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"Good to have"

Alright, so Capcom has released the first 6 X games all in one. Plus some extras, so how does it stack up?

Gameplay- 9

Megaman X doesn't play any different than it did 13 years ago. It is incredibly hard and enjoyable. There isn't much that makes the 6 games different unfortunately, other than graphics and level design. The 6 games will keep you occupied with their challenge and crazy bosses.

Graphics- 8

They aren't good for its time, but it doesn't need to be, this is a collection after all.

Sound/Music- 9

The tunes are just as catchy as they were 13 years ago, and fans might find themselves humming the tunes every now and again. The Sound quality has been emulated very well for 6 of the 7 games in the collection. Megaman X2 has some sound problems, but other than that you will find the music quite pleasing. The Sound effects also do their job quite well, the booming and the explosions are pleasing, especially after defeating tough bosses.

Replay- 10

With the unlockable game, and 6 very easy to replay games, there is no reason that people would have a problem with replay. These games were MEANT to be played multiple times. There are many paths you can choose through the games, many unlockable armors, health upgrades, and assorted items. This game could last you a good while for sure.

Difficulty/Controls- 8

The Difficulty can be changed for a couple of the X games, the rest are challenging enough on their own. You'll probably find yourself having a good many game overs, because the X series can be frustratingly hard a certain times. The Controls for this version of the game aren't has good as they could be, do to the loose joystick and flawed D-pad. You might find yourself up air dashing when you want to dash over.

Story- 6

After the second X game, there really isn't any point to the story. Just kill the bosses, and beat the final boss. If you want a nice story, you aren't going to find it here. All the story is for is to give 8 mavericks a reason to fight.

Overall- 8

This is a great game, especially for people who aren't fans of the series, it gives them a chance to experience the originals and feel the greatness of the original X games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/10/06

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