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    Soujutsu List by Kouli

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    -- Tales Of Legendia --
    -- Soujutsu List --
    -- By Ken "Kouli/Ice" Zhao (kenzhao99@yahoo.com) --
    -- Version 0.2 --
    <Beforehand Words>
    This Soujutsu(Claw Skill) List is based on the Japanese version of "Tales Of
    Legendia" that is released on August 25th, 2005. The game itself is made by
    MelFes(Namco) and published by Namco.
    Soujutsu(Claw Skill) is basically Tech/Spell in this game. It divides into 2
    types: Arts Type(Tech) and Breath Type(Spell). However, ONLY Arts Type has
    Garyuu(Self Style) Ougi. There are 8 playable characters in the game and there
    are 4 with each type.
    <Update Log>
    \August 29, 2005/
    - Version 0.1, done on all Breath Type and just Senel's for Arts Type
    \August 30, 2005/
    - Version 0.2, done the rest of the Arts Type
    <Arts Type>
    The Tech in the game. It divides up to Tokugi and Ougi. Each Tech has a counter
    called Proficiency. Basically, it counts how many times you have used that Tech
    so far. However, it has a limit, at 50. That means you max it out at 50/50.
    When you do get 50/50, you get the Essential Point of that Tech. This is needed
    for making Garyuu Ougi. Aside from the 50/50 counter, you can also tell whether
    you have obtained the Essential Point of that Tech by it is flashing or not.
    If it's flashing, you have obtained the Essential Point already.
    Garyuu Ougi requires 2 Main Essential Points and 1 Sub Essential Point. Notice
    each Tech you have, there is a colored symbol for them? Well, Main Essential
    Point 1 requires Techs with Orange Symbols, Main Essential Point 2 requires
    Techs with Blue Symbols and Sub Essential Point requires Techs with Green
    Another thing about Garyuu Ougi: Main Essential Point 1 and 2 define whichever
    Garyuu Ougi you get, Sub Essential Point mostly acts as an Attachment. These
    Attachment gets all sorts of bonus effects. I will just talk about which 2
    Main Essential Points get you which Garyuu Ougi.
    As for normal Ougi, it's basically a combination of 2 Tokugi. That means you
    need to get 50/50 for 2 specific Tokugi in order to get the Ougi. To learn a
    Tokugi, you just need to meet the specific level.
    Keep it in mind that the translation is merely a direct translation of the
    kanji. They are never meant make much sense.
    ~Senel Coolidge~
    -- Tokugi --
    ~Majinken (Demon God Fist), 4 TP
    ~Majinken Souga (Demon God Fist Twin Fang), 17 TP
    ~Rengadan (Chain Fang Bullet), 14 TP
    ~Bakugadan (Burst Fang Bullet), 27 TP
    ~Funryuugeki (Erupt Dragon Attack), 8 TP
    ~Hienrenkyaku (Flying Swallow Chain Kick), 13 TP
    ~Genryuuken (Illusional Dragon Fist), 4 TP
    ~Bakuryuuken (Burst Dragon Fist), 21 TP
    ~Yousoukyaku (Hawk Claw Kick), 9 TP
    ~Rondosenpuu (Round Dance Whirlwind), 16 TP
    ~Garyuusai (Crouching Dragon Crush), 19 TP
    ~Hakugekishou (Force Attack Palm), 5 TP
    ~Shishisenkou (Lion Battle Roar), 23 TP
    ~Goushourai (Sturdy Invitation), 11 TP
    ~Hououtenku (Phoenix Sky Drive), 31 TP, Fire Attribute
    ~Keigansairakugeki (Light Rock Crush Drop Attack), 6 TP
    ~Renganhourakugeki (Refine Rock Crumble Drop Attack), 10 TP
    ~Rekiganhakurakugeki (Stone Rock Force Drop Attack), 13 TP
    ~Kyoganretsurakugeki (Big Rock Split Drop Attack), 17 TP
    ~Gakuganzetsurakugeki (Prison Rock Abstain Drop Attack), 20 TP
    ~Banbutsushintsuigeki (All Creation Divine Chase Attack), 40 TP
    -- Ougi --
    ~Ryuuoutenku (Dragon Phoenix Sky Drive), 39 TP, Fire Attribute
     - Garyuusai+Hououtenku
    ~Shinryuugeki (Divine Dragon Attack), 10 TP
     - Funryuugeki+Hakugekishou
    ~Majinken Ryuuga (Demon God Fist Dragon Fang), 22 TP
     - Majinken+Majinken Souga
    ~Bakugekishou (Burst Attack Palm), 7 TP
     - Majinken+Hakugekishou
    ~Hakugekisenkou (Force Attack Battle Roar), 29 TP
     - Hakugekishou+Shishisenkou
    ~Rengahienkyaku (Chain Fang Flying Swallow Kick), 18 TP
     - Hienrenkyaku+Rengadan
    ~Hakugekigoushourai (Force Attack Sturdy Invitation), 14 TP
     - Goushourai+Hakugekishou
    ~Majingenryuuken (Demon God Illusional Dragon Fist), 6 TP
     - Majinken+Genryuuken
    ~Rondofunryuurengeki (Round Dance Erupt Dragon Chain Attack), 20 TP
     - Rondosenpuu+Funryuugeki
    ~Hirengenryuuken (Flying Chain Illusional Dragon Fist), 16 TP
     - Hienrenkyaku+Genryuuken
    ~Rondobakugadan (Round Dance Burst Fang Bullet), 34 TP
     - Bakugadan+Rondosenpuu
    ~Saigabakuryuuken (Crush Crouching Burst Dragon Fist), 27 TP
     - Bakuryuuken+Garyuusai
    -- Garyuu Ougi --
    ~Kyoukirakutsuigeki (Evil Oni Drop Chase Attack), 40 TP
     - Keigansairakugeki+Funryuugeki
    ~Toumameitsuigeki (Pipe Demon Dark Chase Attack), 40 TP
     - Keigansairakugeki+Genryuuken
    ~Gyorinsakutsuigeki (Fish Scale Sharpen Chase Attack), 40 TP
     - Renganhourakugeki+Goushourai
    ~Yougahoutsuigeki (Devil Crouching Crumble Chase Attack), 40 TP
     - Rekiganhakurakugeki+Goushourai
    ~Sonnougokutsuigeki (Revered King Prison Chase Attack), 40 TP
     - Kyoganretsurakugeki+Majinken Souga
    ~Oujakoutsuigeki (Venerable Snake Strangle Chase Attack), 40 TP
     - Kyoganretsurakugeki+Rengadan
    ~Guukisantsuigeki (Same Machine Kind Scatter Chase Attack), 40 TP
     - Gakuganzetsurakugeki+Bakuryuuken
    ~Haoujintsuigeki (Tyrant Swift Chase Attack), 40 TP
     - Gakuganzetsurakugeki+Garyuusai
    ~Moukaisentsuigeki (Fierce Sea Flash Chase Attack), 40 TP
     - Gakuganzetsurakugeki+Shishisenkou
    ~Mujinkeitsuigeki (Mist God ? Chase Attack), 40 TP
     - Gakuganzetsurakugeki+Hououtenku
    ~Chloe Valens~
    -- Tokugi --
    ~Majinken (Demon God Sword), 5 TP
    ~Majinken Souga (Demon God Sword Twin Fang), 27 TP
    ~Chirisazame (Scatter Sand Rain), 5 TP
    ~Akisazame (Autumn Sand Rain), 21 TP
    ~Jinu (Swift Feather), 19 TP
    ~Kogahazan (Tiger Fang Break Slash), 7 TP
    ~Shoubu (Rising Dance), 11 TP
    ~Kenbu (Design Dance), 13 TP
    ~Kuuretsuzan (Sky Split Slash), 10 TP
    ~Shuusouraizan (Attacking Claw Thunder Slash), 31 TP, Thunder Attribute
    ~Genshouken (Illusional Crystal Sword), 16 TP
    ~Shippuusen (Hurricane Flash), 8 TP
    ~Jinpuusen (Divine Wind Flash), 23 TP
    ~Getsueijin (Moon Shadow Edge), 15 TP
    ~Juushourai (Soft Invitation), 18 TP
    -- Ougi --
    ~Majinken Shunga (Demon God Sword Blink Fang), 34 TP
     - Majinken Souga+Majinken
    ~Shidengetsueijin (Purple Lightning Moon Shadow Edge), 39 TP, Thunder Attribute
     - Shuusouraizan+Getsueijin
    ~Majinken Kenbu (Demon God Sword Design Dance), 17 TP
     - Kenbu+Majinken
    ~Kirisazame (Mist Sand Rain), 27 TP
     - Akisazame+Chirisazame
    ~Getsueishoubu (Moon Shadow Rising Dance), 19 TP
     - Shoubu+Getsueijin
    ~Shuuumajinken (Sudden Rain Demon God Sword), 6 TP
     - Chirisazame+Majinken
    ~Shuuukogahazan (Sudden Rain Tiger Fang Break Slash), 9 TP
     - Chirisazame+Kogahazan
    ~Shuuugenshouken (Sudden Rain Illusional Crystal Sword), 21 TP
     - Chirisazame+Genshouken
    ~Jinukuuretsuzan (Swift Feather Sky Split Slash), 25 TP
     - Jinu+Kuuretsuzan
    ~Kogakuuretsuzan (Tiger Fang Sky Split Slash), 13 TP
     - Kuuretsuzan+Kogahazan
    ~Shoubujinpuusen (Rising Dance Divine Wind Flash), 29 TP
     - Jinpuusen+Shoubu
    -- Garyuu Ougi --
    ~Kikijinyougeki (Oni Turtle Swift Calling Attack), 40 TP
     - Jinu+Juushourai
    ~Garoubuyougeki (Hungry Wolf Dance Calling Attack), 40 TP
     - Kenbu+Shoubu
    ~Kyouhiretsuyougeki (Evil Bear Split Calling Attack), 40 TP
     - Kuuretsuzan+Kogahazan
    ~Youkeneiyougeki (Devil Sword Shadow Calling Attack), 40 TP
     - Genshouken+Getsueijin
    ~Rinjinsenyougeki (Scale Kind Flash Calling Attack), 40 TP
     - Shippuusen+Chirisazame
    ~Sekkifuuyougeki (Stone Princess Wind Calling Attack), 40 TP
     - Jinpuusen+Akisazame
    ~Moses Sandor~
    -- Tokugi --
    ~Rouha (Wolf Break), 9 TP
    ~Renpa (Chain Break), 17 TP
    ~Washuu (Eagle Feather), 11 TP
    ~Shinten (Shaking Sky), 21 TP
    ~Rekkuu (Furious Sky), 25 TP
    ~Ranjin (Storm Formation), 19 TP
    ~Koshin (Fox Heart), 15 TP
    ~Senkou (Perforation), 13 TP
    ~Kohou (Tiger Cannon), 29 TP
    -- Ougi --
    ~Rououha (Wolf King Break), 14 TP
     - Kohou+Rouha
    ~Retten (Split Sky), 17 TP
     - Shinten+Renpa
    ~Senkourouha (Perforation), 22 TP
     - Rouha+Senkou
    ~Kaishin (Causion), 24 TP
     - Koshin+Renpa
    ~Rouu (Wolf Feather), 27 TP
     - Rouha+Washuu
    ~Senkouranjinsha (Perforation Storm Formation Shoot), 29 TP
     - Ranjin+Senkou
    ~Koshinrekkuusha (Fox Heart Furious Sky Shoot), 36 TP
     - Rekkuu+Koshin
    -- Garyuu Ougi --
    ~Jutsushiryuumousha (Spell User Dragon Fierce Shoot), 40 TP
     - Rouha+Washuu
    ~Kiranoumousha (Strange Egg Phoenix Fierce Shoot), 40 TP
     - Rekkuu+Shinten
    ~Yokubyouretsumousha (Wing Cat Furious Fierce Shoot), 40 TP
     - Rekkuu+Kohou
    ~Genkairanmousha (Origin Cluster Storm Fierce Shoot), 40 TP
     - Ranjin+Renpa
    ~Kaichouyokumousha (Suspicious Bird Wing Fierce Shoot), 40 TP
     - Koshin+Washuu
    ~Doujousenmousha (Moving Mushroom Pierce Fierce Shoot), 40 TP
     - Senkou+Renpa
    -- Tokugi --
    ~Kunai (Throwing Knife), 13 TP
    ~Shouyoku (Soar Wing), 25 TP
    ~Kyousatsu (Mirror Kill), 15 TP
    ~Ansouha (Darkness Run Break), 17 TP, Curse Attribute
    ~Idzunaotoshi (Fox Spirit Drop), 26 TP
    ~Rinmei (Bell Chirp), 30 TP
    ~Ukigumo (Floating Cloud), 21 TP
    ~Homura (Blaze), 13 TP, Fire Attribute
    ~Raiden (Thunder & Lightning), 19 TP, Thunder Attribute
    ~Hyouju (Ice Tree), 14 TP, Ice Attribute
    ~Doran (Earth Riot), 18 TP, Earth Attribute
    ~Fuuga (Elegance), 23 TP
    ~Kagenui (Shadow Sewing), 20 TP, Curse Attribute
    -- Ougi --
    ~Oborodoran (Hazy Earth Riot), 17 TP, Earth Attribute
     - Doran+Kyousatsu
    ~Oborohyouju (Hazy Ice Tree), 20 TP, Ice Attribute
     - Kyousatsu+Hyouju
    ~Rinmeikunai (Bell Chirp Throwing Knife), 21 TP
     - Rinmei+Kunai
    ~Kunai Homura (Throwing Knife Blaze), 23 TP, Fire Attribute
     - Kunai+Homura
    ~Ansouhomura (Darkness Run Blaze), 24 TP, Fire Attribute
     - Ansouha+Homura
    ~Ansouraiden (Darkness Run Thunder & Lightning), 26 TP, Thunder Attribute
     - Raiden+Ansouha
    ~Kagesouha (Shadow Run Break), 29 TP, Curse Attribute
     - Kagenui+Ansouha
    ~Ukigumo Fuuga (Floating Cloud Elegance), 38 TP
     - Fuuga+Ukigumo
    -- Garyuu Ougi --
    ~Gishinrakusatsugeki (False God Drop Kill Drama), 40 TP
     - Kunai+Hyouju
    ~Chishushuusatsugeki (Spider Kick Kill Drama), 40 TP
     - Kunai+Doran
    ~Geneisousatsugeki (Phantom Run Kill Drama), 40 TP
     - Kyousatsu+Ansouha
    ~Chouchuufunsatsugeki (Jumping Bug Erupt Kill Drama), 40 TP
     - Kyousatsu+Homura
    ~Majinfuusatsugeki (Demon God Seal Kill Drama), 40 TP
     - Idzunaotoshi+Fuuga
    ~Youjunbakusatsugeki (Devil Shield Burst Kill Drama), 40 TP
     - Ukigumo+Kagenui
    <Breath Type>
    The Spell in the game. As a character reaches certain level, he or she will get
    Spell Book. Don't take that literally though, that really means that character
    gets a new Spell added to their list. To enable/learn this Spell, you will need
    Sculptures. Different Spells require different Sculptures and to get Sculpture,
    you basically just need to defeat monsters. Once you got the specific Sculpture
    and the right amount, you have completed the 'Spell Book', thus, you have
    learned this Spell.
    ~Shirley Fennes~
    ~Fire Ball, 52 TP, Fire Attribute
     - None, Default Spell
    ~Ice Wall, 54 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 1001 Diva+592 Dandarah Chula
    ~Indignation, 57 TP, Thunder Attribute
     - 975 Dragon+397 Gald Shark
    ~Blizzard, 63 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 921 Lizardman+581 Erengi
    ~Grand Dasher, 60 TP, Earth Attribute
     - 2003 Eru+1106 Finx
    ~Tractor Beam, 71 TP
     - 1227 Gulf+1000 Hill Angler
    ~Shooting Star, 68 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 1295 Diva+1014 Mandrake
    ~Tidal Wave, 73 TP, Sea Attribute
     - 2221 Piyopiyo Head+400 Dino Worm
    ~Cure, 39 TP
     - None, Default Spell
    ~Cheering, 20 TP
     - 1461 Dodaigame+424 Hoba Fly
    ~Shelter, 47 TP
     - 878 Geluules Sword+927 Element
    ~Will Raynerd~
    ~Lightning, 7 TP, Thunder Attribute
     - None, Default Spell
    ~Stone Blast, 9 TP, Earth Attribute
     - 15 Egg Bear+23 Piyopiyo
    ~Fire Ball, 12 TP, Fire Attribute
     - 69 Lizardman+61 Piyopiyo Head
    ~Ice Needle, 17 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 183 Eru+114 Element
    ~Spread, 25 TP, Sea Attribute
     - 428 Lizardman+117 Geluules Sword
    ~Freeze Lancer, 28 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 523 Megant+226 Finx
    ~Flame Cutter, 31 TP, Fire Attribute
     - 435 Egg Bear+134 Geluules Sword
    ~Thunder Blade, 33 TP, Thunder Attribute
     - 672 Gulf+150 Diva
    ~Indignation, 36 TP, Thunder Attribute
     - 265 Mimic Bed+445 Octopus Egg
    ~Icicle Bolt, 42 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 899 Finx+400 Dragon
    ~Eruption, 50 TP, Fire Attribute
     - 239 Automata+1375 Hill Angler
    ~Embrace End, 53 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 800 Hopper+868 Mimic Bed
    ~Black Hole, 57 TP, Curse Attribute
     - 1133 Diva+1053 Hopper
    ~Extension, 60 TP
     - 1461 Dodaigame+850 Mandrake
    ~Shooting Star, 64 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 929 Gulf+1128 Lizardman
    ~Big Bang, 68 TP, Fire Attribute
     - 2205 Megant+1097 GranGate
    ~First Aid, 7 TP
     - None, Default Spell
    ~Recover, 20 TP
     - 169 Piyopiyo+193 Erengi
    ~Cure, 39 TP
     - 499 Egg Bear+245 Dragon
    ~Shield, 23 TP
     - 212 Lizardman+49 Hopper
    ~Anti Shield, 15 TP
     - 46 Little Bear+188 Octopus Egg
    ~Shelter, 47 TP
     - 672 Gulf+800 Hill Angler
    ~Anti Shelter, 44 TP
     - 700 Gust+600 Mini Automata
    ~Norma Biatty~
    ~Fire Wall, 12 TP, Fire Attribute
     - 30 Gulf+50 Octopus Egg
    ~Grave, 9 TP, Earth Attribute
     - None, Default Spell
    ~Ice Wall, 15 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 90 Egg Bear+63 Erengi
    ~Volt Arrow, 23 TP, Thunder Attribute
     - 254 Megant+34 Dandarah Chula
    ~Fire Storm, 31 TP, Fire Attribute
     - 672 Gulf+121 Dodaigame
    ~Dark Force, 37 TP, Curse Attribute
     - 596 Finx+91 Hoba Fly
    ~Rolling Stone, 42 TP, Earth Attribute
     - 343 Geluules Sword+516 Diva
    ~Blizzard, 45 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 1138 Dodaigame+349 Mandrake
    ~Ray, 50 TP, Sea Attribute
     - 862 Lizardman+530 Mandrake
    ~Grand Dasher, 54 TP, Earth Attribute
     - 1000 Gust+743 Element
    ~Black Hole, 57 TP, Curse Attribute
     - 580 Erengi+677 Piyopiyo Head
    ~Tractor Beam, 61 TP
     - 765 Hill Angler+565 Gald Shark
    ~Ancient Nova, 64 TP, Fire Attribute
     - 601 Erengi+1014 Mandrake
    ~Meteo Swarm, 68 TP, Fire Attribute
     - 1048 Erengi+1618 Dragon
    ~Raise Dead, 34 TP
     - 143 Dandarah Chula+332 Octopuc Egg
    ~Resurrection, 28 TP
     - 418 Lizardman+37 Geluules Sword
    ~Booing, 18 TP
     - 130 Egg Bear+218 Octopus Egg
    ~Cheering, 20 TP
     - 94 Dodaigame+304 Octopus Egg
    ~Silence, 26 TP
     - 447 Eru+101 Piyopiyo Head
    ~Booing Dance, 39 TP
     - 312 Hopper+477 Element
    ~Cheer Dance, 47 TP
     - 1607 Megant+860 Lizardman
    ~Bloody Howling, 37 TP, Curse Attribute
     - None, Default Spell
    ~Aqua Laser, 40 TP, Sea Attribute
     - 1097 Eru+652 Dodaigame
    ~Absolute, 43 TP, Ice Attribute
     - 742 Egg Bear+534 Piyopiyo Head
    ~Brilliant Lance, 45 TP, Sea Attribute
     - 45 SeaGate+828 Dragon
    ~Eruption, 50 TP, Fire Attribute
     - 968 Finx+250 Automata
    ~Ray, 50 TP, Sea Attribute
     - 242 Little Bear+819 Octopus Bear
    ~Demon's Lance, 51 TP, Curse Attribute
     - 507 Dandarah Chula+508 Geluules Sword
    ~Negative Blade, 54 TP, Curse Attribute
     - 312 Piyopiyo+900 Dragon
    ~Black Hole, 57 TP, Curse Attribute
     - 879 Gulf+845 GranGate
    ~Maelstrom, 65 TP, Sea Attribute
     - 2262 Eru+1074 Hopper
    ~God Breath, 69 TP, Sea Attribute
     - 500 Gentlemen+750 Valt
    <More Coming Soon>
    - Me
    - CJayC
    - MelFes/Namco
    <Legal Words>
    This document is copyrighted by Ken Zhao/Kouli. All Rights Reserved. It is for
    private and personal use only. It can not be reprinted, reproduced in parts or
    in its entirety in any form or shape. Since it is intended to be free, you can
    not sell it, you can not give it away as prize, bonus or promotion. It can not
    be used for profitable, commericial or promotional purposes. Further, this FAQ
    can not be altered, referenced or distributed by any individual, web site,
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    absolute permission. This is protected by International Copyright Law, break
    or violate any of these rules may resulted in severe civil and criminal
    Lastly, people from Cheatcc.com and Dave, you are under heavy warning. Any more
    violation, I will take legal actions.

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