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    Quiz Minigame FAQ by EChang

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/13/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       (v1.0, 9-13-05)
    by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)
    Revision History
    v1.0 (9-13-05)
       First version.
    1. Introduction
    2. Quiz Minigame Overview
    3. Questions/Answers
    4. Credits
    This is an FAQ for the PS2 RPG Tales of Legendia. Tales of Legendia is the 
    latest game in Namco's Tales of Series, although it is not made by Namco's 
    Tales Studio division, making it somewhat different from previous games such 
    as Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Symphonia. Tales of Legendia has been 
    confirmed for a US release; as of yet no official release date for the US 
    has been set.
    This particular guide deals with one of the more involved subquests
    in ToL, the Quiz Minigame. Scattered about the Legacy are four cottages.
    By answering the Quiz questions that the old man who lives in each
    cottage gives you, you can earn some nifty prizes. 
    Note that since the quizzes contain questions about the main quest portion
    AND ANSWERS. Do not read this document if you do not want to be spoiled
    for the main quest.
    This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
    characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
    Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
    to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
    viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Newer versions
    of Windows should have it built in, though you may have to install some
    new files from your Windows Install CD; otherwise, you'll either need to
    get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
    Japanese character support for Internet Explorer and open this file 
    in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad.
    The only website authorized to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. If
    you see this document elsewhere, not only are they posting without my
    permission, but they likely do not have the most current version of
    this FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ,
    even if the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be
    deleted without response.
    The minigame begins at the first part of the Character Quests. Once
    you receive the Sorcery Scanner and head up Fallingwater, you'll
    receive a tutorial of sorts that will show you how to use the Scanner.
    Along the way you'll be automatically introduced to a hidden treasure,
    the Bow Key 船首の鍵 as well as a hidden monster, the Rare Lizardman.
    The Rare Lizardman is part of a separate subquest (see my Sorcery
    Scanner Checklist for details), but the Bow Key enables you to access
    the Bow Cottage 船首の小屋 that you probably saw at the beginning
    of the game, just outside the north exit to the Crystal Forest. Inside
    you'll get your first quiz. All of the quizzes have no time limit and
    involve ten questions randomly picked from a larger pool of questions
    (except the last quiz, which only has one question). If you get a
    question wrong, you instantly lose. However, you can try as many times
    as you want, so there is no permanent penalty to getting a question
    wrong. Each time you finish a quiz the old man will give you the key
    to the next cottage and also open a Duct that leads to an island with
    a rare treasure.
    Upon finishing the first quiz, you'll get the Port Key 左舷の鍵 and
    you'll be able to access a treasure chest with the 765kg Hammer, a
    weapon for Will. Incidentally, one of the potential readings of 765
    in Japanese is 'na-mu-ko': Namco. This is the third best weapon in the
    game for Will, despite its joke name. The first quiz deals with people in
    the game. To access the Port Key, take the Duct to the Hidden Fortress
    隠し砦 and head north, following the coast. After you cross the two
    bridges close to each other, you'll be able to enter some shallow
    waters to your left. Enter that and then follow the shallows all the
    way down south. You'll eventually come across an island with the Port
    Cottage on it.
    Inside the old man will give you another quiz, this time concerning
    places, geography, and monsters. Win and you'll get the Starboard 
    Key 右舷の鍵 and you'll be able to go to an island with the Ne-neko 
    Cap. This is a fairly good cap for your magic casters that has the added 
    bonus of raising all elemental defenses by 20.
    To get to the Starboard Cottage, take the Duct to the Hidden Passage
    秘密の地下道 location. Go a little bit north, enter the shallows to
    your east, and then follow those south. You'll reach some land and some
    more shallows. After reaching another landmass, turn east, across more
    shallows, to reach an island. The cottage is on the east side of the
    This third quiz is about the past events in the game. Clear this quiz
    and you'll be given the final key, the Stern Key 船尾の鍵, and you'll
    be able to get a treasure chest with the Bear Costume in it. The Bear 
    Costume is a lousy piece of armor (DEF of only 5, and it causes you 
    to move slower in battle), but it is one of the components you need to 
    make the Demon's Seal in the Synthesis Shop.
    To get to the Stern Cottage, you'll have to go in a somewhat roundabout
    fashion. Take the elevator in Werites Beacon down to the Quiet Lands,
    and from the elevator head southeast. You'll find another Duct here.
    This Duct returns you to the surface to an area you wouldn't be able to
    get to otherwise. Head into the shallows and go westwards until you
    hit land, then turn south. The cottage is at the south end of the
    The last quiz consists of only one question. Get it right and you'll
    receive the "Naked King" armor (a reference to the Emperor with No
    Clothes tale). This armor for Moses has absolutely no defense, but it
    allows Moses to absorb all elemental attacks, making it useful for
    particular situations. Thus ends the Quiz Minigame.
    The quiz is pretty hard, and obviously would be even harder for those who
    cannot read Japanese very well. Luckily there is no time limit, and I've
    included SJIS-encoded text so that you can match up the quiz question and
    answers given here. Keep in mind that the ORDER of the answers is shuffled
    everytime a question is given, so don't just look at this list and go
    'oh, the answer is the second choice', because you'll probably get it
    wrong. Make sure to match up the TEXT of the answer with the answers given
    on your screen, and you should be fine. Correct answers are marked with
    an asterisk.
    What was Senel's job before he came to the Legacy?
    マリンヘルパー - Marine Helper
    マリントリーマー - Marine Treamer
    マリントルーパー - Marine Trooper *
    マリントローパー - Marine Troper
    How long has Will been on the Legacy?
    8日 - 8 days
    10ヶ月 - 10 months
    8年 - 8 years
    10年 - 10 years *
    Will Raynerd's real job is not a sheriff but a what?
    消防士 - Fireman
    博物学者 - Natural History scholar *
    格闘家 - Martial artist
    スパイ - Spy
    Which of Will's bracelets is bigger?
    左手 - Left hand
    右手 - Right hand *
    左右同じ - Both are the same
    腕輪などしていない - Will has no bracelets
    What is Chloe's country?
    聖ガドリア王国 - Holy Gadria Kingdom *
    聖ユグドラ王国 - Holy Yggdra Kingdom
    源聖レクサリア皇国 - Holy Lexaria Empire
    クルザンド王統国 - Kurzand Royal Kingdom
    Which of the following is not Chloe's title?
    華麗なるフィニッシュ - Beautiful Finish
    下級剣士 - Lower Class Swordsman
    紅一点 - One Woman *
    カナヅチ剣士 - Terrible Swimmer Swordsman
    What is the color of the gem on Norma's breast?   
    青色 - Blue
    赤色 - Red *
    白色 - White
    黄色 - Yellow
    What is the name of the legendary item that Norma is looking for?
    エヴァライト - Evalight
    エヴァーライト - Evarlight
    エバーライト - Everlight *
    レバーライト - Leverlight
    What name does the Norma/Grune duo have? 
    へらへら同盟 - Frivolous Alliance *
    げらげら同盟 - Guffawing Alliance
    ほのぼの同盟 - Heartwarming Alliance
    セクシー同盟 - Sexy Alliance
    What type of Soujutsu does Norma use?
    アーツ系 - Arts-type
    ブレス系 - Breath-type *
    癒し系 - Healing-type
    セクシー系 - Sexy-type
    What color hair does Chaba, one of Moses's subordinates, have?   
    茶色 - Brown
    緑色 - Green *
    赤色 - Red
    黄色 - Yellow
    What is Moses's weapon? 
    ギート - Geet
    ハンマー - Hammer
    槍 - Spear *
    剣 - Sword
    Where is Moses's eyepatch?
    左目 - Left eye *
    右目 - Right eye
    魚の目 - Fish eye
    たたり目 - Evil eye
    Jay's common name is?
    案山子のジェイ - Scarecrow Jay
    不菓子のジェイ - No Snacks Jay
    不可視のジェイ - Unseen Jay *
    不可侵のジェイ - Unassailable Jay
    How many stars are on Jay's clothes?
    2つ - 2
    4つ - 4
    6つ - 6
    8つ - 8 *
    Which of the following armors can Jay not equip?
    バトルローブ - Battle Robe *
    ブラッディローブ - Bloody Robe
    スケールローブ - Scale Robe
    シルクローブ - Silk Robe
    Which of Grune's accessories is the same color as her necklace?   
    ブレスレット - Bracelet
    チョーカー - Choker
    イヤリング - Earrings *
    ヘアーバンド - Hairband
    What is Grune's weapon?
    胸 - Breasts
    ハンマー - Hammer
    剣 - Sword
    壺 - Urn *
    What color is Cuppo's belt?   
    入門者「茶帯」 - beginner's Brown Belt
    普通に「白帯」 - regular White Belt
    免許皆伝「黒帯」 - master's Black Belt *
    好きな食べ物の「ホタテ帯」 - Favorite Food's Scallop Belt
    Which of the Triplekeitz famous for using illusions is dubbed 'Yuugen'?
    カッシェル - Cashel *
    カッシエル - Cashiel
    カッツェレ - Catsere
    カッツェル - Catzel
    Where is the thorned piece of armor that Cashel wears?
    左手 - Left hand
    右手 - Right hand
    左ひざ - Left knee *
    右ひざ - Right knee
    Who was the last to join the Triplekeitz? 
    カッシェル - Cashel
    メラニィ - Melanie
    スティングル - Stingle *
    ヴァーツラフ - Vaclav
    Which move can Stingle not use?  
    轟霊斬 - Goureizan
    剛招来 - Goushourai
    界烈斬 - Kairetsuzan
    空裂斬 - Kuuretsuzan *
    What does Melanie's special move 'Hyakka Ryouran' do?
    モンスターを回復する - heals monsters
    モンスターを召喚する - summons monsters
    モンスターを突撃させる - makes monsters charge *
    モンスターを自爆させる - makes monsters explode
    What is the common name of the Triplekeitz's Melanie, good at fire magic?
    閃紅 - Senkou (Flashing Red) *
    閃光 - Senkou (Flashing Light)
    旋光 - Senkou (Spinning Light)
    鮮紅 - Senkou (Fresh Red)
    Vaclav is third prince of what country? 
    聖ガドリア王国 - Holy Gadria Kingdom
    源聖レクサリア皇国 - Holy Lexaria Empire
    源創王国 - Kingdom of the Founders
    クルザンド王統国 - Kurzand Royal Kingdom *
    Which of the following cannot use Breath-type Soujutsu?
    カッシェル - Cashel
    メラニィ - Melanie
    ヴァーツラフ - Vaclav *
    ワルター - Walter
    Which of the following troop types does Vaclav not have?
    弓の使い手 - Bow users
    槍の使い手 - Spear users *
    剣の使い手 - Sword users
    鞭の使い手 - Whip users
    Where is the flower decoration on Harriet's head?  
    前 - Front
    後 - Back
    左 - Left *
    右 - Right
    What is Stella's true name? 
    デルクェス - Delques
    フェンネス - Fennes
    テルメス - Telmes *
    ゼルへス - Xelhes
    What is Walter's true name?   
    デルクェス - Delques *
    フェンネス - Fennes
    テルメス - Telmes
    ゼルへス - Xelhes
    What is Shirley's true name? 
    デルクェス - Delques
    フェンネス - Fennes *
    テルメス - Telmes
    ゼルへス - Xelhes
    What is Fenimorl's true name, which means 'blessing' in the ancient 
    デルクェス - Delques
    フェンネス - Fennes
    メルフェス - Melfes
    ゼルへス - Xelhes *
    When Fenimorl's village was attacked, who happened to not be there?
    フェニモールの父 - Fenimorl's father
    フェニモールの母 - Fenimorl's mother
    フェニモールの兄 - Fenimorl's brother
    フェニモールの妹 - Fenimorl's sister *
    What is the 28th Wonder Baker's name?   
    ミミー・ブレッド - Mimmy Bread *
    イースト・キン - Yeast King
    マーガ・リン - Marga Rin
    パンノ・ミミー  - Panno Mimmy
    What is Harriet's surname? 
    ビアッティ - Biatty
    キャンベル - Campbell *
    レイナード - Raynerd
    ヴァレンス - Valens
    In Werites, what is on the bulletin board close to the Beacon?
    灯台の説明 - Beacon's History
    街の地図 - City Map *
    街の掟 - City Rules
    商店会からのお知らせ - Message from the Shops
    Which of the following playthings is in the park near the graveyard?
    のぼり棒 - Climbing Pole
    木馬 - Rocking Horse
    すべり台 - Slide
    ブランコ - Swings *
    How many decorative plants are in the main hallway of the inn?
    2本 - 2
    4本 - 4 *
    6本 - 6
    12本 - 12
    How many lamps are in the chandelier in the hospital's examination room?
    4個 - 4 *
    8個 - 8
    16個 - 16
    32個 - 32
    What shape do the windows on the inn's doors have?
    丸 - round *
    三角 - triangle
    四角 - square
    扉型 - door-shaped
    What is the name of Werites's weapon shop?
    チャンピョン - Champion *
    クラフト亭 - Craft Place
    ゲットレディ - Get Ready
    レッドピーマン - Red Pepper
    Which store is in the same building as Get Ready?
    クラフト亭 - Craft Place *
    夢見る旅人 - Dreaming Traveler
    ファランクス - Phalanx
    レッドピーマン - Red Pepper
    Which of the following is in Musette's house? 
    銅像 - Bronze Statue
    肖像画 - Portrait *
    剣 - Sword
    トロフィー - Trophy
    How many towels are hung on the hospital's clothesline?
    3枚 - 3
    4枚 - 4 *
    5枚 - 5
    6枚 - 6
    Who is standing watch over Fallingwater?
    ジュード - Jude
    カフー - Kahoo *
    ネヴィル - Neville
    ネイサン - Nathan
    In whose house hangs a large skeleton? 
    カーメラの家 - Carmela's house
    キャロラインの家 - Caroline's house
    ミュゼット邸 - Musette's mansion
    ウィルの家 - Will's house *
    What are the stairs to the 2nd floor in Will's house made off?
    レンガ - Brick
    コンクリート - Concrete
    石 - Stone
    木 - Wood *
    How many chairs are at the table in the 2nd floor corridor of Will's house?
    1脚 - 1
    2脚 - 2
    3脚 - 3
    4脚 - 4 *
    Which of the following does Will's house not have?
    地下牢 - Basement Jail
    骨標本 - Bone Specimens
    蝶の標本 - Butterfly Specimens
    拷問部屋 - Interrogation Room *
    Who lives across from Will?
    カーメラ - Carmela
    キャロライン - Caroline
    カズ - Kaz
    コシザ - Kotza *
    Where is Stella's grave? 
    望海の祭壇 - Altar of the Sea
    艦橋 - Bridge
    水の民の里 - Village of the Ferines
    灯台の街の墓場 - Werites Graveyard *
    From Werites, what direction is the Village of the Ferines?    
    4時の方向 - 4 o'clock
    6時の方向 - 6 o'clock
    8時の方向 - 8 o'clock *
    10時の方向 - 10 o'clock
    From Werites, what direction are the Misty Mountains?
    2時の方向 - 2 o'clock *
    4時の方向 - 4 o'clock
    10時の方向 - 10 o'clock
    12時の方向  - 12 o'clock
    From the Waterways, what direction are the Ruins of Frozen Light?
    4時の方向 - 4 o'clock *
    6時の方向 - 6 o'clock
    8時の方向 - 8 o'clock
    10時の方向 - 10 o'clock
    From Mauritt's Hermitage, what direction is the Front Line?
    1時の方向 - 1 o'clock
    2時の方向 - 2 o'clock *
    3時の方向 - 3 o'clock
    4時の方向 - 4 o'clock
    From the Ruins of Frozen Light, what direction is the Great Hollow?  
    3時の方向 - 3 o'clock
    6時の方向 - 6 o'clock
    9時の方向 - 9 o'clock *
    12時の方向 - 12 o'clock
    Of what place is 'You can see it but you can't get near' said? 
    天かける軌跡 - Heavenly Path
    隠し砦 - Hidden Fortress
    蜃気楼の宮殿 - Mirage Palace *
    水の民の里 - Village of the Ferines
    How are the Man-eating Ruins different from the other ruins?   
    入り口が開きっぱなし - Entrance is wide open *
    誰も帰ってこない - Nobody ever comes back
    方向感覚が狂いやすい - It's easy to get lost
    どこもかしこも白い - Everything is white
    Entering what place leads to certain disaster, according to Treasure 
    帰らずの森 - Forest of No Return *
    人食い遺跡 - Man-eating Ruins
    霧の山脈 - Misty Mountains
    雪花の遺跡 - Ruins of Frozen Light
    Where did the Oracle Ritual take place?
    望海の祭壇 - Altar of the Sea *
    マウリッツの庵 - Mauritt's Hermitage
    蜃気楼の宮殿 - Mirage Palace
    水の民の里 - Village of the Ferines
    What is the name of the merchant in the Village of the Ferines? 
    はりきる行商人 - Cheerful Merchant
    ハッスル行商人 - Hustling Merchant
    はじける行商人 - Laughing Merchant
    はにかむ行商人 - Shy Merchant *
    What is the name of the merchant at the Front Line?   
    たたかう行商人 - Fighting Merchant
    不死身の行商人 - Immortal Merchant
    はじける行商人 - Laughing Merchant
    がんばる行商人 - Persevering Merchant *
    What is the name of the merchant in the Forest of No Return?
    ハッスル行商人 - Hustling Merchant
    はじける行商人 - Laughing Merchant
    はにかむ行商人 - Shy Merchant
    さまよう行商人 - Wandering Merchant *
    Which of the following monsters has a tail?  
    ゲルーレスシールド - Gerures Shield 
    マンドレイク - Mandrake
    メガント - Meganto
    フィンクス - Phinx
    Which of the following monsters has no tail?
    ディーバ - Diva
    ドラゴン - Dragon
    リザードマン - Lizardman
    マンドレイク - Mandrake *
    Which of the following monsters has no fangs?   
    ゲルウレスソード - Gerures Sword
    ゴクラクヘッド - Gokuraku Head *
    オルゴールベッド - Orgel Bed
    プチフィンクス - Puchi Phinx
    Which of the following monsters wears clothes? 
    ドラゴンパピー - Dragon Puppy
    エッグベア - Eggbear
    ジェントルメン - Gentleman *
    グランゲート - Ground Gate
    Which of the following monsters has feathers?    
    リザードマン - Lizardman
    ミミックベッド - Mimic Bed
    ピヨピヨ - Piyopiyo *
    タコエッグ - Takoegg
    Which of the following monsters wears a hat?
    ガルフ - Galf
    ペタペタヘッド - Petapeta Head
    ペタペタ - Petapeta
    ポーチドエッグ - Poached Egg *
    How many little mushrooms surround an Elengi? 
    1つ - 1
    2つ - 2
    3つ - 3
    4つ - 4 *
    How many horns does a Ground Gate have?
    実はなにもなし「0」 - Actually none: 0
    牛の角みたいな「2」 - Like a cow: 2
    名前の文字数と同じ「6」 - Same as the name's characters: 6 *
    数え切れない「たくさん」 - Too many to count: a lot
    What name is given to the spiders living in the Crystal Forest?
    クリスタラチュラ - Crystalatula *
    クリスタルチュラ - Crystaltula
    クリニカルチュラ - Clinicaltula
    クリティカルチュラ - Criticaltula
    What kind of ship were Senel and Shirley riding before they ran into the 
    客船 - Passenger Ship
    哨戒船 - Patrol Boat *
    小型船 - Small Boat
    潜水艇 - Submarine
    What was the special subset of the Ancient Language called?
    上代古刻語 - Early Ancient Language *
    永代古刻語 - Eternal Ancient Language
    高級古刻語 - High-class Ancient Language
    上級古刻語 - Upper-class Ancient Language
    What phrase follows the phrase "When the pillar of light arises..."   
    メルネスは再び蘇らん - ...the MelNes will return. *
    光跡翼は再び蘇らん - ...the Wings of Light will return.
    聖爪術は再び蘇らん - ...the Holy Soujutsu will return.
    王国は再び蘇らん - ...the country will return.
    What phrase follows the phrase "The bloodied lightning..."
    永久の眠りより覚ますなかれ - "...do not let it awaken from eternal sleep." *
    永遠の眠りより覚ますなかれ - "...do not let it awaken from eternal sleep."
    永劫の眠りより覚ますなかれ - "...do not let it awaken from eternal sleep."
    永年の眠りより覚ますなかれ - "...do not let it awaken from eternal sleep."
    Note: all of the answers say pretty much 'eternal', this question is just
    a question of wording.
    Who is the first person Senel met on the Legacy?
    クロエ・ヴァレンス - Chloe Valens
    モーゼス・シャンドル - Moses Sandor
    ノーマ・ビアッティ - Norma Biatty
    ウィル・レイナード - Will Raynerd *
    Where did Senel first meet Jay?
    地下牢 - Basement Jail
    噴水広場 - Fountain Plaza *
    輝きの泉 - Lumen Spring
    内海港 - Port-on-Rage
    Hey! Hey! You there, brother!
    Do you know the city's rules?
    Which of the following is not breaking the city's rules?
    ケンカ - Fighting
    歌の邪魔 - Interrupting the song *
    街の侵略 - Invading the city
    暴力 - Violence
    Note: the odd method of asking this question is a direct takeoff of the
    Pheromone Bombers' songs.
    Who broke the city's rules?
    クロエ - Chloe
    ジェイ - Jay
    モーゼス - Moses
    セネル - Senel *
    Who gave you the World Map?   
    ハリエット - Harriet
    ミュゼット - Musette *
    ノーマ - Norma
    ウィル - Will
    この中で、モーゼス一族に伝わる聖爪術の言い伝えのうち、 間違っているものは?
    Which of the following is not in the Holy Soujutsu Legend as told to Moses's 
    聖爪術の秘伝書がある - There is a secret book about the Holy Soujutsu. *
    ゲートに認められると手に入る - You can get it if the Gate approves of your 
    爪の輝きは七色に及ぶ - Your nails will glow in seven colors.
    その威力は海をも押し返す - Its power can hold back even the sea.
    What spell did Norma use to break the wall in the Crystal Forest?   
    ファイアウォール - Fire Wall
    グレイブ - Grave *
    アイスウォール - Ice Wall
    ヴォルトアロー - Volt Arrow
    Which Mofumofu did Senel first meet?
    キュッポ - Cuppo
    ピッポ - Pippo *
    ポッポ - Poppo
    イッポ - Ippo
    What do Cuppo and co. call the Dino Worm?   
    長長悪魔 - Naganaga Akuma *
    ヤギ - Goat
    雄雄しきもの - Brave Thing
    デカミミズ - Giant Worm
    Note: 'Naganaga Akuma' literally means 'long demon'. 'Brave Thing' is what
    the Mofumofus call Gates.
    How did Senel and co. find the hidden room in the Waterways?
    ジェミニシェルを使って - Using the Gemini Shell *
    ノーマのハナを使って - Using Norma's nose
    拾った棒を倒して- Using a falling stick
    ギートの鼻を使って - Using Geet's nose
    Note: One superstition is that if you prop up a stick and let it fall,
    the direction it points when it falls is where you are supposed to go.
    What was the result of the swimming competition between Senel and Moses?   
    引き分け - Draw
    10勝8敗でモーゼスの勝ち - 10-8 Moses
    10勝8敗でセネルの勝ち - 10-8 Senel
    18勝0敗でセネルの勝ち - 18-0 Senel *
    What did Jay ask for in exchange for info on entering the Ruins of Frozen 
    命 - Life *
    祝 - Blessing
    炎 - Flame
    所持金全部 - All of their money
    What was the revised Poppo the Third called?
    ポッポ3世号改 - Poppo the Third Modified *
    ポッポ3世号滄我 - Poppo the Third Souga
    ポッポ3世号ターボ - Poppo the Third Turbo
    ポッポ4世号 - Poppo the Fourth
    How did the party enter the Ruins of Frozen Light under Vaclav's guard? 
    地底湖から水の中を通って - using the underground lake *
    秘密の地下道から列車を使って - using a secret underground rail
    灯台の昇降装置を使って - using the Beacon elevator
    雪花の遺跡の隠し扉から - using a hidden door
    What sound did Norma make when she fell asleep from the trap in the Man-
    eating Ruins?
    すこ〜……。 - Suko~ *
    zzz……。 - zzz 
    すやすや……。- yasuyasu
    ぐ〜ぐ〜……。- guuguu  
    What did the party obtain at the Man-eating Ruins?
    ささやきの水晶 - Whisper Crystal *
    カカシ - Scarecrow (robot)
    グリューネ - Grune
    ゲルウレスベッド - Gerures Bed
    Who was peeking in on Senel and Chloe's training session?   
    ノーマとモーゼス - Norma and Moses *
    モーゼスとジェイ - Moses and Jay
    ジェイとノーマ - Jay and Norma
    ジェイとキュッポ - Jay and Cuppo
    In the battle against Vaclav's Kurzand army, which unit name was given to 
    Senel and co.? 
    独立遊撃隊所属 03小隊 - Solitary Assault Unit 03
    独立遊撃隊所属 30小隊 - Solitary Assault Unit 30 *
    独立遊撃隊所属 33小隊 - Solitary Assault Unit 33
    源聖レクサリア皇国近衛軍 - Holy Lexaria Empire Guard Unit
    Where was Vaclav aiming with the Sougahou?  
    バルトガ - Bartoga *
    クルザンド - Kurzand
    レクサリア - Lexaria
    空割山 - Skysplit Mountain
    What does Telques mean?
    はじまりの翼 - Beginning Wings *
    祈る人 - Praying Person
    託宣 - Oracle
    輝く - Shining
    What happens if one is blessed in the Water Dance Ritual?  
    周囲の水が輝く - The water around you glows. *
    おぼれる - You drown.
    髪が光る - Your hair shines.
    テルクェスが出る - Your Telques emerges.
    Who did not receive a medal from the Holy Gadria Kingdom?
    クロエ - Chloe
    カーチス - Curtis *
    ジェイ - Jay
    モーゼス - Moses
    Who was part of the Pheromone Bombers when they encounters the Gadria 
    クロエ - Chloe
    キュッポ - Cuppo *
    ノーマ - Norma
    セネル - Senel
    Who was Shirley's first friend?
    クロエ - Chloe
    フェニモール - Fenimorl *
    ノーマ - Norma
    セネル - Senel
    What was not found at the Hidden Fortress?   
    ヴァーツラフの残党 - Vaclav Army remnants *
    地下牢 - Underground Prison
    拷問器具 - Interrogation Devices
    人体実験の記録 - Records of Human Experiments
    What saved Senel and co. from Walter at the Altar of the Sea?
    吹雪 - A blizzard *
    稲妻 - Lightning
    雨 - Rain
    炎 - Flames
    In Mofumofu Legend, where did the hero Capoeirakko make it to?  
    打ち捨てられた地 - Abandoned Lands
    天かける軌跡 - Heavenly Path
    蜃気楼の宮殿 - Mirage Palace
    静の大地 - Quiet Lands *
    Note: yes, the Abandoned Lands and the Quiet Lands are the same place, but
    the Mofumofus don't know that.
    What was drawn on the first tablet Senel and co. received?
    大地が生まれる様子 - the land being made *
    人々が見送っている様子 - people seeing each other off
    空から下りてくる様子 - something falling from the sky
    遺跡船が光に包まれる様子 - the Legacy enveloped in light
    How old was Senel when he was assigned to kidnap Shirley?
    10歳 - 10
    12際 - 12 *
    14際 - 14
    16歳 - 16
    What does not exist in the Mirage Palace? 
    隠し部屋 - Hidden Room *
    パズルブース - Puzzle Booth
    臨眺の間 - Scenic Hall
    玉座の間 - Throne Room
    The night before heading to the Wings of Light, who came to the fountain 
    right after Senel?  
    クロエ - Chloe *
    モーゼス - Moses
    ノーマ -  Norma
    ウィル - Will
    What did Harriet's mom often say?
    博物学者なんて大嫌い - I hate natural history scholars.
    人生万事塞翁が馬 - Inscrutable are the ways of heaven.
    祖で振り合うも多少の縁  - Even ancestral meetings had some destiny.
    男女の仲に理由なんて要らない - There needs to be no reason between man and 
       woman. *
    According to Harriet's grandfather, what kind of person is Will?
    最高の人間 - the best kind of person
    普通の人間 - a normal person
    最低の人間 - the worst kind of person *
    鳥人間 - a bird person
    What did Norma explain the Everlight to be?
    何でも願いのかなう奇跡の宝 - a miracle stone that grants any wish *
    聖ガドリア王国の宝 - a treasure of the Holy Gadria Kingdom
    ノーマの先祖の宝 - a treasure of Norma's ancestors
    時価100000ガルドの宝 - a treasure worth 100,000 Gald
    How many years ago was Chloe's father killed by a bandit?
    5年前 - 5 years ago *
    6年前 - 6 years ago
    7年前 - 7 years ago
    8年前 - 8 years ago
    What is my name?
    クイズ爺さん - Quiz Gramps *
    クイズ釜さん - Quiz Kama
    ワイズ爺さん - Wise Gramps
    ダイズ爺さん - Dies Gramps
    Note: 'kama' by itself or 'okama' frequently denote a homosexual or a
    transvestite (no, they're not the same thing), but when attached to some
    other noun it often means 'someone very obsessed with', etc.
    4. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    Namco for another great Tales of game.
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