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"Destruction, Chaos, Explosions, and Shooting... What's not to like?"

When I first saw reviews of the game I saw low scores. Being the oddball I am, I played a demo of it and thought it was the greatest 3-D "Sonic" game ever. Who doesn't love to destroy things and shoot stuff going 60+ mph? I know I do.

Game play 10/10
Explosions, shooting, rubble, debris, and chaos everywhere. Enemies coming through the roof, and guns and weapons EVERYWHERE. What's not to like? The only problem is, the boss battles are hard the first time through. Some levels are organized weird, and the keys are hard to find, but other than that it is totally solid. You also need a quick reaction time to adjust to elements in 0 seconds flat.

Plot 9/10
I guess you need to play Sonic Adventure Battle 2 to understand Shadow's past with everyone. I don't totally get it after beating it. All I know is this is one hedgehog you don't want to mess with.

Graphics 9/10
I'd give this a 10, but the game play graphics aren't as good as the cut-scenes. Most of the game is amazing for the time it came out.

Everything else 10/10
Sure, I could go through every single last detail of this game, coming down to the last pixel. But I won't bore you, so I'll tell you that the only other problem with the game is there are only really 4 main bosses and 3 mini bosses. My favorite mini boss is the egg breaker. I killed him one time in 18 seconds. Other than that it is one totally solid game. The bosses can get annoying after a while, and you have to become good at every control and action to beat the last level, but this game is one of the best fast-paced third-person-shooting plat-former money can buy.

So sure, if you are one of those beginner gamers that only listens to magazines, then stay away from this game. But if you are a hardcore gamer that will play any video game that exists other than children's games, then this is one game that is worth it's weight in diamond tenfold.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/24/06

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