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    Song Lyrics by jygting

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    Tales of Legendia
    Song Lyrics
    Version 1.0
    December 28, 2005
    Created by: jygting
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    Table of Contents
    1. Lyrics
    2. Version History
    3. Credits
    1. Lyrics
    Here are the lyrics performed by Do As Infinity along with the 
    translated lyrics.
    by Do As Infinity
    kimi ga subete hanashiowari
    me no mae ni wa futatsu no michi
    tsuraku nagai tabi no tochuu
    omotai nimotsu futatsu ni wakeru
    sorenara migi wo tore
    shinjiteru mama ni
    bokura wa hidari e to yuku
    ima haruka na yuuhi no naka kage toketeku
    ryoute furu yo kimi ga kieru made
    saraba tomo yo wasure wa shinai
    deaeta koto hokori ni omou
    bokura no kawari no kibou no tsue ga
    hikari no saki michibiku darou
    namida wa kawaku mono inoritsudzukeru yo
    haruka na kono sora no shita
    mata dokoka de omoidashite
    kitto bokura mo onaji ame ni utarete iru no sa
    aa sakura no hana ga mau yo
    aa sorezore yumemiru michi
    Translated Lyrics
    You finish talking about everything
    In front of us are 2 paths
    In the middle of our long and painful journey,
    our heavy baggage separates into 2
    If that's so, take the right
    I'll keep on believing
    We go to the left
    Now, the shadows melt into the distant sunset
    I will wave both of my hands until you disappear
    Goodbye my friend, I won't forget you
    I feel proud that I met you
    In place of you, the staff of hope
    will probably lead us to the end of the light
    I continue to pray for the tears to dry up
    under this distant sky
    Somewhere, remember again
    that the same rain will surely fall on us
    ah~ The cherryblossom flowers flutter
    ah~ on the paths that we each dream about
    2. Version History
    Version 1.0 (December 28, 2005)
    Finished making this.
    3. Credits
    I wish to thank the following:
    <Namco> http://namco-ch.net
    For making this game!
    <Cori Chan> http://www.corichan.com/
    For providing the lyrics.
    For posting this lyrics FAQ.
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