Review by PeachyRamune

Reviewed: 03/13/06

Young gamers should have better taste.

The flaws in this game are more than flaws. While some in any game can be easily overlooked, some can also be large annoyances.
Shadow The Hedgehog is a game targeted towards children. Every child I know owns this game along with SA2B and SADX.

Concept: 1/10

Shadow, the "dark" and "bad" version of Sonic that is supposed to appeal to an alternative youngster crowd with rebellious tendencies, but ends up mocking them. Add (Useless) guns to that. I think there were aliens too...or robots. It doesn't even matter.

Graphics: 6/10

Not bad, but stands as a recycled version of SA2B. Very very minor improvements. Asphalt is blurry, while characters are detailed decently. The effects have been seen before in previous games. Nothing special.

Sound: 3/10

This gets a 3 for sound being present. Guns go bang, Shadow grunts. Shadow's dialogue is forced and annoying. Is Shadow supposed to be a joke for threatening his enemies about his "real power".

Story: 3/10

Everything is so arbitrary and boring that there is no point in paying attention to what Shadow is going to whine about next. Aliens, Sonic, Chose your own path. Been there, done that. All over.

Gameplay: 1/10

Since your running on one track the entire time, those areas in which you dont have problems with the camera. Controls are clunkier and more uncomfortable than the sharp edges of the NES controller. The game forces you to stop and kill enemies with the homing attack, otherwise you run into them. The guns mentioned before are useless because the targeting is plain doo-doo(Worse than the GTA franchise). Nothing is new. No sense of speed. Everything is done bad.

Final: 2/10

Imagine someone making a mod of SA2B. It's worth playing around with for a couple of minutes before you realize this is pure amature work. This is not a game. As a fan of Sonic Team since NiGHTS Into Dreams stole my heart, I am disappointed in the direction of this game. Good sales in this game only promote the bastardization on the Sonic franchise.

I do not recommend this game.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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