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"Not Another Bad Sonic Series Game!"

Every so often you come across a bad video game. (From my experience) not all that often do you come across a bad Sonic series game, however, if you've read my previously-published reviews, you'll notice that I've given another game (from the same series, incidentally) a low score due to poor controls or playability. Around 2005 (getting near the end of the PlayStation 2's meteoric run) there were a bunch of these shoot-em-up games (actually there's only one I can think of and it came out following year [I believe] called Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus. This was sot of a funny thing to exploit (I would say) I could see this 3rd-person shooting thing work with FF7's Vincent Valentine, however seeing Shadow with an Uzi or whatever is very taxing if you're supposed to take this game seriously. I guess that's debatable.

Ah, the sound. I wasn't sure what to make of the sound. If you've looked at SA2 then you probably remember the weird, Shadow music. Unsurprisingly, this game continues on that vein. I'm not totally sure if I'd penalize the game for this weirdness, because it may just not be my kind of music, but otherwise acceptable.

The graphics are so-so and I'll tell you why. Um. The only other Sonic PS2 game I can think of off the top of my head would be a game I once rented known as Sonic Heroes. I don't remember that game very well (now that I think of it) but this game sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It starts out looking great, but I think that this might've been a better game for like the 360 or something. Slow-down.

Now for the gameplay. You might think that I'm going to bash this game now for straying so far off of the beaten path, but I'm not going to (that's coming later). Yeah, the gameplay that's here is basically not bad. I mentioned earlier that it took me about 10 views of the opening FMV sequence to really accept this game for what it is in this area. Now for some heartache. Before I go any further (and this mayn't need to be said) I'm not a particularly gifted gamer even in my main genres of fighting/rpging. I found this game unplayable sometime during the second level. That little don't-fall-off the ledge technique would really've been great, but it may be expecting too much for that to really be there. I don't mean that too bitterly. I had a similar problem with Sonic 3D Blast, but instead of the controls being not sensitive enough, there's too much sensitivity making much of the turning very loose, that seems to result in bad turning.

Let's wrap this up. Entertainment. Is there entertainment? Yes, actually albeit not for very long I can only see people (with my skill level, perhaps) enjoying this game by having some of their Sonic series friends over and just laughing hysterically as you watch Knuckles-er-Shadow all pimped up.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/18/10

Game Release: Shadow the Hedgehog (US, 11/15/05)

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