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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EChang

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 10/07/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       (v1.6, 10-7-05)
    by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)
    Revision History
    v1.6 (10-7-05)
       Second set of revisions complete.
    v1.5 (9-30-05)
       Revisions through Chloe's Quest complete.
    v1.4 (9-24-05)
       Revisions through the Character Quest introduction complete.
    v1.3 (9-18-05)
       Minor revisions throughout, added a note about the Quiz Minigame, though
       details about that are in a separate FAQ. Thanks go to Shinryu and
       Aurelious for informing about certain planned spelling changes in the
       names (Fenimorl -> Fenimore, etc.), though since the Namco representative
       has said he will wait until the Japanese official guide comes out (which
       is on the 29th of this month) I too will wait before making any spelling
    v1.2 (9-10-05)
       Corrected an omission from the Rare Monsters list. Added Titles List,
       probably still missing some however.
    v1.1 (9-6-05)
       Sidequests added, Recipe list completed. Minor revisions throughout.
    v1.0 (9-5-05)
       Walkthrough portion now complete. Lists, side quests, and so on will be
       added/updated in subsequent updates.
    v0.9 (9-3-05)
       Chloe's and Moses's Character Quests complete.
    v0.8 (9-2-05)
       Walkthrough complete through Introduction, Will's, Norma's and
       Interlude for the Character Quests.
    v0.7 (8-31-05)
       Walkthrough for Main Quest completed. Walkthrough for Character Quests
    v0.6 (8-30-05)
       Walkthrough complete through Chapter 6. Made some revisions and spelling
       corrections based on the info from the offical First Adventure Guide
       (ISBN 4-08-779335-4). Expanded recipe list.
    v0.5 (8-28-05)
       Walkthrough complete through Chapter 4. Expanded lists.
    v0.4 (8-27-05)
       Walkthrough complete through Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Expanded lists.
    v0.3 (8-25-05)
       First version. FAQ portion mostly done, Walkthrough and lists started.
    1. Introduction
    2. Gameplay Basics
    3. Walkthrough
       Main Quest
         Chapter One: In Pursuit
           Werites Beacon
           Country Cottage
           Misty Mountains
           Bandit's Lair
           Bandit's Lair~Crystal Forest
           Crystal Forest
           Bow Cottage
           Secret Passage
           Old Mofumofu Village
           Secret Passage
           Down the Cliff
         Chapter Two: Just Out of Reach
           Down the Cliff~Werites Beacon
           The Crags
           Mofumofu Village
           Mofumofu Village~Waterways
         Chapter Three: A Fateful Encounter
           Waterways~Ruins of Frozen Light
           Ruins of Frozen Light
           Ruins of Frozen Light~Great Hollow
           Great Hollow
           Ruins of Frozen Light
           Forest of No Return
         Chapter Four: The War-Torn Land
           Forest of No Return~Mauritz's Hermitage
           Mauritz's Hermitage
           Man-Eating Ruins
           Mauritz's Hermitage
           Hermit Hill
           Front Line
           Bridge Plain
           Triage Tent
         Chapter Five: Awakening
           Vista Point
           Village of the Ferines
           Hidden Fortress
           Hidden Fortress~Altar of the Sea
           Altar of the Sea
         Chapter Six: The Fallen Lands
           The Quiet Lands
           Fire Monument
           Ice Monument
           Thunder Monument
           Earth Monument
           Geoglyph Area
         Chapter Seven: Shining Blue
           Mirage Palace
           Werites Beacon
           Wings of Light
       Character Quests
           Down the Cliff
           Werites Beacon
           Werites Beacon
           Lumen Spring
         Will: A Flower And A Promise
           Werites Beacon
           Great Hollow
           Werites Beacon
           Quiet Lands
           Thunder Monument
           Werites Beacon
         Norma: Chasing a Dream
           Man-Eating Ruins
           Ice Monument
           Werites Beacon
           Crystal Forest
           Village of the Ferines
         Chloe: A Place to Call Home
           Hidden Fortress
           Werites Beacon
           Earth Monument
           Werites Beacon
           Forest of No Return
         Moses: Of Man and Beast
           Misty Mountains
           Werites Beacon
           The Crags
           Werites Beacon
           Bandit's Lair
         Jay: The Guardian and the Guarded
           Secret Passage
           Mofumofu Village
           Ruins of Frozen Light
           Mofumofu Village
           Mirage Palace
         Grune: Birth
           Fire Monument
           Werites Beacon
           Altar of the Sea
           Wings of Light
           Werites Beacon
           Altar of the Sea
           The Cradle of Time
    4. Sidequests/Subevents
         Grade Shop
         Synthesis Shop
         Battle Arena
         Sound Test
         Skit Watching
         Quiz Minigame
         Rare Monster Hunting
         Searching for the Blue Sephira
         The Baker Grandma
         Caroline's Quest
         The Love-Love Couple
         Mimmy's Hat
    5. Soujutsu (Eres) List
    6. Recipe List
    7. Title List
    8. Frequently Asked Questions/Tips
    9. Credits
    This is an FAQ and walkthrough for the PS2 RPG Tales of Legendia. Tales
    of Legendia is the latest game in Namco's Tales of Series, although it
    is not made by Namco's Tales Studio division, making it somewhat different
    from previous games such as Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Symphonia. 
    Tales of Legendia has been confirmed for a US release; as of yet no
    official release date for the US has been set.
    This Walkthrough also summarizes the plot of the game as it goes along,
    so that those of you who are playing who do not understand Japanese
    fluently can get a rough idea of what is going on. With that said, that
    also means that this Walkthrough WILL contain plot spoilers. Do not
    read ahead of where you are in the game in this FAQ if you are not
    willing to risk being spoiled. 
    This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
    characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
    Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
    to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
    viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Newer versions
    of Windows should have it built in, though you may have to install some
    new files from your Windows Install CD; otherwise, you'll either need to
    get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
    Japanese character support for Internet Explorer and open this file 
    in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad.
    The only website authorized to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. If
    you see this document elsewhere, not only are they posting without my
    permission, but they likely do not have the most current version of
    this FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ,
    even if the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be
    deleted without response.
    T means Triangle; S means Square
    On the Field/Dungeons:
    Directional Pad - Walk
    Left Analog Stick - Run
    O - Examine (chests/signs etc.)
        Enter (towns/dungeons)
        Push/Pull Blocks (in Puzzle Booths)
    X - Cancel Enter (towns/dungeons)
    T - Open Camp Menu
    S - Open Bread Menu 
    Start - Toggle Compass/Map (on World Map)
            Puzzle Booth Menu (in Puzzle Booths)
    Select - Play Skit (when skit balloon appears)
    L1/R1 - Rotate Map
            Rotate Character's Faced Direction
    L2 - Use Sorcery Scanner
    R2 - Use Sorcery Ring
    R3 - Full Screen Map
    In Menus:
    O - Select/Confirm
    X - Return/Cancel
    T - Unequip
        Default (in Options)
    S - Change Information Display
    L1/R1 - Change Character
    L2/R2 - Page Up/Down
    In Battle:
    Left/Right - Movement
    Down - Passing Through (Manual Mode Only)
    Up - Jump (Manual Mode Only)
    O - Basic Attack
    X - Special Attack (Soujutsu/Eres)
    T - Open Battle Menu
    S - Defend
    Start - Pause
    Select - Change Battle Mode (Manual/Semi-Auto/Auto)
    L1 - Climax Mode/Climax Combo
    R1 - Targetting Mode
    L2/R2 - Skill Shortcuts
    There are eight playable characters in Tales of Legendia. Four of them use
    Arts-type Soujutsu (Soujutsu being the term for the use of mystical energy
    for a variety of uses in the game) which are basically battle skills and
    can thus be thought of as "fighter types". The other four use Breath-type
    Soujutsu, AKA magic spells, and can thus be thought of as "caster types".
    In th English version of the game, Soujutsu is known as "Eres", the people
    who use Soujutsu are "Eren", and Arts-type and Breath-type Soujutsu have
    become "Iron Eres" and "Crystal Eres", respectively.
    Character statistics are taken from the official website. Descriptions are my
    Sex: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 171cm (5'7")
    Weight: 59kg (130lbs)
    Weapon: Wrists (Gauntlets/Knuckles, etc.)
    Occupation: Marine Trooper
    Voice Actor: Suzumura Ken'ichi
    The main character of our story, Senel is adrift at sea at the beginning
    of the game. Suddenly the Legacy appears and he and Shirley wash ashore.
    Senel calls Shirley his sister (but is she really?) and most of what he
    does is to either protect or rescue her. He fights with his fists in a
    martial arts manner, unusal for a Tales main character; he's more
    reminiscent of Farah from ToE.
    Sex: Female
    Age: 15
    Height: 154cm (5'1")
    Weight: 41kg (90lbs)
    Weapon: Pen
    Occupation: None
    Voice Actress: Hirohashi Ryou
    Shirley arrives on the Legacy with Senel and is immediately abducted.
    There are several strange things about her; saltwater makes her immensely
    sick while fresh water makes her well again (apparently she can be
    immersed in it with no problem... doesn't she need to breathe?!) and
    sometimes her hair glows. This has led many of the residents of the
    Legacy to decide she is the descendant of the MelNes, the creators of
    the Legacy. Naturally this means many people are after her, all for their
    own reasons.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 28
    Height: 188cm (6'2")
    Weight: 76kg (167lbs)
    Weapon: Hammer
    Occupation: Sheriff
    Voice Actor: Chiba Susumu
    The Sheriff of the small town, Werites Beacon, (though he insists on
    calling himself a scholar). The most level-headed of the group, Will seems 
    to have been shepherded into babysitting (as he calls it) the other
    party members. He has a giant hammer, but he mostly uses offensive and 
    curative spells as a caster type.
    Sex: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 167cm (5'6")
    Weight: 49kg (108lbs)
    Weapon: Sword
    Occupation: Knight
    Voice Actress: Asano Masumi
    A knight from the famous Valens family, Chloe arrives on the Iseki-sen
    (Legacy) for a reason she isn't willing to tell you, at least initially.
    Though at first she mistakes you for an enemy, she soon joins your party. 
    As a sword user, Chloe inherits many of the classic Tales moves from the 
    previous Tales 'main characters'. Those of you who are fond of moves like
    Kogahazan and Chirisazame (translated as Tiger Blade and Sword Rain in
    Symphonia) may prefer Chloe over Senel.
    Sex: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 157cm (5'2")
    Weight: 43kg (95lbs)
    Weapon: Straw (for blowing bubbles)
    Occupation: Treasure Hunter
    Voice Actress: Mizuhashi Kaori
    Norma is the self-described 'world's best treasure hunter' who sort of
    forces her way into the party. She's searching for the Everlight, a
    possibly-mythical artifact that is said to be capable of granting any wish.
    Norma uses a straw that blows bubbles in battle and thus wins the award
    for strangest weapon in a Tales game (or perhaps all RPGs - and yes, I
    know about Shadow Hearts). She's also a Breath-type user and thus learns
    many classic spells, like Grave and Meteor Swarm, to help our your party.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 182cm (6'0")
    Weight: 66kg (145lbs)
    Weapon: Throwing Spears
    Occupation: Mountain Bandit Chief
    Voice Actor: Nakazi Kazuya
    The leader of a group of mountain bandits, Moses initially tries to kidnap
    Shirley (after all, who doesn't?) but later joins your party. He might
    be rough on the surface, but on the inside he's really a nice guy (cue
    lots of "aww!"ing). Moses is an Arts-type Soujutsu user and he comes
    equipped with a bunch of throwing spears for battle.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 16
    Height: 155cm (5'1")
    Weight: 47kg (103lbs)
    Weapon: Daggers
    Occupation: Informant
    Voice Actress: Shiraishi Ryouko
    A strange type, Jay first meets Senel in Werites Beacon and immediately
    proceeds to get Senel in trouble to 'test his strength'. Jay collects
    information and is always curious about new things. In battle, he's
    quick and uses speed over strength with his daggers. Some might even
    call him ninja-like.
    Sex: Female
    Age: ?
    Height: 175cm (5'9")
    Weight: 53kg (117lbs)
    Weapon: Urn
    Occupation: Unknown
    Voice Actress: Kawasumi Ayako
    Grune's lost her memory, though rather than being depressed or angsty
    about it, she's decided to just take things in stride and not worry
    about the little things. She's a Breath-type Soujutsu user and she
    wields an urn, which certainly doesn't seem like just a normal urn...
    Grune's the most mysterious out of your party characters.
    Of course, Tales of Legendia has its share of NPCs, both ally and enemy,
    that are also important to the story.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 17
    Voice Actor: Sakurai Takahiro
    Walter is a mysterious adolescent who for some reason is after Shirley. 
    You'll be learning a lot more about him as the game progresses...
    VACLAV BOLUD (pronounced "vahts-lahf")
    Sex: Male
    Age: 36
    Voice Actor: Kosugi Juurouta
    A General in the Kurzand army (a country on the west end of the continent),
    he is not a noble but gained a high rank through his merit in battle.
    He has three subordinates called the Triplekeitz. He, just like many others,
    is after Shirley.
    Senku no Melanie
    Sex: Female
    Age: 28
    Voice Actress: Satou Yuuko
    Retsuzan no Stingle
    Sex: Male
    Age: 40
    Voice Actor: Ooba Mahito
    Yuugen no Cashel
    Sex: Male
    Age: 32
    Voice Actor: Takato Yasuhiro
    The Triplekeitz are Vaclav's subordinates. As such, they'll be causing
    your party a fair amount of trouble in the game...
    Ed Curtis
    Sex: Male
    Age: 30
    Voice Actor: Inada Tetsu
    Isabella Robbins
    Sex: Female
    Age: 27
    Voice Actress: Mizushiro Rena
    Legendia's incarnation of the comic relief characters, love 'em or hate
    'em, you'll be seeing the Pheromone Bombers throughout the game. It'll
    be hard to miss their musical entrances, at any rate. As a bit of trivia,
    Inada Tetsu has done the voice of Ifrit in Tales of Symphonia and Tales
    of Eternia, while Mizushiro Rena was Celsius in Symphonia. So the odd
    couple of Ifrit and Celsius from Sypmohnia now has a Legendia incarnation
    as well.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18 in human years
    Voice Actress: Takahashi Mikiko
    Sex: Male
    Age: 17 in human years
    Voice Actress: Nakayama Sara
    Sex: Male
    Age: 16 in human years
    Voice Actress: Hatano Wataru
    The Mofumofus are a race of cuddly furry things that the party makes
    the acquaintance of during the course of the game. For some reason, the
    English translation of the game chooses to call them Orensoren instead
    of Mofumofu, even though neither word really means anything...
    Sex: Female
    Age: 22
    Voice Actress: Kanda Akemi
    Mimmy Bread, the 28th Wonder Bread baker, is Legendia's version of the
    Wonder Chef. By finding her while exploring the world of ToL, you'll
    be able to learn new and more effective bread recipes from her. Since
    the high-level recipes can be very effective, be sure you look for the
    oddly placed objects that Mimmy is often disguised as.
    The menus in Legendia often use icons instead of words, making it rather
    user friendly for people who don't speak Japanese! Joy.
    The Main Camp menu (press Triangle in most situations) has the following
    icons, from left to right:
       Finger: Soujutsu (remember that Soujutsu means Nail Arts). Allows you
               to set Soujutsu, check their properties, and so on.
       Pouch: Items. Lets you use/check items in your inventory.
       Sword/Shield: Equip. Lets you equip equipment as well as titles.
       Basket: Bread Basket. Lets you check your bread and eat it too.
       Info Sheet: Status. Stats of your characters and so on.
       Group of People: Tactics. Change your tactics for battle.
       Two People with Arrow: Switch. Switch party members in and out.
       Book: Books. Check the diary, your recipes, or the Collector Book.
       Tools: Options. Change the game settings.
       Memory Card: Save your game (World Map or Save Points only).
    The Soujutsu menu has several options. The first one (a starburst icon)
    lets you use Soujutsu from the menu. This is useful for using healing
    magic and so on out of battle. The next choice (a finger) lets you set
    Soujutsu. If you are a Manual mode character, you can set Soujutsu to
    your direction+X button combinations. You can also set two Shortcuts to
    L2 and R2. Shortcuts can be skills from other characters, too, so you
    can make your other characters use a specific skill at a specific time
    if you so wish. If setting Soujutsu for an Auto mode character, you
    can turn the skills on or off; skills set to off will not be used by
    the AI. The third option (a person icon) lets you make Garyuu
    Ougis (Arts-type users only; check the Soujutsu list in Section 5 below 
    for more detail). The last option (a PS2 controller) lets you change
    between Manual, Semi-Auto, and Auto Modes. Auto means the character is
    controlled by the computer. Semi-Auto causes you to automatically run
    up to the correct distance when you attack, while Manual makes you do
    all of the movement yourself.
    In Items you can see your items or use them. By pressing L1/R1, you can
    see specific items only. From left to right, the icons are for: New
    Items, Consumable Items/Tools, Weapons, Armor, Helmets, Accessories,
    Ingredients, Important Items, and Sculptures. If you pick a piece of
    equipment on this screen and then choose a character, you can equip
    it without having to go into the equipment screen. You can press square
    to see the stats as well.
    In the Equip menu you choose a character to equip. The slots are
    Weapon 武器, Body 体, Head 頭, two Accessories 装備品, and Title 称号. 
    O lets you choose from a list of the possible equipment for that slot. 
    Triangle lets you unequip an item without replacing it (you cannot 
    unequip Titles or weapons without replacing them). Square lets you
    see more detailed stats of the current selection, and L1/R1 lets
    you change characters.
    The Tactics menu of Legendia uses a series of gauges. At the top you'll
    see your current party and a layout which shows their initial formation
    in battle. You can choose a character and move him or her freely with O.
    Immediately below that are a series of gauges. The gauges are for
    Distance 間合い, Aggressiveness 攻防バランス, and TP use TP消費. 
    These gauges determine the AI's behavior. Distance refers to how far the
    AI moves to the enemy, Aggressiveness is the balance between attacking
    and defending, and TP use will let you set how much they should conserve
    their TP, if at all. The last option is for targetting. You can change
    between same enemy 同じ敵, different enemy 違う敵, or up to you まかせる.
    Same enemy makes the AI attack whoever the leader is attacking, while
    different is obviously different. Up to you make the characters do what
    they want depending on their personality.
    The Bread Basket menu lets you check or use your completed Bread. You'll
    see the description of what the bread does and how many you have, as well
    as your current party's HP and TP.
    Status gives you a quick rundown of your characters statistics. You
    have your standard HP, TP, attack power 攻撃力, defense power 防御力, base 
    attack (attack without any equipment) 基礎攻撃, base defense 基礎防御, 
    intelligence 知性, hit 命中, evade 回避, and luck 幸運. This screen also 
    shows you how much experience you have and how much more you need for 
    the next level.
    The Book menu lets you choose from one of three books, the Synopsis
    ・らすじ, the Recipe book レシピ, and the Collector Book コレクター図鑑. 
    Synopsis lets you check on the where you are in the plot if you
    haven't played for a few weeks and gives you hints on what to do
    next. In Legendia, the synopsis isn't a dry third-person account as
    it was in other Tales games, but is written as a diary from your
    characters' perspectives. The Recipe book lets you check the recipes
    you know and what you need to make them. The Collector book shows you
    what items you have obtained before.
    The Options menu changes your game settings. The options are:
       - メッセージスキップ Message Skip: change between manual and auto.
       - 字幕 Subtitles: on or off.
       - コントローラ振動 Controller Vibration: on or off.
       - 戦闘難易度 Difficulty: easy, normal, and difficult.
       - サウンド設定 Sound: stereo or mono.
       - BGM volume
       - 効果音 Sound Effects volume
       - バトルボイス Battle Voices volume
       - イベントボイス Event Voices volume
       - 画面位置調整 Screen Adjust: adjust the position of the display
       - 前回の設定状態に戻す Previous Settings
       - 初期設定に戻す Default Settings
    The save menu lets you save your game. This option is only selectable
    on the World Map or at save points. You need 27kB of free space on
    your memory card per save file.
    This menu is accessible by pressing triangle in battle. Many of the
    choices work the same as they do in the main camp menu. The options are:
       Finger: Set Soujutsu as in the Camp menu.
       Pouch: Item. Items that cannot be used in battle will not show up.
       Sword/Shield: Change Equipment.
       Megaphone: Orders. You can change between one of four general orders.
       Group of People: Tactics. Same as the Camp menu.
       Foot: Run.
    The four Orders you can choose are:
        突撃しろ!集中攻撃 Charge! (focus)
        突撃しろ!分散攻撃 Charge! (split)
        今は耐えろ! Endure for now!
        いつもどおり戦え 号令を解除 Fight as normal.
    The Charge!s will make your party go all-out aggressive regardless of
    Tactics settings. Focus and Split determine whether your party should
    focus on one enemy or split up. Endure for now! is the opposite and
    makes your party go all-out defensive regardless of Tactics. Fight
    as normal cancels currently active orders and returns the AI to Tactics
    Run will make your party attempt to run from battle. A display will show
    how many more seconds it will take before you succeed. You cannot run
    from boss battles or certain event battles.
    World Exploration
    The game takes place on what is essentially a giant floating landmass,
    known as the "Isekisen" (Relic Ship; "Legacy" in the English version). 
    Senel and Shirley, stranded at sea, suddenly comes across the Relic Ship, 
    and the adventure goes from there...
    As the game takes place on a ship, there is no standard North/South/East/
    West. Rather, a clock-direction scheme is used. For instance, 12-o'clock
    refers to towards the boat's bow, while 6-o'clock refers to towards the
    stern. This is important as during skits and conversation and so on
    a person might tell you to 'head towards 3-o'clock' instead of 'head
    east'. While you're on the world map, a compass in the upper left of the
    screen will help you find your way. Nevertheless this is an unnatural
    system to use and I will often just use 'north' and 'south', by which
    I mean 12-o'clock and 6-o'clock respectively, in my FAQ.
    There is also of course a minimap in the lower right. This shows you the
    surrounding area, including features such as towns and dungeons, as well
    as telling you what direction you're facing and where the camera is
    oriented. Important destinations will also sometimes appear on the minimap.
    By pressing R3, you can bring up a larger fullscreen map.
    On the map you will encounter red platforms; these are part of the
    Duct system. The Duct system is a transportation system left behind by
    an ancient civilization; for your purposes, it's a means of fast travel.
    You can't use a Duct to go to place you haven't already been, but if 
    you've already been to both sides, you can warp from one to the other
    by simply checking the Duct on the map. The World Map also has a Master
    Duct outside Werites which will allow you to travel to any of a number 
    of Ducts.
    Dungeon Exploration
    Of course, much of the game takes place not on the world map, but in
    dungeons. There are several features of dungeons that are not seen on the
    regular field maps that you should be careful about.
    One is the Chaotic Zone system. These zones, which apear as purplish 
    spherical areas on the screen, represent dangerous areas. Within the Zone
    the enemy encounter rate is raised significantly, and the enemies you
    encounter here are significantly stronger than the normal areas in the
    dungeon. Of course, Chaotic Zones often guard treasure chests with good
    items and so on.
    The other main feature is the Puzzle Booth system. In dungeons you will
    find green Duct platforms. These are not connected to the normal Ducts
    on the field map, but will instead take you to Puzzle Booth rooms, where
    your goal is to find the exit. As in previous Tales games, clever use of
    switches, pushing and pulling blocks, and use of the Sorcery Ring are
    required to get through Puzzle Booths. Pressing Start while in a Puzzle
    Booth brings up the Puzzle Booth menu. This brings up several options:
    think it over (考えなおす), change the view (視点を上・下げる), and 
    cancel (キャンセル). If you pick to think it over, you'll be presented with
    more options; reset the booth (最初からやり直す), leave the booth 
    (いったん引き返す), give up (あきらめる), and cancel. If you choose to give up
    your allies will solve the puzzle for you. Be warned that this will
    disqualify Senel from some titles.
    Sorcery Ring
    Used in Puzzle Booths, this will let you shoot balls of light. Depending
    on the Puzzle Booth setup, the light will do different things. Press R2
    to fire the Sorcery Ring.
    Sorcery Scanner
    In the Character Quest portion of the game you will gain access to the
    Sorcery Scanner. This device lets you check your immediate surroundings
    for hidden items and objects and so on. Press L2 to activate the
    Sorcery Scanner.
    The Skit system should be familiar to Tales veterans; basically they are
    conversations between your party members that take place, some related to
    the main plot, others just to be interesting and flesh out your characters'
    personalities. Skits take place graphically with something other than the
    in-game models; in most of the Tales game they took place with face
    portraits; in Destiny 2 and Rebirth they were frontal portraits. In
    Legendia the skits are portrayed with sideways character art, so your
    characters look like they are actually talking to each other.
    Legendia has two types of skits, Free Skits and Event Skits. Free Skits
    are just like before; while exploring, by fulfilling some sort of
    condition (such as simply being in a new area, or being at a certain
    point in the story, and so on) a skit title will show up in the upper
    right of the screen, telling you that a Free Skit is available. You can 
    choose to ignore it if you wish, but Skits may give you helpful info or
    even just entertainment, so try and watch them.
    Event Skits take place automatically; they are just like another kind of
    story event.
    Another system from previous Tales games, Titles are just that, Titles
    that your characters have earned. Your characters start with a basic
    title that has no effect, but by fulfilling conditions in the game,
    whether during exploration or in battle, your characters will earn new
    titles. Some titles are shared among your characters while others are
    unique to each character. Equipping a title on a characters changes
    their stats - for instance, the title "Combo Beginner" gives a +3
    to Attack power - so titles do have a real impact and aren't just for
    show. As opposed to Symphonia where different titles affected your
    stat growth while levelling up, and Rebirth where earning new titles
    permanently raised a stat in a one-shot deal, Legendia titles are
    equippable, with the stat bonuses taking effect only while the title
    is equipped. So if you need a defense boost you can equip a title that
    raises defense, while if you need an HP boost you can equip a title that
    raises your max HP and so on.
    There are over 200 titles in Tales of Legendia; some are obviously harder
    to earn than others. See Section 7, the Titles List, for a list of the
    Titles, their effects, and how to earn them.
    Cooking (Bread Basket System)
    Cooking should be familiar to anybody who has played previous Tales games,
    though Legendia adds its own twist. In previous games, cooking was a means
    to heal your party away from towns; while exploring, one could simply
    bring up the menu, use a specified set of ingredients, and attempt to cook
    a meal which would restore HP, restore TP, or have any number of other
    beneficial effects.
    In Legendia the first major change is that all of the recipes are now
    types of Bread (as opposed to previous games where various recipes from
    Hamburgers to Salads to Pasta were possible). Another change is that
    cooking of bread can now only take place in bakeries in town. Finally,
    the bread is not consumed immediately upon cooking, but is put in your
    Bread Basket and can be carried with you just like any other item.
    At first you will only know a few basic bread recipes, but by finding 
    the Wonder Baker "Mimmy Bread" you will learn more (just like previous
    games where you had to find the Wonder Chef). Mimmy Bread is usually
    disguised as some odd object; for instance she might be disguised as an odd
    looking piggy bank in the middle of a field. Find Mimmy
    and she will pass on a recipe to you. Other recipes are earned by
    performing basic bread recipes over and over again - after all, practice
    makes perfect.
    See Section 6 below, the Recipe List, for a complete list of bread recipes,
    their effects, and where to find them.
    In the Character Quest portion of the game, the Synthesis Shops will open.
    At these places, you can combine items, equipment, and so on to get more
    powerful items, equipment, and so on. You can synthesize equipment better
    than what you could buy, so check them out.
    Battles in the Tales series are real-time. All but two of the Tales games
    had battles take place on a 2D 'line', similar in concept to a 2D fighting
    game (Tales of Rebirth had three lines for a little added complexity; Tales
    of Symphonia had a pseudo-3D system where the battlefield itself was 3D but
    the player could only move in a 2D plane relative to the current target).
    Tales of Legendia returns to the 2D line system, with of course some added
    tweaks of its own. As the battles are real-time, you will control one
    character at a time while the AI controls other characters. Up to four
    characters can participate in a battle at once. Along the bottom of the
    screen you'll see your four characters and their HP and TP levels, as
    well as the Climax Gauge (explained later).
    Battles continue until all enemies are defeated, your party is defeated,
    or you run away. If you are defeated, the Game Over menu pops up. This
    lets you either Load a game or return to the main menu. For certain
    battles only, there will be another choice, Retry the Battle
    Movement is accomplished simply by pressing back or forth, which will
    cause your character to run in the appropriate direction on the screen.
    Jumping can be performed simply by pressing an upwards direction. A
    new addition to Legendia is the Passing Through system, where holding
    down while near an enemy will allow you to 'run around' them and end up
    behind them. Obviously this can be used to pincer the enemy, or avoid
    pincers yourself. However, enemies are capable of using Passing Blocks
    which will foil your Passing Through attempt and leave you open, so you
    can't use this with total freedom.
    Pressing R1 will allow you to choose your target. While choosing targets,
    you can also see a rundown of the enemies stats, such as their name,
    HP, enemy race, and weight (race and weight are important for throws,
    described in a bit). There will also be indicators for elemental
    attributes (red means the enemy is strong against an element, while
    blue means the enemy is weak) and stats (red means the enemy has that
    stat boosted, while blue means the stat is lowered). If you are in Semi-Auto
    mode, pressing attack buttons will cause you to run up to the appropriate
    range from your current target before you actually attack. In Manual mode,
    you must do all of the movement yourself, and thus you will probably
    not use targetting as often. Your current target's HP is displayed as a
    small pie-chart over its head, so you can keep track of how much damage
    you've done to the enemy and so on.
    Basic Attacks
    Pressing O will cause your character to perform a basic attack. In Manual
    mode, you can determine exactly which attack to perform, with pressing
    up+O giving an upwards attack, down+O giving a downwards attack, and so on.
    In Semi-auto mode the attack type is determined for you automatically.
    You can also attack while jumping. Senel, Chloe, and Jay can chain up to
    three attacks together at once.
    Special Attacks (Soujutsu)
    Special Attacks in Legendia are called Soujutsu (literally, 'nail arts',
    so-called because the use of such powers causes one's nails to glow); in
    the English version these are called Eres. They are of two types, Arts-type
    and Breath-type (Iron Eres and Crystal Eres, respectively, in English).
    Arts-type are basically special moves used by the fighter types, while
    Breath-type are basically magic spells.  Arts-type Soujutsu usually are
    performed right away, while Breath-type Soujutsu require casting time and
    can be interrupted during this casting time. Some of the Soujutsu,
    such as Majinken, Chirisazame, and Indignation, will be familiar to
    Tales veterans, but of course Legendia has some unique moves of its own.
    In the menu Soujutsu can be assigned to one of four slots (up+X, down+X,
    back/forward+X, and neutral X), and pressing the appropriate combination
    in-battle will cause your character to perform the assigned technique.
    Unlike Basic Attacks, Soujutsu require TP (Technique Points) to perform;
    in exchange they are usually more powerful and/or have some sort of
    special effect. You will slowly regain TP in battle.
    There are multiple types of Arts-type Soujutsu. Tokugi ('Special Technique')
    are the basic type. Ougi ('Inner Technique') in ToL are basically
    combinations of two okugi. Finally, Garyuu Ougi ('Custom Ougi') are
    combinations of tokugi that you customize yourself; the moves you choose
    determine the properties of the end move.
    Breath-type Soujutsu require two things to learn - first, a caster will
    earn 'Spellbooks' upon levelling up; however, this does not allow you to use 
    the spell. Next, 'Sculptures', collected from enemies, must be used to 
    activate the spell. When the required number of the required types of 
    Sculptures are collected, only then can your character use the skill.
    See Section 5 "Soujutsu (Eres) List" below for a list of Soujutsu, their
    effects, what it takes to learn them, and so on.
    Combos (Arts-type Characters Only)
    Move recovery can be cancelled into another move in a specific order. 
    The normal order is regular attack -> tokugi -> ougi. Garyuu Ougi cannot
    be used in Combos.
    Throws (Senel Only)
    Some of Senel's Soujutsu are classified as throws. Throws are powerful,
    and enemies that are hit by a thrown enemy will also take damage.
    However throws are also limited. First, the enemy must be knocked down
    with some other move, such as with Senel's Shishi Senkou. Also, each
    specific throw will only work against certain races or weight classes
    of enemies. The move description will tell you what kind of enemies the
    throw is useful against, while the Targetting menu (press R1) will tell
    you what race and weight class each enemy belongs to. There are 5
    weight classes, Very Light (超軽量級), Light (軽量級), Medium(中量級), 
    Heavy (重量級), and Very Heavy (超重量級). Senel's basic throws work up to
    a certain weight class; for instance his first throw only works on
    Very Light Enemies, bus his subsequent throws will throw Medium and
    below, for example. His Garyuu Ougis all work against one specific
    monster race only. 
    Pressing square will cause your character to guard. Obviously this reduces
    the damage of incoming attacks, and so it is a vital part of your battle
    strategy. Magic cannot be guarded in this way. If you keep guarding too
    much you will suffer a Guard Break and be left open to attack. Pressing
    back while guarding will allow you to do a backstep.
    Special Guarding (Soujutsu Guard)
    Pressing down+square simultaneously will cause you to do a special guard,
    as is reminiscent from Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Destiny 2. Unlike
    normal guarding, this kind of guard will also allow you to guard against
    magic. This does not cost you anything but it lasts for a specific amount
    of time only and you will be left open to attack after it is done.
    Caution Signals
    In Legendia, the game will warn you if an enemy is about to do something
    special. A yellow exclamation mark indicates that the enemy is about to
    perform some sort of special tactic or move, while a red exclamation mark
    indicates that the enemy is about to perform a particularly strong attack.
    Use Caution Signals to determine when to begin guarding/retreating.
    Fields of Effect (FOE)
    This is similar to the systems from Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Rebirth.
    Some enemies can put forth a magic circle around them, and entering the
    the field will cause your character to be afflicted with a variety of
    status effects, such as being frozen. Enemies with FOE are best fought
    at a distance. There are three types of FOE, yellow, red, and black, with
    black being the strongest type. Luckily, there are specific accessories
    (for instance FOE1 Check, which guards against yellow FOE) that allow
    you to ignore the effects of FOE. The types of FOE and the kinds of
    possible effects they cause are as follows:
    Yellow: Poison
            Attack Down
            Defense Down
            Intelligence Down
            Hit Down
    Red: Frozen
         On Fire
         Running Speed Down
         Casting Speed Down
         Elemental Resistance Down
    Black: Petrify
    Status Effects
    There are a variety of status effects in Legendia. There are as follows:
    Poison - your character has a greenish cloud. They'll slowly lose HP.
    Petrify - your character becomes a rock. They cannot do anything.
    Seal - an X appears by your character. They cannot use Soujutsu (Eres).
    Dead - your character's HP is zero. They cannot do anything.
    Frozen - your character turns to ice. They cannot move and will have
       their defense lowered. Frozen recovers upon being attacked.
    Bind - a web appears over your character. They cannot move. 
       Bind recovers upon being attacked.
    On Fire - fire appears on your character. They'll slowly lose HP.
    Panic - your character sweats profusely. Panicked characters cannot
       attack and their directional movement is reversed.
    Paralyze - electrical bolts run over your character. Paralyzed
       characters will be forcibly interrupted every few seconds.
    Status Up - a red up arrow appears. One or more of your stats are boosted. 
    Status Down - a blue down arrow appears. One or more of your stats are
    Elemental Defense Down - an elemental icon and a blue arrow appear. Your
       defense against that element is reduced.
    Poison, Petrify, Seal, and Dead carry over from battle to battle. All
    others automatically recover after the battle is over.
    There are 6 elements in Tales of Legendia. Different moves and spells may
    have associated elements. Monsters as well as your characters can be
    weak or strong versus specific elements, which affects the damage done
    by elemental attacks. The six elements are:
    Fire 火 represented by a flame icon.
    Ice 氷 represented by a snowflake.
    Lightning 雷 represented by a lightning bolt.
    Earth 地 represented by a rock.
    Ocean 海 represented by a drop of water.
    Curse 呪 represented by a skull.
    Fire and Ice, Lightning and Earth, and Ocean and Curse are opposite
    elements. Thus, enemies strong to Lightning will often be weak to Earth,
    and so on.
    Climax Gauge and Climax Combos
    The gauge positioned over your character info on the bottom of the screen
    is known as the Climax Gauge. Attacking the enemy causes the gauge to fill
    up. Once full, pressing L1 will engage Climax Mode. During this mode the
    Gauge turns into a timer that counts down, and enemies become frozen
    and defenseless, allowing you to attack at will. Pressing L1 again will
    begin a Climax Combo, where your four characters land an extremely powerful
    attack on the enemy. Since the Climax Combo can be started at any time
    during Climax Mode, it's best to begin Climax Mode and attack the opponent
    normally until the timer is almost out, THEN engage the Climax Combo.
    Incidentally if you do not have 4 characters in your party you cannot
    perform a Climax Combo (but you can still enter Climax Mode if you wish).
    As in previous games, at the end of the battle you will be awarded 
    Grade depending on how you performed in battle. If you perform extremely
    poorly, you may even get negative grade. After you beat the game, you
    can use your earned accumulated grade to start a new game with extra
    Battle Summary
    At the end of the battle you'll get a quick rundown of the results, such
    as Exp earned, Gald earned, Bonus EXP (earned by getting high combos),
    Time elapsed, max hits, and how much grade you've earned. At this screen
    you can also press Start to see a more elaborate rundown of your results.
    This has three categories - Item, which lets you see items enemies have
    dropped (if any); Skill, which lets you see new skills your characters
    have earned (if any), and Grade, which gives you a complete rundown of all
    the plusses and minuses to grade you earned in that battle. Also, you'll
    gain a small percentage of your max TP back.
    The story of Legendia is split into two large parts; the 'main' story and
    the Character Quests. The main story is the first half of the game and
    involves the heroes vs. villains type of quest that you would expect from
    any RPG. The main story is divided into 7 chapters.
    The Character Quests, which are playable after clearing the main
    story, are a series of shorter stories in which each of your playable
    characters gets the spotlight, besides Senel and Shirley, get the spotlight; 
    for instance, in Norma's character quest your party attempts to help her 
    find the Everlight, which she has been searching for the entire game. If
    you're wondering why Senel and Shirley don't get Character Quests, just
    consider that the main story is pretty much their Character Quest. The 
    Character Quests aren't just side quests and character development though; 
    there are many features that expand gameplay that you can access once you've 
    reached the Character Quests, such as Synthesis crafters (which let you 
    combine items, weapons, and so on into new things), the Battle Arena, and 
    the Sorcery Scanner, which lets you find new hidden items and areas in 
    the game.
    Senel and Shirley are at sea, being attacked by monsters. Their engines
    aren't working so they are adrift. You'll experience your first battle
    here, it's quite simple; Senel has only learned Majinken at this point
    anyway so there isn't much for you to do except attack away. After
    the battle you'll get a cutscene, and Senel and Shirley will land upon
    the Isekisen (Legacy) itself. At the same time a strange pillar of
    light appears. You'll see a mysterious young man who appears to be able to 
    control monsters. After meeting Will, you'll learn something strange
    about Shirley - if she touches saltwater, she gets very sick, whereas
    fresh water makes her better again. While submerged in the spring,
    Shirley's hair begins to glow. That and the earlier pillar of light
    are apparently part of a legend Will recognizes. Soon the mysterious
    man appears again and Senel tries to stop him.
    BOSS: ???
    This is just an event battle. You won't be able to do any damage at all
    to him, and he can only do pitiful amounts of damage to you. Just do
    whatever you like. After awhile Shirley will scream, ending the battle.
    You'll see Shirley being abducted by a bandit with an eyepatch. The
    mysterious young man suddenly sprouts black wings and takes off after
    the pair; Will informs Senel that the bandit is named Moses Sandor and
    that they're no doubt headed to Moses's mountain hideout. He offers
    to show you the way, and thus begins the Chapter 1 proper.
    Treasures: Apple Gummy x2, Orange Gummy x2, 500 Gald, Life Bottle
    Your first area is the site of a waterfall. You'll immediately see a
    treasure chest (Apple Gummy) and a save point. Proceed down the path
    and you'll see another cutscene...
    The strange piggy bank on the ground turns into the Wonder Baker,
    Mimmy Bread. She's a little strange, calling herself shousei (a
    very archaic personal pronoun) and ends all her sentences with
    'pan' (which means bread in Japanese). But she will teach you your
    first recipe, Toast, as well as give you your bread basket.
    Continue onwards and you'll arrive at a cliff, where you get a good
    view of the terrain below. There's even a town down there. Will
    asks Senel if he's ever heard the term "MelNes", which he hasn't. Will
    will then tell you about an ancient civilization that used to flourish
    on the Legacy, called the Gensou Oukoku (Kingdom of Founders). The
    ones who ruled the Kingdom were called the MelNes. They were able to
    control the Legacy. Will explains that because of the pillar of light
    and the glowing hair, legend states that Shirley is probably a descendent
    of the MelNes, which means the Glowing Ones in the old language - hence why 
    so many people are after her. The Legacy was discovered 15 years ago,
    and people have no idea why it's moving or where it's going, but as
    a descendent of the MelNes Shirley might be the key to understanding all
    of this.
    Continue onwards. You'll find an Orange Gummy atop the next platform. In
    the next area you'll see another treasure chest (Apple Gummy) and a glowing
    blue spot. Check it to refill your HP/TP. A little further on there is
    500 Gald, and even further, and Orange Gummy. Down the path there's a Life
    Bottle (they sure are generous with the treasures early on, aren't they?).
    Continue on and you'll reach your first town, Werites Beacon.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    Treasures: Holy Bottle, Life Bottle x2, Apple Gummy x2, Cod
    Will explains to you that there's an old artifact that sometimes shines
    above the town, hence the name "Beacon". Nobody knows what's it for,
    though... immediately a townperson shows up and asks for Will, leaving
    you to explore the town yourself. He'll ask you to wait by the fountain
    in the middle of the town. There's a map and a save point right there.
    You can see where you are as well as a handy color coded map (red for
    the equipment store, blue for the bakery, yellow for an item store, and
    green for a bar/Inn. There are similar maps all around town, so take a
    look if you get lost.
    If you head south, you'll also see Will's house. There's a Holy Bottle
    in his backyard, but you can't enter his house just now. Bet you were
    thinking about looting his place! In the next area you'll find the
    shops. You can buy ingredients and make Toast at the bakery. The item
    store also has a synthesis store in it, but you can't use it yet (in
    fact, you can't use any of the synthesis stores until the Character Quest
    portion of the game). The Inn has a rather interesting basement... You
    can upgrade Senel's Iron Wrist to a Power Wrist at the weapon store, but
    it costs 700 Gald (a large chunk of your change, probably) and it only
    give you 4 more attack. If you head straight north from there you'll
    arrive at the fountain. But first explore the rest of the town. You won't
    be able to go to the right just yet since there's an angry couple blocking
    your way on one of the bridges and an old lady on the other. To the
    left is a hospital. You don't have any use for it yet (it's not running
    anyway), but in the backyard is a Life Bottle. In one of the cabinets
    upstairs you'll find an Apple Gummy, and next to the bed downstairs
    there is a Life Bottle.
    Head to the fountain and you'll see a bunch of people, including a
    strange-looking boy who strikes up a conversation with Senel. He realizes
    that Senel's a Marine Trooper from his outfit... and then suddenly tells
    everybody that Senel's offering 50,000 Gald to anybody who can beat him
    in a fight! A bunch of villagers challenge Senel, but they change their
    minds once they find out he's a Soujutsu user. At this point you'll get
    a... very interesting... introduction to the Pheromone Bombers. Senel
    gets rather annoyed and beats them up... Will arrives. Senel wants to
    take off, but apparently fighting is against the law, so Will knocks
    Senel out with Lightning (it turns out he's the sheriff). Senel wakes up 
    in jail. An old lady named Madam Musette asks Senel what Shirley's
    relationship to him is, and he says she's his sister. Madam Musette says
    that Senel better go rescue her then, and asks Will to let Senel out.
    She also asks Will to tag along, mentioning that another girl they had
    met earlier (Chloe Valens) had also gone off to Moses's hideout.
    Will joins the party at this point. He starts off with Lightning and
    First Aid, making him pretty helpful.
    Head upstairs. It turns out the jail is in the basement of Will's house.
    You can use Will's oven to bake bread if you wish. There's an Apple Gummy
    in one of the bookshelves upstairs. Upon leaving, Madam Musette gives you
    a World Map. You still can't explore the right side of town. If you go
    back to the fountain, you can check along its left side for a Cod. When 
    you're ready, head out the south exit and you'll be on the world map. Will
    will explain the Duct system to you here, then you're off. In the first
    battle you may earn a Sculpture. This will make the skit announcement
    show up in the upper right; press select to see a skit about Sculptures
    and how to use them.
    PORT-ON-RAGE 内海港
    Treasures: Scallop, Shrimp, Squid, Cod
    Port-on-Rage is close to your south. There's actually nothing you can do 
    here except converse and pick up some treasure chests, with ingredients for 
    cooking. You'll learn that the ships needed to cross the Inner Sea aren't 
    ready yet.
    You'll see this small building just north of Werites. The man in here
    will give you battle tutorials if you wish, and you can rest on the bed
    for free. There's also a save point.
    Treasures: 500 Gald, Mixed Gummy x2, Liquor Bottle, Hard Leather, Life
    Bottle x2
    This area is northeast of Werites. A little bit inwards, you'll see your
    first Chaotic Zone. Inside these zones, the monster encounter rate is
    increased, and the monsters themselves are stronger than normal. Don't
    enter them unprepared. Of course, they usually guard good treasures,
    so they are worth challenging if you are confident. This first one has
    500 Gald behind it. The path continues past more Chaotic Zones, which have
    a Mixed Gummy and a Liquor Bottle. At the top of the path, which you can 
    access regardless of whether you passed the Chaotic Zones or not, there
    is a Hard Leather, which you can equip on Senel.
    Past the next screen (which has a save point) you'll see an event and
    be introduced to Chloe. She'll mistake you for more bandits and attack.
    BOSS: Chloe
    Like the earlier event battle, after awhile the battle will end
    automatically, so don't bother wasting your items and such. 
    Will explains things. It turns out Chloe, acting on principles of justice 
    alone, has also decided to come rescue Shirley. The bandits will catch up 
    to you and the three of you will run. After you run, Chloe will disappear.
    Head down and you'll be where you came from. There's a Life Bottle down
    here though, so you should do it first.
    Proceed upwards. To the left and down you'll see another Chaotic Zone.
    Past it on the next screen is a Mixed Gummy. Return and now go up. You'll
    see a save point. Go down and you'll see a paper crane... strange, what's
    a crane doing here? Oh, it's Mimmy Bread again. You'll learn how to make
    Ham Sandwiches.
    Continue upwards (downwards leads you past where the Chaotic Zone was) 
    to find a Life Bottle. Follow the bridge up and around to the next screen,
    which exits to the World Map. As soon as you leave you'll get a skit. Will
    tells Senel that the bandit hideout is straight along the path. There's a 
    Duct just outside too, so you can return to Werites if you need to.
    BANDIT'S LAIR 山賊のアジト
    Treasures: Apple Gummy, Mixed Gummy, 800 Gald, Life Bottle, Leather Boots,
    Climax Bottle
    When you enter, Senel will fall into a trapdoor, leaving Will behind.
    The treasure chest here is an Apple Gummy. Past the first Chaotic Zone
    is a Mixed Gummy; the second has 800 Gald.
    On the next screen you'll find Chloe. Will will also join you again.
    Will rejoins your active party, but for now Chloe's just tagging along.
    The treasure chest is a Life Bottle. Head up and you'll be back upstairs.
    At this point Chloe will actually join your active party after a skit.
    You'll see an event with Shirley and Moses as well. He'll tell Shirley
    that the reason he came to the Legacy is that he wants the Sei-Soujutsu
    (Holy Soujutsu), the most powerful of all Soujutsu. He wants her to tell
    him where he can find it, but of course Shirley doesn't know much...
    The Chaotic Zone here guards a Leather Boots. Head leftwards and you can
    go straight down to exit (and save and return to town and such). Going
    up you'll see a large door; it's another exit that you can't use for now.
    To the right is a Chaotic Zone that has a Climax Bottle in it.
    Follow the path upstairs. Moses will come to taunt you; then you'll find
    your first Puzzle Booth. This one's really easy, just pull the blocks 
    (the tops of the blocks glow so you can pick them out) and fill in the gap
    so you can reach the other side. You'll find the room where Shirley is,
    but the door is locked. Save, then go to the left where Moses is. It's
    fight time.
    BOSS: Moses and Geet
    Moses: 2194 HP
    Geet: 2852 HP
    Drops: Milk, Pine Gummy
    Your first battle with any real challenge. Both Moses and Geet have
    strong attacks capable of doing lots of damage to multiple party members
    at once. Moses's weak point here is that he can't attack people right
    next to him. Ideally what you should be able to do is pincer Moses and
    Geet in the same spot with Senel and Chloe and attack from both sides.
    Going into Climax Mode really helps (hell, it makes this battle easy).
    Mess up getting into position though, and you'll probably die a few times.
    After the battle, you'll be interrupted. It seems somebody else is storming
    the hideout in search of Shirley, as well. Except these guys don't seem 
    very nice. Moses will give you the key, then go off to defend his hideout.
    Return to where Shirley is. Just when you get in, you'll see the young man
    from before taking Shirley away. Moses's subordinate Chaba will open the
    back door to Moses's hideout for you, which leads to the Crystal Forest.
    You'll also learn that Chloe is looking for somebody with a snake tattoo
    on his arm.
    Treasures: Orange Gummy
    It's quite aways north to the Crystal Forest. There is an Orange Gummy on
    a cliff you see on the way. You'll run into Lightning Eggbears here. They
    drop Eggbear Sculptures that Will needs for his Stone Blast; however, 
    don't let Will use his Lightning on them, obviously. Right before the
    entrance there is another Duct that you can use to get back to Werites.
    The shops in Werites have new items in stock now, so check them out.
    Treasures: Mixed Gummy x2, Restraint Check, Panacea Bottle, Misty Robe,
    Orange Gummy, Chainmail, Circlet
    Immediately upon entering you'll see a girl being chased by a Crystaltula.
    Senel and Chloe will get into a fight about whether to go help the girl
    or just keep going after Shirley, but in the end they're both the same
    way anyway. You'll also see a cutscene with Moses. Looks like he lost
    If you head up where the Crystaltula came from you'll pass a few Chaotic
    Zones; there'll be a Mixed Gummy and a Restraint Check, which protects
    against Bind, up here. Continue north. in the next area, go left for
    a Panacea Bottle and a Misty Robe. Continue up and to the right, past the
    Chaotic Zone. There's a save point just up here. On the next screen, 
    you'll run into the girl from before. After talking a little bit, she
    runs off, with the Crystaltula in hot pursuit, and apparently after
    BOSS: Crystaltula
    5055 HP
    Drops: Poison Wrist
    This guy has quite a lot of HP. He has an attack where he can grab you and
    hold you in place for big damage. If this happens to one of your characters,
    hit him with somebody else to interrupt him. When he gets low on HP he'll
    start using a Bind FOE, so watch out. Again, going into Climax Mode should
    help a lot.
    After the battle the girl, Norma, will thank you. Looks like she's been
    looking for Soujutsu users, and she just found the three of you. She'll
    try to join you, but Senel and co. ignore her...
    After the cutscene head down and left past a Chaotic Zone for a Mixed Gummy.
    Then head back up. In the next area you'll find an Orange Gummy. Further
    north another Chaotic Zone guards a Chainmail. Chloe already has one
    equipped so you might as well give it to Senel. In the next area Norma
    will catch up to you and beg to join you again. Senel tries to ignore her
    again, but it looks like there's an area you can't pass. Norma says she'll
    help you pass if you let her join you... You'll also get the Collector's
    Book at this time, and Will will get a title. Don't forget to go back
    down and to the left to pick up a Circlet. In the next area there's a 
    save point. But the next screen just leads to the World Map anyway (after
    you see a scene where Senel picks up Shirley's brooch, as well as a scene
    introducing Vaclav and the Triplekeitz).
    BOW COTTAGE 船首の小屋
    You'll see this small cottage right away. But you can't go in for now, so
    ignore it. This is part of the Quiz Minigame subquest and you cannot enter
    it until the Character Quests.
    Treasures: Apple Gummy, Gladius, Orange Gummy x2, Life Bottle, Shell
    Bottle, Panacea Bottle x2, FOE1 Check, Mixed Gummy
    Follow the coast around to the east to get here. There's a Duct outside,
    so be sure to go back to town, restock, and all that good stuff. At
    the entrance, you'll see the young man and Shirley. The young man somehow
    gains access to the Underground Passage. Your party tries to follow him,
    but Norma's efforts to open the door like the young man did fail. However,
    when all four of your party tries, the door opens.
    Norma will tell the party that this passage too is a remnant of the Founders.
    Down the path there'll be an Apple Gummy. Further on a Chaotic Zone guards
    a Gladius for Chloe, and there'll be an Orange Gummy next to a save point.
    In the next area you'll catch up to the mysterious young man. Another 
    battle starts...
    BOSS: ???
    As opposed to the first battle with this guy, he can and will do lots
    of damage to you. But in any case after awhile the battle will end
    The mysterious young man saves Shirley from a falling pillar. Surprising
    everyone, he's still alive, but he takes off, leaving Shirley behind. Be
    sure to grab the many treasures; a Life Bottle, Orange Gummy, Shell Bottle,
    and Panacea Bottle off to the left, and an FOE1 Check behind the Chaotic
    Zone. In the next area a Chaotic Zone guards a Mixed Gummy. Continue on
    and you'll find a Puzzle Booth. On the floor you'll find a Sorcery Ring.
    You'll need to use this to hit the switch in the upper right to activate
    the exit. Pressing R2 fires the ring. If it hits a reflector, the ball of
    light will change direction; however for this particular booth you can
    just walk up to the switch and fire if you want. The ball of light will
    reflect at most twice before it disappears, so remember this for future
    After clearing it, you'll hear a little more about the MelNes legend and
    why Shirley might fit. After a little bit more conversation, you'll see
    a Mofumofu... He introduces himself as Pippo. He offers to show you the
    remains of his old village (it's already moved). After the conversation,
    save and check to the right for a Panacea Bottle.
    Head onwards. You'll meet Pippo's brother, Cuppo. After awhile the
    conversation turns to speculation on why the Founders civilization was
    destroyed. Will says that it might have been destroyed in the Great Sinking,
    where half of the world's continents sank into the ocean. Senel and
    Shirley will go off to talk privately for a bit. Senel returns Shirley's
    brooch. Back in the main area, the Mofumofus tell the party how to get
    back to the surface.
    Treasures: Buns, Scallop, Orange Gummy, Lettuce
    There's no enemies here, so take it easy. Collect the treasures and
    use the heal point/save point. Also make sure to check the odd dancing
    statue to find Mimmy again. You'll learn how to make Hamburgers. Head up
    north to find the exit.
    Treasures: Firebolt, Warhammer, Iron Sallet, Mithril Circlet, Panacea
    Bottle x3, Cape, Life Bottle x2, Apple Gummy x3, Orange Gummy x2, Holy
    Bottle, Ringmail
    The second part of the Secret Passage awaits. Immediately ahead of the
    Chaotic Zone you'll find a Firebolt and Warhammer, weapons for Senel and
    Will respectively. Across the bridge, another Chaotic Zone guards an
    Iron Sallet and Mithril Circlet, two helmets. Follow the path straight
    north to find a Panacea Bottle and a Cape. Cross the bridge to the east
    and you'll find a Life Bottle and an Apple Gummy. Go back south to gain
    access to the grey-floored area below. You'll find a Panacea Bottle,
    Orange Gummy, Holy Bottle, and Apple Gummy here.
    Head north. The earthquake has blocked this area too, but the Mofumofus
    say that with a little bit of digging you should be able to get past.
    Time for some girl talk. Norma says the reason she's come to the Legacy
    is to find the Everlight, a mystical stone that can grant any wish. She
    even tries to buy Shirley's brooch off of her, thinking it might be it...
    Norma also mentions that Senel and Shirley don't look much alike, and asks
    if they have more siblings. Shirley says she has an older sister.
    Onwards. In the next area head up the ramp to the right to get past the
    fallen colums and go on. Go up the stairs and pick up the Orange Gummy and
    across the bridge for a Life Bottle. Continue south to find another save
    You're almost to the exit, but of course, the cause of all this shaking
    shows up now. Your party tries to run, but it catches up before you can
    open the door. Senel and Chloe try to hold the Worm off, but it looks
    like Norma and Will alone can't open the door. But somehow Shirley can,
    and your party escapes in one piece. Or does it? The worm just breaks open
    the door anyway... guess it's a boss fight after all. Thankfully the worm
    seems to be weakened by sunlight.
    BOSS: Dino Worm
    HP: 6549
    Drops: Climax Bottle
    Senel might be able to learn his first Garyuu Ougi by now. Coincidentally,
    his Garyuu Ougi only works on Dino Worms. So try it out! Depending on
    which move you pick for the Accessory slot, you can lower either the
    Dino Worm's attack, defense, or hit. When it gets low on health, the Dino
    Worm uses a poison FOE, so be careful.
    Pippo decides Senel really is a true warrior. They do their victory dance,
    then they give him and Shirley Gemini Shells. These are Mofumofu talismans
    that show that two people are connected. While Will and the others are
    distracted by the Dino Worm's body, however, Senel and Shirley run off by
    themselves... Seems that Senel decides that they can avoid being chased
    more easily if they're only two people. Also, they don't want to get the
    others mixed up in any trouble that Shirley might cause. Silly Senel! You're 
    only going to get into trouble this way...
    You'll have to fight as just Senel again, so be careful. Head up the path.
    You'll find a Panacea Bottle along the way. Past some Chaotic Zones you'll
    also find a Ringmail. Further on is an Apple Gummy. There's also a heal point
    and save point.
    Past here you'll run into the Triplekeitz. Shirley recognizes the soldiers;
    apparently the red-clad soldiers attacked Senel and Shirley's village 3
    years ago. The reason Senel and Shirley were out at sea was also to get
    away from these soldiers. After a bit of chatting, another boss fight
    BOSS: Melanie
    HP: 5038
    You won't win this battle. After awhile Melanie will use Eruption and knock
    Senel out.
    Vaclav shows up here. Predictably, Shirley makes the "I'll-go-with-you-if
    you-don't-hurt-him" deal that almost always shows up in RPGs. But hey, it's
    good news for Senel, so can't complain. Vaclav mentions that Shirley's
    actions certainly resemble somebody else's... her older sister! The mean guy
    that he is, Vaclav decides to throw Senel off the cliff... something starts
    glowing strangely, but Vaclav decides it must just be the lightning.
    You'll get a flashback to Senel and someone else's younger days. Aww, how 
    cute. Meanwhile a strange golden ball of light appears to have saved Senel.
    A strange little girl named Harriet Campbell meanwhile decides to escort 
    Senel to town. The Gemini Shell Senel got from Pippo begins to glow.
    Treasures: Apple Gummy
    To your left is an Apple Gummy, a Mixed Gummy, and a save point. Head south
    and you'll see a cutscene where Shirley gets put in jail. Meanwhile her
    Gemini Shell also begins glowing. Thus Shirley finds out that Senel is
    still alive. Another voice talks to Shirley, interrupting her thoughts.
    The other voice addresses her as a "Mizu no Tami" (Water Folk). Thus ends
    Chapter One...
    Treasures: Squid
    Head around the mountains and westwards to get back to Werites. The items
    in the shops have been updated again. You can now also access the eastern
    part of the town. Well, some of it. There's not much in the new area,
    although if you stand on the dock and check the water you'll get a Squid.
    Again, there will be somebody in your way blocking you from exploring the 
    entire town.
    Seems like the little girl knows Will... she'll ask you to take her to Will's 
    place. First things first though; go to the weapon and armor store and check 
    out the odd thing floating there. It's Mimmy again, of course. You'll learn 
    how to make Hot Dogs.
    Go over westwards and you'll see Will and Chloe. Harriet is hiding for some
    reason... and she runs off before Will and Chloe see you. Senel repeats
    Harriet's guess that Will and Chloe are lovers, something that Chloe doesn't
    find very amusing... Will shows up and explains about Vaclav and where he
    is from. His country, Kurzand, is at war with Chloe's country, the Holy
    Gadria Kindgom. Chloe and Will want to find out what Vaclav is up to, so
    Will has decided to contact Unseen Jay, the best informant on the Legacy.
    Senel wants to go along, but Will refuses. He says those who act
    selfishly can't be trusted as allies. See, I told you you were being stupid,
    Head outside and you'll find Norma again. She decides that she'll help you.
    But as it turns out it's more because she wants Shirley's brooch. Ah well.
    Norma and Senel decide to chase after Will and Chloe. Unseen Jay's replies
    apparently show up by letter at the fountain, so Will and Chloe might be
    there. Head on over. You don't find Chloe or Will, but you do meet some
    old friends... Curtis and Isabella seem ready to fight again, but then
    Norma begs them to forgive Senel, since he's trying to find his most
    beloved sister. "Love" seems to be the hugest keyword for the Pheromone
    Bombers, as they immediately agree to assist Senel in any way they can.
    They tell Senel that Will and Chloe were headed to the Inner Sea.
    Meanwhile you get a cutscene with Shirley. Her mysterious neighbor is
    named Fenimorl, though her true name is Xelhes, which means Blessing. 
    Shirley shares her own name as well as her true name, Fennes - it means
    One Who Prays. Apparently Shirley received that name from the mayor, though
    the mayor of who or what isn't revealed. Fenimorl also knows of the
    MelNes legend, although to the Water Folk MelNes apparently is somebody
    more like a savior who'll save them from the Land Folk. Before they can
    talk further, though, Shirley hears Fenimorl's jail cell being opened
    and her screaming...
    Back to the story. You'll need to head to Port-on-Rage, which if you'll
    remember is just southeast of Werites.
    PORT-ON-RAGE 内海港
    If you didn't get the treasures here earlier, pick them up. Upon entering
    you'll see an event. Will and Chloe are here, apparently on the instructions
    from Unseen Jay's letter. The boy that got Senel in trouble with the
    Pheromone Bombers shows up and hands Will a letter. This letter tells
    them to cross the Inner Sea. Will, Chloe, and the boy take off. Too late
    for Senel and Norma... Luckily, somebody else offers his boat.
    Another cutscene with Shirley. Apparently her captors are running human
    experiments - including on Fenimorl.
    Back at sea, Norma and Senel catch up to Will and Chloe's boat. Senel
    warns Will that the boy is probably more than he seems. Apparently, he's
    also very good at piloting boats. The pair set off racing across the sea.
    Too bad Senel's ship has a bad engine...
    Stuck with a bad engine, it looks like Senel has another passenger... it's
    Harriet. She's the one who paid for the ship. Senel finally gets the
    engine fixed. Finally making it to shore, Norma reminds Senel that Will
    and Chloe should be headed to a lake. Off to find them!
    THE CRAGS 列岩地帯
    Treasures: Freeze Check, Panacea Bottle, Shell Bottle, Lemon Gummy,
    Sage, Pine Gummy, Liquor Bottle, Apple Gummy, Orange Gummy, Hit Bottle,
    Scallop Gummy, Life Bottle
    Head left and you'll find a heal point and save point. Past the Chaotic
    Zones to the left you'll find a Freeze Check. I would suggest equipping
    it on Senel since the enemies here use Freeze FOEs. Equipping the FOE1
    Check from earlier also helps a lot. South you'll find
    a Panacea Bottle. Keep heading westwards. Past some more Chaotic Zones
    you'll find a Shell Bottle, a Lemon Gummy, and Sage. Head west again. On
    the next screen you'll run into another Mofumofu, Poppo. He'll ask you
    to escort him to the (new) Mofumofu Village. It's on your way, so...
    The next Chaotic Zone guards a Pine Gummy. Another one closeby has
    a Liquor Bottle. Head southwards now. An Apple Gummy and Orange Gummy lie
    along the way. In the next area you'll see another heal point and save
    point. North of that Chaotic Zones guard a Hit Bottle and a Scallop
    Gummy. Head north and go left past the Chaotic Zone. In the next area
    go south to find a Life Bottle; a little further west and south you'll
    find a Lemon Gummy. Go north to see another event. It's another boss...
    BOSS: Dino Gordon
    HP: 7181
    Weak against Curse
    Strong against Ocean
    Drops: Miracle Gummy
    This guy's quite annoying. He's also a Dino Worm race, though he stays
    in one place and just fires projectiles at you. His water bullet type
    move will knock you down if you don't use Special Guard. Try and keep
    away from Norma so that he doesn't get you both at the same time.
    Eventually you'll wear him down.
    Continue north. The Chaotic Zones guard a Climax Bottle. Then just
    head west to leave. Cue another cutscene with Shirley and Fenimorl.
    Seems like the masked member of Triplekeitz, Stingle, is responsible
    for the two of them being safe. After some more conversation, it seems
    that Shirley living with the Land Folk is highly irregular, as the
    Water Folk and Land Folk are bitter enemies. Fenimorl even goes so
    far as to call Shirley a traitor. Soon Triplekeitz comes to escort
    the pair away...
    Treasures: Rune Bottle, Hot Dog Bun, Butter Roll Recipe
    There's only one way to go, and that's to the Mofumofu village straight
    north. Actually it's just a dock; you'll ride on a boat to get to the
    village proper. There seems to be a large island off the dock as well.
    Head on in and you'll see Will and Chloe again. Will recognizes
    Harriet. The mysterious boy also reveals that he is Jay. Head on into
    the cave. Here Will and Harriet have a confrontation of sorts. It turns
    out that Harriet is Will's daughter! Will has been deemed a criminal in
    his own country, and he couldn't even go back for Harriet's mother's 
    funeral when she died. Harriet is upset, while Will believes he doesn't 
    have the right to call himself a parent.
    Now head to the house in the back of the village, in the upper right.
    Here, Jay lays out what he knows. Vaclav is somewhere closeby; the main
    army is stationed further to the east. Jay's plan is to ambush Vaclav's
    unit before it can reunite with the main body of the army. The ideal place,
    he points out, is the Waterways off to the East. Upon leaving
    the house, Will and Chloe will join Senel again, after a bit of scolding.
    Now time to explore the village. Upstairs in the house you'll find a
    recipe for Butter Rolls. Don't feel bad for missing Mimmy yet, though;
    she's here too, on the dock, disguised as a Pac-man. Talk to her
    and you'll get the recipe for Bagel: Salmon. There's also treasure
    chests for a Hot Dug Bun and a Rune Bottle in the village. You can upgrade
    your equipment here as well.
    Treasures: Miracle Gummy
    There's a Duct outside the Mofumofu Village should you want to go back to
    Werites. You've got some walking to do. On the way, take a detour and head 
    out far east to the tip of the landamass to find a treasure chest with a
    Miracle Gummy. Otherwise just keep following the paths/bridges and you
    should arrive at the Waterways just fine. There's another Duct just outside,
    so use it to refresh yourself before you head on in.
    WATERWAYS 毛細水道
    Treasures: Apple Gummy, Orange Gummy x3, Life Bottle x2, Climax Bottle x2, 
    Lemon Gummy, Liquor Bottle, Pine Gummy x2, 3000 Gald, Panacea Bottle, Mixed 
    Gummy, Rabbit Symbol, Flare Bottle, Nightcap, Scallop Gummy
    Jay and the Mofumofus will be waiting to guide you. Jay lays out the battle
    strategy. The enemy unit will arrive soon. Will and Norma will cast magic
    to disrupt the enemy movement and draw attention. At the same time, the
    Mofumofus will make lots of noise to confuse the unit. Finally, Senel and
    Chloe will hide along the path. Jay will run for Shirley using his smoke
    bombs. Senel and Chloe will use the opportunity to grab Shirley in the 
    confusion and run into the Waterways. Just as the plan is about to start,
    though, somebody else interferes... it's Moses's mountain bandit band!
    In the confusion, the party, Shirley, and Fenimorl somehow make it into
    the Waterways anyway. Chloe also gains a title here.
    Head down the stairs to your left for an Apple Gummy. There's a heal
    point straight ahead, but you can't get to it because of the water...
    keep following the path around. It's long, but there's only one way you
    can go. On the next screen you'll soldiers catching up to Shirley, but
    Chloe makes short work of them. Fenimorl is reluctant to be helped by
    Land Folk, however. Melanie soon catches up. Senel and company get swept
    away by the floodgates Melanie opens. Shirley tries to follow, but it's
    too late. Chloe meanwhile seems to be in trouble. Seems like she can't
    Shirley and Fenimorl are in trouble, but suddenly they're saved, by the
    mysterious young man with black wings from earlier. He names himself
    Walter. Fenimorl recognizes him as one of the Water Folk as well. His
    true name is DelQes (you probably heard him screaming this in battle...),
    which means black wings. Shirley says that she's heard the name before.
    Senel and Chloe get separated from Will and Norma. Chloe seems embarrassed
    that Senel has found out she can't swim - apparently he's the only person
    who knows. Chloe gets another title here. (The title is 'Terrible Swimmer
    The treasure chest nearby has an Orange Gummy. Head on up the stairs and
    you'll quickly find Will and Norma. Afterwards you'll see another
    cutscene. Walter is holding off pursuit while telling Shirley and
    Fenimorl to hide in the room up ahead. Back to the party. There's a heal
    point and save point. Follow the path around. A Life Bottle lies in the
    first treasure chest. Head down the stairs and right past a Chaotic Zone
    for a Climax Bottle. Now go down and right further (you can't go the way
    you saw earlier because of the water). On the next screen, grab the Liquor
    Bottle as well as the Lemon Gummy past the Chaotic Zone. Follow the path
    around; at the fork head right past a Chaotic Zone for another Climax
    Bottle. Go back left and down. Another Chaotic Zone guards a Pine Gummy.
    Continue following the path into the next area. A Chaotic Zone downwards
    has 3000 Gald behind it. As you head up you'll have another scene. Here
    you run into Moses. At Will's direction he decides not to fight you yet.
    Back to Shirley and Fenimorl. Thanks to her diving in the water earlier,
    she's fallen ill...
    Continue on to find a Puzzle Booth. Here you just need to hit the three
    switches with your Sorcery Ring. Remember that unlike in Symphonia and
    such, the ball of light will travel indefinitely far, so you can hit
    the one in the lower right all the way from up hear the duct. The one
    in the upper left will require you to use the reflector. Shouldn't be
    too hard at all.
    Shirley and Fenimorl are talking further. It turns out that Shirley's
    aversion to seawater started 3 years ago. Walter returns here. After
    a bit of conversation, Walter lets it slip that Shirley is the MelNes
    after all.
    On the other end of the Puzzle Booth you'll find a Panacea Bottle a
    little bit downwards. Go over to the right onto the next screen for
    a Mixed Gummy. Now go back and head further down and right past a Chaotic 
    Zone to find a path to a Rabbit Symbol. Head down and follow the long path
    around to an Orange Gummy. Then keep following the path to the next
    screen. Back to Shirley. Walter collapses from his earlier injuries.
    Melanie searches the area. When you go back to your party, seems that
    Moses has tagged along for the ride.
    Head down (right leads to a dead end) to a chest with a Flare Bottle.
    Continue around and you'll see a scene. Senel realizes that Shirley
    must be closeby. However inside the secret room is only Walter and
    Fenimorl, who has Shirley's Gemini Shell. Shirley had decided to leave
    by herself as bait to draw off the pursuers. Senel asks Moses to take
    Walter along on Geet. Fenimorl tags along too. Back outside, use the heal
    point and save point. Quite a long dungeon, eh? Onwards! Head on left
    and all the way down; left again to the new screen (the other end will
    lead to a dead end, as you can see). Follow the path around the next
    few screens. Soon you'll find two treasure chests holding a Life Bottle
    and Nightcap. Follow the path up to find two more treasure chests
    with an Orange Gummy and Scallop Gummy. The Chaotic Zone ahead hides
    a Pine Gummy. Finally up ahead you'll see a save point. You know what
    that means.
    Finally you catch up to Melanie and Shirley. They run off however, leaving
    you to fight a strange giant turtle-ish thing.
    BOSS: Fortress Turtle 
    HP: 7609
    Drops: Lavender
    He isn't that tough. Just watch out for the move where he lets off some
    steam (?) which can do several hundred damage to your characters. Still,
    if you pincer him with Chloe and Senel he shouldn't be able to do match.
    A Climax Combo will make him even easier.
    On the next screen you'll be outside again. Looks like you lost sight of
    Shirley. Fenimorl will tell Senel about how Shirley gave her the Gemini
    Shell. Suddenly Walter awakens. He takes Fenimorl with her and takes
    off... not very friendly. Cuppo tells the party that Shirley's been
    carried off in the 4 o'clock direction, to where Vaclav's unit is. Moses
    also says he'll come along. Now you'll actually have Moses in your
    party, hurray. And now Chapter Three begins.
    Your next destination is to the southeast, at the Ruins of Frozen Light.
    Vaclav is taking Shirley here for undoubtedly sinister reasons... the
    path is long, but it's not very confusing since for the most part you're
    just following a canyon. There aren't any treasures to be had, and right
    before the entrance there is another handy Duct that you can take back
    to Werites. There's nothing new back there just yet, though; just stock
    up on Bread and items if you need.
    Upon entering, the party will note how tight the guard is. Jay catches
    up to you. He'll explain the plan for here. There's actually another
    entrance to the Ruins of Frozen Light, and they're far to the west,
    in another ruins called the Great Hollow.
    A cutscene with Vaclav and Shirley follows; they arrive at a giant
    glowing orb. Upon drawing closer, Shirley realizes the glowing light
    is a person.
    After the scene head to the left. You'll exit to the world map again.
    Treasure: Apple Gummy
    The Great Hollow is westwards. Unlike before this area is pretty wide
    open. To get to the Great Hollow you'll actually have to go past it on
    the north side, then head south and double back, crossing a bridge.
    Once again you'll activate a Duct right before it. About halfway there,
    in a little nook to the northeast, there's a chest with an Apple Gummy.
    Treasures: Apple Gummy, Poison Sword, Holy Circlet, Orange Gummy,
    Heavy Hands, Spectacles, Life Bottle, Panacea Bottle x2, Liquor Bottle,
    Flare Bottle x2, Rune Bottle, Leather Cape, Mixed Gummy, Camail
    The Great Hollow is... a giant hole in the ground. Norma recognizes it
    as another place mentioned in her old master's records. The panel
    here works like the earlier doors; Soujutsu users have to put their
    hands up against it to activate them. Geet arrives with a letter for
    Moses. The mountain bandits are all safe and have set up camp in the
    forest. Norma gains the title 'Bubble Girl'...
    Examine the switch. This will turn the platform into an elevator of
    sorts, and down you go. To your left is an Apple Gummy and, beyond
    the Chaotic Zone, a Poison Sword for Chloe. Head back to the fork and
    up and left for a Holy Circlet. Now go to the right. An Orange Gummy
    is in the first chest you see. Up and to the right is a Chaotic Zone and
    a Heavy Hands weapon for Senel. Continue up and left for a Spectacles.
    Next to it there'll be a save point. Head down for a Life Bottle, 
    then onwards to the elevator.
    Down and left there is a Panacea Bottle, while up and left there's
    a Liquor Bottle. Now go down and right. Keep right for a Flare Bottle. Now
    go back down and left for a Rune Bottle. Lots of Bottles... Keep going
    left. Far left you'll find an Orange Gummy. Then head upwards. Another
    Panacea Bottle awaits you. You probably have too many of them by now.
    Follow the path around and back down to find a Leather Cape and a Mixed
    Gummy before the next elevator.
    Down here you'll find an underground river. This causes Chloe some
    consternation, understandably. Over at Vaclav and Shirley's place, they
    seem to have found some sort of artifact. The words are engraved in the
    old language of the Founders. According to Vaclav, they are instructions
    for operating an ultimate weapon left by the Founders - and Shirley
    can read it. Vaclav had brought others who could as well, but since they
    refused he had them killed.
    Head left. Will sees a bunch of giant bones and gets excited. A natural
    history scholar he is, after all. The bones are apparently from something
    called a Ground Gate. And Will wants to take them with him. Moses even
    gets drawn in. Here Poppo shows up. He invites you in to his workshop.
    Grab the treasures first - a Camail (armor) and a Flare Bottle. The
    Mofumofu standing to the right of the door will let you rest for free,
    whereas the one on the left will sell you items. So far so good. Inside
    Poppo shows you his latest creation - a submarine. Seems like this is
    how Jay was expecting you to arrive at the Ruins of Frozen Light. Poppo
    even says the chance of success is 10% or so... but he mentions that if
    he had the horns of a Ground Gate he could buff up the submarine.
    After the scene, check the suspicious traffic cone... you'll learn how
    to make Anpan (Japanese red bean paste bread) from Mimmy. Also take the
    opportunity to save. Healing and a save point? Could a boss be coming up?
    Norma finds the horn alright, except it happens to be attached to a living
    Ground Gate. Surprisingly, it's Moses who disturbs it, and yes, you'll
    get it angry.
    BOSS: Ground Gate
    HP: 22000
    Drops: Gate Armor
    This guys large, with tons of HP. You'll want to make sure you have Chloe
    in, because with the Poison Sword you picked up earlier for her, you can
    poison this guy, causing him to lose 1000+ HP every so often, which 
    really helps. He's not all that tough otherwise, though watch out for
    his move where he spins around, hitting everything near him multiple
    Moses gets a title here. Return to the workshop. You'll find Jay here.
    They'll need one day to remodel the submarine. Meanwhile everybody takes
    off on their freetime pursuits. While discussing why Senel's such a good
    swimmer, it's flashback time. Senel and Shirley and another girl named
    Stella are swimming. Shirley explains the "Water Dance Ritual" to Senel.
    It's how men propose marriage to women among the Water Folk. Stella,
    who turns out to be Shirley's older sister, explains the rest. If the
    water glows when the pair embrace, it signifies that their union will be
    Finally the submarine is finished. When you're prepared to take off,
    speak to Jay. As you depart, he gives you another bit of info - to check
    the walls with star marks on them in the Ruins of Frozen Light.
    Meanwhile, Shirley translates the inscription for Vaclav. According to
    her, the inscription is a warning not to use the weapon, not instructions
    for using it. Vaclav doesn't believe her, but spares her for now. He
    has another reason for bringing her here. He believes she can break the
    seal on the weapon, the "Bloodstained Lightning".
    The party reaches an underwater cave which Poppo described as near the
    goal. However, the walls have started to leak. Chloe REALLY doesn't take
    this too well. Luckily, the party makes it to their goal just before
    the sub sinks.
    Treasures: Climax Bottle x2, Bellbane, Elixir, Life Bottle, Mixed Gummy, 
    Orange Gummy, Miracle Gummy, Hard Bottle, Flare Bottle, Rosemary
    Upon entering, the party finds a wall with a star on it. After some
    poking, Norma manages to open it, revealing a door. The door leads
    outside, though - seems like the submarine wasn't the only way to get in.
    Jay was using the party simply to test Poppo's inventions, nothing else.
    The party swears revenge on Jay... But at least now you have another
    entrance, in case you need to head back to town and stock up and so on.
    When you're ready, charge on in. Down and left just leads to the entrance
    with the guards (as Will tells you), so go in the other direction.
    After passing the door, go right at the fork for a Climax Bottle, then
    go past the Chaotic Zones and pick up a Bellbane and an Elixir. Loop
    back and head to the left now. Keep going until you reach the treasure
    chest with a Life Bottle. Then turn upwards and keep going (both of the
    other paths lead to dead ends).
    In the next area head left first to find a Mixed Gummy and Orange
    Gummy. Go back, and now go straight forward past the Chaotic Zone to find
    a Miracle Gummy. Now head right and head up the first intersection to find
    two treasure chests, a Hard Bottle and Flare Bottle. Continue following the
    path right to the next area.
    Go straight past the Chaotic Zone for a Climax Bottle and past another one
    for a Rosemary. Now head down onto the next screen. You'll see a switch
    here, activate it. Return to the previous screen and now head left. You'll
    see a save point, make use of it. Head up again and you'll find a Puzzle
    Again you'll need to hit the switches. To get the one on the left just
    reflect the Sorcery Ring off both reflectors at the proper angle. Push
    the blocks out of the way to reach the switch up and left. Now pull the
    blocks back into place such that you can climb on top of the blocks
    and head up to the upper left wall, from which you can hit the final
    switch in the left.
    Head on further and you'll get another event. Looks like another big
    monster is guarding the path.
    BOSS: Giganto
    HP: 25916
    Weak against Ocean
    Strong against Curse
    Drops: Piyohan
    This guy is pretty damn tough. He doesn't stagger easily, and he seems
    to attack forever. Multi-hitting attacks or disrupting attacks are your
    friends here - thus, I'd leave out Moses.
    Go back and save if you want, then head forward. You've reached the area
    with the glowing light from earlier. Senel gets extremely distressed
    upon seeing who's in the light. It's Stella, Shirley's older sister.
    Vaclav comes in to spoil the reunion. He says that she's been in
    that state for the last 3 years. Senel had thought she had died.
    BOSS: Vaclav
    HP: 7622
    Weak against Earth
    Strong against Lightning
    You can't win here. You don't do much damage, and after a bit Vaclav
    knocks your entire party down.
    Shirley shows up, escorted by Stingle and Cashel. Vaclav tells her to
    release the seal if she doesn't want him to kill Senel. He lets it spill
    that Senel and Shirley are not related by blood. Eventually
    Shirley agrees. Shirley enters the sphere along with Stella, and both
    girls' hair begins to glow. It doesn't seem to be enough, though.
    Vaclav orders more water to be poured in, but this water seems to be
    seawater, as Shirley begins to suffer. Suddenly she passes out, but
    a brighter light begins to shine. The sphere breaks. Vaclav orders
    Cashel to kill the party, but suddenly a golden butterfly (or is it a
    phoenix? I can't really tell) carries Senel off. The rest of the
    party chases after Senel.
    Vaclav sends Cashel and Stingle after the party, saying that now 
    Senel might be of use.
    Flashback time to 3 years ago, when Senel's village was attacked. Stella
    tells Senel to run with Shirley while she stops the invaders. She
    promises to catch up to them soon, but she never came... Senel went
    back for her to find her collapsed. Stella says she knows what Senel
    really is, but tells him not to tell Shirley.
    Back in the present the party succeeds in waking Senel. They seem to
    have been taken to the Forest of No Return. The party tries to discuss
    how to get out, but Moses seems confident enough. It turns out that the
    forest where his bandit gang has been hiding out is this one, and that
    they have a base here. The party heads off, but Cashel and Stingle
    appear to be in pursuit.
    Treasures: Mixed Gummy, Liquor Bottle, Life Bottle, Orange Gummy, Hard
    Bottle, Aifread's Flag, War Javelin, Shell Bottle, Leather Boots
    Thankfully you'll get a full heal. The maps in this area loop unpredictably,
    making them a real pain. Sometimes there will be blue butterflies flying
    around; these mark the 'correct' exit. But they don't always appear. If
    you wander around long enough Moses will offer to guide you to the exit.
    You can accept to get out of this area for free, but if you do, Senel
    will miss out on a title and you may miss out on some treasure. So I'll
    tell you the right way to go to get to the exit and all the treasures.
    Each point below is one screen. Thus, everytime you change areas, go to
    the next line.
    -Go right, up, and left for a Mixed Gummy, then left again.
    -Go left and up for a save point and heal point, then right.
    -Go up and right.
    -You'll see an event where Cashel catches up to you. But you run anyway.
     Continue up for a Liquor Bottle, then go right for a Life Bottle, and
     further right.
    -Pick up an Orange Gummy, go right for a Hard Bottle, then double back
     and go up at the fork. You'll see a merchant. Go right from the merchant
     until the next screen.
    -There's a heal point here. Go right.
    -You'll see another event. Moses arrives at his band's hideout, but it's
     already been destroyed. Cashel catches up to you, while Stingle shows
     up from behind. Moses wants revenge on Cashel, but Will tries to stop him.
     Meanwhile Stingle says to Chloe that the Valens family daughter certainly
     has grown up, and that he had told her before if she wielded her sword he 
     would have no mercy. Chloe realizes that Stingle must be
     the man with the snake tattoo that she has been looking for. She attacks
     Stingle but is no match for him. Will finally takes control and drags
     Moses off, instructing Norma to do the same for Chloe. After the event,
     head up and left.
    -Head left and down.
    -Head right past a Chaotic Zone to get an Aifread's Flag (an item you'll
     use for Synthesis later). Go back to the intersection, then go down,
     right, down, and right.
    -Go up and right for a War Javelin for Moses, return to the fork and go
    -Pick up a Shell Bottle and go up.
    -Go all the way up to get a Leather Boots, then return downwards, find the
     path with the blue butterflies, and go right.
    -Follow the path down and right. You'll see a save point. Save! Then head
     right to the exit.
    You've made it out of the forest, but you're not out of trouble yet. A
    weird huge fish-like thing comes and attacks you.
    BOSS: Armed Angler
    HP: 14875
    Drops: Elixir
    As part of the Hill Angler race, this boss is susceptible to Senel's
    second Garyuu Ougi, Gyorin Sakutsuigeki (Rengan Hourakugeki+Goushourai). 
    Use that Garyuu Ougi with Hakugekishou as the Accessory skill slot to lower
    his attack. Or use Bakugekishou to lower his defense. That and Climax
    Mode should give you the edge over this boss. He isn't terribly
    threatening otherwise.
    After the battle, the party heads onwards... only to run into Melanie
    and a whole mess of Anglers. It looks like she's the one controlling them.
    Norma says it's the end for them all... but then Vaclav activates something,
    and an ominous looking structure rises from the ocean (enjoy your first
    anime cutscene here). 
    After the scene, it looks like Senel and company took the chance to run back.
    They run into some more soldiers, but oddly some of the soldiers fight
    some of the others. A voice says that the soldiers who saved Senel's group
    are in disguise under his command. Senel recognizes the voice as Mauritz,
    whom he knows from 3 years ago. Fenimorl shows up here too - it seems 
    that she was the one who asked Mauritz for help.
    Mauritz explains that the building that rose up is the bridge of the
    whole Legacy. It was hidden because there, it is possible to control
    the Legacy without the power of a MelNes. One of Mauritz's subordinates
    bring the news - Vaclav has brought Shirley and Stella out of the Ruins
    of Frozen Light. They're no doubt headed for the Bridge. Mauritz says
    that his aim is probably the Sougahou (Souga Cannon). It's the main cannon
    of the Legacy.
    Norma asks why Mauritz knows all this. He explains that he is one of
    the Water Folk, or who the Land folk call the Glowing Ones. The Water Folk
    are actually the descendents of the MelNes who ruled the Kingdom of the
    Enough conversation for now. Mauritz will guide you to his base. And
    so ends Chapter Three.
    Treasures: Mixed Gummy
    Head out to the world map. Here, if you didn't use Moses's help earlier,
    you'll get a title for Senel. There'll be a Duct right away, so return
    to Werites if you need. You need to head southwest. Follow the curve of the
    forest south and make your way there. Once out of the forest, head south
    until you reach a rocky area with shallow water. A little nook to the south
    has a treasure chest with a Mixed Gummy in it. After that, turn westwards.
    Continue on and follow the path until you see the red dot on your map. 
    There's another Duct just outside. To the northwest, along the bottom
    of the mountains, you'll find a chest with a Saffron.
    Mauritz will reveal the way in. Once inside, you'll run into Walter again.
    Walter mentions that he's headed off to find the Whisper Crystal. Mauritz
    invites you in. First go a little to the right... What's a Christmas
    Tree doing here? You guessed it. Mimmy will teach you Creampan. A little
    bit further a travelling salesman has items and equipment for sale.
    Upgrade your stuff here. The Holy Wrist for Senel is especially nice as
    it makes him regenerate HP from time to time.
    Now head inside. Senel asks what will become of Stella and Shirley. No 
    doubt Vaclav intends to use them to activate the Sougahou. Mauritz
    reveals that the energy source that powers the Sougahou is no less than
    the lives of many Water Folk.
    Will asks what Mauritz's true aim is in helping them out. He admits that
    he did not help you just because of Fenimorl; he would also like to form
    an alliance between the Water Folk and the Land Folk. In other words, he
    would like you to help in getting Shirley and Stella back. He especially
    would like an alliance with Will's country, the Holy Lexeria Empire. It
    has sent people in secret to the Legacy, including Will, to ensure that no 
    one country gains control of it. Eventually Will agrees to contact the 
    Empire. But he wants the rest of the party to lay low until the war is 
    over. The others protest, but Will's word holds.
    You'll be in the sleeping quarters downstairs with just Senel. Head outside
    for an event. Senel has another flashback. Shirley demonstrated the power
    to make a blue butterfly-like object when they were young. She names it
    the TelQes, which means beginner wings. Stella explains that when a Water
    Folk is able to make one, it shows that they are becoming mature. The
    shape and color of the TelQes differs from individual to individual. Senel
    wants to see Stella's too, but she refuses. Shirley says that when she
    completes the Oracle Ritual, she should be able to make a bigger one.
    In the present, Chloe comes out to see Senel. She wants to talk to him.
    She agrees with Will's assessment that they are too emotional and immature
    to handle this assignment. She then says that she isn't really a knight.
    The Valens family was a family of knights, but it is no longer. Five years
    ago, Stingle killed both of her parents before her eyes. She came to
    the Legacy for revenge.
    Senel tries to leave, but Chloe tells him that what he's doing isn't
    courage, it's just foolishness. Senel says that just sitting there while
    Shirley and Stella are suffering is wrong, and that he has to go. Chloe
    says she agrees - and that's why she's going with him! They decide to
    work together. Then Norma and Moses show up. They want to go too.
    Fenimorl shows up and asks why they're willing to go so far. She is
    worried about Shirley too, but she doesn't have the strength to fight.
    Chloe says that they're just doing what they can. Senel says there is
    something Fenimorl can do too, and that's precisely worrying for Shirley's
    You'll be back in the sleeping quarters, where a save point has appeared.
    Head upstairs. The party begs to be included in the plans and pledges to
    follow Will's directions. Will refuses again. At that moment another Water
    Folk comes rushing in for Mauritz. Something has happened to Walter's
    group. They were attacked by monsters and failed to get the Whisper Crystal.
    Mauritz says that their chances of winning depended on that Crystal. Norma
    says that in that case the party will go and get it. Mauritz agrees. He
    says the Whisper Crystal is in a graveyard of the Founders. He directs
    the party to head northwest to a former island that is now stuck to the
    land. Norma finds this familiar and realizes that the place is also known
    as the Man-eating Ruins, known as an extremely dangerous place among
    Treasure Hunters. The party heads off, dragging Norma kicking and screaming.
    On the way out, Will shows up. He says he'll tag along as well. Thus your
    party is restored.
    The scene cuts to Vaclav. Apparently they've arrived at their destination.
    Leave the Hermitage. You can't head out to the upper right yet.
    Treasures: Panacea Bottle, Poison Check, Lemon Gummy, Spectacles, Saffron, 
    Climax Bottle, Elixir, 2000 Gald, Liquor Bottle, Stone Check
    You'll need to head east until you find the path, then turn up and follow
    the path until the mountians to your west end. Keep those mountains to
    your south and head westwards until you reach a spiral-shaped beach. (You
    can easily see the spiral on your big map). Then just follow the beach and 
    shallow waters around. Be sure to activate the Duct.
    At first there's only one way to go. A little ways in, you'll see a wedding
    cake. Huh? Yeah, it's Mimmy. What she's doing in a dungeon, I don't know.
    Either way, you'll learn Pizza from her. Head to the left for a Panacea
    Bottle. Back on the path, the first Chaotic Zone guards a Poison Check.
    The next one has a Lemon Gummy. Continue on to the next area. Just follow the
    path around here. In the next area, go right for a Spectacles, then go 
    through the Chaotic Zone for a Saffron. Nearby another one has a Climax 
    Bottle behind it.
    Go all the way right past two Chaotic Zones for an Elixir. Head back up
    and grab 2000 Gald and a Liquor Bottle from the chests. Go up and left
    through two more Zones for a Stone Check. Then go right past the save point
    and Zones for a Talisman. Save and proceed onwards. Up next is a Puzzle
    Stand next to the exit and fire straight downwards to hit the middle switch
    (no need to use the reflectors). Fire leftwards to get the other middle
    switch (again, no need for the reflectors). Now for the tricky ones in the
    corners. Push the blocks so that you can stand on the little island of two
    blocks near the exit. Stand on the island and fire straight left to hit
    the reflector and have it bounce up to hit the switch in the top corner.
    Then fire down onto another reflector to hit the switch in the right
    corner. Remember that you can use L1 and R1 to rotate the direction your
    character is facing without moving.
    I would return and save. You'll find an area with a lot of statues...
    I'd suggest equipping that Stone Check you found earlier. The FOE1 Check
    will help too. Of course, a boss (two of them, actually) are ahead.
    BOSS: Diva and Mimic Head
    Diva: 12000 HP
    Mimic Head: 15000 HP
    Drops: Protect Ring
    The Diva can petrify you while the Mimic Head uses a yellow FOE, so be
    prepared. Try and take out the Diva first if you can, as it will petrify
    you often if you aren't protected. Use Climax Mode to take out a good
    chunk of its HP first. And be sure to bring plenty of Panacea Bottles,
    just in case.
    Head up to arrive at an area with lots of pillars. You'll find the
    Whisper Crystal here. Moses charges ahead for it, but stops in his tracks
    when he sees somebody in the coffin. It's a strange woman... and she
    wakes up. She thinks her name is Grune, and otherwise she seems a little
    out of place. She even decides to tag along, saying it's better to have
    lots of people for a picnic. As the party leaves, one of the pillars
    begins glowing.
    With the Crystal in your possession, it's time to go back to the Hermitage.
    Simply go out the way you came in. When you reach the exit, some soldiers
    charge. Looks like they were lying in wait for you. Something robotic comes 
    out from the Ruins though, it's part of the pillar from earlier. It begins
    shooting the soldiers. The party decides to take it back and show Mauritz
    it as well. Now to discuss Grune. Will asks if she can get back to town
    by herself, but she doesn't even seem to understand that. It looks like
    she's lost her memory. Thus she'll be coming with you for a little longer.
    In a cutscene, Vaclav reaches the command room of the bridge. He directs
    his men to pilot the Legacy towards the Holy Gadria Kingdom, Chloe's
    Time to head back to the Hermitage (take the Duct if you're lazy).
    Upon arriving you'll run into Jay again. He's come to see the Water Folk.
    Over in Werites Beacon, the townspeople notice that the columns of smoke
    that usually go straight up are going sideways. Looks like the Legacy
    has sped up considerably.
    Head over to Mauritz's place. He explains that the Whisper Crystal can
    be used to control the humanoid soldiers made by the Founders, such as
    the one the party has brought along. These soldiers are what they will use
    to go up against Vaclav's army. While the party was away, an answer had
    come back from the Empire - the alliance has been agreed upon. What's more,
    Jay has been put in charge of the strategy for the upcoming battle.
    Jay explains the current situation. It won't be much longer until the
    Legacy reaches the Holy Gadria Kingdom. On the plus side, at the speed
    at which the Legacy is travelling, noone can get on, which means Vaclav's
    unit will not be receiving reinforcements either. Jay and Will begin
    planning their strategy while the rest of the party takes a break.
    Chloe approaches Senel and asks him to meet her at night by the spring.
    When you're ready with supplies, head down to the sleeping quarters and
    take a rest.
    Senel goes out to see Chloe. She wants Senel to train with her. She seems
    awfully excited about it...
    Over at Vaclav's and company, Shirley begs Vaclav to stop the ship.
    He taunts her, saying that a MelNes should be able to control the ship by
    will alone, and that she must be a failure as a MelNes. Shirley hears 
    voices saying that she failed the Oracle Ritual and that she has no power
    left. Meanwhile the villains have hooked Stella up to the ship's devices
    and begin to charge the Sougahou with her life energy.
    You'll have a party of Senel and Chloe. Head to the upper right where
    you couldn't go earlier. This will take you to Hermit Hill.
    HERMIT HILL 庵の裏山
    There's a heal point here, use it if you get into trouble. You'll run into
    Dandoratulas here - about time, since Norma has probably been unable to
    learn Volt Arrow without their Sculptures. Try and get their Sculptures
    now. They will poison you, so be careful. After 5 battles, the pair will
    rest a little. Chloe says that fighting alongside Senel was the first time
    she's fought with anybody. Senel says that he too has only fought alone
    before. He tells Chloe he feels safer with her by his side. Awwwww...
    Time to fight some more. After a few more fights, the pair admits to
    getting somewhat tired. Chloe then asks Senel what Stella is like. Senel
    flashes back to his youth again. In one scene, Senel rests his head on
    her lap; in another, she tells him how worried she is; in yet another,
    Senel tries to stop her from going somewhere. He says that she was kind,
    but also very stubborn. He remembers again how Stella told him to take
    Shirley and run while she held the attackers off. In another memory,
    Stella embraces Senel, saying that she would like to stay that way for
    a little. He says that she was very graceful and ephemeral. He first
    met her five years ago. He then tells Chloe about how when Vaclav's army
    attacked three years ago, Stella sacrificed herself to let Senel and
    Shirley get away. He says that Stella being captures was his fault - thus,
    he wants to rescue her now. Chloe says she'll help out in any way she can.
    Suddenly the pair hear a suspicious rustling. After they both yell
    "Who's there!?", they hear a very bad impression of a cat meowing and a
    coughing... It's Norma and Moses! Norma even says that they went all the
    trouble to spy on them but Senel and Chloe were 'only' talking. Moses
    says he was expecting something better. Norma adds that since it's the
    middle of the night, it's okay if they do something sexier...
    In the morning, Norma and Moses are awfully sleepy. Guess they shouldn't
    have been up all night. Jay and Mauritz show up and start the tactics
    Jay points out the Bridge where Vaclav is. The Bridge has taken the place
    of the small lake next to where the Mofumofu Village is. Jay decides to
    call the area the Bridge Plains. Because of how it rose, it lifted up
    a border of rock around the area, making inflitrating the area difficult.
    The Mofumofu Village has been blocked off, and Jay mentions that noone is
    there right now anyway, as the Mofumofus have retreated to a safer place.
    Jay points out the area between The Crags and the lake, where there was
    a small canyon. This is the only place where the Bridge Plains can be
    accessed. Of course, Vaclav's front line is there. The first part of the
    attack plan is to attack the front lines at night. They would like to
    draw out the main body of the army out. Thus, the attack has to be
    successful enough to anger Vaclav.
    Will and the party form a unit, named Unit 30. Jay asks them to go to
    the front lines immediately. Upon leaving, you'll see a whole army of
    the robotic soldiers. The one leading this group will be Walter (who
    incidentally has changed his clothes, impressing Norma considerably). He
    still isn't very friendly to the group. Upon leaving, you'll go back
    to Vaclav. Both Stella and Shirley are now hooked up to the devices on
    the bridge. Vaclav directs Melanie to drain them without killing them,
    as he still has other uses for them.
    FRONT LINE 前線基地
    Treasures: Miracle Gummy, Pine Gummy, Lemon Gummy, Life Bottle, Scallop
    Gummy, Flare Bottle, Silver Javelin, Liquor Bottle, Spectacles, Hard
    Bottle, Mixed Gummy, FOE2 Check, Dark Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Shell Bottle,
    Climax Bottle, Hunter Beat, Silver Sword
    To get here you'll need to travel in the 1 o'clock direction. Head eastwards
    until you see the road. Follow the road until it ends. Go straight up and
    you'll find a Rosemary. Now return a little bit and head eastwards
    to follow the mountains up. There'll be a Duct here. Be prepared before
    you go in, as once you do you can't come out until you've finished.
    Will directs the party to rest until night. Senel thinks back to the time
    Stella showed him her TelQes.
    He's woken up by the rest of the group. It's almost time when the armies
    will arrive. The party sees a ragtag group of people that Will says are
    all Holy Lexaria Empire soldiers. They've all been living on the Legacy
    disguised as normal people. Then two unexpected people show up - the
    Pheromone Bombers. According to Will, Curtis is the commander of the whole
    Lexaria army. Chloe asks why Curtis is here if his job is to protect the
    Emperor. Isabella replies that the Emperor too is on the Legacy.
    The combined armies charge, allowing your party to sneak in. On the first
    screen here there'll be a save point as well as various people to talk to.
    There's a merchant to the left (though he sells the same stuff as the
    one in the Hermitage) and the man to the right will let you rest should
    you desire.
    Your goal here is to sneak all the way past the front line. If you get
    spotted, not only will you be forced into battle, but after the battle
    you'll be sent back to the beginning of the screen.
    Head up and left for a Miracle Gummy. On the right side you'll find a
    Pine Gummy and Lemon Gummy. Watch out for the patrolling soldier. Continue
    on and find a Life Bottle before the next screen.
    On the next screen, wait for the soldier to come back from the left side
    and up the right side. Go up the left side. Suspicious looking table here.
    Check it to find Mimmy. She'll teach you how to make Chocolate Coronets.
    Continue on up. Wait for the next patrolling soldier to go up so you
    can go right to find a Scallop Gummy and Flare Bottle. Continue on
    to the third screen.
    Here, grab the Silver Javelin for Moses, and a little further a Liquor
    Bottle and Spectacles. Further up and right are a Hard Bottle and Mixed
    On the fourth screen you'll begin to see your robotic soldier pals attack.
    Hurray! You'll see your home base discussing events. Fenimorl looks
    pensive. Head left and grab the FOE2 Check. Now go up and right for a
    Dark Bottle, Panacea Bottle, and Shell Bottle. Slip past the patrol
    and go on to the next screen.
    Grab the Climax Bottle here, then go left and grab the Hunter Beat weapon
    for Senel. Further up and left there's a Silver Sword for Chloe. Onwards.
    Slip past the first guy while he's in the corner. There's a save point
    here. Follow the next guy upwards (not too close). When he reaches the top,
    the third guard should be just heading down. Quickly run off to the side
    and past him to the next screen.
    Well, it was a save point, so you know a boss is waiting for you, right?
    BOSS: Pharaoh Giganto
    HP: 37444
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Drops: Seal Check
    This guy is rather annoying. He's big and strong, and he does a move where
    he charges all the way across the screen through your characters, meaning
    your rear characters aren't safe, plus it's hard to hold him down. There
    are a few things you can do to make this battle easier, though. One is
    to set Senel's Garyuu Ougi Kyouki Rakutsuigeki (Keigan Sairakugeki+
    Funryuugeki) which works against the Meganto race. The other is simply
    to equip the Silver Sword you found earlier for Chloe, since it is Ocean-
    elemental. With Norma and Will using Booing and Antishield, you should be
    able to wear him down eventually.
    Back at main camp the commanders hear about your victory. Fenimorl seems
    anxious, or maybe relieved? With the Front Lines secured, the allied armies
    decide to push forward. Jay asks the unit to proceed forward to the Bridge
    Plains. Grune and Fenimorl show up... and Grune suddenly grabs Senel in
    'congratulations'. Neither Fenimorl nor Chloe seem that happy. Suddenly
    a glowing golden light appears. Another pillar of light has appeared in the 
    Inner Sea. Senel mentions that it's the same color as Stella's TelQes.
    Vaclav isn't terribly happy about these developments. He commands the army
    to prepare to counterattack.
    After the events, the Bridge Plain will be right in front of you.
    BRIDGE PLAIN 艦橋前平原
    Once again you'll be able to buy items and rest for free at the camp. Head
    up and Jay will give you your next assignment. Like before, rather than
    fighting, your main goal is to break through the lines and reach the Bridge.
    Soon the two armies clash. Enjoy another anime scene! Vaclav sure is tall...
    There are two main ways to go, straight and right, but there aren't any
    treasures so there's really not much of a difference between the two. The
    straight path is shorter but has more enemies, while the right path is
    longer but has fewer. It all averages out to be the same, so just pick
    whichever one you feel like. When you see your allies being attacked, if
    you defeat the enemies attacking them, you can get some generic items
    (Gummies, etc.) as thanks.
    Eventually you'll get an event. The Legacy has almost reached land...
    meanwhile, Fenimorl asks Walter if there's anything she can help with.
    Walter asks her to bring food to the people repairing the robot soldiers.
    Another soldier brings Jay a disturbing report. It looks like the
    Mofumofus have joined in the battle as well. Jay doesn't take this news
    well. He heads out from main camp.
    Vaclav has reinforcements of his own. He sends Melanie to get them ready.
    After the events, if you head down a screen, you'll get warped back to
    main base. Use the chance to rest, then keep going on. You'll eventually 
    get to a series of screens where you head on automatically, saving your 
    allies along the way. Quite a few battles follow. After a few more screens 
    you'll reunite with Cuppo, Poppo, and the other Mofumofus. There's 
    something big and mean coming...
    BOSS: Dragon
    HP: 17507
    Weak Against Ice
    Strong Against Fire
    Drops: Dragon Mail
    His bites hurt. Watch carefully for the Caution Signals; as long as you
    block the entire series of bites, you'll be fine (watch out for the
    last one, which comes out really late and can fool you). Personally
    I don't think he's as hard as the last boss, so just pound away.
    Afterwards, the Mofumofus are in trouble, surrounded by soldiers. At
    that moment, lightning hits all of them... It's Jay, he's come to help
    the Mofumofus. Seems that he has quite a soft spot for the Mofumofus.
    He thanks the party for saving them. The Mofumofus want to join Senel,
    but Jay still doesn't want to let them fight. Thus, he says that in their
    stead he'll join instead. And now you have your sixth character (and
    final Arts-type character).
    Vaclav assigns the Triplekeitz to guard the entrance to the Bridge.
    Meanwhile it looks like Shirley is in trouble. After the events, you'll
    be on the World Map again.
    TRIAGE TENT 救護テント
    Treasures: Bread
    Before entering the Bridge, Jay suggests heading to this small tent off
    to the side. Enter and you'll see Fenimorl. She'll pray for your safety.
    After the event you can rest here and buy stuff from the merchant (still
    no new equipment though). Check the pile of stuff next to the exit to
    get some bread. At this point I would also suggest getting the Titles
    "Berserker" (by doing a battle with all four Arts-type characters) and
    "Musai" (by doing a battle with all four male characters). When you're all
    prepared, head on to the Bridge.
    BRIDGE 艦橋
    Treasures: Lemon Gummy, Panacea Bottle x2, Holy Bottle, Life Bottle x3, Hard
    Bottle x2, Mixed Gummy x3, Orange Gummy x4, Shell Bottle x2, Flare Bottle x2, 
    Denei Bottle, Liquor Bottle, Spectacles, Lavender, Sage, Hit Bottle, Miracle
    Gummy, Climax Bottle
    Before you enter, Will goes over everybody's separate reasons for wanting to
    fight. None of them are the same, but they've still been able to work
    together. In the meantime Stella and Shirley continue to be drained.
    As soon as you head in you'll see Melanie. She attacks, but thanks to
    Jay's smoke bomb and quick work with switches, the party passes her by.
    Follow the path around. Head left at the first branch for a Lemon Gummy.
    The red flashing thing is a switch. Hit this also.
    Go up the hallway. Go into the first room on the left for a Panacea Bottle.
    There is also a switch here. Hit it. Continue up, then go right into another 
    room for a Holy Bottle and switch. Enter the door at the end of the corridor 
    to go to the next area.
    Here at the first fork check both sides to find a Life Bottle, Hard Bottle,
    Mixed Gummy, and Orange Gummy. Go up again and right to find a room with
    a Shell Bottle and another switch. To the left is a door that cannot be
    opened if you have not activated all four switches.
    In the next area follow the path down until you reach a save point. Follow
    the path left, then up at the fork. You'll find an Orange Gummy. Further
    along are three chests with a Liquor Bottle, Denei Bottle and Flare
    Bottle. There's also an entrance to a Puzzle Booth.
    This puzzle isn't so bad. Head down and push the block in the same direction
    (down and left). Next push the whole row of blocks up and left so that 
    you've almost reached the exit. Push the remaining block on the right side 
    onto the row you've just created. Now head along to the left side and push 
    the block there downwards. Go to the block on the right side and pull it
    along, then go to the other side and push it into the gap to fill the last
    gap before the exit.
    On the other side of the Duct Melanie awaits.
    BOSS: Melanie and Fearful Bear X
    Melanie: 16000 HP
             Weak Against Ice
             Strong Against Fire
    Fearful Bear X: 8000 HP
    Drops: Resist Ring
    Beat up the Bear first, it isn't too threatening. Melanie uses tons of Fire
    magic, so try and keep your characters spread out. She does have a weak
    point to Ice, so use Jay's Hyouju and so on for good effect. As long as
    you can stop her from casting too often, she shouldn't be too tough.
    Afterwards save at the save point. Then it's upwards... the door to the
    next level is sealed. Cashel shows up and says the only thing that can
    open the door is the card key he is holding. He taunts Moses, trying to
    get him to attack, but Moses actually holds back, saying he's learned
    not to let his emotions get the best of him. Cashel still has some tricks
    though, as he makes illusions of himself. Jay says to leave it to him.
    Cashel asks him what he can do, and suddenly Jay makes lightning strike
    the real Cashel, and the illusions disappear. Cashel runs away, with
    your group in hot pursuit.
    Follow the ditch downward. Soon you'll get an event. Jay manages to find
    Cashel yet again. But Cashel runs. Keep going and follow the greyish
    platform down. Head back along another ditch. On the next screen, Jay
    stops an ambush by Cashel. He'll gain the title "Taunting Jay". Keep
    following Cashel. Thankfully there's only one path along here. On the
    next screen you'll finally catch up to Cashel. He tries making illusions
    again, but of course Jay sees through them. Cashel runs away again.
    You'll be next to a save point, go ahead and use it. Keep following the
    path around. Eventually you'll come back to where you began and have 
    caught Cashel again. Time for the real fight.
    BOSS: Cashel
    HP: 13861
    Weak Against Fire
    Strong Against Ice
    Drops: Doom Check
    He can be quite annoying with his multihit knife attacks, almost certain
    to guard break you, as well as with casting Bloody Howling and Volt Arrow.
    Again, split up and try and stay on both sides of him. This time the
    weakness is fire, so use Jay's Homura and so on to chip away at him.
    Moses has gotten his revenge. He thanks Jay for the help, but Jay doesn't
    seem to want Moses's thanks... you'll receive the Card Key. However, an
    odd booming noise begins. Jay says it's probably the defensive cannons
    of the Holy Gadria Kingdom, meaning the Legacy is close to its destination.
    In the control room Vaclav is enjoying himself.
    Use the Card Key and head in. Stingle is there, but all he says is that
    he'll wait for you at the end of the floor. Senel takes Chloe aside and
    assures her that they'll always be with her... but this gets strange looks
    from the rest of the party.
    Head up the left ramp for a Mixed Gummy. Go up the right ramp and use the
    heal point and save point, as well as grabbing the Life Bottle. Head up
    the stairs to the next area. Follow the spiral ramp upwards. You'll find
    a Panacea Bottle along the way. Further up is an Orange Gummy.
    At the top of the ramp you'll encounter Stingle.
    BOSS: Stingle
    14513 HP
    Weak Against Lightning
    Strong Against Earth
    Drops: Heal Bangle
    Unlike Melanie and Cashel, Stingle is actually hard. His combination sword
    attacks do way too much damage, and if you fail to guard one, you'll
    quickly be almost dead, or dead. Also make sure to watch out for his
    special stances. Every time a caution signal goes up, he'll probably go
    into a stance which works like Chloe's reversal Garyuu Ougis. When he
    gets below half health, he even starts using a stance that causes instant
    death. Equip the Doom Check you got earlier to prevent this. Unfortunately
    your AI controlled characters are too stupid to not hit Stingle when he's
    in a reversal stance, so just be prepared to heal a lot...
    After the battle, Stingle manages to escape through a chute in the ground.
    Chloe wants to chase after him, but Senel stops her. Looks like you'll have
    to finish things with him later. Grab the Flare Bottle and Shell Bottle,
    then take the elevator up.
    From this view they can see the Sougahou's target. Chloe says that they
    can see the highest mountain in her country, below which is the capital,
    In the command room, Vaclav's underling tells him that the energy charging
    is complete. Head forward to find another save point. Then enter the large
    At the fork, you'll find a Hard Bottle. Go right to find an Orange Gummy
    and a switch. On this floor, you'll want to change all of the switches
    to the same color, the color of the barriers in your way. In this first
    area you'll want red. Head upwards and right again to find another switch
    and a Life Bottle. Then go up and left for a third switch and Spectacles.
    With the three switches set to red the barrier should disappear. Head
    on that way (down and left).
    In the next section, you'll want to change the switches to blue. Head down
    and left at the fork for a switch and a Sage. Up and right is another switch
    and a Lavender. Continue up, then go left at the fork for a switch and
    Mixed Gummy. Now go up and left for the last switch and a Hit Bottle. Head
    on to the last section.
    The color here is green. Go up and right at the fork for a switch and
    Miracle Gummy, then up and left for the other switch and a Climax Bottle.
    You've now unlocked the path to the last area. There's a save point here,
    make sure you use it. Then head on in!
    The party finally get to Vaclav, but it's too late. Vaclav fires the first
    shot of the Sougahou, levelling a mountain in the process. On the ground,
    Walter sees the cannon fire and flies off. Vaclav says that he meant to
    attack the capital, but luckily the cannon has missed. Senel calls out,
    and Shirley and Stella seem to still be alive. That's good news, but
    Vaclav wants to fire a second time...
    BOSS: Vaclav
    17415 HP
    Weak Against Earth
    Strong Against Lightning
    Drops: Emerald Ring
    I don't find Vaclav as tough as Stingle. Maybe that's cause he doesn't have
    as much range, or he staggers easier. He's strong against lightning, so
    turn off Volt Arrow unless you want some major minus grade. If you can
    keep him pincered between Senel and Chloe he might not be able to do much,
    as long as you can keep him staggered. He's strong, but he doesn't have any
    fancy tricks like status effects and so on, so just keep beating on him
    until you win.
    Vaclav's subordinates run off, and the party takes Stella and Shirley out
    of the machines. Suddenly the machines activate again, even without
    anybody in them. Vaclav is still alive, and he says he recognizes what
    Senel really is, and what he did 3 years ago. In his hands he presses
    a switch. The Sougahou seems to have been activated again. Walter arrives
    saying that the MelNes is safe, but they're too late to stop the Sougahou.
    Shirley asks what they can do. Walter says that if the MelNes can control
    the entire Legacy, they may be able to stop it. Shirley says she will
    enter the machine again and try to control the Legacy. But her power
    isn't enough, and the machine rejects her.
    The Sougahou fires again... and suddenly Stella's TelQes flies out and 
    captures the Sougahou's beam, diverting it away. Stella's body drops to 
    the floor.
    Walter says that Stella hadn't just lost her consciousness, she had become
    one with the Legacy itself. The pillars of light were manisfestations
    of her will. So was the thing that saved Senel in the Ruins of Frozen Light,
    as well as when falling off the cliff at the end of Chapter One. Even 
    Senel's first meeting with the Legacy was guided by Stella. Senel begs 
    Stella to wake up, but she is too weak for healing. Walter tells Shirley to 
    use her brooch. It saved her life once, and now it might help Stella.
    With the brooch's power, Stella awakens. But she only awakens long enough to
    tell Shirley that her power is to help make everyone happy, and to tell
    Senel sorry. She collapses again. Senel and Shirley yell at her to wake up; 
    Senel even says that he had planned to do the Water Dance Ritual with her, 
    but if she dies he can't. But the brooch breaks, and Stella passes away.
    Outside the rest of the army is celebrating. Moses even has a reunion with
    his gang, who he thought had died. Stingle also manages to escape in the
    Grune talks to Harriet and Pippo, saying that they've found a beautiful
    place, but it somehow seems sad, because the ocean seems like it's crying.
    You'll be prompted to save if you wish. A caption comes up saying two weeks
    later. Harriet and Senel have come to pray at Stella's grave. Harriet thanks
    her for saving so many people from dying in the war. She also tells Senel
    to stop moping, since Stella would surely laugh at him if she saw him doing
    that. She says that 'that person' (Will) has asked her to take Senel to his
    house. Senel asks if they've made up yet - but apparently not. They're not
    even living together.
    Treasures: Rune Bottle, Dark Bottle, Spectacles, Charm Bottle x2, Cheese
    The Graveyard is actually a part of Werites Beacon that you couldn't
    access before. Head down to the main part of town. There's a Charm Bottle
    in a treasure chest here. In the big house here, if you examine the carpet
    on the second floor you'll find another Charm Bottle. If you head clockwise 
    and to the top part of town, you'll find that Moses's bandits have set up 
    camp here as well... you can't go any further east, so the eastern part of 
    town is still blocked off for you. To get to Will's house, go counter
    clockwise to the western part of town.
    Will tells you that the Holy Gadria Kingdom has sent medals to Senel
    and company. Will wants Senel to distribute them. Now to find your other
    members. Chloe's over in the hospital, left of center of town. She's
    been asking about rooms for rent. She's determined to stay on the Legacy
    until she finds Stingle. She'll get a title here.
    Head to the Inn to find Norma. She seems to want a permanent room as well,
    although Senel misunderstands her innuendo-laden conversation with the
    innkeep. Harriet asks her if she's still looking for the Everlight, which
    she is. She wants Senel's help too.
    Return to the place in the north of town where the bandits are camped out
    to find Moses. He too is planning to stay so he can look for the Sei-
    Soujutsu. Senel asks Chaba about his wounds. It seems like it was Stingle
    who saved their lives by giving them medicine after they were attacked
    by Cashel. Is he really such a bad guy after all? While you're here, check
    the boxes to the right of the house with the waterwheel for a Spectacles.
    After meeting the three of them, head to the central fountain plaza. There
    you'll find Curtis and... Grune? Seems she's taking Isabella's place while
    she's busy. But she isn't doing the job so well. Curtis asks Harriet if she
    wants to join his 'soldiers of love' too. Senel gives Grune a medal (did she
    even do anything?) when she suddenly embraces him again, apparently to make
    him feel better.
    Jay's the only one left, but Harriet says he's probably not in town. Head 
    back to Will's place. Unexpectedly you'll find Jay there, spying on Will...
    the other party members arrive as well. Will comes out telling everybody
    to be quiet. He has a guest from the Holy Gadria Kingdom. The guest
    recognizes Chloe, and compliments her in a not so friendly way, saying that
    she's done well to clean the stain from her family name. Seems that shortly
    after Stingle killed Chloe's parents, the House of Valens was booted from
    the nobility. Senel and Norma take it worse than Chloe does, though.
    Talk turns to what the Holy Gadria Kingdom wants. Because of Vaclav's
    defeat, Gadria has won its war with Kurzand. But now it seeks to establish
    victor's rights - including control of the Legacy and Shirley. It's not
    just Gadria, either. Other countries have already dispatched representatives
    to the Legacy. Will says that with so many factions eager to use Shirley,
    it's a good thing that she isn't in town. The other party members scold
    him, saying they'd been trying to avoid talking about Shirley in front of
    Senel. Jay gets a title here.
    There'll be a flashback. Shirley has decided to stay with the Water Folk
    as the MelNes in hopes of helping in whatever way she can. Senel says that
    he doesn't have a right to stop her, but apparently he hasn't even gone to
    visit. Will tells him that he is going to the Water Folk village, so he
    should come along. The Empress has given him a message for Mauritz.
    At the mention of the Glowing Ones, Moses, Chloe, and Norma all exclaim that
    they'd forgotten why they showed up at Will's in the first place.
    Fenimorl has come to visit. She begs Senel to visit Shirley (note that
    she's calling him "Oniisan" now too...) It seems that she's been depressed
    since having left Senel. Senel finally agrees. The rest of the party
    wants to tag along as well.
    Now to actually explore town. There's new equipment in the weapon/armor
    shop, so upgrade accordingly. There's also new ingredients at the bakery.
    Speaking of which, if you go to the basement of the Inn, there's  
    somebody playing the piano, named Shiina. Hmm. (The composer of Legendia's
    music is Shiina Gou.) He can play some of the in-game music for you, but
    if you give him the types of bread he asks for his playlist increases.
    Also, go over to the item shop and check the Wadadon (from Namco's 
    Taiko no Tatsujin music game). It'll be Mimmy, and she'll teach you
    You can access the area directly east of the fountain now. There's a
    treasure chest with a Rune Bottle, another one with a Dark Bottle, and a
    few important buildings. One is important very late in the game for
    getting a certain helmet for Shirley, while the other is important for
    the Love Love subquest. See the Subquest section for details on both of
    these. There's also a Cheese hidden in the crates on this screen.
    When you're all done, head out the south exit. Fenimorl tells you that
    the village is to the southwest. Follow the border of the Inner Sea around
    (yes, there's a new path where you couldn't go before).
    VISTA POINT 眺めのいい場所
    Treasures: Mushroom
    This area is northwest of where the shallows enter the land again. It's
    where you saw Harriet, Pippo, and Grune talking in the end of Chapter 4.
    It'll become important again in Will's Character Quest. For now, though,
    if you check the roots of the tree you can find a Mushroom.
    Treasures: Sage, Climax Bottle
    Apparently another term for the Water Folk is the "Ferines", despite never
    having been used in the game. Straight west from the village there is a
    treasure chest with a Sage. If you go past the village south and head
    all the way down to the tip of the landmass, there's another treasure
    chest with a Climax Bottle inside. Activate the Duct outside, then head in. 
    Walter comes to meet the party. He doesn't even want to let the party in. 
    Only with Will saying that he has a message for Mauritz does he let them 
    Mauritz apologizes for Walter's behavior, saying that lately there have
    plenty of people wanting to visit the village, most likely to try and go
    after Shirley. He says he will prepare a reply for the letter, then says
    he'll call Shirley in to meet them. A messenger comes in and whispers
    something to Mauritz. It's a message from Shirley, simply saying that
    she's busy and she can't meet them. Mauritz says that Shirley has indeed
    been busy as she's preparing for a certain ritual. She still doesn't
    have full grasp of her power as the MelNes.
    Mauritz has prepared a room for the party to stay. This is your chance
    to explore the village. Check the dancing knight piece to find Mimmy.
    She'll teach you how to make Muffins. In town and downwards, there's
    a travelling merchant. He does have some equipment and ingredients not
    sold in Werites, so be sure to check him out. You can use the oven in
    your room to bake bread as well. Otherwise there's not much going on in
    town. Take a rest in your room when you're ready.
    Fenimorl asks Shirley why she won't meet with Senel. Shirley says that
    she is the MelNes, and that she can't just think of herself. Fenimorl
    asks her why she is doing the MelNes's duty. Shirley says to make people
    happy, to which Fenimorl responds that if she can't even make herself
    happy, how can she expect to make others happy? She tells her to go
    see Senel, because after all she likes him. But Shirley responds that
    the one Senel picked was Stella. Fenimorl tells her to go anyway and
    not worry about Stella. Her duty is to become happy.
    At night, Senel receives a letter. It's a letter from Fenimorl, asking
    him to go to the garden in the back of the village, alone. Norma and
    Chloe begin to head out as well, only to be stopped by Will telling them 
    not to spy on them...
    Head upwards to the meeting spot. Fenimorl tells Shirley to go, but she's
    having a tough time calming down. Finally the pair meet. Senel asks if
    she's feeling all right. Shirley says that she is busy, but otherwise she's
    fine. Shirley tries to say something else, but she can't seem to begin.
    That's when Senel tells her that things between them might not be the same,
    but if there's anything he can do, to tell him about it. That's what being
    a brother means. But Shirley stops him, saying there's something she needs
    to say. She begins to tell him that she's in love with him, but Senel
    suddenly stops her. She asks him why, and eventually he says that his place
    is with Stella. After a little bit of shock, Shirley says that she needs
    to try her best for her sister's sake as well. She tells him that Stella
    had been in love with him since they had first met. Then she excuses herself,
    saying she has things to do tomorrow, and runs off before she can break
    down crying.
    When Senel returns, he goes to sleep without answering everyone's questions.
    Over at Shirley's, Fenimorl tries to empathize with Shirley. Shirley tells
    her to just not worry about her and go to her hometown, but Fenimorl says
    that she can't ignore a friend. Shirley says it's the first time anybody
    called her a friend. 
    In the morning, Walter comes to see the group. He's found a remnant of
    Vaclav's army. He's going to set off to take care of them. Senel says the
    group will go as well and asks Walter to guide them along. He says they
    should leave right away, but Jay notes that it's almost as if Senel wants
    to leave the village as fast as possible. Head outside. Walter and Senel
    prepare to leave. Moses asks Senel why he isn't going to say goodbye to
    Shirley. Head out.
    Shirley has changed her outfit. Mauritz and Shirley prepare to leave for
    the place where the Oracle Ritual will take place.
    Walter tells you that the enemy's hidden fort is to the north. Head back
    the way you came. After crossing the shallows, you'll be almost there.
    A Duct awaits you before the fortress.
    Treasures: Mental Bangle, Life Bottle, Orange Gummy, Apple Gummy x7, Mixed
    Gummy, Panic Check, Fire Check, Climax Bottle
    Upon entering, Jay finds it suspicious that Vaclav's army would be here.
    Walter ignores him, however.
    Mauritz and Shirley arrive at the location of the the Oracle Ritual, the
    Altar of the Sea. It is apparently the location where the first MelNes heard
    the calling of the ocean.
    Head into the fortress. Follow the path around on the first screen. In
    the next area, head down through 4 (!) Chaotic Zones to find a Mental
    Bangle. Then go up the stairs and follow the path around. You'll come
    across treasure chests with a Life Bottle and Orange Gummy. Continue on
    to find a Puzzle Booth.
    Move the first block so that you can go up the stairs and cross it to get
    to the large path. Head down the next set of stairs. You'll come across
    a large set of blocks. Move them individually out of the way. Head up the
    stairs in the lower part of the block. Move the last block around to make
    a path to the platform. Hit the switch (no need to use the reflector).
    In the next area, Norma notes that they haven't seen any of Vaclav's
    troops. They've come across a jail and torture room. After the scene,
    use the save point. Check inside the two jail cells for an Apple Gummy
    and a key. Then move on.
    In the next area you'll see a glowing red sphere. Ignore it for now. Right
    next to it is a Mixed Gummy (you might miss the treasure chest because
    of the pillar). Go left and check the fourth jail cell for an Apple Gummy.
    Then go through the Chaotic Zone to find a Panic Check. Head right now.
    You'll see some odd spinning things. These are sentries; touching them
    will sound an alarm. If you trigger the alarm, check the glowing orb you
    saw earlier to reset it. Use the jail cells to hide out as the sentries
    pass by. After passing the first one head up and left. In the first cell
    you'll find an Apple Gummy. Then the one right next to the Chaotic Zone
    has the next key. Pass through the Chaotic Zone to find a Fire Check.
    Now head back the way you came and up through the locked door.
    The next area is quite similar. The fifth cage has an Apple Gummy.
    Head up and around. Go up when you see the Chaotic Zone. The cell right
    before it has the key. Past the Chaotic Zone is a Climax Bottle. Keep
    going right. The first and second cells have Apple Gummies. So does the
    cell before the door.
    In the next area you'll come across what looks like a small library.
    Norma and Will are shocked. The books are records of experiments on
    humans. Vaclav was running experiments on the captives of the war. He
    wanted to see if he could artifically create the MelNes's power in
    humans. Senel becomes enraged at the news. Moses suddenly notices that
    Walter has disappeared. Head on up to find Walter. He says that this is
    what the Land Folk have done. He then tells the group that the Water Folk's
    suffering will end once the MelNes undergoes the Oracle Ritual. Senel
    says that the last time she attempted the ritual she had almost died.
    Walter says he knows. The Oracle Ritual is also a ritual of rebirth. She
    will become one with the Souga and become reborn. Walter brought the
    party out here on a false pretense so that they would not be able to stop
    Shirley. But that's not the only reason. He wants to fight Senel, but
    suddenly his monster appears and tells him something. A Land Folk army
    has appeared at the ritual. He leaves the party behind. The party tries
    to follow, but some monsters have shown up.
    BOSS: Silver Galf and Gold Galf
    Silver Galf: 25991 HP
    Gold Galf: 25000 HP
    Drops: Elixir and Moon Crystal
    These guys might look like normal Galfs, but they're TOUGH. They have lots
    of HP and are pretty strong, dealing almost 1000 damage with some of their
    bite combos. Make sure you have Norma so you can cast Resurrection as
    needed. Try and catch them both in the same spot and activate Climax
    Mode so you can chip away at their HP. As they're both Galf, you can use
    Chloe's Garou Buyougeki Garyuu Ougi to inflict status effects on them as
    well as do some nice damage.
    After the battle, Jay notices a fallen book. It's titled "Plan to Capture
    the MelNes". Senel for some reason demands to have the book. Head back the 
    way you came. Pretty mean of them not to give you a save point, eh? At least
    the weird patrolling things are now gone. Once outside, some Mofumofus will 
    greet you. They inform Jay that Shirley went to the Altar of the Sea at 
    the bow of the Legacy. Meanwhile Shirley begins the Ritual...
    The Land Folk army attacking turns out to be that of the Holy Gadria
    Kingdom. The leader seems to be the brusque visitor Will had earlier. He
    instructs his soldiers to prevent anybody else from getting the MelNes,
    even if it means killing her.
    Treasures: Lemon Gummy
    Exit to the World Map. Take the Duct back to town if needed. Now head
    northeast. Head across the bridge and turn north. Follow
    the path up and cross two more bridges. Keep going north until you find
    the path again. Slightly before it on an overhang in the forest you'll
    find a Lemon Gummy. Keep following the path up until you see a Duct
    and your destination.
    ALTAR OF THE SEA 望海の祭壇
    Treasures: Orange Gummy, Life Bottle, FOE3 Check, Silk Robe, Rune Beret, 
    Mixed Gummy, Pine Gummy, Liquor Bottle
    When the party enters they'll see some bodies of the Water Folk. They're
    already dead. Jay points out a sword on the ground and asks Chloe if she
    recognizes it. She recognizes the emblem on the hilt as coming from her
    country. She swears she knows nothing about it, but Senel ignores her
    and charge in.
    Meanwhile the Water Folk begin to murmur. There hasn't been any response
    from the Souga yet. Perhaps she's lost her power after all. She remembers
    how last time she tried she passed out and had a fever for days. Suddenly
    a wounded Water Folk walks in. The Holy Gadria army has arrived.
    Head in and follow the path. Go left for an Orange Gummy. Keep following
    the path along and head down at the fork for a Life Bottle. Continue on
    past a Chaotic Zone for an FOE3 Check.
    In the next area there's a Silk Robe behind the Chaotic Zone. Follow the
    path around and go up for a Rune Beret. Continue up for the next screen.
    The party runs into more bodies. At the altar, the Gadria army says that
    Shirley is under arrest for controlling the Sougahou and attacking their
    country. But the other Water Folk stand in their way. The Gadria soldiers
    try to strike down the last woman, but Shirley runs in front of her.
    Fenimorl, seeing this, pushes Shirley out of the way, and gets stabbed
    Go right for a Mixed Gummy. Follow the path around to find a Pine Gummy.
    Then go down and left into the next area. At the fork head down and left for
    a Liquor Bottle. Then go up, you'll see a save point. Save, then go up and
    At the altar, Walter has arrived at the scene of carnage. Mauritz stops
    him from interfering, however, saying this is a chance that they can't
    pass up.
    Fenimorl apologizes for saying that she could stay with her always, when
    it looks like that won't be the case. Fenimorl gives her last blessing
    to Shirley before passing away. The Gadria soldiers say that this is what
    happens when you resist them. They and the Water Folk are enemies. Shirley
    then hears a voice calling her. It's the voice of the Souga. Her hair
    begins glowing again, and energy surrounds her. Shirley remembers why she
    had failed at the last Oracle Ritual. It was because she knew what would
    happen if she succeeded. She purposefully failed the last time because
    that would mean she would awaken as the MelNes, and no longer be herself.
    It would also mean that she would kill Senel.
    The party runs into some soldiers that are running away. Meanwhile something
    that looks like Walter's monster attacks the party.
    BOSS: Gust Mammon
    HP: 21919
    Drops: Poison Check
    He isn't very tough. Just keep pounding away at him. He has no weaknesses
    or strengths and doesn't really do anything that special.
    After the battle, the Water Folk controlling the monster run away. Head
    up the altar for the final scenes. The party sees Fenimorl lying dead.
    Walter blames it on the party, as Land Folk. He says he will not let the
    party anywhere near the MelNes. Meanwhile the Gadria commander says that
    the Water Folk don't even count as people. He orders Chloe, with the king's
    authority, to kill Shirley. Walter says that surely Senel must think that
    the Water Folk are monsters as well. Senel steps up and punches the 
    commander out, saying that is his reply.
    Suddenly Shirley's hair stops glowing. Mauritz begins laughing in a rather
    disturbing manner. He calls on the MelNes to awaken, and suddenly Shirley's
    hair glows much brighter than before, and her TelQes appears. Walter and
    Mauritz's hair begins glowing as well, as the power of the Souga has
    Walter then steps up to fight the party.
    BOSS: Walter
    HP: 18266
    Weak Against Curse
    Strong Against Ocean
    You can't do any bit of damage at all to Walter. After a little while, he
    does a much more powerful version of his usual DelQes attack and knocks the
    party down, ending the battle.
    Walter is entirely too strong. He says it is time to kill Senel. But Shirley
    stops him. Senel calls to her, but she says not to call her by that name - 
    she is now the MelNes. Senel says that Shirley is Shirley, but she tells
    him to shut up, saying that she is no longer the person who called herself
    his sister. She knocks him down with a sphere of energy. She then says
    that the Land Folk have no need of the blessing of the ocean. The party
    feels like something has been drained from them. The MelNes says that the
    will of the Souga is to return the world to the form it should have. 
    Mauritz adds that the Water Folk act according to that will, and will
    exterminate the Land Folk. Walter prepares to kill them all, but a sudden 
    blizzard appears and the party is swept away.
    Walter send his robot troops off in pursuit. Meanwhile the MelNes says she
    has remembered her duty. She says she will return to the Castle. She also
    wishes for Fenimorl to be buried. Walter says that he will do and begs
    the MelNes to let him. She agrees.
    At the beginning of the dungeon now, the party wonders what happened.
    Suddenly somebody unexpected shows up. It's Grune, and she's got a sphere
    of blue light with her. She greets the party, then begins talking to the
    light, asking who it is. The party members wonder if she's gone totally
    insane by now. It seems none of them can hear or see the light. The
    light names herself Celsius, and calls Grune her master. She says she has
    manifested in response to Grune's will to save Senel and company. However
    the elements in the area are weak and she cannot manifest any further.
    Grune tells her she can rest. Celsius turns into a seed, which Grune picks
    Suddenly Walter's robot soldiers show up. Senel and Chloe begin to fight
    them off - but neither of them can use their Soujutsu. Norma tries casting
    a spell, and she can't either. The party has no choice to run.
    Back in Werites Beacon, the party hears more disturbing news. It seems
    that EVERYBODY in the town can no longer use Soujutsu. Moses goes off
    to help his band. Meanwhile Isabella arrives and asks Will and Jay to
    go with her - the Empress of Lexaria is calling. That leaves Senel with
    Chloe, Norma, and Grune. They begin to go off to Will's house, but
    Senel suddenly collapses.
    Senel flashes back to when Stella told him to run away with Shirley. Then
    he remembers the words Shirley says as the MelNes. He says that back then,
    when he first called Shirley family, he had also decided to atone for some
    Senel wakes up with Harriet and Grune watching over him. They go off to
    tell the others. Chloe however has been waiting outside. Senel asks her in.
    She tells Senel that war preparations are under way against the Water Folk.
    There are even rumors that a battalion of the robot soldiers is massing
    outside of Werites. Then Chloe apologizes to Senel. As a Gadrian herself,
    she feels that she is partially to blame for what happened with Shirley
    and Fenimorl. But Senel says she isn't like the others. Senel then gets
    frustrated. There are too many things he doesn't know. He doesn't want to
    fight Shirley. Chloe feels the same way too, however.
    Grune returns, saying that the two certainly get along well. She then says
    that if they both don't know something, it means they're thinking the same
    thing. Senel then says that that's the point, they don't know anything - 
    they should go and find out the truth, instead of standing around and
    worrying about it. He asks Chloe to help him and come with him, which
    makes her a little too happy, perhaps. Norma comes in suddenly and says
    she'll go too. But they have no idea where to start.
    Suddenly all of them get the feeling that they have to visit the Beacon
    over Werites... They leave. Grune says to Chloe "great it worked out,
    right?" and Chloe says yes, abashed.
    You'll be on the second floor of the Inn. Go down and save, then leave.
    Suddenly some soldiers show up. It's the Gadrian commander. He tells
    Chloe she is under arrest as a traitor to the country for not following
    his orders at the altar. Senel says that it was him that punched him 
    out, and the commander says Senel will be arrested too. Suddenly, help
    arrives from an unexpected place...
    After Curtis's song and dance, he punches the commander out. With that
    taken care off, head for the Beacon. But first, make sure you go to 
    trigger the first Love Love Couple subevent (see the sidequests section
    for details) if you're doing that subquest. The window of opportunity is
    very limited. The east portion of town is now open to you as well. There's
    a Lemon Gummy in a treasure chest here, and if you check the bench facing
    the river north of that chest you'll find a Rune Bottle. Check the
    wheelbarrow in front of the large house (Madam Musette's) for an Apple
    Gummy. Search the urn on the second floor of her house for some Pickles.
    There's another Apple Gummy outside Madam Musette's house to the left,
    in a jar.
    Off to the Beacon. To get there, head to the top of the city and head 
    straight up. The party runs into Jay and Will. They say that they too 
    suddenly felt that they should go to the Beacon. The entrance to the Beacon 
    has mysteriously opened. Jay says that in living memory, nobody has ever 
    been able to open the door. Moses shows up too. He says a large robot army 
    is waiting outside town. Seems like he wasn't a match for them. He too felt 
    the pull to the place.
    Now head on in. The inside looks very mechanical, just like some of the
    other ruins. An elevator takes the party very far down. They can hear
    the ocean waves from here. They find a quiet ocean. Norma tells the party
    to hurry up and look up. The sky is like a ceiling, and it's entirely
    closed. They seem to be INSIDE the Legacy, somewhere far below the
    Senel's hands begin glowing. He thinks for a moment, then Majinken's
    Moses. His Soujutsu appears to be back. Then Norma joins in. It looks
    like Moses is the practice dummy... and everybody else has their Soujutsu
    back as well. Moses runs off somewhere. Then he comes back... saying that
    when he tried to go up again, he was unable to use Soujutsu again. Their
    power has only returned while they are inside.
    The party then discusses their next step. The MelNes's aim is to purge
    humanity. The MelNes also told them that they did not need the ocean's
    blessing before they lost their Soujutsu. So the next step is to find out
    exactly what the Souga is.
    The party gets another vision. They decide to explore the interior area
    of the Legacy. Then Norma asks Grune why she's here anyway. She says
    it's because she likes everybody. She says she'll fight with the party
    too. The party leaves, but Jay wonders if it was really coincidence they
    came here in the first place. It seems more like somebody guided them
    Grune joins the party here.
    Over at the palace mentioned by the MelNes, they've reached the throne room.
    The MelNes says that the party has apparently arrived at the 'The Abandoned
    Lands'. And so ends Chapter Five.
    Treasures: Apple Gummy, Orange Gummy, Spectacles, Squid, Shrimp, Cod,
    Liquor Bottle, Shell Bottle
    Though this looks like a map area, it actually counts as a dungeon area
    so you won't be able to rotate the screen, nor will you be able to see the
    map, nor will you be able to save except on the save point, which is just
    close to you on your right. There's an Apple Gummy in the chest next to it
    too. Explore the area and collect some treasures. An Orange Gummy lies
    to the east on a long platform. A Spectacles is on another platform
    south-southeast of the central elevator. South of the central elevator
    a bridge leads to an island with Squid, Shrimp, and Cod on it. Southwest
    there is a Liquor Bottle and west there is a Shell Bottle.
    You'll see some strange buildings and other places - a Coast right next
    to where you begin, an Ice Monument up northeast of the save point, a 
    Geoglyph Area to the southeast, a Thunder Monument further southeast, a
    Fire Monument to the south (on the same island with the seafood treasures),
    and an Earth Monument west (same island as the Shell Bottle). In the
    vision the party saw everything was colored red. You guessed it, your
    first destination is the Fire Monument to the south.
    At any time you can take the Elevator back to Werites as well, so don't
    be afraid to stock up on essentials. There is also some new stock at the
    armor and item stores.
    FIRE MONUMENT 火のモニュメント
    Treasures: Rune Bottle, Spectacles, Dragon Tooth, Life Bottle x2, Apple 
    Gummy, Piyo Check, Orange Gummy
    Upon entering your party will confirm that this is the place they saw
    in their vision. There is a platform with some lettering on it, but
    neither Jay nor Norma can read it. Norma kicks it, and it happens to
    activate the bridge towards the entrance anyway...
    It should be pretty obvious that almost all the enemies in here are
    fire-elemental. Turn off all of your offensive magic spells except for
    the ice ones.
    Enter the monument. Follow the ramps and blocks up and around. The first
    treasure chest is a Rune Bottle. You'll come to a large crystal thing.
    When Senel and Chloe approach, they get a strange vision of a square 
    platform in the ocean. Continue following the ramps. Another crystal
    is in your path. The vision this time is of the platform from before,
    this time with land rising from it. Further on is a Spectacles. The
    third crystal you'll see gives you a vision of a diamond shaped landmass.
    Norma says this is probably the same as the platform from earlier - 
    the visions seem to be a continuation of each previous one.
    Continue on to to find the door for the next area. The party decides to
    take a rest here. The party discusses the visions, although Grune
    doesn't seem to take it that seriously... After the event, use the save
    point and head on.
    Here in the next area you'll find treasure chests with switches behind
    them. Activate all six switches. You'll find a Life Bottle, Dragon Tooth,
    Orange Gummy, Apple Gummy, Life Bottle, and Piyo Check in front of the
    switches. Once you hit all of them the door onwards will open. 
    Past it there's another crystal. This one doesn't show a simple scene,
    however, it seems to warp the party somewhere - the Lumen Spring
    (where Senel and Shirley first met Will). However, it seems different
    from the one Senel and company know. Whereas the one they know has
    crumbled, this one is fully intact. Where there was a forest before,
    there's just a few young trees. The party sees a vision of somebody
    that looks like Shirley. But it keeps disappearing and reappearing.
    Next the party gets warped to a black space with a spinning pinwheel
    of light. Something large comes out of it towards the party... 
    BOSS: Volcano Gate
    HP: 36048
    Weak Against Ice
    Strong Against Fire
    Drops: Flare Mantle
    This guy's huge. As a plus, that means he's easy to hit. He also doesn't
    get knocked back, so he's actually quite easy to get large combos on. If
    you don't have the 100-hit title yet, now is the time to go for it. Just
    cast plenty of Ice Spells as well and you should get plenty of Grade for
    this fight. Also, Senel by now may be able to make a Garyuu Ougi that
    affects all of the Sea Gate race, so try it out if you want.
    The party then hears a voice asking the MelNes why she is sacrificing
    herself. Another voice says that this is all the Land Folk's fault, and
    if they were gone, this wouldn't have happened. A third voice says that
    the "Kousekiyoku" (Wings of Light) is an abominable thing, but it is 
    necessary for them now. A fourth voice says that the only thing they can do 
    is watch over the MelNes.
    A new cutscene shows the pictures from before, only this time in motion.
    The white platform suddenly emits a large star of light, and land
    erupts over it, converting it into the diamond shape. A new voice says
    that the lives of the Water Folk end here, and that the rest is up to
    the next MelNes.
    The party finds themselves warped out of the Monument. Suddenly, they
    all feel very weak. Also, the Mofumofus show up. They've followed
    the party, hearing that they were inside the Beacon. Thankfully, they've
    made a camp, and offer to let the party rest there. Something appears on
    the ground in front of Senel. It looks like a fragment of a larger
    stone. Leave and the Mofumofus will tell you that their camp is at the
    Coast that was next to the place where you started. Go towards the save
    point first, then head there.
    COAST 海岸
    Your party falls asleep as soon as you arrive. Guess everybody was tired.
    Afterwards, Jay reports on the events from up above. The war has yet
    to start - the robots outside of town haven't yet attacked. Discussion
    turns to the visions they saw. It seems that it might have been the
    birth of the Legacy. The Glowing Ones caused land to grow over the
    original white square ship and created the ship. Norma wonders if it
    was the MelNes's power that brought about that change. Will is worried
    about the Kousekiyoku, as well as why the legendary monster Gate should
    have appeared. Jay says that creating a floating continent seems a bit
    excessive even for the Water Folk. Senel says they must have had some
    important reason for leaving their original home and making the Legacy.
    Jay says if that's the case, the question is what was the reason.
    Suddenly the party gets another vision. It looks like it's time to move
    on to the next monument. It really does seem like somebody is watching
    over them and guiding them onwards.
    Flashback time. Senel is telling Shirley that they should stay in an
    empty house they found until they meet up with Stella. He tells her not
    to worry, since Stella promised she would come. Shirley asks him why
    he's doing so much for her. Then Senel hears another voice saying "Thanks
    to you, we now know where the village is." He wonders to himself whether
    it's repentance, or something else.
    The next morning, Pippo and Jay tell the party that they are in The Quiet
    Lands, which is legendary among Mofumofus (but you already knew that...)
    Jay says that if this is the legendary Quiet Lands, they might also see
    the Heavenly Path, but that's apparently a path that is not a path 
    floating in the sky somewhere, according to Pippo.
    After the conversation, you're free to go. Another Mofumofu has arrived,
    who serves as a merchant, and you can rest here anytime. There's also
    a save point here.
    ICE MONUMENT 氷のモニュメント
    Treasures: Liquor Bottle, Rune Bottle, Mixed Gummy, Panacea Bottle,
    Mithril Hammer, Mithril Spear, Life Bottle, Shell Bottle
    Your next destination is here, in the northeast of the Quiet Lands.
    Of course, you should turn off your ice spells from before and turn on
    fire spells.
    Norma sees an odd shadow upon entering. It turns out to be Walter. He
    wants to fight. However, it looks like as opposed to above, he has no
    power down here... The party tries to attack him, but they're stopped
    by a bluish butterfly-shaped object - it's Shirley's TelQes. A sphere
    of light envelopes Walter and carries him away. Senel thinks Shirley
    may be nearby, but he gets no response. Will wonders why the Glowing
    Ones call the Quiet Lands "The Abandoned Lands". Norma simply kicks
    the switch again to enter the ruins.
    The layout of this place is nearly identical to the Fire Monument. However
    here, spikes of ice come up from the ground with a little bit of warning.
    Touch them and you'll end up taking damage, so watch out. Head along
    to find a Liquor Bottle. You'll soon encounter your first glowing crystal
    here. This time the party sees the square white platform from a different
    view. It appears to be next to another landmass. Will and Norma mention 
    that every time they see a vision, they get more and more tired. The
    next crystal shows what seems to be a zoomed back version of the platform
    and landmass. It seems to be headed out from port. The third view is even
    further back. The landmass from earlier seems to be in decline. A little
    onwards you'll find a Rune Bottle. Continue on to the next area.
    Again, your party will take a little rest. Norma will stick to Senel,
    making Chloe angry. Norma wonders why Chloe is angry, then seems to figure
    it out. She whispers to Chloe that if she's going to go for Senel, better
    do it now while Shirley is gone...
    Senel gains a title after the scene. Save at the save point then head on.
    Now this room is slightly more complex than the one in the Fire Monument.
    You only want to hit some of the switches. Your goal is to make all of
    the cylinders begin bubbling. In this case, just hitting all the switches
    on the left side will work. Grab the Panacea Bottle, Mixed Gummy, Mithril
    Hammer, Mithril Spear, Life Bottle, and Shell Bottle from the chests,
    then proceed on.
    The final vision here warps your party to an area where many dead Water
    Folk and Land Folk lie. It seems to be somewhere on the main continent.
    There are women and children among the Water Folk bodies as well. Senel
    sees somebody who looks like Shirley standing in the distance. But
    once again she disappears.
    They see a group of Water Folk standing around a woman who might be the
    MelNes. But again they all disappear, and the party is once again warped
    to blackness. Again, it's time for a fight.
    BOSS: Glacier Gate
    HP: 37745
    Weak Against Fire
    Strong Against Ice
    Drops: Freeze Mantle
    You can fight him pretty much as you fought the previous Gate. Sometimes
    he dives, and when he does watch out when he surfaces again, as he'll do
    a rather strong tail attack. Also watch out for Freeze Lancer. But again,
    keep him busy and he won't be able to do much.
    The party hears a voice saying to kill all of the Glowing Ones. It says
    to chase them into the ocean. Another voice curses the Land Folk, wishing
    they'd never come. A third says to protect the MelNes no matter what.
    And again, you'll see an anime version of the previous memory flashbacks,
    with the rectangular ship leaving some sort of port. A voice identified
    as that of the MelNes tells the Water Folk to board the ship. She tells
    them to separate from the cursed land that has taken so much blood.
    You'll be warped back to the entrance, and your party will get another
    stone fragment. Once again the engraving seems to recall the scenes
    the party saw earlier.
    When you're all done head out and return to the Coast.
    COAST 海岸
    Once again, the party is tremendously tired. Jay tells the party that
    they think they know where Shirley is - a castle at the stern of the
    Legacy. Norma calls it by another name, the Mirage Palace. Among 
    Treasure Hunters it's known that the Palace is unreachable from land.
    The Mofumofus are searching for a possible way to enter.
    Now the party reviews what they saw earlier. The 'important reason' that
    the Glowing Ones left the continent for seems to have been the war that 
    drove them from the land. Norma wonders if their mysterious guide is 
    trying to tell them that the differences between Water Folk and Land 
    Folk are irreconcilable. But Senel says no - he and Shirley got along 
    quite well these past three years. Will says there is still one other thing 
    bothering him - why the war started in the first place. Once again upon 
    asking, another vision arrives. The next destination has been shown. Jay 
    says that he might have an idea on who it is that is helping them out. But 
    he refuses to say who it is just yet. He says he can't prove it, so he won't 
    bother yet. He gets a title here.
    Another flashback - Shirley asks Senel if he has to be a Marine Trooper.
    She tells him that if it's about money she'll work too. But he tells her
    he would rather that she stayed at home. Then he hears Stella's voice. 
    She asks him if he's forgotten his promise, if he's forgotten her. Senel
    replies of course not, and that with Shirley...
    At the palace, the MelNes says it is time to prepare to activate the Wings 
    of Light. Walter returns asking why she stopped him from fighting Senel. 
    Mauritz says the Abandoned Lands are said to be the only place where the 
    blessing of the Souga doesn't reach. He forbids Walter from interfering 
    with the party while they're there.
    Time to head out again.
    Treasures: Flare Bottle, Hit Bottle, Orange Gummy, Apple Gummy, Mixed
    Gummy, Beat Homing, Rune Bottle, Lemon Gummy
    Remember that in Legendia, Thunder and Earth are opposing elements. So
    turn on your Earth spells here.
    A sudden bolt of lightning scares the party as they enter. Chloe grabs
    onto Norma rather scared... Norma kicks the monument again, and in they
    go. Seems like inside lightning can strike too. Once again Chloe seems
    abnormally scared. She denies Norma's suggestion that she's afraid of
    lightning, though. She then whispers to Chloe that the next time they
    hear thunder she should grab Senel. She tells her not to let this chance
    away. Go Norma, playing Cupid...
    In here touching the black balls will warp you. Touch the first one you
    see and grab the Flare Bottle, then head back. Follow the ramp up and
    take the Hit Bottle. Now go up to the warp. You'll come across your first
    crystal here. The vision they get now appears to be of a meteor-like
    object. Head up to the next warp. Move along down the ramp for another
    crystal. The party sees a calm-looking ocean. At the bottom of the ramp
    there will be two warps. Take the one on the right. Follow the path up
    to find another crystal. There's a humongous wave rising from the ocean...
    Return and take either the warp in the corner or the left warp.
    They'll lead you to the exit.
    In the next small room, the party once again stops temporarily. Norma
    tells Chloe that this is her chance. At the next bolt of lightning,
    Chloe begins to scream... but after the flash, for some reason Moses
    is grabbing on to Senel. He can't stand loud noises. Poor Chloe. Chloe
    gets a title here.
    Save and move on. This time you want to hit the switches on both sides
    in the first and third rows. The treasures here are an Orange Gummy,
    Apple Gummy, Beat Homing (a weapon for Senel), Mixed Gummy, Rune Bottle,
    and Lemon Gummy.
    This time the party is warped over an ocean. Since it's not real, though,
    they don't sink, much to Chloe's relief. Senel suddenly runs off, as he's
    seen Shirley again. But of course she disappears. She was looking upwards.
    After being warped to the black area again, the next boss fight awaits.
    BOSS: Tempest Gate
    HP: 39522
    Weak Against Earth
    Strong Against Lightning
    Drops: Thunder Mantle
    Once again the same tactics suffice. Use Earth magic if you're going to
    use magic at all.
    Afterwards more voices. They say a meteor has fallen. But another voice
    says no, it's a ship - a large white ship. And again, an anime sequence
    summarizes what befell. A large object - the white square ship from
    before - fell into the ocean from the sky and caused a huge wave.
    The party gets warped outside and is once again tired. A third stone
    fragment presents itself to your party. Time to head back to camp.
    COAST 海岸
    Time to review what you've seen. Will proposes the theory that the Glowing
    Ones actually came from another world. Norma says that considering their
    hair glows, they can breathe water, and that they can use TelQes, it's not
    such a radical idea after all. Jay says he is also worried that the
    someone that is guiding them is also convinced that the Glowing Ones are
    too different from humans. That is the root of the hatred between the two
    races. The Glowing Ones even call themselves enemies of humans.
    But Senel says none of it matters. Jay tells him that may be what he
    thinks, but other humans may not think that way, maybe not even Chloe
    or Moses. Senel yells for their 'helper' to show themselves and tell them
    straight what they want. There's no response. Senel tells Jay to tell
    them who their helper is. Jay reminds them of when they first arrived -
    they wanted to know what the Souga was. They know the MelNes is the
    representative of the Souga. The MelNes calls herself the one who hears
    the voice of the Souga. The Glowing Ones follow the will of the Souga
    in an attempt to purge humanity. Jay says that whoever is trying to
    help them is analagous to the Souga's relationship to the Glowing Ones.
    It might be the Souga itself. Will and Chloe say that doesn't make
    sense. But Senel asks if maybe in these Abandoned Lands there is a
    second Souga. Jay agrees. Norma asks who the second Souga is. Jay then
    points away. Senel wonders if he means Grune. But Jay says to look
    beyond her - at the ocean itself. He says the Souga is the will of
    the ocean. The MelNes's power is to connect to the will of the ocean.
    Since the MelNes wants to exterminate humanity, the second Souga in
    the Abandoned Lands called the party down there. Moses asks for proof,
    but Jay says he has none. He then calls out to whoever is helping them,
    asking them to show if his guess is correct, and what the Glowing Ones
    are trying to do. The party then receives another vision. Jay says it's
    time to forward, and asks Senel not to run from the truth. Senel says
    there's no way he'll do that, and Jay says to remember that for later.
    Flashback time again. Senel and Shirley look around their house, saying
    they've already lived here for 3 years. Shirley then thanks Senel for
    being with her. Again Senel hears Stella. She tells him that she sacrificed
    herself to save him. She asks him again if she's forgotten that.
    Jay and the Mofumofus look out to the ocean. The Mofumofus tell him he
    looks scary, and ask him if he's thinking about taking care of Shirley
    by himself. He tells them he can't count on the party to do it, and he's
    already experienced in a number of areas...
    At the palace, Mauritz says that the Wings of Light haven't yet activated.
    He says it's possible that Shirley's awakening as the MelNes may not be
    complete. He wonders if the reason is Senel. He and Walter discuss
    how to take care of the problem.
    In the morning, head out to the final monument, the Earth Monument.
    EARTH MONUMENT 地のモニュメント
    Treasures: Life Bottle, Rune Bottle, 555 Gald, 765 Gald, 888 Gald, 1000
    Gald, 1500 Gald
    The Earth Monument is westwards. As opposed to the other Monuments, there
    are no monsters inside the first area.
    This monument looks peaceful in comparison to the others. Norma wants to
    have a picnic, but there's no time for that. Once again Norma kicks the
    platform to raise the bridge.
    Touching the black square things here will get you warped to the beginning.
    So avoid them and head on. The first chest has a Life Bottle. Afterwards
    you'll find the first crystal. It shows you an odd tower in the sea with
    12 smaller pillars around it. Jay says it may be a secret weapon of some
    sort. The next crystal shows a zoomed out picture. The objects from
    before are floating in the Inner Sea of the Legacy, and the surrounding
    ocean is glowing. Will says it may be the activation of the weapon. Next
    is a chest with a Rune Bottle, and nearby the third crystal. The third
    vision shows humongous waves ranging all over. Jay says this new weapon
    may be far more powerful than the Sougahou.
    Continue on to the next area. Discussion time again. Or rather Norma and
    Grune seem to have formed a comedy duo. Norma is asking the Souga what
    color Grune's underwear is... Just head onwards. But save first. Norma
    and Grune get titles here.
    More switches. There are actually enemies here so be careful. Hit the right 
    one in the first and third rows and the left one in the second row. There's
    lots of Gald in these chests (not that you should have been running short
    of cash anyway).
    The party is warped to a strange area. Someone is sitting on a strange
    platform with wings of light emanating from it. They are dressed the same
    as Shirley. Shirley faces the party with a cold expression, then disappears.
    Then the other MelNes disappears as well.
    Black area. Boss. You know the drill.
    BOSS: Earthquake Gate
    HP: 41383
    Weak Against Lightning
    Strong Against Earth
    Drops: Geo Mantle
    Same as the rest. Shouldn't be a problem.
    More voices. The MelNes says she will use the Wings of Light and become one
    with the Souga. An anime sequence shows the activation of the secret
    weapon, causing immense destruction. The ocean splits the very land
    The MelNes's voice says that there's still half left, and that her will
    is fading away. She says some day the next MelNes will finish the job.
    Jay recalls the legend of the Great Sinking, where half of the world's
    continents were swallowed by the ocean. He says that is precisely what
    they just saw. The Great Sinking really happened, and it was the work of
    the previous MelNes. And now the current MelNes, Shirley, is trying to
    do the same thing. Chloe asks Senel if he's okay, now that he knows
    what Shirley is trying to do. He asks her if she saw Shirley's expression.
    There is once again another tablet, this one with the snowflake-ish
    design that the secret weapon caused (and also incidentally part of
    the Tales of Legendia logo).
    Time to return to camp.
    COAST 海岸
    The party discusses the disaster that might befall them if the Great
    Sinking happens. The secret weapon of the Water Folk is the Wings of Light. 
    Jay calls the Water Folk enemies, which Senel doesn't take to kindly. He 
    asks everybody if they really think Shirley will cause the Great Sinking.
    He says she can't even bring herself to kill a bug. Jay gets angry,
    telling him that he can't call her his sister anymore. Senel then just
    says if they stop the Great Sinking, it will be all right. He tells the
    group he will simply convince her. Jay and the group don't believe him.
    But suddenly a glowing comes from the southeast. It looks like the Souga
    is calling again.
    There has been no change with the MelNes. Mauritz asks Walter how many
    hostages from Vaclav's army they have. Mauritz tells him to look for
    people who match certain qualities.
    You didn't get an automatic heal this time, so rest up, then head out
    southeast, east of the elevator.
    GEOGLYPH AREA ジオグリフエリア
    The glow disappears as the party enters. They find some notches on the
    ground that match up with the four fragments they found earlier. Jay
    explains the drawings on each one again. Your task is to put them in 
    order. The correct order is 3, 2, 1, 4 - in other words, chronological
    Upon doing so, the fragments glow. The Souga wanted to show them the truth
    of history. The Glowing Ones arrived from another world. However, they
    and the Land Folk became wrapped up in a war, and the Land Folk won.
    The Glowing Ones left the continent on their ship and founded the
    Kingdom of the Founders. But their hate for the Land Folk was too much,
    and they caused the Great Sinking.
    Now the entire ocean begins to glow. The party deduces that now the Souga
    wants to know what they intend to do. Will's nails begin to glow. He steps
    forward. He says he has been chased from the continent too, and that he
    has Harriet. But he can't allow the Great Sinking to disrupt the peace of
    everyone's life. Will's nails begin to glow more strongly now. He feels
    a great strength in him. Moses's nails glow next.
    He says he belives that if Mauritz and Walter are defeated, Shirley will
    return to normal. He swears to stop the Great Sinking as well. He thinks
    that he's finally gained the Holy Soujutsu, although the legends say that
    the Holy Soujutsu makes one's nails glow in rainbow colors, not bright
    white... either way, he's pretty happy.
    Next up is Norma. She says all she wanted to do was find the Everlight, 
    and that it isn't in her personality to care about big things... but that
    she can't allow the Great Sinking either. She might have run away from
    home, but she still has parents, and she can't let them die. Chloe mentions
    that this is the first time she heard that Norma had run away from home.
    Next is Jay. He says that the Legacy is his home, and that he doesn't
    really care about the land. But, the Glowing Ones probably won't leave
    the Legacy alone either. Thus, he too swears to stop the Great Sinking.
    Jay says that Soujutsu itself might be a way of communing with the Souga.
    Next, unusually, is Grune. All she says is hello, but that somehow seems
    to be enough for the Souga...
    Chloe is up. She says that she doesn't intend to give up on peace, and
    that she doesn't want power just to defeat Shirley. She says she may be
    an idealist, but without ideals, what can one do? She will stop the Great
    Sinking and bring about peace.
    Next would seem to be Senel's turn... but nothing happens. He begins
    yelling at the Souga, telling it he's the only one who can convince Shirley.
    But the glow disappears. The rest of the party is shocked as well. But
    there's nothing to be done but return to camp.
    COAST 海岸
    One by one the party leaves Senel alone. Go over to your blanket and rest.
    Over at the elevator, the rest of the party is gathered. They've tested
    their Soujutsu on the surface and it all works. Now they gather to discuss
    how to stop the Great Sinking. Chloe wonders if they can really convince
    Shirley without Senel. But Jay and Will say they must be prepared for
    the worst... even if that includes killing Shirley. Jay says not to
    worry - if it comes to that, he'll do it himself. Moses calls him cold-
    blooded. Jay excuses himself, saying he has other things to do.
    Back at camp, Jay says he'll be fine. Will comes up and tells him that this
    is everybody's problem, not just his. Moses agrees, saying that he won't
    let Jay do the dirty work himself.
    Senel is thinking about Stella again. Her voice tells him that he's done
    well, and that he doesn't have to do any more. She tells him that he'll 
    always have her by his side. Chloe interrupts his reverie, asking him if 
    he's worrying about something. She says that maybe the Souga didn't 
    refuse him - it was the other way around. She tells Senel that she can 
    help him through things. She doesn't like seeing him suffer.
    Senel hands Chloe the "Plan to Capture the MelNes" notes that were picked
    up before. He tells her that his name is in it - on the side of the planning
    army. He too was in Vaclav's army, recruited as a war orphan. And his
    assignment was to abduct Shirley. Since he was only 12 years old, the Water
    Folk did not find him suspicious. But as he spent time in the village,
    he found himself at more peace than than he had ever been. He was unable
    to finish the mission.
    When Shirley failed at the Oracle Ritual, however, she fell very sick.
    Senel and Stella left the village to retrieve and ore said to be able to
    cure any illness. They got the ore, but they had been followed on their
    way back. Thus the Vaclav army found out the location of the village, and
    the attack began.
    Senel says what happened to Stella and Shirley is all his fault. He says
    if he had't arrived at the village... if he'd never been able to use Soujutsu
    in the first place... Chloe asks if Shirley knows about this. She doesn't,
    because he had promised Stella, who did know, not to tell her. He must keep
    the promise because he has chosen Stella. He tells Chloe about what happened
    in the Village of the Ferines, how Shirley was about to confess to him but
    he stopped her, saying Stella was by his side always. He says Stella must
    have been waiting for him those 3 years for him to save her, but he couldn't,
    so the least he can do is 'choose' her now.
    Chloe slaps Senel, hard. She tells him he's a fool, and that she knows why
    the Souga refused him. It's because he doesn't even know himself. His line
    about his promise with Stella is just an excuse. Senel angrily retorts that
    Chloe doesn't know anything about him. Chloe slaps him again, saying of
    course she knows. She might not have been capable of knowing earlier, but
    she does now, so much that it hurts. She tells him that there is only one
    thing for him to do - to meet Shirley and tell her everything: his past,
    his feelings, everything. She calls him a coward, saying that his real reason
    for all of this is that he's running away from meeting Shirley again. Senel
    finally realizes that what he needed to know wasn't the truth of history,
    but his own feelings. (Incidentally for the first time here, Chloe calls
    Senel by his first name, rather than 'Coolidge'.)
    He hears Stella's voice telling him to stay with her, but he says that it
    isn't Stella - it's his own heart's weakness. He tells Chloe that noone
    can change the past. All they can do is carry their happiness and sadness
    along with them. That's what it means to live. He vows to move forward, to
    meet Shirley.
    The ocean begins glowing now - it looks like the Souga has finally accepted
    Senel now too. The rest of the party arrives, drawn by the glow. Senel
    asks them for one more chance to convince Shirley. Jay says that Shirley
    might listen, but the MelNes might not. Senel says if it comes to that, he
    will finish things with his own hands.
    The party plans again. Jay says that the Mofumofus have found an 
    underground passage similar to the one they passed through before that 
    leads to the Mirage Palace. He asks the party to meet him in front of 
    the Elevator. So off you go.
    ELEVATOR 昇降装置
    Jay asks the party to stand in place, then presses a switch. The floor
    next to them shifts, revealing a rail and a corridor. Then he presses
    another switch, opening a door... when a huge train comes out. The
    Mofumofus discovered it as a path to the Mirage Palace. Jay says the 
    train must connect to the surface somehow. It even has a drill on it 
    in case the corridor is blocked.
    One of Mauritz's subordinates comes to get him, saying they've found
    something. Meanwhile Shirley thinks about the Souga's will, to return
    the world to how it should be. Walter says there was one person in the 
    Vaclav army that fulfills their needs. Mauritz then asks him a question.
    The train stops and the party stops in front of a door to the surface.
    It's sealed similar to the other ruins. The party presents their hands
    and the seal opens. The train moves onwards.
    The party discusses the two Sougas. Chloe proposes calling them by different
    names so that they can tell them apart. Norma has some weird nicknames for
    them, but eventually Will proposes the Quiet Souga and the Raging Souga.
    Norma gets a title here.
    The train stops again. The party goes up to the surface and looks around...
    and the last chapter in the main quest begins.
    MIRAGE PALACE 蜃気楼の宮殿
    Treasures: Holy Cloak, Stone Check, Belbane, Climax Bottle, Flare Bottle,
    Pine Gummy, Life Bottle x2, Nintou: Gyouten, Elengi Hat, Mixed Gummy, Rune 
    Bottle, Denei Bottle, Hit Bottle, Rune Mail, Flare Bottle, Holy Robe,
    Climax Bottle, Bimetal, Nintou: Chizakura, Holy Bottle, Panic Check,
    Lemon Gummy, Orange Gummy, Apple Gummy, Magic Mist, Aqua Mantle, Elixir, 
    Savory, Seal Check, All Divide
    Head left at the entrance past a Chaotic Zone for a Holy Cloak. Then head
    right and up and follow the path around. Follow the next Chaotic Zone down
    to a Stone Check. Then take the path up and left to the next area.
    Go up past the Zone to find a Belbane. Go down and another zone hides
    a Climax Bottle. Follow the platforms to the left into the next area.
    The Chaotic Zone here just guards a shortcut, no treasure. Keep going left.
    The part arrives at an area of bridges and waterways. This is apparently
    the Mirage Palace proper. And finally you get a save point.
    The glowing monuments you see are warp points. Head a little up and left
    for a Flare Bottle. Continue up to find a Pine Gummy. Even further up
    there is a Life Bottle. Head all the way south to find a Doryu 
    (a weapon for Grune). Warp at the column and pick up the Liquor Bottle 
    and Lemon Gummy. Keep following the path down under the bridges onto the
    next screen. Go down past a Zone to find a Nintou: Gyouten for Jay. Up
    a bit is an Elengi Hat. Past that is a Mixed Gummy. Take the warp next
    to it.
    Pick up the Rune Bottle and follow the path around. You'll end up going
    inside. In a scene, Walter hears that your party has arrived. But he
    can't leave Shirley's side, so he sends the robotic soldiers instead.
    Your party sees something approaching, and all of a sudden it's time for
    a boss battle.
    BOSS: Gust Lucifer
    HP: 33162
    Drops: Elixir
    Not very hard. I don't even think he casts any magic, or at least he didn't
    get a chance to. 
    The Water Folk controlling the Gust run off. Walter swears to the MelNes
    that he will not let Senel and company near her.
    To your left is a Denei Bottle. Go up and left to find a Hit Bottle, and
    behind a Zone, a Rune Mail. Go to the right and follow the twisting
    path onwards. You'll come across a save point and heal point (thankfully!)
    next to a Flare Bottle.
    Go onto the narrow platform up and to the left. Past the Chaotic Zone
    there's a Holy Robe. Go down past another one and leftwards to go to the
    next area. At the first fork head up past a Zone for a Climax Bottle.
    Another Zone to the north guards a Bimetal (for Senel). Return down and
    continue onwards. 
    A Nintou: Chizakura is behind the next Zone. It's for Jay, but its attack
    power is no different from the weapon you picked up for him earlier. The
    only difference is that this weapon is Curse-elemental, whereas the
    previous one was Ocean-elemental. Head up some more as the path bends to
    the left. There's a Puzzle Booth here now.
    Head up the stairs to the platform right next to you and push the two
    blocks that you can off. Rearrange them so that the platform is bigger,
    so that now you can pull the third block away from the corner and push it 
    off as well. Now line the three blocks up so that you make a bridge
    towards the next platform towards the bottom of the screen. Push all three
    blocks off that one as well. Now make a line of those blocks so that they
    extend towards the platform on the right side with the two reflectors and
    switch (it will not reach all the way). Now head up the stairs again and
    stand on the line of blocks you just made to hit the three switches. To
    hit the bottom switch, stand on the second block and fire towards the
    reflector to your lower right. To hit the top switch, stand on the third
    block and fire up and left. To hit the switch on the right, stand just
    at the junction of the second and third blocks and fire up and right.
    Now the exit is open. Use the six movable blocks to make a bridge to where
    the exit is and leave.
    In the next area, the glowing rings will warp you. You'll find a Holy Bottle
    in the first chest. This area is kind of a maze. If you don't care about the
    treasure chests, you can just take the left route each time. But if you want
    all the treasures, you'll have to search around a bit. If you get lost,
    keep warping and Will eventually will ask if he should guide you. Accept
    and you'll be taken directly to the exit, but be warned that like with the
    Forest of No Return earlier this will prevent Senel from getting a title.
    Pick the third option to have Will leave you alone.
    Or, you can just cheat and follow these directions to get everything.
    Take the first warp. Now take the one on the left to find a Panic Check.
    Go to the warp on the right side until you get to the platform that looks
    like it has a door with a red dot on it (it's not anything really, just
    a landmark). Take the left warp for a Lemon Gummy, then the right warp for
    a Life Bottle. Take the bottom warp, then the top warp to go back to the
    beginning. Take the left warp to go to the screen that had the Panic
    Check, then take the left warp twice more to find an Orange Gummy and
    Apple Gummy. Now just follow the looping path to the left upwards. Do this
    without using Will's help and you'll get your title for Senel.
    Go up and left past the Chaotic Zones for a Magic Mist and Aqua Mantle.
    Head right, past the first Chaotic Zone (Elixir) and second one (Savory),
    then follow the path up and left. Onto the next area.
    Go right to see a Chaotic Zone guarding a Seal Check. Then go over to
    the left and up past a Zone for an All-Divide. That's all for the treasure
    here. Go up the laaaaaaarge staircase for a heal point and save point.
    You know that means a boss awaits you.
    Enter the next room area, and Walter is waiting for you. Senel asks him
    if Shirley is waiting in the room behind him. Walter says if she is,
    what is he going to do about it. Senel says he will talk to her as
    he's planned to. But Walter says the MelNes no longer has any connection
    with him. Senel says that he'll be the one to judge that.
    BOSS: Walter
    HP: 55270
    Weak Against Curse
    Strong Against Ocean
    Drops: Force Ring
    He's tough, as you might expect, but not THAT tough. He does cast
    Indignation, but his primary threat is his physical attacks. Keep him
    away from your casters no matter what. Ideally you should be able to
    smash him into a corner and just combo him to death with Senel's
    Renga Hienrenkyaku and Chloe's Shuu'u Majinken, but thanks to his
    small size the combo might break a few times. Rather than trying to
    start the combo again, guard his attacks, wait for him to leave himself
    open, THEN start smashing on him again.
    Senel tells Walter that it's over. But Walter seems determined to fight on.
    He says that he is the one who will protect the MelNes. He then summons
    his wings and flies off (didn't he just say he wouldn't let them pass?)
    Will says he might be trying to take Shirley and run.
    Head on upwards into the throne room. Indeed, Walter has run here. But
    he's exceedingly weak. He tells the MelNes to run. The party catches up.
    Senel tells Shirley that they did not come to fight - they came to talk.
    Senel pleads with Shirley to stop the Great Sinking. Walter wonders how
    Senel knows that much. Jay tells them about the second Souga that lives
    in the Abandoned Lands. Chloe says that they accept the fact that their
    ancestors participated in a racist war. Senel says that there is no need
    to live in the past. Will asks her if she won't reconsider and look for
    a way to peace.
    But the MelNes finds their talk a mere annoyance. She tells them not to
    draw closer, or she'll activate the Wings of Light. Apparently the throne
    itself is the switch. Senel then asks Shirley if it's all right to be
    by her side a little longer. He just wants to be able to see her again.
    He manages to get just up to the dais where Shirley is. Shirley tells
    him once again that she isn't the one who pretended to be his sister.
    Senel says that's why he came. He says that now he can say what his true
    feelings are. He tells her that he wants to be with her not as brother
    and sister, but as the same humans. Shirley asks in a more normal voice
    about Stella. Senel says he won't forget her, but that she'll be just
    that, a memory. He says that the one important to him now is Shirley.
    Shirley says that those words are what she thought she wanted to hear
    for more than 3 years. She thanks him. But she says that she has her
    duty to fulfill, and activates the switch. 
    Senel asks her why. She says that it's because she was selected to be the
    MelNes. There is no turning back. She says he can't understand the
    responsibility and expectation that she has to bear. Senel asks her
    if she really wants the Great Sinking to occur. She tells him that
    that is her entire reason for existing as the MelNes. She tells him
    that if he wants to stop the Great Sinking, he will have to kill her.
    She prepares to fight Senel as Walter tries to hold off the rest of
    the party. But she seems to be fighting an internal struggle. She asks
    Senel why he won't attack, and says that if he doesn't she'll have to
    attack first. But Senel says he can't do it. He says he promised that
    he would finish things if Shirley was the MelNes. But now he understands
    what the MelNes is to him. Shirley is just Shirley.
    She tries to attack him, but her TelQes disappears. Senel draws closer,
    and Shirley still can't call forth her power. She cries out that she
    bears the thoughts of thousands of years of Water Folk, so why can't
    she even attack?
    Senel simply says that they should go home. But Mauritz arrives, with
    one of Vaclav's soldiers. He tells Shirley that Senel has been fooling
    her the entire time, and that he will tell her the truth. He tells
    her that Senel was one of Vaclav's soldiers, and that he was the one
    responsible for the incident 3 years ago. Shirley asks him if it's
    true. Senel responds that it is. She asks if Stella knew, and he says
    yes. He tries to explain, but she stops him. She says it must have been
    hard for him to keep it a secret from her the entire time. She says
    she had thought she and he were close enough to share their thoughts.
    But she says that was just an illusion. She says that's it's only
    to be expected, since she's a Water Folk and he's a Land Folk. She
    wonders why they even had to meet.
    Suddenly she glows again, and Senel gets knocked off the dais. Shirley
    tells him farewell. The entire platform begins glowing. Mauritz says
    that the Wings of Light are finally awakening. A bright light covers
    everything, and when it subsides Shirley is gone. The entire Palace
    begins shaking.
    Head over to the indicated door and go outside onto the balcony.
    Here the party watches the Wings of Light awaken from the Inner Sea.
    Jay says that Shirley and Mauritz must be headed there.
    Senel apologizes for breaking his promise, but the party disagrees. They
    all say that who he met wasn't the MelNes, it was Shirley. They say
    there's still a chance. The party begins to plan how to get onto the
    Wings of Light. Jay notices some light shining far away. Will says that
    it's coming from the direction of Werites. The Beacon seems to be
    shining towards the Wings of Light.
    The Mofumofus show up. Poppo tells them that the light of the Beacon
    must be the legendary Heavenly Path. If Jay's theory is correct,
    they can use the path from the Beacon to get to the Wings of Light. The
    Mofumofus say that the train can even take them all the way back to
    the Beacon.
    At their destination, Jay presses a button, and the train tracks suddenly
    get a glowing addition that reaches out to the Wings of Light. The party
    says they should wait and rest a night before heading out.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    Time to finish up some loose ends! Take the elevator to your right.
    That will bring you down to the main entrance of the Beacon, and from
    there you can exit to the town.
    Norma wants to have a party to raise everybody's spirits before the
    final battle. She tells them all to meet at the fountain when they're
    finished with their business.
    Head over to the fountain. You can take care of other stuff later.
    You'll see Moses talking to his band. He tells them he's always thought
    of them as family, but he's beginning to think of Senel and co. that
    way as well. He gets a title here.
    The Mofumofus and Jay say that it was good that they got to meet
    everyone. Jay even says that it was good meeting that 'stupid mountain
    Chloe arrives at the fountain. She's the only one there with Senel now.
    Will says goodbye to Madam Musette, who wishes him well. She then asks
    him if he won't see Harriet before he goes. Will says that Harriet
    probably doesn't want to see him. But Harriet bursts into the room.
    Norma's writing a letter to her parents, but it keeps turning out
    strangely... she gives up and thinks about her master instead.
    Something catches her eye on the windowsill. She says that she has
    to put aside the Everlight for now.
    Back at the fountain, Chloe tries to talk to Senel, but she has trouble
    even saying his first name (remember she's been calling him Coolidge for
    most of the game). She tries to ask him what kind of relationship he
    has with Shirley, but quickly changes the subject. She says that
    remembering what happened in the Palace, it must be hard for people to
    understand one another. Senel replies that precisely because it's hard,
    people reach out for one another.
    Will and Harriet are talking elsewhere. Harriet says that her grandpa
    says Will is the worst sort of person. But her mother said he was the
    best. Will says he isn't worthy of such praise.  Harriet says she came
    to the Legacy to figure out which one was right... but Will won't even
    accept her. He's never around and never talks to her. He apologizes,
    but promises her one thing - that he'll always protect her. Harriet
    is brusque, but as he walks away, she says that if the land sinks,
    then her mother's grave will be gone too. She tells Will that if he
    doesn't protect her mother's grave, she'll never forgive him.
    Back at the fountain Senel asks Chloe if she'll be friends with
    Shirley when she comes back. He says that there are some things that
    only girls can share with each other. Chloe agrees after awhile...
    but says that she'll also become honest with her own feelings. She
    says that when Shirley comes back, she won't hold back herself. Senel
    asks her if she dislikes Shirley that much. Chloe gets mad. Senel
    sure is dumb about picking up on girls liking him, isn't he? But that
    is standard Tales hero fare, after all. Chloe gives up, and calls him
    a brute, good-for-nothing, and a coward... but says that the last one
    applies to herself too. Senel's still clueless. Both of them get
    titles here.
    Senel thinks to himself that there is one thing he definitely wants
    to tell her - it's that everybody there has called her their friend.
    Her place is there with them. She isn't alone.
    The next day Jay says the preparations are complete. They can leave any
    time. The Mofumofus say now is the time to make sure they have everything
    they need. This is your cue to go back to town and start exploring.
    Be sure to go to the bar and check the carton of milk to find Mimmy - she'll 
    teach you how to make Crepes. She's also hidden at the bakery as a kettle,
    and there she'll teach Apple Pie. The Weapon store does have a new weapon
    for Norma, and the Armor store has some upgrades as well, so check
    those out.
    Feel free to head outside and wander around too. Now is a good time
    to catch up on all those Sculptures you're missing, if any. Also, if you
    take the Duct to the Secret Passage and enter the shallow waters just north
    of it, you can follow the new land that wasn't there before to explore
    the eastern end of the Legacy. You'll find a Savory and an Elixir along
    the way, as well as the Starboard Cottage (which is part of the Quiz 
    Minigame, so you can't do anything with it yet.) Just southeast of Werites
    is another small island that you couldn't get to before with a Lavender on
    it. When you're ready to 
    proceed, head to the Beacon and talk to the Mofumofus.
    The party boards the train and heads for the Wings of Light. Inside,
    the huge wings from the device begin glowing; elsewhere, Walter beholds
    a large robot...
    Treasures: Longinus, Miracle Gummy x3, Elixir x2, Climax Bottle, Flare 
    Bottle, Misty Symbol, Feet Symbol, Excalibur, Attack Symbol, FOE1 Check,
    Pine Gummy, Denei Bottle, Hard Bottle, Lemon Gummy, Life Bottle
    You can take the train back to Werites at any time. There's a save point
    just ahead, and further on, an elevator. Follow the pipes and so on.
    Head straight up past the Chaotic Zone to find a Longinus for Moses.
    Head right and up some more cables to the next area.
    Go along to the left to find a Miracle Gummy. Head up then right past the
    Zone for an Elixir. Go all the way left past another Zone for a Climax
    Bottle Now head back and down. A Flare Bottle awaits you in the next
    chest. Follow the path left and down to the next area.
    Head rightwards and go up past two Chaotic Zones for a Feet Symbol and
    down past two for a Misty Symbol. Return and go down and right at the
    next branch for an Excalibur for Chloe. Now go down again (up some
    cables) to find a puzzle booth.
    This isn't that tricky, it just requires timing, as you'll see moving
    reflectors. To get the two switches on the left, go to the platform
    on the top of the screen and time your shots so that they bounce off
    the reflector downwards. You won't see the second one so remember its
    position. For the two on the right, use the platform on the bottom 
    of the screen. One of them requires one bounce, while the other requires
    a second bounce off of one of the reflectors already in the middle.
    When you're done take the exit.
    Follow the red path up and to the left. Pass the Chaotic Zone for an
    Attack Symbol, then go all the way right and up the elevator onto the
    green path. Follow the green path right to the next area.
    Take the elevator down and follow the red path again. Take it all the way
    up to a Miracle Gummy. Then return to the elevator you saw before and
    go up to the green path. Follow it up to the next screen. A Chaotic Zone
    guards an FOE1 Check. Continue following the red path as it curves up
    and left then down again in to the next area. Go along the red path left
    past a Zone to an Elixir. Follow the path again as it curves up and right.
    Then take the elevator up to the green path and a waiting elevator.
    The party arrives at what looks more like a control room. A machine seems
    to be showing something that is creating land. The party mostly ignores
    it, but Jay wonders that if the Wings of Light can also create land, why
    the Glowing Ones wanted land in the first place.
    Head over to the right to get on another elevator. It takes the party to
    a darker room. The party sees a light that is the same color as Shirley's
    TelQes. Seems like that's your goal. There's a heal point and save point
    here, talk about godsends. Time to proceed along the final stretch. Go
    down the rocky slope to the next area.
    Head right along the rocks and metal. You'll see a chest with a Pine
    Gummy. Keep going until the path ends, then turn down and left along the
    rocky path. Follow it until it turns into a metal surface again and go
    down to the next area.
    In the next area the path turns to rock again. Follow it around. There's
    a Denei Bottle on this screen. Follow it along until the path ends at
    the blue metallic surface with glowing lines on it. Follow that up to
    the next screen. Keep going onwards. A Hard Bottle is next after a few
    screens. Onwards. The same screen has a Lemon Gummy further up. From
    there head down and left.
    After quite awhile you'll arrive at a circular platform. Once there,
    Walter screams to you that that's as far as you go. He send out a large
    robot to attack you.
    BOSS: Automata Royal
    HP: 41875
    Drops: Charm Bottle
    His initial laser blast is very powerful, but if you keep on him the
    only thing he'll do after that is fall on you, which isn't that
    damaging. Just keep up the Resurrection casting and pound away and
    you should be fine.
    Afterwards, Walter collapses, and his TelQes disappears. Walter wonders
    why it was Senel that the MelNes chose. He was the one who was supposed
    to protect her. He passes away asking why.
    Senel says they must move forward to end everything. So on you go.
    Straight up is a Miracle Gummy. Head left and around to the next
    area. There's a Life Bottle, heal point, and save point up here. This
    is the last point before the series of events that end the main quest.
    So proceed on only when you're fully prepared.
    Head up the looong bridge. And I do mean long.
    In this final area, Mauritz stands in your way. He blames Senel for the
    deaths of Stella and Walter. Senel says that he knows what he has come
    for and has no regrets. Mauritz says he'll test that resolve and releases
    his power.
    BOSS: Mauritz
    HP: 31724
    Weak Against Curse
    Strong Against Ocean
    Not too tough just yet. He does have combination staff attacks to watch
    for, but just pin him down and hammer away.
    The party tells Mauritz that it's over. But he says his wounds are nothing.
    His power rushes forth again and he fights you again.
    BOSS: Mauritz
    HP: 33217
    Weak Against Curse
    Strong Against Ocean
    Drops: Miracle Gummy
    He's much more annoying this time, casting spells like Indignation and
    Aqua Laser, as well as using a "burst" type move that knocks nearby
    people down and almost always dizzies them. It's much more important
    to spread your people out this time as Aqua Laser among others will
    quickly kill you if you don't. 
    Mauritz's hair begins glowing and he stand up once again. But then
    he falls over. However, the entire ground begins glowing, as well
    as Shirley. You'll receive a free heal here. If you want to, you can
    run back down the long ramp to save again. This will be your last
    Head forward to Shirley's platform. Her TelQes stands in your way and 
    blows your party back. Shirley sends energy balls to trap the party. 
    She begins to glow more strongly, and the entire ground shakes. Mauritz 
    rises up momentarily only to say that the Great Sinking has begun. He 
    tells the party that they probably think of the Water Folk as beings 
    from another world. 
    But he says the opposite is true. The Water Folk were the original 
    inhabitants of this world. It was the Land Folk who came later. The
    Legacy, the Sougahou (which uses the life force of Water Folk), and
    the Wings of Light were the creations of the Land Folk. They used it to
    create land on a planet that was originally entirely ocean. The anger
    of the Souga manifests itself as the storms of the seas. The Water Folk's
    true aim is to complete the Great Sinking and placate the Raging Souga.
    Senel calls out to Shirley, but Mauritz says it's useless. He says
    that right now she is the pure incarnation of the Souga's will. When
    the Wings of Light completes its work, she will become one with the Souga.
    He tells Senel to give up. Senel says that there's no way they will
    after they've come so far. But the rest of the party is still shocked
    at the revelation that they were the invaders, not the Water Folk.
    Senel says that no matter what anybody says, Shirley is Shirley, not
    anything else. His nails begin glowing and he tries to move towards
    Shirley. Chloe asks him to forgive her, then hits him with some of her
    energy. The other party members also attack the TelQes holding him.
    Finally Senel breaks free. He staggers up to Shirley and embraces her,
    saying he believes in her.
    The glowing stops and the large wings disappear. Shirley says that
    Senel's holding her too tight. She thanks him, seemingly back to normal.
    Senel and Shirley go to the rest of the party, but the floor begins
    glowing again. A bolt of lightning hits Shirley. It's Mauritz again.
    He calls Shirley a traitor and says she no longer has the right to
    be the MelNes. He then calls forth the power of the Souga himself.
    It appears to have granted him its power. He wants to start the Great
    Sinking himself.
    Shirley stands in his way, saying she won't let her friends die here.
    She says she will believe in them and the tomorrow they create.
    Another bolt of lightning strikes her. Mauritz asks her what she can
    do without the Souga's blessing. He says he'll kill her first. But
    something disrupts his power. Shirley says he's becoming engulfed by
    the Souga. Mauritz catches her and holds her aloft. The rest of the
    party tries to help, but they don't seem to have any energy left.
    But a blue glow fills the air - it's the Quiet Souga. Senel feels
    it lending him power. He grabs Shirley back from Mauritz. The Quiet
    Souga talks to them both. It says that it wishes for them to return
    the angered ocean to normal.
    Both of their hands begin glowing in a rainbow color. They try to counter
    Mauritz, but Senel seems to be weakened from the sudden input of power.
    Chloe says not to forget them. And the party prepares to take care of
    the Raging Souga.
    BOSS: Nelfes
    HP: 83043
    Weak Against Curse
    Strong Against Ocean
    Drops: Fairy Ring
    He's much, much tougher than before. He has moves that will certainly
    dizzy you, so equip your controlled character with a Piyo Check. At
    times he'll go into a floating sphere form that will start casting
    powerful spells and also drop from the ceiling, making a large
    damage splash. You can't even block this with special guard, so run to
    the edge of the screen and hope that your AI characters do the same. 
    Use Climax Mode to good effect (you'll probably be able to do it twice). 
    Having Norma in with Resurrection is a great idea; have her focus on 
    that instead of casting Dark Force. If you want offensive magic, put in 
    Grune with Bloody Howling.
    Chloe wonders if it's over. Will points out to the ocean - it's calm
    and shining. Grune calls it the Kagayakeru Ao (Shining Blue) and
    says that when the visitors from another world first came here and
    saw this ocean, that is what they called it. Now why does she know that?
    She doesn't seem to know either...
    Shirley asks Senel how he's feeling, but he says he's fine. She says
    it's such a pretty ocean that she's sure she can like this one. Senel
    suddenly feels weak though, and collapses forward off the tower. Shirley
    screams, and something glows blue. Shirley dives down after him and
    catches him. She asks him if he remembers about the Water Dance Ritual,
    and the ocean around them begins to glow. It's the proof that the ocean
    is blessing them.
    Enjoy the credits and the ending song by Donna Burke and Gab Desmond, 
    "my tales".
    But of course you're not done yet. After the credits run, you'll be
    prompted to save your game. After that, you'll see a shore and an
    ominous figure wreathed in black smoke appearing on that shore. She
    disappears again. And thus begins the Character Quest portion of the
    Treasures: Life Bottle, Panacea Bottle
    The scene begins with Senel facing an Eggbear. He tells Shirley to hold
    back, but she says she will fight too. And for the first time in the game,
    you actually have Shirley in your party. You can change your equipment
    here if you wish, then exit the menu to begin.
    He does have a lot of HP and does a fair bit of damage. Don't be fooled,
    as all of the enemies are a lot harder than they were in the main quest
    portion of the game.
    Senel checks on Shirley, but behind him the Eggbear is still up. It
    attacks again. He'll only have half as much HP or so now, so just fight in
    the same maanner.
    Senel wonders if it's over, but the Eggbear stands up yet again. Its
    wounds regenerate before their eyes. Something really odd is going on
    here. The party defeats the Eggbear again. Apparently they've been
    asked to handle monsters by Will. Senel tells her not to overdo it,
    since she's also busy mediating between the Land Folk and Water Folk.
    But she says she's thankful to Will, because in this way she can spend
    time with Senel.
    A black mist rises from the Eggbear. Something strange is going on after
    all. The pair agree to go and report to Will. Immediately you'll see
    a save point, a Life Bottle, and a Panacea Bottle. Leave to the world
    map and return to Werites. To remind you, follow the mountains clockwise
    and then head west. Southwards you'll quickly find a treasure chest with
    a Radish.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    Treasures: Rosemary, Pickles, Charm Bottle, Lavender, Belbane, Radish, Sage, 
    Vonvar, Saffron
    Once you arrive, you'll run into Harriet. She's rather angry about something.
    Senel asks her if she knows where Will is. She went to see him at Madam
    Musette's house, but all he said was that he was busy with work, and told
    her to leave. Shirley asks her if she'll go with them. She's still too mad
    to go. Senel tells her that everybody is relying on Will, so he's rather
    busy. Harriet just wants to play with them. She tries to drag Shirley off
    but Senel makes her mad by trying to take Shirley with him...
    Go to Madam Musette's house, which is in the east part of town. Will meets
    them outside. He tells Shirley that the Empress would like to see her (it
    seems that the Holy Lexaria Empire's ruler is none other than Madam
    Musette). Will asks Senel if he's okay with Shirley playing the role of
    diplomat. Senel says that Shirley wishes for the kind of world where Land
    Folk and Water Folk can live together. Therefore she's doing all she can
    now. She's told Senel that until she finishes her job, she purposely wants
    to put some distance between them.
    Shirley comes out looking pleased. It looks like the Water Folk that have
    been scattered will be able to start gathering once again. Will praises
    Shirley's efforts, but she says she doesn't deserve the credit. She says
    Mauritz is taking care of things over at the Village of the Ferines.
    Talk turns to the events surrounding the monsters. Senel says that the
    rumors about the monsters becoming fiercer seem to be true. He tells Will
    about the monsters being able to regenerate and attack again, as well as
    the black mist. Will says he will investigate further. He then asks Senel
    for another favor. Senel tells him that he doesn't have time to play with
    Harriet, and the pair tell him that he should act more like a parent. But
    Will's favor is to go to the port and escort Chloe. It looks like she's
    returned from the continent.
    But for now explore the rest of the town. Many of the treasure chests
    have been reset. 
    There's a Rosemary southeast of Madam Musette's house, a Pickles inside
    the jar on the second floor, a Charm Bottle in one of the statues in
    Madam Musette's room, a Lavender by the two waterwheel on the screen 
    right of the path leading to the central fountain, a Belbane upwards on
    the same screen, a Radish behind the hospital, a Sage behind Will's 
    house, a Vonvar for Grune in Will's bathroom, and a Saffron in the 
    northwest part of town next to the stream. 
    The Weapon/Armor shops have new stock, and the Synthesis shop in the Item 
    shop has finally opened. The Bakery has new ingredients too. When you're 
    done looking around, head to Port-on-Rage.
    PORT-ON-RAGE 内海港
    Treasures: Shrimp, Squid, Pineapple, Salmon
    The boat will already have arrived when you get here. Chloe arrives after
    a bit. She'll join your party. The treasure chests here have been reset
    as well. Pick up some ingredients. Now head out. Senel asks Chloe how
    her visit home went. She only went back to visit her parents' grave, so it
    wasn't much of a fun visit. Shirley tells her that right now it's only
    her, Senel, and Will in Werites - the others have gone off on their own
    thing. Senel talks about how he's being treated like a sheriff now too,
    prompting Chloe to laugh. Shirley notes how Senel's mood is always lighter
    around Will or Chloe. Chloe hears Shirley calling Senel 'oniichan' still...
    Suddenly the party hears some screaming.
    Further on a man is guarding his daughter Elza from some Lizardmen. She's
    too sick to run - but the party distracts the lizardmen. Time for
    a fight. These are two 'Lizardmen+', but they aren't hard.
    Chloe helps Elza up. Her father thanks them as well. Shirley asks where
    they're going, and they reply that they're headed for Werites. Senel
    offers to escort them there. The father thanks the party. He introduces
    himself as Orcot. The two of them have been on the Legacy for awhile,
    but they've never stayed in one place for long. Currently Orcot is
    taking Elza to the hospital there. Chloe asks them if it wouldn't be better
    to return to the continent, but Orcot tells them that the only thing
    that can help Elza is a special herb that grows on the Legacy. Orcot
    compounds herbs for a living, so he has to stay on the Legacy to treat
    Elza. Senel and Shirley get a title here.
    Return to Werites.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    Orcot and Elza thank the party again. Elza seems to have taken a fancy
    to Chloe, asking her to come visit her at the hospital. The pair leave.
    Head to Will's place.
    Will's there, but Moses and Jay aren't. Will suggests looking around town
    some more. Outside, Chloe mentions that Senel seems brighter and more
    relaxed now. Suddenly a strange old man almost runs Chloe over. Shirley
    asks him if he's looking for something. He replies that he's looking
    for the graveyard. It turns out he's blind, so directions won't suffice;
    take him to the graveyard.
    Once there, the party runs into Norma. She's praying in front of a grave.
    Norma stares at the old man they've brought along. She recognizes him and
    lets out a scream. The old man says that as usual she's quite a loud girl.
    Norma asks why is Old Man Zamaran here. She gets rather mad at Senel and
    demands an explanation. Zamaran calls her a monkey with no manners. Norma
    gets angry and drags Shirley off with her. Senel asks him what connection
    he has with Norma. Zamaran tells him that right now he just wants to be
    alone. He tells him to ask Norma instead. Leave the graveyard to find
    a still-very-angry Norma.
    Shirley asks her who Zamaran is, but Norma's reluctant to answer. Chloe
    lets her off the hook, saying that everybody has a few things from their
    past they don't want to share. Norma looks at the three and tells Chloe
    not to overdo it. Senel asks what they're talking about, and Norma says
    it's his fault. He asks what is his fault, since he didn't do anything,
    and Norma says that's precisely the problem.
    Enter Curtis. He's been looking for Senel - he tells him to hurry to
    the basement of the Inn. Norma joins the party here.
    Head over to find Geet. Seems like Moses is nearby? The lady at the counter
    welcomes them to the Opening Ceremonies. It's the opening of the Arena.
    Senel gets inducted into the Opening Ceremonies against his will... and
    his opponent is none other than Moses. The party cheers on Senel. Moses
    asks if nobody's cheering him on, when another voice yells out 'Please
    die, Moses-san!' Sounds familiar, eh?
    BOSS: Moses
    HP: 34781
    He's got a lot of HP somehow, but he isn't hard. Take advantage of the
    weakness in his coverage by standing right next to him, which will make
    most of his moves miss entirely.
    Afterwards, it seems like Moses was tricked by the Pheromone Bombers too.
    Then Jay shows up (he was the one yelling at Moses earlier). He tells
    Senel that he's so nice for not finishing off his opponent...
    The party prepares to head back to Will's house, missing the Pheromone
    Bombers' next entrance... Moses and Jay join the party.
    In front of Will's house, Grune appears to be planting flowers for some
    reason. Seems to be the same old Grune... The party wonders if Grune's
    lost even more of her memory, but Grune's hearing is as sharp as ever.
    Shirley asks her what she's been up to. Grune says that she's been
    wandering around in case she sees something that jogs her memory. She
    says she's been planting Celsius's seeds. Grune joins the party here.
    Head inside to see Will.
    The party catches up with Jay and Moses. Jay has been taking a break
    with the Mofumofus. Moses has been living with Geet in the forest.
    Norma laments that nobody's paying attention to her. Grune comforts
    her and Norma cries in her arms... then suddenly turns to the men and
    asks them if they're jealous. Seems like they all are...
    Will turns to business discussing the monsters. Jay notes that the
    same has been happening elsewhere. Suddenly a huge shaking interrupts
    their conversation - and Curtis and Isabella arrive. The Empress would
    like them to investigate. Will says that the earthquakes have become
    more frequent lately. Isabella says that the shaking seems to come from
    the Lumen Spring.
    Curtis gives Senel the Sorcery Scanner. Using it, you can find hidden
    objects and monsters and so on. Use L2 to search your immediate area.
    Will joins the party here, and he and Jay get titles.
    Check the Bonsai tree at the Inn to find Mimmy, who'll teach you how to
    make Croissants. Equip your party and so on, then head out the west exit 
    to go towards the Lumen Spring.
    Treasures: Radish x2, Black Ores, Pudding, Pineapple, Elixir
    Norma notes that it's the first time all 8 of them have travelled together,
    since it's the first time you have Shirley. While you're at it, you might
    want to get the titles Wizard (have all four magic-type characters in
    one battle) and Kou Yonten (have all four females in one battle), which
    you couldn't do without Shirley.
    Just follow the path and pick up the treasures along the way. When you get
    to the overlook, Norma says something is odd about it. She'll ask Senel
    to use the Sorcery Scanner here. Doing so, she finds the Bow Key. This is
    sort of your introduction to using the Scanner. At the next overlook,
    Norma uses the Scanner again - but this time she finds a monster! The
    Scanner is also used to find special Rare Monsters, so be warned. With
    that said, the Rare Monsters sometimes drop rare items as well, so you
    should look for them.
    As you go onwards, use the Scanner at the place where you ran into Mimmy
    for the first time to find another rare monster, the Wonder Bread Lizard...
    Head on to the save point. Right next to the tree next to the save point,
    you can pick up an Elixir by using the Sorcery Scanner.
    Head down towards the shore. Another shaking begins, and a monster
    appears. But it seems odd somehow. A black mist emits from the monster,
    and it soon tranforms into another monster. Then the monsters fuse
    BOSS: Valt
    HP: 55650
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Drops: Rune Cape
    This guy is quite tough and does a lot of damage. Especially watch out for
    the move where he lifts a ball of energy and throws it down. The lifting
    part of the move does damage as well. Have Norma in and spamming
    As before, the monster begins regenerating and rising again, but Geet
    and Moses attack it before it can regenerate fully. Another earthquake
    occurs and the black mist rises again, then disappears. Grune sounds like
    she might recognize it for a bit, but as usual she remains her airy self.
    Will examines the body. The monster is completely normal in every
    respect. It appears to be the black mist that is responsible for
    The party leaves to report back, but Grune stays behind. She approaches
    the body, when suddenly it turns into the ominous figure from before. She
    introduces herself, but the woman simply disappears. She then says that
    it's beginning again, and that either she or somebody else will... but
    when Shirley comes to check on her, she doesn't even seem to remember
    what she was saying.
    Will says he'll report to the Empress; he asks Senel to wait for him.
    Norma asks Senel if he's staying at Will's house, and he says yes. Norma
    gives Senel and Shirley an odd look, then mutters something about divorce.
    She then whispers to Chloe the same thing. Shirley meanwhile is staying at 
    Madam Musette's. You'll get a chance to save.
    Off at the Vista Point, Harriet wonders if the flower she's looking for is
    anywhere on the Legacy. It's apparently a flower she heard about from her
    Shirley wakes Senel at Will's house. But they suddenly hear Harriet
    yelling elsewhere. She runs out mad again, saying she doesn't have any
    father. She then recruits Shirley and Senel to take her to Madam Musette's.
    And thus begins your first Character Quest.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    Head over to Madam Musette's house. Harriet has another tantrum, which
    lasts well into the night. Senel finally gets her to tell him what's
    wrong. He told her not to go to a place with lots of flowers. It's
    outside the village, and he's worried for her safety. But she has an
    important reason for wanting to go. She's looking for the flower that's
    represented in her hair decoration. Her mother told her that there was a 
    place where many of those flowers bloomed. Harriet wants to see the real 
    flowers, since the decoration is very important to her. Shirley sees that 
    she's carrying a flowerbud. It was the only flower that hadn't bloomed in 
    the field, so Harriet brought it back. None of them recognize what kind of
    flower it is. But Madam Musette recognizes it as a kind of flower that
    only grows on the Legacy. It had only been discovered recently, so it
    wasn't even named. But somebody gave it a name, and now everybody calls
    it by that name. Harriet wants to know what the name is, but Madam
    Musette tells her to go ask Will. Harriet refuses, and sets off another
    tantrum. Senel and Shirley try to convince her.
    At Will's place, he remembers Harriet's mother, Amelia. There are many
    ways in which Harriet is just like her. He flashes back to when Amelia
    told him that she loved a certain meadow with flowers growing. She
    tells him that once their child is born, they should all 3 come there
    together. She then asks him if he's thought up a name. He says that
    he'll think about it, and by the next time they come here he'll have
    thought up a good one. Will gets a title here.
    The next day, Senel's woken up by the cry of a baby. Somehow Shirley is
    holding a baby... a stranger apparently suddenly handed Harriet the baby,
    asking her to take care of it. There's a letter along with its clothes.
    Senel reads it and is shocked. He asks Harriet who left it. She answers
    that it was a young man and woman. He asks where they went - apparently
    they can't find work or food, and are determined to commit suicide, leaving
    their child in Will's care.
    Head outside. You'll run into Chloe and Elza. Chloe says that she saw
    Will leaving town just a little earlier. Elza asks if the baby is theirs,
    to sharp refusals from Senel and Shirley. Senel thens asks what they're
    doing. Chloe says they're just taking a walk, but Elza says they're on a
    date... looks like Elza's taken quite a fancy to Chloe, indeed. Chloe
    says she'll help them find Will after taking Elza home.
    But Will has come back already. They explain things to him. Will tells
    Harriet to stay home, which angers her, naturally. But they have no time
    to argue. Will finally says that she can come along with a few conditions.
    First, she needs to protect herself. Second, she needs to take care of
    the baby.
    Will says he knows where the couple is headed - the Great Hollow. They
    gather the entire party, and it's time to set off. When you're prepared
    for your trip, take the Duct to the Great Hollow.
    Treasures: Apple Gummy, Charm Bottle, Blue Talisman, Dark Bottle, Climax
    Bottle, 4000 Gald, Orange Gummy, Life Bottle, Hit Bottle, All Divide,
    Denei Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Flare Bottle, Liquor Bottle, Hard Bottle, 
    Aifread's Flag, Black Ores
    You should know the general direction. This, like the other dungeons in
    the Character Quests, have new treasures, so be sure to pick them up.
    Especially nice is the Blue Talisman here on the first screen past two
    Chaotic Zones.
    When you get down to the second floor, the party talks a bit. Will, seeing
    Harriet look tired, calls for the party to rest a bit. He says he'll look
    on ahead while the rest of the party rests. Suddenly the baby gets fidgety
    and starts pulling on Harriet's hair. She finally asks the rest of the
    party for help. It starts pulling on her headband, though, and she
    yells at the baby without thinking, which makes it cry. Will hears it and
    calms the baby down... Will says to Harriet that 9 years ago, she was like
    this baby too. He says that she wasn't as well-behaved, and would always
    kick him and step on him. But he says that's the duty of a parent.
    After the event go to the right. You'll see a Chaotic Zone with seemingly
    nothing behind it. Here's your cue to use the Sorcery Scanner. You'll
    pick up an All Divide this way. Continue on to the elevator to the bottom.
    Here you'll spot the child's parents. They're being attacked by a monster.
    BOSS: Ancient Puppy
    HP: 59488
    Drops: Red Lavender
    He's a little hard to hit since he's flying, but otherwise he's cake.
    Just keep him on the ground and you should be fine.
    Afterwards the parents thank the party. Will asks them if they've learned
    the value of living now. He tells them to think of the child's future.
    The father says they thought the child might be happy with Will, but
    Will says angrily that they can't expect the child to be happy without
    a family. The parents realize the error of their ways and take the child
    back. After a bit, Harriet reluctantly says that her opinion of Will has
    improved a bit.
    But Will soon gets enraptured with the monster you just killed... he even
    says that he thinks there was a related monster in the Thunder Monument,
    and wants the party to set off there. Talk about enthusiasm. But Senel
    says they should escort the parents back home first.
    While you're down here, check the right side of the screen with the
    Sorcery Scanner to find a rare monster, the Tsumikigame. Then head over 
    left to check out Pippo's workshop. You can rest here, buy stuff, save 
    inside, and pick up an Aifread's Flag and a Black Ores in the chests here. 
    Also, if you go over to where the Ground Gate was, you'll find another 
    Rare Monster with the Sorcery Scanner, a Siren. 
    When you're all done, head back to the surface and back to town.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    The parents thank the party once again and promise to take care of their
    Harriet thinks about what Will told the baby's parents. She wonders why
    Will never came to see her or her mother if he believes what he said.
    Her mother never got angry, so maybe she believed in him. She wonders
    if maybe she should make up with Will too. But she doesn't quite know
    how to do it either. However, she soon comes up with a plan...
    Shirley wakes Senel up. Harriet has asked them to do something. Meet
    up at the central fountain. Everybody's there except Will. Harriet
    would like the party to take her to the Thunder Monument. She wants to
    capture the monster that Will was talking about, called the Lesser
    Puppy. After some begging, the party agrees. Prepare youself as usual,
    then take the elevator in the Beacon down to the Quiet Lands.
    QUIET LANDS 静の大地
    Treasures: Black Ores, Radish x5, Dark Seal, Aifread's Flag, Demon Knife
    The Thunder Monument is southeast. But first things first - grab the new
    treasures here. The camp and merchant at the Coast are still there, so use
    them if you need. The Ducts here lead to islands on the overworld that you
    couldn't get to otherwise. The one in the east takes you to a chest with a
    Dark Seal, one to the west takes you to a chest with a Radish, while the one 
    to the southeast takes you to a large open area at the southern end of the 
    Legacy. The last cottage in the Quiz Minigame is here. There's also a 
    treasure chest with an Aifread's Flag out here. Finally, if you go to the 
    Geoglyph Area and use the Scanner a little south of the stones, you can get 
    a Demon Knife for Jay.
    Treasures: Scallop, Pineapple, Lemon Gummy, Pine Gummy, Thunder Cape, 
    Thieves' Cape, Force Ring, Mixed Gummy
    The layout is the same, of course, but there are new treasures. Take the
    first warp to a Scallop, then return for a Pineapple. Follow the paths and
    warps around. At the bottom of the big ramp, take the left warp over to the
    In the next room Harriet says the Lesser Puppy doesn't like to show itself
    in front of people. Guess it's time to search further, after a little rest.
    Norma and Harriet don't seem to get along too well, despite being eerily
    alike. Shirley asks Harriet about her flower, which makes her think about
    her mother. She remembers again how Will never came back to see her mother
    before she died, and starts crying again. But Senel says that it must have
    been hard for Will too, since it's unbearable for people to watch somebody
    they care about die, knowing they can't do anything about it.
    Going into the next screen, the party sees the Lesser Puppy. It runs away,
    with the party in hot pursuit. But after awhile it comes back... with
    another monster in tow.
    BOSS: Fabnir
    HP: 69475
    Drops: Purple Ores
    It's a dragon, and he has the same attack patterns as the other dragons,
    so be warned. He's pretty strong, but nothing to worry about if you can
    handle the other dragons just fine. He's got no particular strength or
    weaknesses, so just beat away on him.
    Harriet succeeds in catching the Lesser Puppy. But it begins fussing,
    and she drops her hairpiece. She goes to pick it up, but the Fabnir isn't
    quite dead yet. Shirley pushes her out of the way and takes the hit
    herself. The other party members defeat the Fabnir again, only to watch
    the black mist rise from it. Shirley's fine, but Harriet's flower
    decoration is broken...
    Don't forget to grab the treasure chests on the way out. Head back to
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    The party immediately runs into Will. Angry, he drags Harriet off.
    Senel feels responsible. Go over to Will's house.
    Harriet's giving Will the silent treatment. Will sees Shirley's wound,
    and deduces that it was Harriet's fault. This angers him further. Harriet
    protests, saying she didn't want to lose her flower ornament, but
    Will just explodes, saying that his friends were hurt for a mere thing.
    Harriet yells back, saying she has her important things too. She tells
    Will that he should have died instead of her mother, and runs out,
    dropping her ornament.
    Shirley tries to calm Harriet down, but she's inconsolabe. Senel and 
    Shirley explains to Will what Harriet was trying to do. Will says he
    has something to do and leaves. Head to Will's house again.
    Senel and Shirley try to find Will, but he doesn't seem to be around.
    They go to the second floor to find that the door that's always been locked
    before is now open. 
    It's a room for Harriet. Will says that he's been looking for a reason to 
    connect with Harriet too. But all he can seem to do is scold or demand as a 
    father. Senel and Shirley encourage him to tell Harriet this. Will says
    that sometimes he wonders if he was right coming back to the Legacy.
    Even though he was threatened with arrest if he went back to the continent
    (since, from Amelia's parents' viewpoint, he was guilty of kidnapping a
    noble), he couldn't leave the ones he loved. It was Amelia's death that
    drove him back to the Legacy. He was prepared to be arrested, and even 
    went to the funeral, but Harriet was there crying and cursing Will the
    entire time. He couldn't bring himself to face her.
    Senel and Shirley check up on Harriet again. She's still mad, and says she
    even wants to go back to the continent. Senel says he has something he
    wants to show her. Once again, return to Will's house. Go to the second
    floor again.
    Harriet can't believe it. Senel tells her not to turn away from Will's
    feelings. Shirley tells her that it's not too late for her to find happiness
    with Will. She says she'll try her best.
    Will is in the meadow of flowers, looking around. He says that it's strange,
    there should be buds that he's looking for, but there are none. Suddenly
    a black mist envelops Will. The ominous figure appears, then disappears 
    again. Will feels the ground and finds that it's cold from the mist. He says
    he must do something before the flowers wither. He looks to the sky and
    says he'll fulfill his promise to protect the flowers...
    Another flashback. Amelia asks Will if he regrets bringing her to the
    Legacy. He had a future as a reputable scholar on the continent, but now
    he's seen as a criminal who abducted her. He tells her that even dealing
    with her demands is enjoyable to him. Suddenly she starts coughing. After
    she calms down, she asks Will what he would do if she said she didn't want
    to die. But then she brushes it off as a joke. She asks him to make a last
    promise with her. Will just asks which number last wish it is, and she
    says it's her 53rd... but she wants him to protect the flowers there, since
    they are important to them both.
    The next morning, Will comes back home. He tells Senel that he wants him
    to help him. Senel tells him he should go see Harriet, since she's been
    waiting for him. But Will says that his task is an emergency. He would
    like to go to the Waterways and check on the water and earth feeding
    the meadow.
    You'll have your full party again. Stock up and then take the Duct
    to the Waterways.
    WATERWAYS 毛細水道
    Treasures: Liquor Bottle x2, Elixir, 2000 Gald, Orange Gummy, All Divide 
    x2, Climax Bottle x2, Elven Cape, Angel Tear, Holy Ring, Hit Bottle, Mixed
    Gummy, Denei Bottle, Purple Eres, Rouseki, 3000 Gald, Lavender, Flare
    Bottle, Toast, Mixed Gummy
    Northeast of this dungeon you'll find treasures chests with a Radish and
    an Orange Gummy. Nothing terribly valuable, so take them if you have the
    time to spare.
    Surely you remember this long and winding dungeon? There are some dangerous
    casters of the Mandrake family who cast Big Bang and Extension with 
    frightening speed. Take them out first, and if there's more than one,
    have Norma cast Silence. Even with all that, prepare to heal frequently...
    Head down the stairs immediately for a Liquor Bottle. Then go towards the 
    save point past a two Chaotic Zones for an Elixir. Continue on the same 
    path to find 2000 Gald and an Orange Gummy. Past the next Zone you'll find 
    two chests, an All Divide and a Climax Bottle. Press onward for an Elven 
    Cape and an Angel Tear (sword for Chloe). Now return all the way back to 
    the save point.
    Head down the other path towards the lower right. Follow the path all
    the way around to the next screen - there aren't any treasure chests
    on this path.
    In the next area you'll run across a monster. The party wants to catch
    it, but they realize Will has no interest, unusually. Grune notes that
    there's an odd smell, which the party blames on Moses initially, but
    it's apparently something else. Afterwards follow the direction Will
    In the next area take the stairs down past the Chaotic Zone to return
    to the lower part of the screen you just came from. There's a Climax
    Bottle here. Past the next couple of Zones on the next screen are an
    All Divide and a Holy Ring. Now head back the way you came. Go up the
    stairs and follow them up and around to the right. You'll come across
    a heal point and save point in front of the secret room that Shirley
    and Fenimorl hid in earlier. While you're here, go on inside and use
    the Sorcery Scanner to find the Rare Eggbear. It'll drop a Bear Head,
    which is used for Synthesis. Continue down and around the path. You'll
    come across a Hit Bottle. Go down the next set of stairs, head left, and
    then up those stairs. Continue following the path in the next area all
    the way around. You'll find a Mixed Gummy in the next chest. Head
    right at the next fork and up for a Liquor Bottle. Return and go all the
    way right to the next screen for a Purple Ores. Now go back and head
    left for a Denei Bottle, then go up the stairs. Time for a Puzzle Booth.
    Activate the switch at the top of the screen by using the reflector
    next to it. Now stand next to the exit and fire straight left so that
    the light bounces off two reflectors and hits the switch under you.
    Finally stand on the block right next to the exit and fire down and
    left. You won't be able to see it, but you'll hit the last switch
    this way.
    After the Booth head straight down past a Zone for a Rouseki (for
    Shirley). Go right, then up. Go all the way right until you find
    3000 Gald. Return to the path you passed and head over for a Lavender
    behind a Chaotic Zone and a Flare Bottle. Follow the path down.
    Past the next Chaotic Zone is a Toast. In the same area is a Mixed
    Gummy. Now head down and left to a heal point and save point. Yes,
    you're almost done.
    In the next area, the party encounters an area filled with some foul
    black mist. No wonder the water and earth are spoiled. Soon the mist
    coalesces into somebody that looks familiar... boss time.
    BOSS: Dark Will
    HP: 43776
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Drops: Lure
    He's not that threatening, though he can do a lot of damage if you let
    him, with spells like Indignation and Freeze Lancer. You should be
    able to dodge Freeze Lancer, though. Have Grune in casting Aqua Laser
    and Brilliant Lance, etc, to hammer at his Ocean weakness.
    The party has won, but the mist seems to keep spreading. The party
    starts to run, but Will stays behind. He tells Senel that he must keep his
    promise. He unleashes the power of his Soujutsu, but the mist envelops
    In a dark area, the ominous-looking woman from before asks him why he
    insists on continuing. They say that destruction is the natural state
    of things, and that humans can't change that. Will tells them that he
    must fulfill his promise. The ominous figure tells Will that in that
    case he should return to nothingness and give himself up - then his
    wish will be fulfilled. Will says that if his promise is fulfilled,
    then he doesn't mind. But then he hears Senel's voice. Senel yells
    at him and asks him if he intends to leave Harriet alone. Will remembers
    that protecting the flowers was not his only promise. His power flows
    forth again. He tells the figure that he continues on, even with the
    pain of living, because there are people who belive in him. The figure
    tells him to be enveloped by his own darkness, and turns into Dark Will.
    Will unleashes his Soujutsu in a flash of light...
    The mist disappears, and Will appears safe. Grune suddenly clutches her
    head. She might have gained back her memory... or maybe not. A ball of
    fire appears in front of her, naming himself Ifrit. Again, the rest of
    the party can't see it. Ifrit asks Grune if she's forgotten him. He says
    that her memory still hasn't returned. He says that until her power has
    returned, he will sleep for awhile. He turns into a seed just as Celsius
    did. Grune says she should plant Ifrit's seed right there. Will then 
    remembers what he was about to do, and they decide to hurry back to town.
    You can save here.
    The party arrives back at Werites and meets Madam Musette. She tells
    them that Harriet has disappeared. Will says he has an idea of where
    she's gone, and runs off.
    At the meadow of flowers, Will finds Harriet. He tells her that Amelia
    loved this place. She would come here no matter if something happy or
    sad happened. He says that sometimes he would fight with Amelia,
    especially if he told her her food was bad. Harriet says that her mother
    was always bad at cooking. But she loved her because she was happy doing
    it. Will suddenly asks Harriet to live with him. She says that it would
    be a waste to let the room go unused.
    Will notes that it's a new moon. He says he'll show Harriet something
    special - the thing he and Amelia loved the most. There's a flower that
    only blooms during the new moon. It only grows there, and they discovered
    it. Harriet realizes it's the bud she found earlier, the one that Madam
    Musette told her had a wonderful name. Will tells her that he and Amelia
    decided its name. The whole meadow, filled with the flowers, begins to
    bloom, filling the meadow with light - and Will tells her they named
    the flower Harriet. He picks one and puts it in her hair, telling her
    that the slightest bit of light crystallizes the flower. Her previous
    hair ornament had been a real flower all along. He tells her that he's
    thankful to Amelia, because without her he'd never have been able to
    meet either Harriet.
    When the pair returns home, Harriet demands to go in first and that Will
    not go in until she says so. After she says okay, Will opens the door
    to find her standing there, saying 'Welcome home, papa'.
    You can save again. Senel's now living in the formerly empty house in the
    eastern part of town. He tells Will he doesn't want to bother him and
    Harriet. Back at Will's house, the girls are cooking. Harriet tells
    them they should hurry and bring lunch to the working guys. Cue some
    more awkward tension between Shirley and Chloe... Grune arrives and
    sees Norma lying asleep on the couch.
    Shirley goes over to try and wake her up, but Norma's talking in her sleep.
    She says something about oniichan. Chloe tells her that she should help
    too, but Norma says that unlike the two of them she doesn't have anybody
    to cook for, embarassing them both. 
    At Senel's new place everybody has a picnic. Shirley's food is great, but
    Harriet's... Will tells her it's terrible, rather honestly. Harriet says
    she'll take it back, but he says he has a parent's responsibility to eat
    it all... But Harriet's made enough for everybody, even Geet. Not even
    Geet seems to like it, and Moses doesn't react to it too well. Grune
    seems to be the only one who can even stand it.
    Someone enters... it's Elza. She's come to chat with Chloe. But she also
    mentions that there seems to be something going on at the entrance. 
    Somebody asks the crowd to answer a question...
    Head over there now. When you arrive, the crowd is starting to thin out.
    Somebody comes in, and she looks exactly like Fenimorl. But she
    introduces herself as Tulla, Fenimorl's twin sister. She greets Shirley.
    But she tells Shirley that she wonders if, living in Werites, she's
    forgotten all about her sister. She asks her why she's in Werites, and
    if she's forgotten her duty. She blames Shirley for Fenimorl's death
    and says she can't believe that Shirley's living with Land Folk. She
    says that Shirley is betraying all of the Water Folk. Seems like some
    of the Water Folk still wish for the Land Folk to be destroyed. She
    asks Shirley why, even after seeing so many Water Folk, including
    Fenimorl, killed before her very eyes, is she not using her power to
    destroy them. She blames Shirley again, saying it's as if she killed
    Fenimorl herself. Shirley agrees, to Senel's dismay, saying that if she
    had only pulled herself together Fenimorl would have left the Legacy
    and wouldn't have been put in that situation. But she says Tulla's
    wrong in thinking that the Land Folk should be destroyed. Tulla says
    she can't understand her, and leaves.
    Chloe says that Tulla must have some tenacity if she came all this way
    to argue with Shirley. Norma says that she should have more guts as
    well, but doesn't explain why. The party says that it will be hard
    to reconcile with the Water Folk, but that they must try, gradually.
    Later, Senel finds Shirley at the graveyard in front of Stella's grave.
    The pair begin to leave, but they see Norma walking in. They hear her
    praying to her master's grave that she will definitely find something.
    Senel asks her what. Norma tries to brush it off and leaves. Shirley
    says that maybe Norma did not want to be seen there. Senel reads the
    name off the grave - it's Sven.
    And now you get to save again. Moses comes to Senel's house to wake
    him up. He tells him that Norma has a favor to ask of everybody. You're
    supposed to meet her at the fountain. So go over there.
    But when you arrive, Norma is fighting with the old man, Zamaran, from
    before. She tells him to hurry up and leave the Legacy. Zamaran tells
    her that she should give up chasing a stupid dream. He tells her that
    she'll soon learn the taste of despair, like another idiot, Sven. She
    gets angrier, telling him that noone badmouths her master, no matter
    who they are. He tells her that reality doesn't bend to conform to fantasy.
    He tells her to wake up and not waste her life, like Sven did. Then
    he leaves.
    After some hesitation, Norma begins to tell them why she gathered them
    all - she wants them to help her find the Everlight. To get there,
    she'll need to go to the Man-eating Ruins. After some discussion, 
    the party agrees. And so begins Norma's Character Quest.
    Go to the battle arena and check the flag to find Mimmy. This time you'll 
    learn Curry Bread. When you've restocked and so on, head to the Man-Eating 
    Ruins via the Duct.
    On your way out, Norma gets a flashback to when Sven told her about the
    Everlight. He seems just as hyper as Norma... From this conversation,
    we learn that Zamaran is Sven's master. But Sven was kicked out of
    Zamaran's school, for disputing Zamaran's assertion that the Everlight
    doesn't exist.
    Treasures: Flare Bottle, All Divide, Climax Bottle, Aifread's Flag,
    Life Bottle, Shell Bottle, Love-love Straw, Lure, Purple Ores, Reverse
    Doll, Red Ores, Radish
    South of the Ruins (west of Maruitz's Hermitage) there's a Radish, while
    to the northeast there's a chest with a Saffron.
    Upon entering, Norma says that the Everlight should be inside somewhere.
    Chloe asks what it looks like, and Norma says she doesn't know. Will says
    that nobody knows, and explains how the legend of the Everlight came to
    be. Once, a scholar translated an ancient inscription as "The prayer
    crystal, with mysterious power, grants salvation to the one who wishes it".
    As you'll remember, this dungeon is pretty straight forward, with only
    one way to go most of the time. In the first area, you'll find a Flare
    Bottle, All Divide, and Climax Bottle.
    On the next screen, Norma stops the party. She says a trap has been laid.
    But she triggers it herself by being too loud. Moses falls down a pitfall,
    to Jay's delight. He makes his way back, only to almost fall into the
    same trap again.
    In the next area, behind the Chaotic Zone with nothing behind it, you
    can pick up an Aifread's Flag with the Sorcery Scanner. You'll also find
    a Life Bottle, Shell Bottle, Love-love Straw (for Norma; it'll also give
    her a title), a Lure, Purple Ores, Reverse Doll, and Red Ores in this area.
    Use the scanner in the lower right corner for a Radish as well.
    Save at the save point and then continue on to a Puzzle Booth.
    At first you'll have two movable blocks. Use those to make bridges to
    the blocks on top of the platforms nearby so that now there are 4 blocks
    on the ground. Then use those to drop the further blocks so there are now
    6 movable blocks. Use all 6 blocks to make a bridge straight from between
    the two staircases near the entrance all the way towards the exit. Push
    the final block into the gap between your new bridge and the exit, then
    pull the remaining block out of the way, and take the other stairs to
    the exit.
    In the next room with all the petrified people, use the Sorcery Scanner
    to fight some rare monsters, a MelloMello and MelloMello Head. They'll
    drop a Ray, an odd weapon for Senel (has low attack power but very high
    luck). This will also get Senel a title.
    Head to the next room. Norma looks around for the Everlight, but manages
    to hit a switch instead...
    BOSS: Bloody Bed and Mind Flare
    Bloody Bed: 11459 HP
    Weak Against Ice
    Strong Against Fire
    Mind Flare: 40315 HP
    Drops: Elixir
    The Bloody Bed uses a red FOE, but it has quite low HP, so take it out
    quickly to get it out of the way. After that all you have to do is not
    let the Mind Flare cast any spells, which should be easy enough since
    it staggers comparatively frequently.
    Norma admits that the Everlight doesn't seem to be here. Use the Sorcery
    Scanner back here where the Whisper Crystal was to find a Turquoise. Then 
    head back to town.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    Upon returning, the party runs into Zamaran again. He notes that despite
    Norma's cheery attitude, she's come back with nothing. Norma says that
    she was just checking on something, and Zamaran tells her not to spend
    her whole life checking before walking away.
    Another flashback. Norma wonders aloud to Sven if she has no talent.
    Sven somehow knows that she's been studying the ancient language. He
    says he heard it from one of her rich friends. He tells her that it's
    no fun if you know everything from the beginning. Norma then asks
    Sven why he keeps looking for the Everlight even though he's failed
    so many times. He tells her that it's because he belives it exists,
    and if she doesn't understand that, someday she will.
    Norma then asks him if he's listening to her, and he replies that he's
    looking at her, which makes her flush. But she gets angry, saying that
    she can't believe him ever since a certain incident earlier, when he
    told her that warming a hard-boiled egg would make it hatch into a
    chick. He seems way too amused about it...
    Chloe comes to wake Senel the next morning. Seems like Norma has an
    idea for a new place to look. Head over to Will's house to meet
    everybody. Her next guess is the Ice Monument. Senel wants to hear
    her reason for looking for the Everlight. Chloe guesses that it has
    something to do with Zamaran as well. Senel adds that it has to do
    with somebody named Sven too.
    Norma tells the party about Sven - how he was the world's biggest idiot,
    but being with him was fun. Her parents were always fighting, so she
    frequently ran away from home. That's when she met Sven. When he found
    out she could use Breath-type Soujutsu, he arranged to have her admitted
    to a good school, even paying for her out of his pocket. Since he was
    looking for the Everlight, now Norma feels the need to carry on his
    Then Norma says half of what she said she made up, making Chloe and
    Moses angry... but Senel wonders if it was really made up after all.
    He agrees to help her go to the Ice Monument. Stock up, then go to
    the Beacon and take the elevator down to the Quiet Lands, then from
    there go northeast to the Ice Monument.
    ICE MONUMENT 氷のモニュメント
    Treasures: Aifread's Flag, Freeze Mantle, Flare Bottle, Lemon Gummy,
    Miracle Gummy, Liquor Bottle, Blue Ores, Happi
    Remember to dodge the ice spikes. This dungeon is quite small and
    straightforward; just pick up the treasures on your way to the back.
    On reaching the small room in the middle, Norma looks around, saying
    something is suspicious. She knocks on a few walls and ends up kicking
    it... which causes another suspicious noise... poor Moses gets hit
    with another trap. Save and continue on.
    Gather the treasure chests in the next area and continue on. You'll 
    run across a Valt, similar to the one you fought in the Introduction.
    Grune suddenly says that she knows the black mist... but when pressed,
    she seems to have forgotten again.
    BOSS: Bear Valt
    HP: 80406
    Weak Against Fire
    Strong Against Ice
    Drops: FOE2 Check
    His attack patterns are pretty much the same as the first guy - in other
    words, extremely annoying. Watch out again for the glowing orb attack and
    the one where he just dashes forward, doing tons of damage to your guys,
    though there really isn't much of a warning for each one. Heal often
    and guard more often than not.
    Norma examines the ground behind where the monster was and finds something.
    She pushes the button which causes an alarm to sound... and a trap triggers,
    hurting her. The party heals her wounds, but she still seems to be 
    suffering. Jay says the trap must have been poisoned. But no matter what
    Shirley or Will do, she doesn't get any better. There's still a fragment
    of the trap stuck in her arm. Senel pulls it out and Will tells him to keep
    it, since it might prove useful in finding an antidote. Then hurry back
    to town.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    Upon returning, your party runs into Orcot. They ask him to take a look at
    Norma. Senel asks if he can make an antidote from the sample they took
    back. The rest of the party takes Norma to lie down while Senel and Chloe
    go with Orcot. Go to the hospital.
    Orcot begins working on an antidote. Elza tells them that there isn't a
    medicine her father can't make. He comes out a bit later saying he's
    identified the poison. He asks Elza to pick some flowers from outside,
    and Chloe goes to help. Soon he gives Senel a medicine with directions
    to have Norma drink it. He says not to let their guard down, however, as
    the poison will still continue to cause fevers and pains for awhile. Now
    head to the inn.
    After a little bit, Shirley reports that Norma seems to have stabilized.
    With that the party decides what they should do next. Jay and Will
    believe they should give up trying to find the Everlight. But Chloe brings
    up how important this is to Norma. Senel agrees, and goes to look in
    on Norma.
    When they get in, however, she's gone, and she's left her notes behind.
    According to Shirley, it's mostly in the ancient language, and Norma's
    translations are mostly correct. Only the Water Folk were supposed to be
    able to read the ancient language, but Norma seems to have learned well.
    They show the rest of the party the notes. Will exclaims that not even
    the research centers on the continent could understand this. It seems
    that Norma's reasons for going to the Man-eating Ruins and the Ice
    Monument weren't random after all. Senel says that they're the only ones
    who can help her, and the party decides to help her keep looking. But
    first to actually find her.
    Norma's in the graveyard, stumbling to Sven's grave. She wonders aloud
    what she's doing, when she can't even solve simple traps. Flashback
    time. Sven is telling her that she needs to be more patient in solving
    traps. But she just runs off, getting Sven in trouble. In the present,
    Norma reflects that she hasn't grown at all since back then. She says
    she's grown scared because she's starting to doubt if the Everlight
    even exists. She says she's been chasing his dream, but she doesn't know
    if she can make it. She wonders if it's okay to stop believing. She cries
    that it's too hard to go on believing all by herself.
    Suddenly the black mist appears behind her, and the ominous woman tells
    her that it's okay to give up, that nobody will blame her. She
    says that Sven will forgive her too. Norma says that's what she wants, then
    Meanwhile the party has been failing to find Norma. They run across
    Zamaran. He tells them she probably went to Sven's grave. Head there.
    The party finds Norma's body, wreathed in black smoke. As they approach,
    however, it disappears. They give Norma more of the medicine. Take her
    back to the Inn. On the way, Norma says she doesn't care about the 
    Everlight anymore. The party asks her if she's serious. Senel tells her
    that they've seen her notes. She says that no matter how much she gets
    right, it doesn't have any meaning. She didn't have any reason to study
    so hard. She says she could have had Shirley translate it for her, but she
    didn't. She didn't because she was afraid of finding out that she was
    mistaken. She was afraid of finding out that what she believed in didn't
    exist. They ask her if she's really okay with giving it up. She says yes.
    Senel tells her that's fine... if she can live on without regretting it,
    without regretting everything that's happened up until then. She tells
    him to leave her alone, that she's not just a loud idiot.
    Zamaran steps in. He tells her that she's opened her eyes, unlike that
    idiot Sven. Norma tells him not to badmouth Sven. But he replies that
    somebody who's given up on her dream has no right to talk about Sven.
    Norma says she'll prove that the Everlight isn't just a story, and runs
    Will tells Zamaran he's quite good at handling Norma. Zamaran says that
    he just doesn't want Norma to be hurt like he and Sven her. Apparently
    he lost his own sight while triggering a trap investigating some ruins.
    And Sven never came back from looking for the Everlight one day.
    Zamaran came to the Legacy to take Norma back. But he hasn't been able
    to tell her he's worried about her.
    Moses and the others return, saying Norma seems to have left town already.
    Zamaran tells them she probably went to the Crystal Forest, since that
    is where Sven last went trying to look for the Everlight. The party
    agrees to head there, and Zamaran tells them he's counting on them to
    bring Norma back.
    Stock up on goods and head over to the Crystal Forest.
    Treasures: Red Saffron, Technical Ring, Flare Bottle, Blue Ores x2, Speed
    Wrist, Holy Bottle, Life Bottle
    If you remember, there was a treasure chest before on the world map between
    the Crystal Forest and the Bandit Lair. It now holds a Radish, so grab that
    while you're here.
    Grab the treasures as you go - as an early dungeon, the layout is very
    simple. Next to the very first treasure chest, use the Scanner in the
    center of the platform to find the rare Kotatsu monster.
    Geet picks up Norma's scent, but it seems like she's gone pretty far.
    Off at her part, it looks like the poison's taking effect again.
    She stumbles around, but seems to find something. Go left past a Zone for
    a Speed Wrist. It's not a very good weapon for Senel, but using it you
    can make a pretty good weapon at the Synthesis Shop. On the next screen,
    check the area behind the Chaotic Zone with nothing behind it
    to find a Blue Ores with the Scanner.
    When you get to the area where Norma busted down the door at the beginning
    of the game, Geet will find something. There's a crack in the crystal,
    and Norma's scent is coming from there. There's a new path where there
    wasn't one before, and a suspicious save point nearby.
    Save and go in.
    You'll find Norma collapsed on the ground. But luckily, she seems to be
    just sleeping... Chloe gives her another dose of the medicine, and she
    seems to have recovered. She checks the nearby platform and activates
    something. Glowing runes appear in the air, which she translates as
    disaster, flames, future. But she suddenly seems depressed again. She
    says that all of her research points to here, and if the Everlight isn't
    here, she won't know what to do. She's afraid of finding out the truth.
    The black mist suddenly appears again, trailing behind her. She runs
    off. Suddenly the mist turns into a copy of Norma, making the real Norma
    kind of unhappy... Norma will be added to your party, so you can switch
    her in just before the fight.
    BOSS: Dark Norma
    HP: 52619
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Drops: Red Ores
    Pretty easy. Just watch out for her Blizzard (which you can Special
    Guard easily enough) and interrupt all her spells. Her normal attack is
    nothing to worry about.
    Once again, Grune clutches her head. She wonders if she's forgotten
    something important. A black orb shows up and names himself Shadow.
    Yet again the party can't see him. Like Celsius and Ifrit, Shadow says
    he cannot manifest for long in a world without order and says he
    will rest, leaving a seed behind.
    Senel asks about the Everlight. Norma says that she has to do it,
    and proceeds to follow the instructions from the runes. She begins
    to get some doubts again, and the black mist appears again from her.
    It then coalesces as a Dark Norma again. It doesn't attack though. It
    seems the more depressed she gets, the more mist appears. But Grune
    tells her to cheer up and remember why she's here. She tells her to
    accept her own feelings and not be afraid. The rest of the party tells
    her that her effort won't be wasted and that they will support what
    she believes in.
    In the darkness of the mist, Norma says that along the way, she somehow
    lost sight of the fun of following her dreams. She asks Sven for help,
    and her Soujutsu power begins to flow. She says she's found her dream,
    and won't flounder anymore. She'll live on with her belief.
    The mist disappears, and Norma approaches the runes. A warp appears.
    Head in. Norma reaches another set of runes. These say 'destruction',
    'trap', 'hell', 'birth', and 'slaughter'. Obviously she picks the one
    called Birth... Go into the next warp.
    Norma arrives at a place where a green gem is floating in the air.
    Chloe says its power feels familiar. Shirley says it's the same as the
    Souga. The Everlight may be the crystallized remnant of a Souga,
    Will says. Senel notes some words on the wall. It's Sven's writing,
    written in the ancient language. She begins crying, telling him that
    she can read it all, that she can understand his feelings because she's
    studied so hard to catch up to him. Shirley reads the words: "My
    beloved pupil, I promise to some day meet you again in this place.
    I've been able to find the Everlight because you believed in me. I believe
    that someday soon you will also reach this place. Thus I leave these
    words to you. Thank you. And well done. To Norma Biatty, from Sven,
    with dreams and romance".
    Norma cheers up amazingly fast (as usual). She says she is going to
    show Zamaran. The party accompanies her as she drags him there. Norma
    says this was Sven's wish, which Zamaran doesn't understand. Norma
    prays to the Everlight, and Zamaran's sight is restored. This was Sven's
    wish all along.
    The Everlight shakes, and crumbles. Its power is apparently gone.
    Back at town, Zamaran says he'll stay on the Legacy awhile longer.
    Norma says she'll stay as well. Something glows in her hand. She's
    taken the shell of the Everlight. She runs off to show it to Sven's
    You'll get another chance to save.
    An earthquake shakes Senel out of bed, but Grune still has to come and
    wake him up. Shirley seems to take it entirely the wrong way...
    Senel asks Shirley about her brooch, and Shirley says she thinks her
    brooch was the shell of an Everlight as well. Shirley and Grune ask
    Senel to go to Will's. And that's it for Norma's quest.
    Outside Senel's house a stranger asks him directions to the graveyard.
    He spies Shirley and mentions the Glowing Ones, in a sinister sort of
    manner. He leaves for now.
    Head over towards Will's house. In front, Chaba is telling Moses that
    another of their band was attacked by something. Chaba wonders if it was
    Geet, but Moses says that's impossible.
    Inside, everybody's already there except for Norma. Go to the Inn to
    pick her up. Zamaran's trying to pull the same stunt that Norma did
    earlier. Now return to Will's. He would like the party to accompany him
    to the Village of the Ferines. He's received a message from Mauritz
    asking to meet them. Shirley says she is going too, even if that means
    running into Tulla again.
    Treasures: Fabric, Banana, Resume Ring
    West of the Village there is a treasure chest with a Climax Bottle. If you
    go south all the way to the dead end, you can also find a Radish.
    Upon entering, the party runs into Tulla straight away. She tells Shirley
    she doesn't want to hear what she has to say and tells her to leave.
    But Mauritz comes out and tells her that he is the one who asked them
    to come. Tulla runs off.
    Mauritz asks you to come to his tent. Before you do that, go to Shirley's
    former tent. There's a Fabric here, and if you check the bed you'll
    find a Banana. If you use the Scanner on the right side of her bed,
    you'll also pick up a Resume Ring. Also talk to the Merchant here, he
    has some new wares. He even sells Unicorn Horns, which you use for
    Mauritz says he's been having a hard time convincing the entire village.
    He says that now that the Souga wishes for peace between the two races,
    there is no reason for the Water Folk to consider the Land Folk as
    There's another reason Mauritz has called the party here. There have
    been reports of the black mist appearing around the village as well.
    He doesn't know what it is either, but would like the party to keep
    Tulla storms in, demanding that they leave once again. She wonders why
    the Souga chose Shirley. Shirley tells her that a power that can only
    destroy is not a power worth having. Senel tells her that Shirley hasn't
    forgotten that she is a Water Folk, or the MelNes. She is with them
    for the future of all the Water Folk. He tells her that Fenimorl
    accepted them. Tulla says she won't believe them, and runs off. Shirley
    chases after her.
    Shirley comes across a place she realizes is Fenimorl's grave. She
    says that she should have come sooner. She remembers how Tulla was a lot
    like Fenimorl when she first met her. She was very angry when she found
    out that Shirley was the MelNes, and her relationship with Senel. But
    she eventually became their friend. She tells her that she'll take care
    of Tulla.
    Go outside of Mauritz's tent and head up to the grave. Suddenly another
    earthquake takes place, and the party hears Tulla screaming. Rest and
    save in your tent while you're at it, then go to the entrance. A Galf
    is attacking Tulla, and suddenly the ominous woman appears behind her.
    She disappears when Shirley and company arrive, but the mist fuses with
    the Galf.
    BOSS: Galf Valt
    HP: 84191
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Drops: Sephira
    Same pattern before, except now he also uses a black FOE, so equip a
    FOE3 Check on your character.
    Tulla blames the party for being attacked, and the black mist grows
    stronger around her. But Shirley runs up and embraces her, and a light
    glows from her, banishing the mist. Tulla reluctantly thanks the
    party. Once again Grune's head begins to hurt. She says she should know
    what the black mist is. But all she can remember is the fact that she
    should remember something... She decides to plant Shadow's seed right
    under the tree.
    The party discusses the mist again. The earthquakes, mist, and monsters
    are all related. Will says that the mist might actually react to
    people's emotions. Jay adds that the mist appears to have a will of its
    The party decides to return to Werites. On their way out, Shirley asks
    to talk to Tulla a bit. She says that to return hatred with hatred is
    very easy, but it won't get anywhere. She says if she caused the Great
    Sinking, she doesn't believe the Water Folk would have become any happier.
    She says she would rather use her power to help out those she believes in.
    Tulla says the Land Folk have done many terrible things. Shirley agrees,
    but says that not every Land Folk is like that. She wants a world where
    the Land Folk and Water Folk can walk together. She prepares to leave
    again, but Tulla stops her, asking her if she's happy. Tulla says she
    can't go along with her way of thinking right away - but she will try
    for the sake of returning the same sort of smile to everybody in the
    Mauritz tells her that one day she might look back thinking that it was
    a good thing that Shirley became the MelNes. He says the ocean has been
    peaceful, and Tulla says that there is still hope, because Shirley's
    smile was genuine.
    Head back to Werites. The party discuss recent events, but Chloe only
    seems a little down. Senel asks her what's wrong, but Chloe says it's
    nothing. The party disbands for the night, and Chloe thinks to herself
    about what Shirley told Tulla - that it's easy to return hate with hate.
    She says that it was the easiest path for her, and if somebody asked her
    if she was happy, she couldn't smile and answer like Shirley did.
    Chloe flashes back to the day her parents were killed. A figure tells
    her that if they had just handed over their money, it wouldn't have ended
    like this. The figure tells her that if she takes the sword he won't
    have any mercy. Chloe can't do anything, and the figure says she doesn't
    have the determination to fight. He says that the famous Valens family
    was nothing after all, and he picks up a sword and comes after her...
    Chloe awakens suddenly from the nightmare. It's raining outside, and
    Chloe wonders when she'll be able to break free.
    Elza comes in to see her, saying there is something she wants to ask of
    her. Her father went to gather herbs, but hasn't come back. Chloe agrees
    to look for him. Elza says he went to a fort used by the Va-something or
    other. Chloe realizes he must have gone to Vaclav's Hidden Fortress. Elza
    wants Chloe to bring her along too, but Chloe refuses, saying it's
    dangerous. Elza says that she can't stand seeing her father come back hurt
    everytime he goes out looking for medicine for her. But Chloe refuses
    again, saying she'll ask Senel and the others for help, and that Elza
    should stay for her sake.
    Harriet arrives to wake Senel up. She tells him that Chloe has asked for
    them all to meet at Will's house. Go over there. Chloe tells the party
    what happened with Orcot, but then she adds that Elza ran off from the
    hospital without her knowing. Will finds it a little odd that Orcot
    would've gone to the Hidden Fortress. The party agrees to go look for
    Orcot and Elza both. And now it's Chloe's turn.
    Treasures: Water Ores, Mental Ring, Belbane, Pine Gummy, Lemon Gummy,
    Mixed Gummy, Lure, Red Savory, Purple Ores
    When you enter, you'll see a scene with an exhausted Elza staggering
    through the fortress. Chloe catches up to her and yells at her,
    telling her that they'll look for Orcot so she should go home. Senel
    says that it's dangerous, so it would be better if they took her with
    her as they search.
    In the first area past some Zones you'll find a Water Ores and a Mental
    Ring. A little further on are a Belbane, Pine Gummy, and Lemon Gummy,
    before a Puzzle Booth.
    Push the first block to make a bridge over to the right area. Now this
    next part is a little complicated. If we consider the arrangement of
    blocks to be like this:
      A B C
      D E F
    G H I J
    where X is the unmovable block, the letters are the movable blocks, and
    'down' is towards the lower right... first pull A up, then push C down,
    and push B left. Push D and E down, then pull B down and push A further
    up. Now push A, B, C, and F back towards the stairs. Moving the rest out
    of the way should be easy. Head over, hit both switches, and take the
    In the next area, Chloe asks Elza how she's doing. She says she's fine,
    but her legs are shaking. The party decides to rest, while Jay, Moses,
    and Grune scout on ahead.
    Elza falls asleep quite quickly on Chloe's lap, while Will mentions that
    Elza's worrying about Orcot is a lot nicer than how Harriet treats him...
    Apparently she's dreaming about cooking something for Chloe. But then
    in her dream she tells Chloe not to leave her alone. She wakes up and
    asks if she said anything weird. Norma tells her that she said Chloe's
    name a lot, embarassing her. She then says that she admires Chloe, but
    she'll never be like her, since her body's always been weak. Chloe tells
    her that she's not such a great person to be admired. But Elza insists
    Chloe's the best, much to Norma's delight, who begins teasing her about
    love and such...
    The three scouts return, saying they haven't found Orcot. Chloe gets a
    title here. Save, then press onward. On the next screen grab the Mixed
    Gummy, then go left past the Zone and use the Scanner to find a Lure.
    Go up and left past another Zone for a Red Savory. Then go up to the
    next area. There's a Purple Ores in the chest here. Then go up past the
    Chaotic Zone and use the Scanner for a rare monster, a Wanwan.
    In the next area the party finds Orcot collapsed on the ground. He's
    received a deep wound from something. When Will and Senel examine his
    arm, they find a tattoo. Will heals him and Orcot stands up. But
    Chloe draws her sword in front of Orcot. Moments later they hear a
    roaring, and the thing that wounded Orcot shows itself.
    BOSS: Chariot Gate
    HP: 124610
    Drops: Red Savory
    Everytime you knock him down, he'll do his spinning attack when he gets
    up, so be sure to block the whole thing. Otherwise, he fights pretty
    much like most of the other Gates you've encountered. Since he's a Ground
    Gate, you can use Senel's Garyuu Ougi to inflict defense down and such
    on him.
    Elza asks Chloe if she's all right, but the Gate rises again. Then Orcot
    defeats the Gate with his own sword. The party talks about going back,
    and Norma asks if Orcot's found what he's looking for. He tells the party
    that what he's looking for is in the locker in the back. It's locked
    for Norma, but when Orcot touches it it opens. He thanks the party for
    helping Elza. The party heads back, but Chloe stays behind. She says
    she saw a tattoo on Orcot's right arm, and she says she's found him.
    Head back out and go to Werites.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    Orcot thanks the party again. Chloe suddenly steps up and says she has
    something to ask him. But Elza is weakened from her trip and Orcot asks
    her to wait until later. The pair leave; Norma mentions that Chloe has
    seemed different lately. Jay says that there is something bothering him.
    Head to Will's house to discuss things.
    The discussion centers around Orcot. Senel wonders why he was at the
    Hidden Fortress. Jay says that if Orcot said he was going to the Hidden
    Fortress to get medicinal herbs, it means he knew they were there in
    the first place. He not only knew the location of the fortress, but
    also the contents of the locker in the back. Senel says what worries him
    is Orcot's sword technique. He's seen it before. Senel asks Chloe what
    she thinks, but she's lost in her own thoughts. Norma tries to snap
    her out of it in a rather unorthodox manner.
    The party continues on. Jay says it's almost certain that Orcot had
    some sort of link with Vaclav. Norma says she owes Orcot and doesn't
    want to doubt him. Moses adds that he doesn't seem like a bad sort. Shirley
    says he really cares about Elza as well. Jay says that for now all they
    should do is be cautious, and if it's a misunderstanding, so much the better.
    The party disbands for the night.
    Shirley asks what's wrong with Chloe, and Senel says Orcot's tattoo is
    probably the reason. Will says that if it's the one Chloe's been looking
    for, it could mean that Orcot and Stingle are the same person. They agree
    to help Chloe through her tough times.
    Out in town, Chloe says she had thought that she had forgotten her hatred
    and desire for revenge. But she hasn't - she hasn't forgotten what happened
    that day, or the pain she's suffered since. She wonders if she'll never
    be able to get rid of it.
    In a flashback, a noblewoman and nobleman talk about what happened to the
    Valens family. They say that the head of the family and his wife were killed
    by a bandit, leaving only their 12 year old daughter behind. They wonder
    what will happen to the House of Valens. The nobleman says that the daughter
    is of the great Valens family, and she should be able to handle things
    even at her young age. But the nobleman also mentions that it should be
    amusing to watch what happens to the House of Valens. Chloe swears to carry 
    on her family name.
    Shirley rushes in to Senel's house, saying that Elza told her Chloe hasn't 
    returned home yet. Head to the graveyard.
    Chloe says aloud that she hadn't wished to meet again. Her desire for
    revenge had thinned, but suddenly he had to appear again. If only she didn't
    find out, she could have continued living peacefully. But now that she knows,
    she can't, as she can't help the hatred that envelops her.
    A bandit walks up and says that he didn't expect a young girl out alone,
    and demands all of her money. Chloe flashes back to the bandit who
    killed her parents, who said the same sort of thing. She tells the bandit
    that she's in a very bad mood, and tells him to leave if he wants his
    life. The bandit rushes her, but Chloe knocks him down. He begs for his
    life, but Chloe approaches him again. The black mist envelops her, and
    she's about to cut him down when Senel yells for her to stop. The mist
    dissipates as Senel and Shirley arrive, and the bandit runs off.
    Chloe asks angrily why he stopped her, and Senel says there was no reason
    to kill him. Chloe says she has no sympathy for somebody who attacks
    people for money. Senel says Chloe's been acting weird lately. He then
    says that he know the reason is Orcot. He knew that the reason Chloe
    drew her sword so fast in the Hidden Fortress is because she intended to
    kill Orcot. He adds that he also saw the tattoo.
    Chloe says she never would have told him if she knew this day would come,
    and walks off. Senel tells Shirley about Chloe's situation.
    The next day a voice tries to wake Senel, calling him onii-chan... then
    the voice talks like Chloe, saying 'wake up, Coolidge!'. The voice
    continues imitating other party members, but Senel won't wake up. Then
    Norma yells to wake Senel up. 
    She tells him to hurry to the hospital. Elza's condition has deteriorated
    since coming back from the Fortress. Head over there.
    Will says Elza's in pretty bad shape. Orcot adds that the medicine he
    usually gives her won't help. He says that they must strike the illness
    at its source. He can make a medicine to do it, but he doesn't have the
    proper ingredients. Chloe arrives downstairs and says that she will get
    what he needs. Senel says he'll help as well. Orcot says he needs two
    things, a spider coccoon and a plant called the No Return Grass. The
    spiders that live in the Earth Monument make coccoons. Will says it's
    a rather rare monster. Orcot adds that like its name implies, the No
    Return Grass is found in the Forest of No Return. They agree to split up
    - Senel and the party will head to the Earth Monument, while Orcot will
    go to the Forest of No Return.
    Stock up on essentials, then take the elevator down to the Quiet Lands
    and go to the Earth Monument, which is west of the elevator.
    When you enter the elevator, you'll see more of Chloe's memories. Some
    more nobles are talking about the House of Valens. Apparently since it has
    only Chloe as its head, the royal family has decided to boot the House of
    Valens from the nobility. Chloe says she's been trying her best, and that 
    her parents' death wasn't her fault. She yells for the voices to stop
    gossipping about her family. She says it was that man who stole everything 
    from her, and that she'll never forgive him. It was that day when she swore 
    not to forget her hate and to seek revenge. But now, she says she doesn't 
    want to kill; she doesn't want to make somebody else sad.
    EARTH MONUMENT 地のモニュメント
    Treasures: Liquor Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Aifread's Flag, Fabric, Geas
    Mantle, Red Sage, Yellow Ores, Aloewood
    Will tells the party about the monster they're looking for. It's a kind
    of rare Dandoratula. It's normally very peaceful. Jay tells Norma and 
    Moses not to bother it.
    Again, there are no enemies in this first area. You'll find a Liquor
    Bottle and Panacea Bottle here. Also in the upper left corner of the
    room, use the Scanner to find a rare monster, Quox. Near the exit, check 
    the Daruma to find Mimmy... You'll learn how to make Long Donuts.
    In the next room, the party says they probably have to go further to find
    one. Norma wants Geet to find the monster, but Geet hasn't come along
    this time. Moses says he's left Geet behind since he didn't want him to
    be used by Norma... Grune says that Orcot is probably at the Forest of
    No Return by now, prompting Chloe to sink into another reverie. She tells
    herself that she has to think about Elza. But no matter how hard she tries, 
    she ends up thinking about other things.
    In a flashback, one of the Valens maids asks her if she's really okay
    with getting her beautiful long hair cut off. Chloe says she's decided
    to become a knight worthy of the House of Valens. In the present, Chloe
    says that she remembers her feeling so clearly. Her hatred is still there.
    After the scene, return to the room you just left to save. Pick up the
    treasures in the next room (there are monsters here), then head to the
    back to find the monster you're looking for. Moses makes it angry almost
    right away...
    The black mist appears and once again fuses with the monster.
    BOSS: Tula Valt
    HP: 96649
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Drops: FOE1 Check
    Same as the other Valts. Again, he uses a black FOE (Panic), so equip
    the appropriate counter accessories.
    With the monster defeated, the party gets the coccoon. Time to go back
    to town.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    The party decides to hurry back to the hospital and see if Orcot has
    returned yet. Head there.
    Harriet chides the party for being late, then says that Orcot left two
    letters - one for Chloe and one for Will. In Will's letter, he's left
    instructions for compounding the medicine for Elza. Chloe, upon reading
    her letter, crumbles it in her hand. Meanwhile Moses thinks of the idea
    to hold Elza over with Breath magic until they can make the medicine.
    Grune thinks this is a great idea, and hugs Moses - which makes him a
    little more than happy.
    The party decides to wait until morning, and if Orcot hasn't yet returned,
    to go there themselves. Elza seems to be suffering, and Chloe watches
    over her wondering what to do. She runs off, causing Will and Senel
    to worry about her, and what was in her letter.
    At the graveyard, Chloe remembers again when her parents were killed.
    She says that if she doesn't free herself from those memories, she can't
    move forward - but she didn't want it to be Orcot. The black mist appears
    behind her and coalesces into a young version of herself. It tells her
    that the answer is simple. It asks her who it was that took her parents
    away. It asks her why she took up the sword and practice until her arms
    shook. It asks her who she vowed to kill. Chloe answers Orcot.
    Moses finally returns from his happy-trip. Senel asks him if he saw Chloe,
    and Moses responds that he saw her going to the graveyard. So head there
    It's begun raining in the graveyard. Senel arrives and asks Chloe where
    she's going. He asks her what was in Orcot's letter. Chloe says it doesn't
    involve him. She says she's been foolish, and that by being with them she's
    forgotten her goal. She had given up on getting revenge, because she didn't
    have the will to try and find Stingle. She was going to just forget about it,
    but then she found out that Orcot was Stingle. And because of that, she
    can't have any peace. Her hatred is too much for her to bear.
    Senel tells her that when he was having his own problems, she was there
    to listen to him and to help him. If it weren't for her, he says, he
    wouldn't be there today. He begs her not to suffer alone.
    Chloe says her life changed hugely when her parents were killed. She cried
    endlessly, but as the survivor of the House of Valens, she had to carry
    herself as others expected of her status. But despite her effort, it
    was only a matter of time before the House was dis-ennobled. Her old
    acquaintances were kind to her, but she knew what they called her behind
    her back - the puppet hosue leader. She realized that she would always
    be Chloe Valens, bound by her blood and name.
    Chloe says Orcot's letter said simply "if you are prepared, bring your
    sword and come". Orcot knew that Chloe knew about her. Chloe tells Senel
    to step aside. Senel asks her what she's going to do about Elza, and
    her friends. He tells her that running off to disappear is childish.
    Chloe says that may be true, and that her time stopped when she made
    the vow to get revenge. She tells Senel to get out of her way again.
    She asks him if he could stay calm when Vaclav, the one who took Stella
    away from him, was in front of him. Senel has no good answer for that.
    Chloe says that the deep will to kill is too much for her to bear. She
    draws her sword and tells Senel to step aside once again. Senel tells
    her that if she draws her sword, she won't be able to take it back, and
    Chloe says she had no intention of doing so. She tells Senel that it's
    her final warning, but Senel still refuses. Chloe tells him to stop doing
    things for her, because his kindness just hurts her all the more. Chloe
    then attacks Senel, saying that if he isn't prepared to fight he'll die...
    BOSS: Chloe
    HP: 60405
    This can be a tough battle if you do things poorly. Equip the Holy Ring
    on Senel so he'll regenerate, and you'll be ok. Try knocking Chloe down
    and then throwing her to disrupt her combos; otherwise she really doesn't
    stagger too much and will counter what you try to do.
    After the battle, Senel asks Chloe to stop once more, but she suddenly stabs
    him, saying that she told him if he wasn't prepared to fight, he would die.
    She says that with the wound she's given him, now she has no place left to
    return. In a grotesque fashion, that's sharpened her resolve, so she thanks
    him. Senel says he won't accept it. Chloe asks him why he came to stop her,
    and he tells her it's because she's an important friend. Chloe says that
    she wishes she could accept those words. The words that should have made
    her happy are hurting her instead. She then leaves, while Senel collapses
    begging her not to leave. A few moments later, Shirley comes across Senel
    fallen on the ground.
    Awhile later, Senel suddenly wakes up to a relieved Shirley. She tells
    him that Chloe hasn't returned. Senel says he has to go find her, but
    his injury is still severe. Shirley asks him if he intends to go no matter
    what, and Senel says he must - he can't leave a friend alone. Shirley says 
    that the rest of the party is gathered at the hospital. She says that
    Chloe is an important friend to her as well.
    At the hospital, the party is all gathered. Will notes that Orcot must have
    known this would happen. That's why he gave the instructions on the
    medicine to Will. Senel says Chloe is still confused. Moses says that
    somebody who is just confused wouldn't take up arms against Senel.
    Senel says that he doesn't believe Chloe will become happy by killing
    Orcot. He says that she looked pained the entire time. Her old pain may
    disappear, but what waits for her is a new pain. Therefore he has to
    stop Chloe. The other members are less sure, and Senel asks them if they
    really want to part in this manner. Jay asks them if they can forgive
    Stingle. Senel says that he can believe in the man who is Orcot now. The
    party decides to follow Chloe.
    Then Elza comes down the stairs. She's heard the conversation. She says
    she realized about her father, somehow. There were times when he went
    out supposedly to gather herbs, but would come back with battle wounds.
    She blames herself, since Orcot was only thinking about helping her with
    her sickness. Senel tells her not to blame herself. Elza begs them to
    take her with them. Senel says that it may be emotionally rough for her,
    but she's okay with that.
    Prepare to head out to the Forest of No Return.
    Treasures: Yellow Ores x2, Aloewood x2, Elven Boots, Purple Ores, Water
    Ores x2, Lure
    If you take a loooong detour all the way south on the world map you can 
    find a treasure chest with a Savory. Up to you on whether it's worth it 
    or not.
    Senel asks Elza if she feels alright, and she says she's fine for now.
    Jay warns them that it may come to a fight again, but Senel says he's
    prepared. He says he wasn't prepared earlier to help Chloe with the
    burden she carries, but he is now. Elza says she's jealous since Chloe
    has such nice friends. Norma tells her that she's important to Chloe
    as well.
    Now off to the maze. As before, I'm going to to put it in bullet format.
    Each new bullet is a screen transition, so just follow these directions.
    -starting from the save point, go all the way left
    -go up at the fork to find a Yellow Ores. Go all the way down.
    -head right, grab the Yellow Ores, and keep going right.
    -go all the way right to find some Aloewood, then return to the fork and
    go down, then left.
    -go up at the fork, then left and up again. Go right past the Chaotic
    Zone and use the scanner northwest of the little lake to find the rare 
    monster, Atlas Helmet Hopper. Return to the fork and head up (past the
    blue butterflies).
    -go up past the first fork to the second one, then right.
    -go all the way right.
    -go up.
    -go left.
    -use the Scanner in one of the craters to get an Elven Boots, then go
    down to see a cutscene. Orcot reveals that he has Chloe's father's sword.
    Chloe becomes enveloped in the black mist, then attacks Orcot.
    -go left after the scene.
    -there's a heal point here. Use it and continue left.
    -head left until you find the merchant. He doesn't have anything new.
    Go down to find a chest with a Purple Ores. Go right to find a Water
    Ores. Go right to the next screen.
    -pick up the Aloewood. Keep going right to find a Lure. Then return to
    the fork and go down.
    -at the first fork, go left, down, and left again, past more blue
    -you'll find a heal point and save point. Use them, then head down and
    left for a Water Ores, then head back to the fork and go down, then head
    When your party arrives, Chloe has overpowered Orcot and knocked his
    sword away. She asks him if he has any last requests. Orcot says he wants
    her to take the No Return Grass and make the medicine for Elza. Chloe
    agrees, and moves in to make the final blow. Then Senel yells for her
    to stop. Grune steps up and tells her that she can't become enveloped
    by the black mist, because it will steal her heart away. She says the
    mist is the darkness in Chloe's heart.
    Chloe asks again why they've come, and Senel says it's to stop her.
    He tells her the fight is over. Chloe says her goal wasn't to fight, it
    was to kill Orcot. Then Elza yells for Chloe to stop too, and runs in
    front of Orcot. Orcot tells her not to do it, that he doesn't deserve it,
    but Elza says it was all for her sake that he had committed crimes.
    Orcot confesses to Chloe that he attacked her parents because he needed
    money for the treatments. He also confesses to Shirley that he joined
    Vaclav's army because he needed to look for new treatments. Chloe says
    that if he accepts it then he's ready to die. Senel tells her not to
    be swallowed up by her past. The black mist coalesces into the young
    Chloe again. She tells her not to be fooled. Grune tells her not to
    listen to the voice. Chloe steps forward again, but Elza stand in front
    of Orcot, saying that even though he's committed many sins he's still
    the father she cares about. She goes over to the sword Orcot dropped.
    Chloe tells her that if she picks it up, she won't have any mercy, even
    if it's her. But Elza picks it up anyway. She says that she likes Chloe,
    but she cannot allow her to hurt her father. Chloe struggles as the
    young Chloe eggs her on and the rest of the party tries to stop her. 
    Shirley tells her that she needs to confront her own feelings. She said
    when she didn't confront her own feelings herself, she caused lots of
    trouble for the party. After some more egging on, Chloe finally says
    she never wished for revenge. The fake Chloe asks if she's denying her,
    and turns into Dark Chloe. Chloe asks her parents for the strength to
    defeat her own darkness, and returns to your party.
    BOSS: Dark Chloe
    HP: 66226
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Drops: Water Ores
    Unlike the previous two dark incarnations, Dark Chloe is quite hard. She's
    nearly impossible to stun, and eating a full combo from her can easily
    kill your party members. Have Norma casting Resurrection nonstop. Put
    somebody up front and have them mostly guard to hold Dark Chloe back
    while you cast Ocean-elemental magic at her with Grune. Only attack
    yourself if the magic starts to stagger her.
    The young Chloe says that she will never disappear, as long as Chloe has
    the hatred in her heart. But Chloe tells her that she must be lonely.
    She remembers how because of her loneliness, she decided to run by letting
    hatred consume her. She says she now has no reason to hate, and says
    she will release her. Her Soujutsu power begins to glow, and the Young
    Chloe disappears.
    Chloe says what she was looking for was already there. She takes her
    father's sword from Elza and walks off. Elza begins to get sick again, and
    the party decides to take her back to town, while Senel chases after
    He finds her in a field as it starts to rain again. She says that when
    she saw Elza before her, she learned something important. Senel says that
    everyone makes mistakes, and that noone can handle everything that
    comes to them alone. Chloe asks him what she should do. Senel says that
    she's done well already, and she can rest now. He tells her that nobody
    will blame her, and it's okay if she gives up her quest for revenge. He
    tells her she doesn't have to live in the shadow of other people anymore.
    Chloe says that if it were anybody else but Senel telling her that, she
    would have flown into their arms and began crying... 
    In a nice anime scene, she asks Senel to just lend her his back for a
    Back at town, the rest of the party wonders what will happen with Chloe.
    Jay says that with her personality, she might decide to leave the Legacy.
    She would feel responsible for hurting Senel, and it would be hard for
    her to be around Orcot and Elza. Norma adds that Senel might be the
    biggest problem. She says that if she were Chloe, she wouldn't have
    anywhere left to go, since once her feelings for Senel were revealed,
    it would be hard just to be around him.
    Chloe and Senel return just then. As Jay predicted, Chloe says she is
    going back to the continent. She says that she has caused everybody too
    much trouble and that she's settled her fight. Norma gives a meaningful
    glance and says she's settled that fight too. Chloe says yes.
    Then Shirley steps up and slaps Chloe. She tells her to look at everybody,
    to see how much they've worried about her. She asks her if she really
    thinks she can throw that all away and leave. She says that Chloe's place
    is here. The rest of the party adds on their opinions. Chloe asks if it's
    really okay for her to stay, but Norma tells her that's the wrong thing
    to say. Chloe then says she wants to stay, to Norma's approval. Chloe
    begins crying, to Norma's amusement. She says that now she's found her
    place, and that she can finally answer the question of whether she's
    happy or not with a smile.
    Shirley and Chloe get titles here, and you can save. Afterwards Shirley
    comes to wake Senel up, again. They were supposed to check on how Elza
    was doing today, and they were supposed to meet at the fountain. But
    of course Senel is sleepy as usual so Shirley leaves first. At the fountain,
    Chloe walks in. They greet each other kind of awkwardly, and Shirley
    asks her to sit down next to her.
    Shirley tells Chloe that she was supposed to meet Senel there since they
    were going to go see Elza. Chloe tells her Elza is doing a lot better.
    Shirley says she heard that Orcot and Elza intend to stay in Werites.
    Chloe says it was she who asked them to stay, since she thinks Orcot's
    skill with medicine will help others.
    Chloe mentions how late Senel is. But she says that's all right, because
    she wanted to talk to Shirley. She thanks Shirley for helping her realize
    that her place was there with them. She says she can't match up with
    Shirley's inner strength. Shirley tells her she was jealous of her, since
    Senel always talked so naturally with her, and depended on and trusted
    her. She thought when they first thought that they might have been more
    involved. But Chloe says that she is just one of Senel's friends. She
    was happy to be with him, but she's now realized that it just meant that.
    However, she is fine with that. She felt honored, but the kind of girl
    Senel was looking for is not the kind fighting by his side. It was just
    her own perception of things. 
    Shirley apologizes for hitting Chloe earlier. Chloe says that she didn't
    do anything that she needs to apologize for. She says that it didn't hurt
    because it helped her realize some important things. Shirley then
    confesses that she put her full strength behind it, surprising Chloe a
    little. They both begin laughing, and saying how they wished they could
    have talked like this earlier. Then Chloe tells Shirley to stop calling
    her "Chloe-san" and just call her Chloe. Shirley does so, embarassing
    Chloe a little. Then Chloe tells her one thing - she won't give up
    being by Senel's side. Shirley acknowledges it, and then says that
    everybody should be at the hospital by now. The two leave together. Later
    Senel finally arrives...
    Go to the hospital. On the way in, Senel sees the somewhat sinister man
    from before who asked him the way to the graveyard. He asks about
    Shirley, then says the town is so peaceful as to be boring. Senel
    says peace is a good thing. The man says that it's the kind of atmosphere
    where nobody would believe that the person next to them would suddenly
    attack them. He says that people who've gotten too used to peace have
    no right to live. Senel angrily asks him who he is and why he's on the
    Legacy. The man says he has no right to hear his reasons for coming. He
    says he'll soon know anyway. Senel prepares to fight, but the man
    disappears in a cloud of smoke.
    Continue inside the hospital. Elza thanks everybody for coming to see her.
    She's all better now. Orcot thanks the party again. Will tells him that
    he would like him to use his knowledge to help others. Elza says she'll
    help too. Jay asks Orcot if he knows anything about the black mist, but
    he says that was the first time he'd ever seen it. Grune wonders aloud
    about the mist again. She sees an image in her head of two people
    fighting, and clutches her head again. But once again she is unable
    to remember everything. A purple orb appears - it's Volt. He says
    that she seems different from before. He says that it's a proof that
    this world is not complete, and that he himself cannot manifest for long.
    Like the others, he says he will rest until the time comes. He leaves
    behind a seed.
    Suddenly, Chaba comes calling for Moses. Another of their band has been
    attacked, in the Misty Mountains. He explains that many of their band
    have been attacked by monsters up to this point. Chaba says he hasn't
    told the rest of the party before because it seems like Galfs are the
    ones responsible. The party wonders if Geet could be involved. The
    current incident is the 7th time someone's been attacked. Moses says
    Geet couldn't have done it. Will asks him where Geet is now, but Moses
    doesn't know. Chaba tells them they should find Geet and find the truth.
    He says he knows how much Geet means to Moses, but everybody is afraid
    that Geet might have gone wild. Moses says he'll check on things, and
    Senel says he'll help too. Chaba asks to go along as well so that he
    can know the truth. With that, the party decides to head to the Misty
    Mountains, and begin Moses's Character Quest.
    On the way out, the party finds Geet. There's something stuck to his
    claws and teeth - it looks like blood. Moses thinks Geet must have
    fought off some monsters, but the rest of the party doesn't seem so
    sure. Jay says that Geet is a Galf first and foremost, and no matter
    how trust they have in each other, that fact doesn't change. Moses
    says he's proof that humans and Galf can coexist together. He says
    he'll defeat the real culprit, and runs off together with Geet.
    Treasures: Charm Bottle, Reflect Ring, Aloewood, Pudding, Lure, Yellow
    Ores, Black Ores
    The Misty Mountains were your very first dungeon area, if you remember,
    and there's no Duct there - you just walk there straight from Werites.
    When the party enters, Geet hasn't yet found anything. Moses says they'll
    probably have to go in deeper. Then another Galf comes out. Geet defeats the
    other Galf, but Jay says that Galf was too weak to have been the culprit.
    Chaba agrees, and the party continues searching.
    Collect treasures as before. On the third screen in, you'll get an event.
    The party decides to rest a bit, while Moses and Geet scout ahead. Senel
    asks Chaba why the band suspects Geet. Chaba admits that the band is afraid
    that Geet will become wild again. He says that all domesticated monsters
    eventually become wild again, with no exception. He says that Geet is a
    kind of Galf known as the Grand Galf. Grand Galf are known for their
    ferocity; he says that in one of the camps he used to be in, a single Grand
    Galf killed half of the men there.
    Jay asks if there is a particular reason that monsters return to being wild.
    Chaba says that the usual reason is when its master weakens - when the
    monster is too strong for the master, it no longer accepts its master.
    Another reason is if it tastes blood, which might make it recall its
    monster instincts. Shirley asks what happens to monsters who go wild. Chaba
    says that two possible things happen - either its master kills it, or it
    kills its master. Chaba says this is the destiny of all beastmasters.
    Moses returns and says that he and Geet will change that destiny. He insists
    he'll be all right.
    After the scene save at the save point, then use the scanner to the left
    of the rock next to it to find a rare monster, the Shrimp Tempura Angler.
    Mmm... tasty. In the next area, you'll see the area of bridges where you
    first met Chloe. Cross the bridge and head down to find a Lure. Go on
    up to the next area.
    Cross the bridge to the left then head down past a Zone to return to the
    previous screen. Past another zone you'll find a Yellow Ores. Return and
    head on upwards to another save point. Further on is a Black Ores. 
    When you arrive at the last area, the party notes that they haven't seen
    anything that could be the culprit. Then a flying monster attacks. 
    BOSS: Sphinx
    HP: 90000
    Drops: Elven Boots
    A Phinx-type monster, he flies around and can effectively go anywhere on
    the screen instantly with his divebomb attack. He's hard to hit normally
    so make sure to use attacks that are strong in the upwards direction,
    like Funryuugeki, Kogahazan, etc. Moses's auto-homing attacks are also
    After the battle, the Sphinx tries to fly off, but Geet attacks it. Moses
    tells Geet to stop it, but Geet won't listen. Finally Geet howls and walks
    off. Moses insists that Geet sometimes ignores him anyway. Go up and
    use the Scanner at the very top to find the recipe for Mabo Bread. Then
    return to Werites.
    At the exit, Moses walks off, looking depressed. Will says that it's not
    unusual considering Chaba's story earlier about a beastmaster's destiny.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    Geet meets the party, but howls and runs off again. Moses gets annoyed
    and tells him to do whatever he wants, then runs off himself. Senel
    says that for now all they can do is watch and see how Geet acts. Will
    says that it might be too late to act if something does happen. Jay
    says he'll gather what info he can.
    At his camp Moses is talking to himself. He says he'll be together with
    Geet no matter what happens. He flashes back to when he was a kid,
    chasing a Galf. But in his excitement he runs off a cliff...
    Time for another waking up Senel scene. Shirley runs in, panicking. She
    says something bad has happened, and tells Senel to hurry to Will's
    house. Go over there now.
    There are many villagers gathered in front of Will's. Will tries to
    calm them down, but the crowd demands to see Geet. Apparently some
    villagers were attacked by some monsters, and the village blames Geet.
    Shirley says Geet hasn't been seen since last night. Will tells the
    visitors he will take the responsibility to investigate. Eventually
    the crowd disperses.
    Moses insists that Geet wasn't responsible. Senel says the monster they
    defeated at the Misty Mountains wasn't the culprit after all. Moses 
    asks angrily if they don't trust him or Geet. Senel says they have to
    find the real culprit to prove Geet's innocence.
    Jay and Chaba arrive, saying that the gang of beasts that attacked
    earlier is hiding out in The Crags. Gather your goods and head out to
    your next destination.
    THE CRAGS 列岩地帯
    Treasures: Water Ores, Red Belbane, Aloewood, Red Rosemary, Climax
    Bottle, Scallop Gummy x2, Miracle Charm, Water Ores, Mental Symbol, All 
    Divide, Red Lavender, Red Saffron
    To get here, take the Duct to the "Opposite Shore" (内海の対岸) location.
    From there it's a short walk to The Crags. Inside Moses sees something
    that bothers him, but he tells the party it's nothing. He doesn't even
    seem to be in the mood to joke with Norma and Jay as usual.
    Head up past a Zone for a Water Ores, then go down to the next area.
    Go all the way down past a Zone for a Red Belbane. Follow the path right
    and down to find some Aloewood. Go back up and continue to the right.
    You'll get an event in this next area.
    Norma says she can't stand the grim atmosphere. She tries to cheer
    the party up and tells Moses not to worry, but Moses says he isn't
    worrying. Jay tells him that he's been acting weirdly. Again, Moses
    doesn't respond as he normally does. Will tells the two to stop it and
    says it's time to move on.
    Go down past the Zone. Check the dancing cactus to find Mimmy...
    you'll learn how to make Baumkuchen. Go down and left past the Zone and
    use the Scanner in the empty area to find two rare monsters, the 
    Watermelon Element and Watermelon-breaking Lizard. Then go right and
    use the Scanner on the other side for a Red Rosemary. Return and head
    down for a heal and save point.
    You'll find a Climax Bottle and Scallop Gummy in the next area. Up past
    a Zone is a Miracle Charm. Nearby is another Zone with a Water Ores.
    Continue right to the next area. Surrounded by several Zones you'll
    find a Mental Symbol and All Divide. Going right from there past another
    Zone is a Red Lavender.
    On the next screen the party says nobody is there. But Jay says his
    information is not incorrect. The party hears a growling. A Galf
    attacks the party.
    BOSS: Fenrir
    HP: 118602
    Weak Against Earth
    Strong Against Lightning
    Drops: Kusanagi Sword
    His attack pattern aren't too threatening, although for some reason he
    casts Lightning. With a weakness of Earth, frequent use of Ground Dasher
    will serve you well. 
    The party says that now they can prove Geet's innocence, but Moses remains
    gloomy. He says things aren't finished yet. He tells Geet to stop hiding
    and come out. Geet suddenly appears. More Galf appear as well and surround
    the party. Moses tells the party to trust him and Geet. He tells Geet
    that that's enough playing and it's time to go home. But Geet attacks
    Moses and knocks him down. He attacks Senel as well, then howls and runs
    off. Senel seems fine, but Moses is badly injured. Will heals him;
    meanwhile Shirley picks up Moses's eyepatch, which he dropped when he
    was attacked. Will tells Moses to move his hand or he can't heal his
    eye wound, but Moses says it's nothing to worry about, then faints.
    Moses is taken out of your party for now. Time to head back.
    On the way back there's a heal point and save point, plus a Red Saffron
    and Scallop Gummy in treasure chests that you automatically skipped 
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    In town, a group of villagers immediately confronts the group. More
    people have been attacked by the monsters. Will tells the party to
    take Moses to rest while he handles the villagers.
    Back at Will's house, the party discusses their next move. If Geet
    really has gone wild, they might have to kill him. Senel says that Moses
    had a large wound near his eye, and asks Chaba about it. Chaba says
    the wound is the proof of Moses and Geet's connection.
    In another flashback, the young Moses sees Geet again and swears to
    catch him again. He runs around, but can't catch him. Later Geet
    is being attacked by some Eggbears. Moses defeats them, but receives
    a wound to his eye. He tells Geet to run as more Eggbears show up.
    His wound throws his aim off, and the second set of Eggbears looks
    like it might kill him. But Geet comes back and attacks the Eggbears
    as well. Moses collapses from his wound. Geet takes Moses on his
    back and carries him back to his camp. Moses is out for three days,
    and the entire time Geet waits in front of his tent. From that day the
    pair were inseparable.
    But the others in the camp didn't trust Geet, and eventually they chased
    Moses and Geet out. Chaba and a few others who believed in Moses left
    with them, and the entire group came to the Legacy.
    Go up to the second floor to check on Moses. He's already up and about.
    He tells them that despite being a Grand Galf, Geet is naive and a
    coward. He didn't even know how to hunt or fight properly when they
    first met. But he fought to protect Moses. Since then Moses has sworn
    to never betray Geet. But now he feels lost, after having seen so many
    other beastmasters have their beasts turn on them.
    Jay suddenly tells him that he sounds pathetic, and that he's even 
    stupider than he thought. Moses gets extremely angry, and Will tells
    the two to stop. Senel asks him if he's going to give up. He says
    that the Moses he knows is to type to follow through with what he wants
    no matter what. The party reminds him of his earlier words about Geet.
    Moses decides that he needs to meet Geet again.
    A howling sounds through town, and Moses says that it's definitely
    Geet. He says it's coming from the bandit camp in the north part of
    town, and suddenly starts to worry about Chaba and the others. Head
    up there now.
    The party finds many wounded camp members. Shirley points out Chaba.
    Chaba, sobbing, tells Moses that it was Geet who attacked them. Chaba
    apologizes for not being any use. When they knew that they were facing
    Geet, they couldn't fight. Not even the ones who doubted Geet could
    fight. He tells Moses that everyone there likes Geet, and wishes that
    he could be with Moses always. Moses suddenly sees some tracks. They're
    Geet's tracks.
    Moses remembers his good times with Geet. He says he doesn't know any
    other way to do things, and asks Geet to forgive him. Moses then tells
    the party that he will kill Geet. The rest of the party asks him if
    he's serious. Moses tells them that Geet has done something unforgivable.
    He can't afford to have any mercy now. He asks Senel for help. Senel
    says he will help, but he will help to save Geet, not kill him. Jay
    says he'll investigate where Geet went.
    Shirley comes to wake Senel up, saying that they know where Geet is.
    Go to Will's house. Jay tells them that Geet is in the Bandit Lair.
    BANDIT'S LAIR 山賊のアジト
    Treasures: Golden Helm, Purple Ores, Radish, Persha Boots, Red Savory,
    Moses finds Geet's tracks upon entering. Looks like Jay's information
    was right after all. Moses has a flashback to when he woke up and found
    Geet waiting for him, and gave him that name. Then the ominous figure
    shows up and says that such memories have no use in the world of
    Go right past the zone and use the Scanner in the empty area to find
    the Golden Helm. Now go down to the basement to get some more treasures.
    There's a Purple Ores, Radish, and Persha Boots down here, and if you
    use the Scanner in the empty area behind one of the Zones you'll find
    a rare monster, the Bomb Element. The Bomb Element drops a good (albeit
    joke) weapon for Chloe, the Paper Fan, and gives her a title as well.
    Return upstairs. There's a Red Savory here behind a Zone. Then go up to
    the second floor.
    Here Moses says he will do all he can to be able to communicate with Geet
    again. But if it won't work... Senel stops him, and says that if he
    contemplates failure, he won't be able to succeed. Moses says he is
    prepared, and if Geet's going wild is unstoppable, he will kill him.
    Shirley says she doesn't want to give up, and asks if there isn't some
    other way besides killing. Moses says he's tried to think of a way ever
    since he left his camp with Geet for the first time. The party tells him
    not to struggle by himself. They say they will help him find a way to
    save Geet. After the event, head on to a Puzzle Booth.
    This one looks very similar to the very first one you did, but it's
    actually significantly harder. But it's not that hard. Ignore the
    first block for now and go for the second on in the middle of the
    screen. Pull that block all the way into the dent on the left side.
    Pull the block next to your starting position all the way into the corner
    on the lower right part of the screen such that you'll be able to cross
    the bridge. Now pull the block you pushed into the dent to fill the
    first gap. Take the path around and go down the stairs to push the last
    block into place.
    Save at the save point here. Go into Moses's room (on the left) to grab
    a Lure, then when you're ready go into the room on the right.
    The party finds Geet, injured. He keeps running himself into a wall.
    Will guesses that he would rather kill himself than kill Moses. Moses
    yells for him to stop, and approaches Geet. He tells Geet that he feels
    the same way. Geet seems to calm down. Then the ominous figure's voice
    says there is no need to fight. Geet howls, then becomes enveloped in
    the black mist. The party says the black mist must have been the root of
    it, and if they take care of the mist they can solve the problem. Grune
    says she seems to recognize the voice. The figure materializes and says 
    that they shouldn't deny their thirst. It turns into Dark Moses.
    BOSS: Dark Moses and Crazed Geet
    Dark Moses: 79605 HP
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Wild Geet: 103487 HP
    Drops: Yellow Ores, Black Ores
    A fairly tough battle. Geet has more HP, but he casts some strong magic,
    so try and focus on taking him first. As before, Moses's attack patterns
    mean it's comparatively hard for him to hit you if you're standing right
    next to him. Try and chase both of them to the right edge of the screen
    and keep them there. Use whatever you can (including Climax Bottles,
    since you probably have plenty by now) to give you the edge.
    Moses tells Geet that he doesn't need the fake standing next to him;
    he says he believes in Geet, so Geet should believe in him. Moses
    pets Geet, and his Soujutsu power glows, banishing the Dark Moses and
    returning Geet to normal.
    The party discusses the black mist, wondering who could be behind it. Senel
    wonders if any human is capable of doing such things, but Jay says there
    are still many things in the world that exceed their capability to
    imagine. Grune's head begins to hurt again. Again, when pressed, she
    can't remember. A green orb appears, naming itself Gnome. Grune says
    that like Norma, he's very energetic, and even their names are alike
    (Noomu vs. Nooma in romaji). Gnome says that Grune seems a little
    different, and then says of course, this place is still not matured.
    He says he will rest, and coalesces in Grune's urn, leaving a seed.
    The party notes that Moses still seems down. He says he can't bring
    Geet back. He says that he's learned quite well that eventually, Geet will
    go wild. There is nowhere where Geet can live, because eventually he
    will go wild and hurt somebody. He says that it's both his and Geet's wish 
    that he kill Geet, to prevent him from ever hurting anybody. The pair 
    prepare to fight. But Norma and Jay interrupt. Jay suggests letting Geet
    live in the Quiet Lands. Norma adds that there's nobody living there.
    Jay and Norma make fun of the rest of the party for forgetting that little
    You'll be prompted to save. Afterwards you'll be taken down to the Quiet
    Lands. Moses asks Jay for a favor. He asks Jay to cut off a bit of his
    hair, because he wants to make a memento for Geet. Then he takes some
    of Geet's fur to make a memento for himself. Grune decides this is the
    best place to plant Gnome's seed... Moses and the party bid their farewell
    to Geet. He tells Geet that if he feels himself going wild, to remember
    all the times he had with Moses. He swears that he will come visit Geet
    again. He tells him to always remember that Moses considered him family.
    Grune gets a title here.
    The party returns to town, to be greeted by Chaba. Chaba asks where
    Geet is, and Moses responds that Geet will be with him always. Moses
    gets a title. You'll be prompted to save again.
    A little later, Will and Harriet are having a picnic while Shirley and 
    Grune are planting seeds. The rest of the party is there too. Chloe
    and Shirley are being quite friendly to each other, prompting Norma to
    wonder if something happened. She goes over to try and join them, but
    Shirley says it's a secret between them what they were talking about.
    Norma suddenly catches on that Shirley called Chloe "Chloe" (instead of
    "Chloe-san") and demands an explanation, but they tell her again it's
    a secret. Norma tells her to let her in on it too and asks Shirley
    to call her just "Norma". Shirley tries, but just says "Norma-san".
    After another try, Shirley gets it right, and the three girls begin
    to chatter again.
    Back at the picnic, the Mofumofus have showed up in front of Jay.
    Harriet feeds everybody her famous cooking... The Mofumofus note
    that Jay has become a lot more lively since meeting everybody. Jay
    thinks about his past.
    A person looking like the sinister man who was looking for Shirley tells 
    Jay he didn't say he could sleep. Jay collapses, apparently exhausted. 
    The man slaps him. He says he's doing all of this for Jay's sake, and
    tells him that he better be prepared to put his life on the line.
    The party tries to snap Jay out of his reverie, and Moses eventually
    feeds him Harriet's food to do so. Then Norma calls the party to listen
    to her. Will says that today is the Star Festival. He explains to the
    Mofumofus what it is. On that day, people write their wishes on leaves
    and then put them in streams and springs. It's said that if they do so 
    their wishes will be granted. Senel hypothesizes that the festival
    began originally as a prayer ritual to the Souga. Norma tells everybody
    they should do it too.
    But Jay says he has nothing to wish for, and walks off. The Mofumofus
    chase after him. The rest of the party writes their wishes. Grune wishes
    for world peace. Harriet asks Will what he wishes for, and Will responds
    peace at the dinner table... Harriet wishes for him to call her food
    delicious some day. Chloe wishes a happy life for Elza. Moses wishes
    happines for Geet. Norma calls their wishes boring. Chloe asks her what
    she wrote, and she says she wants a better figure... she says it's okay
    if she's not as good as Grune, but she wants one at least as good as
    Chloe's. Chloe tells her if she's going to aim for something, she should
    aim for Grune after all, making Norma yell that she doesn't understand
    anything. She says that Grune is too much of a peak to aim for, and if
    she's going to be realistic she's going to aim for Chloe's proportions.
    Chloe tells Norma to calm down... and suddenly Shirley adds that she's
    jealous of Chloe too.
    Norma and Senel ask Shirley what she wrote. Shirley is too embarassed
    to tell anybody, though. Grune asks Senel what he wrote, and he wrote
    that he wishes to always be with his friends. Norma calls it boring
    Off a little ways, Jay's staring at a leaf. The Mofumofus tell him he
    should join the rest of the party. He says he doesn't like being with
    the others, because he's different from them. Senel gets at title, 
    and you'll be prompted to save again.
    At night, another earthquake strikes. Jay comes to Senel's house in the
    morning, to find Senel sleeping on the floor. He tells Senel that the
    group is discussing things at Musette's place.
    Senel arrives to see the group waiting, as well as the Pheromone Bombers.
    Isabella explains that a certain assassin group appears to have infiltrated
    the Legacy. Moses says that they should just chase them off, but Isabella
    says it won't be that easy. The group is composed of ninjas. Jay seems
    surprised at this. Moses asks what a ninja is, and Jay explains that
    they throw away their personal feelings and only focus on fulfilling
    whatever duty they've been given. He says the most frightening thing about
    a ninja is that they do not value their own lives. They will give up their
    own lives for the sake of their mission if necessary.
    Isabella says she is not sure who sent the ninjas to the Legacy. Jay says
    that evidently the struggle for control over the Legacy is still going on.
    Senel says he won't let anybody engage in war for the Legacy. Jay reminds
    the group that the Water Folk are needed to control the Legacy, so
    Shirley may become a target.
    Madam Musette asks them to investigate where the Mofumofu village used
    to be, as there appears to be some suspicious people camping out there.
    Off you go to begin Jay's quest.
    As soon as you leave Werites, you'll be reminded that the old Mofumofu
    village is past the Secret Passage. Head there to begin.
    Treasures: Hard Bottle x2, Shell Bottle, Lemon Gummy x2, Pine Gummy x3, 
    Aloewood x2, Mixed Gummy x2, Blue Sephira, Water Ores x2, Pineapple, Scallop 
    Gummy, Red Lavender, Radish, Miracle Charm, Life Bottle, Panacea Bottle, 
    Flare Bottle x2, Rune Mantle, Bagel, Denei Bottle, Hit Bottle, Fabric,
    Lure, Water Ores
    If you take the shallow waters a little north of the Secret Passage
    southwards, you'll find two treasure chests with Radishes as well as the
    path to the Starboard Cottage, part of the Quiz Minigame.
    Jay warns the party not to get too careless, but soon he gets caught
    up in comparing his height with Shirley... Norma too delights in calling
    Will old man, dangerously enough. Jay tells Moses not to drag the rest
    of the group behind, as normal. Grune comments that the two of them get
    along really well, and Shirley says that when she's with everybody, she
    find it easy to smile. Jay gets a title.
    This dungeon is straightforward enough. On the second screen, in the empty
    area behind the Chaotic Zone, use the Scanner to find two of the rare
    monster mushrooms.
    After the first save point, the party mentions they haven't found any
    ninjas. But Jay warns the party to be careful. A ninja suddenly appears
    out of nowhere. He's not threatening enough to call a boss, so just beat
    him up. After the battle, Jay thinks to himself that he recognizes the
    ninja's techniques. Norma and Moses joke around, but Jay gets surprisingly
    After the scene collect the treasure chests and press forward. On the other
    side of the screen from where the 3 treasure chests are, use the Scanner
    to find the Blue Sephira. On the next screen you'll find a Water Ores past
    a Zone, and then a Puzzle Booth.
    Climb the stairs and push the free block off towards the bottom left.
    Push it to connect to the other movable block to its left so you can
    push a third block off. Now use those three blocks to make a bridge
    down to where a fourth block is. Do not push that fourth block down.
    Instead pull it back towards the stairs. Stand where the block was and
    fire left to hit two reflectors and the switch, activating the exit.
    Now look at the following diagram of the right part of the screen. X's
    are the unmovable blocks and the P is a large pillar, while S are
    the stairs and B are the movable blocks:
    S S X   P   B
    X X X       B
    X X X   X 1 X
    X X X X X X X
            O O P
    You want to move two of the blocks already on the ground to the positions
    marked with O. Then you want to push the block that you pulled back earlier
    onto the platform onto the space marked 1. Now you can take the two blocks
    that are in the corner and drop them into the main area. Use the five
    blocks you now have available to you to make a path up to the exit. Pull
    the block back 2 spaces. Now rearrange the blocks such that you can push
    the block down and out of the way. Take the exit.
    There's a save point here. Past the Zone is another Water Ores. Continue
    on to find yourself in the Old Mofumofu Village. Once again, a ninja
    appears out of nowhere. He tells them that he knew they were coming, as
    he deliberately let the information that he was there leak. The ninja
    says he's come for Shirley, and summons a monster to attack.
    BOSS: Beelzebub and Belladonna
    Beelzebub: 85020 HP
    Weak Against Lightning
    Strong Against Earth
    Belladonna: 20828 HP
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Drops: Blue Ores
    These guys aren't too tough. The Belldonna has some dangerous spells, but
    low HP, so take her out first. The Beelzebub uses a poison FOE when its
    HP gets low, so use the appropriate countermeasures and you'll be fine.
    The ninja runs away. Jay runs off after him, leaving your party for now.
    You'll be taken to the end of the village, but you should double back
    and pick up the Pineapple and Scallop Gummy in the chests as well as
    use the heal point/save point. Also, if you go to the top of the little
    canyon in the village and use the Scanner, you'll find a rare monster,
    a Booboo.
    Go up past the Zone to find a Red Lavender and Radish. On the other side
    of the bridge, use the Scanner inside the Chaotic Zone (not past it) to
    find a Miracle Charm. Go up to find a Life Bottle and Panacea Bottle.
    Cross the bridge for a Lemon Gummy and Pine Gummy. Head down and to the
    left for a Flare Bottle and Rune Mantle, then down to the tracks for a
    Denei Bottle and a Bagel.
    In the next area, the party mentions that it was unusual for the
    normally calm Jay to be this hasty. Elsewhere Jay is fighting the ninja. It
    disappears, and when he reappears, it's the sinister man who was stalking
    Shirley in Werites. He calls Jay his pupil. Jay identifies him as Solon
    and asks why he's here, in disbelief. He loses his normal composure and
    begins to act clumsily. Solon tells him that all he wants is Jay's help.
    Jay refuses, and Solon hits him. Jay refuses again and Solon knocks him
    to the ground and begins to stomp on him. Jay says he won't no matter what.
    Then Solon mentions the Mofumofus. He wonders aloud what color their
    blood is and what they sound like when they scream. Jay yells at him to
    stop as he just laughs.
    Move on to the next area. Follow the path around for a Pine Gummy and
    Mixed Gummy. You'll come across another save point. Use it, then head
    up the stairs. The party catches up to Solon and Jay. Solon taunts the
    party a little. Will demands to know who his client is, but of course Solon
    doesn't answer. He says it doesn't matter anyway, as whoever takes control
    of the Legacy will seize all political power. Chloe tells him he's an
    idiot, But Solon tells her that her country is after the Legacy too, calling
    her by name. He tells the party he already knows everything about them.
    Then he says that it's only during battle that he feels alive, and that
    he will bring excitement to the world. Senel and Chloe attack, but he
    just disappears. The party notes that Jay looks badly worn, and agrees
    to take him to the Mofumofu village.
    Before you leave, head up to find three Bottles. Keep going and you'll
    find some Fabric. Exit outside to the "Mountain Path" area and follow it
    along all the way to find a Lure, Water Ores, and Aloewood. There's a heal
    point and save point at the end here too, but after you get everything
    you'll have to double back to leave.
    Treasures: Red Sage
    When the party arrives, Jay just walks off without saying a word. The
    rest of the party wonders what happened between him and Solon. Head back
    to the house where you had your meeting with Jay awhile back. There's
    a Red Sage outside and a save point as well.
    The Mofumofus tell you that Jay just locked himself into his room without
    saying anything. Senel explains what happened. Cuppo says that the man
    must be Solon. He tells the party that Solon was the man who raised him.
    Jay was abandoned by his real parents and raised by Solon as an assassin.
    Jay first came to the Legacy on a mission to kill someone. He failed,
    however. Solon took a number of his followers and arrived on the Legacy.
    They were defeated by a large army, and many people died. Solon used
    Jay as a distraction and escaped. Jay collapsed, wounded and exhausted,
    in front of the Mofumofu village. That's when the three Mofumofus first
    met him.
    At first Jay didn't tell them anything. He was basically emotionless.
    Slowly, however, he began to show more emotion. Poppo says that especially
    when Jay is with the party, he manages to smile.
    Cuppo says that Jay has always been afraid that Solon would come back.
    Poppo says they'll protect Jay from Solon. Senel says he will help too.
    Will says he will investigate where Solon is hiding out. The party leaves
    Jay in the Mofumofus' care and decides to return to Werites.
    The Mofumofus try to cheer Jay up, but he simply sits there. He remembers
    more of his days under Solon. Solon sees Jay carrying a bell. He tells
    Jay that he had already commanded him to throw it away. Jay protests that
    it's the only clue he has for finding his family. Solon tells him it's
    because he's holding onto things like those that he can't become any
    stronger. He says he will keep the bell until Jay becomes competent enough.
    He tells Jay to become stronger, and that killing tools need no emotions.
    Jay wonders if anybody will be sad should he die. The black mist appears
    before him. The ominous woman tells him that noone needs him. It says
    that no one thinks of him as a person, but rather as a tool. Jay remembers
    Solon's threats about the Mofumofus. The black mist disappears, leaving
    Jay to wonder what he should do.
    Back in Werites, it's evidently Chloe's turn to wake Senel up. Unfortunately
    for him, he calls her Shirley, angering her mightily... She tells him that
    Jay has something to discuss with all of them. Go over to Will's house.
    Jay tells them they don't need to worry about him. He wants them to help
    defeat Solon. He says that when fighting ninjas, taking the initiative is
    the important step. He also already knows where Solon is - the Ruins of
    Frozen Light.
    Treasures: Climax Bottle x2, Misty Symbol, Holy Symbol, Panacea Bottle,
    Water Ores, Blue Ores, Pine Gummy, Lemon Gummy, All Divide, Pudding
    If you first go out to the west side of the Ruins, southwards there is
    a treasure chest with a Radish; to the west there is another one with a
    Radish as well.
    The party prepares to find Solon. Jay tells himself that there's no turning
    back now...
    Head to the right for a Climax Bottle, then pass the Chaotic Zones for a
    Misty Symbol, and past another one, a Holy Symbol. Now return and go left
    to the end to find a Panacea Bottle. At the fork you passed, turn down
    and go to the next screen. It's a dead end, but if you use the Sorcery
    Scanner slightly before the barrier you'll find a rare monster, the White
    Nekomata. Return and turn upwards and follow the path to the next area.
    Turn left and go all the way past a Chaotic Zone to find a Water Ores
    and Blue Ores. Go back to the fork and go up this time for a Climax
    Bottle. Head right and up at the next fork for a Lemon Gummy and Pine
    Gummy. Then go all the way right and up to the next screen.
    Past the Zones here is an All Divide. You'll also find a Pudding close by.
    Go to the left of the area and you'll find a save point. Up next is
    a Puzzle Booth.
    Stand on the block next to the exit and fire left to hit the two reflectors
    into the switch. Push the block into the other gap so that you can go
    down the other set of stairs. Move the next two blocks into place so
    that you can make a zigzag path towards the switches on the right. Also
    get the switch behind the second block. Pull the first block you moved
    into place to complete the zigzag path. Once you hit the switch, move
    the blocks back into place so that now they lead up to the movable
    block sitting on top of another block. Pull that block all the way back,
    then rearrange the blocks so you can push the block off to the right.
    Make the bridge again now that the block is out of the way and hit the
    upper switch. Finally, move two blocks into place to make a bridge to the
    line of three platforms so that you can get a clear shot at the switch on
    the right. Now head to the exit.
    Senel notes that something seems strange - there doesn't seem to be much
    guard activity. Jay once again seems lost in his thoughts. Senel tells
    him that if there's something he's worried about, to tell them. But Jay
    says it's nothing. Moses gets a title here.
    In the next room head to the left. There's a door in the back. It's a
    control room of some sort. Jay asks Shirley to step up to the screen
    and translate something. As soon as she does, a large cage drops down
    and traps the rest of the party. Jay knocks Shirley out. Solon then
    appears and congratulates Jay. The party asks Jay if it's true that he's
    betraying them. Senel tells him to explain his reasons himself. Solon
    just summons a monster for the party. Jay, Shirley, and Solon all disappear.
    Suddenly the black mist appears around the monster Solon summoned. It
    fuses with the monster.
    BOSS: Dullahan
    HP: 146216
    Weak Against Fire
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Everything Else
    Drops: FOE2 Check
    With a plethora of weaknesses and strengths, adjust your spellcasters
    accordingly. Otherwise he's like the other Valts. Again, he uses a black
    FOE (Panic) so equip Panic Checks and such.
    The party discusses why Jay would have betrayed the party. Senel swears
    to save both Shirley and Jay. They decide to go back to the Mofumofu
    Village and ask for help in getting information. Unfortunately there's
    no shortcut, so you'll have to leave yourself on foot.
    Treasures: Red Rosemary
    When your party arrives, they realize there are no Mofumofus around.
    They split up to look for anybody, but they're nowhere to be seen. Norma
    runs up in a panic saying that a letter was left behind. Go up to Jay
    and company's house.
    The letter is from the Mofumofus. It asks the party to forgive Jay. It
    tells them that Solon threatened to kill all the Mofumofus if Jay did not
    cooperate. It adds that they've gone out to kill Solon for Jay's sake.
    Will and Moses scout for information.
    Meanwhile Jay is telling Solon that he's breaking his promise. Solon says
    that he never promised not to harm the Mofumofus if Jay did cooperate.
    Jay calls him trash, and Solon knocks him to the ground again, kicking him.
    Suddenly Solon is surrounded by the black mist momentarily, confusing him.
    He hits Jay something again, and Jay drops something - a leaf. Solon
    picks it up and reads it. He breaks out laughing. He tells Shirley that
    the wish is to have a family. Solon says that it would be impossible for
    a murderer like him to have a family. He prepares to hit Jay again, but
    then the Mofumofus walk in. They tell him that they are Jay's family.
    Solon tries to call in his troops, and Cuppo tells him that the other
    Mofumofu villagers are already taking care of the other ninjas. The three
    attack Solon, allowing Jay and Shirley to run off. Solon again becomes
    surrounded by the black mist. But Jay says he can't leave everybody. 
    Shirley stops him, saying that he can't fight the way he is now. Jay says
    that he has to protect them. Shirley tells him that he should know by 
    now that the Mofumofus are strong in their own way. Jay says he intended
    to protect them all along, but maybe it was them who was protecting him.
    Shirley says that noone is capable of doing everything. That is why
    people help each other. Jay says there is nobody to help him. Shirley
    tells him that Senel, Moses, and the others are worried about him. She
    says that it's Jay who's refusing the help. She says he needs the courage
    to step forth; just waiting won't get him anywhere. She says she will go
    back and ask for everybody's help, and that Jay can decide what he wants
    to do himself. 
    Jay remembers his fond memories with the Mofumofus. He says he wants to
    protect them, and thus he needs everybody's help.
    At the Mofumofu village, Moses runs in to tell Senel that Jay and Shirley
    are back. Go upstairs to grab a Red Rosemary from Jay's room, then go
    out to meet them.
    Jay tells the others that the Mofumofus were always there for him. He says
    that the Mofumofus are his family, and that he wants to save them. He
    says he can't do it himself, and he asks the party for help. Moses tells
    him that he won't forgive the person who made his family cry. Chloe
    congratulates him on a new brother, to which Jay replies he wishes he
    had a better one. Looks like Jay's back in top form already.
    Return to town to restock, then head out to the Mirage Palace. Remember, 
    to get there take the train from the Beacon.
    MIRAGE PALACE 蜃気楼の宮殿
    Treasures: Aqua Mantle, All Divide x3, Climax Bottle x3, Life Bottle, Pine
    Gummy x2, Hit Bottle, Lemon Gummy x3, Dark Bottle, Spectacles, Miracle Gummy,
    Mixed Gummy x2, Panacea Bottle, Hit Bottle, Saffron, Destroyer, Rosemary,
    Attack Symbol, Breaker, Fabric, Lavender, Rosemary, Reflect Ring, Feet
    Symbol, Elixir, Aifread's Flag
    As you'll recall a long and rather complex dungeon. Head left first for
    the Aqua Mantle. There's also an All Divide in this area. The next area has
    two Climax Bottles.
    The party runs across some fallen Mofumofus. Jay says they didn't need to
    go this far, but Senel says that sometimes people have to be wounded for
    things they hold important. Chloe says to the Mofumofus, Jay is important.
    Use the save point.
    Go left for a Life Bottle and up to find a Pine Gummy. Up further is a Hit 
    Bottle, and then all the way down is a Lemon Gummy. Use the warp here and
    pick up a Dark Bottle and Spectacles. Follow the path down and around.
    Down at the fork you'll find another Climax Bottle. Head up for a Miracle
    Gummy and Mixed Gummy, then take the next warp.
    Pick up the Panacea Bottle and follow the path around. This will take you
    to the next big area. Here the party finds Cuppo. After a bit of help
    from Shirley, he seems fine. Jay asks about Pippo and Poppo, to which
    Cuppo replies that they served to lure the enemies away from Cuppo. Cuppo
    also tells them that some strange power is with Solon, as his wounds heal
    instantly and he never gets tired. Will notes it is the same as the black
    mist monsters.
    Go left for a Hit Bottle, up and left for a Saffron, and through the zone
    for a Destroyer (for Chloe). Return to the right. There's a Rosemary here
    as well as a heal and save point. Go onto the narrow platforms. Past the
    first Zone is an Attack Symbol. Continue following the curve left to the
    next screen.
    Behind the Zones here you'll find a Breaker (for Senel) and an All Divide.
    Past the other Zone use the Scanner to find the rare monsters GelUres
    Scissors and Bacula. They'll drop a Puchiures Sword for Chloe. Continue
    on your way to a Puzzle Booth.
    Push the two close blocks off, then rearrange them so you can pull the
    third block out of its corner and drop it as well. Make a bridge with those
    three blocks going down/right to drop the fourth block. With those four
    blocks, make a bridge from the platform with the stairs to the block in 
    the lower left, like this:
      X X
      X X
        O O O B
    Pull the block two squares back. Now rearrange the blocks like this:
      X X
      X X O
        O O
    Using this arrangement you can now push the block down. Use those 5 blocks
    to make a bridge to the block in the center, and drop that block as well
    to make a connection to the immovable block past that. Stand on that block
    and fire down/right to hit the switch. Move the blocks to make a path
    straight to the down/right wall so that you can hit the bottom switch. Now
    just use all six blocks to make a bridge to the exit.
    Grab the Pine Gummy from the chest. Warp time again. Take the first warp.
    Take the left one for a Fabric. Take the right warp three times until you
    see the door-like shape with the red dot, then take the left warp to find
    a Lemon Gummy. Take the right warp for a Mixed Gummy. Take the bottom warp
    and then the top warp to return. Now just take the left warp until you reach
    the end, picking up a Lavender and Rosemary along the way.
    Go up and left. There is a Reflect Ring and Feet Symbol here. Over to the
    right is an Elixir. Past the other Zone use the Scanner for an Aifread's
    To the right in the next area you'll find an All Divide. And to the left
    past the Zone use the Scanner for two more rare monsters, Red Demon and
    Blue Demon. Now head up the long stairs to the save point and heal point.
    You're almost done.
    Head all the way down the long hallways. You'll find Solon, enveloped in
    black mist, standing over the two fallen Mofumofus. Shirley and Norma heal
    the pair. Solon tells the party that Jay is simply a bloodied killing tool.
    Jay admits that he's killed innocent people. Suddenly he becomes enveloped
    in the mist as well. Solon tells him that he is on his side, but Jay
    suddenly attacks Solon. He says there are people who accept him even as
    he is. The Mofumofus add that they will help Jay bear his burden. Jay says
    he is no longer alone, and the black mist disappears from him. It
    coalesces into a Dark Jay.
    BOSS: Dark Jay and Solon
    Dark Jay: 86713 HP
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Solon: 88737 HP
    Drops: Red Sage, Aloewood
    You'll definitely want three melee fighters and Norma for Resurrection.
    The pair is exceedingly annoying and if you let them they'll massacre
    your casters in no time flat. Dark Jay's Fuuga and Solon's Shouon also tend
    to Guard Break you, and to top it off Solon casts a number of annoying
    spells like Blizzard and Ground Dasher. Go after Solon first and tell the
    AI to split up - hopefully it'll be smart enough to keep Dark Jay busy
    and not let him kill Norma. Use Persha Boots, Force Rings, and whatever
    else you can think of because it'll help tremendously.
    The dark mist leaves Solon behind, stripping him of his power. As a last
    resort he tries attacking the Mofumofus, but Jay is too quick for him.
    Jay's Soujutsu power begins glowing and he defeats Solon.
    The party celebrates. Jay finds that Solon dropped the bell he took from
    him so long ago. Norma seems to want to buy it... Shirley steps up and
    returns the leaf to Jay. Norma and Jay want to see what he wrote, but
    Jay runs away. They ask Shirley what he wrote, and she contemplates 
    whether to say anything.
    Grune seems lost in thought. She wonders what the ominous feeling she's
    getting is. The black mist suddenly rises from Solon's body again and
    everybody is paralyzed. It coalesces into the figure, a masked woman
    in black. She greets Grune, saying it has been a long time. Grune asks
    if she knows her, and the woman says that she knows Grune just as Grune
    knows her. She says that even if Grune has no memory she will end up
    going down the path of destruction anyway. An explosion knocks Grune
    to the floor. Senel demands to know who she is, and she says he has no
    need to know, and disappears.
    Shirley goes to check up on Grune. She heals her wound, but Grune still
    doesn't wake up. Will says to bring her back to town. You'll be prompted
    to save.
    Back at the inn, Shirley says Grune still hasn't woken up. The party
    discusses the woman in black. Chloe wonders if she was even human. She
    somehow felt different. Will meanwhile is lost in thought. He says he
    has heard the woman's voice before, when he faced his own shadow. The
    others agree. They say that voice saps their spirit and spreads a
    feeling of despair. Shirley wonders why she and Grune would know each
    other. Moses says it would be nice if meeting the woman would trigger
    Grune's memory to return. Jay says that even if her memory does return,
    whether or not she'll tell them is a different matter. He says the mist
    affects everything, and that the woman in black seems to be the source.
    He adds that if Grune and the woman in black know each other... Moses
    stops him from saying anymore.
    Go upstairs to check on Grune. She's already up, and talking to a ball
    of light. The light tells her her strength hasn't returned and identifies
    herself as Lem. Lem says her power and memory must have both been sealed.
    Again, she says that with this immature world it's not surprising, and
    adds that she cannot stay for long. She becomes a seed like the others.
    Grune greets the others in her usual airy manner. She wonders why
    everybody is so worried about her. Will says she doesn't seem to even
    have any memory of what just happened, but Grune says of course she
    remembers meeting Schwarze (in German, Schwarze means 'the black one', 
    while Grune means 'the green one'). Norma asks who that is, and Grune
    just says she doesn't remember...
    Senel tries to confirm that the woman in black is Schwarze, and Grune
    says that she is indeed Schwarze-chan... but she only seems to remember
    her name. She then asks the party for a favor. She wants to meet Schwarze
    again. Moses reminds her that she was attacked, and Grune says she has
    a feeling that if she meets her again more of her memory will return.
    Jay says that she received a serious injury, and Grune says maybe this
    time they'll be friendlier. Moses protests, but he can't stand up to
    Grune's uh, 'persuasion'.
    Jay wonders how they can even go about meeting Schwarze in the first place.
    Grune says that she doesn't know why, but she can feel Schwarze's presence,
    so it should be easy to find her. She says right now she seems to be at
    the Bridge. The rest of the party wonders what to do. Schwarze's power
    seemed tremendous, and they couldn't even move when she was around. But
    Senel says they can't afford to leave her alone either. Grune says she's
    very happy to have all of them, and that she feels like hugging them all,
    embarassing the males mightily (and angering Shirley...)
    On to the very last Character Quest.
    FIRE MONUMENT 火のモニュメント
    Treasures: Red Ores x3, Charm Bottle, Savory, Sage, Flare Mantle, Jet Boots
    The Fire Monument, if you remember, is in the south part of the Quiet Lands.
    Although it's not part of the quest at all, I suggest that at this time
    you visit the Fire Monument. Not only do you get some treasures here,
    but in the back you'll find a snowman. Wait, what's a snowman doing in
    the Fire Monument? Oh, it's Mimmy, and she'll teach you the last recipe
    she can, Fish Stew.
    BRIDGE 艦橋
    Treasures: Climax Bottle, Radish, Aloewood, Spectacles x2, Flare Bottle x2, 
    Hit Bottle, Hard Bottle x2, Panacea Bottle x2, Denei Bottle x2, Rune Bottle 
    x3, Pine Gummy x2, Rabbit Symbol, Salmon, Cod, Life Bottle, Mixed Gummy, 
    Liquor Bottle, Shell Bottle, Holy Bottle, Dark Bottle, Miracle Gummy x2
    Take the Duct to the Opposite Shore (内海の対岸) location in order to reach
    the Bridge.
    Grune says she still feels Schwarze here. Her head begins hurting again, and
    she mentions that it's been happening more frequently. But she tells the
    party not to worry and heads on. Chloe mentions that it's unusual for
    Grune to take the lead like that. Senel, Shirley, and Chloe are amused by
    Norma's calling Will 'old man', but they all get a taste of his medicine.
    Senel's head sounds different from the other two, for some odd reason.
    Shirley mentions that she's happy that she got scolded by Will for the first
    time, though...
    You don't need to worry about switches this time through since you've
    already been here. Grab the treasures as they come along in this first
    section. There's nothing all that valuable here except for possibly the
    Radish and Aloewood in the first area, so you can skip it all if you're
    so inclined. You'll come across a save point shortly before a Puzzle
    Block pushing puzzle time. Head down and left and push the first block
    into the hole. Now push the two nearby blocks in the same direction,
    i.e. both down and left. Now push the two remaining blocks in the lower
    area up and left such that you start making a path towards the exit. Return
    to the beginning and pull the lone block up top down and around, then 
    push it into the hole such that you can reach the two blocks arranged
    diagonally. Use those two blocks to continue making the path up and left
    to reach the exit.
    There's a save point again. Proceed on through this next area. Again,
    the treasures are nothing big. Grune's head begins to hurt again and
    the party decides to rest. Will says the headaches may herald her returning
    memory. The group discusses having a party for Grune when she gets her
    memory back.
    There's no need to follow the path around where Cashel led you on a chase;
    just go inside. You'll find a heal point and save point just inside. Go
    up and around the ramp as before. You'll find a Rune Bottle and Spectacles
    in the room where you fought Stingle. Then take the elevator up to the
    next (and final) area.
    No need to worry about the switches again here. Raid the treasure chests
    (still nothing good - what a disappointment of a dungeon, eh?) and head
    to the last area. You'll get a save point right before the last room.
    The party looks around, but there doesn't seem to be anybody there. Grune
    wonders if she's mistaken... but the black mist appears again. Schwarze
    says that Grune at least has enough power to be able to feel her presence.
    Senel says he has something to ask her, but she tells him to mind
    his words. Once again everybody except Grune becomes paralyzed. Grune says
    she has something to ask as well, but Schwarze says that with time Grune
    will regain everything. She tells her to wait until that time. She says
    she pities her for not even knowing who she is. She then adds that once
    the world returns to nothingness Grune should know everything. Schwarze
    says that she and the black mist are one and the same. Senel yells at her
    to answer their questions, but a single blow from Schwarze takes him out.
    Senel stands up again and says that if she intends to bring disaster,
    they'll be the ones who stand in her way. Everyone's Soujutsu begins
    to glow and they are able to move once again, while the black mist
    dissipates. Schwarze says that if they are the seeds of Grune's hope, she
    will return them to nothingness right there.
    More black mist appears, and coalesces into... Vaclav!
    BOSS: Dark Vaclav
    HP: 115017
    Weak Against Earth
    Strong Against Lightning
    Drops: Heal Bangle
    His attack patterns are the same as Vaclav from before, though he of course
    is stronger and he also casts some Curse magic. You should be able to
    interrupt him when he tries casting, however; his bigger threat is his
    melee combos. Have Norma casting Resurrection constantly and you should
    be fine enough; use stuff like Ground Dasher if you can.
    Senel and Shirley use their Soujutsu to banish the Dark Vaclav. Schwarze
    is already gone. Grune clutches her head again, and this time the pain 
    seems worse than before. She once again sees the scene of two people,
    seemingly herself and Schwarze, fighting. Shirley asks her if she's
    remembered anything, but she still hasn't. The party agrees to return to
    Werites and think about their next move.
    You'll be warped outside, but you still have to walk to the Duct and
    take it back.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    The party notes that they can't leave Schwarze alone now that they know she
    is connected to the black mist. Grune seems to be contemplating something.
    The party disbands for the night. Grune takes a seat at the table in 
    front of the inn and tries to remember who she is. She sees again the
    scenes of her and Schwarze fighting, and says she's finally remembered what
    it is she needs to do. But she doesn't remember why she needs to defeat
    Schwarze. She wonders if it would be better to not remember.
    Shirley comes to wake up Senel in a panic. Grune has disappeared. She
    left a letter behind. Hurry over to Will's. Shirley reads the letter. In it
    Grune apologizes for running off without saying anything. She tells them
    not to worry about her. She says she can try and get her memories back
    by herself, so they should go on living happily as they have. She says
    she is very thankful for the time she's spent with them. She then wishes
    each of them well individually, and bids them farewell.
    The party reacts sadly or angrily, but Will tells them to calm down. Jay
    says they should think about where she went. But none of them can track
    Schwarze like Grune can. Shirley says there is a way, however. She says
    that if she asks the Souga, it might know where Schwarze is. The party says
    that contacting the Raging Souga might be dangerous. But Shirley says that
    with everyone by her side, she will not be consumed by the Raging Souga.
    They agree to head to the Altar of the Sea so that Shirley can contact the
    ALTAR OF THE SEA 望海の祭壇
    Treasures: Life Bottle, Panacea Bottle, All Divide, Climax Bottle, Lemon
    Gummy, Pine Gummy, Miracle Gummy
    Before you go in, if you go a little south on the world map you can find
    a treasure chest with a Hit Bottle. Yeah, nothing special at all, but for
    you completists out there...
    The party agrees again that they need to find Grune quickly. Moses says
    that Schwarze is dangerous, and they can't leave Grune alone. Jay however
    remembers that while the rest of them were paralyzed, Grune could still
    This dungeon isn't too complicated. In the first area past the Chaotic
    Zone use the Scanner to find a rare monster, the Dried Shark. In the
    next area the Zone hides an All Divide. Otherwise all of the treasures
    here are just Bottles or Gummies.
    Part of the way in Norma notes that despite the history behind the last
    time they came here they have to look forward to a brighter future. The
    party reflects on how long they've been together, even though they all
    have different reasons for fighting.
    Keep going along the path. You'll see a save point along the way. When
    you reach the altar, a large monster will be waiting for you. The black
    mist envelops it and fuses with it. Seems that Schwarze knew you were
    BOSS: Anubis Giganto
    HP: 163787
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Drops: FOE3 Check
    He can petrify you, so be prepared with Stone Checks. His power punch is
    pretty much a guaranteed guard crush, so when you see it coming backstep
    or otherwise dodge rather than block. Other than those two little details,
    he's not that hard. Hammer away with Ocean-elemental magic (though with
    Grune gone, you won't have very much) and don't get lazy on the healing.
    After the battle, Shirley prepares to commune with the Raging Souga. The
    rest of the party promises their support. As she begins praying, however,
    the Anubis Giganto rises again. It goes after Shirley, but she begins
    glowing strongly, and the light banishes it. She tells the party that both
    Grune and Schwarze are in the Wings of Light. She adds that the Souga was
    very calm. Norma notes that they probably can't call it the Raging Souga
    anymore. She wants to call it Souga-chin, but Will suggests Ooinaru
    Sooga (Great Souga).
    Suddenly the altar begins shaking. It's another earthquake. The party
    says they should hurry to the Kousekiyoku. Head out the way you came.
    Treasures: Climax Bottle x2, Pine Gummy, Radish x3, Lemon Gummy x2, All 
    Divide, Holy Bottle, Miracle Charm, Life Bottle x2, Miracle Gummy x3,
    To get here you need to take the train from the Beacon in Werites.
    Restock in town while you're here, then head over to the Wings of Light.
    When you arrive, you'll see a scene where Grune arrives at Schwarze's
    place. Schwarze asks her what she is doing here. Grune says she must
    fight her. She doesn't remember anything else, but she does remember
    that. Schwarze says she will regret coming with such a half-assed attitude.
    Grune says she won't regret it, because she is doing what she believes
    is right. They begin to fight.
    The first Chaotic Zone leads to a Climax Bottle. In the next area you'll
    find a Pine Gummy; then the next two Chaotic Zones guard Radishes. There's
    also a Lemon Gummy in this area.
    Head right first in the next area. Going up past the Zones will give you
    a Holy Symbol. Go down past the two other Zones and use the Scanner to find
    the last rare monster, the Party Panda. It'll drop a Miracle Charm. Return
    and head down then right past some more zones for an All Divide. Continue
    down to reach a Puzzle Booth.
    This one isn't tricky, it's just a matter of timing. Aim to hit the slow-
    moving reflector from the bottom and left areas to get the middle two
    switches; for the outer two you only need to stand on the top and right
    platforms and hit the reflectors, without worrying about the moving ones.
    Take the exit. If you've done every single Puzzle Booth in the game
    without getting any help, Senel receives a title here.
    A large shaking resonates through the dungeon in the next area. The party
    agrees to hurry. Head along the red path. If you go left through the
    Chaotic Zone and use the Scanner in the middle of the area between the
    two Zones, you'll get a Miracle Charm. Go right and up to the green path.
    Follow that right into the new area. Follow the red path for a Life Bottle,
    then return to the green path. Take it up to the next area.
    Behind the Chaotic Zone here is a Climax Bottle. Keep following the red path
    around and down to the next area. There's a Miracle Gummy here. Keep
    going to find the elevator to the next area.
    Take the large elevator up and you'll get a heal point and save point.
    Remember this long trek? Time to make it again. Along the way you'll find
    a Miracle Gummy, Lemon Gummy, Radish, another Miracle Gummy, Life Bottle,
    and an Elixir. As you do, beware the Dino Worms that occasionally show up.
    They have boss-class HP (almost 200,000!) and can both Poison and Paralyze
    you. They aren't that damaging, but they will take a very long time to go
    down. If you need to fight lots of them (such as for Sculptures for 
    Shirley's Tidal Wave, for instance), you can cheat a little and use Will's 
    Extension, or Senel's Dino Worm hi-ougi with Ryuuou Tenku as the accessory, 
    to try and insta-kill them.
    There's another heal point and save point near the end. When the party
    arrives Grune and Schwarze are holding each other off with their power.
    The party tells Grune that they are there to fight by her side. They say
    they won't allow them to part with Grune like that. Schwarze paralyzes them
    all again, however. She tells Grune that this is the worth of this planet -
    it isn't worth protecting with her life. Grune responds that if Schwarze
    intends to take that planet, she will stand in her way. Schwarze asks her
    what kind of worth an immature world that can't even support the existence
    of the elemental spirits has. Grune says she is not willing to part with
    something that gave her happiness. Schwarze says happiness is useless, since
    it only brings sadness with it too. She says that humans are sad beings
    who bring sadness to each other fighting for and stealing what they desire.
    She says she will return things to nothingness so that there is no happiness
    or sadness. 
    Schwarze tells Grune to not bother her anymore. Their powers collide once
    again, but Schwarze is too strong and she begins to push Grune away. Senel 
    tells them they can't just sit by, and their Soujutsu power manifests
    again. They break free of their paralysis. Schwarze tells them not to 
    struggle, but Grune says that's what humans are - they struggle to live
    happily. The party's Soujutsu power combines and flows into Grune in a
    brief anime sequence.
    Schwarze realizes that Grune's power and memory have returned. But she tells
    them it's too late. Grune rejoins your party and you have a chance to
    rearrange things before the fight begins.
    BOSS: Schwarze
    HP: 138253
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Everything Else
    She's quite mean. She casts Extension a lot, so make sure you equip Doom
    Checks to ward off its insta-death effect. Also turn off every spell
    except Ocean-elemental ones (a good reason to put Grune in - notice how
    Grune is talking differently now, incidentally?) Put Norma in for 
    Resurrection, as usual, and you should be ok. When you take her down to
    about half HP, the battle will end automatically.
    Schwarze tells the party that the charade is over. She tells them that if
    they want to involve the entire planet, she is fine with that. She calls
    on the power of human sadness and anger to give her power. Another
    earthquake happens and the entire room fills with black mist. The party
    feels themselves filled with an unnatural fear. Schwarze tells them to
    stop struggling. Senel tells her they won't let her do what she wants.
    Schwarze tells him to be quiet, and the mist gathers above her head. Grune
    senses a powerful wave and tells the party to run. Senel and Shirley
    try to use their Soujutsu to hold Schwarze off, but they are helpless
    in front of her. Schwarze tells them the planet is headed towards its end.
    No matter what power they have, they can't stop it. She tells Grune that
    the planet wishes to be destroyed, and disappears.
    Norma notes how different Grune is now. Grune thanks the party for helping
    her regain her memory. The party whispers among themselves that it's hard
    to believe this is the same Grune they knew. A feather appears in front of
    Grune. She says it's the proof of her awakening. Norma wants to sell it,
    of course... Grune gets a title here. The party returns to town.
    WERITES BEACON 灯台の街ウェルテス
    Upon returning, the party is greeted by Ed and Isabella. They say that there
    have been reports of a shadowy figure being spotted around town. Grune says
    she still feels the traces of Schwarze around. Isabella notes the change in
    Grune's demeanor as well... She asks Will and Jay to come along to see
    the Empress as well. But Will says that currently they have nothing to 
    report, and that he needs a little more time to investigate.
    Return to Will's house. The party asks Grune some questions. Grune explains
    that the black mist is the manifestation of human weaknesses - anger,
    hatred, fear, sadness, and lamentation. Schwarze draws her power from
    negative human emotions. The earthquakes too were caused by Schwarze, to
    bring disaster and misfortune to humans.
    Will asks what the monsters that come from the black mist are. Grune says
    it is the black mist itself, crystallized into physical form. Senel asks
    what Schwarze is. Grune says that she is the being that guides the world
    from the beginning to the end, the 'hollow guide'. She is the power to
    return everything to nothingness. Norma says she sounds like a god, and
    Grune says she is, in their terms. She says that they did not actually
    survive - they were spared. Norma asks Grune what she is. Grune says she
    is the being meant to defeat Schwarze. She exists solely to defeat her.
    Senel asks what Schwarze's aim is. Grune says that Schwarze came to this
    world to answer wishes - the wish to be saved from suffering. She says
    that there is more than way to be freed from suffering. Humans suffer
    because they possess emotions. If everything is erased and returned to
    nothingness, they are freed from suffering.
    The party notes how little power they have against Schwarze. Grune asks them
    to leave it to her, since it is her duty. Senel protests, but Grune tells
    him that honestly, as they are right now, they'd only get in her way.
    Shirley wonders if they really can't do anything. Moses says he can't
    just stand by and watch. Grune tells him that if he tries to face
    Schwarze, he is choosing death. Moses goes outside to calm himself. Grune
    tells them all to rest for the day, and to forget everything she told
    them. Senel too leaves to calm himself.
    Moses and Chaba are talking in the Quiet Lands. They see somebody who's
    like Geet watching over them, but it runs off. Moses tells Chaba that
    he swore Geet that he would become a great man, and that it can't end like
    this. He can't afford to lose before the fight even starts.
    Norma is sitting in front of the Everlight's old place. She talks aloud
    and tells Sven that she wants to go forward, but she can't see what lies
    ahead. She doesn't know what she can do. She wonders what Sven would've
    done. Zamaran calls to answer and says that it's obvious. He would've
    ran in without thinking, because he was that kind of man. He tells Norma
    that it's time for her to move on from being the whiny student. He says
    that Sven had one good thing about him - his confidence and pride in his
    way of life. Norma recalls Sven's words to her, and says that the future
    doesn't wait for anybody - one has to go and receive it themselves.
    Will is sitting in the meadow of flowers when Harriet walks up. Will tells
    her that he told her not to leave town alone. Harriet says it's his fault,
    because even though she called to him he just left without saying anything.
    Will suddenly asks Harriet if she has a dream. Will says his dream is
    to hit the person who comes to ask him for Harriet's hand in marriage.
    Thinking ahead, is he... He says no matter who it is, he'll hit them because
    they'll try and take his precious daughter from him. He says he can't
    let the world end before that day comes.
    Chloe is standing by the fountain, when Elza runs up to talk to her. She's
    been studying medicine with Orcot. She tells Chloe excitedly that a patient
    sent her thanks for a medicine she made herself. She says that she wants
    to study enough to become a great help to the people in the village. Chloe
    says she definitely can do it. She then says that thanks to her, she's
    remembered something important - the sword at her side isn't just a
    decoration. It's there to protect the happiness of people.
    Jay is at his house. The Mofumofus welcome him back. He stays quiet, though.
    The Mofumofus ask if anything happened. Jay says that he's an idiot for
    having to come all the way back here to realize it - one does not fight
    because one wants to win, one fights because one has something to protect.
    Shirley is praying at Fenimorl's grave when Tulla walks up. Tulla asks
    her what she's doing there. Shirley says she came so that nobody would
    go easy on her. She tells Fenimorl that she has something to do. Tulla
    tells her to wait - she says she would like it if Shirley came to visit
    her sister's grave again. She tells her not to misunderstand her - she
    still hasn't forgiven her. Shirley says that is okay, because she is happy
    just talking to her. She says she wants to become Tulla's friend, because
    it was Fenimorl who taught her what being a friend was about. Tulla
    tells her that her true name is WelZes. Shirley suddenly hugs her - 
    WelZes means hope. She says that it's not that everything is already
    over. They still have hope. She receives a title here.
    Senel is in front of Stella's grave. He tells her that he's gained many
    important things since coming to the Legacy. He's learned what it is
    to trust in, and rely on, and believe in people. He says that that's why
    he wants to protect the future of those people. He says he can't do it
    by himself, but he can do it with everybody else.
    Grune is preparing to leave Werites, when she sees everybody waiting for
    her at the entrance. Senel tells her that this is their desire. Grune
    tells them that they mustn't, and tries to walk off. Moses says that
    they have to do something to protect their world. Will says they can't
    close off their future. Chloe says that her sword is there for that
    purpose. Shirley says that everybody feels the same way, and that this
    is their answer. Senel says that they are there of their own will, and that
    nothing anybody says can change that will. Jay says they realize that they
    don't have the power to stand up to Schwarze. Chloe says that is why they
    want to think of a way in which they can win. Grune tells them this isn't
    something that humans can do. Shirley says that it is still their world.
    Therefore it should be them who protects it.
    Grune tells them they are welcoming death. She thanks them for their
    feelings, but says she cannot allow them to go with her. Norma tells her
    that she better give up, because they are all idiots who can't change
    their minds. Will says that first they need to find enough power so that
    they can be useful in a fight. Moses wonders if there is a power stronger
    than the Sei-soujutsu (Holy Soujutsu) that they received from the Quiet Souga,
    and Norma jokingly says the Super Holy Soujutsu. But Shirley says that
    maybe what they need to do is ask for power from the Great Souga as well.
    The party prepares to head for the Altar of the Sea again. After a long
    bit of convincing, Grune agrees to go with them.
    But before you do, check out the town. There are now new items to be made
    in the Synthesis shop, some of the best ones in the game. There's also
    new items in the weapon/armor store, but nothing quite as good. Now's also a 
    good time to learn new recipes and finish up the arena and so on.
    ALTAR OF THE SEA 望海の祭壇
    Thankfully, you'll be taken straight to the altar without having to run
    through the dungeon again. The party asks the Souga to grant them power so
    that they can protect the world. It takes quite awhile for them to get its
    The 'flash' of the Souga happens and a monster appears out of nowhere. It
    seems that the Great Souga has decided to test the party.
    BOSS: Pandemonium Gate
    HP: 260570
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Drops: FOE3 Check
    He's pretty weak, despite his high HP. Just keep hammering away and he'll
    go down.
    The party feels no different after the battle. But then Grune feels the
    Souga's presence, and in turn everybody's nails begin glowing again, this
    time in rainbow colors. This is apparently the true Holy Soujutsu. At the
    same time, a glowing gate appears in the sky. Grune explains that it is
    the Cradle of Time, where time begins and ends, and also where Schwarze is.
    After the scene you can step onto the glowing platform at the altar to
    be taken to the Cradle.
    Grune warns the party that there may be no turning back. But everybody's
    resolve is firm.
    There isn't much strategy to this place. After going forward just a little
    bit, some black mist stops you and tells you (oddly enough) that to
    proceed forward you will have to defeat six monsters, without running.
    Use the heal point then go for it. All six have boss-like HP, but otherwise
    they're normal monsters, so they're not too much to worry about. After
    each one just keep going to the next warp. Again, if you turn back before
    defeating all 6, you'll lose the whole chain. The fourth battle actually
    has two monsters (two Galfs). The fifth battle (Diva) can paralyze, and
    the sixth can poison and paralyze. That's about it for tricks. After the 
    last battle, a Dino Worm, you can return to town and save and so on if 
    you want. You don't have to trek through the Altar either, as Grune will
    ask you whether you want to be taken straight to the beginning.
    When you arrive at the next area, Grune suddenly stops the party. There's
    another concentration of black mist ahead...and it coalesces into versions
    of Senel and Shirley!
    BOSS: Dark Senel and Dark Shirley
    Dark Senel: 158711 HP
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    Dark Shirley: 158711 HP
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Curse
    A very very tough battle. If you don't get everything right in the first
    20 seconds, you're probably going to die. Dark Shirley casts Blizzard and
    Tractor Beam and other fun spells while Dark Senel pounds away at you.
    Ideally you want to be able to push Dark Senel all the way back to where
    Shirley is and attack them both at once. If not, one or the other will
    probably kill your caster(s) while you aren't looking. I prefer having
    Norma with all of her offensive spells turned off as a dedicated healer
    while Grune spams Aqua Laser and Maelstrom. Don't be afraid to use lots of
    items should you need it; you'll still be able to head back to town after
    After the battle Senel and Shirley tell their Dark selves they no longer
    have to suffer. With the power of their Soujutsu, they banish their Dark
    Next is another chain of 6 fights. If you could handle Dark Senel and Dark
    Shirley, you should be just fine with these guys. After these 6 fights,
    it'll be your last chance to head back to town, restock, and do whatever
    else you need. 
    The party finally arrives at Schwarze's location. They give her their
    standard this-is-why-I-fight speech. Schwarze asks Grune what she is
    doing. Grune says she will not stand in the way of the path chosen by
    humans. And the fight begins.
    BOSS: Schwarze
    HP: 174005
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Everything Else
    She's not too tough... yet. Once again, when you take her down to half
    health, the fight ends automatically.
    The party realizes that they're not even hurting her. They wonder if even
    with the power of both Sougas, they can't compete with Schwarze. Schwarze
    tells them she intends to save everyone from existence. She asks Grune
    why she doesn't understand that. Grune tells her that she is making the
    same mistake once again. Schwarze says that the mistake is humans, and
    she is fixing their mistakes - that is why she is the "Hollow Guide". She
    says that Grune is the one who is mistaken, having spent too much time
    with the humans.
    Schwarze tells them that her power is the power of humans and their
    negative emotions. That is why they cannot stand up to her. The black
    mist envelops the entire area, and out to the entire Legacy, as seen
    by Harriet, the Pheromone Bombers, and others. Earthquakes strike as
    well. The black mist begins coalescing into multiple images of Schwarze,
    surrounding the Water Folk, the Mofumofu, and the others.
    Grune tells everybody that Schwarze has caused more uncertainty and fear
    and she is drawing more power from it. Schwarze sends her power at the
    party, but Grune blocks it with her own. However, Schwarze's power is
    too strong. Schwarze says the Souga's wish will be fulfilled. Senel and
    the others say that the Souga doesn't wish for destruction, and they call
    upon their Soujutsu. Schwarze tells them that if they choose to die now,
    so be it. The black mist becomes stronger than ever. Schwarze gathers it
    and tells them to return to nothingness. The party combines all of their
    Soujutsu power and barely manages to hold off the first blast. Grune holds
    off the second one, but things look grim.
    Senel and co. tell her that they are indeed small pathetic beings 
    compared to her, and that they experience sadness and suffering. But it's 
    because they can overcome those feelings that they are able to walk on 
    towards the future. Their powers combine with Grune's.
    Around the Legacy, everybody being attacked suddenly starts glowing with
    the Soujutsu power as well, driving off the images of Schwarze. Even Geet
    gets its power.
    The black mist dissipates. But Schwarze says that they can no longer stop
    the return to nothingness.
    BOSS: Schwarze
    HP: 174005
    Weak Against Ocean
    Strong Against Everything Else
    Although her stats are the same as before, she's tougher now that she
    casts Ancient Nova and Black Hole frequently, and she also has a move
    where she simply jumps into the air and lets forth a wave of darkness,
    which hurts a lot. Still, I actually think she's easier than the Dark
    Senel and Dark Shirley pair. Just keep up with the healing and have
    either Grune cast Maelstrom or Shirley cast Tidal Wave over and over
    Schwarze tells them the struggle is over. She gathers her power and says
    she will return them, and the world, to nothingness. They combine their
    powers once again, and cancel Schwarze's attack, breaking her mask in
    the process. The party is surprised to see that she and Grune have the
    same face. Schwarze tells them that she and Grune are the opposite, yet
    the same being. She says that if she is the "Hollow Guide", then Grune
    is the "Weaver of Time". If she is the one who cuts the threads of time,
    Grune is the one who spins them. The party is surprised to learn that
    Grune isn't human (I thought that was obvious...)
    Schwarze begins to fade. She tells them to remember that if humans should
    wish it, she will appear again, since she is born out of human emotions.
    Senel tells her that they will walk on to a bright future, and they will
    not meet her again. Schwarze tells them that is just a vain dream - but
    adds that that is what humans do. She disappears in a flash of dark
    The ground begins to shake, and Grune says that with Schwarze gone the
    Cradle of Time is also returning to nothingness. The party hurries to
    leave. They arrive at the Altar of the Sea just as the Cradle disappears.
    The sky begins to shine brightly once again.
    The party prepares to return to town. But suddenly Grune begins glowing
    and starts to fade. She plants Lem's seed at the altar. She then tells
    them that because she is the same being as Schwarze, she exists when
    Schwarze exists - and when Schwarze doesn't exist, she also doesn't exist.
    Shirley asks her if she knew this would happen from the beginning. She
    said she did, and that she did not tell them because that would have
    brought doubt into their hearts, and doubt would cut into their will
    to fight. She says that it's all right, because that is her duty. She
    tells them not to have regrets about it. The party protests and tells
    her they all promised to be together from then on. Norma says that
    she promised they would all have a party when her memory returned. The
    others add that they won't stand for it.
    Grune tells them that the world is not perfect, and that they cannot
    stop her disappearance. Senel says that it's not a matter of gods -
    they're talking to her as one of their friends. Moses says that she
    is family. Grune thanks everybody. She tells them that she is very
    happy, talking a little like she used to before she had her memory
    back. Norma runs up and tells her that if that's the case she should
    stay with them, because everybody wants to stay with her. The others
    once again remind her of their promise to stay with each other. Grune
    thanks them again, but tells them that just as children have to leave
    their parents some day, so too do humans have to set off without her. 
    She tells them it is not a separation, but the beginning of a journey.
    She asks them if they will grant her a last wish - to part with her
    with smiles on their faces. She says she will give them a last present
    so that they can live happily. Norma says they don't want presents, they
    want to be with her. But Senel finally acknowledges that they should do
    as she asks. He says that it's hard to part with a friend, but before
    they arrived he was prepared to accept whatever happened, no matter what
    it was. The others remember that they swore the same. He adds that
    Grune looks sad now, and that he doesn't want to make others sad. The
    others agree, reluctantly. Jay even hugs Moses.
    Grune thanks them a final time before stepping up to the altar. She says
    that with the last remnant of her power, she will release the elemental
    spirits. She asks the party to be as friendly to them as they carry
    on her power as they were to her. She calls Lem, Ifrit, Celsius, Volt,
    Gnome, and Shadow to her side. They begin to glow brightly, and then
    shoot into the sky. She tells them to awaken, and where she planted
    the seeds, flowers suddenly begin sprouting, and the spirits rise
    into the air. She tells them that her time with them is over, but the
    experiences she had with them will never fade. She bids them on a good
    journey before fading.
    The party says they are all thinking of the same thing, and they give
    one last cheer. Enjoy the ending credits; you've now completed Tales
    of Legendia. The ending theme this time is a medley starting with Donna
    Burke's version of Hotarubi.
    What would an RPG be without sidequests and subevents? This section lists
    the sidequests and minigames and so on in Tales of Legendia. Many of
    these only happen after you've completed the main quest and have begun
    the Character Quest portion of the game.
    After you beat the game, you'll be prompted to save. Don't save over a game
    you want to keep, as when you load this save you'll actually start a new
    game with the option of buying things from the Grade Shop. The Grade Shop
    in Legendia is relatively small, and has the following options:
    Required Grade      Option
    20                  Max Items 20 アイテム数20個
    50                  Max Items 30 アイテム数30個
    50                  Max HP Up 最大HP増加
    10                  Max HP Down 最大HP減少
    100                 Exp x2 経験値2倍
    10                  Exp 1/2 経験値半分
    20                  Combo Maniac コンボ命
    100                 Inherit Techniques 術技引継ぎ
    5                   Inherit Recipes 料理レシピの引継ぎ
    30                  Grade x2 取得GRADE2倍
    50                  Inherit Gald ガルド引継ぎ
    5                   Inherit Battle Information 戦闘情報の引継ぎ
    5                   Inherit Playtime プレイ時間引継ぎ
    5                   Inherit Collector's Book コレクター図鑑の引継ぎ
    50                  Costumes: Formal Wear コスチューム変更・正装
    50                  Costumes: Mascots コスチューム変更・着ぐるみ
    Max Items raises the limit on how many of one item you can hold at once
    (ordinarily 15). Max HP Up gives all characters a 200 HP bonus on starting
    the game, whereas Max HP Down gives all characters a 100 HP penalty (if
    you like a challenge). Exp x2 and Exp 1/2 are self-explanatory. Combo
    Maniac makes it so that all battles give you only 1 Experience; however,
    the Bonus Experience you get for your max combo hits is multiplied by
    ten. If you consistently get high combos in battle, Combo Maniac gives
    you more experience than anything else. Inherit Techniques will make it so
    that you can start the game with all the Soujutsu that you've already
    learned; it also carries over number of times used (for mastering purposes)
    and Sculptures. Inherit Recipes carries over your recipes, but NOT the
    number of times used. Grade x2 doubles all grade changes (including negative
    grade). Inherit Gald, Battle Information (max combo, number of encounters),
    Playtime, and Collector's Book are self-explanatory. Finally the Costumes
    choices will change your character's outfits (in battle only) to either
    Formal Wear or animal mascots. Once chosen you cannot change them, so
    Titles are automatically inherited.
    The synthesis shop is in the same building as the Item Shop in Werites, but
    it remains closed throughout the main quest. Once you get to the Character
    Quests, it opens. Here you combine various materials and components that
    you've found to make new equipment and so on. The equipment you can make
    is better than anything you can buy, and it doesn't cost anything except
    for the materials themselves, so check it out.
    After you clear the Wings of Light in Grune's Character Quest, the Synthesis
    Shop's list grows. Some of the most powerful equipment in the game is added
    to the list, so make sure you return after clearing the Wings of Light.
    Here is what you can make at the Synthesis Shop. Incidentally, if you've
    been following this walkthrough you should have more than enough materials
    to make everything at least once, so you don't need to worry about saving
    up materials for something else. Items marked with an asterisk are only
    available after clearing the Wings of Light.
    Ghost Shell
    536 ATK, Curse-elemental
    Heavy Hands, FOE1 Check, Liquor Bottle, Dark Bottle, Black Ores
    Aqua Shell
    536 ATK, Hit+20, Ocean-elemental
    Dynamic Arts, Hit Bottle, Holy Bottle, Spectacles, Lure
    Diamond Shell
    595 ATK, Regain 5% Max TP when you kill an enemy
    Heavy Hands, Pine Gummy, Life Bottle, Holy Bottle, Red Savory, Croissant
    Highspeed Wrist
    638 ATK, Evade+50
    Speed Wrist, Elven Boots, Climax Bottle, Red Saffron, Aifread's Flag, 
    Lure, Baumkuchen
    Kaiser Geas *
    893 ATK, Extra Damage vs. Schwarze
    Bimetal, Feet Symbol, Climax Bottle, Holy Bottle, Water Ores
    558 ATK, Fire-elemental
    Ether Sword, Life Bottle, Flare Bottle x2, Red Ores
    Ice Coffin
    569 ATK, Ice-elemental
    Ether Sword, Panacea Bottle, Flare Bottle, Blue Ores
    Laser Blade
    586 ATK, Ocean-elemental
    Grim Sword, Panacea Bottle, Holy Bottle, Red Sage, Water Ores
    Meganto Killer
    596 ATK, Extra Damage vs. Megantos
    Grim Sword, Flare Bottle, Climax Bottle, Spectacles, Aifread's Flag, Red 
    Ores, Water Ores
    Eternal Sword *
    879 ATK
    Valens Family Sword, Flare Bottle, Holy Bottle, Water Ores
    Thunder Javelin
    507 ATK, Lightning-elemental
    War Javelin, Mixed Gummy, Flare Bottle, Purple Ores, Ham Sandwich
    Piyo Spear
    547 ATK, Extra Damage vs. Piyopiyo/Piyopiyo Heads
    Spear, Hit Bottle, Rune Bottle, Lure, Blue Ores, Egg
    Geas Javelin
    592 ATK, Earth-elemental
    War Javelin, Scallop Gummy, Flare Bottle, Purple Ores, Long Donut
    Nintou: Shiden
    491 ATK, Lightning-elemental
    Nintou Toufuu, Scallop Gummy, Flare Bottle, Purple Ores, Pineapple
    Nintou Tou'un
    566 ATK, Regain 5% Max TP when you kill an enemy
    Nintou Toufuu, Scallop Gummy, Flare Bottle, Unicorn Horn, Curry Bread
    Nintou Kagehoushi
    602 ATK, Evade+50
    Nintou Toufuu, Scallop Gummy, Climax Bottle, Lure, Long Donut
    Nintou: Hotate *
    807 ATK, Regain 10% Max TP when you kill an enemy
    Jay's Bell, Scallop Gummy, Unicorn Horn, Scallop, Cod, Salmon, Shrimp, Squid
    180 ATK, Evade+20
    Hammer, Cape, Hit Bottle, Spectacles
    Deck Brush
    524 ATK, Evade+50
    Mofumofu Hammer, Leather Boots, Mixed Gummy, Saffron, Red Saffron
    Marvel Straw
    490 ATK, Regen TP
    Piyoro, Holy Bottle, Red Savory, Unicorn Horn, Strawberry, Custard Creme, 
    Scope Straw
    515 ATK, Hit+50
    Strike Straw, Hit Bottle, Spectacles, Red Rosemary, Lure, Baumkuchen
    468 ATK, Ice-elemental
    Doryu, Freeze Check, Flare Bottle, Blue Ores, Tomato
    502 ATK, Curse-elemental
    Doryu, Panic Check, Pine Gummy, Panacea Bottle, Black Ores, Aloewood, Long 
    517 ATK, Ocean-elemental
    Doryu, Paralyze Check, Miracle Gummy, Elixir, Liquor Bottle, Water Ores, 
    Aifread's Flag, Baumkuchen
    Koupou Brush
    483 ATK
    Feather Pen, Fabric, Radish
    High Grade Pen
    541 ATK, Hit+50
    Feather Pen, Hit Bottle, Aloewood, Lure, Baumkuchen
    Angel Feather Pen *
    601 ATK, Ocean-elemental
    Grune's Feather, Feather Pen, Flare Bottle, Holy Bottle, Water Ores
    58 DEF, Phys Damage -30%
    Plereflex, Hard Bottle, Purple Ores, Yellow Ores, Aifread's Flag
    Star Mail
    62 DEF, Regen TP
    Silver Mail, Rabbit Symbol, Pine Gummy, Holy Bottle, Unicorn Horn, 
    Star Cloak
    50 DEF, Regen TP
    Witch Dress, Cape, Pine Gummy, Holy Bottle, Unicorn Horn
    Spirit Robe
    50 DEF, INT+20
    Bloody Robe, Technical Ring, Panacea Bottle, Denei Bottle
    Moon Robe
    51 DEF, Regen TP
    Bloody Robe, Pine Gummy, Holy Bottle, Aloewood, Unicorn Horn
    55 DEF, Ocean Resist+20
    Hard Bottle, Holy Bottle, Water Ores, Aloewood, Long Donut
    Body Paint *
    84 DEF, Regen HP
    Geet's Charm, Unicorn Horn, Holy Bottle, Squid
    Heavenly Garb *
    68, INT+20
    Colored Shell, Cocktail Dress, Denei Bottle, Fabric
    Aurora *
    72 DEF, All element resistance+40
    Warlock Garb, Red Ores, Blue Ores, Purple Ores, Yellow Ores, Water Ores, 
    Black Ores, Fabric
    Amelia's Love *
    69 DEF, Luck+50
    Harriet's Flower, Bloody Robe, Rabbit Symbol, Holy Bottle
    Bone Helmet
    DEF+37, Luck-10
    Dark Bottle, Black Ores, Aloewood, Aifread's Flag, Clear Shell
    DEF+24, INT+20
    Silk Hat, Denei Bottle, Spectacles, Aloewood, Aifread's Flag
    Angel Ring
    DEF+24, INT+30
    Circlet, Denei Bottle, Rune Bottle, Aloewood
    Demon's Seal
    Experience +100%, ATK/DEF/HIT 1/4th
    Ray, Bat, Bear Outfit, Bear Head, Turquoise, All Divide, Rune Bottle
    Pudding Bread
    HP/TP 100%
    Sephira, Black Onyx, Moon Crystal, Elixir, Fabric, Unicorn Horn, 
    Note that many of the components needed to make the starred items (Valens
    Family Sword, Grune's Feather, etc.) are key items that you automatically
    get as you proceed through the Character Quests.
    Also, if you synthesize the Pudding Bread you'll learn the recipe, you
    won't actually make the bread (you have to go to the bakery and make
    the bread as usual).
    The Battle Arena opens shortly after the Character Quests begin, once you
    get the little scene with the Pheromone Bombers 'introducing' Senel and
    Moses to the arena. When you talk to the receptionist, you'll be asked
    whether you want to participate in single (シングル) or party (パーティ) 
    battles. You'll then be asked to select the rank. At first only Beginner 
    (初級) rank is available, but when you beat that you'll open up 
    Intermediate (中級), Advanced (上級), and finally Special (スペシャル) 
    ranks. Single Beginner costs 500 Gald, Single Intermediate costs 1000, and
    Single Advanced costs 2000. Party Beginner costs 1000, Party Intermediate
    costs 2000, and Party Advanced costs 3000. The Special battles are free,
    but if you manage to clear those, you won't be able to try them again (but,
    if you fail, you can try as many times as you want.)
    Each rank except the Specials consists of three consectutive battles. You 
    cannot use items at all during arena battles, so minimizing damage is very 
    important. You CAN change equipment, so swapping in regenerative items such 
    as Holy Symbols is a viable strategy.
    The monsters you will face are as follows.
    Single Beginner
      1. Bibiri Hopper (11087 HP, Hopper Race, Light Weight, Weak to Earth, 
         Strong to Lightning)
      2. Bear Boss (11836 HP, Eggbear Race, Heavy Weight)
      3. Knock Meganto (24309 HP, Meganto Race, Special Weight)
    Single Intermediate
      1. Dandoratula (22727 HP, Dandoratula Race, Very Heavy Weight) - he can
         cause bind status so be careful.
      2. Ves Diva (22715 HP, Diva Race, Heavy Weight, Weak to Earth, Strong to
         Lightning) - she can petrify you, so equip a Stone Check to be safe.
      3. Piyopiyo Head (29447 HP, Piyopiyo Head Race, Medium Weight)
    Single Advanced
      1. Tree Turtle (32729 HP, Dodaigame Race, Very Heavy Weight)
      2. Seaweed Angler (58527 HP, Hill Angler Race, Special Weight, Weak to
         Lightning, Strong to Earth)
      3. Storm Dragon (52029 HP, Dragon Race, Special Weight, Weak to Earth,
         Strong to Lightning)
    Single Special
      1. Mimmy (61255 HP, Human Race, Medium Weight)
    Party Beginner
      1. Sand Lizard x4 (10434 HP, Lizardman Race, Heavy Weight, Weak to Ice,
         Strong to Fire)
      2. Phinx (17754 HP, Phinx Race, Medium Weight)
         Blue Galf x2 (17754 HP, Galf Race, Heavy Weight, Weak to Fire, Strong
         to Ice)
      3. Meganto (24309 HP, Meganto Race, Special Weight)
         GelUres Sword (12869 HP, GelUres Sword Race, Medium Weight)
         GelUres Shield (12869 HP, GelUres Shield Race, Medium Weight)
    Party Intermediate
      1. Hopper Fly x2 (20661 HP, Hopper Fly Race, Light Weight)
         Hopper x2 (17562 HP, Hopper Race, Light Weight)
         -be very careful about the poison effect in this battle, as it will
          carry over to subsequent battles. Either have Will in with Recover
          or equip Poison Checks)
      2. Burned Elengi x2 (21633 HP, Elengi Race, Light Weight, Weak to Ice,
         Strong to Fire)
         Kes Element (21633 HP, Element Race, Very Light Weight)
         Ves Element (21633 HP, Element Race, Very Light Weight, Weak to Earth,
         Strong to Lightning)
      3. Piyopiyo x3 (16989 HP, Piyopiyo Race, Very Light Weight)
         Electric Angler (38508 HP, Hill Angler Race, Special Weight)
    Party Advanced
      1. Lightning Bear (42548 HP, Eggbear Race, Heavy Weight, Weak to Earth,
         Strong to Lightning)
         Gokuraku Head (42548 HP, Piyopiyo Head Race, Medium Weight, Weak to
         Curse, Strong to Ocean)
         Mandrake (32729 HP, Mandrake Race, Heavy Weight)
         -the Mandrake casts some strong spells, so get rid of it as fast as
      2. El Plain (23988 HP, El Race, Light Weight)
         El Charm (23988 HP, El Race, Light Weight)
         El Ice (23988 HP, El Race, Light Weight, Weak to Fire, Strong to Ice)
      3. Lion Dance Gate (64589 HP, Ground Gate Race, Special Weight)
         Stonehead Hopper (30500 HP, Hopper Race, Very Light Weight, Weak to 
         Lightning, Strong to Earth)
    Party Special
      1. Curtis (75687 HP, Human Race, Medium Weight)
         Isabella (60765 HP, Human Race, Medium Weight)
    Of course, winning in the arena gives you special prizes. Prizes for
    each rank are as follows (prizes in parenthesis are what you get the second
    and subsequent times that you clear a rank). The Single Advanced prize
    depends on who you are using. Also, clearing Single Advanced gives that
    character their Arena title.
    Single Beginner
      Life Bottle, Flare Bottle, Denei Bottle, 5000 Gald
      (Apple Gummy, Orange Gummy, Mixed Gummy, 5000 Gald)
    Single Intermediate
      Life Bottle, Flare Bottle, Denei Bottle, Hit Bottle, Hard Bottle,
      Climax Bottle, 10000 Gald
      (Lemon Gummy, Pine Gummy, Miracle Gummy, 10000 Gald)
    Single Advanced
      30000 Gald, Mum Bane (Senel), Shaman Dress (Shirley), Mjollnir (Will),
      Gold Armor (Chloe), Gold Straw (Norma), Gungnir (Moses), Ninja Mask
      (Jay), Purple Hood (Grune)
      (Mixed Gummy, Miracle Gummy, Scallop Gummy, Life Bottle, Liquor Bottle,
      Shell Bottle, 30000 Gald)
    Single Special
      Heaven's Claw, 500000 Gald
    Party Beginner
      Life Bottle x2, Flare Bottle x2, Denei Bottle x2, 10000 Gald
      (Apple Gummy x2, Orange Gummy x2, Mixed Gummy x2, 10000 Gald)
    Party Intermediate
      Life Bottle x3, Flare Bottle x3, Denei Bottle x3, Hit Bottle x3, Hard
      Bottle x3, Climax Bottle x3, 20000 Gald
      (Lemon Gummy x3, Pine Gummy x3, Miracle Gummy x3, 20000 Gald)
    Party Advanced
      Extreme, Elixir, 60000 Gald
      (Mixed Gummy x4, Miracle Gummy x4, Scallop Gummy x4, Life Bottle x4,
      Liquor Bottle x4, Shell Bottle x4, 60000 Gald)
    Party Special
      Krona Symbol, 1000000 Gald
    Especially valuable are the Single Advanced prizes, which usually give
    the best armor or weapon for that character, and the Party Advanced's
    Extreme. The Extreme accessory is quite ridiculous in ToL, as it DOUBLES
    Attack and Hit (but halves Defense and Evade). This is in sharp contrast
    to say, ToS, where Extreme only gave +200 to attack and -99 to Evade.
    How to win these battles? You'll obviously want a Holy Symbol on hand for
    healing. The Persha Boots (from the Bandit Lair), which halve all damage
    taken, are also big helps. If all else fails, clear the Party Advanced
    first and get the Extreme as well - it should make the rest of the battles
    very easy, even for the caster characters. Also, remember that difficulty
    in the settings affects the arena too, so knock it down to Easy if you're
    still failing to win with say, Norma. Another important note for casters
    is that if you spin the left stick clockwise quickly (you'll know if you're
    doing it right because the character will move their hands faster), you can
    cut down on the casting time for any spells you may try to cast.
    If you talk to the man playing the piano at the bar downstairs of the inn
    in Werites, you can get him to play you some of the songs played in the
    game. Incidentally, the piano player is named Shiina (the composer for
    Legendia's music is Shiina Gou). However, he only starts off with a small
    subset of the songs in the game. To get him to be able to play more songs,
    you have to bring him certain kinds of bread. The kinds of bread he wants
    in order are Toast, Pizza, Crepe, Pudding Bread, and Mabo Curry Bread.
    The second time through the game he'll also have an extra category
    automatically added, and he'll carry over the songs he already knew so
    there's no need to feed him more bread again.
    If you go to the Country Cottage just outside of Werites Beacon during
    the Character Quests, you'll find that the old man who was previously
    sleeping there has now woken up. He says he'll tell you about his dreams.
    What his dreams are are actually the skits that you've seen in the game.
    If you ask him about it, he can replay skits so that you can watch them
    again. He can play skits even if you haven't watched them as long as you
    have fulfilled the conditions for activating those skits, so check them
    out if you're interested. Also, on your second and subsequent times through
    the game the skits are carried over so there's no need to activate them
    There is an artist in Werites living across from Will's house. If you 
    talk to him, he'll show you portraits of various NPCs throughout the game.
    As it turns out, the portraits he shows you change depending on who your
    party leader is. Also, you have to have proceeded to a certain point in
    the game to see some of the portraits; for instance, you won't see Grune's
    until you are actually mid-way through her character quest.
    The portraits are:
    Senel - Walter (x2), Mauritz
    Shirley - Fenimorl
    Will - Harriet
    Chloe - Stingle, Vaclav
    Norma - Ed Curtis, Isabella
    Moses - Melanie, Cashel
    Jay - Cuppo, Poppo, Pippo
    Grune - Schwarze
    The Bow Key that you get in the Introduction to the Character Quests
    lets you open the Bow Cottage that you saw in the beginning of the
    game, outside the Crystal Forest. The Bow Cottage is the first in a series
    of four cottages where you can play a Quiz Minigame for some nice prizes.
    Refer to my separate Quiz Minigame FAQ for details on the quiz questions
    and answers.
    Once you receive the Sorcery Scanner in the Character Quests, you can start
    hunting for Rare Monsters. There are 19 spots in all. Kaz, the man who
    lives in the house on the same screen as the save spot on the west side
    of Werites, will give you hints as to their locations. Some of them drop
    rare equipment (mostly joke weapons and so on) bu not all of them do. I've 
    listed them in the walkthrough as I've gone along, but I will list them 
    again here:
    Wonder Bread Lizard (Drops: Bat)
    Fallingwater - where you first met Mimmy
    Building Block Turtle
    Great Hollow - the very bottom floor, near the elevator
    Underground Lake - where you fought the Ground Gate
    Rare Eggbear (Drops: Bear Head)
    Waterways - middle of the hidden room where Shirley and Fenimorl hid
    Mellomello, Mellomello Head
    Man-Eating Ruins - middle of the room with the petrified people
    Crystal Forest - spiderwebs on the left side of the very first screen
    Wanwan (Drops: Red Savory)
    Hidden Fortress - behind a Chaotic Zone with nothing behind it
    Earth Monument - upper left area of the big room, where the 3rd crystal was
    Atlas Helmet Hopper (Drops: Midi Blouse)
    Forest of No Return - up and left of the small lake behind a Chaotic Zone
    Shrimp Tempura Angler
    Misty Mountains - left of the rock on the third screen (has a save point)
    Watermelon Element, Watermelon-breaking Lizard
    The Crags - behind a Chaotic Zone with nothing behind it
    Bomb Element (Drops: Paper Fan)
    Bandit Lair - behind a Chaotic Zone with nothing behind it
    Nameko, Maitake
    Secret Passage - behind a Chaotic Zone with nothing behind it
    Old Mofumofu Village - In the small canyon in the middle of the village
    White Nekotama 
    Ruins of Frozen Light - deadend in the first area of the narrow hallways
    GelUres Scissors, Bacula (Drops: Puchiures Sword)
    Mirage Palace - behind a Chaotic Zone with nothing behind it
    Red Demon, Blue Demon
    Mirage Palace - behind a Chaotic Zone with nothing behind it
    Dried Shark
    Altar of the Sea - behind a Chaotic Zone with nothing behind it
    Party Panda
    Wings of Light - behind a Chaotic Zone with nothing behind it
    If you find and beat all of the monsters that Kaz tells you about (he tells
    you about nine of them: the Siren, Building Block Turtle, Mellomello,
    Kotatsu, Bowwow, Quox, Shrimp Tempura Angler, and Buubuu), and then talk to 
    him once again during Grune's quest, you'll receive the "Aifread's Hat" as 
    well as the title "Pirate" for Moses. Also, once you find all 19 spots with 
    the rare monsters Will will gain the title "Rare Monster Master".
    In the northwest part of town you'll find a large house with a red roof.
    Inside you'll find Yuri, the daughter of a nobleman, and Kerel, a
    treasure hunter. Yuri's father has forbidden Kerel from marrying Yuri,
    unless he can find one of the legendary artifacts - the Blue Sephira.
    When you talk to Yuri during the Character Quests, he'll notice that
    you have the Sorcery Scanner. Using this, you can help him find the
    treasures he's looking for. He'll give you a location to look for, and
    he says you can keep anything that isn't the Blue Sephira. The treasures
    you'll get are as follows.
    Demon Knife
    Geoglyph Area - below the geoglyphs
    Man-Eating Ruins - very last room where the Whisper Crystal was
    Resume Ring
    Village of the Ferines - Shirley's tent
    Elven Boots
    Forest of No Return - small area with the craters, inside one of them
    Mabo Curry Recipe
    Misty Mountains - last screen where the Sphinx is
    Blue Sephira
    Secret Passage - across from the three chests in the first area
    With the Blue Sephira in hand, return to Yuri's house. You'll see an event,
    and in the end you'll end up keeping the Blue Sephira anyway.
    The Baker Grandma lives right next door to Senel (formerly empty house
    with the save point in its front yard). You can't do much with her in
    the main quest, but once the Character Quests begins, you can do a few
    of things.
    First, talk to her with a full basket and with all of the basic recipes
    from the main quest learned, and she'll give you a larger basket. You
    can now carry 30 breads at once instead of 10.
    Second, when you've learned all of the other recipes in the game, talk
    to her to learn Meat Stew. This gives Jay and Senel titles as well.
    Caroline lives two houses over from Senel in Werites. She's looking for
    something called the Capoeirakko ('Rakko' means sea otter in Japanese; lots
    of people in Legendia mistake the Mofumofus for sea otters, apparently.)
    If you talk to her at certain times during the game, her speech changes
    and you'll get the Capoeirakko Robe. 
    The times to talk to Caroline are:
    1 - Chapter 5, when the eastern part of town is available
    2 - Character Quest Introduction, after you get the Sorcery Scanner
    3 - Will's Quest, at the very end when Elza comes into the picnic
        to tell you that there's a commotion at the entrance
    4 - Character Quest Interlude, once it starts
    5 - End of Chloe's Quest after you return from the Forest of No Return;
        talk to Caroline twice to receive the Robe.
    The Capoeirakko Robe is Jay's best armor. Incidentally, the windows for
    talking to Caroline are much more relaxed than the ones for the Love-Love
    Couple event below, so if you miss one don't worry too much, as long as TOO
    much time hasn't passed there's a good chance you can still catch up and
    talk to Caroline.
    This couple lives in the pink-roofed house in the area just right of
    the area leading to the fountain in Werites. If you visit this house at
    specific times, you'll see some special events. This is one of the more
    picky sidequests in Legendia, because if you miss one of them you'll
    screw up and you won't get the rewards at the end.
    The times to visit the house are:
    1 - End of Chapter 5, right before going to the Beacon (right after
        Curtis's appearance)
    2 - Chapter 7, right before going to the Wings of Light after the
        nighttime 'party' at the fountain
    3 - Introduction, as soon as you return to Werites with Senel and
    4 - Will's Quest, at the very end when Elza comes into the picnic
        to tell you that there's a commotion at the entrance
    5 - Interlude, as soon as the chapter begins when you get Grune and
        Shirley in your party
    6 - Chloe's Quest, as soon as the chapter starts
    When you see the last bit you'll get the Clear Shell item needed to make
    the Bone Helmet in the Synthesis Shop, as well as a title for Chloe.
    Once you've learned all the recipes in the game, visit the seemingly
    empty house Werites (right next to the two waterwheels). If you hear a
    noise when going in, exit and then go in again. There's somebody
    sleeping on the bed... She protests that she's not Mimmy, but her speech
    patterns, as well as the baker's hat in her drawers, gives her away. After
    you see this event you'll get Mimmy's Hat and a title for Shirley.
    There are two major types of Soujutsu in the game; Arts-type (Iron)
    and Breath-type (Crystal). Arts-type are further divided into Tokugi, Ougi,
    and Garyuu Ougi. Tokugi are learned simply by levelling up. Learning Ougi
    requires mastering the two Tokugi that form the basic components of the move;
    mastering Tokugi is as simple as hitting an enemy with them a certain number
    of times. Garyuu Ougi involve combining at least three mastered Tokugi to
    form your own 'custom' ougi. Breath-type are also divided into types like 
    Healing, Offensive, and Support, but there aren't any big differences in how 
    you learn these. All Breath-type Soujutsu require two things to learn: a
    spellbook for the spell, which is gained automatically upon reaching the
    designated level, and a certain number of Sculptures which are collected
    by defeating enemies.
    Garyuu Ougi are made in the camp menu under the Soujutsu option. You will
    need Mastered techniques; you can check which techniques you have mastered
    simply by looking at the skill descriptions. A Garyuu Ougi is made of
    three components - two 'main' moves and one 'accessory' move. The main
    move determines the property of the final Garyuu Ougi, while the
    'accessory' move does things like add status effects to the Garyuu Ougi.
    Choose a slot and a list of techniques you can put there will show up.
    Orange icons indicate moves that can be added to the first main slot, while
    blue icons are moves that can be added to the second main slot. Green icons
    are moves that can be added to the accessory slot. Also, the Main 1 and
    Main 2 moves must have the same icon shape. Once the Garyuu Ougi is made
    you can read about its properties. A character may make one Garyuu Ougi
    at a time.
    This section will list by character the Soujutsu in the game. For Arts-type
    users, the list will start with Tokugi, then it will list Ougi and finally
    Garyuu Ougi. It will also list the TP cost, the level learned (for Tokugi)
    or the component Tokugi that need to be mastered (for Ougi/Garyuu Ougi),
    and other details. For Breath-type users, the list will describe the TP
    cost, the level that the spellbook is gained, and the kinds and number of
    Sculptures required.
    Majinken 魔神券
    4 TP; Initial
    Send a shockwave along the ground.
    Genryuuken 幻竜券
    4 TP; Level 2
    Senel charges forward with his fist.
    Hakugekishou 迫撃掌 
    5 TP; Level 4
    Senel does a two punch combination, the second of which knocks the
    opponent down. Your first starter move for throws.
    Keigan Sairakugeki 軽岩砕洛撃 
    6 TP, Level 6
    Your first throw, this throw only works on "Very Light" class monsters.
    Senel tosses the enemy into the air and then spikes them to the ground.
    Funryuugeki 噴竜撃
    8 TP, Level 11
    Senel does a rising-falling punch combination. Sort of like his version
    of Kogahazan.
    Yousoukyaku 鷹爪脚
    9 TP, Level 15
    Senel hops into the air, dives down and hits a series of stomp-kicks, and
    jumps back. A hit-and-run type of move. (Shades of Kim Kaphwan?!)
    Rengan Hourakugeki 煉岩崩落撃
    10 TP, Level 17
    A throw that works on Very Light or Light monsters. On Very Light monsters
    the animation is the same as his earlier throw, but on Light monsters
    Senel jumps over its head and flips them over in a powerbomb-type move.
    Goushourai 剛招来
    11 TP, Level 19
    Raises Senel's attack power temporarily.
    Hien Renkyaku 飛燕連脚
    13 TP, Level 23
    Senel performs a kick combination in the air.
    Rekigan Hakurakugeki 礫岩迫落撃
    13 TP, Level 25
    A throw that works on Medium monsters or below. On Medium monsters, Senel
    will pick them up and Giant Swing them.
    Rengadan 連牙弾
    14 TP, Level 27
    Senel performs a fast series of kicks.
    Rondo Senpuu 輪舞旋風
    16 TP, Level 31
    Senel performs a spin kick on the enemy.
    Kyogan Retsurakugeki 巨岩裂落撃
    17 TP, Level 33
    A throw that works on Heavy class monsters or below. On Heavy monsters,
    Senel picks the enemy up and then slams them straight down again.
    Majinken: Souga 魔神券・双牙
    17 TP, Level 35
    Senel throws two Majinkens along the ground.
    Garyuusai 臥竜砕
    19 TP, Level 39
    Senel steps in and uppercuts the enemy.
    Gakugan Zetsurakugeki 嶽岩絶落撃
    20 TP, Level 42
    Throws any enemy except for Special weight class. For Very Heavy monsters,
    Senel tosses the enemy to the ground and then stomps on them.
    Bakuryuuken 爆竜券
    21 TP, Level 44
    Senel dashes in towards the enmy and launches a combination attack.
    Shishi Senkou 獅子戦吼
    22 TP, Level 49
    Senel knocks the enemy down with a lion-shaped aura
    Bakugadan 爆牙弾
    27 TP, Level 59
    Senel does some combination kicks that knock down the opponent.
    Houou Tenku 鳳凰天駆
    30 TP, Level 69
    Senel jumps into the air, then charges downwards wrapped in flames. Fire-
    Banbutsu Shintsuigeki 万物神追撃
    40 TP, Level 99
    Throws any enemy.
    Majin Genryuuken 魔神幻竜券
    6 TP, Master Majinken and Genryuuken
    Senel performs a Genryuuken and Majinken in quick succession.
    Bakugekishou 爆撃掌
    7 TP, Master Majinken and Hakugekishou
    Senel does a pumped-up version of Hakugekishou, again knocking the
    enemy down.
    Shinryuugeki 神竜撃
    10 TP, Master Funryuugeki and Hakugekishou
    Senel performs a straight punch and rising uppercut combination.
    Hakugeki Goushourai 迫撃剛招来
    14 TP, Master Hakugekishou and Goushourai
    Senel powers up, then performs a Hakugekishou.
    Hiren Genryuuken 飛連幻竜券
    16 TP, Master Hien Renkyaku and Genryuuken
    Senel performs a Genryuuken and Hien Renkyaku in succession.
    Renga Hienkyaku 連牙飛燕脚
    18 TP, Master Hien Renkyaku and Rengadan
    Senel performs a Hienkyaku and Rengadan in succession.
    Rondo Funryuurengeki 輪舞噴竜連撃
    20 TP, Master Funryuugeki and Rondo Senpuu
    Senel performs Rondo and Funryuugeki in succession.
    Majinken: Ryuuga 魔神券・竜牙
    22 TP, Master Majinken and Majinken: Souga
    Senel creates a huge shockwave in front of him.
    Saiga Bakuryuuken 砕臥爆竜券
    27 TP, Master Bakuryuuken and Garyuusai
    Senel performs Garyuusai and Bakuryuuken together.
    Hakugeki Senkou 迫撃戦吼
    28 TP, Master Hakugekishou and Shishi Senkou
    Senel performs a hard punch and produces a lion aura that knocks the enemy
    Rondo Bakugadan 輪舞爆牙弾
    34 TP, Master Bakugadan and Rondo Senpuu
    Senel performs Rondo Senpuu and Bakugadan together.
    Ryuuou Tenku 竜凰天駆
    38 TP, Master Houou Tenku and Garyuusai
    Senel floats the enemy, then charges downwards with a flame aura. Fire-
    Touma Meitsuigeki 筒魔冥追撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Keigan Sairakugeki+Genryuuken)
    Only works on the Dino Worm race. Senel attacks the Dino Worm, inflicting
    damage from the inside.
    Kyouki Rakutsuigeki 凶鬼落追撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Keigan Sairakugeki+Funryuugeki)
    Only works on the Meganto race. Senel lifts them up and slams them to the
    Gyorin Sakutsuigeki 魚鱗削追撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Rengan Hourakugeki+Goushourai)
    Only works on the Hill Angler race. Senel attacks the Hill Angler,
    inflicting damage from the inside.
    Youga Houtsuigeki 妖臥崩追撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Rekigan Hakurakugeki+Goushourai)
    Only works on the Mimichead race. Senel throws the enemy far away.
    Ouja Koutsuigeki 翁蛇絞追撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Kyogan Retsurakugeki+Rengadan)
    Only works on Dragons. Senel slams the dragon multiple times onto the
    Son'ou Gokutsuigeki 尊王獄追撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Kyogan Retsurakugeki+Majinken: Souga)
    Only works on the Sea Gate race. Senel jumps in and attacks the Sea Gate
    from the inside.
    Haou Jintsuigeki 覇王迅追撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Gakugan Zetsurakugeki+Garyuusai)
    Only works on the Ground Gate race. Senel jumps in and attacks the Ground
    Gate from the inside.
    Guuki Santsuigeki 偶機散追撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Gakugan Zetsurakugeki+Bakuryuuken)
    Only works on the Automata race. Senel slams the Automata to the ground.
    Moukai Sentsuigeki 猛海閃追撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Gakugan Zetsurakugeki+Shishi Senkou)
    Only works on the Nelfes. Senel throws it to the ground.
    Mujin Keitsuigeki 霧神禊追撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Gakugan Zetsurakugeki+Houou Tenku)
    Only works on Schwarze. Senel throws her to the ground.
    Garyuu Ougi Accessory Effects
    Majinken: None
    Hakugekishou: Attack Down
    Shinryuugeki: On Fire status
    Bakugekishou: Defense Down
    Majin Genryuuken: Hit Down
    Yousoukyaku: Poison status
    Hakugeki Goushourai: Attack Down
    Hien Renkyaku: On Fire status
    Hiren Genryuuken: Hit Down
    Renga Hienkyaku: Paralyze status
    Rondo Senpuu: Paralyze status
    Majinken: Ryuuga: Poison status
    Hakugeki Senkou: On Fire status
    Bakugadan: Poison status
    Rondo Bakugadan: Panic status
    Ryuuou Tenku: Sudden Death
    Lightning ライトニング
    7 TP, Initial
    Will calls down a bolt of lightning over the target. Lightning-elemental.
    First Aid ファーストエイド
    7 TP, Initial
    Will heals an ally for a little bit of HP.
    Stone Blast ストーンブラスト
    9 TP, Level 5, 15 Eggbear and 23 Piyopiyo Sculptures
    Stones rise up from under the target, hitting the enemy. Earth-elemental.
    Fireball ファイアボール
    12 TP, Level 8, 69 Lizardman and 61 Piyopiyo Head Sculptures
    Fireballs rain down on the enemy. Fire-elemental.
    Antishield アンチシールド
    15 TP, Level 11, 46 Littlebear and 188 Takoegg Sculptures
    Lowers the defense of one enemy temporarily.
    Ice Needle アイスニードル
    17 TP, Lvl 14, 183 El and 114 Element Sculptures
    Needles of ice pierce the enemy. Ice-elemental.
    Recover リカバー
    20 TP, Level 17, 169 Piyopiyo and 193 Elengi Sculptures
    Cures an ally's status effects.
    Shield シールド
    23 TP, Level 20, 212 Lizardman and 49 Hopper Sculptures
    Raises the defense of one ally temporarily.
    Spread スプレッド
    25 TP, Level 23, 428 Lizardman and 117 GelUres Sword Sculptures
    Causes a column of water to rise from under the enemy. Ocean-elemental.
    Freeze Lancer フリーズランサー
    28 TP, Level 26, 523 Meganto and 226 Phinx Sculptures
    Creates a spear of ice that pierces the enemy. Ice-elemental.
    Flame Cutter フレイムカッター
    31 TP, Level 29, 435 Eggbear and 135 GelUres Shield Sculptures
    Creates a sword of flame to cut the enemy. Fire-elemental.
    Thunder Blade サンダーブレイド
    33 TP, Level 32, 672 Galf and 150 Diva Sculptures
    Creates a sword of lightning that slices the enemy. Lightning-elemental.
    Indignation インディグネイション
    36 TP, Level 35, 265 Mimic Head and 445 Takoegg Sculptures
    Calls down strong bolts of lightning. Lightning-elemental.
    Cure キュア
    39 TP, Level 38, 499 Eggbear and 245 Dragon Sculptures
    Heals one ally completely.
    Icicle Bolt アイシクルボルト
    42 TP, Level 41, 899 Phinx and 400 Dragon Sculptures
    Freezes the enemy, then hits them with lightning. Ice-elemental.
    Antishelter アンチシェルター
    44 TP, Level 44, 700 Gust and 600 Mini Automata Sculptures
    Lowers the defense of all enemies temporarily.
    Shelter シェルター
    47 TP, Level 47, 672 Galf and 800 Hill Angler Sculptures
    Raises the defense of all allies temporarily.
    Eruption イラプション
    50 TP, Level 50, 239 Automata and 1375 Hill Angler Sculptures
    Causes magma to erupt from the ground. Fire-elemental.
    Embrace End インブレイスエンド
    53 TP, Level 54, 800 Hopper and 868 Mimic Head Sculptures
    Causes a spear of ice to fall on the enemies. Ice-elemental.
    Black Hole ブラックホール
    57 TP, Level 58, 1133 Diva and 1053 Hopper Sculptures
    Creates a large globe of darkness. Curse-elemental.
    Extension エクステンション
    60 TP, Level 62, 1461 Dodaigame and 850 Mandrake Sculptures
    Damages the enemy and has a chance of killing them instantly.
    Shooting Star シューティングスター
    64 TP, Level 66, 929 Galf and 1128 Lizardman Sculptures
    Causes countless comets to attack the enemy. Ice-elemental.
    Big Bang ビッグバン
    68 TP, Level 70, 2205 Meganto and 1097 Ground Gate Sculptures
    Causes a tremendous explosion to attack the enemies. Fire-elemental.
    Majinken 魔神剣
    5 TP, Initial
    Chloe creates a shockwave that travels along the ground.
    Chirisazame 散沙雨
    5 TP, Initial
    Chloe launches a fast series of thrusts on the enemy.
    Kogahazan  虎牙破斬
    7 TP, Level 8
    Chloe slices upwards, kicks the enemy, then catches her sword and
    slices down again. A little fancier than the older Kogahazan...
    Shippuusen 疾風閃
    8 TP, Level 12
    Chloe charges forward with a fast thrust. Sort of like Senel's Genryuuken.
    Kuuretsuzan 空裂斬
    10 TP, Level 16
    Chloe sticks her sword into the ground and uses it to vault into a kick
    combination before bringing her sword downwards.
    Shoubu 昇舞
    11 TP, Level 20
    Chloe steps forward and tosses her sword upwards in boomerang fashion, 
    floating nearby enemies.
    Kenbu 絢舞
    13 TP, Level 24
    Chloe steps forward and sweeps her sword, blowing enemies away.
    Getsueijin 月影刃
    15 TP, Level 28
    Chloe turns around and stabs the enemy hard.
    Genshouken 幻晶剣
    16 TP, Level 32
    Chloe spins around and attacks with many slices.
    Juushourai 柔招来
    18 TP, Level 36
    Raises Chloe's Hit temporarily.
    Jin'u 迅羽
    19 TP, Level 40
    Chloe stabs the enemy then draws them inwards.
    Akisazame 秋沙雨
    21 TP, Level 44
    Chloe launches a series of stabs then blows the enemy into the air.
    Jinpuusen 神風閃
    23 TP, Level 48
    Chloe rushes in and hits a series of attacks on the enemy.
    Majinken: Souga 魔神剣・双牙
    27 TP, Level 58
    Chloe creates two Majinkens.
    Shuusou Raizan 襲爪雷斬
    31 TP, Level 68
    Chloe calls forth lightning and slashes the enemy. Lightning-elemental.
    Shuu'u Majinken 驟雨魔神剣
    6 TP, Master Majinken and Chirisazame
    Chloe performs a fast series of thrusts and then a Majinken to finish.
    Shuu'u Kogahazan 驟雨虎牙破斬
    9 TP, Master Chirisazame and Kogahazan
    Chloe performs a fast series of thrusts and then a Kogahazan to finish.
    Koga Kuuretsuzan 虎牙空裂斬
    13 TP, Master Kogahazan and Kuuretsuzan
    Chloe performs a Kuuretsuzan and Kogahazan in fast succession.
    Majinken: Kenbu 魔神剣・絢舞
    17 TP, Master Majinken and Kenbu
    Chloe slides forward, attacking with a shockwave, and then sweeps upward,
    knocking the enemy down.
    Getsuei Shoubu 月影昇舞
    19 TP, Master Shoubu and Getsueijin
    Chloe performs Shoubu and Getsueijin in succession.
    Shuu'u Genshouken 驟雨幻晶剣
    21 TP, Master Chirisazame and Genshouken
    Chloe performs Chirisazame and Genshouken in succession.
    Jin'u Kuuretsuzan 迅羽空裂斬
    25 TP, Master Jin'u and Kuuretsuzan
    Chloe performs Kuuretsuzan and Jin'u in succession.
    Kirisazame 霧沙雨
    27 TP, Master Chirisazame and Akisazame
    Chloe performs Chirisazame and Akisazame together.
    Shoubu Jinpuusen 昇舞神風閃
    29 TP, Master Shoubu and Jinpuusen
    Chloe performs Shoubu and Jinpuusen together.
    Majinken: Shunga 魔神剣・瞬牙
    34 TP, Master Majinken: Souga and Majinken
    Chloe creates a high-power shockwave.
    Shiden Getsueijin 紫電月影刃
    38 TP, Master Shuuou Raizan and Getsueijin
    Chloe stabs the enemy with a lightning-enhanced sword and knocks them down.
    Rinjin Senyougeki 鱗人閃邀撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Shippuusen+Chirisazame)
    Reversal stance. If an enemy tries to attack, Chloe counters with a series
    of thrusts. Works especially well against the Lizardmen race.
    Kyouhi Retsuyougeki 凶羆裂邀撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Kuuretsuzan+Kogahazan)
    Reversal stance. If an enemy tries to attack, Chloe counters with a series
    of sword attacks. Works especially well against the Eggbear race.
    Garou Buyougeki 餓狼舞邀撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Kenbu+Shoubu)
    Reversal stance. If an enemy tries to attack, Chloe counters with a series
    of sword attacks. Works especially well against the Galf race.
    Youken Eiyougeki 妖剣影邀撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Genshouken+Getsueiken)
    Reversal stance. If an enemy tries to attack, Chloe counters with a series
    of sword attacks. Works especially well against the GelUres Sword race.
    Kiki Jinyougeki 鬼亀迅邀撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Jin'u+Juushourai)
    Reversal stance. If an enemy tries to attack, Chloe counters with a series
    of sword attacks. Works especially well against the Dodaigame race.
    Sekki Fuuyougeki 石姫風邀撃
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Jinpuusen+Akisazame)
    Reversal stance. If an enemy tries to attack, Chloe counters with a series
    of sword attacks. Works especially well against the Diva race.
    Garyuu Ougi Accessory Effects
    Majinken: None
    Shuu'u Majinken: Attack Down
    Shuu'u Kogahazan: Defense Down
    Koga Kuuretsuzan: Hit Down
    Majinken: Kenbu: Attack Down
    Getsuei Shoubu: Bind status
    Shuu'u Genshouken: Defense Down
    Jin'u Kuuretsuzan: Hit Down
    Kirisazame: Bind status
    Shoubu Jinpuusen: Frozen status
    Majinken: Souga: Defense Down
    Majinken: Shunga: Bind status
    Shuusou Raizan: Frozen status
    Shiden Getsueijin: Panic status
    Grave グレーブ
    9 TP, Initial
    A spike of rock rises from the ground. Earth-elemental.
    Firewall ファイアウォール
    12 TP, Initial, 30 Galf and 50 Takoegg Sculptures
    Norma creates a wall of fire from under the enemy's feet. Fire-elemental.
    Icewall アイスウォール
    15 TP, Level 11, 90 Eggbear and 63 Elengi Sculptures
    Norma creates a wall of ice from under the enemy's feet. Ice-elemental.
    Booing ブーイング
    18 TP, Level 14, 130 Eggbear and 218 Takoegg Sculptures
    Lowers an enemy's attack power temporarily.
    Cheering チアリング
    20 TP, Level 17, 94 Dodaigame and 304 Takoegg Sculptures
    Raises an ally's attack power temporarily.
    Volt Arrow ヴォルトアロー
    23 TP, Level 20, 254 Meganto and 34 Dandoratula Sculptures
    Norma creates a lightning field that attacks enemies within it. Lightning-
    Silence サイレンス
    26 TP, Level 23, 447 El and 101 Piyopiyo Head Sculptures
    Seals the Soujutsu of one enemy.
    Resurrection リザレクション
    28 TP, Level 26, 418 Lizardman and 37 GelUres Sword Sculptures
    Heals all allies for some HP.
    Firestorm ファイアストーム
    31 TP, Level 29, 672 Galf and 121 Dodaigame Sculptures
    A storm of fire envelops the enemies. Fire-elemental.
    Raise Dead レイズデッド
    34 TP, Level 32, 143 Dandoratula and 332 Takoegg Sculptures
    Returns an ally to life.
    Dark Force ダークフォース
    37 TP, Level 35, 596 Phinx and 91 Hopper Fly Sculptures
    Causes a sphere of dark energy to attack the enemy. Curse-elemental.
    Booing Dance ブーイングダンス
    39 TP, Level 38, 312 Hopper and 477 Element Sculptures
    Lowers all enemies' attack power temporarily.
    Rolling Stone ローリングストーン
    42 TP, Level 41, 343 GelUres Shield and 516 Diva Sculptures
    Cause a large rock to roll across the field. Earth-elemental.
    Blizzard ブリザード
    45 TP, Level 44, 1138 Dodaigame and 349 Mandrake Sculptures
    Causes a blizzard to envelop a large area of the screen. Ice-elemental.
    Cheer Dance チアダンス
    47 TP, Level 47, 1607 Meganto and 860 Lizardman Sculptures
    Raises all allies' attack power temporarily.
    Ray レイ
    50 TP, Level 50, 862 Lizardman and 530 Mandrake Sculptures
    Creates numerous rays of light that attack the enemy. Ocean-elemental.
    Ground Dasher グランドダッシャー
    54 TP, Level 54, 1000 Gast and 743 Element Sculptures
    Causes the ground to split open and swallow the enemies. Earth-elemental.
    Black Hole ブラックホール
    57 TP, Level 58, 580 Elengi and 677 Piyopiyo Head Sculptures
    Creates a large globe of darkness. Curse-elemental.
    Tractor Beam トラクタービーム
    61 TP, Level 62, 765 Hill Angler and 656 Galdshark Sculptures
    Lifts the enemy and then drops them to the ground.
    Ancient Nova エンシェントノヴァ
    64 TP, Level 66, 601 Elengi and 1014 Mandrake Sculptures
    Creates a huge explosion to damage the enemy. Fire-elemental.
    Meteor Swarm メテオスォーム
    68 TP, Level 70, 1048 Elengi and 1618 Dragon Sculptures
    Calls down meteors from the sky. Fire-elemental.
    Rouha 狼破
    9 TP, Initial
    Moses throws a spear with a wolf-shaped aura.
    Washuu 鷲羽
    11 TP, Level 19
    Moses jumps into the air and throws a spear with an eagle aura.
    Senkou 穿孔
    13 TP, Level 24
    Moses throws a spear downwards, causing a small explosion.
    Koshin 弧心
    15 TP, Level 29
    Moses launches a spear that stuns the enemy momentarily.
    Renpa 連破
    17 TP, Level 34
    Moses throws two spears in a row.
    Ranjin 嵐陣
    19 TP, Level 39
    Moses causes many spears to focus in on the target enemy.
    Shinten 震天
    21 TP, Level 44
    Moses throws a spear into the air which causes a rain of spears downwards.
    Rekkuu 烈空
    25 TP, Level 54
    Moses throws a strong spear straight at the enemy that knocks them down.
    Kohou 虎砲
    29 TP, Level 63
    Moses makes a giant spear fall from the sky, knocking down enemies.
    Rou'u 狼羽
    27 TP, Master Rouha and Washuu
    Moses jumps into the air and throws a spear with a wolf aura.
    Senkou Rouha 穿孔狼破
    22 TP, Master Rouha and Senkou
    Moses blows the enemy into the air, then throws a spear with a wolf aura.
    Kaishin 戒心
    24 TP, Master Koshin and Renpa
    Moses jumps into the air and launches multiple spears downward.
    Senkou Ranjinsha 穿孔嵐陣射
    29 TP, Master Ranjin and Senkou
    Moses performs Ranjin and Senkou in succession.
    Retten 裂天
    17 TP, Master Shinten and Renpa
    Moses throws many spears into the air which creates a shower of spears onto
    the enemy.
    Koshin Rekkuusha 弧心烈空射
    36 TP, Master Koshin and Rekkuu
    Moses stuns the enemy with an attack, then attacks from the sky, knocking
    the enemy down.
    Rououha 狼王破
    14 TP, Master Kohou and Rouha
    Moses releases a huge wolf aura that attacks the enemy.
    Jutsushi Ryuumousha 術士龍猛射
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Rouha+Washuu)
    Moses charges up, then throws a spear into the ground that releases a
    white dragon aura. Especially effective against Els.
    Kaichou Yokumousha 怪鳥翼猛射
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Koshin+Washuu)
    Moses charges up, then throws a spear into the ground that releases a
    falcon aura. Especially effective against Piyopiyo Heads.
    Doujou Senmousha 動茸穿猛射
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Senkou+Renpa)
    Moses charges up, then throws a spear into the ground that releases a
    tiger aura. Especially effective against Elengis.
    Genkai Ranmousha 源塊嵐猛射
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Ranjin+Renpa)
    Moses charges up, then throws a spear into the ground that releases a
    lion aura. Especially effective against Elements.
    Kiran Oumousha 奇卵凰猛射
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Rekkuu+Shinten)
    Moses charges up, then throws a spear into the ground that releases a
    phoenix aura. Especially effective against Takoeggs.
    Yokubyou Retsumousha 翼猫烈猛射
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Rekkuu+Kohou)
    Moses charges up, then throws a spear into the ground that releases a
    dragon aura. Especially effective against Phinxes.
    Garyuu Ougi Accessory Effects
    Rou'u: Seal status
    Senkou Rouha: Cast Speed Down
    Kaishin: Hit Down
    Senkou Ranjinsha: Intelligence Down
    Koshin Rekkuusha: Hit Down
    Rououha: Intellligence Down
    Kunai 苦無
    13 TP, Initial
    Jay throws some knives that explode.
    Homura 焔
    13 TP, Initial
    Jay causes fire to explode from the ground. Fire-elemental.
    Hyouju 氷樹
    14 TP, Level 27
    Jay causes ice to rise from the ground. Ice-elemental.
    Kyousatsu 鏡殺
    15 TP, Level 30
    Causes Jay's moving speed to increase temporarily.
    Ansouha 闇走破
    17 TP, Level 33
    Jay charges past the enemy and attacks. Curse-elemental.
    Doran 土乱
    18 TP, Level 36
    Jay causes rocks to rise from the ground. Earth-elemental. 
    Raiden 雷電
    19 TP, Level 39
    Jay causes lightning to rise from the ground. Lightning-elemental.
    Kagenui 影縫い
    20 TP, Level 42
    Jay pins the enemy's shadow to the ground, holding them in place. Curse-
    Ukigumo 浮雲
    21 TP, Level 45
    Jay rushes at the enemy's feet, tripping them.
    Fuuga 風雅
    23 TP, Level 49
    Jay creates a whirlwind to slice the enemy.
    Shouyoku 翔翼
    24 TP, Level 53
    Jay throws some exploding knives from midair.
    Izuna-otoshi 飯綱落とし
    26 TP, Level 57
    Jay jumps on top of the enemy and attacks them from above.
    Rinmei 鈴鳴
    30 TP, Level 67
    Jay does several spinning kicks.
    Kunai: Homura 苦無・焔
    23 TP, Master Kunai and Homura
    Jay performs Kunai and Homura in succession. Fire-elemental.
    Oboro Hyouju 朧氷樹
    20 TP, Master Hyouju and Kyousatsu
    Jay causes multiple particles of ice to erupt from the ground. Ice-elemental.
    Ansou Homura 闇走焔
    24 TP, Master Homura and Ansouha
    Jay performs Ansouha and Homura together. Fire-elemental.
    Oboro Doran 朧土乱
    17 TP, Master Doran and Kyousatsu
    Jay causes multiple particles of earth to erupt from the ground. Earth-
    Ansou Raiden 闇走雷電
    26 TP, Master Raiden and Ansouha
    Jay performs Ansouha and Raiden together. Lightning-elemental.
    Kagesouha 影走破
    29 TP, Master Ansouha and Kagenui
    Jay performs Kagenui and Ansouha together. Curse-elemental.
    Ukigumo: Fuuga 浮雲・風雅
    38 TP, Master Ukigumo and Fuuga
    Jay performs Ukigumo and Fuuga together.
    Rinmei Kunai 鈴鳴苦無
    21 TP, Master Rinmei and Kunai
    Jay performs Rinmei and Kunai together.
    Gishin Rakusatsugeki 偽神落殺劇
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Kunai+Hyouju)
    Jay performs a series of fast attacks on an enemy. Especially effective
    against human enemies.
    Chouchuu Funsatsugeki 跳蟲噴殺劇
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Kyousatsu+Homura)
    Jay calls forth a mysterious energy to attack the enemy. Especially
    effective against Hoppers and Hopperflies.
    Gen'ei Sousatsugeki 幻影走殺劇
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Kyousatsu+Ansouha)
    Jay rushes back and forth slicing the enemy. Especially effective against
    Chishu Shuusatsugeki 蜘蛛蹴殺劇
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Kunai+Doran)
    Jay floats the enemy with a series of kicks. Especially effective against
    Youjun Bakusatsugeki 妖盾爆殺劇
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Ukigumo+Kagenui)
    Jay slashes the enemy multiple times and causes an explosion. Especially
    effective against GelUres Shields.
    Majin Fuusatsugeki 魔神封殺劇
    40 TP, Garyuu Ougi (Izuna-otoshi+Fuuga)
    Jay stuns the enemy with a shockwave, then throws multiple knives at
    them. Especially effective against Valts.
    Garyuu Ougi Accessory Effects
    Kunai: Homura: Fire Resistance Down
    Oboro Hyouju: Ice Resistance Down
    Ansou Homura: Curse Resistance Down
    Oboro Doran: Earth Resistance Down
    Raiden: Lightning Resistance Down
    Ansou Raiden: Lightning Resistance Down
    Kagesouha: Curse Resistance Down
    Ukigumo: Fuuga: None
    Shouyoku: Ice Resistance Down
    Rinmei: Ocean Resistance Down
    Rinmei Kunai: Fire Resistance Down
    Bloody Howling ブラッディハウリング
    37 TP, Initial
    Summons forth a sphere of dark energy. Curse-elemental.
    Aqua Laser アクアレイザー
    40 TP, Level 39, 1097 El and 652 Dodaigame Sculptures
    Grune causes a high pressures stream of water to attack the enemy. Ocean-
    Absolute アブソリュート
    43 TP, Level 42, 742 Eggbear and 534 Piyopiyo Head Sculptures
    Grune causes a field of ice to envelop the enemies. Ice-elemental.
    Brilliant Lance ブリリアントランス
    45 TP, Level 45, 45 Sea Gate and 828 Dragon Sculptures
    Cause shards of light to pierce the enemy. Ocean-elemental.
    Eruption イラプション
    50 TP, Level 48, 968 Phinx and 250 Automata Sculptures
    Causes magma to erupt from the ground. Fire-elemental.
    Demon's Lance デモンズランス
    51 TP, Level 51, 507 Dandoratula and 508 GelUres Sword Sculptures.
    Causes shards of darkness to pierce the enemy. Curse-elemental.
    Negative Blade ネガティブブレード
    54 TP, Level 56, 312 Piyopiyo and 900 Dragon Sculptures
    Creates a sword of darkness to attack the enemy. Curse-elemental.
    Ray レイ
    50 TP, Level 59, 242 Littlebear and 819 Takoegg Sculptures
    Causes rays of light to shower the enemy. Ocean-elemental.
    Black Hole ブラックホール
    57 TP, Level 63, 879 Galf and 845 Ground Gate Sculptures
    Creates a large globe of darkness. Curse-elemental.
    Maelstrom メイルシュトローム
    65 TP, Level 67, 2262 El and 1074 Hopper Sculptures
    Causes a huge whirlpool to swallow the enemies. Ocean-elemental.
    God Breath ゴッドブレス
    69 TP, Level 71, 500 Gentelmen and 750 Valt Sculptures
    Calls down judgment from the heavens. Ocean-elemental.
    Fireball ファイアボール
    52 TP, Initial
    Sends fireballs raining down on the enemy. Fire-elemental.
    Cure キュア
    39 TP, Initial
    Heals one party member fully.
    Cheering チアリング
    20 TP, Level 52, 1461 Dodaigame and 424 Hopperfly Sculptures
    Raises the attack power of one ally temporarily.
    Ice Wall アイスウォール
    54 TP, Level 55, 1001 Diva and 592 Dandoratula Sculptures
    Causes a block of ice to rise from under the enemy. Ice-elemental.
    Indignation インディグネイション
    57 TP, Level 58, 975 Dragon and 397 Galdshark Sculptures
    Calls down a powerful bolt of lightning. Lightning-elemental.
    Ground Dasher グランドダッシャー
    60 TP, Level 61, 2003 El and 1106 Phinx Sculptures
    Causes the ground to open and swallow the enemies. Earth-elemental.
    Blizzard ブリザード
    63 TP, Level 64, 921 Lizardman and 581 Elengi Sculptures
    Causes a blizzard to attack all of the enemies on the screen. Ice-elemental.
    Shelter シェルター
    47 TP, Level 67, 878 GelUres Sword and 927 Element Sculptures
    Raises the defense of all party members temporarily.
    Shooting Star シューティングスター
    68 TP, Level 70, 1295 Diva and 1014 Mandrake Sculptures
    Calls down countless comets to attack the enemy. Ice-elemental.
    Tractor Beam トラクタービーム
    71 TP, Level 73, 1227 Galf and 1000 Hill Angler Sculptures
    Lifts the enemy and drops them to the ground.
    Tidal Wave タイダルウェーブ
    73 TP, Level 76, 2221 Piyopiyo Head and 400 Dino Worm Sculptures
    Causes a gigantic pillar of water to swallow the enemies. Ocean-elemental.
    All recipes in ToL are for different kinds of bread or bread-related
    food, such as sandwiches. There are two kinds of recipes in Legendia.
    Basic recipes are learned by finding Mimmy Bread while exploring the world.
    Like the Wonder Chefs of previous Tales games, Mimmy Bread is usually
    disguised as an innocuous-yet-out-of-place item, like a piggy bank.
    Another set of recipes, the Arrange type, is learned as you practice the 
    basic recipes over and over again; they might require using a specific
    recipe 5 times, for instance.
    To use a recipe you must go to a bakery in town and use the oven there.
    What you make can then be carried with you in your 'bread basket', and
    your finished product can be used like any other item in your inventory.
    You can hold up to 10 pieces of bread in the bead basket at once. As
    opposed to previous Tales games, there is no limit as to how many times
    you can eat between battles.
    For the recipes that require you to make X number of a kind of recipe,
    you can mix and match types. For instance, if you need to make 25
    Toasts, you can fulfill that condition by making 12 Toast and 13 Jam
    Toast, or all Toast, or all Jam Toast, etc.
    For the recipes that you learn from Mimmy, if you miss one you can still
    go back later; however you won't get the scene with Mimmy that you would
    have had you found her when you were supposed to, she'll just leave
    you a letter instead.
    Toast トースト
    Bread, Butter
    Heal HP 15%
    Gained automatically in the event at Fallingwater.
    Jam Toast ジャムトースト
    Bread, Butter, Jam
    Heal HP 20%
    Make Toast 5 times.
    Garlic Toast ガーリックトースト
    Baguette, Butter, Garlic, Parsley
    Heal HP 25%
    Make a total of 25 Toasts.
    French Toast フレンチトースト
    Baguette, Butter, Egg, Milk
    Heal HP 25%, Cure Poison
    Make a total of 50 Toasts.
    Ham Sandwich ハムサンド
    Bread, Butter, Ham
    Heal TP 15%
    Check the paper crane at Misty Mountains.
    Tuna Sandwich ツナサンド
    Bread, Butter, Tuna
    Heal TP 20%
    Make Ham Sandwich 10 times.
    Strawberry Sandwich イチゴサンド
    Bread, Strawberry, Cream
    Heal TP 25%, Cure Poison
    Make a total of 25 Sandwiches.
    Cutlet Sandwich カツサンド
    Bread, Butter, Lettuce, Beef
    Heal TP 25%, Cure Petrify
    Make a total of 40 Sandwiches.
    Mixed Sandwich ミックスサンド
    Bread, Butter, Ham, Tuna, Lettuce, Beef
    Heal TP 35%
    Make a total of 60 Sandwiches.
    Hamburger ハンバーガー
    Buns, Hamburg, Lettuce, Pickles 
    Heal HP 20% 
    Check the statue at the Old Mofumofu Village.
    Cheeseburger チーズバーガー
    Buns, Hamburg, Lettuce, Cheese
    Heal HP 25%
    Make Hamburger 10 times.
    Fishburger フィッシュバーガ
    Buns, Cheese, Cod
    Heal HP 30%
    Make a total of 25 Burgers.
    Scallopburger ホタテバーガー
    Buns, Lettuce, Scallop
    Heal HP 40%
    Make a total of 40 Burgers.
    Healthy Burger ヘルシーバーガー
    Buns, Parsley, Lettuce, Tomato, Hamburg, Pickles, Onion, Carrot, Radish
    Heal HP 50%, Raise Dead
    Make a total of 60 Burgers. 
    Bagel: Salmon ベーグル・サーモン 
    Bagel, Cream Cheese, Salmon 
    Heal HP and TP 15% 
    Check the Pacman at Mofumofu Village.
    Bagel: Beef ベーグル・ビーフ
    Bagel, Cream Cheese, Beef
    Heal HP and TP 20%
    Make Bagel: Salmon 10 times.
    Bagel: Chicken ベーグル・チキン
    Bagel, Creem Cheese, Chicken
    Heal HP and TP 20%, Cure Petrify
    Make a total of 25 Bagels.
    Hot Dog ホットドッグ
    Hot Dog Bun, Sausage, Cabbage
    Heal HP and TP 15% 
    Check the pot lid at the Werites Weapon/Armor Shop in Chapter 2.
    Spicy Dog スパイシードッグ
    Hot Dog Bun, Sausage, Cabbage, Mustard
    Heal HP and TP 20%
    Make Hot Dog 10 times.
    Cheese Dog チーズドッグ
    Hot Dog Bun, Sausage, Cabbage, Cheese
    Heal HP and TP 30%
    Make a total of 25 Dogs.
    Yakisoba Bread ヤキソバパン
    Hot Dog Bun, Cabbage, Noodles, Onion, Pork, Sauce
    Heal HP and TP 40%
    Make a total of 40 Dogs.
    Butter Roll バターロール
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Skim Milk 
    Heal HP 40% 
    Found in a treasure chest in Mofumofu Village.
    Anpan アンパン
    Breadmaking Set, Egg, Skim Milk, Red Bean Paste
    Heal TP 50%
    Check the traffic cone in Pippo's workshop after the Great Hollow.
    Creampan クレームパン
    Breadmaking Set, Egg, Skim Milk, Custard Cream
    Heal TP 60%
    Check the Christmas Tree at Mauritz's Hermitage.
    Choco Coronet チョココロネ
    Breadmaking Set, Egg, Skim Milk, Chocolate
    Heal TP 70%
    Check the tea table on the Front Line.
    Melonpan メロンパン
    Breadmaking Set, Egg, Melon, Lard, Baking Powder
    Heal HP 60% and TP 25%
    Check the Wadadon in the Werites Item Shop from Chapter 5 onwards.
    Chocolate Chop Melonpan チョコチップメロンパン
    Breadmaking Set, Egg, Melon, Lard, Baking Powder, Chocolate
    Heal HP 60% and TP 50%
    Make Melonpan 10 times.
    Croissant クロワッサン
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Milk
    Heal HP and TP 70%
    Check the bonsai in the Werites Inn (Character Quest).
    Pizza ピザ
    Breadmaking Set, Tomato, Cheese, Mushroom, Pepperoni
    Heal HP 60%
    Check the wedding cake in the Man-Eating Ruins.
    Seafood Pizza シーフードピザ
    Breadmaking Set, Cheese, Scallop, Cod, Shrimp, Squid
    Heal HP 70%, Cure Poison
    Make Pizza 10 times.
    Tropical Pizza トロピカルピザ
    Breadmaking Set, Tomato, Ham, Pineapple, Banana
    Heal HP 80%, Cure Petrify
    Make a total of 25 Pizzas.
    Spicy Pizza スパイシーピザ
    Breadmaking Set, Cheese, Tomato, Mustard, Mushroom, Pepperoni, Toban Sauce
    Heal HP 80%, Cure all status effects
    Make a total of 40 Pizzas.
    Muffin マフィン
    Breadmaking Set, Egg, Lard
    Raise dead with 60% HP
    Check the knight piece at the Village of the Ferines.
    Chocolate Chip Muffin チョコチップマフィン
    Breadmaking Set, Egg, Lard, Chocolate
    Raise dead with 65% HP and 25% TP
    Make Muffin 10 times.
    Long Donut ロングドーナツ
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg
    Cures all status effects
    Check the Daruma in the Earth Monument (Character Quest).
    Pudding Bread プリンパン
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Pudding
    Heal HP and TP 100%
    Make the recipe at the Synthesis Shop.
    Apple Pie アップルパイ
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Apple
    Heal HP 60% and TP 50%
    Check the kettle in the Bakery from the middle of Chapter 7.
    Banana Pie バナナパイ
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Banana
    Heal HP 65% and TP 55%
    Make Apple Pie 10 times.
    Mabo Pie マーボーパイ
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Garlic, Pork, Tofu, Toban Sauce
    Heal HP 75% and TP 65%
    Make a total of 25 Pies.
    Baumkuchen バームクーヘン
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Milk, Baking Powder
    Raises dead
    Check the cactus in The Crags (Character Quest)
    Crepe クレープ
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Milk, Cream
    Heal HP 60% and TP 50%
    Check the milk at the Werites Bar from the middle of Chapter 7.
    Strawberry Crepe ストロベリークレープ
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Milk, Cream, Strawberry
    Heal HP 65% and TP 50%, Cure Poison
    Make Crepe 10 times.
    Melon Crepe メロンクレープ
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Milk, Cream, Melon
    Heal HP 65% and TP 60%
    Make a total of 25 Crepes.
    Pineapple Crepe パインクレープ
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Milk, Cream, Pineapple
    Heal HP 65% and TP 60%, Cure Petrify
    Make a total of 40 Crepes.
    Scallop Crepe ホタテクレープ
    Breadmaking Set, Butter, Egg, Milk, Cream, Scallop
    Heal HP 70% and TP 65%
    Make a total of 60 Crepes.
    Curry Bread カレーパン
    Breadmaking Set, Milk, Egg, Beef, Onion, Curry Powder, Carrot
    Heal HP 85% and TP 50%
    Check the S Flag in the Battle Arena in Werites (Character Quest).
    Mabo Bread マーボーパン
    Breadmaking Set, Garlic, Pork, Tofu, Toban Sauce
    Heal HP 80% and TP 65%
    Check the back area of the Misty Mountains with the Sorcery Scanner.
    Mabo Curry Bread マーボーカレパン
    Breadmaking Set, Garlic, Pork, Tofu, Toban Sauce, Curry Powder, Onion
    Heal HP and TP 80%
    Make Mabo Bread 10 times.
    Fish Stew Bread 魚鍋パン
    Breadmaking Set, Scallop, Cod, Salmon, Shrimp, Squid, Mushroom
    Heal HP and TP 90%, Cure all status effects
    Check the snowman in the Fire Monument (Character Quest).
    Meat Stew Bread 肉鍋パン
    Breadmaking Set, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Tofu, Cabbage, Mushroom, Carrot, Radish
    Heal HP and TP 100%, Raise Dead, Cure all status effects
    Learn all other recipes, then talk to the Baker Grandma in Werites.
    Titles are earned by your characters through story events, feats in 
    battle, and so on. Some titles are shared among all characters in your
    party, while others are specific to each character. Equipping a
    title will give you a bonus to your stats while that title is equipped;
    titles can be changed in the Equip menu. 
    This section lists the titles in the game by character, with titles
    shared between characters listed at the end. For more details on how to
    actually obtain the titles, see my separate Titles FAQ.
    Kind Brother やさしいお兄ちゃん Default
    Cowardly Brother いくじなしお兄ちゃん INT+1
    Bum Brother ろくでなしお兄ちゃん INT+2
    Stubborn Brother どんかんお兄ちゃん HIT+1
    Still Brother いまだにお兄ちゃん LUCK+1
    Sleepy Brother ねぼすけお兄ちゃん EVA+1
    Brutish Brother ひとでなしお兄ちゃん INT+3
    Flowery Martial Artist 花の格闘家 LUCK+3
    Puzzle Master パズルマスター INT+4
    True Puzzle Master 真パズルマスター INT+5
    He Who Knows the Forest 森を知る者 LUCK+4
    He Who Knows the Palace 宮殿を知る者 LUCK+4
    Baker パン屋 DEF+5 HIT+5
    Bread Master パンマスター ATK+5 HIT+4
    Battler 闘士 HP+20
    Conqueror 覇王 HP+30
    Martial Emperor 武帝 TP+20
    God of Battle 戦神 TP+25
    God of War 闘神 HP+50 TP+25
    Daredevil がむしゃら HIT+3 EVA+3
    Indecisive 優柔不断 EVA+3
    Speed-of-sound Warrior 音速の戦士 ATK+3 HIT+3
    Halfwit うすのろ HP+30 EVA+3
    Give Orders 命令させろ ATK+2
    Battle Administrator 戦闘奉行 HIT+3
    Tears of Loneliness おさみしなみだ  EVA+3
    Unreliable Brother たよりないお兄ちゃん HP+30
    Enthusiastic Brother はりきるお兄ちゃん ATK+3
    Popular Senel もてもてセネル TP+15 DEF+3
    Solidarity 一致団結 ATK+3
    True Martial Artist 真の格闘家 HP+50
    Lightspeed Fist 光速の拳 HP+50 ATK+5 HIT+5
    Scholarly Old Man 博物オヤジ Default
    Lightning old Man 雷オヤジ ATK+1
    Maniac Old Man マニアオヤジ INT+1
    Attacking Old Man 攻めてるオヤジ HIT+1
    Stubborn Old Man 堅物オヤジ HIT+2
    Ironfisted Old Man 鉄拳オヤジ ATK+2
    Professor Old Man 先生オヤジ LUCK+1
    Old Man of Flowers 花のオヤジ INT+2
    Janitor 清掃員 INT+3
    Rare Monster Master レアモン使い DEF+5 INT+5
    Researcher 研究者 TP+15
    Scholar 学者 TP+20
    Professor 博士 HP+30
    Sage 賢者 HP+40
    Great Sage 大賢者 HP+50 TP+25
    Hammer Instead of Pen ペンよりハンマー ATK+4
    Great Variety バラエティに富む INT+5 HIT+3
    Intelli-champ インテリチャンプ TP+25 DEF+5 INT+5
    Girl Swordsman 少女剣士 Default
    Aloof Swordsman つんつん剣士 ATK+1
    Terrible Swimmer Swordsman カナヅチ剣士 EVA+1
    Houseguest Swordsman いそうろう剣士 HP+10
    Girlish Heart Swordsman おとめごころ剣士 EVA+2
    Can't Become Honest Swordsman すなおになれない剣士 TP+5
    Yearned Swordsman なつかれ剣士 HIT+1
    Morning Returner Swordsman 朝帰り剣士 LUCK+1
    Dreamer Girl 夢見る少女 LUCK+2
    Straightman ツッコミ HIT+3
    Masked One 仮面の人 DEF+3 INT+3
    Lower-class Knight 下級騎士 HP+20
    Upper-class Knight 上級騎士 HP+30
    Royal Guard ロイヤルガード TP+20
    Paladin パラディン TP+25
    Knight of Legend ナイトオブレジェンド HP+50 TP+25
    Beautiful Finish 華麗なるフィニッシュ TP+15 ATK+3
    Rain and Hail ・め・られ HIT+4
    Soul Edge ソウルエッジ HP+50 ATK+5 HIT+5
    Treasure Girl おたから娘 Default
    Bubble Girl シャボン娘 DEF+1
    Fast-asleep Girl ばくすい娘 INT+1
    Frivolous Girl ヘラヘラ娘 TP+5
    Naming Girl ネーミング娘 HIT+1
    Naive Girl じゅんぱく娘 INT+2
    Favorite Pupil Girl まなでし娘 LUCK+1
    Imitator Girl ものまね娘 ATK+1
    Seeker of Love 愛の探求者 HIT+3
    Scan Master スキャンマスター LUCK+5
    Delinquent Girl 休学娘 LUCK+3
    Greatest Treasure Hunter 至高の宝・ハンター LUCK+2
    Collector Soul コレクター魂 INT+5 HIT+4
    Rich One お金持ち HP+50 LUCK+5
    Pretty Girl プリティガール TP+15
    Noisy Girl やかましガール TP+20
    Beautiful Girl ビューティフルガール HP+30
    Wonderful Girl ワンダフルガール HP+40
    Eternal Girl 永遠のガール HP+50 TP+25
    One-track Mind 進んだら一直線 ATK+3
    All Luxuries 贅沢三昧 DEF+4 INT+4
    The Sky is Blue 空が青い EVA+3
    Exhilirated ウハウハ TP+25 INT+5
    Bubble Master バブルマスター TP+25 DEF+5 INT+5
    Beasttamer Man 魔獣使いの男 Default
    Hit-often Man ボコられる男 EVA+1
    Family Love Man 家族愛の男 DEF+1
    Dirty Man フケツの男 HIT+1
    Instinct Man 本能の男 ATK+1
    Man Among Men 男の中の男 EVA+2
    Wild Man 野生の男 HP+10
    Empathetic Man 人情の男 HIT+1
    Pirate 海賊 HP+40 INT+3
    Big Brother ・にき HP+20
    Naughty Big Brother やんちゃな・にき HP+30
    Wandering Big Brother はっちゃけ・にき TP+20
    Strongest of the Legacy Big Brother 遺跡船最強・にき TP+25
    Strongest in the World Big Brother 世界最強・にき HP+50 TP+25
    Bullet 鉄砲玉 ATK+3 HIT+3
    Seven Falls, Eight Rises 七転び八起き HP+30 ATK+3
    Crying Face 泣きっ面にはち TP+15 DEF+3
    Good Brawler ケンカ上等 HP+50 ATK+5 HIT+5
    "Unseen" Jay 「不可視」のジェイ Default
    "Taunting" Jay 「挑発」のジェイ HIT+1
    "Spoiled" Jay 「かたなし」のジェイ DEF+1
    "Cheeky" Jay 「生意気」のジェイ INT+1
    "Thundering Voice" Jay 「一喝」のジェイ ATK+1
    "Rebellious" Jay 「ひねくれ」のジェイ EVA+1
    "Youngest" Jay 「末っ子」のジェイ LUCK+1
    "Crying" Jay 「泣きべそ」のジェイ ATK+2
    Flavor of Home 家庭の味 EVA+4 LUCK+3
    Beginner Boy かけだし少年 HP+30
    Swift Boy しゅんそく少年 TP+20
    Sonic Speed Boy 音速少年 TP+25
    Light Speed Boy 光速少年 HP+50 TP+25
    No Deviations 偏りがち DEF+4
    Killer Jay 殺し屋ジェイ HP+50 ATK+5 HIT+5
    Mysterious Sister なぞのねえさん Default
    Confused Sister どさくさねえさん DEF+1
    Careless Sister うっかりねえさん HIT+1
    Singer Sister うたひめねえさん LUCK+1
    Will-ish Sister うぃるすねえさん ATK+1
    Easygoing Sister ほんわかねえさん EVA+1
    Sharp Sister しゃっきりねえさん INT+1
    Bathtime バスタイム LUCK+2
    Model モデル TP+20
    Beautiful Model 美人モデル HP+30
    Super Model スーパーモデル HP+40
    Heavenly Maiden 天女 HP+50 TP+25
    Let Her Drink Too Much のませすぎ EVA+3
    Doesn't Learn 学習しない LUCK+2
    Lethargic Syndrome 無気力症候群 EVA+4 TP Consumption 1/2
    Relies on Others 他力本願 LUCK +2
    Queen 女王様 TP+25 DEF+5 INT+5
    Praying Girl いのる少女 Default
    Cheerful Girl うきうき少女 EVA+1
    Can't-Call Girl 呼べない少女 HP+10
    Jealous Girl やきもち少女 DEF+1
    Blessing Girl 祝福の少女 LUCK+1
    Slapping Girl ひっぱたき少女 ATK+1
    Teasing? Girl いじめっこ?少女 TP+5
    Girl of Hope 希望の少女 HIT+1
    Attracting Girl 看板娘 INT+4
    Representative of the Souga 滄我の代行者 TP+20
    Child of the Ocean 海の申し子 HP+40
    Proud MelNes 気高きメルネス HP+50 TP+25
    In Charge of Items アイテム係 EVA+3
    Proper Girl おすまし DEF+4
    Pound Them たたみかけ INT+4
    One Woman 紅一点 EVA+3
    Angry MelNes 怒りのメルネス TP+25 DEF+5 INT+5
    Combo Beginner コンボ初級者 ATK+3 (All Characters)
    Combo Initiate コンボ有段者 HP+40 (All Characters)
    Combo Master コンボ達人 TP+25 (All Characters)
    Combo Graduate コンボ免許皆伝 HP+50 TP+25 (All Characters)
    No Women むさい HP+30 ATK+3 (Senel, Will, Moses, Jay)
    Four Women 紅四点 INT+3 EVA+3 (Chloe, Norma, Grune, Shirley)
    Berserker バーサーカー HP+30 ATK+5 (Senel, Chloe, Moses, Jay)
    Wizard ウィザード TP+15 INT+5 (Will, Norma, Grune, Shirley)
    Berserk ベルセルク HP+40 ATK+4 (Senel, Chloe, Moses, Jay)
    Arts-type Master アーツ系制覇 HP+50 ATK+5 (Senel, Chloe, Moses, Jay)
    Breath-type Master ブレス系制覇 INT+5 (Will, Norma, Grune, Shirley)
    One-hit Kill 一撃必殺 ATK+3 INT+3 (All Except Senel)
    Q. When is this game coming out in North America?
    A. There has been no official release date set for NA. Some news sites
    have guessed Spring '06, but these are just that, guesses.
    Q. Is the game coming out in Europe?
    A. Unknown at this time. It probably depends on how well it sells in Japan
    and maybe NA.
    Q. How can I play multiplayer?
    A. Unlike previous Tales games, Legendia is 1P only. Sorry.
    Q. What about secret dungeons?
    A. At this point in time no secret dungeon for Legendia has yet been
    Q. How do I do hi-ougis?
    A. At this point in time no hi-ougis have yet been discovered.
    Q. No multiplayer, no secret dungeons, no hi-ougis? This game sucks!
    A. It's your choice to see it that way if you wish. The gameplay for
    Legendia might be on the simple side, but story-wise, character-wise,
    and music-wise, Legendia is the best game in the entire Tales series,
    Q. How do I change characters during battle?
    Q. How do I throw away items?
    Q. How do I get the Monster Collection?
    Q. How do I unlock the music test?
    A. These do not exist in Tales of Legendia.
    Q. Where can I get ingredients to cook?
    A. Eventually the bakery in Werites will sell most of the ingredients
    that you need. For the seafood items, you'll either have to go to the
    Mofumofu Village or the merchant in the Quiet Lands. There are two
    ingredients that are not sold anywhere: Radish and Pudding. Radishes
    can be found in many treasure chests, while Pudding is found in a few
    treasure chests, and is also a rare drop of some monsters in the Wings
    of Light.
    Q. How come my throws aren't working?
    A. Read more carefully. A specific throw is limited in what race or weight
    class of enemy it can successfully throw. If your throw is not working,
    you are trying to use it against the wrong kind of enemy. Use the 
    Targetting menu (R1) and Spectacles to check what race/weight class an 
    enemy is if you aren't sure.
    Q. Aren't the elements kind of weird in this game?
    A. If you think about the story and how important the ocean is to the story,
    I guess it makes sense that 'water' and 'light' elemental effects from
    previous Tales games got condensed into one 'Ocean' element. There's no
    wind element, though, so yes, they are kind of unusual.
    9. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    Namco for another great Tales of game.
    Shinryu and Aurelious for informing me of planned name changes for the
      US release.
    MasterLL for telling me about the ability to return to camp quickly halfway
      through the Bridge Plains.
    Shinryu and Holystar for telling me about some items I missed.
    The only website authorized to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. If
    you see this document elsewhere, not only are they posting without my
    permission, but they likely do not have the most current version of
    this FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ,
    even if the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be
    deleted without response.
    This FAQ Copyright 2005 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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