELBL]
    Note from me:     This is just a fancy game over.
    Laharl:           Yeah!
                      So much for Overlord Baal...
    Zetta:            Overlord who, now?
    Etna:             Good work, Prince.
                      Looks like we finally avenged
                      His Majesty.
    Flonne:           Your father will be so happy!
    Laharl:           It isn't over.
                      If we don't destroy his soul,
                      Baal will just revive again.
                      We need to completely obliterate
                      that bastard so he never comes back!
    Zetta:            Whoa!
                      What the hell are you doing?
    Laharl:           Die!!!!
    Zetta:            Gyaaaaaaaaargh!
                      GAME OVER
    Zetta:            Why the hell did that little punk
                      go after me?
                      Laharl Battle Win                         [SCSELBW]
    Note from me:     Winning this battle will result in Laharl, Flonne, and Etna
                      all becoming playable special characters.
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha! How was that?
                      Do you believe it now, y'little brat!?
    Laharl:           Dammit... How could he possibly
                      be that strong? I rigged the fight
                      and everything!)
    Zetta:            You impressed me, kid. You're not
                      as weak as you look...
                      How'd you like to work for me?
    Laharl:           What the hell!?
                      Do you think I'm stupid or something!?
    Flonne & Etna:    We'd be happy to work for you, sir<3
    Laharl:           Ha!?
                      You traitors!
    Etna:             (Ha, we're faking it, Prince...
    Laharl:           Huh--?
    Flonne:           If we pretend to be his servants,
                      then we can wait for the perfect
                      chance to smother him with kindness!
    Etna:             ...Teah, or a pillow...
                      ...filled with knives.
    Flonne:           We'll have time to grow stronger
                      and more prepared, don't you think?
    Laharl:           Hmmm...
                      It's a deal. Hmhmhm...
    Narrator:         Laharl, Etna, and Flonne became
                      Zetta's loyal vassals!
                      Asagi Battle Intro                        [SCSEABI]
    Wish:             I want preview of future releases!
    Wish Description: Fight characters from an upcoming title.
    1st Cycle?:       Yes
    LV Req:           1000                                    [This is NOT a typo.]
    Mana Req:         100000                                  [Honest.]
    Prerequisites:    None
    Dungeon Name:     Summer's Greetings!
    Asagi:            I hope you enjoy your summer with
                      Just come back soon for the next game,
                      where I'm the main character(just kidding)!
                                                                      [Enter Zetta]
                      Hey, what's this?
                      ...Uh oh, this is a really
                      dirty book.
    Zetta:            Who's a dirty book!?
                      Do you think I CHOSE this?
    Asagi:            Whaaaaat?
                      A talking book!?
    Zetta:            How could a talking book freak her out?
                      ...The next game's not another serious
                      drama, is it?
                      No way in hell I'll accept that!
                      If people wanted drama, they would
                      have bought Phantom Brave!
                                                [Or a cohesive story, but whatever]
    Asagi:            Are you talking to yourself?
    Zetta:            ...If I stop her here, then the
                      next game'll never be developed!
                      Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      I'll be the main character forever!
                      Asagi Battle Win                          [SCSEABW]
    Note from me:     Winning this battle will result in Asagi being a playable
                      special character.
    Zetta:            ...Huh? Why was that so easy?
                      Who is she, anyway?
    Narrator:         ...Expect a delay for the next game?
    Zetta:            Hm...That can't be right.
                      I don't think they'd put a little girl
                      in charge of the next game.
    Asagi:            Who are you!? What do you want!?
                      I don't understand any of this!
    Zetta:            Hmph...You're far too young!
                      Why don't you become my apprentice
                      so I can train you.
    Asagi:            I don't get it.
    Zetta:            Once I decide you're ready, I'll
                      give you permission to star
                      in a game of your own.
    Narrator:         Zetta forced the next main character
                      to become his apprentice.
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      Now I can practically design the next
                      game, myself!
                      Zetta Battle Intro                        [SCSEZBI]
    Wish:             I wish to fight the strongest!
    Wish Description: Battle the ultimate Overlord.
    1st Cycle?:       Yes
    LV Req:           300
    Mana Req:         15000
    Prerequisites:    Do NOT have Laharl as leader while the wish is made.
    Dungeon Name:     The Fiercest Devil
    Zetta:            Ah... Strongest Overlord in the Cosmos.
                      I like the sound of that...
                                                    [Zetta appears before... Zetta]
                      ...Am I really that gorgeous?
                      Hyaaha! I get it!
                      I'm so bad-ass that I came around
                      full circle!
    "Zetta":          .........
                                                       ["Zetta" give off evil aura]
    Zetta:            Hm... No...
                      This aura's totally different than mine!
    "Zetta":          .........
    Zetta:            No way...
                      This doesn't feel like me at all!
                      ... But, what's it mean, then?
                      Zetta Battle Loss                         [SCSEZBL]
    Note from me:     This is just a fancy game over.
    Zetta:            Unbelievable!
                      The fake one isn't allowed
                      to beat the real one!
                      It's against the rules!
    Narrator:         Using Zetta's body, someone began
                      destroying Overlords one by one.
                      The entire cosmos fell under
                      his terrible rule; he was called
                      Overlord Baal.
                      Even after 100 billion years,
                      the cosmos still belong to him.
                      GAME OVER
                      Zetta Battle Win                          [SCSEZBW]
    Note from me:     Winning this battle will result in Zetta being a playable
                      special character.
                                             [An aura rises up over "Zetta"'s body]
    Zetta:            What is this...?
                      I've never felt such vile, disgusting
                      evilness before.
                                                                  [Trenia walks in]
    Trenia:           That's Overlord Baal.
    Zetta:            What are you doing here!?
    Trenia:           Overlord Baal...
                      Eh, he's an aggregate of evil souls.
                      He's a powerful existance, and can
                      appear at any time, anywhere.
                      If he loses a battle, eh he just finds
                      another body and moves in.
                      ...So he's done for millions of years.
                      That's how he continues to exist.
    Zetta:            Yeah, I've heard the legends...
                      I just didn't expect him to be real.
    Trenia:           It seems that he found your body
                      somewhere... Probably after you Confined
                      into the Sacred Tome.
    Zetta:            What!?
                      You mean I'm supposed to fight against
                      my own body!?
                      ...How'd you know all that, anyway?
    Trenia:           Hee hee...
                      Mm, I know everything.
    Zetta:            Okay, then...
                      How do I defeat him?
    Trenia:           What?
    Zetta:            Well, I can't be the strongest in the
                      cosmos as long as he's around, right?
                      The only choice I have is to destroy him.
                      So, how do I do it?
    Trenia:           .........
                                                                  [The aura leaves]
    Zetta:            What the--!?
    Trenia:           I suppose he went to find another
                      body to move into...
    Zetta:            .........
                      So what happens to my body?
    Trenia:           I don't think you should leave it there.
                      Why not take it with you?
    Zetta:            It's a little morbid, but...
                      I guess...
    Narrator:         Zetta acquired his empty, lifeless
                      husk of a body!
    Zetta:            Overlord Baal, huh...?
                      We'll meet again...
                      Baal Ending Intro                         [SCSEBI]
    Wish:             I wish to fight the strongest!
    Wish Description: Battle the ultimate Overlord.
    1st Cycle?:       Yes
    LV Req:           300
    Mana Req:         15000
    Prerequisites:    Have Laharl as leader while the wish is made.
    Dungeon Name:     The Fiercest Devil
    *WARNING: Do NOT save after the wish is made. Otherwise, there is no way to
    recruit "Zetta" during that cycle, and you will need to trigger a new one
    to "reset" the wish. Don't say I didn't warn you.
    Zetta:            Ah... Strongest Overlord in the Cosmos.
                      I like the sound of that...
                                                    [Zetta appears before... Zetta]
                      ...Am I really that gorgeous?
                      Hyaaha! I get it!
                      I'm so bad-ass that I came around
                      full circle!
    "Zetta":          .........
                                                       ["Zetta" give off evil aura]
    Zetta:            Hm... No...
                      This aura's totally different than mine!
    "Zetta":          .........
    Zetta:            No way...
                      This doesn't feel like me at all!
                                                                     [Enter Laharl]
    Laharl:           It's Overlord Baal!
                      I didn't spend 200 game hours in the
                      Item World to be defeated now...
                      You're going down!
                      Baal Ending Loss                          [SCSEBL]
    Note from me:     A fancy game over.
                                               ["Zetta" stands over all victorious]
    Laharl:           Dammit... How did I lose?
                      This can't be happening!
                      I let you down, father...
                                                                 [Laharl collapses]
    Narrator:         Using Zetta's body, someone began
                      destroying Overlords one by one.
                      The entire cosmos fell under
                      his terrible rule; he was called
                      Overlord Baal.
                      Even after 100 billion years,
                      the cosmos still belong to him.
                      GAME OVER
                      Baal Ending Win                           [SCSEBW]
    Note from me:     Even though you won, it's still game over.  That's right.
                      No New Game+ or anything.  I sure hope you didn't save after
                      making that wish.
                                                                    ["Zetta" falls]
    Laharl:           ...So much for Overlord Baal.
    Etna:             Great work, Prince.
                      You finally avenged His Majesty.
    Flonne:           Your father must be pleased.
    Zetta:            ...Isn't Overlord Baal just a legend?
    Flonne:           No, he's an aggregate of evil souls.
                      He can appear anywhere, any time...
                      He's a very powerful being!
                      He kept finding new bodies...
                      ...and became a menace to the universe!
    Zetta:            What...?
                      So now he's got my body?
    Etna:             Hm, It makes sense.
                      You did misplace your body, right?
                      I assume he found it...That's his thing.
                      After of hundreds of millions of years,
                      he's probably pretty good at it.
                      We've been after him for a long time...
                      ...even longer, in Japan.
                      I think we're about done, now.
    Laharl:           I owe you an apology, Zetta.
                      At first, I figured you for a class-A
                      ...But maybe I was wrong.
                      This guy's the real Overlord Baal!
    Zetta:            Tch...
                      So what now?
    Laharl:           If we don't kill his soul now,
                      he'll find another body and be
                      I'll burn his body to ashes
                      so he can never come back!!
    Zetta:            Whoa, hold up!
                      That's MY body!
    Laharl:           Yeah, that kinda sucks, but
                      what're you gonna do?
                      This has to end somewhere.
                      Time to die, Overlord Baal!!
                                                                      [Credit Roll]
                      GAME OVER
                      Super Robo Suit Battle                    [SCSESRSB]
    Wish:             I wish for the ultimate robot!
    Wish Description: Receive the ultimate robot
    1st Cycle:        No
    LV Req:           200
    Mana Req:         30000
    Prerequisites:    None
    Dungeon Name:     Go, Oversized Robo!
    Gigantic Words:   Awakened from its slumber,
                      the legendary giant rises
                      to defeat the evil overlord!
                      Rise on, warrior!
                      Our super robot...
                      Super Robo Suit-
                                                                [Greatest pic EVER]
    Note from me:     Winning this battle will yeild you the use of the almighty
                      Super Robo Suit.
                      Yoshitsuna Intro                          [SCSEYBI]
    Wish:             Battle the strongest in this game!
    Wish Description: Battle the almighty.
    1st Cycle?:        No
    LV Req:           300
    Mana Req:         20000
    Prerequisites:    Defeat Zetta
    Dungeon Name:     Who's the strongest?
    Zetta:            The strongest one in the game...
                      Yeah, I guess it'd have to be
                      Overlord Baal. It usually is...
                      Where are you, Baal?
                      Show yourself!
                      Come on out!
    Voices:           Yeeeaaaaaaaaargh!
                      RU, RU, RU, RUN!!!!
                      Y-Yoshitsuna is here...!!!!
                                                                 [Enter Yoshitsuna]
                      Super battleship
                      Yoshitsuna is here!
    Zetta:            What the hell is that?
                      ...Is that Baal?
    Baal:             .........
    Zetta:            I can tell by the aura...
                      I know it's you, Baal.
                      So, you came back for more, huh?
                      What gives? Why me?
    Baal:             .........
    Zetta:            Nevermind...
                      I'll end this, once and for all!
                      Once I defeat you, the whole cosmos
                      will know that Lord Zetta rules!
                      Get ready...
                      Here I come...!!!
                      Yoshitsuna Loss                           [SCSEYBL]
    Note from me:     Game over, as always.
    Zetta:            Argh... I don't get it!
                      I'm Lord Zetta!
                      I'm bad-ass!
                      How could a cute little penguin
                      guy beat me?
                      Now way!!
    Narrator:         After that day, Lord Prinny defeated
                      all the other Overlords.
                      Once he took over the cosmos,
                      Prinnies ruled each world.
                      Even now, 100 billion years later,
                      Prinnies are still in control.
                      GAME OVER
                      Yoshitsuna Win                            [SCSEYBW]
    Note from me:     Kudos if you win this battle.  Now you own the most powerful
                      vehicle in the game.  And all you had to do was conquer the
                      toughest enemy in the game.
                                    [The Yoshi needs an oil change... or something]
    Zetta:            Hyaaha ha ha ha!
                      Who's the best...?
                      Lord "I'm the Best" Zetta, that's who!
    Narrator:         Zetta got Super Battleship Yoshitsuna.
    Zetta:            Now, I'm finally the undisputed,
                      baddest-ass freakin' Overlord
                      in the whole damn Cosmos!
                      Know your role, universe!
                      I OWN you!!
                      Hyaaaaha ha ha ha ha!!!!
                      Good Ending                               [SCSEGE]
    Prerequisites:    Complete Stage 9-10 with less than 50 ally kills.
    Zetta:            No way...
                      It's not true!
    Pram:             Zetta...
    Zetta:            Tell me, Pram.
                      What the hell should I do now!?
    Pram:             (Is this really Lord Zetta?)
                      (The same Lord Zetta who could have
                      ruled the entire cosmos?)
                      (Has he really become
                      so helpless?)
                      (How did my precious plaything
                      become this weak?)
                      (This is my fault, isn't it...?
                      It's because I rewrote the Sacred Tome.)
                      (...I didn't know this would happen!
                      This isn't what I wanted.
                      What can I do?)
    Trenia:           ............
    Zetta:            Pram...!
    Pram:             What!?
                      What is it?
    Zetta:            Tell me what to do, Pram.
    Pram:             That depends, do you wanna to remove                    [?]
                      the curse, or do you wanna to restore                   [...]
                      your body?
    Zetta:            I don't care about that!
                      How can I bring Salome back to life!?
                      You're the Oracle--tell me what to do!
                      Please, Pram! You have to help me...
                      I have to bring Salome back!
                      There's something I need to ask her!
    Pram:             (What are you talking about, Zetta!?
                      You're going to die in two days,
                      and you're worried about Salome!?)
                      ......Ugh, you love her.
    Zetta:            Hell no! What are you talking about!?
                      You're an Overlord, for badness sake!
                      Stop talking like a human.
                      I just have to ask her something!
                      Something...really important!
    Pram:             (I want to help him...)
                      (Ugh. But, I don't know how,
                      I have no idea how to bring
                      people back to life!)
                      (The only reason I could foresee
                      the future is because I read ahead
                      in the Sacred Tome...)
                      (No, this isn't like me.)
                      (I'm Pram, super genius Overlord.
                      I can solve any problem there is, dammit!)
                      We need to use the Sacred Tome.
                      That... That'll fix everything.
    Zetta:            You mean I just write my wish
                      down in it?
                      ...Salome is an Overlord.
                      What kind of sacrifice is necessary
                      to revive an Overlord-class being?
                      This is going to be costly...
    Pram:             ...I'll do it.
    Zetta:            Pram!
    Pram:             Well who else is going to, huh!?
                      Don't tell me what to do!
                      You don't have any right...
                                                              [Pram starts glowing]
                      I'm Pram the freakin' Oracle!
                      ...There's nothing I can't do.
    Inside the Tome:  Lady Salome will be revived
                      in the name of Pram the Oracle.
                                                         [The text flashes & fades]
    Pram:             No...
                      My wish is disappearing!
                      (What, I don't have enough power?
                      No way!)
                      (I, I, I'm Pram! I'm an Overlord!
                      Nothing is impossible for me!)
                      (I took the Netherworld from my father
                      when I was only two!
                      How dare the cosmos imply that
                      my Mana power isn't strong enough!
                                           [Pram unleashes her Real Ultimate Power]
                                           [Ninjas have NOTHING on Pram!]
    Trenia:           The gate of the dead opened...
    Zetta:            ...Salome!
    Trenia:           Phew, it's working...
                                                                     [Enter Seedle]
    Seedle:           Go to hell!
                                                              [Seedle strikes Pram]
    Pram:             Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!
                      I'm sorry...)
                                                  [Pram reverts to her normal form]
    Zetta:            Seedle, you bastard!
                      I have something to ask Salome,
                      and you're not getting in my way!
    Seedle:           Ha ha ha...
                      So, you grew in power when
                      Salome died, did you?
    Zetta:            What the--!?
                      How did you know that!?
    Seedle:           Ha! You didn't figure it out?
                      Hm hm hm... She was quite a woman.
                      If she had been mine,
                      none of this would have happened.
    Zetta:            Shut up!
    Seedle:           On the contrary,
                      I think you need to hear the truth.
                      Salome gave you all of
                      her Mana power!
                      ...A little bit each day, since the
                      first day she left.
    Zetta:            What the--!?
    Seedle:           Touching, isn't it?
                      ...That this woman loved you enough
                      to make you the strongest Overlord.
                      Pathetic! When she realized it was
                      making her ill, it was too late.
                      She's dying because of you, Zetta.
                      Salome loved a man who was too caught up
                      in his own power to realize she was dying!
                      What a tragic ending...
    Zetta:            Y-You're full of crap, Seedle.
    Seedle:           Was it worth it, Zetta!?
                      Was all that power worth it?
                      The only reason you're the strongest
                      Overlord is because you've been stealing
                      Salome's power!
                                                                       [Enter Alex]
    Alex:             Don't just float there, you idiot.
                      You have stuff to do!
                      Finish him off!
    Zetta:            Alex...
    Alex:             Fine, I'll do it--but you're next
                      after I send this jerk packing.
    Seedle:           Insolent child!
                      You dare interrupt me again?
    Alex:             I thought I told you...
                      YOU'RE the one interrupting
                      MY fight with Zetta!
                                                                       [Sparks fly]
                      Heeeeeere I Cooooome!!
                      Take this!
                      Vanishing bolt!!!!
    Seedle:           Graaaaarrrggghh!
                                                     [Alex drags Seedle away]
                                                     [A distant explosion is heard]
    Zetta:            I had no idea...
                      Salome made me the strongest Overlord.
                      ...That woman...
    Trenia:           (Zetta...)
    Zetta:            I'll never forgive her!
                      She didn't even ask my permission...
                      Once I bring Salome back to life,
                      she'll be getting a stern talking to!
                      ...But, how?
                      I can't write a wish in the Tome
                      while I still AM the Tome...
                      If I had my body back, this'd
                      be a hell of a lot simpler.
                      So, is this how it ends?
                      I'm just a stupid book that used to be
                      a fake Overlord that a dead human woman
    Trenia:           Hmph, this sucks...
                                                     [Where the hell did Pram go!?]
                      I thought I'd be free,
                      but I'm still stuck here...
                      Well, time to change back.
                      You've done well, Lord Zetta.
    Zetta:            Eh?
                      What are you talking about?
    Trenia:           I'm the spirit of the Sacred Tome.
                      I was in there before you Confined
                      yourself to the book.
    Zetta:            Um............?
    Trenia:           When your soul entered the Sacred Tome,
                      my soul was pushed out.
    Zetta:            So...You're the Sacred Tome, basically?
                      That means you knew everything
                      that was going to happen to me...
                      but you didn't warn me about it!?
    Trenia:           Yup.
                                                                 [Zetta falls over]
                      Oh, I'm sorry, I've just never been in
                      this situation before.
                      It was a lot of fun to watch.
    Zetta:            ...Glad you were entertained.
                      Do you really expect me to
                      forgive you for all this!?
    Trenia:           Zetta...
                      Thank you for giving me freedom.
                      It didn't last very long, but I
                      did have a lot of fun.
    Zetta:            At least one of us did!
    Trenia:           To be honest, I didn't really like you.
                      All you cared about was your position
                      as the strongest Overlord.
                      I wanted to see what would happen if
                      you lost it all...
    Zetta:            ...Little bitch.
    Trenia:           But, I think you've changed.
                      I actually kind of like you, now.
    Zetta:            Who cares?
    Trenia:           Please consider this my apology...
                                                              [Cool flashy effects]
                      Zetta, I'm going to return my soul
                      to the Sacred Tome.
    Zetta:            Trenia...
    Trenia:           Now, close your eyes...
                                                  [Back at Zetta's restored castle]
                                                  [Zetta is back to normal]
    Zetta:            I'm back!!
                      Hahaha, I am one handsome devil.
    Trenia:           Now, Zetta...
                      Record your wish.
                      Hmhm, there's no need to be embarrassed;
                      I, I already know what you're
                      going to write. Haha.
    Zetta:            Oh, right...
                      You still know everything, huh?
    Trenia:           Of course. Hmhm.
                      I am the Sacred Tome.
    Zetta:            Salome...
    Salome:           ...You haven't changed at all.
                      Don't you love me, Zetta?
                      Can you...do me a favor?
                      My love...
                      Won't you die with me?
                      Soon, the curse will end your life.
                      Let's die here, and stay together
                      for all eternity...
                      I knew...you wouldn't answer me.
    Zetta:            This may be the last thing
                      I can do for you...
    Inside the Tome:  My beloved Salome
                      will be revived in my name,
                      Lord Zetta.
                                                                      [Credit Roll]
                      GOOD ENDING
                                                     [Oh, it's not over, just yet!]
    Zetta (Aside):    Two days to live?
                                                     [Back at the castle]
    Zetta:            ...How can I still be alive?
    Pram:             The One's curse should have
                      taken effect, by now.
    Alex:             Yeah--Hehe, it's been five whole days!
                      I came here to see your dead body.
    Salome:           I'm happy that you're here, of course,
                      but something isn't right...
    Pram:             Hmmm...
                      Do you think That One was a fake?
    Zetta:            A fake!?
    Your Host:        Will the real The One please stand up?
                                                          [Arrow points to Ophelia]
    Ophelia:          It's a secret to everybody!
                      ...Micky and Dryzen don't even know...
                      Oh ho ho ho ho ho!<3
        Q&A                       [SCQA]
    A little section dedicated to a few emails I received regarding this script.
    Q: What's with the line breaks?
    A: I recorded the line breaks the way they occur in the game.  This also
       has the added bonus of easily complying with the 79 character limit
       per line.
    Q: Wait, about King Drake...
    A: ARGH!!  I said not to email me about this!  So don't!  Let's just get this
       straight.  Some sources claim that you cannot wish to battle him until the
       second cycle.  THEY ARE WRONG.  That is all there is to it.
    Q: Your script sucks.
    A: That's not a question.
    Q: Where are Zetta Sword and Allied Symbol in the Item List?
    A: Those two items, although seen at the beginning of the game, cannot be
       obtained through any normal means.
    Q: I love you.
    A: I love me, too.
        Disclaimer                [SCDISCLAIMER]
    This guide is copyrighted by Pleinair, with all rights reserved, and  cannot
    be reproduced in any way, shape, or form without expressed written consent
    of the author.
    As of now, this script may only be hosted by www.gamefaqs.com
    This may change in the future, but until I say, don't ask.
        Contact Info              [SCCONINFO]
    If you have a dire need to contact me, email me at Pleinair123@aol.com
    as listed at the top.
    Do NOT contact me about script typos unless they are confirmed to not
    be in the game itself.  Please.
    Also, don't tell me that King Drake the 3rd cannot be recruited in the
    first cycle.  Sources that claim this are wrong.
        Special Thanks            [SCSPTHANKS]
    CJayC - Admin of GameFAQs
    SC Board - For making me feel smart
    Various GameFAQs users
    Nippon Ichi Software - For making this game
    NIS America - For localizing it, also providing job names
    My Magnavox VCR - For recording several scenes
    RCA's VHS Video Tapes
    Me - For being awesome
        No Thanks                 [SCNOTHANKS]
    My butt - For being lazy
    MM - You know who you are.
    The guy who nearly destroyed my PC
    Copyright 2006 Pleinair

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