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    Skill Point FAQ/Walkthrough by CaptainRat

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    Super Robot Wars: Alpha 3
    Skill Point Guide
    00: Table of Contents
    1: Introduction
    2: What's a skill point?
    3: Stage Chart
    4: The Guide
    5: What's Finished?
    6: Miscellaneous
    1: Introduction
    This guide is intended to be a list of the different objectives that are
    necessary to complete in order to obtain skill points.  Mission objectives
    will be identified as well, and some basic suggestions will be given, although
    specific strategies and platoon creation is left up to you, the player, in
    most cases.  The objective listed under the stage number and name is the
    objective for the skill point; mission objectives will be identified in the
    descriptions if necessary.  Some stages have two parts, or multiple events
    separating different sequences; the skill point will only apply to one of these
    parts, or only be revealed after a set of events has occurred.  Initially,
    for some reason, I wasn't identifying which part a skill point referred to
    except in the descriptions, although I've tried to go through and fix this;
    most skill point objectives should specify which part of a multi-part stage
    they refer to.   However, I may have missed some.  If there is doubt about
    what part of the stage the skill point is referring to, check the descriptions
    The stages are listed by route, mainly so users of this guide can just scroll
    past what they don't need in one big chunk, rather than one by one.  Route
    splits occur at the same time and for the same length in this game, so the
    combined stages will be the same no matter what routes you've selected.
    Routes may contain spoilers, although they generally won't be terribly
    in-depth.  If you want to avoid them, just read the objective and only read
    the descriptions below if you're having trouble.
    While this isn't strictly a secrets FAQ (there's a perfectly functional one
    at GameFAQs already), I'll point them out if they're part of the general
    strategy or flow of the stage (an example is the RaGowe secret in stage 21
    Earth route, which requires playing a specific way).  Generally I won't mention
    things like kill count secrets unless, like the RaGowe secret, it needs to
    occur on a specific stage.
    Generally, when I refer to defeating enemies in the descriptions, it refers
    to enemy platoons; most event triggers are based off of how many platoons you
    defeat, rather than individual enemies.  However, I don't always remember to
    make this distinction, so assume I mean platoons rather than individual enemies
    unless I specify otherwise.
    Cardinal directions refer to those given by the compass at the top of the
    The main characters are, from left to right, Touma (SR Male), Kusuha (SR Female),
    Cobray (RR Male), and Selena (RR Female).  I refer to them by name throughout
    the guide.
    I have no plans to make this a comprehensive guide to the game, nor do I intend
    to add a translation or anything of that nature.
    2: What's a skill point?
    Skill points are earned by completing objectives during each mission.  While
    you can't buy anything with skill points (like you can with pilot points),
    they're necessary to unlock the good ending.  Earning 57 skill points and having
    a turn count under 420 by the end of scenario 59 will earn you access to the
    'good' final stage and ending.
    Earning a skill point also gives each pilot who is currently alive and deployed
    5 pilot points.  While this only amounts to 295 max PP from skill points alone
    (assuming you could deploy someone on every stage), it's a nice supplement
    to the PP you already earn from kills.
    Finally, earning skill points changes the difficulty.  Pressing Circle to bring
    up the command menu will tell you which difficulty you're on.  Your skill points
    appear in the data box, on the bottom line.  Next to the number of skill points
    is a letter indicating your difficulty (E for Easy, N for Normal, and H for
    Hard).  Difficulty affects a number of things, notably how easily you can gain
    morale and how many enemies deploy against you.  I don't recommend playing
    on Hard if you're new to the series; there's a bonus you can get if you complete
    the scenario chart, and to do this, you need to get the normal ending at least
    once.  Series veterans are, of course, encouraged to do whatever they want
    (of course, series veterans likely don't need this guide in the first place).
    3: Stage Chart
    I thought I might as well make a list of the various stages and route splits
    so that there's a quick reference guide for people who don't want to quick-reset
    and check the scenario chart in the middle of the game, and so that people
    can quickly look and see if the stage they're having trouble with is on a route
    split or not.  'Combined' refers to the stages that are the same no matter
    what character or route you've chosen; splits are referred to as I refer to
    them in the guide.
    1-2: Touma/Kusuha/Cobray/Selena
    3-5: Combined
    6-12: Touma/Kusuha/Cobray/Selena
    13-18: Combined
    19-23: Earth/Space
    24-29: Combined
    30-33: Earth/Space
    34-35: Touma/Kusuha/Cobray/Selena
    36-37: Combined
    38-40: Solo Ship/Battle 7
    41-42: Combined
    43-44: Touma/Kusuha/Cobray/Selena
    45-47: Irui Search/SEED+EVA/Macross 7/Nagahama
    48: Earth/Space
    49-56: Combined
    57*-58: Ideon/Gunbuster
    59: Combined
    60: Normal Ending/Good Ending
    * There is an alternate stage 57 for the Ideon ending, although it's not
    numbered as 57 and it just splits off horizontally from stage 56 on the scenario
    4: The Guide
    Touma Stage 1
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies in 3 turns
    	- An easy one to start with.  This should present little difficulty.
    	- After defeating the initial enemies and obtaining the skill point,
    Touma will launch in Rai-Oh and be faced with more enemies, which, again, should
    be easy to dispatch.
    Touma Stage 2
    Skill Point: Defeat the 4 Zonder Robots in 2 turns.
    	- The 4 Zonder Robots are the ones in front.  Ignore the Primevals in
    back.  You've just got Touma and Guy, but they should be enough to deal with
    the 4 Zonders.
    	- Once you've defeat the Zonders, events will happen and you'll lose
    Guy, but gain the J-Ark, Great Mazinger and his crew, and Jeeg and his crew.
    Take out the Zonders and then the remaining Primeval; don't let J bogart the
    kills, as he won't be joining you permanently for a while.
    Kusuha Stage 1
    Kusuha Stage 2
    Cobray Stage 1
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies within 5 turns of the enemy reinforcements
    showing up.
    	- Self-explanatory.  Once the initial three enemies are destroyed, the
    reinforcements will show up.
    	- PC reinforcements will arrive on turn 2 (I'm unsure about whether they
    actually show up on the player turn after enemy reinforcements appear, or
    whether they appear on turn 2 regardless, but since Cobray can probably solo
    the mission and complete the skill point objective anyway, this point is rather
    Cobray Stage 2
    Skill Point: Destroy the enemy missiles and the enemy battleship in 7 turns.
    	- The missiles are triggered once the enemy battleship engages in battle
    for the first time; at this point, the 0083 and Zeta characters will show up
    as reinforcements, and the two missiles will launch.
    	- When the first missile is destroyed, there will be some talking, and
    the Ra Kaillum crew will show up as reinforcements, as well as some Balmar
    units as enemies.
    	- When the second missile is destroyed, there will be an event where
    the friendly NPC battleship is destroyed, and the Ra Kaillum is attacked.
    Cobray will then launch in a mass-produced Nu Gundam and join Zeora's squad
    (it's worth noting that if Zeora has already acted and you trigger this event,
    you can still move the combined Cobray-Zeora squad again).
    	- Defeating the enemy battleship and the missiles will end the stage,
    so destroy anything else you want to destroy before doing so.
    Selena Stage 1
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies except the Salamis Kai in 4 turns
    	- The Salamis Kai is the battleship.  You lose if it's destroyed, so
    don't attack it at this point.  Just concentrate on destroying the grunts.
    	- Once you defeat all the grunts, the R-Gun Powered will show up, and
    you'll have to defeat it.  As long as you keep Concentrate up, you should be
    fine.  Once you destroy it, the stage will end.
    Selena Stage 2
    Skill Point: Destroy the enemy battleship in 5 turns
    	- The mission objective is to destroy the battleship anyway, so get down
    there and start destroying whoever you feel like destroying on your way to
    the battleship.
    	- On player turn 2, Amuro, Judo, and Bright will show up with their
    respective units and supporting characters.
    	- Destroying enough enemy units will cause some Balmar enemies to show
    up, as will Selena.  Destroy whatever you want to, but keep in mind that your
    goal is the enemy battleship.
    Stage 3
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 6 turns.
    	- If any of the enemies reach the white line at the south end of the
    screen, so prioritize enemies that are close to the white line while still
    moving forward through the asteroids as fast as you can.  Use supers to break
    through the Zonder Barriers once they activate.
    	- On turn 3 or when a certain number of Primevals are destroyed, J will
    show up as reinforcements.  Use him to dispatch any nearby Primevals that need
    dispatching, but don't move him too far forward.
    	- On turn 4 or when more Primevals are destroyed, ZX-03 will show up.
    He'll start near J's starting position, so make sure to have a couple of
    characters near there to help destroy him.
    Stage 4
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 5 turns
    	- For once, the skill point condition is the same as one of the win
    conditions.  However, if it goes to player turn 6, it's game over, so there
    is risk involved.  However, there are no tricks or reinforcements involved
    with this stage, just an all-out slugfest, so deal with the grunts on your
    way to the big units and have at it.
    	- There is a second part to this stage, but it's entirely story- and
    Stage 5
    Skill Point: Clear the stage in 6 turns
    	- 'Clear the stage' means 'keep fulfilling the winning conditions until
    there are no more winning conditions'.  In this case, the win condition is
    to destroy all enemies.
    	- It's tempting to rush the enemy battleships and high HP units, but
    once you kill enough grunts, all of these will withdraw, so don't waste your
    energy.  At the same time, ZAFT units will show up at your rear, so don't leave
    yourself completely unguarded (I like to leave the main character there, since
    he or she can usually deal with whatever comes on his or her own).
    	- Once the Vesalius (the ZAFT battleship) engages in battle, there will
    be an event, Muu will show up, and Rau will launch in a Cgue.  At this point,
    destroying either the Vesalius or Rau will result in the ZAFT forces fleeing
    the battlefield; if you're pressed for time, go ahead and destroy one or the
    other, but if you have the time, mop up the remaining ZAFT forces for the cash
    and experience.  Rau will gun straight for Muu if given the chance, so be
    careful; if Muu dies, the mission is over.
    	- After the mission ends, the routes split.  Your route is mandatory
    based on the character you selected.
    Touma Stage 6
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 5 turns.  Destroy the Yamata no Orochi
    	- The Yamata no Orochi is the round enemy battleship at the very rear
    of the enemy lines.  You're going to need to be careful of the support units
    that are out in the open, Boss especially.  Mic only has his non-song attack,
    as he hasn't discovered his hidden power, so he's basically a glorified
    resupply unit at this point.
    	- Note that when Touma hits 130 morale, System LIOH will activate,
    boosting his stats.  Don't get too used to it.
    Touma Stage 7
    Skill Point: (second part) After the allied reinforcements show up, destroy
    all enemies in 5 turns.
    	- You start with Jeeg against some Jeeg enemies.  Taking them out should
    be easy.
    	- The second part starts with Jeeg as a head against some enemies.  Hold
    out as best you can; they should have a rough time hitting you.
    	- When you attack the rear robot, KouRyu and AnRyu will launch as
    reinforcements, and you'll get Miwa and the Jeeg parts.  Take out the rest
    of the enemies.
    	- Once you defeat the enemies, more of them show up, along with the Alpha
    Numbers.  Don't forget to set up platoons.  From here it should be pretty
    Touma Stage 8
    Skill Point: After the allied reinforcements show up, destroy all enemies in
    5 turns.
    	- Mike Sounders against a Zonder.  Defeating a Zonder in the Zonder
    platoon will cause it to regenerate health and an event to occur.  Mike will
    whip out Disc X against the Zonders, wiping them out.  After some more events,
    the Alpha Numbers will show up, and Gai will perform Fusion with Galeon.
    	- A couple turns after those events, some Jeeg enemies will show up,
    making the skill point a slightly more daunting prospect, but help will arrive
    in the form of the Yuusha Robo Gundan and the Gao Machines.  Gai will perform
    Final Fusion, and all is right with the world.  Keep in mind that destroying
    ZX-02 ends the stage, which you don't want to do until you've destroyed
    everything else.
    Touma Stage 9
    Skill Point: Destroy the Bramble within 4 turns of the allied reinforcements
    showing up.  The Bramble will flee at under 8000 HP.
    	- You'll start with Touma alone against the enemies.  Start working your
    way through them.
    	- On turn 3, or when enough enemies are destroyed, Touma will challenge
    Dangell.  He'll do pretty well, but Rai-Oh will malfunction, and Retsuel and
    Zengar will save up to save Touma's bacon.
    	- On the player turn after that event, Raideen, Dancougar, Mazinger Z,
    Getter Dragon, and Combattler V will show up, along with the Alpha Numbers.
    At this point, head towards the enemy and start taking them out on your way
    to the Bramble.  A good support attack should help do the requisite damage,
    if you can't do 8K+ in one shot.
    	- Once you defeat all the enemies, Touma will go nuts thanks to System
    LIOH and you'll have to take him down.  Knocking him to low hit points will
    cause him to use Guts+ and recover to full.  Defeating him again will cause
    him to use Guts, but Zengar will take him down this time.
    Touma Stage 10
    Skill Point: Clear the map without the lab taking damage
    	- The white square is the lab, and can be attacked by enemies.  Your
    job is to take them out before they get to it.  Put your land units in the
    1-4 slots and the flying units in the 5-8 slots.  Split your forces three ways
    to deal with the enemy groups.
    	- When Flora is attacked, more enemies show up and Rai-Oh launches.
    Retsuel and Zengar also show up.
    Touma Stage 11
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies in 7 turns
    	- Sadly, you're stuck with just the Archangel and Strike for the moment
    against the oncoming ZAFT forces.  Try to avoid using up all of Strike's ammo
    by switching to Muu in the leader position.
    	- On player turn 3, more ZAFT reinforcements appear.  This is what makes
    this stage the giant pain that it is, as the four ZAFT enemy Gundams have Phase
    Shift armor, which deflects all attacks except beam weapons.  The only units
    you're going to have with beam weapons are Strike and the Archangel.  Keep
    destroying the ZAFT forces, and try to get Kira near the enemy Gundams so he
    can start doing some damage.
    	- On player turn 4, the Alpha Numbers show up.  At this point your mission
    Skill Point changes to destroying the Vesalius, which is the ZAFT enemy
    battleship.  However, you still need to destroy everything for the skill point,
    so work on that first.  Your supers can still do some damage through the Phase
    Shift armor with their finishers, but Kira is probably still your best bet
    if you can keep a respectable hit rate.
    	- If you don't manage to destroy the enemies by turn 8, or once you destroy
    the Vesalius, an event occurs that ends the stage.
    Touma Stage 12
    Skill Point: After the enemy reinforcements appear, destroy the enemy in 5
    	- You start with Touma against his rival, Baran Doban.  Once you do enough
    damage (or possibly just attack him once) there will be an event battle and
    Touma will get creamed by Baran's giant iron ball.  Touma will then retaliate
    with the Rising Meteo.  Once this happens, the enemy reinforcements will arrive,
    Baran will retreat, and Touma will regenerate to full.
    	- Once Touma destroys an enemy, the Alpha Numbers show up.  The Ra Kaillum
    will also show up with various Gundam characters.
    	- Once you destroy the enemies, Isamu and Guld will show up out of a
    Gate and the stage will end.
    	- The routes combine again at 13.
    Kusuha Stage 6
    Kusuha Stage 7
    Kusuha Stage 8
    Kusuha Stage 9
    Kusuha Stage 10
    Kusuha Stage 11
    Kusuha Stage 12
    Cobray Stage 6
    Skill Point: Accomplish either of the mission objectives in 4 turns
    	- The objectives are to destroy the Cgue and the Vesalius.
    	- When you attack Rau's Cgue, an event occurs, the friendly NPC
    battleship is destroyed, and a bunch of ZAFT units disappear inside the colony.
    This doesn't effect your objectives, however.
    	- Rau is a pain in the ass due to his high dodge and Potential, so get
    to him as fast as possible and use Judou's Intuition for guaranteed hits, and
    get yourself in position for support attacks so you have as many chances as
    possible to hit him.  Alternately, pound on the Vesalius.
    	- The second part of the stage takes place inside the colony, with a
    fairly straight-forward 'destroy all enemies' scenario.  Ignore the enemy
    across the map; once you defeat the 4 enemies closest to you, Kira will launch
    in Strike and be in position to take care of him after an event.
    	- You'll have your first opportunity to set up platoons after this
    mission, so make sure you do so.
    Cobray Stage 7
    Skill Point: Defeat the enemies in 5 turns.
    	- Completely straight-forward.  Once you defeat the initial group of
    enemies, the Archangel will launch, as will Strike, and Muu will join Kira's
    platoon.  At this point you can either defeat the enemies or get Archangel
    to the indicated square to win.
    	- Once Rau is attacked, Asran will appear in Aegis.  Aegis, like many
    of the ZAFT antagonists, has Phase Shift armor, which can only be penetrated
    by beam weapons; any other type of weapon will do reduced damage.
    Cobray Stage 8
    Skill Point: Destroy Aegis, Duel, Buster, and Blitz in 5 turns.
    	- See the last stage's comment about Phase Shift armor.  Fortunately,
    you've got mostly mobile suits, so you've got plenty of beam weapons.  Move
    forward quickly and focus on the necessary units, finishing the grunts with
    counter attacks.  Once you defeat the four enemy units, go after the Vesalius
    to complete the immediate stage objective.
    	- At some point, the Ra Kaillum will arrive as reinforcements; I'm unsure
    about whether it appears once you shoot down one of the named enemy Gundams,
    once you shoot down enough enemy units, or once you shoot down a specific enemy
    unit (in the process of writing this guide, reinforcements appeared when I
    shot down Duel).  They may also appear after a certain number of turns.
    	- Once you shoot down the Vesalius, Balmar forces will appear; I assume,
    though this is unconfirmed, that any remaining ZAFT units will retreat along
    with the Vesalius at this point.  At some point, there will be an event involving
    Cobray and his rival, Calico, after which Zeora and Cobray will leave the map.
    Much of the rest is event driven and straight-forward.
    Cobray Stage 9
    Skill Point: Before you accomplish the win condition, defeat all other enemy
    	- You start almost in the same situation as the last stage, with the
    four enemy ZAFT Gundams and the Vesalius, although Rau has deployed against
    you also.  Once you destroy one of the named suits, more ZAFT reinforcements
    will show up, accompanied by Trowa and Wufei.  The win condition here is to
    destroy the Vesalius, which you might want to do if things get too difficult.
    	- Once you defeat the Vesalius, or it hits turn 6, the ZAFT forces will
    retreat and some Dancougar enemies will show up.  At this point the skill point
    becomes apparent.  Your win condition is to reduce the enemy battleship to
    under 200 HP without killing it, before it leaves the map.  Kira has 1 SP cost
    Mercy, which can come in handy for the finishing blow.
    Cobray Stage 10
    Skill Point: Destroy the Gamoff, which will retreat if it is reduced to under
    8000 HP.
    	- This one is interesting.  You start with some of the ZZ Gundam crew
    against Blitz...except Blitz is using his Mirage Colloid for camoflague and
    is invisible.  Your immediate goal is to reduce him to under 7000 HP, but you
    can only do this with counterattacks, as he can't be attacked on your turns.
    So basically you have to use your accuracy boosters (mostly Concentrate) and
    hope you hit.
    	- Once you beat up on Nichol enough, ZAFT reinforcements, with Duel and
    Buster, Wufei, and Trowa, will show up and your skill point objective will
    become clear.
    	- On the player turn after the ZAFT guys show up, Isamu and Guld will
    appear out of a Crossgate.  They should be able to hold off the ZAFT guys for
    a while, although they won't do so well against the SEED antagonists due to
    the fact that they have no beam weapons.
    	- On the next player turn, both Balmar enemies and the Archangel crew
    will show up.  Your win condition at this point is to defeat the Gamoff (as
    per the skill point) and all Balmar enemies.  You'll probably want to send
    Cobray and the Macross Plus guys after the Balmar enemies and use your mobile
    suits to take out the ZAFT enemies, just to divvy up the beam weapons properly.
    Also be aware that ZAFT and the Balmar forces will fight each other if given
    the opportunity.  Use support attacks if necessary to take out the Gamoff.
    Cobray Stage 11
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies in 5 turns.
    	- After some events, Kira is left to fend for himself against a bunch
    of ZAFT grunts.  Concentrate should be enough to keep Kira safe, so dive in.
    	- On player turn 3, the rest of the event units (Cobray/Zeora,
    Heero/Quatre, and Duo/Hilde, as well as Muu, who joins Kira's platoon) show
    up.  From here you should have no problem wiping out the remaining enemies.
    Just make sure to position yourself optimally for counterattacks.
    	- Once you defeat enough enemies, Trowa and Wufei show up to complicate
    matters.  Take them out with everyone else.
    	- After defeating the ZAFT enemies and earning the skill point, some
    Primevals show up, along with Arad.  Engaging ZX-02 will trigger reinforcements
    in the form of the J-Ark and the various super robots.  Defeat ZX-02 to end
    the stage, and any other Primevals you feel like defeating for XP and cash.
    Cobray Stage 12
    Skill Point: Meet the win condition in 5 turns
    	- The win condition is to defeat the three bosses; the Bramble (large
    battleship-type thing with four blue things sticking out), the Magnum (blue
    and purple robot; you've fought this guy before on stage 4), and the Sangaio
    (the red and green unit in the other enemy cluster).
    	- It should come as no surprise that Balmar units will show up on the
    western side of the map once you destroy the three boss enemies, at least if
    you checked out the event platoons before the stage began.  Make sure the
    Archangel is either away from there, can get away from there, or has Iron Wall
    up so it's not taken out.
    	- Attacking Spectra will trigger an event, and afterwards you'll have
    the usual Cobray/Zeora/Arad platoon, as well as the Wing characters, joined
    by Trowa and Wufei.  Your objective is to defeat Calico, but feel free to destroy
    the remaining Balmar units before you beat him.
    	- There's another event that may have multiple triggers; I did it by
    destroying enough Balmar units, but it may also trigger by lowering Calico's
    hit points enough, by destroying Spectra, or by actually destroying Calico.
    In any case, Calico will use Guts+ to regenerate to full, pound on Cobray a
    bit, and be stopped by the arrival of Viletta, Retsuel, and ZENGAR.  After
    this, Cobray will get his new attack, and Calico will use regular Guts (if
    this does, in fact, have multiple triggers, this is a far easier way of lowering
    his hit points if you're doing a no-upgrade game or an EX Hard runthrough).
    The objective is still the same; destroy Calico.
    	- The routes combine again at 13.
    Selena Stage 6
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies in 4 turns and get the AS Soleares to the target
    	- The AS Soleares is Selena.  She's working for ZAFT, so for a while
    you'll get to use the enemy units.  At the moment it's her and Rau in his CGue.
    Move forward and destroy the enemies; be sure to position yourself so that
    you can counterattack on the enemy turns.
    	- Once you get to the target square, some more enemies will show up,
    including Muu.  Part of the fun of Selena's scenario is getting to fight the
    heroes, so have at it.  Defeating Muu causes the stage to end (after a bunch
    of SEED storyline).
    Selena Stage 7
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies in 5 turns and get an allied unit to the target
    	- The flipside of Selena's scenario is that you have to use a bunch of
    units you can't upgrade (aside from Trowa and Wufei, after this scenario),
    so getting the skill point may be a bit more challenging (unless you're doing
    a no-upgrade game, in which case it's all the same).
    	- When you get a certain distance away from the enemy, more enemies will
    show up, making the skill point even more obnoxious.  Use the Vesalius'
    Leadership aura to your advantage.  The 4 SEED Gundam units have Phase Shift
    armor, but that doesn't do too much good against beam weapons, which your
    enemies have in spades.  Keep your defensive seishin going, whatever those
    may be.
    	- Once you get to the target square, there will be some more events and
    the stage will end.
    Selena Stage 8
    Skill Point: Destroy all the Jegans
    	- Things get really interesting here, as you're up against mostly good
    guy units.  The Jegans are the green units; there are three squads over in
    a cluster by themselves, two hanging out by the Deathscythe, and one by the
    Hyaku Shiki and Quebley.  The skill point doesn't specify a time limit, but
    one of the mission objectives is to last for 6 turns, after which the stage
    will end, so you've got until then to do what you need to do.  The other mission
    objective is to destroy all the enemies, which you may or may not feel like
    doing.  Elma should have Disturbance by this point, which you can use once
    things get heavy (although you'll probably only have enough SP to use it once,
    to pick your moment carefully).
    	- Defeating enough enemies causes the Archangel to arrive with Strike
    and some of the other UC characters.  This is probably a better time for
    Disturbance, actually.
    	- As I mentioned before, the stage ends once you hit turn 7 or once you
    defeat all of the enemies.
    Selena Stage 9
    Skill Point: Destroy the Valk Isha (the Valk Isha retreats at under 4000 HP)
    	- You've got two mission objectives here to start, with the skill point
    unknown.  You can either destroy all other enemies except the Archangel, or
    reduce the Archangel to 50% HP.  You're up against mainly what you fought
    against last stage.  Try to take on the series aces with Selena, Trowa, and
    Wufei, and leave the ZAFT guys to mop up the scrubs and support units.
    	- Once you complete either of the mission objectives, there will be some
    events, the remaining 'good guys' will take off, and some Balmar units will
    show up, including Spectra, Selena's rival, in the Valk Isha (which is the
    unique enemy unit).  You may need to Support Attack to defeat her; if you do,
    keep in mind Deakka's squad leader ability (+20% to support attack damage).
    Alternately, Trowa, Wufei, and Selena should all have Support Attack, and you
    may have upgraded their weapons by this point, which would make them better
    	- Once you defeat a few of the enemies, there will be an event, and Viletta
    will show up.  Your mission objective changes to knocking the Valk Isha under
    4000 HP (previously, it was destroy all enemies), so get to destroying it.
    (Hilariously, it's quite possible for this event to trigger on an enemy turn,
    and for Viletta to get attacked and destroyed; fortunately, this doesn't end
    the stage or really affect anything as far as I can tell).
    Selena Stage 10
    Skill Point: Clear the map in 6 turns
    	- Ah, the life of the spy.  You're up against your former ZAFT comrades
    here; the mission objective is to destroy all the enemies.  You shouldn't have
    a huge amount of trouble, given that you've had a few scenarios to upgrade
    and outfit 3 of the 4 characters you've got (with that in mind, you should
    probably have Selena switch places with Kira so that she's in the lead).
    	- At some point, the various good guy mobile suits will show up as
    reinforcements (for you, instead of against you).  This is triggered either
    by defeating a certain number of units or by defeating one of the enemy Gundams
    (or possibly also by a certain turn).
    	- After this (it happened on the player turn after the previous event
    for me), Isamu and Guld will show up out of a Crossgate.  By this point, you
    should have enough units to finish off the ZAFT enemies (and enough beam weapons
    to get through the Phase Shift armor).  Unlike other iterations of this scenario,
    the stage ends when you defeat the ZAFT enemies.
    Selena Stage 11
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 7 turns
    	- Surprisingly, your enemy isn't ZAFT for once.  You've got a mix of
    super robot enemies here, but you shouldn't have too much trouble with them.
    	- Once you defeat enough of the enemies, the super robots will show up
    as reinforcements, ensuring that you'll have more than enough firepower to
    finish the stage in 7 turns.  One of the Dancougar bosses will come out as
    well, but he shouldn't be much of an issue.  Defeating all the enemies ends
    the stage.
    Selena Stage 12
    Skill Point: Defeat ZX-02 in 5 turns.
    	- ZX-02 should be easy to identify, given that he's got an
    easily-identifiable name.
    	- Destroy enough of the Zonders and J will come out to give you a hand.
    	- As usual, once you destroy the Primeval, there will be an event with
    J and he'll take off.
    	- After some chaos inside the Orbit Base, Spectra will come out with
    some Balmar units.  At this point, Selena will launch, aided by Viletta, Retsuel,
    and ZENGAR~!  You now have to destroy the Valk Isha.
    	- After you defeat the Valk Isha, the stage ends, but not before Slay
    shows up in the Vegalion.  The routes join up here for a bit.
    Stage 13
    Skill Point: Clear the map within six turns.  Destroy all other enemies before
    you destroy ZX-06.
    	- More GaoGaiGar enemies.  Head to the center of the map, taking the
    lead with your supers and any other heavy hitters.  Leave some of your reals
    by the ships, and move them a bit to the east as well, as there will be enemies
    showing up there at some point and it's best to be prepared.
    	- Once you defeat 2 enemy platoons, there will be an event where ZX-06
    lowers your morale, Mamoru launches to deal with it, and the aforementioned
    enemies (more Balmar bugs) show up.  Some of them will kamikaze the Archangel,
    but Shinji, Asuka, and Rei will show up as reinforcements.  Split your forces
    appropriately to destroy both enemy groups, and finish off ZX-06 when all other
    enemies are defeated.
    Stage 14
    Skill Point: Meet the win condition in 7 turns
    	- The win condition is to reduce the Helmoze Effad (the large green Balmar
    battleship) to below 80000 hit points.  There are, naturally, some snags.  The
    first time the battleship is engaged, Ace will launch in the Devarium, which
    is notable mainly for the amount of MAP weapons it has.  You'll want to destroy
    it before it uses any of them, of course.  I'm going to break my own rule here
    and give a bit of in-depth suggestion.  What I like to do to facilitate this
    is to position Isamu and Guld in their own platoon so that they can get within
    range of the Helmoze, which can hit anywhere within 10 squares.  On the enemy's
    turn, the Helmoze will shoot at Isamu/Guld, they'll most likely dodge, and
    Ace will launch.  Now, his only post-movement MAP weapon requires 120 Morale,
    which he likely doesn't have, so he'll just move up to you and be done.  From
    here, you're free to pound on him, which you should do.
    	- Once you've dealt with Ace, you'll need to either take out the rest
    of the Balmar units and then the Helmoze, or just rush the Helmoze and ignore
    the rest of the Balmar units; it's up to you.  All the Balmar battleships have
    medium HP regen, so if you're planning on finishing them off, make sure you
    focus on one of them at a time (along those same lines, you're better off dodging
    or defending against them unless you're specifically aiming to take that one
    	- One final note about the Helmoze, namely that it has a MAP weapon as
    well that fires in a 3x7 block in front of it.  Take care not to make yourself
    too tempting of a target until you're ready to take it on.
    Stage 15
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies within 7 turns, defeating the combined Primeval
    	- Once you get a certain distance away from the combined Primeval (9
    squares for me, though it might trigger at 10 or 11.  9 seems right, however,
    as it's the combined Primeval's maximum attack range), there will be an event,
    and J will cast Flash and move up near the combined Primeval.  This is handy,
    as J will be in range to lay down some hurt on pretty much every enemy group,
    and he can avoid or tank the combined Primeval's attacks until you're ready
    to attack it.  Take advantage of his MAP weapon once his morale is high enough.
    	- The combined Primeval has Invincibility cast, so use one of your
    less-powerful attackers to get rid of that before you start whaling on him.
    Stage 16
    Skill Point: (second part) Destroy all enemies in 4 turns
    	- Time for something different.  The first part of the stage is easy;
    just destroy the two planes.
    	- The second part is the real deal.  You need to clear the map in 4 turns.
    Sadly, Bess and his 10 SP Lock-On has migrated to the Solo Ship, but Cosmo's
    got enough to use it three times, which you'll definitely need to do to
    consistently hit.
    	- On player turn 2, Macross 7's Diamond Force will show up.  Even with
    Concentrate, they won't get to 100% hit/0% dodge, so try and have them stay
    in Valkyrie mode for the extra mobility and keep some in-battle saves in case
    the enemies get lucky hits.
    Stage 17
    Skill Point: Meet the win condition in 4 turns
    	- The win condition is to destroy the Jig Mack, which is not, for a change,
    the enemy battleship, but rather the big brown unit next to it.
    	- Once you defeat the Jig Mack, the remaining Buff Clan enemies will
    leave and some Protodeviln enemies will show up (although none of them are
    actually Protodeviln yet).  The more reddish one (Gigil) is your target for
    ending the stage.
    	- On the player phase after the Protodeviln show up, Gigil attacks Docker,
    draining his spiritia and effectively knocking him out of the combat.  Basara
    will launch in his red Valkyrie and "attack" Gigil.  Afterwards, Basara hangs
    around as a friendly NPC unit; his songs won't damage the enemy, but if they
    lower their morale below 90, it will 'destroy' them (I believe this only works
    for the Macross 7 enemies).
    	- You can actually end the stage by destroying the enemy battleship or
    by destroying Gigil's unit; in either case, Battle 7 will transform and bust
    out the Macross Cannon, and the stage will end.
    Stage 18
    Skill Point: (first part) Meet the win condition in 3 turns
    	- The win condition is to shoot down Gigil.  He's in the same unit he
    was in in the last scenario, so he shouldn't be too hard to identify.  The
    new member of Diamond Force, Physica, may require a bit of babysitting, since
    you can't spend skill points for him or upgrade his Valkyrie until after the
    scenario is over.  Hide him on one of the battleships if you're really worried
    (he should do okay with Concentrate every turn).
    	- Basara shows up on player turn 2, and is once again uncontrollable.
    This time, however, he's so far from the battle that you'll likely finish before
    he gets there.
    	- The second part of this battle requires you to shoot down another Jig
    Mack (there are two of them; the stage objective refers to the one in the
    east-most position when you start the stage).  Your battleships can't move,
    and you're without Ideon for a bit, but Diamond Force should be up to the task.
    	- Basara will once again launch on player turn 2, and will be
    uncontrollable (you may begin to see a pattern).
    	- On turn 3, Buff Clan reinforcements show up, things go nasty inside
    the dome, and Cosmo launches with a level 2 Ide gauge.  At this point, your
    battleships can move.  Defeat whoever you want to before accomplishing the
    stage objective.
    	- Once you complete the stage objective, things go nuts, as more Buff
    Clan and Protodeviln people show up.  The Ide guage maxes, and the good guys
    disappear.  Also note that you can trigger this by defeating the Buff Clan
    *** Route Split ***
    The Alpha Numbers split up to take care of business; half of the forces stay
    on Earth and half go into space.  The Earth route follows the next bit of the
    Gundam SEED storyline, as well as meeting up with the Macross 7 characters
    from the previous 3 stages (it also features the only Macross Plus story bits).
    The Space route does some super robot storylines, involving bits of the
    Nagahama Trilogy (Combattler/Voltes/Daimos), GaoGaiGar, and (mainly, as far
    as I can tell) Dancougar, as well as meeting up with the Ideon crew.  If you're
    playing solely for secrets, there are a couple that are exclusive to the Earth
    route, while I don't believe there are any specific to the Space route other
    than kill counts related to the characters who go on it.  Here's who goes on
    the respective routes if your decision still isn't made.
    Earth Route - The Ra Kaillum and Archangel, as well as all mobile suits
    (including Amuro, now that he's back), Valkyries, and the EVAs.
    Space Route - The Gaiking ship, as well as Gaiking, the Mazinger team, the
    Getter team, Jeeg, Combattler V, Raideen, Dancougar, and the GaoGaiGar
    The Earth route is the top selection, and the Space route is the bottom
    selection.  They run for the same number of stages, like all route splits.
    *** Route Split ***
    Earth Route Stage 19
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies in six turns
    	- As a note for the pre-stage set-up, Kira is in a blue event platoon,
    which means you can add units to it, in case you want to give him some back-up.
    	- This stage is pretty straight-forward.  Don't forget about the Phase
    Shift armor on the named enemies.  Your main won't have beam weapons, so feel
    free to use him or her to take out the battleships.
    	- When you shoot down Duel, Yzak will regenerate some HP and attack the
    Archangel.  After this, Kira will SEED and destroy Duel, ending up back near
    the Archangel.
    	- There's an event that ends the stage; this may trigger if the battle
    goes to turn 7.
    Earth Route Stage 20
    Skill Point: Destroy the Receps in 6 turns
    	- Destroying the Receps is also the mission objective.  The Receps is
    the enemy battleship.
    	- This mission (much like the desert arc of SEED itself) is pure pain.
    The enemy Dinns and BuCues have very high dodge rates; Concentrate likely isn't
    going to get you to 100% hit rate unless you've jacked your characters' accuracy
    and equipped +accuracy items.  Fortunately, the grunts have nothing to do with
    the mission objective.  Your higher mobility/accuracy characters should head
    for the BuCues on the hill if you plan on wiping out the enemies.  Note also
    that the Archangel is immobile.
    	- On turn 2, Kira will launch in Launcher Strike (at 140 Morale),
    reprogram his OS, and shoot down a BuCue.
    	- At some point, the Receps will move towards the Archangel in an event.
    I triggered it by destroying enough enemy platoons (notably 2 of the BuCue
    platoons on the hill) but I've previously triggered it by just attacking the
    Receps.  Regardless of how you trigger it, the Receps movement will be followed
    by the arrival of the Albion and the Stardust Memory cast, and more Dinn and
    BuCue reinforcements.  The Receps will now be in a spot very near the original
    Dinn cluster, which should be right around where the bulk of your forces are.
    	- The Receps will only defend.  It will counterattack at some point (I
    believe at a certain turn count, as low hit points and wiping out the other
    enemies didn't change its behavior).  This makes it harder to destroy it, but
    not impossible.
    	- Protodeviln enemies will show up after you defeat the Receps, but
    they're just scouting; defeating the Receps ends the stage.
    Earth Route Stage 21
    Skill Point: (second part) Achieve the win condition before Gigil meets with
    	- The first part of the stage has nothing to do with the skill point.
    Diamond Force launches to protect City 7 from the Protodeviln.  The objective
    is to defeat Gigil, who is in the blue battleship.  You can fly in with Diamond
    Force and start ripping it up, but if you're after secret units, you'll need
    to use a bit of finesse, and not kill any of the enemies with Diamond Force.
    Instead, lead them over to the plateau in the middle of the north edge of the
    screen.  Note that if you're not trying to get the secret units, ignore the
    next couple of paragraphs until it starts talking about the second part of
    the stage; if you're not trying for the secrets this part is very
    	- On player turn 2, Milia will launch in her VF-1.  She needs to get
    10 kills on this stage if you're after a secret Valkyrie unit (some sources
    will word this as getting her kill count to 30, but since she starts at 20,
    it amounts to the same thing).  However, she's not the only one who needs kills
    on this stage for secrets, so if you care, have her hold off once she hits
    	- On player turn 3, the Alpha Numbers will show up and Diamond Force
    will join up into one platoon.  Continue pulling the enemies over to the
    northern plateau area if you care about the secrets; otherwise, start pounding
    the enemies with your reinforcements.
    	- On player turn 4, Bartfield and DaGosta will launch in the RaGowe and
    BuCue, and Cagalli will launch in a Skygrasper.  Here's the other secret
    requirement; Bartfield and DaGosta need to get 10 kills between them and
    survive the stage.  Now, their post-movement weapons are low-range (and
    DaGosta's won't hit flying units), which is why you wanted to pull the grunts
    over to the area where they show up.  If you care about the secrets, back
    everyone off (preferably by hiding them in the Archangel and hiding the
    Archangel in a corner) and let the grunts start attacking Milia, Bartfield,
    and DaGosta so they can get some counterattack kills.  There are 21 grunts
    total, so to get both secrets you're going to have to have the three people
    who need kills hog them, and keep careful count so you can back Millia off
    once she's got enough kills.
    	- On player turn 7, or when you destroy Gigil's battleship, Diamond Force
    will charge the ship, Sibil will show up and attack Ginryu, and then head inside
    City 7.  It then switches to the second part of the stage.
    	- Part 2!  The win condition it refers to is to defeat Gigil, so basically
    you need to defeat him before he gets to the northwest corner of the screen.
    You've got Basara (controllable this time) and the remains of Diamond Force
    to start with.  As mentioned in an earlier stage description, Basara can destroy
    Protodeviln units by bringing them under 90 morale with his song.  He should
    work on doing that while Gamlin and Physica shoot down grunts on their way
    to Gigil.
    	- On player turn 2 you'll be able to launch 6 reinforcement units.  Pick
    for mobility or pick your favorites, but realize flying units will have an
    easier time making a beeline for Gigil over buildings.  Once you destroy Gigil
    he'll do some screaming, Basara will chase Sibil away, and the stage will end.
    Earth Route Stage 22
    Skill Point: Destroy the Receps in 5 turns.
    	- Time to destroy the Receps again; doing so is also the win condition,
    so destroy any enemies you want gone before you destroy the Receps.
    	- The grunts are still the same high mobility annoyances they were in
    stage 20.  Duel and Buster are around as well.
    	- Once you destroy the Receps, Bartfield will launch in the RaGowe, which
    you'll have to destroy; Kira will also SEED at this point.  Once you destroy
    the RaGowe, it will regen some HP and there will be an event battle where Kira
    destroys it.
    Earth Route Stage 23
    Skill Point: Clear the map in 9 turns
    	- You're going to want accuracy boosting items on Isamu and Guld's units,
    and you're going to want their mobility as high as possible (boosting their
    accuracy with pilot points isn't a bad idea either).  I don't normally make
    comments on intermission stuff, but you'll want to do this to make the next
    mission less painful.
    	- I love this map; Information High is a great song, it's good to see
    the Macross Plus story, even if it's very brief, and there's a great save by
    Basara later in the stage.  But man, is this first part obnoxious and horrible
    (though in a fun way).  You've got Isamu and Guld alone, against 2 Ghosts.
    Ghosts have insane dodge rates in the best of circumstances, and while Sharon's
    song is playing, you can't use seishin, meaning you're relying on raw stats.
    The next part of the stage will trigger either when you beat the Ghosts or
    when a certain number of turns pass (I believe it's player turn 4).  If you
    want the skill point, you'll have to do your damndest to kill off the Ghosts.
    Guld has the higher accuracy weapons, and his Valkyrie naturally has higher
    mobility than Isamu's, so he'll have the better chance of hitting them.  Move
    Isamu and Guld forward, positioning them next to each other, then on subsequent
    turns attack with Isamu first, using Guld's support attack.  Then attack with
    Guld.  Use your highest accuracy attacks.  If Isamu or Guld die, the stage
    is over, so if you've got very little chance of hitting on a counterattack,
    don't be afraid to dodge or defend (unfortunately, the Ghosts seem to aim for
    Isamu over Guld).  Stay in Valkyrie mode, as Battroid mode takes a mobility
    hit.  Also note that as an alternate strategy, you can ignore the Ghosts and
    head straight for the ZAFT units at the back of the battlefield, which will
    stay put for the moment; in this case, just ignore the Ghosts until the next
    event triggers.  I don't really advise this, as you can finish the stage just
    fine without doing this, plus if you rush the ZAFT units with Isamu and Guld,
    they won't come to meet the bulk of your forces when they show up.
    	- In any case, once the Ghosts are destroyed or turn 4 (I believe) hits,
    more Ghosts get sent out, and Isamu and Guld discover the power of friendship
    and unleash the Double Pinpoint Barrier Punch.  After this, the Alpha Numbers
    show up (note that the previous intermission screen lies and tells you you'll
    be deploying 14 platoons; the reality is that you'll only have 12).  Anyway,
    Sharon is still singing, so none of your characters can use seishin (not even
    Rei, which surprised me, given her immunity to similar things later in the
    game).  The win condition changes to 'destroy all enemies' at this point, so
    that's what we need to work on for the moment to clear the map for the skill
    point (although it will change again before the stage is over).  Isamu and
    Guld will join the same platoon; when you get a chance, switch the leader to
    Guld to have a better chance of hitting the Ghosts.  The ZAFT enemies will
    start heading your way now.
    	- The next event will trigger at player turn 6 (in the past I believe
    I've triggered it by destroying a certain number of enemies, which you should
    be aiming for anyway).  The Alpha Numbers bitch about Sharon's song for a bit,
    Battle 7 attacks the Archangel, and Basara shows up to disrupt Sharon's song
    with his own.  At this point, Max kicks the Macross Plus weasel out of Battle
    7 and takes it back, the Protodeviln show up with Sibil, and the final mission
    objective (and thus skill point objective) becomes clear; destroy the Zaft
    army (which includes the Ghosts) and hit Sibil with Basara's song.  You've
    got your seishin back, and 4 player turns (if the event triggered on turn 6)
    to complete the objectives, so have at it.
    	- Basara is controllable here (thankfully, or it would be hard as hell
    to complete the stage).  He has little chance of hitting Sibil even with
    Concentrate, but Rei should have learned Inspiration by this point (2nd column,
    3rd row on the seishin chart.  It gives 100% chance to hit to one target unit),
    so make sure to conserve her SP.  Sibil will head to the cluster around Battle
    7, so have Basara head in that direction as well.  Hot Blood will increase
    the effectiveness of his song, and you'll probably want to do that at least
    once to get a Totsugeki Love Heart off on Battle 7; once Battle 7 can use the
    Macross Cannon, you've got a much better chance of wiping out the ZAFT army.
    Once Sibil is in range of Basara, have Rei use Inspiration on him and hit her
    with a song.  She'll take off, as will any remaining Protodeviln units (so
    save this until turn 9 if possible to get as much XP and cash out of them as
    you want).
    	- The routes join back up at this point, so scroll down to stage 24 to
    Space Route Stage 19
    Skill Point: Destroy the Muge battleship in 6 turns.  The Muge battleship will
    flee at under 10000 HP.
    	- The battleship is easy to identify.  You've got to destroy all the
    enemies for the mission objective.
    	- Once you defeat enough enemies, your troops will suffer a morale loss
    and the enemy battleship will move southwest.
    	- Attacking the enemy battleship triggers an event that causes a morale
    gain for your troops, as well as enemy reinforcements.
    Space Route Stage 20
    Skill Point: Destroy Marbette's Muge battleship in 4 turns
    	- There's only one Muge battleship to start, and it's Marbette's, so
    you know what to aim for.  Defeat any enemies you want to before defeating
    Marbette's ship, as once you do, the Solo Ship and Buff Clan will show up,
    and the initial enemies will retreat.
    	- There's an event that triggers eventually; I did it by destroying a
    bunch of enemies and then damaging Gije's battleship a couple of times.  However
    it happens, Cosmo will whip out the Ideon Sword MAP attack.  The rest of the
    enemies will then retreat.
    Space Route Stage 21
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies in 5 turns
    	- It's the return of Goshogun, if you like that sort of thing.  Anyway,
    you've only got Ideon and Goshogun against the enemies to start, so do your
    best to start clearing them out.  Note also that you've got control of the
    Goshogun battleship for this battle; it has Disturbance, which can help you
    	- The Alpha Numbers show up on player turn 3.
    Space Route Stage 22
    Skill Point: Get the Solo Ship to the indicated area in 4 turns without it
    taking any damage
    	- The Solo Ship has enough movement to get to the square in 2 turns with
    Accelerate if it goes straight through the enemies, but it will likely take
    damage that way, so you'll want to have it go around along the west edge and
    block the enemies with your other units.
    	- Once you get the Solo Ship to the white area, the Buff Clan will show
    up, as well as the Gaiking battleship.  Deal with the initial enemies and then
    turn your attention to the Buff Clan.
    	- Attacking the main Buff Clan battleship triggers another event, in
    somewhat less of an epic fashion than its anime counterpart.
    Space Route Stage 23
    Skill Point: Clear the map in 9 turns
    	- Don't push too far ahead as you pursue this group of enemies, as there
    will be reinforcements coming from the south near the crater, and from the
    southeast.  However, send a couple up to the green battleship and destroy it,
    since that's what triggers the reinforcements and you want as much time as
    possible to deal with them.
    	- The reinforcements, as I said, will show up in the south and southeast.
    There will also be four units that surround the Gaiking ship, and a morale
    down effect will be used on the Solo Ship which renders it unable to move,
    attack, or use seishin.  You'll need some units to free the Gaiking ship, some
    units to mop up the initial enemies, some to take it to the new enemy battleships
    (which will hang back for a while) and some to fend off the units which will
    head for the Solo Ship.
    	- Attacking the western green enemy battleship of the two enemy
    battleships in the south will cause an event where the Solo Ship regains
    	- The routes join back up at stage 24 at this point.
    Stage 24
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies in 3 turns
    	- Welcome to Mars.  This one should be pretty easy, as long as you're
    careful about using defensive seishin and Accelerate.  Transform Noin's Taurus
    to Mobile Armor mode to get Zech's airborne.
    	- More enemies show up when you defeat the first wave.
    	- On the player turn after the enemy reinforcements appear, the Alpha
    Numbers show up.  Despite what it looks like, you'll want to split your forces,
    since enemy reinforcements will be showing up on the northern side of the map;
    this enemy force will include your main character's rival, so plan accordingly.
    Sound Force will launch as an event unit; use them for stat or morale boosts
    as needed.
    	- Said enemy reinforcements will appear once you destroy enough of the
    existing enemies, so finish off as many of them as you can with Zechs, Daimos,
    and Voltes V so that you don't move too many of your own reinforcements
    needlessly.  After this, just destroy everyone to end the stage.
    Stage 25
    Skill Point: Clear the map in 8 turns
    	- Your first win condition is to destroy the Helmoze, which you should
    remember from stage 14.  Your main character's rival is also hanging around.
    It's not strictly necessary to destroy all the other enemies, but it will
    probably make your life easier.  Be aware that you've got things to do after
    destroying the Helmoze, so don't take the full 8 turns to get to it.  Ground
    units will have trouble getting up the hill, so you may want to just rush up
    with your flying units and leave your ground platoons to fight off the rest
    of the enemies.
    	- When you reduce the Helmoze to below 80000 HP, it will be replaced
    with the Zufield.  Your new objective is to destroy it.  It's got a barrier,
    as well as high HP regen, but hopefully if you were quick about getting to
    the Helmoze you should have enough time to destroy it.
    Stage 26
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 3 turns
    	- This shouldn't be terribly difficult; the main issue is the mobility
    of the smaller STMC bugs, which can be hard for some units to hit without Lock-On.
    Make sure to get some of your stronger units to the STMC 'battleship', as its
    HP pose the largest obstacle to meeting the time limit requirement.  Don't
    bother with EN or SP conservation, as this objective is all you have.
    Stage 27
    Skill Point: (second part) Defeat all enemies in 7 turns
    	- Note that GaoGaiGar is in a blue event platoon, which means you can
    add units to it if you so desire.  I'll stop mentioning blue event platoons
    at this point, but keep an eye out for them.
    	- The first part has nothing to do with the skill point, so play how
    you like.  You'll begin the next part of the stage down a fixed amount of HP,
    EN, and SP regardless of how much you use in this part, so feel free to blow
    everything you have (although you shouldn't need to).  All you have to do for
    this part is defeat the Zonderized enemies; one set of reinforcements appear
    a little behind the westernmost group once you've defeated enough of the
    initial enemies.
    	- Once you defeat all the enemies, an event will occur, and you'll move
    to the second part of the stage.  This is the part the skill point applies
    to.  As I mentioned, all your units are down HP and EN, and are at half SP,
    and you'll be back at starting morale.  Move forward, taking the enemies one
    group at a time, and be careful of their support defenders and Zonder barriers.
    Try to prevent your characters from dying, and don't be afraid to use SP as
    	- Defeating a certain number of enemies will trigger an event.  Gai
    overcomes adversity, and the Alpha Numbers are filled with ZA POWAH NO CHIKARA.
    Your HP and EN are restored to full, as is your SP, and your morale is increased
    to 300 (!).  Now you can begin to clear the map in earnest.
    	- Once you defeat the enemies, that Arm jerk will combine the Primeval
    cores and form the Z Master.  You've now got 5 turns to destroy him, which
    you should be able to do pretty easily, since you're still at 300 morale.  He's
    got Invincibility up, so get rid of that before you attack him in earnest.
    The stage finally ends once he's out of the picture.
    Stage 28
    Skill Point: Destroy the Zonuder in 5 turns
    	- Things look bleak to start with, as all you've got is Galeon.  You
    might as well attack with him, if only to see his animations, but realize that
    you won't be able to do more damage than the Zonuder can regen.  The Zonuder
    won't attack on its turn.
    	- On player turn 2 the Gaiking ship shows up and is immediately grounded,
    since the Zonuder drains energy.  You'll want to launch your strongest 8
    platoons.  Move them up near the Zonuder, but don't attack yet; you're going
    to want to wait and focus all of your attacks during one turn.  Again, the
    Zonuder won't attack on its turn.
    	- On player turn 3, Gai will show up and form GaoGaiGar, with the help
    of the Yuusha Robo Gundan.  The Zonuder will move forward a bit, and should
    be in prime position to come under fire from your entire force.  Now, here's
    the catch; whenever anyone other than GaoGaiGar attacks the Zonuder, it will
    leave the battlefield, so you'll only have one shot with each platoon.  Thus,
    go all out with your seishin (this is the only time that Encourage will actually
    be useful) and hit her with everything you've got.  GaoGaiGar can attack more
    than once; however, as he does, parts of GaoGaiGar will break (represented
    by the loss of the Yuusha Robots as sub-pilots).  If you attack 6 times with
    GaoGaiGar and the Zonuder isn't destroyed, it will be game over.  It's not
    too difficult to do it in one turn if you're prepared (if nothing else, Gai
    with the Yuusha Robots as sub-pilots can pump himself up to ludicrous levels
    for the finishing blow if everyone else can't quite do it).  Note that whoever
    strikes the finishing blow won't be knocked out of the battle (with the
    exception of Gai, who will leave once the whole thing is over).
    	- The stage isn't over at this point, but the rest is mostly
    straight-forward, and packed with events.  Whoever you've got left plus Cobray,
    and eventually some other original character reinforcements, will be up
    against some Balmar enemies.
    Stage 29
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 6 turns
    	- It's been a while since you've fought ZAFT enemies.  In an odd reversal,
    you'll probably want to send your mobile suits to engage the boss enemies and
    keep the super robots back to work over the grunts (the Ghosts will, as always,
    require Lock-On to hit with any regularity).  Your battleships are immobile.
    	- Cagalli will launch in a Skygrasper on player turn 2.  She won't be
    too useful unless you've seriously jacked the Skygrasper (and her) for some
    reason.  You can't hide her on the ship, since she's needed for an event later,
    but don't leave her near them either; I usually hide her over by the west edge.
    	- After defeating enough enemies, enemy reinforcements will show up to
    the east of your battleships.  Fortunately you get your own reinforcements,
    in the form of the Ra Kaillum, GaoFaiGar, and KouRyu and AnRyu.  Between these
    reinforcement and your own battleships, you shouldn't need reinforcement from
    the rest of your units.  Note that the first time KouRyu or AnRyu attack an
    enemy, they will automatically combine into TenRyuJin.
    	- The aforementioned Cagalli event will take place once you defeat Aegis.
    Asran will try to flee and be pursued by Cagalli, at which point they'll both
    leave the battlefield.
    *** Route Split ***
    It's route split time again.  Once again it's Earth and Space, with the Earth
    route dealing primarily with continuing the SEED storyline, and the Space route
    dealing primarily with the Macross 7 storyline.  As far as secrets go, I believe
    that staying on the Earth route is required for some of the secrets (I'm
    thinking specifically of the IWSP), while there are no secrets specific to
    the Space route.  Here's who goes where.
    Earth route - The Ra Kaillum and Archangel, as well as the mobile suits, the
    Mazinger team, Jeeg, Dancougar, Voltes V and Daimos, and the EVAs.
    Space route - The Gaiking ship, as well as Goshogun, the Getter team, Combattler
    V, Raideen, the GaoGaiGar crew, the Gaiking units, and the Virtualroids.
    Earth is top, Space is bottom.  Again, they run the same number of stages.
    *** Route Split ***
    Earth Route Stage 30
    Skill Point: Clear the map in 7 turns
    	- Your first objective is...kill all enemies.  Simple.  You've got the
    standard ZAFT lineup of Ghosts, Dinns, Ginns, and the enemy Gundams.  If you're
    gunning for the IWSP, there are some specific things you need to do in this
    scenario.  Muu needs to destroy Deakka, and Kira needs to destroy Asran after
    they both SEED (you'll know when this happens).
    	- You'll want your ground units to take the time to go around the hill
    in the center, rather than trying to walk over it.  Duel and Buster don't move
    all that much until later in the battle, and you'll get to them faster if you
    go around.
    	- Destroying Aegis or Blitz will trigger an event.  Aegis will run off
    to the side of the screen, Strike and Blitz will follow, and Nichol will get
    shot down.  Duel and Buster will cast Guts+, Iron Wall, Invincibility, Vigor,
    Hot Blood, and Lock-On at this point.  Asran will cast Guts+, Iron Wall,
    Invincibility, and Vigor, and he'll also SEED.  Tolle will get in the way,
    get shot down, and Kira will SEED as well (this is where you need to have Kira
    kill off Asran if you're gunning for the IWSP).  Kira will probably need some
    help destroying Asran, so after you've waited a turn for things like Iron Wall
    to wear off, run a couple mobile suits over for the assist.
    	- You'll need to use weak attacks to peel away the Invincibilities from
    the three remaining enemy Gundams, and use Flash or an Invincibility of your
    own to soak up the Hot Bloods from Duel and Buster.  Once you do that, finish
    them off.    Once you defeat Asran (regardless of who you do it with) he'll
    self-destruct, taking Kira and Strike with him.  Defeating Deakka will cause
    him to take off, fall in the water, and leave.
    Earth Route Stage 31
    Skill Point: Clear the map without any of the ZAFT units being destroyed.
    	- Oh boy.  This one is rough.  It's completely straight-forward if you
    don't care about the skill point, but if you do, it requires some finesse.
    We start with some ZAFT units in the southeast corner (these are not the ones
    that the skill point requirement refers to).  I suggest you split your forces
    here, into grounded units and airborne units.  Try to let the enemies come
    to you and let them face off against either your grounded units and the Ra
    Kaillum, or your airborne units.  Send whichever group isn't engaging the enemy
    off across the water to the northwest (have your grounded units jump in the
    Ra Kaillum and have it haul them across the water if you're sending them now).
    You want to get at least across the water to be prepared for the second part
    of the stage.  Send Heero wherever, as he'll be busy doing event stuff
    eventually and it won't really matter where you have him.  It doesn't matter
    how much time you take with this first part, as the skill point doesn't have
    a time limit requirement per se.
    	- Once you defeat the first group of ZAFT enemies, there will be some
    events and more ZAFT soldiers will show up, northwest across the water; they
    should show up right about where whichever group you sent that way is now.
    These are also not the ones the skill point is talking about, so destroy them.
    The Archangel will also show up on your side.  Keep moving northwest, firing
    and counterattacking as you go, and start moving the first group that way as
    well (if you left the ground units, pile them into the Ra Kaillum and have
    it use Accelerate to get across as fast as possible).
    	- Defeating enough of this second group will trigger a text event between
    Muu and Rau (and later Aran).  DO NOT defeat the last enemy on an enemy phase;
    if it looks like you'll kill the last one in a counterattack, dodge or defend
    instead and finish them off on the next player turn.
    	- When you kill the last of the ZAFT enemies, some events will happen.
    Even more ZAFT enemies will show up, Rau will kidnap Frey and leave with her,
    Muu will launch in his Skygrasper, and Federation Mobile Dolls will show up
    and knock off some of the ZAFT units.  A Ghost will head for the Archangel
    and get headed off by a returning Kira, piloting Freedom.  Kira will tell
    everyone to get the hell out of Dodge, but Duel will try an attack on Freedom
    anyway and get fought off (but not destroyed).  Muu will join Kira's platoon,
    and you'll finally learn the skill point requirement.  Now is the time to not
    destroy any ZAFT mobile suits; however, they are suicidal, and will attack
    the mobile dolls even if a counterattack would kill them, which is why you
    wanted to rush into the corner; you're going to want to destroy the Federation
    units and let the ZAFT units flee the battlefield.
    	- Ignore the ZAFT units if they attack you; only attack the Federation
    units.  If nothing else, keep Yzak alive, as it's required to recruit him later.
    If you're confused about which is which, hit start; the ZAFT units are the
    red ones, the Feddies are yellow (it's hard to tell with the Ghosts, but those
    are Federation units), and your own are in blue.  You may want to make an
    in-battle save to return to in case you lose a ZAFT unit.  Work the Federation
    units from west to east, as you can win the stage either by destroying all
    of the Federation units or by having the ZAFT units flee by reaching the white
    	- After you destroy enough Federation units, there will be an event with
    Heero going nuts with the Twin Buster Rifle, after which some mobile dolls
    will show up near him, and Banjou will bring out Daitarn 3.  Aran will also
    come out and join up with Banjou's platoon.  Use Heero and Banjou to take out
    the nearby Feddies and then join up with the rest of the group if necessary.
    Feel free to go all out on this last group of enemies.
    Earth Route Stage 32
    Skill Point: Destroy either of the two enemy battleships in 5 turns
    	- I've reworded the skill point objective a bit (it names the pilots
    specifically) but the idea is the same.  The battleships in question are the
    round units on the north edge of the map, not the dinosaur-headed one at the
    front of the enemy group.  You've got Zengar and Retsuel to start, so head
    up and do some damage.
    	- Once you engage either of the battleships, the Alpha Numbers show up.
    The easiest way to get down to the fight is to pile your grounded units into
    one of the battleships, move it down to the lower level, and then have them
    all jump out again; this is a little faster than having them move slowly off
    the cliff.  You'll want a couple high-mobility units with Lock-On to head a
    bit south on the plateau to deal with some later enemies; alternately, leave
    some grounded units up there with a battleship to ferry them away once they're
    done.  Note that your units start with slightly lowered HP and EN.
    	- Zengar can pretty much take care of the skill point singlehandedly
    if you can get him up next to one of the battleships.  In fact, this is advisable
    unless you're particularly hurting for XP, as after one of the battleships
    is destroyed, enemy reinforcements show up, the two battleships leave, some
    Balmar units appear on the plateau near the spot I mentioned earlier, and Zengar
    and Retsuel take off to chase Irui.  Now all you have to do is destroy all
    the enemies.  Make use of the buildings for defense if necessary.
    Earth Route Stage 33
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies except for the Albion in 8 turns.
    	- You should recognize the Albion since you've used it in the past; sadly,
    Blue Cosmos is in charge, so good men are forced to follow bad orders.  Anyway,
    this isn't quite as easy as it looks, given that there will be a number of
    reinforcements all over the place.  With that in mind, split your forces.  Half
    should stay and fight this group of enemies and half should head for the
    northwestern corner.  There's talking on enemy turn 1 and player turn 2, but
    nothing that effects the battle yet.
    	- On player turn 3, things start going down.  The Archangel launches
    right behind Kira's starting position, Muu launches in Launcher Strike, and
    Kira moves over near him.  Cagalli launches in Strike Rouge, and the M1 girls
    launch in their Astrays and join Cagalli's platoon.  The Albion heads to the
    southwest corner and launches the three new enemy Gundams, Forbidden, Raider,
    and Calamity.  They all have Phase Shift armor, which you should know how to
    deal with by now.  Get Cagalli and her crew onto the nearby building so they
    can take advantage of its defense bonus and regen.
    	- Damaging one of the three enemy Gundams enough will cause an event;
    Raider will charge the Archangel, get shot down by Buster, and retreat.  Buster
    will then join up with Muu (and frankly I prefer switching Deakka to the leader
    position when you can, for the boss post-move ALL attack).  Forbidden and
    Calamity will charge the Archangel after this, and get attacked by Asran in
    Justice.  Asran and Kira will unleash the power of friendship, knocking off
    a good portion of Calamity's HP, and Asran will join Kira's platoon.
    	- The next event triggered for me after I destroyed one of the enemy
    Gundams (Calamity) but it might be based on enemies destroyed.  Regardless,
    more Federation units will show up in the southeast corner, including Yazan,
    who rushes to the northwest area.  Camille will launch at this point and have
    an event battle with Yazan.  After this, Dancougar enemies will show up in
    the northwest corner and start bombing the shit out of Orb.  Aran will head
    inside for a scene, and then come back out to form Final Dancougar.
    	- By this point, things are pretty crowded, but just keep plugging away
    and you should finish the stage in time.  Make use of buildings for defense
    and regeneration if you can, and if you manage to finish on one side of the
    screen, try and get to the other side through use of Accelerate.  Once you
    defeat all of the Federation grunts, there will be a dialogue and you'll get
    another win condition; survive until turn 9.  If you're aiming for the skill
    point, this isn't necessary.
    	- Once everything except the Albion is destroyed, there will be some
    more events, the Albion will fire on the Archangel and miss, and Orb will
    	- At this point the routes join back up again and some main
    character-specific stages follow, so scroll down to the main character you're
    using; it's time for the mid-season upgrade.
    Space Route Stage 30
    Skill Point: Destroy Grabil and Gabil in 6 turns.  Destroy Grabil before
    destroying Gabil.
    	- You start with Skull Squadron.  Grabil is the large monster enemy,
    and is a Protodeviln; if you haven't fought them yet, this means they take
    reduced damage from everything except song attacks, unless they're under 100
    morale.  Gabil is the fruitcake in the blue unit.  Get your protective seishin
    going and attack if you feel like it, but hold off on taking on the boss enemies.
    You might want to switch the platoon leader from Roy to Hikaru; Hikaru gives
    +20% to dodge and takes 10% less damage.
    	- On player turn 3, the Alpha Numbers show up.  You've got to keep Skull
    Squadron, Fire Bomber, and Diamond Force (i.e. all the event Valkyries) alive
    throughout the stage, so be careful with them.  At this point, head towards
    Grabil and hit him with everything you've got; Basara does full damage, so
    try and get him in range to sing at him and use Hot Blood.  Alternately, use
    Exhaust if you have it.  Note also that Basara can reduce enemy morale with
    his songs; with the Macross 7 enemies (i.e. these) this will destroy them at
    under 90 morale.
    	- Once you defeat Grabil, Gabil should be easy enough to finish off.
    	- Kakizaki will get his dumb ass shot down after you defeat Gabil, after
    which Gigil will show up and force City 7, along with most of the Alpha Numbers,
    to fold.
    Space Route Stage 31
    Skill Point: (second part) Defeat Gabil and Grabil, then reduce Gepelnitch's
    battleship below 50000 HP, all in 7 turns
    	- Just head towards the enemies.  Destroying enough platoons (4, I
    believe) will cause Basara, Mylene, Gamlin, and Physica to come out.  Some
    grunts will come out, and Basara and Gamlin will move to defend them together.
    	- Once you defeat all the grunts, you'll head to the second part of the
    	- You've dealt with Gabil and Grabil before, so you should know who they
    are and how to deal with them.  Gepelnitch's battleship is the red one.
    	- Once you damage Gepelnitch's ship enough (although before you hit
    50000), some Balmar enemies will show up.  They're allies for this fight,
    	- Damaging the main battleship to belowe 50000 HP will trigger an event,
    and the stage will end.
    Space Route Stage 32
    Skill Point: Defeat Vargo in 6 turns
    	- Vargo is the non-grunt unit at the enemy's rear.  He's a Protodeviln
    like Grabil, so deal with that accordingly.  On a separate note, Diamond Force
    is complete again, since Docker is back, and Basara is absent.
    	- On player turn 3, Gabil and Grabil show up, as well as Basara.  Deal
    with them if you want to before taking on Vargo.  Defeating one or the other
    will cause an event, and you get the Sound Boosters for Fire Bomber, as well
    as a morale-down effect on the remaining enemies.
    	- Ideon, the Solo Ship, and some Buff Clan enemies will show up when
    you defeat Vargo, and your new task is to take them out.
    Space Route Stage 33
    Skill Point: Defeat Etseera, Vargo, Grabil, the Gaburo Zan, and Gije's Ganga
    Rube within 8 turns
    	- This one is completely nuts.  You've got Macross 7 enemies to start,
    including Vargo and Grabil, but don't rush your entire force over there; keep
    some units by the starting area (preferably slower ground units, which probably
    includes your main character at least).
    	- On player turn 2, Buff Clan units show up in the northwest, which is
    why you want to keep some units there.  Hold them off with whoever you've got.
    Keep working most of your forces over to the Macross 7 enemies, but again,
    don't rush all of them in there, as you'll need a few to hold off something
    	- "Something else" will show up once you defeat enough enemies; it's
    the Balmar Empire.  The Solo Ship will be attacked and immobilized, and you'll
    learn the skill point.  Vargo and Grabil you should already recognize.  Etseera
    is the unique Balmar unit.  The Gaburo Zan is the long Buff Clan battleship,
    and the Ganga Rubes are the purple Buff Clan units; check each of them to see
    which one has the different name, as that's the one you'll want to destroy
    (although you probably have enough time to destroy all three of them
    regardless).  Split your forces as you see fit.
    	- Defeating enough enemies causes more Macross 7 grunts to spawn.  It
    does this forever and ever, or until you hit turn 9.
    	- Defeating Grabil causes him to go nuts and attack...Raideen?  An odd
    choice, and futile, as Akira returns in bad-ass fashion one event dialogue
    later and unleashes GODDO VOOOOOICE on Grabil, making him retreat.
    	- The stage will end on turn 9 with a series of events.  From here it
    goes straight into the main-character specific stages, so scroll down to
    whoever you're using; it's time for the mid-season upgrade.
    Touma Stage 34
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies in 6 turns
    	- This one is pretty simple except for the fact that Son Ganlong is
    involved.  He's easily the most obnoxious of the four rival characters, and
    if you're playing Touma's route you likely haven't had to deal with him yet.
    The main problem is his Medium HP Regen, although he also has a barrier you'll
    need to deal with.  Other than that, it's the standard mix of Balmar units.
    	- Attacking Ruria (the brown unit that starts farther away than the
    others) will cause Minaki to launch in Rai-Oh.  At some point after this (I'm
    unsure of the trigger), there will be an event with Touma and he'll get into
    	- Once you defeat everyone, Touma will chase after Baran Doban for a
    one-on-one duel.  Defeating Baran Doban causes him to regen and smash the hell
    out of Touma, ending the stage.
    Touma Stage 35
    Skill Point: Once the allied reinforcements appear, defeat all enemies in 4
    	- Probably the most bad-ass of the main character upgrade debuts.  Once
    the carnage is over, you'll have Touma vs. 20 Balmar units.  They should be
    no trouble to finish off.
    	- The real battle starts afterwards, with more Balmar enemies, including
    Calico and Spectra (the real robot rival characters).  Retsuel and Zengar will
    also show up and join Touma's platoon.  4 turns should be plenty of time.
    Kusuha Stage 34
    Kusuha Stage 35
    Cobray Stage 34
    Skill Point: Defeat the Shin Ryuu-Ou-Ki in 6 turns
    	- You won't have fought the Shin Ryuu-Ou-Ki on Cobray's route, although
    it showed up during stage 28 for some conversation.  Anyway, he's a pain, as
    he starts with Iron Wall and Concentrate cast.  He's also got a Nendou Field
    and medium HP regen.  This isn't going to be easy by any means.  Like the Zonuder
    on stage 28, you're going to want to spend some time getting into position
    before you unleash your might on him (and, just like stage 28, Encourage is
    actually useful for once, although you'll want to save some SP for defensive
    seishin; Concentrate means Son Ganlong doesn't miss often).  Fortunately, Son
    Ganlong will only counterattack; he'll just spend his turns re-casting
    Concentrate and Iron Wall again.  Note that the Nendou Field doesn't activate
    until he hits 110 morale, so if you have enough pilots who can cast Exhaust,
    you can make him a little easier to deal with.  Don't blow all your SP Exhausting
    him as far as you can, however; just keep him below 110.
    	- Once you knock him under 25000 HP or so, an event will happen, some
    Balmar units will show up, and he'll lose Iron Wall (though not Concentrate).
    He'll also regenerate back to full and rise to 150 morale.  Without Iron Wall,
    the Nendou Field isn't so terrible, so don't feel obligated to drain him down
    to below 110 again.  You've got two options at this point; destroy the Balmar
    units for cash, XP, and morale gains, or just blow your seishin pumping your
    characters up and focus on destroying the Shin Ryuu-Ou-Ki immediately.
    	- When you defeat the Shin Ryuu-Ou-Ki, he'll regen some HP, and Cobray
    will attack him and knock him to 1 HP.  Son Ganlong will then flee the
    battlefield.  Cobray will give chase and get caught by Calico and Spectra,
    at which point Arad will try to save him.  However, they'll take off, along
    with any remaining Balmar reinforcements, and the mission will end.
    Cobray Stage 35
    Skill Point: Destroy the Bemidoban in 5 turns
    	- First Son Ganlong and now Baran Doban; it's Cobray's day for
    encountering other character's rivals.  The Bemidoban is the knight-looking
    unit with the red crest, in case you don't already recognize it on sight.
    Unfortunately, Cobray is in a Valk Ben, instead of his Belgbau, so you're going
    to have some difficulty.  Every enemy on the map will make a beeline straight
    for Cobray, so deal with this as you like; I had his shooting stat jacked,
    and the only shooting attack on the Valk Ben was non-post-movement, so I just
    sat still, cast Concentrate, and wailed on the enemies as they came.  However,
    if you're less confident of Cobray's abilities, feel free to run.
    	- At some point the Alpha Numbers will show up.  For me, it happened
    when Ruria (the other non-grunt unit besides Calico and Baran Doban) attacked
    Cobray, but it may occur on turn 3 or if Cobray manages to destroy a certain
    number of units (although it's doubtful that you can do this last bit).  I
    assume it will also trigger if Baran Doban attacks Cobray, but Ruria beat him
    to it.  Calico will also take off.  The Alpha Numbers show up right near Cobray's
    starting position; if you don't move Cobray, Baran Doban will conveniently
    be right near them, which means you can start wailing on him at your leisure.
    	- Defeating Baran Doban will trigger some enemy reinforcements,
    including Calico.  What follows is probably the freakiest of the main character
    new unit introductions, and afterwards you'll have your new goal; destroy it.
    There will be an event either when you attack it for the first time or when
    you do enough damage (I did a hell of a lot of damage on my first attack, so
    I'm unsure as to which one it is) but in any case, it doesn't effect your
    immediate goal.
    	- Once you destroy this new arrival, Cobray will jump into it, and after
    some events you'll finally control your new upgrade; the Dis Astranagun.  Your
    new objective is to take out Calico, but feel free to destroy the remaining
    Balmar units before you do so.
    Selena Stage 34
    Selena Stage 35
    Stage 36
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 6 turns
    	- With one slight exception a little bit later, what you see is what
    you get.  If you're concerned about secrets, deploy Shinji.  This is the
    standard assortment of miscellaneous Zonderized enemies, most of which you've
    dealt with individually by this point.
    	- Defeating enough enemy platoons will cause an Angel to appear on the
    far end of the map, over the water (Ramiel, for those who are interested in
    those things).  Conventional wisdom says that Shinji defeating this Angel is
    part of the process for getting the upgrade parts for his EVA, so if you're
    interested in that, go to it.  It has an AT Field, which means that unless
    you do over 4000 damage in a hit, it won't take any damage.  There are no other
    surprises for this part of the stage, so destroy the rest of the remaining
    	- The second part of the stage features GaoFaiGar alone
    against...GaoGaiGar.  Easy enough.
    Stage 37
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 6 turns, saving the Devarium for last
    	- Hey, this objective looks familiar.  Balmar enemies to start.
    	- As you may have anticipated, defeating a certain number of enemies
    results in reinforcements, in the form of Ace and his Devarium for the enemies
    and the Eltruem plus the Gunbuster units for your side.  This makes the skill
    point make a little more sense.  Anyway, as long as you don't move anyone close
    to Ace on the turn he starts, and as long as you don't do too much to raise
    his morale, he shouldn't be able to MAP you to start off.  Exhaust him if he
    gets over 120 morale before your turn ends (use Spy to check his morale).
    	- On the player turn after the reinforcements show up, the Blue Danube
    will start and the Goshogun 'enemy' battleships will show up as allies.  Relish
    this chance to use them if you're into that sort of thing.
    	- Once you defeat Ace (remember, save him for last), he'll head for the
    edge of the map and some Balmar enemies will show up, at which point your units
    will retreat and the stage will end.
    *** Route Split ***
    This one is short, with only three stages.  The Alpha Numbers are getting
    separated; half are with the Solo Ship and half are with Battle 7.  The Solo
    Ship route deals with a bit more of the Ideon story before converging for some
    GaoGaiGar Final stuff, while the Battle 7 route deals with some of the Nagahama
    Trilogy stuff (Combattler, Voltes, and Daimos) before also converging for
    GaoGaiGar Final bits.  Note that while I'm calling them the Solo Ship and Battle
    7 routes (since that's how the game phrases the question), there's not really
    any Macross 7 storyline to speak of on the Battle 7 route.  Here's who goes
    where (note that it describes them in reverse order in the game text).
    Solo Ship - The Solo Ship, Archangel, and Ra Kaillum, as well as the EVAs,
    the GaoGaiGar characters, the various mobile suits, Daitarn 3, Ideon, the
    Getter team, and Raideen.
    Battle 7 - The Gaiking battleship and Battle 7, as well as the Gunbuster
    characters, the Mazinger team, Jeeg, Combatter V, Voltes V, Daimos, the Gaiking
    characters, Goshogun, Dancougar, the various Valkyries, and the Virtualroids.
    The Solo Ship route is the top option, and the Battle 7 route is on the bottom.
    *** Route Split ***
    Solo Ship Route Stage 38
    Skill Point: (second part) Clear the map in 7 turns
    	- You've got some Buff Clan enemies to fight first.  Engaging the black
    blocky enemy unit will result in it using a MAP weapon on Ideon (and anyone
    in the way).  Defeat as many enemies as you feel like defeating; your objective
    is the enemy battleship.  Once you defeat it, your units will pile into your
    ships and Bess will flee with the aid of the DS Drive.
    	- The second part of the stage has you fighting on the surface of a planet.
    This is what the skill point applies to.  Try to meet the enemy over the city
    not only because of the defensive boosts from the buildings, but because there
    are reinforcements that are going to be coming from the east.  The Solo Ship
    is stuck where it is.
    	- The Ideon will launch on player turn 2.
    	- Once you defeat the existing enemies, the reinforcements will appear.
    To clear the map, you just have to defeat the rear-most Ganga Rube (the purple
    Buff Clan unit with two brown units in its platoon, as opposed to the other
    platoons which have the smaller green units).  However, feel free to defeat
    whoever you want before doing so.
    	- Once you defeat the Ganga Rube, there will be some events, culminating
    in Cosmo unleashing the Ideon Gun, and the stage will end.
    Solo Ship Route Stage 39
    Skill Point: Defeat all Buff Clan platoons in 8 turns, saving the Gabro Zan
    for last.
    	- The Gabro Zan is the long tube battleship; destroying it will end the
    stage.  At first glance this seems pretty easy, but the horrible space debris
    everywhere means that everyone has a 15% dodge/defend bonus, and loses 10%
    of their EN every turn.  Movement is also restricted.  This makes it a little
    harder to do what you need to do, but you've still got 8 turns, so you should
    be okay.  Note that Ryoma and crew are in Getter Dragon rather than Shin Getter.
    	- On enemy turn 1 and player turn 2, there will be some talking, but
    nothing that effects the battle yet.
    	- On player turn 3, some Balmar troops will show up.  They're a ways
    away and have nothing to do with the skill point, so only go after them if
    you're confident you can beat them and still meet the skill point requirement.
    If you do decide to fight them, let them come to you.
    	- On player turn 4, Cosmo will launch in the Ideon, with Gije in the
    B module.  This will prompt a Buff Clan unit to launch and MAP you.  Ryoma
    will try to stop it with Dragon, but will get beaten down.  However, Shin Getter
    will launch and after a bit of sentimentality, it will be time for SHIN SHIIIINE
    SPAAAAAAAAAAKU.  After this, get back to destroying the Buff Clan.  Once you
    destroy the Gabro Zan, the stage ends.
    Solo Ship Route Stage 40
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 6 turns
    	- You start off up against some Buff Clan units, and you start at 80
    morale because something freaky is going on.  The GaoGaiGar units and Rei start
    at normal morale.  Also, all units starting at the lowered morale start with
    half their SP.
    	- At the start of player turn 2, and every subsequent player turn after
    that, everyone except those immune to the effect will lose 10 morale and a
    small amount of SP (it's either a small percentage or a flat 5).  This can
    make things pretty rough (among other things, it's a good argument for leaving
    Shinji out of the battle, since he's pretty flimsy without his AT Fields and
    you don't need the Beast messing with you).
    	- The second part of the stage features Gai against some random enemies
    and should pose little difficulty.
    Battle 7 Route Stage 38
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 6 turns
    	- A completely unremarkable skill point; no reinforcements or
    complicating events.
    Battle 7 Route Stage 39
    Skill Point: Defeat Hainel and Richter in 7 turns.  Defeat Richter before
    defeating Hainel.
    	- Hainel is riding the skull battleship, while Richter is in the
    battleship topped by a red triangle, right next to Hainel at the start.
    	- After you defeat enough enemies, some Balmar enemies show up to annoy
    you.  Pick them off if you want before taking out Hainel and Richter.
    	- Beating Richter will cause Hainel to move next to him (to save him
    from, you know, dying in the vacuum of space).  Defeating Hainel after this
    will cause him to come out in another unit.  You'll need to beat this one too.
    (You can use Voltes V to have a conversation with Hainel at this point, but
    I don't believe it affects anything).
    	- After you beat Hainel for the second time, some events will end the
    stage (fun fact, that I learned during the playthrough where I recorded this
    stage: Isamu's Valkyrie is more expensive to repair than Gaiking).
    Battle 7 Route Stage 40
    Skill Point: Defeat Palparepa Pras in 7 turns
    	- This is somewhat similar to the second part of the Solo Ship's route
    40; you've got Gai up against a bunch of enemies (although more in this case).
    You shouldn't have too much trouble.
    	- The Alpha Numbers will show up on player turn 3.  Everyone starts at
    half their normal SP.  Palparepa will come out at this point, with Invincibility
    cast (so peel that off with a weak attack).
    	- Defeating Palparepa will cause an event that ends with Gai getting
    destroyed and some more enemies coming out.
    	- You'll get a morale/SP down effect on every player turn after the turn
    the Alpha Numbers show up.
    Stage 41
    Skill Point: Defeat GaoFaiGar by turn 7
    	- The choice here is important for getting Gije later (choose the first
    choice), but doesn't effect anything at the moment; no matter what you choose,
    more events will happen and J will show up to bring you to the real battle
    (this choice also has nothing to do with getting the Ideon ending or not).
    	- For this first bit you're going to be fighting a lot of enemies.  When
    you defeat a certain number, more reinforcements will appear in the
    northeastern part of the map.  This will keep happening as you defeat more
    and more enemies, but they'll always appear in the same place, so you'll want
    to send some units over to the west side to defeat those units, then start
    working those units over to the eastern side to converge on the area with the
    reinforcements.  What makes this difficult at first is the fact that you will,
    like in the last battle, start off at lowered morale (50, this time) and half
    SP, except for certain characters (Jeeg, Rei, Basara, and J).  Fortunately
    there's no morale-lowering effect for this battle, so you can use the enemies
    to build up your morale, which you'll want to do for the next part.
    	- On player turn 6, GaoFaiGar will show up, and since Gai is under the
    control of the Machine Kings, you'll have to fight him.  Note that I'm unsure
    if the skill point means that you have to defeat him before turn 7, or by the
    end of turn 7, but in any case, defeating him in turn 6 will meet the requirement,
    and end the stage.
    Stage 42
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies in 7 turns
    	- Very straight-forward; it's an all-out brawl against the Machine Kings
    and, for some reason, SEED units.
    	- Defeat the battleship with J if possible, as you need to do this to
    get Renais as a sub-pilot.  It will then transform and regen HP.  Defeat the
    battleship again (it is not necessary to beat it with J the second time) and
    J will unleash the J Phoenix if he beat it the first time.
    	- Defeat Palparepa and he'll come back in a stronger form, which you'll
    also need to beat.
    	- Once you beat everyone, you'll move to the second part of the stage.
    You've got 4 turns to get Genesic GaoGaiGar to the green square behind the
    enemies.  Defeating the enemies is futile apart from the cash and XP they give,
    as destroying enough of the regular enemies will bring reinforcements, and
    defeating the bosses will just cause them to respawn.  You're also down a bit
    of HP and EN.  That said, 4 turns should be plenty of time, since he can make
    it in 2 with Accelerate if no one gets in his way.
    	- After the stage ends, things split off again into main
    character-specific stages.
    Touma Stage 43
    Skill Point: Defeat Baran in 5 turns
    	- You've fought Baran and his Bemidoban many times by now, so you should
    be able to pick him out.  He'll head for you, so either wait him out or meet
    him in the middle.  Ace and his Devarium, as well as Spectra and Calico, are
    here as well.
    	- Defeating Baran will cause both him and Touma to leave the map.  Hazal
    will come out in his Vyclone, and Ryuusei will charge him and get beaten back.
    Now you have to either destroy Hazal's Vyclone, or destroy the enemy
    	- Once you defeat either Hazal or the battleship, Hazal will strike
    Ryuusei down with all of his hatred and you'll move on to the second part of
    the stage.
    	- Another one-on-one duel with Baran.  Beating him will, as usual, cause
    an event battle which, unsurprisingly, Touma will lose.
    Touma Stage 44
    Skill Point: Destroy the Vyclone within 5 turns
    	- You saw the Vyclone last stage, but if you forgot, it's the one nearest
    to the Crossgate.  You've dealt with everything else that's on this stage before.
    The various boss characters will start moving toward you on enemy turn 2, so
    feel free to finish dealing with the grunts without feeling like you have to
    rush over to the Vyclone.
    	- As in all of these stages, once you take out the Vyclone Ryuusei charges
    it, Ace comes out and combines his Devarium with the Vyclone, and Hazal goes
    nuts and charges the battleships.  The deciding factor here is, of course,
    Touma, who gives Hazal a Jinrai in the face for his trouble.  Afterwards,
    Banpreios shows up, as well as Zengar and Retsuel, and Ruria joins Touma's
    platoon.  You've got to take down the Vyclone again, which is easier to do
    if you target Ace's Devarium, which is in the same platoon, first.
    	- Damaging Hazal enough will cause Baran to come out and join up with
    Touma's platoon for the remainder of the stage.
    	- After this stage, the routes split again.
    Kusuha Stage 43
    Kusuha Stage 44
    Cobray Stage 43
    Skill Point: Destroy the Bemidoban in 5 turns
    	- This should seem familiar.  Pound on grunts (or abuse the Totsugeki
    Love Heart MAP) and head towards Baran Doban.  Unfortunately, he hits high
    morale fairly quickly, which means his Guard activates and makes him obnoxious
    to deal with, so Exhaust or do whatever to get through that.  Try not to have
    moved Ryuusei on the turn you finally deal with the Bemidoban.
    	- Once you destroy the Bemidoban, it leaves the battlefield and there
    are some events.  Afterwards, you'll end up with Ryuusei near the newly-arrived
    Vyclone and enemy battleship.  Your objective is to destroy either one of them.
    	- The second part of the stage is an old-fashioned rival duel between
    Calico and Cobray.  Once you beat him, the stage will end.
    Cobray Stage 44
    Skill Point: Destroy the Vyclone within 3 turns of its arrival
    	- You start out having to destroy all enemies, with no knowledge of the
    skill point, so do whatever preparations you need to do and get to it.
    	- Once you defeat enough enemies the Vyclone appears near the Crossgate.
    Get on back there and defeat him.  You'll probably want to ignore Son Ganlong
    unless you feel you can take both him and the Vyclone out within the time limit
    (you'll have a chance to get him afterwards if you don't deal with him now).
    	- Destroying the Vyclone triggers a hell of a lot of events; once they've
    ended, you'll have to destroy the Vyclone again, this time without a time limit
    and with new reinforcements, in the form of the returning Cobray, Ryuusei in
    Banpreios with his Psychic Power back, Restuel and Zengar, and Ruria.  Destroy
    whoever you want to before you destroy the Vyclone (although you'll probably
    need to deal with Ace's Devarium before you defeat the Vyclone, since Ace will
    support defend Hazal).  Defeating the Vyclone will end the stage.
    	- The routes split after this mission, so save and head to the next route
    split section.
    Selena Stage 43
    Selena Stage 44
    *** Route Split ***
    This one's a bit different from the previous route split choices, as it goes
    4 ways instead of two.  One fourth of the Alpha Numbers decides to search for
    Irui on Earth, which has them go through more Jeeg storyline and some Dancougar
    stuff.  Another fourth goes after ZAFT and does some SEED storyline as well
    as a bit of EVA.  These two routes join up for a final mission that finishes
    off the Dancougar storyline.  A third group follows the next bit of Macross
    7 storyline, while the fourth group heads off to the planet Boazan to deal
    with the final part of the Combattler/Voltes/Daimos storyline, as well as some
    Ideon to wrap up.  Those two routes join up for a combined Macross 7/Ideon
    mission, with some Gunbuster thrown in.  As far as secrets go, the SEED/EVA
    route contains a requirement you'll have to fulfill to get the upgrade parts
    for Shinji's EVA, while the Macross 7 route contains requirements for the
    Macross 7 Emerald Force Valkyries (alledgedly; I've gotten them not only on
    the Nagahama route when it met up with the Macross 7 route, but by taking one
    of the Earth routes as well), and either space route can be taken to fulfill
    another requirement for having Gije survive.  It's best to check a dedicated
    secrets guide for everything; the point is that there's no one best route to
    take to get secrets like there was for some of the other route splits.  Here's
    who goes on what route if you swing that way.
    Irui Search Route - The Gaiking battleship, as well as the Gaiking characters,
    the Mazinger team, the Getter team, Jeeg, and Dancougar.
    SEED/EVA Route - The Ra Kaillum and Archangel, as well as the mobile suits
    and the EVA units.
    Macross 7 Route - Battle 7, and the Valkyries, the Gunbuster characters,
    Daitarn 3, and Goshogun.
    Nagahama Route - The Solo Ship, as well as Ideon, the GaoGaiGar characters,
    the Virtualroids, Combattler V, Voltes V, Daimos, and Raideen.
    Here's how the choices work.
    Top, Top - Irui Search Route
    Top, Bottom - SEED/EVA Route
    Bottom, Top - Macross 7 Route
    Bottom, Bottom - Nagahama Route
    Each route has three missions, followed by one mission where they join up with
    the units who went to that general area for a fourth mission (Irui and SEED/EVA
    join for their mission, Macross 7 and Nagahama join for theirs).  After that
    the routes join up again.
    *** Route Split ***
    Irui Search Route Stage 45
    Irui Search Route Stage 46
    Irui Search Route Stage 47
    SEED/EVA Route Stage 45
    Skill Point: Destroy all enemies in 5 turns
    	- ZAFT units to start.  Very straight-forward.  Note that when you shoot
    down the ZAFT units, they retreat rather than blow up.
    	- Once you defeat the ZAFT units and gain the skill point, an Angel shows
    up.  Have Shinji shoot it down if you want his extra parts.  Once you defeat
    it, some events will happen and the stage will end.
    SEED/EVA Route Stage 46
    Skill Point: Destroy the Dominion (the Dominion will flee if it is reduced
    below 20000 HP)
    	- You start with the Eternal, which is probably the worst battleship
    in the game, against a bunch of ZAFT troops and no idea about the skill point.
    I suggest using Bartfield's Accelerate and high-tailing it across the map.
    	- The Alpha Numbers will show up on player turn 3 and you'll deploy,
    but the skill point still won't be evident.  Start blasting the ZAFT troops.
    	- After defeating most of the ZAFT troops, the remainder will be blown
    to space dust and the Blue Cosmos-controlled Federation troops will show up.
    Now they have Ghosts.  The skill point becomes clear at this point.  You should
    be able to dish out 20K with judicious use of Soul and support attacks.
    	- Defeating Calamity, Raider, or Forbidden will cause whichever one you
    defeated to use Guts.  After some events, Kira and Asran will get their Meteors
    and they, the three enemy Gundams, and the Eternal will end up a bit away from
    the battle.
    SEED EVA Route Stage 47
    Skill Point: Destroy Calamity, Forbidden, and Raider before Frey reaches the
    	- You start out against the Federation this time.  Move forward and start
    	- On enemy turn 2, ZAFT will show up.
    	- When Yzak or Rau attack or are attacked, there will be an event where
    Yzak, Rau, Muu, Kira, and Deakka head inside the colony.  After a bit of talking,
    and a lot of moving around on all sides, you'll find out the skill point.  It
    should make sense.  Now's the time to take on the three enemy Gundams.
    	- Once you accomplish the skill point objective (or, I assume, Frey
    reaches the Dominion), Kira will get whomped in an event battle, the Federation
    forces and Rau will leave, as well as Kira, and your objective will change
    to destroying the Vesalius, which will end the stage.
    	- A note on Duel; I don't believe defeating him on this stage effects
    getting him later, as he says the same thing regardless of whether you shoot
    him down before destroying the Vesalius or leave him alone.
    	- The two 'earth' routes (the Irui Search and this SEED/EVA routes) will
    combine for a joint Earth Route Stage 48.
    Macross 7 Route Stage 45
    Macross 7 Route Stage 46
    Macross 7 Route Stage 47
    Nagahama Route Stage 45
    Skill Point: Destroy all other enemies before you destroy the Zaltan
    	- The Zaltan is at the very north edge of the screen.  The complication
    for this stage is the planetary defense system, represented by the white
    squares.  Every turn it will move northward; I assume bad things happen if
    you're caught in it.  Anyway, push forward as best you can.  Once you get up
    to the platoons with 3 enemies in them, a decently-upgraded Solo Ship with
    Iron Wall and Lock-On can do wonders through counter-attacking.
    	- Defeating the Zaltan will cause it to blunder into the planetary
    defense system, and the stage will end.
    Nagahama Route Stage 46
    Skill Point: Clear the map in 10 turns, destroying all enemies in the process
    	- Lots of screaming to start, then the Alpha Numbers show up.  To start,
    you've got just Combattler V, who can't move, against Voltes V and Daimos
    (although you've deployed your forces, you can't do anything with them).
    There's no winning condition at this point, and you lose if you destroy either
    Voltes V or Daimos.  So just hang out, defend or dodge when they attack you,
    and wait.
    	- On player turn 4, there are some events, and Hainel shows up to join
    up with you (temporarily).  The enemies are out now, so start blowing them
    up.  The winning condition is to defeat Archemedes, but destroy the other
    enemies before you do that; he's in the blue and yellow four-pointed battleship
    in the northeast corner.  Note that the skill point needs to be done by turn
    10, not 10 turns from this event, but this should still be plenty of time.
    	- When you defeat the Bramble, Archemedes will come out in one of those
    fish things.  Destroy this too to see the Nagahama Special unleashed.  More
    enemies will come out; your winning condition is now to defeat Janera, who's
    in the four-headed dragon thing in the center of the enemies.  Defeat all the
    others before her, however.  The stage ends once you defeat her.
    Nagahama Route Stage 47
    Skill Point: (fifth (!) part) Defeat the 2 Gataman Zans before defeating the
    Gabro Zan.
    	- I think of this one as the gauntlet.  It has many parts, of which this
    is only the first.  You start off against some Buff Clan, all of which you
    need to defeat in 3 turns, or you'll lose.  You don't need to pace yourself,
    as such, so go all out with whatever MAP or ALL weapons you have (I recommend
    Ryuusei's Telekinesis Missile, which really should have been named the Problem
    	- For the second part, you've got pretty much the same thing, except
    the Buff Clan units are slightly stronger.  Once again, you need to beat them
    in 3 turns or you'll lose.  You're down a small amount of HP, EN, and SP, although
    ammo is replenished.
    	- The third part is...wait for it...more Buff Clan.  Again, they're
    tougher, and again, you're down a bit more HP, EN, and SP, but this time you
    only have 2 turns.
    	- You're down to half HP, EN, and 40% SP, and you've only got 2 turns
    to take out the Buff Clan for the fourth part of the stage.  An in-battle save
    is probably a good idea for this one, in case you screw something up.
    	- I believe you're at 60% HP, EN, and SP for part 5, although I didn't
    really bother doing the exact math.  The Gataman Zans are the lighter brown,
    two-pronged battleships in the rear; the Gabro Zan is the longer, darker brown
    battleship.  You'll lose the stage if you don't destroy the Gabro Zan before
    turn 7 starts, so you've got to get through the enemies in time to destroy
    the Gataman Zans and then the Gabro Zan.
    	- Thankfully, defeating the Gabro Zan ends the stage once and for all.
    This route now joins up with the Macross 7 route for a final Space Route Stage
    Earth Route Stage 48
    Skill Point: Defeat all enemies 6 turns from Muge Solbados' arrival.  Defeat
    Muge Solbados last.
    	- First, you have to deal with the three enemy bosses.  The westernmost
    one, Marbette, is in the northern battleship.  Desgaya is in the center group,
    and is in the red and green unit.  Gildorome is in the eastern group in the
    purple and grey unit.  You'll want to go for Gildorome as fast as possible;
    you'll see why in a second.
    	- On player turn 2, you'll get hit with some nasty energy and some of
    your units will become enemies; I believe this is completely random, although
    at three times through the stage I've had the main character turn into an enemy
    all three times.  Regardless, this is why you want to kill Gildorome, as he's
    the one responsible for it.  Once you defeat him, everything goes back to
    	- Damaging Desgaya enough will cause him to use Guts+, Invincibility,
    Vigor, Hot Blood, and Lock-On.  Get rid of these in the usual manner and take
    him out again.
    	- Once you defeat all three Dancougar bosses, Muge Solbados and a bunch
    of other super robot archenemies arrive.  This part is going to be rough, as
    you have to rip through the other bosses before you take on Muge Solbados (he's
    the centermost one, with purple and red headgear).  Defeating him ends the
    stage regardless of whether you've beaten everyone else or not.
    	- The routes all meet up here for an extended stretch.
    Space Route Stage 48
    Skill Point - Defeat Gabigra (Gabigra will retreat at below 12000 HP).
    	- You're up against the Protodeviln to start.  Gabigra isn't around yet.
    At some point, Gabil will combine with Grabil to form Gabigra, as per the anime.
    I think this happens when one or the other is defeated, but I am a bad FAQ
    writer and wasn't paying attention while my Telekinesis Missile was wreaking
    havoc, so it could be that I either destroyed Gabil with it or just destroyed
    enough enemies.  Regardless, there you go.  Gabigra is a Protodeviln like any
    other, which means you'll either want to Exhaust him to get rid of his
    Protodeviln status or use Basara to deal the finishing blow.  Note that the
    winning condition for the stage is to defeat either Goram or Zomdo, the two
    new enemies that also show up during the Gabigra combination event.  They are
    also Protodevilns, unsurprisingly.
    	- Defeating Gabigra causes him to...be defeated.  Defeating either Goram
    or Zomdo causes an event with Basara.  Goram and Zomdo retreat, Sibil seemingly
    kills Basara by sucking his Spiritia, the STMC show up, and the Solo Ship picks
    up Basara.  Then Ideon launches.  Now, here's the bit; Gije's going to eat
    it later in this stage, but apparently it's possible to get him back, and one
    of the steps for doing so is having the IDE gauge at level 5 by the time the
    stage ends.  The easiest way to do this is to slap on Iron Wall and dive into
    the STMC with Ideon.  Move everyone else northwest, as there are reinforcements
    that are going to show up there.  Or, if you don't care about Gije, which you
    may well not, do whatever; you've got the skill point already.
    	- The reinforcements are the Buff Clan, and they'll show up on the
    following player turn.  Your objective is now to destroy the Gabro Zan, which
    is the long, brown battleship (this is why leaving Ideon alone to tank the
    STMC works, since you don't actually have to destroy them to clear the stage).
    	- Once you destroy the Gabro Zan, it rams Ideon, which takes off and
    destroys the planet or moon or whatever, and the stage ends.
    	- The routes all meet up here.
    Stage 49
    Skill Point: (first part) Destroy Gabigra
    	- If you want to recruit Gabil, deploy Gamlin in some fashion.
    	- For the first part of the stage, you need to get Battle 7 to the white
    square in 5 turns.  Complicating this is the skill point.  Gabigra is the
    combined Gabil/Grabil, and is the only monster-looking enemy on the
    battlefield when you start.  He's a Protodeviln, so only songs are going to
    do full damage to him unless you spam Exhaust on him.  Further complicating
    the skill point itself is that if you want to recruit Gabil after this stage,
    you need to destroy Gabigra with Gamlin.  Anyway, keep this all in mind as
    you battle the grunts and battleships.
    	- On player turn 3, Goram and Zomdo show up.  They're more Protodeviln
    enemies, in case you've been skipping the Macross 7 missions.  If you really
    need cash or XP and you think you can take them before the time limit is up,
    feel free.  Defeating all enemies or getting Battle 7 to the indicated square
    takes you to the second part of the stage.
    	- The second part is similar to the first.  You need to get Battle 7
    to the white square, although you've got 6 turns to do it in this time.  Start
    heading towards it, clearing a path with your other units.  I recommend not
    fighting the 'boss' enemies, as they're more trouble than they're worth and
    you're going to have a bigger target shortly.  If you want to recruit Gabil,
    don't destroy him during this stage (he's back in his bastardized Valkyrie
    for this stage).
    	- (As a side note, I've had Shinji get shot down more times on this stage
    than on all other stages combined, due to the fact that the enemies love to
    focus on him with their morale-lowering attacks, rendering his AT Fields
    useless.  He's not unusable on this stage, but be careful with him, as you
    don't need the Beast messing with you on top of everything else.  Also, as
    a fun but useless fact, I don't think I've ever finished this stage on the
    same day I started it).
    	- On player turn 3, the enemy mothership shows up on the white square.
    It's going to hang out there and not move, so you're going to have to destroy
    it before you can move Battle 7 onto it.  As long as you keep pounding away
    at it, it shouldn't pose a problem; its mainly a pain because of its massive
    amount of HP.  Avoid blowing your entire SP reserve on it since you'll have
    more to do after it's destroyed.
    	- Once you destroy the ship and get Battle 7 to the square, it's event
    time.  Max, and subsequently Millia, launch to defend Mylene, and Exedore lets
    a couple Macross Cannon shots loose on Gepelnitch.  This will, of course, not
    work, so Mylene and Gamlin, if you deployed him, will head into Battle 7 to
    try and wake up Basara while Ray holds off Gepelnitch.  This is what you were
    saving your mojo for.  Gepelnitch is a Protodeviln like any other, except he's
    got a huge amount of HP.  Unfortunately he's got Morale Up (Damage) which makes
    keeping him below 100 tough.
    	- Once you do about 50000 damage, he'll heal it, absorb Goram and Zomdo
    if they're around, and then Gabil will combine with Grabil (or just show up
    if you shot him down, I believe) and confront Gepelnitch, then leave.  "Do
    You Remember Love?" starts playing and everyone gets boosted to max morale,
    whatever that might happen to be.  Time to open it up again.
    	- After doing enough damage, Basara wakes up and heads out.  After some
    more talking, everyone gets Hot Blood and recovers 50 SP.  Attacking Gepelnitch
    with Basara at this point, apart from doing full damage, will cause another
    event; Sibil shows up, joins up with Fire Bomber, and does a combined Try Again
    on Gepelnitch for some more damage.  At this point, with free Hot Blood and
    max morale, you shouldn't have too much of a problem taking off the rest of
    Gepelnitch's HP.
    Stage 50
    Skill Point: Defeat the Helmoze in 5 turns
    	- At the start of the battle, your forces will get hit by the light coming
    from the giant orb.  Every platoon hit by this will be reduced to 1/2 current
    HP; I believe who gets hit is random.  From now on this light will hit random
    platoons at the beginning of every enemy turn (including the first one, so
    you're hit with a double whammy right out of the gate).  The objective should
    be pretty clear, as you've tangled with the Helmoze before.  The flashing square
    isn't something you have to get to, it's what you have to attack to disable
    the damaging light.  Do this if you want to, although you don't have to do
    it to clear the stage.
    	- The event at the beginning of enemy turn 1 is just the Alpha Numbers
    commenting on what I just mentioned about the enemy globe.
    	- Once you defeat the Helmoze, the Zufield deploys, as well as the Jumora
    and the Bemidoban.  You only need to defeat the Zufield to end the stage.
    Defeating Baran Doban will cause him to use Guts, but then he'll come to his
    senses and retreat.
    Stage 51
    Skill Point: (second part) Destroy Providence Gundam
    	- As the stage begins, you...can't do anything because you're not there.
    It's just the ZAFT and Federation forces for the first turn.  On the second
    turn, you'll show up.  Deploy Deakka some fashion if you care about getting
    Yzak.  The Federation will launch a bunch of nuclear missiles; you have to
    stop them from getting to the white line at the end of the map, or it's game
    over.  They can be destroyed through straight-up damage; also, if they are
    attacked and they hit with a melee attack, they'll explode.  Hopefully the
    ZAFT units will take out a few in this way, but you'll have to be doing the
    bulk of the work yourself.  Avoid Yzak for the moment, but otherwise cut loose
    on anyone who attacks you.  My personal favorite method of dealing with the
    missiles is getting Ryuusei to 120 morale, then using Awaken and Resupply to
    get 2 Telekinesis Missile MAP attacks, which clears things out nicely.
    	- Once you destroy the missiles, more events happen.  More Federation
    troops come out, Kira, Asran, Cagalli, and Lacus SEED, and you'll have your
    new, two-fold mission objective.  First, you have to get Asran's unit to the
    white, flashing square.  Second, you have to destroy the Dominion.
    	- If you want Yzak, have Deakka attack his platoon.  He doesn't need
    to do damage to Yzak or even attack Yzak (in writing this I tested by attacking
    one of Yzak's back-up units, which triggered this as normal).  Once he does,
    Yzak will become a friendly unit.  Even if you didn't fulfill all the
    requirements for recruiting him, he'll still join for this battle as long as
    you do it this way.  Yzak and Deakka need to stay alive until the battle ends
    for Yzak to join you.
    	- At some point, Rau will launch in the Providence by the white flashing
    square; this can happen either after you move Asran too near the square or
    on an enemy turn (it's either turn 4 or the turn after you defeat all the
    	- Things can get a bit hairy with regards to events, as Rau can come
    back after a defeat after events are triggered or just when he feels like it,
    and since you need to accomplish both objectives to win things can go
    differently depending on what you do first.  Destroy who you want, and
    accomplish the stage goals when you're ready to move on to the second part.
    (A note: Muu will block the Dominion's final attack in an event after you
    destroy it.  Don't worry, he's not dead, although you won't be able to use
    him in the next part of the stage and you'll have to put him back into Strike
    during the intermission).
    	- For the second part of the stage, you have to destroy the white square
    in 4 turns.  You can only attack it from the front, and this is further
    complicated by the skill point.  Similarly, from Providence's starting
    position, you can only attack him from the 'front' as he's blocked somewhat
    by the reactor (the only time line of sight really seems to matter in SRW).
    What you want to do is lure him out, but since he has an enormous range, you
    don't want to go too far from your starting position.  Consider the line Asran
    and Kira are on to be safe.  Anyway, you don't need to defeat the grunts for
    morale, as you carry over your morale gains from the first part of the stage,
    so wait for Rau to come out, blast him, then blast the reactor.  You start
    a bit down on HP, SP and EN.
    	- On player turn 2, if you recruited Yzak successfully, he'll show up
    in Duel.
    Stage 52
    Skill Point: Keep Asuka alive for 2 turns
    	- Putting 2 Haros on Asuka will make getting this skill point a lot
    	- You start with the three EVAs against an Angel.  This one will actually
    ignore you and head east across the screen, so don't bother trying to move
    up to it.  Instead, move forward so that you're in its path and take potshots
    as it goes by.
    	- Once you defeat the Angel, Rei will leave, some mass-produced EVAs
    will show up, and Asuka will toss Shinji aside.  You now have to keep her alive
    for 2 turns if you want the skill point, which is why you wanted to put some
    Haros on her.  Don't bother with seishin other than Intuition, and flee to
    the east or west.  Dodge or defend against the attacks and hope.
    	- Whether Asuka lives or is destroyed, the result is the same; she'll
    be taken out by the mass-produced EVAs, the Alpha Numbers will show up to pick
    up Shinji and Asuka, and you'll launch against the enemies.  Try not to use
    too many of your resources on the mass-produced EVAs.
    	- Things go completely nuts after you defeat the mass-produced EVAs.
    Your goal after everything settles down is to defeat Shinji's EVA.  Defeating
    the mass-produced EVAs at this point is pointless, because they'll just respawn,
    so dodge or defend when they attack you.
    	- Doing enough damage to Shinji's EVA will make things go even more nuts
    (and hard to see), and you'll end up with a 5-turn deadline.  Once you defeat
    his EVA, you'll move on to the second part of the stage.
    	- You'll start with Shinji against a horde of mass-produced EVAs and
    the nutso EVA from the first part of the stage, this time with a dummy plug.
    If you're confident of Shinji's abilities, you could move him forward to take
    on the horde, but I always move him back as far as he can go.  The big ol'
    EVA will head towards him twice, and the mass-produced EVAs will stay put.
    This is perfect, because on the second turn, the Alpha Numbers will show up,
    as well as Kaworu in Rei's EVA.  At this point, defeating the crazy EVA will
    end the stage.  I assume you can destroy the mass-produced EVAs as well, but
    I'm usually sick of this stage at this point.
    Stage 53
    Skill Point: Destroy 230 units in 7 turns
    	- Note that you'll get some extra units, mostly UC stuff, after the
    intermission and before the battle, so make whatever changes to your lineup
    getting those units entails.
    	- Welcome to the intro movie.  You start off against some Buff Clan units,
    although there aren't nearly 230 of them, which indicates that there are going
    to be some reinforcements.  Start taking them out, sending your heavy hitters
    at their battleships and taking out the grunts with the rest of your troops.
    	- Once you destroy enough Buff Clan units, the STMC bugs will show up,
    and Calico and Spectra will make off with Irui.  This is where you're getting
    your kill count from.  The STMC and Buff Clan will both go after each other
    and you; the difference is that once the Buff Clan is gone, it's gone, whereas
    the STMC will keep coming back once you get them down to 6 units remaining.
    It's time to abuse ALL and MAP attacks.  You'll want to send out some strong
    units to destroy the outer battleships, since the reinforcement units all
    appear in the same spot near the Crossgate.  You can check on how many units
    you've destroyed in the 5th Command menu option; it's the first number.
    	- The stage won't end until turn 8 when, regardless of how many enemies
    you've destroyed, the Alpha Numbers will get sick of the never-ending onslaught
    and head into the Crossgate.  You won't get the skill point until you actually
    hit turn 8.
    Stage 54
    Skill Point: Destroy the 2 Helmoze before you clear the stage.  Clear the stage
    in 10 turns.
    	- 10 turns seems like a lot, but we've got a lot to do.  Ryuusei (actually
    Viletta) should be Accelerating every turn at this point and moving as far
    as possible towards one of the globes; it really doesn't matter which one.
    The Helmoze this time are red and blue, but otherwise they're the same as the
    Helmoze you've fought on previous stages.
    	- On the enemy's first turn, the three globes will glow, similar to the
    one in stage 50, and light will strike squares at random.  This is good, as
    it's entirely possible that the squares it strikes will be unoccupied.  If
    they do hit someone, they'll be reduced to half their current hit points.  The
    SRX team will realize that Aya is in one of the three globes, and you'll have
    a new goal.  The correct square is random; sometimes it's in the first one
    you check, sometimes the second, and sometimes you have to check all three.
    Anyway, with Accelerate, Banpreios should be able to get between squares fairly
    quickly while the rest of your units deal with the Balmar enemies.
    	- It's possible to clear the map of enemies, even the Helmoze, before
    you find Aya, especially if you have to search all three squares.  If this
    happens, gather in the southeast, between the two nearest globes in that
    	- Once you find the right square, a bunch of events happen.  When they're
    over, your new objective is to defeat the Jumora.  You've got Ruria and Baran
    on your side, and Aya as a new SRX sub-pilot.  Defeat the 2 Helmoze if you
    haven't already, then take out the Jumora.
    	- Once you take out the Jumora, there will be some events and everyone
    except Baran will leave the battlefield.  Baran will go off on his own, but
    he will be stopped by Zengar (or Touma if you're playing his route).  You'll
    have to defeat him in single combat, which should be no problem by now.  After
    you beat him, he'll join you.
    Stage 55
    Skill Point: Defeat the 2 Zufields in 6 turns
    	- Your objective is to defeat all the enemies, so move forward and do
    so, making sure to head for the Zufields as soon as you can.  You've dealt
    with Zufields before, so you should recognize them.
    	- Once you defeat both of them, the Gebel Guneden will appear, and you'll
    have to defeat it.  Doing so ends this part of the stage.
    	- For the second part, you're up against more Balmar enemies.  You'll
    have to clear them all out.  Defeating either Calico or Spectra will cause
    the other to use Vigor, Hot Blood, Lock-On, Flash, and Concentrate.  If you
    don't finish off the Devariums around Ace's Vyclone before you finish him off,
    they'll be destroyed when he is.
    	- Once you defeat everyone, you'll get to fight Gebel Guneden again.
    Stage 56
    Skill Point: (second part) Clear the map in 7 turns
    	- The first part has you facing off against Buff Clan ships; your
    objective is to destroy the Dorowa Zan, which is the darker colored battleship,
    in 5 turns; you'll lose if you hit turn 6.
    	- Destroying the Dorowa Zan takes you to the second part of the stage,
    where you face off against more Buff Clan.  Your first goal is to get the Solo
    Ship to the main enemy battleship, but once you get near enough to it with
    anyone, an event will occur and you'll get a new goal; get a unit to the white
    square.  Doing this ends the stage.  You can either bust through the enemy
    lines, or just use Awaken and Anticipation to get someone there in one turn.
    The STMC will also show up at some point.
    	- The choice at the end of this stage is fairly important; choosing the
    first option is a requisite for getting the Ideon Ending (i.e. the Bad Ending).
    You can't get it on your first playthrough, however, so don't worry about it
    unless you're replaying.  If you don't want to blow up the universe, choose
    the second option.  If you choose the first option on a replay, you'll go to
    an alternate stage 57; if you choose the second, or you're on a first
    playthrough, you'll go to the route split and proceed normally.
    *** Route Split ***
    The last route split is only for two missions.  The Ideon Route takes you through
    the last bits of the Ideon storyline (except everyone survives) while the
    Gunbuster Route takes you through, oddly, the Gunbuster storyline.  Note that
    if you're getting the Ideon Ending, you won't go to the route split choice,
    and instead will go directly to the Ideon Ending stage.  Secret hoarders should
    know that you'll need to go on the Ideon route to get Gije, while there are
    no secrets that I can think of that depend on the Gunbuster route.  Here's
    who goes on what route.
    Ideon Route - The Solo Ship, Eternal, Archangel, and Ra Kaillum, as well as
    Ideon, the various mobile suits, Daitarn 3, the Getter team, Combattler V,
    Voltes V, and Daimos.
    Gunbuster Route - Battle 7 and the Gaiking ship, as well as the Valkyries,
    the Gunbuster characters, the EVAs, the Mazinger team, Jeeg, Raideen, Goshogun,
    the Gaiking characters, Dancougar, the GaoGaiGar characters, and the
    As I said, this is only for two missions.
    *** Route Split ***
    Ideon Route Stage 57
    Skill Point: (second part) Defeat all enemies in 6 turns
    	- You start with some Buff Clan enemies, and no knowledge of the skill
    point.  This should be nothing you're not already used to dealing with.
    	- Once you defeat enough of them, more show up, in the northwest near
    where you started.  A white square will appear, and you'll have a mission
    objective; get the Solo Ship to the white square.  You can also destroy all
    the enemies if you feel like it.  Either way, you'll move on to the next part
    of the stage.
    	- Oddly, you've got 16 platoons here as opposed to 15 in the first part.
    This is what the skill point applies to; you're surrounded by Buff Clan, and
    you've got 6 turns to destroy them if you want the skill point (if you just
    want to beat the stage regularly, you've got 7 turns, but keep in mind that
    you lose if it goes to turn 8).  Divide your forces however you like and have
    at it; most of them will converge on your forces, but the battleships will
    stay put for a couple turns, so you'll probably want to have some units head
    there at the very least.
    	- Once you defeat enough enemies, there will be an event where Sheryl
    tries to hold Ruu hostage to Ideon and get its power to rise.  I don't think
    this effects anything unless you've satisfied the conditions for getting Gije
    back, in which case he'll show up to save Sheryl and Ruu in a Ganga Rube.
    	- The stage ends once all the enemies are defeated.
    Ideon Route Stage 58
    Skill Point: (second part) Destroy the Bairal Jin in 6 turns
    	- You've got a bunch of Buff Clan ships, unsurprisingly.  The mission
    objective is to destroy the Bairal Jin, which is the large green ship at the
    rear of the enemy formation.  Feel free to destroy whatever you want on the
    	- On player turn 2, some STMC will appear in the southeast corner.  Ignore
    them or deal with them as you like.
    	- Once you either do enough damage to the Bairal Jin, or destroy enough
    of the Buff Clan platoons, you'll get a preview of the Buff Clan's big ol'
    space...whatever, and you'll move on to the second part.
    	- Welcome to the Buff Clan's big ol' space whatever.  Hopefully you
    haven't forgotten what the Bairal Jin is already, because you need to get to
    it and destroy it.  There are also some STMC complicating matters.  In an
    unexpected twist, these STMC are finite, meaning you can destroy them without
    fear of them spawning reinforcements.  You'll be down on HP (which I didn't
    notice until turn 3, hilariously enough).
    	The stage will end with an event once you destroy the Bairal Jin.  The
    routes will join back up at this point.
    Gunbuster Route Stage 57
    Skill Point: Destroy the enemy in 7 turns
    	- You start with the Eltorium against the STMC.  You won't be going it
    alone for the whole stage, but you will be going it alone for now, so cast
    whatever seishin you feel are necessary and either hold your ground or retreat.
    	- On turn 4, the Alpha Numbers show up.  At this point you won't have
    too much longer to wear down the hit points of the larger STMC battleships,
    so send your heavy hitters against them as soon as possible and leave your
    less-powerful units to clear out the bugs.
    Gunbuster Route Stage 58
    Skill Point: Clear the map without any Buff Clan units being destroyed.
    	- The skill point isn't active yet, so feel free to destroy the Buff
    Clan units you start out against.  This is going to be somewhat like Earth
    Route stage 31, where you'll need to make a bunch of preparations that won't
    make sense until later, but bear with me.  First, take note of the southwest
    and northwest corners.  That's where you're going to need people before you
    finish dealing with the Buff Clan (who will retreat once you defeat enough
    of them).  Splitting into thirds works; one third will engage the Buff Clan
    from the front, another will work around into the southwest corner, and the
    third will head down to the northwest.  Note who has your MAP weapons and move
    them accordingly.
    	- Once you destroy enough Buff Clan platoons, they'll retreat, and more
    Buff Clan will show up.  However, STMC will show up in the southwest and destroy
    a number of the Buff Clan, whereupon the Alpha Numbers will resolve to destroy
    the STMC and protect the Buff Clan.  The skill point is now active, so you
    may want to make an in-battle save.  At this point you have to hope you're
    a more tempting target than the Buff Clan.  Keep moving your other force to
    the northwest, as there will be reinforcements showing up there as well.  If
    you've gotten into the right area, the STMC should mostly focus on you; if
    any STMC attack the Buff Clan and the Buff Clan survives, kill off those STMC
    first on your turn.  This is where I like to throw out a couple Telekinesis
    Missiles from Banpreios.
    	- The reinforcements will show up in the northwest once you defeat enough
    of the initial STMC.  Hopefully you've got characters in place to distract
    them; now it's just a matter of plugging away at them until they're gone.
    	- The Buff Clan will leave once the STMC are gone, and the stage will
    Stage 59
    Skill Point: (second part) Defeat all enemies in 5 turns
    	- For the first part of the stage, you need to hold out until turn 11
    without any of the STMC getting onto the white square.  You can do this in
    a couple of ways.  The first, which is my preferred method, is to box the square
    in with your platoons and battleships.  Disturbance is a must.  Destroying
    enough units will cause reinforcements to show up.  However, you can destroy
    all the green bugs and leave the battleships without triggering reinforcements,
    so go ahead and do this to make things less annoying.  As a variant for this
    method, you can just destroy whoever you feel like and let the reinforcements
    come anyway.  Alternately, you can go out and take the fight to the enemy,
    which is riskier.  However you do it, you'll move on to the second part of
    the stage once the time limit elapses.
    	- You're pitted against the STMC again, and once again you need to protect
    a white square.  This time, however, there are no reinforcements to contend
    with.  You'll need to hit them with everything you've got in order to get the
    skill point.  Movement is limited on this map, similar to asteroid field areas.
    You'll be down some HP and EN, but not SP.  Something that makes it very easy
    to deal with the larger enemies is getting your main character into position
    to do their finishers by turn 2, then getting other characters next to them
    on turns 2 and 3, and unleashing support attack finishers on turns 4 and 5
    (obviously aided by Resupply).
    	- Once you defeat enough STMC, there will be an event where the various
    supporting characters will tell the Alpha Numbers not to give up, and the IDE
    gauge will max.
    Final Stage
    	- There's not much to say here.  There's no skill point involved; if
    you got 57+ skill points and used less than 420 turns by this point, you'll
    get the Good Ending stage, otherwise you'll get the Normal Ending.  Both stages
    are functionally similar, with the Good Ending stage having more and stronger
    5: What's Finished?
    The guide is incomplete at the moment.  Although I've played through every
    stage by this point, I wasn't taking notes on my first times through them,
    so I'm only completing write-ups for stages as I replay, and this takes time.
    Here's what's done so far.
    All of Touma and Cobray's character-specific stages (1-2, 6-12, 34-35, and
    Part of Selena's character-specific stages (1-2 and 6-12).
    All combined stages (3-5, 13-18, 24-29, 36-37, 41-42, 49-56, and 59).
    All of the first, second, third, and fifth route splits (19-23, 30-33, 38-40,
    and 57-58).
    Part of the fourth route split.  The SEED/EVA split and the Nagahama split
    are finished (45-47) as are both versions of stage 48.
    This leaves the remainder of Selena's stages, as well as all of Kusuha's stages
    and the Irui Search and Macross 7 routes for stages 45-47.
    My priority at this point is finishing this Selena run, which will give me
    her stages.  While doing this, I'm going to keep a separate save and play through
    both of the unfinished routes on the fourth route split.  I'll try to get this
    done as soon as possible, as I know the Macross 7 route has some confusing
    skill points if you don't know what's going on.  After that, I'll grit my teeth
    and get Kusuha's stages done.
    6: Miscellaneous
    The GameFAQs message board provided some information that prevented me from
    going completely crazy with my first couple runs with the game (notably on
    the second Earth route and Macross 7 route near the end).  So kudos all around.
    Copyright 2005 to Jake Olbert (CaptainRat)
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission, with the exception of GameFAQs.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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