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    Skit Requirement Guide by Shadow47001

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    Tales of Legendia
    Skit Requirement Guide
    Author:       Shadow47001
    Created:      2/28/2006
    Last Updated: 3/16/2006
    The most up-to-date version of this guide can be found at GameFAQs
    If you find it elsewhere, chances are it's probably out-of-date.
    Table of Contents
    I.   Intro
         A. Viewing Skits
    II.  Skit Requirements
    III. Credits 
    I. Intro
    This is a guide that lists the requirements for getting the 
    conversations among your party members (aka skits) when certain 
    conditions are met.
    Unlike Tales of Symphonia, there is much less, and the requirements
    aren't really story-related, so you can easily miss out on a lot of
    these. Most of these are obtained by your actions in battle or what
    your equipment is and the such.
    A. Viewing Skits
    Upon fulfilling a condition for the skit, you will see a message in
    the top-right corner of the screen. Simply press the Select button
    to start that particular skit.
    To view previously obtained skits, go to the cottage near Werites
    Beacon and talk to the old man. He will let you see all the skits
    you have seen before.
    Note: You can only view previous skits after the Character Quest 
    part of the game has begun. Until then, you cannot view them.
    Also, even if you do the requirement, you may not get it; it will
    probably appear however in the list of skits you've obtained when
    you go to check them.
    II.  Skit Requirements
    Most of these are pretty straightforward, but if there are other
    requirements, they will be further explained.
    - For 'Acquire' type skits, it simply means getting the item.
    - For 'Equip' type skits, you have to equip the item.
    - For 'Battle' type skits, the Bradygames Guide says that the skit
      members are also battle members. However, I don't know who is in
      what skit...
    - Kaiser Gloves
    - Mjolnir
    - Eternal Sword
    - Gold Straw
    - Gungnir
    - Hotate
    - Temnein
    - Angel Quill
    Info on Acquire-type skits:
    Kaiser Gloves / Eternal Sword / Hotate / Angel Quill
    - You make these in the craft shop after the Wings of Light dungeon 
      in Grune's character quest
    Mjolnir / Gold Straw / Gungnir
    - Beat the Single Advanced Arena with Will, Norma, and Moses each
    - You can make this in the craft shop as soon as it opens
    - Will equips 765kg Hammer
    - Chloe equips MiniGelures Sword
    - Chloe equips Skeleton Mask
    - Norma equips Galf Cloak
    - Norma equips Sephira and Blue Sephira at the same time
    - Moses equips Emperor's New Clothes
    - Chloe/Norma/Grune/Shirley only has weapon and title equipped 
      (No armor or accessories equipped)
    Info on Equip-type skits:
    765kg Hammer
    - You can find this on the overworld when doing the Quiz Minigame
    MiniGelures Sword
    - Obtained from Gelures Scissors during the Character Quests
    Skeleton Mask
    - Make in craft shop
    Galf Cloak
    - Buy from a shop
    - Dropped by Galf Fiend during the Character Quests
    Blue Sephira
    - Found in the Secret Passage during the Character Quests; need
      Sorcerer's Scanner
    Emperor's New Clothes
    - Complete the Quiz Minigame
    - Senel reaches lvl 60
    - Will reaches lvl 61
    - Chloe reaches lvl 62
    - Norma reaches lvl 63
    - Moses reaches lvl 64
    - Jay reaches lvl 65
    - Grune reaches lvl 66
    - Shirley reaches lvl 67
    Collector's Book
    - Acquire all Eres Stones
    - Complete the book
    - Money is at zero
    - Money is over 1,000,000
    - Money is over 2,000,000
    - Money is at 9,999,999
    For the 'Zero Money' skit, it is recommended to try and get this
    at the very beginning. You only need Senel and Will for this skit.
    - Cooking for the first time
    - Bake all breads more than 10 times
    - Eat Healthy Burger
    - Eat Flan Cake
    - Everyone is poisoned
    - Entire party is all guys or girls
    - Win a battle w/ over 30 combos
    - Senel gets an eres stone
    - Senel does Climax Mode
    - Senel does Climax Combo
    - Senel is the leader and uses more than 4 orders
    - Senel is the leader and runs away
    - Senel is the leader and uses 10+ items
    - Senel is the leader and uses Arcane Eres
    - Senel is the leader and uses a Compound Eres
    - Senel is the leader and takes a long time to win against 
      a weak enemy
    - Norma defeats last enemy in battle
    - Norma gets an eres stone, making her learn a new crystal eres
    - Norma wins the battle with low HP
    - Jay defeats last enemy in battle
    - Moses defeats last enemy and HP/TP are full
    - Moses takes a long time to win against a weak enemy and 
      has a status effect
    - Grune wins the battle in a short time and used only 
      regular attacks
    - Past 15 battles were all easy victories
    - Past 3 battles were all difficult victories
    - Past 15 battles were all difficult victories
    - Run away from 3 battles (First one is w/ Norma)
    - Run away from 3 battles (Second one is w/ Shirley)
    - 1000 battles
    - Acquired exp in one battle: 5000
    - Acquired Gald in one battle: 5000
    - After first battle w/ monster in a chaotic zone
    - After battle w/ Base Turtle-type enemy
    - After battle w/ Dragon
    - After battle w/ Crystarantula in Crystal Forest
    - After battle w/ Rare Lizardman at Falling Water
    - After battle w/ Diva at Man-Eating Ruins
    Info on Battle-type skits:
    "Win a battle w/ over 30 combos"
    - Not sure if this means hits or separate combos
    "Senel is the leader and uses more than 4 orders"
    - Moses is a battle member
    "Past # battles were all easy/difficult victories"
    - Easy victories are battles where you got +3 grade.
    - For the 15 easy victories, you need Chloe in the group.
    - Difficult victores are battles where you lost -3 grade.
    "Run away from 3 battles"
    - It's no mistake, it's there twice. The first involves Norma, 
      while the second involves Shirley.
    "Acquired exp in one battle: 5000"
    - Senel, Norma, and Moses are battle members
    "Acquired Gald in one battle: 5000"
    - Senel, Will, and Norma are battle members
    - Playtime over 60 hrs
    - Visit all areas in Werites Beacon
    - Complete the Quiz Minigame
    - Open all treasure chests
    III. Credits
    - kazzus
    - Megaolix
    - Twilightdragon3
    - Nightshade2000 

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