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"A must-buy for fans of arcade gaming, old-school and, of course, Capcom."

Since the 1940s, Capcom has been giving their best to supply us with video games of many genres. Adventure, action, puzzle, fighting, role-playing games --- in all these genres, they've always found success and accomplishment, and they gained many, many fans; including me.

While today, most of their next-gen, top-notch series, such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Mega Man, took the Capcom Throne, the good ol' classics still remain true to their hearts. And since such good classics must never be forgotten, Capcom decided to give us a little threat: a Classics Collection bundle.

Released just recently --- October 2005 --- on both the PlayStation 2 and the XBOX, this game is a compilation of multiple, old titles from Capcom's arcade era, and few titles of the old home console systems; including titles such as Son Son, Trojan, Final Fight, and even three different versions of the *cough* revolutionary Street Fighter II!

If you've played one of Capcom's other "collection" games, then you must already have an idea of how Player Friendly they are. As the game begins, you're presented of an easy-to-navigate list of the available titles in the collection, and each title can be modified through Options. With those Options, you can set the amount of lives, the difficulty, the amount of continues, the amount of points required to gain a new life --- everything to make a player enjoy the game to his or her own level comfortably. Of course, the offered modifications depend on the game. And some games even got the option called "Sound Remix," which is similar to Mega Man Anniversary Collection's "Navi Mode" --- the game's music tracks will be remixed to today's music style, and less of a pain to listen to for most. How unfortunate that some games with terrible music *coughTROJANcough* do not possess such an option.

Another interesting, fun addition are the "bonuses." Every single game possess a "Bonus" category, whereas you are allowed to view any game's "artworks," or listen to its "soundtrack," as well as consult very helpful "tips." Of course, to view these, you will be given little tasks to unlock them for each games.

For example, for a certain game, in order to access the "MUSIC" option, you have to, let's say, "BEAT THE GAME," or even, "GAIN MORE THAN 200,000 POINTS." In most cases, this can be either fun or difficult, but for most players, they most definitely be both! Henceforth, not only will the games' arcade-styled difficulty pose as an obstacle between the player and their endings, but those little additional "challenges" will add a new spice to the whole thing.

The visuals are exactly the same than in their initial forms. Even the arcade games such as 1942, possess the same screen resolution than on the machines. Of course, stretching the screen isn't possible, but there is no need for that --- things can be seen clearly, and with absolutely no visual issues, the gameplay remains untouched by it.

Most of you might approach the game with caution, and be afraid that it won't be such a good purchase. I thought so too. But I bought it anyway, loyal to Capcom, and a fan of their classics. I was not disappointed. I was *this close* to get, perhaps, Trace Memories or Lost in Blue for the DS. But this game caught my eye. And after much thinking and playing, all I can say is, I'm glad it did.

For all of you players who love old-school video games, and especially those who love the hot-blooded action that arcade games (especially Capcom's, at least?) deliver, then this game is definitely for you.

~ 9 / 10 ~

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/03/05

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