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"Another great edition to your Sonic collection"

I'll get right to the point. Shadow the Hedgehog takes on a slightly darker shade than the previous Sonic games. That being said, it's still a positively great game. This time, you can choose from up to 5 story paths to take: Hero, Semi-Hero, Normal, Semi-Dark, and Dark. Each story has 2 different endings. Yes, Shadow does get a gun (quite a few actually), but I don't think that that takes anything away from this game. Truly another Sega great.

Gameplay: The gameplay itself is very good. The framerate may get a little shaky at some times, and the game tends to lag at some spots, but overall, it provides for a ton of high speed fun. You've got to keep moving in this game, or you'll take a shot, guaranteed. Also, the variety of missions and story paths are very well thought out.
My score: 8/10

Graphics: The graphics in this game are very similar to those of Sonic heroes. Not the best graphics in the world, but they do the job for me. The environments are also very nicely drawn out, and the weapons detail is very precise.
My score: 7/10

Sound: The sounds in this game are also done nicely. No weapon sounds the same as another. Also, some of the level music is very cool. The one thing that got to me was the change in character voices, but that's a petty drawback.
My score: 8/10

Storyline: Very well planned. The storyline is very good. Also, with the different story paths, no 2 storylines are the same.
My score: 9/10

Replayability: This is not the games strongsuit. After playing through the storys a couple times, and possibly seeing the same cutscenes over and over and over again, it can get pretty boring. Also, some of the missions get very repetitive.
My score: 5/10

Overall: A great game to get. It may get repetitive at times, but overall, Shadow the Hedgehog belongs in any Sonic fans collection.
My score: 37/50

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/28/05

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