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    FAQ/Walkthrough by notrubkcaj1992

    Version: 0.20 | Updated: 12/31/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ____  _               _                 _   _          
    / ___|| |__   __ _  __| | _____      __ | |_| |__   ___ 
    \___ \| '_ \ / _` |/ _` |/ _ \ \ /\ / / | __| '_ \ / _ \
     ___) | | | | (_| | (_| | (_) \ V  V /  | |_| | | |  __/
    |____/|_| |_|\__,_|\__,_|\___/ \_/\_/    \__|_| |_|\___|
     _   _          _            _                 
    | | | | ___  __| | __ _  ___| |__   ___   __ _ 
    | |_| |/ _ \/ _` |/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \ / _ \ / _` |
    |  _  |  __/ (_| | (_| |  __/ | | | (_) | (_| |
    |_| |_|\___|\__,_|\__, |\___|_| |_|\___/ \__, |
                      |___/                  |___/ 
    Shadow the Hedgehog - Sega - 12+ 
    Version 0.20
    Author: notrubkcaj1992 
    E-Mail: jb_burton241241@yahoo.co.uk
    My Forum: http://s13.invisionfree.com/ultimatepokemonforum/
    My Website: http://www.freewebs.com/ultimatepokemonforum/
    NOTE: I don't own Shadow the Hedgehog, the game or character. He is owned by 
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    don't wish to recieve any chain-mail. 
    Table of Contents.....<100>
    1. Table of Contents.....<100> 
    2. Introduction..........<200> 
    3. The Cast..............<300> 
    4. Basic Stuff...........<400>   
    5. Walkthrough...........<500> 
    6. 2P Battle Mode........<600> 
    7. Expert Mode...........<700> 
    8. Enemies...............<800> 
    9. Weapons...............<900> 
    10. Transport............<950> 
    11. Unlockable Fun.......<960> 
    12. Updates..............<970> 
    13. Credits..............<999>
    Welcome to my FAQ on Shadow the Hedgehog. 
    Taking off from everyones favourite hero, Sonic, we hit onto Sonic's number 
    two, Shadow. 
    Shadow first appeared on Sonic Adventure. People gazed in awe at the strange 
    path which Shadow lead. His next appearence arrived on Sonic Heroes. A more 
    mysterious Shadow was followed in his next trip. The Dark Team ending brought 
    a strange part of wonder and shock onto Shadow. 
    Thus, we arrive at Shadow the Hedgehog. This time, we are following a path to 
    find out the truth behind the Sonic wannabee. Is Shadow a clone? Is he real?
    You can follow many paths in this game, hoping to find the real past. Will 
    you help the Black Arms, who promise you the secrets of your past? Will you 
    follow Dr. Eggman, taking on all who oppose him? Are you looking more towards 
    the Commander, helping GUN save the world? Or will you follow Sonic and crew, 
    saving the world instead. 
    It's all down to you. What path will you choose?
    The Cast..............<300>
    Shadow the Hedgehog 
    The main character in this game. He resembles Sonic, except he is black rather
    then blue. What secrets does his past hold? 
    First Level Spotted In: Westopolis
    Sonic the Hedgehog 
    The main character in every other Sonic game. Do I need to present an intro on
    him? I hope not. 
    First Level Spotted In: Westopolis
    Knuckles the Echidna 
    That cool red dude! With super power, Knuckles is a great ally, and a bad 
    enemy. Are you on his side or not? 
    First Level Spotted In: Glyphic Canyon
    Miles "Tails" Prower 
    Sonic's sidekick. The poor guy never really gets a good role. One day, maybe. 
    First Level Spotted In: Circus Park 
    Charmy Bee 
    The 'mascot' of Team Chaotix. The name says it all. He's a bee. 
    First Level Spotted In: Prison Island 
    Amy Rose 
    Sonic's girlfriend. He pretends not to like her, but we all know better. 
    First Level Spotted In: Cryptic Castle 
    Vector the Crocodile 
    Head of Team Chaotix. Loves music (?). In my eyes, he looks like a chav. 
    First Level Spotted In: Cosmic Fall 
    Rouge the Bat 
    She joined up with Shadow in Sonic Adventure for reasons known only to herself
    until later on. She then helped him in Sonic Heroes. Are you finally gonna 
    repay the debt and help her? 
    First Level Spotted In: Digital Circuit 
    E-123 Omega 
    A robot. He first joined Shadow after attacking him. Can he be trusted? 
    First Level Spotted In: Iron Jungle 
    Espio the Chameleon 
    Now you see him, now you don't! Espio is another amazing character! This guy 
    is a ninja, and you don't want to annoy him! 
    First Level Spotted In: Mad Matrix 
    Maria Robotnik 
    She was killed on ARK many years ago. She is one of the few things Shadow can
    remember. She was almost like a sister to Shadow. 
    First Level Spotted In: The Doom 
    Dr. Eggman 
    One of the most confusing characters. In this game, meet a baddie and a goodie
    all in one (remember Sky Troops?)! Is he really on your side? 
    First Level Spotted In: Cryptic Castle 
    This guy doesn't like Shadow one bit! Will you find out why later? Only time 
    will tell!
    First Level Spotted In: ???*1
    Black Arms 
    The black creatures who appear early on. There's no doubt they like causing
    trouble! Their leader is Black Doom. 
    First Level Spotted In: Westopolis  
    Black Doom 
    The leader of the Black Arms. Why does he want the Chaos Emeralds? Does he 
    know the key to Shadow's past? 
    First Level Spotted In: ???*2
    Doom's Eye 
    Black Doom's third eye. Wait, is it his fourth?! Haha! 
    First Level Spotted In: Westopolis 
    *1 --- I can't remember the Commander being in any level. I can remember him
    being in cutscenes, but that's all! 
    *2 --- Was the Black Doom in any level? 
    Yes, I know that he's one of the final bosses. Is a boss a level however?
    Basic Stuff...........<400>
    You can pretty much get through the whole game without using any of the
    advanced techs. Sure, it'll be harder, but that's all! My advice is to read 
    these and try them out in Westopolis before trying the advanced techniques.
    Left Analog Stick --- Character Movement 
    R1 Button ----------- Strafe 
    Circle Button ------- Special Action 
    Triangle Button ----- Special Attack 
    Square Button ------- Attack / Shoot 
    X Button ------------ Jump 
    If you played Westopolis first, before moving onto this, you'll have noticed 
    that there are different jumping moves. 
    - Jumping Attack 
    Even normal jumping can damage! Once Shadow has jumped into the air, you'll 
    notice a yellow semi circle appear around his legs. Land on a enemy, and 
    you'll damage the enemy! 
    - Jump Dash
    The Jump Dash is useful when even normal jumping can't get you across a gap!
    Jumping twice will cause you to gain a burst of speed and a bit of distance. 
    Be careful not to do it near Black Arms, GUN or Robots, however, or you'll use
    the Homing Attack! 
    - Homing Attack
    This is the same as the Jump Dash, but when the enemies are nearby. Shadow 
    will leap at them and bounce off them. Most enemies can be beaten by a few 
    shots of a gun, but some need a Homing Attack to bring them down! You can also
    use Homing Attack as a shortcut.
    - Triangle Jump 
    If two walls are quite close together, Shadow can Jump Dash between them! 
    While still on the wall, he can run along the wall! Be careful though, as you
    will fall off after a while, so you still need to jump from one to the other! 
    - Non-Weapon Attacks 
    If Shadow doesn't have a weapon, you can use the attack button to do two 
    punches followed by a Crescent Kick. This only happens when on the ground, as
    while in the air, he'll just kick normally. 
    - Weapons 
    If Shadow has a gun, he will remain in the air will shooting! Pretty neat,
    huh!? Close Combat weapons won't keep you in the air, however. The seven types
    of weapon are: 
    Close Combat 
    Special Actions
    - Sliding 
    Sliding can be done while Shadow is running as fast as he can. Remember, 
    you'll have to lose all the speed you've just built up in order to use it! 
    - Light Dash 
    Pressing square near a path of rings allows you to zoom through them, 
    collecting them all while following them. It can even be done over empty gaps,
    and creates a neat shortcut. 
    - Spin Dash 
    Spin Dash is the same as all the other games. Shadow basically curls up, and 
    zooms off! Besides the normal Spin Dash, Shadow has a Dark Spin Dash. This is
    the same as the normal Spin Dash, but is used when your on some of the red 
    - Swapping Weapons 
    Simple enough. Just stand over another weapon and press the button. 
    - Commandeering Vehicles 
    *yawns* Again, press the button and your off. 
    Chaos Actions
    These babies are great! If you look to the top of the screen, you should see
    a blue gauge and a red gauge. Filling either will result in your gaining one 
    of the Chaos Actions. 
    Whenever the blue gauge is full, Chaos Control is your man. You can just skip
    out whole parts of the stage using this move! Against a boss, skipping parts 
    of a stage are pretty useless though, so this move stops time, allowing you to
    smack them! The damage won't be dealt until time returns however. 
    Whenever the red gauge fills, be ready to use Choas Blast. This just destorys
    all enemies in your path! Whoa! This is good! Remember, it won't finish a boss
    off for you though! 
    Route Map
    There are 326 different ways of completing Shadow the Hedgehog. There is no 
    point in doing all 326 though, unless you want to unlock every libary scence. 
    Feel free to at your own choice. The list of libary scences, and how to unlock
    them is found in the Cheat Codes & Secrets section of gameFAQs, so look there 
    for them. 
    Getting an A Rank
    You need a certain amount of points to get a A Rank. This is found through the
    following way: 
    Hero - Dark + Normal + Time Bonus = Hero Score 
    Dark - Hero + Normal + Time Bonus = Dark Score 
    Normal + Time Bonus = Normal Score 
    Secret Keys
    There are five secret keys in each level, as well as a secret door. This can 
    have a warp hole, weapons, turrets, switches, alternate paths etc. inside of
    it. Refer to the Walkthrough as to were they are. 
    Checkpoints act like the normal ones do, bring you back to them when you die. 
    They have had a new feature added to them, however. This allows you to warp to
    and fro between them to finish off any extra parts of your hero and dark 
    missions which are left. 
    -----STAGE ONE----- 
    Dark - Annihilate the GUN Forces! - 30,000 pts. 
    Normal - Find the Chaos Emerald! - 32,000 pts. 
    Hero - Protect the escape pod from the black creatures! - 30,000 pts. 
    All that is needed of you is to zoom through this level to the end. Defeating
    the Black Arms is a good idea, as this builds up your Hero Gauge, opening the
    Chaos Control to you. This can get you through the stage faster, allowing you
    to reach the Goal Ring and Chaos Emerald faster then you usually would. Just 
    leave GUN. 
    Next Mission: Glyphic Canyon
    This mission requires you to defeat 35 GUN troops. Two things make this 
    mission easier then the Hero Mission, a) There are less troops. b) Access to 
    Chaos Blast. Chaos Blast can really save you, finishing off groups of GUN
    troops. Try not to finish off any Dark Troops, as this will affect your final 
    Checkpoint #2 - 10 / 35 
    Checkpoint #3 - 20 / 35 
    Checkpoint #4 - 26 / 35 
    Checkpoint #5 - 33 / 35
    Next Mission: Digital Circuit
    This mission is crazy, and hard! There are 45 Black Arms for you to take out 
    before this mission is over! You also have access to Chaos Control, which you
    shouldn't use no matter what, or you'll end up missing a few Black Arms! They
    also drop from the sky, which the GUN troops don't! Remember to take this 
    stage slow!
    Checkpoint #2 - 23 / 45 
    Checkpoint #3 - 29 / 45 
    Checkpoint #4 - 33 / 45 
    Checkpoint #5 - 42 / 45 
    Next Mission: Lethal Highway
    Secret Door Location: To the right of Checkpoint #4. 
    Reward: GUN Military Vehicle 
    - #1: To the right of the dash panel doing to Checkpoint #2, is a hidden 
    section. Jump over the pit over to the wall on the left. Run along the wall 
    and you'll reach the area on the other side of the key. 
    - #2: Right after you've used Checkpoint #2, use a pulley to reach the area 
    where the key is located. 
    - #3: Get ready to move quickly. Before you reach Checkpoint #3, you'll see 
    two GUN Beetles. Quickly Homing Attack them, then Triangle Jump onto the wall,
    and run along the side to reach the key. If your too slow, they'll be 
    - #4: Go to the left of Checkpoint #3. You'll find a caged area. You can get 
    under this by using the Spin Dash. At the back, you'll find the Dumpster. 
    Destroy it. 
    - #5: When you reach the Goal Ring, move around it. Run up the Dash Panel
    to launch yourself into the air. As you fall, the Key will be on the right
    -----STAGE TWO-----
    Digital Circuit
    Dark - Destroy the core program! - 10,000 pts. 
    Hero - Find the Chaos Emerald! - 16,000 pts. 
    Whether your aiming to do the Dark quest, or the Hero quest, you need to end 
    the stage quickly to get a good score. While the platform areas arrive back 
    from past games, there are new areas in this level which you won't have meet
    before (e.g. Spotlights). Throughout the walkthrough, I'll try to point 
    these out to you. After the first circuit, you'll meet up with your good old
    friends, GUN Beetles. Destroy these to get yourself a weapon to use against 
    any enemies which may cause problems.
    Spotlights pull you in towards them. The first one you meet is just after 
    Rouge. Just jump into it to use it. Later, you will need to attack GUN 
    Firewalls are found in the circuit system, excluding the first one. Take the 
    side paths in order to avoid them, otherwise you will lose rings when you hit
    Light Beams 
    The Light Beams are basically green bars. By jumping onto them, you can slide
    down them, or be carried up. There are two different types, vertical and 
    Reaching the Chaos Emerald doesn't finished the Dark Mission. Reach the 
    Checkpoint and go right or left, it doesn't matter either way. Then use the
    light to go up. Land, then jump to another block. Now, jump toward the middle 
    and Homing Attack toward the spring. That'll send you to a Warp Hole. 
    When you reach the next area, destroy all the GUN Beetles. When you then reach
    the big, open area, head to the right and Spin Dash up that ramp which leads 
    to the Spring. The Spring should get you to a block. From there, grab the 
    Light Beam and jump to yet another block. When this finally reaches yet 
    another Light Beam, climb this to the next ledge. Destroy the four GUN 
    Beetles here. Continue on, and when you reach the top, destroy the core to end
    the Dark Mission. 
    Next Mission: Cryptic Castle 
    There is nothing to this stage then reaching the Chaos Emerald. Read the
    General Tips and you'll easilly get yourself a A rank. This is basically 
    a normal mission. 
    Next Mission: Prison Island 
    Secret Door Location: To the left of checkpoint #4 
    Reward: Warp hole to secret Light Speed Circuit area 
    - #1: In the Light Speed Circuit area after Checkpoint #2, take the first path
    on the right. You'll get this one really easily. Remember, it's RIGHT not 
    - #2: After you finish the second Light Speed Circuit, you'll be in an area 
    with four GUN Beetles. The key is located on the lower level below the 
    entrance of the next circuit. 
    - #3: Just after the fourth checkpoint, take the Light Beam up and you'll find
    the next key up there. Pretty easy to get, if you know where your going of 
    - #4: After the fifth checkpoint, you'll be in a area where you need to hit 
    the GUN Beetles. Destroy the first three. Then land on the platform with the 
    - #5: After the seventh checkpoint, use the Search Light. When you reach the 
    top, Homing Attack yourself forward to reach the highest green platform. 
    Follow this. 
    Dark - Activate all the jewels! - 24,000 pts. 
    Normal - Find the Chaos Emerald! - 28,000 pts. 
    Hero - Drive off the black creatures! - 26,000 pts.
    The Normal Mission is basically getting another Chaos Emerald. Defeat any 
    Black Arms which get in your way, and use Light Dash to get through lines of 
    rings quickly. Using your normal tricks will easily get you through this 
    Next Mission: Prison Island
    The object of the Dark Mission is to activate five jewels in the temple. Make
    sure not to attack too many Black Arms, or you might not be able to reach 
    Jewel #5.*
    - Jewel #1: The first jewel is inside the building after you activate the 
    third checkpoint. 
    - Jewel #2: Forget about the Secret Key locations, or you can't reach this 
    jewel. Continue on and use the air to lift you up to the second one. Don't 
    worry about not making it. 
    - Jewel #3: It's right after Checkpoint #6. 
    - Jewel #4: Jump around the platforms after Checkpoint #7 and you'll find it.
    - Jewel #5: Defeat the Black Arms around here to unlock the spring which you 
    can use to reach the last jewel.
    * I need to look into this furthur.
    Next Mission: Cryptic Castle
    The mission here is to defeat 60 Black Arms. Just follow the path and you 
    should find them, as long as you take no shortcuts. Early on, you can choose 
    to take the higher or lower path. Opt to go higher, and you'll miss a few. 
    After being lifted in the air around Jewel #2, don't take the dash panel, or 
    you may miss a few there. This mission makes the Secret Key Locations hard to
    do as well. 
    Checkpoint #2 - 15 / 60 
    Checkpoint #3 - 15 / 60 
    Checkpoint #4 - 25 / 60 
    Checkpoint #5 - 27 / 60 
    Checkpoint #6 - 34 / 60 
    Checkpoint #7 - 44 / 60 
    Secret Door Location: After Checkpoint #5. 
    Reward: Black Volt that you can ride to Checkpoint #6. 
    - #1: Head right after Knuckles joins you. It's behind a broken pillar. 
    - #2: Use the first Dash Panel. When you can either go up or down, choose to 
    go up to find it. 
    - #3: After Checkpoint #3, destroy the wall on the left. 
    - #4: Use the spring after Checkpoint #6 to reach the next part of the path. 
    Turn around and jump onto the roof to find it. 
    - #5: It's on the left side below the Chaos Emerald.

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