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"Great platformer"

The Sonic series has taken on a metamorphosis over the years that has taken the series from 2-d side scroller to 3-d platfromer. Despite the changes, the games has gone relatively unphased, and the change from 2-d to 3-d has been a great one. The games are just as fast paced and fun as ever. Now, the series takes another step up with Shadow The Hedgehog. Shadow finds the title character pondering his past as he has lost his memory. Amodist his pondering, an alien lifeform attacks and it's leader tells our amnesiac hero that if he wants to know the truth about his memory, he must recover the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow soon sets off.

The game allows you to choose who you wish to fight for, which is a nice change for the series. You can side with sonic and his friends, and destroy the evil alien invaders, you can side with the aliens and destroy the military forces that are trying to stop you and the aliens, or you can even fight only for yourself and collect the chaos emeralds while destroying both armies. There are several mission objectives, and completing one of these will determine who you fight for as well as what stage it is that you go to next.

To help you combat your enemies, you have several attacks available to you, such as a homing spin attack, a slide, and a special ability that can be activated by increasing a guage for one side or the other. You will also have an arsenal of weapons and vehicles at your disposal, which are quit helpful. The gameplay is fun and easy, and most of all, it's fast which is a staple of the Sonic series.

This is where some problems may occur. The camera is terrible as it can often time be in the worst possible place. This requires you to manually turn the camera around, and there's nothing to automatically place the camera behind you, so it can be a pain sometimes. This ties into the speed of the game which can also be too fast at times. You will often pass up something you had wanted to get, and will have to go back to get it by doing so carefully.

Overall, Shadow is a good game, and one that the fans will surely like. The ability to choose which side you fight for, and the inclusion of weapons make it fun to play and give it a fairly lengthy lifespan.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/21/05

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