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    Artificial Chao Locations by ValeriePF

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    Guide for Lost Impact, Hero mission: Defeat the Artificial Chaos!
    Table of Contents:
    I) Introduction
    II) Contact Info
    III) Preliminary Info
    IV) AC Locations
    V) Copyright Info
    I) Introduction
    Tons of people have been having trouble with finding those infamous 35 
    Artificial Chaos in the Lost Impact level of Shadow the Hedgehog.  This 
    guide is here to help them, step by step, so that they will get through 
    it without troubles and hopefully make an A. ^-^  
    This is tentatively the final version of this FAQ.  This FAQ was created
    on 11/20/2005.  This is version 1.00.
    II) Contact Info
    e-mail: withfaithinchaos@gmail.com
    AIM IM: Rahnjei
    If you need me to clarify any of the info in this FAQ, then by all means,
    IM or e-mail me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  
    III) Preliminary Info (especially if going for an A):
    --This mission is the Hero mission of Lost Impact, and so all 35 ACs must 
    be found in order to continue the Hero route of the game.  The goal ring
    will never be touched.
    --All ACs have decently high hit points, so make sure to use a good weapon 
    against them.  If bombs are around, throw a bomb at them to dispatch them 
    in one hit. Some ACs are gigantic, and will take a lot more hits to take 
    out.  Note that grenade launchers (which are very prevalent in this 
    level) can take out a normal AC in one or two hits and a larger one in 
    three or four.  
    --If going for an A, ignore any unnecessary doors that I will point out.  
    Use grenade launchers and bombs as often as possible for one-hit KOs.  
    Homing attacks will slow you down dramatically.  
    --A good technique is to just jump into the air and hold down the shooting 
    button (for whichever 
    system you're playing the game on).  This will cause Shadow to fire until 
    his ammo runs out, and is another good way to quickly dispatch ACs.  
    --Note that on the turret rides, the speed of the turret can be a 
    hindrance (considering that some ACs 
    appear seemingly out of nowhere and can easily attack you, slowing you down, 
    or there are several of them at once at various distances), so memorize the 
    ACs' locations on each turret ride in order to know where you can and cannot 
    speed up.  
    --The time I got that got me an A was just over 8 minutes.  I suppose that 
    if you stay under 9 minutes (and provided that you have enough Hero points), 
    you'll make an A easily.  
    --Holding A (X on PS2 version) on the turret rides will speed up the ride, 
    and this will help your speed immensely.
    --Unrelated to defeating the ACs, but still useful if going for the A rank
    in this mission, Sacred Wing Master sent in a good tip: If you get the Heal
    Cannon, shoot the GUN soldiers with it repeatedly.  If you shoot just about 
    everyone you see, you will definitely get an A rank.  Also, the GUN soldiers 
    can't hurt you if you touch them after shooting them with the Heal Cannon.
    IV) AC Locations
    1 - Right at the beginning, you'll use a spring to get across a red-lit pit, 
    and the first will be in that room.
    2 - Keep going through the hallway, through the various doors and rolling 
    under the wall, and you will reach the first Gun Lift room (as I will call 
    them from now on.  They are characterized by the green 
    liquid pits, the Gun Lift Turrets you can ride start in them,  and they 
    usually (not always!) have a Save Point in them.).  The second will be right 
    after the first Save Point.  
    3 - Go up the lift on the opposite side of the Save Point in the Gun Lift 
    room.  Then go up the other one.  The third is up here, alongside a Beetle 
    sentinel and a GUN soldier.  
    4 - Go up the lift.  Go through several doors, including one with a bomb 
    in the room, and you'll find AC number 4.
    5 - Go back down to the Gun Lift room and hop into the Gun Lift turret.  
    As you coast along this green rail, number 5 will be dead ahead.  
    6 - Keep going a little more, and number 6 will be near the end of this 
    turret ride.
    7 - As you arrive in Gun Lift room #2 as the turret ride ends, number 7 
    will be in this room right in front of you.
    8 - Right next to number 7.  Hit the Save Point in here.
    9 - Hop into the turret.  As you go out in space, AC number 9 will be 
    10 - Number 10 will near the end of this turret ride.
    11 - Next to number 10.
    12 - This AC will be inside Gun Lift room #3 as you end this turret ride, 
    right in front of you.  Hit the Save Point here.  
    13 - Go up the lift right next to the Save Point.  Then, go up another one.  
    Hit the spring and as you climb up the pole, destroy AC number 13.  
    14 - Either keep climbing up the pole, or go back down and take the lift 
    up one level.  Number 14 is there, alongside some GUN soldiers.
    15 - Next to number 14.
    16 - Go all the way back down to the first level of Gun Lift room #3.  Go 
    through the left door on the opposite side of the Save Point, and you'll 
    reach a fork in the road with rings on the left path.  Take the right path.  
    Go down this path, and you'll reach a room with another red-lit pit (it 
    will be on the left side of the room, and this is one AC people often miss).  
    Destroy the AC hovering over the pit.
    17 - Go back to the fork and this time, take the left path.  Keep going and 
    you'll see some GUN soldiers shooting through a hole in the wall.  Number 17 
    will be there.  
    18 - Keep going, turn right, and you'll reach another fork in the road.  Take
    the left path (with rings).  After going through some doors, you'll see GUN 
    soldiers fighting number 18.  Take him out.
    19 - Take the right path, going through several doors, and you'll reach Gun 
    Lift room #4.  There will be two ACs hovering over a bomb on the opposite 
    side of the room, but ignore them for now.  Instead, go left and through 
    the door.  Go through some doors, roll under the wall, go through several 
    more doors, and you'll find the other often-missed AC, number 19.  
    20 - Go back to Gun Lift room #4 and take out number 20 on the opposite side.
    21 - Right next to 20.  To make it easier, blow up the bomb near them from a 
    distance.  Hit the Save Point here.
    22 - Hop in the turret, and as you go out into space, you'll immediately face 
    AC number 22.  
    23 - Right next to 22.  
    24 - Keep going a little farther, and number 24 will be on the right side of 
    this turret ride, near a bright light.
    25 - This is another often-missed one.  It's on the left side of the turret, 
    half-hidden behind a thing that juts out of the side of the wall.  This may be 
    the one Maria refers to as "hidden in the shadows."  
    26 - Hit the Save Point in Gun Lift room #5.  Blast through the meteorites, 
    and all is well until you get to the end of this ride, where an AC will pop 
    out right in front of you as you go through the entry doors into Gun Lift 
    room #6.  
    27 - Go up the blue ramp and hit the Save Point that is located inside the 
    room the GUN soldiers are shooting at.  Then, go through the other door in 
    this Gun Lift room and hit the switch located behind the blue electric energy
    field thing to open the door.  Go through and you'll reach a room with a HUGE 
    AC.  Defeat him, and you got 27. 
    28 - Either go down three lifts or jump into the Gun Lift room #7.  Hit the 
    Save Point.  Ignore the two doors here unless you wanna pick up some grenade 
    launcher ammo.  The other leads to the goal for the normal mission.  Just hop 
    in the turret, go out in space, and you can blast number 28.  
    29 - A little bit farther up ahead on the turret ride is number 29.    
    30 - Just a little bit past number 29 is AC number 30, still on the turret 
    31 - Also on the turret ride is AC number 31.  All of these are pretty much 
    in a row.
    32 - At the end of this turret ride, before the doors, is number 32.  He's 
    right in your path, so take him out quickly.
    33 - As you go into Gun Lift room #8, AC number 33 will be right above and 
    to the right of you.  Take him out, and hit the Save Point in here.  Don't 
    worry about the two doors in here, unless you want an extra life and some 
    rings.  If so, use the grenade launcher (ammo is located in the left door's 
    room) and blow up the wall in the right room.  You'll also find a key in 
    34 - Hop in the turret.  You'll notice the outside space is really big, and 
    there are lots of platforms and interconnecting green paths up ahead.  
    Don't worry about them.  You'll come across number 34 as he hovers above a 
    platform up ahead.  
    35 - Hop into the next turret right after defeating number 34, and just as 
    you end the turret ride, number 35 will be there.  
    That's all of them; good job!
    V) Copyright Info
    This FAQ is originally intended for publication on GameFaqs.com and its 
    message boards, and may not be distributed anywhere else without prior 
    consent.  Other sites that may distribute this FAQs are:
    All characters, names, and titles are copyright SEGA and Sonic Team, 2005.  
    Shadow the Hedgehog and everything related to him is a trademark of SEGA.    

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