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"Great game, but a major bug brings it down."

Disclaimer: This review is my ppinion, and it is also my first review, just notifying you.

Graphics:7 Nothing really special here, its average graphics on the PS2, (which I have) though the Xbox version would probably be lower than average graphics for the Xbox. Some people claim that they have seen slowdown in this game, I have not seen any myself, it runs smoothly.

Music: 9 The music for the levels are all very fitting and well played. I think that it could be a bit quieter, but thats not that big of an issue.

Sound effects: 7 Most of the sound effects are recycled from earlier sonic games, or at least they sound as if they were. Not that thats a bad thing mind you.

Story: 8 The story in this game is rather deep and revealing, though it is fairly hard to grasp. You will have to play through on multiple storylines to understand it all.

Gameplay: 9 The addition of firearms is actually very intuitive, and fitting for this game, the aiming system makes it easy to chose who/what you want to fire at once you get the hang of it, and the homing attack is even more accurate. However, the once widely used spin dash technique is virtually obsolete in this game. And the fact that which level you go to next depends on your actions in a stage make it that much more interesting.

Replay: 10 The replay value is immense, not only because there are various completion objectives for each stage, but each objective will send you to a different stage, leaving for over 300 ways of going through the story.


There is a fairly major bug in this game that is a minor annoyance at times. If you pause in a stage that there is not a neutral objective in, and you have not met any allies, you cannot unpause the game, and must instead restart the stage. This happens in the PS2 version, I am unsure about this regarding the other versions. But aside from this bug, I have not seen any major game breaking issues.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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