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    Enemy/Item Location Guide by holypriest

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 09/04/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sandy Saputra
    Enemy & Item Location ver 1.8
    Game              : Metal Saga
    Category          : Item & Monster Location Guide
    Console           : PlayStation 2
    Gamefaqs Username : holypriest
    Version History
    Ver 1.8 (Sep 04 2006) - Add all of the contributions. Correct some errors like
                            Man Eater(supposed to be Manhunter, but different than
                            those Manhunters encountered in Tanks Graveyard).
                            Add a new Section called Information. Check it out!
    Ver 1.6 (Aug 03 2006) - Rearrangement made on the Sections
                            Minor update on some parts
                            New Section : Unknown Usage
    Ver 1.4 (Jul 06 2006) - Update on most parts
    Ver 1.2 (Jun 17 2006) - New section : Asked Questions
                            New place : Ziggurat, Tiamat, Unknown Cave
                            More Enemy Spawns, Items, and Big Medals.
                            After re-reading the FAQ, I noticed some typos and
                            errors like Koenigstiger ridden by Rachel when it's
                            supposed to be Rosa... Hahaha
    Ver 1.0 (Jun 12 2006) - Made the FAQ
    This document is Copyright 2006 Sandy Saputra
    This document is for personal use only. Any kind of reproduction is forbidden.
    I do not have a problem with this being posted on any site without my
    permission. If you include any of the materials from this FAQ, I would very
    much appreciate credit. :) And please don't change/alter any part of the FAQ
    if you want to host this FAQ.
    Thank You.
    Table of Contents
    No.  Contents                          Search Key (Ctrl + F)
    I.    Introduction                        (SK1)
    II.   Item & Enemies (Place)              (SK2)
    III.  Item (World)                        (SK3)
    IV.   Spawn (World)                       (SK4)
    V.    Unknown Usage                       (SK5)
    VI.   Informations                        (SK6)
    VII.  Asked Question                      (SK7)
    VIII. Last Words                          (SK8)
    IX.   Credits                             (SK9)
    I. Introduction (SK1)
    Hello, this is my 2nd FAQ. I hope this FAQ is useful for players who want to
    know Item and Enemy spawn for Metal Saga game, although I'm sure it's still
    incomplete as this is mostly an individual work (And also the contributions of
    players). Moreover,this game has many questionable items which uses are yet to
    be discovered. 
    To make viewing better, avoid using Font with uncertain range for each of
    the characters (eg. Times New Roman, Arial, etc). Recommended font types
    include Courier New and Lucida Console.
    II. Item & Enemies(Place) (SK2)
    There are many items that can be found in a place (Towns & Dungeons). Town
    items are usually buyable... but it's the opposite for dungeon items and
    world map's (Usually though). I'm not sure if I'm not missing out on 
    And I apologize if the naming of the exact location is a bit lame
    (Sometimes the dungeon is too confusing to give name to). But It's
    enough gist I guess...
    As for the directions, when it said right or east... it means the right
    hand side of the screen, not right of the character's point of view.
    Whereas for all the Deluxe rooms, you can find Royal Slippers, Towel, Robe and
    Soap (Although not necesarrily all of them in 1 stay). But upon staying there
    the next time, the items will be there again..
    Thanks to canadianbacon99 for telling me this at the message board.
    @Town : Big Medal[Southwestern Drum], Big Medal[Water Well near Church],
            Big Medal[Stove in 2nd floor Workshop Terrace], PZB 39 EX[Scarlet]
    +Church : Big Medal[Junk bunch in alley], Sticky Cells[Fridge],
              Repair Kit[Sink]
    +Inn    : Economy Room #1 : Stick-on Armor[Box]
    +Tavern : Kitchen (Back)  : Tile Pack S[Sink]
            > Rachel's Room   : Pink Lipstick[Wardrobe]
            > Jack's Room     : Healing Capsule[Drawer] 
    +Workshop : B1 : Healing Capsule[Box]
              > 2F : Repair Kit[Fridge]
                   > Room 2 : Sister's Apron[Table], Sister's Towel[Bed]
                   > Room 3 : Handkerchief[Statue], Father's Shirt*[Bed]
    +Warehouse#1 : Repair Kit[Box]
    +Warehouse#2 : Sandals[Box], Healing Capsule[Box]
    +Dr. Solomon's House : Work Gloves[Box], Tile Pack S[Box], Tile Pack S[Box],
                           Drill Claw Memo[Cabinet], Camera Lens**[Dr. Solomon]
     -After Agreeing with Dr. Solomon : Solomon's Glove[Start, Sink]
                                      : Solomon's Boots[30% Completion, Sink]
                                      : Solomon's Helm [60% Completion, Drum]
    +Guy House : Stick-on Armor[Wardrobe]
    +Enemies : Konigstiger(Rosa), Panther G(Carl), Sebastian, Lloyd, Duke,
               Guermo, Scarlet[O], Jack***[O]
    *Note   : Thanks again to canadianbacon99 for telling me this at the message 
              board. Love you !! :p
    **Note  : After talking to Doc Optica in his lab.
    ***Note : Killing Jack is optional, but I heard that you can collect his bounty
              without killing him... To enlist him in the encyclopedia, simply kill
              him in the Unknown Cave. (although you didn't fight him, I believe
              an entry in the outlaw bounty collected would be enough to make Hare
              Head enspawn(not even sure it's a word) him).
    -Junkyard E-
    +Left Tent : Sling Shot[Box]
    -Junk Mountain-
    +Items   : 37mm Cannon[Box], Lump of Gold[Safe Box*], Shotgun[Box**],
               Camo Fatigues[Box**]
    +Enemies : Psycho Cycler, Giant Slug, Spider Tank, Scrap Zombie, Junk Zombie,
               Trash Heap[O]
    +Junks***: Claw Blade, Drill Claw, Drill Blade, Assault Barrel
    +Vehicle : Buggy
    *Note   : The digits can be found by reading Half of a Map and Map Scrap found
              later in the game. But if you want to know, it's 2946 and it never
    **Note  : At first there is a kid blocking access to this area, but later he
              will disappear...(maybe after defeating the Trash Heap?)
    ***Note : Junks dropped by the monster & found in the mountain has similar use.
              To save space in your storage, you just have to keep 1 claw blade,
              1 drill claw, 3 drill blades, and 1 assault barrel. The rest you're
              going to need is the un-traded junks for many assemblies.
    @Town : Big Medal[3 Iron Pipes], Big Medal[Northern part Wire Fence]
    +Nikolai's Workshop : 2F : Big Medal[Trash Can]
                             > Kiriya's Room : Metal Bat[Locker]
                             > Misha's Room  : Lightning Rod[Nightstand]
                             > Parent's Room : Insulator[Nightstand]
    +Inn : Big Medal[Plant]
         > Economy Room    : Mine Detector[Box]
         > Regular Room #2 : Holy Book[Nightstand]
    +Family House : Camo Cap[Cabinet]
    +Small House : Bugle[Sink], Photo 1[Nightstand]
    +Allies : Workshop : 1F : Misha[Mechanic Supportive] +Cheer, Guardian Angel
                       > 2F : Kiriya[Mechanic Specialist] +Sabotage
    -Trader Camp- <West of Newfolk>
    +Event Enemies : Brigand, Punk, Manhunter[O]*, Mad Maxwell[O]
    *Note : Won't be in encyclopedia yet as the one who's killing it is Scarlet.
    -Abandoned Buildings-
    +1st Building
    -1F : Room : Strange Hilt[Counter]
        > Left Room : Thunder Grenade[Locker], Healing Capsule[Locker]
    -2F : Room : Big Medal[Locker]
    -3F : Room 1 : Sneakers[Locker]
          Room 3 : Tile Pack S[Locker], L75mm Cannon[Box]
    +Enemies : Pogo Cadet, Security Cam
    +2nd Building
    -B1 : Last Right Room : Assault Slide[Last Left Pillar]
    -1F : Room 1 : Pot Lid[Locker], Flight Jacket[Locker]
        > Left Room  : Leather Gloves[Locker]
        > Right Room : Big Medal[Locker], Boomerench[Box]
    -2F : Room 2 : Strange Sheath[Light Orb], Grenade[Locker]
    -3F : Room 1 : Zapper[Locker]
    +Enemies : B1 : Rice Crooker
    +3rd Building
    -B1 : Room 1 : Ingrame Frame[Light Orb]
    -1F : Right Room : Healing Capsule[Locker], Unknown Ore[Desk]
    -2F : Room 1 : Big Medal[Locker]
        > Room 3 : Tile Pack S[Locker]
    -3F : Room 2 : Large Ore[Table], Revolver*[Locker], Ski Mask*[Box]
    +Enemies : Pogo Cadet, Security Cam, Rice Crooker, Grain Gunner,
               Gun Turret
    +Vehicle : Mosquito[Basement] <Building 2>
    *Note : Contributed by Kevin VanSciver(Kev "Efop").
    -East Zero-
    @Town : Big Medal[Water supply]
    +Inn : Economy Room : Grenade[Box]
    +Bar : Dance Earring[Dance Lv1]
    +House in middle part : Bug Spray[Cupboard]
    +House : Tile Pack S[Fridge], Big Medal[Bed]
    +Warehouse 1 : Goggles[Box]
    +Warehouse 2 : Jambiya[Box]
    -Bio Genetics Laboratory-
    +1F : Corridor     : Bomb Pack[Middle Corner Wall]
    +2F : Left Room 1  : Healing Drink[Locker], E1 Chip[Bed]
        > Left Room 2  : O1 Chip[Table 1], Tile Pack S[Locker],
                         L2 Chip[Boxshelf],
        > Left Room 3  : Kevy Shirt[Locker], L1 Chip[Pile of Boxes]
        > Left Room 4  : Pandemonium[Locker], Juice[Locker]
        > Right Room 1 : Big Medal[Locker]
        > Right Room 2 : Healing Drink[Locker], Grenade[Locker],
                         Growgaine[Locker], Egyptian Hood[Box]
        > Right Room 3 : Satcom Strap[Locker]
        > Right Room 4 : Big Medal[Locker], Slugger[Locker]
    +B1 : Left Room    : Small Sheath[Table 2], Small Hilt[Green Table 1],
                         Small Blade[Bookshelf]
    +Enemies : 2F : Canine Cannon
             > 1F : Grenade Turret
             > B1 : Groin Gun
             > B2 : Killer Blob, Canine Cannon
    +Allies  : 1F : Red Door : Shiba <Shooting Star>,
                             > Tosa <Headbutt, Headbutt EX, Sumo Stomp>,
                             > Terry <Eye Beam, Fire Breath, Transparency>,
                             > Bernie <Med Keg 1, Med Keg 2, Med Keg 3, 
                                       Revival Keg 1, Barrier, Epidermythril>.
                             + Generic Skill : Animal Instinct, Hyper Sniffer,
                                               Tracker, Foxhunt, Regeneration,
    @Town : Big Medal[Right Fountain], Big Medal[3rd Bench right of Inn]
    +Parts Shop : Duster[Box]
    +Inn        : Economy Room : Healing Capsule[Box]
                > Regular Room : Bug Repellant[Nightstand]
    -1F : Hall       : Glasses Lens*[Sebastian]
        > Guest Room : Big Medal[Cupboard]
        > Warehouse  : Tile Pack M[Box], Bowgun[Box]
        > Kitchen    : Medal[Sink]
        > West Wing  : Corridor : 1000G[Painting]
        > East Wing  : Corridor : 1000G[Painting]
                     > Guest Room 1 : Rabbit Tail[Cupboard]
                     > Guest Room 2 : Big Medal[Cupboard],
                                      Rabbit Ears[Cupboard]
                     > Guest Room 3 : Cat Tail[Nightstand]
                     > Guest Room 4 : Cat Ears[Nightstand]
                     > 3rd Row Room : Safety Boots[Bos], Miracle Key[Box],
                                      Big Medal[Woodboard]
    -2F : East Wing  : Work Room : Bomb Claw Memo[Bookshelf],Big Medal[Table]
                     > Library : Toy Sword Memo[shelf], Beam Claw Memo[Shelf]
        > West Wing  : Arthur's Room : Cache Map[Bed]
                     > Room beside Arthur's : Remote Grenade[Cupboard]
                     > Corridor : 1000G[Southern painting]
                     > Rosa's Room : Half of a Map[Bed]
    +House below Hunter Office : Ear Plugs[Sink]
    +Left most house : Gas Mask[Fridge]
                     > 2F : Big Medal[Hanged frame], Big Medal[Cupboard]
    +Tent 1 : Sodam Insein : Secret Map @500G, Old Map @5000G, Pirate Map @8000G,
                             Dubious Map** @1000G
    +Tent 2 : Remote Grenade[Box]
    +Tent 3 : Rocker Gloves[Box]
    +Tent 4 : Shock Absorber[Box]
    +Enemies : Disassembler[O]
    *Note  : After talking with Doc Optica.
    **Note : Answer yes after asked if you have found all the treasures. (Even if
             you haven't, just bluff :p)
    -Ruins of a Fort-
    +4F : Warehouse 2 : Fancy Map[Painting]
    +3F : Biker Suit[Box]
    +2F : SW Room : Growgaine 3[Locker], Tile Pack M[Locker]
        > NW Room : Photo 7[Locker], Juice[Locker], Miracle Key[Locker],
                    Healing Drink[Locker]
        > NE Room : Big Medal[Locker], Big Medal[Locker], Photo 8[Locker]
    +B1 : Corridor     : Stirm Barrel*[Light Orb]
        > Right Room 1 : 105mm Rifle[Box]
        > Right Room 2 : Stirm Slide[Pile of Boxes]
        > Left Room 1  : Stirm Frame[Pile of Boxes]
        > Left Room 2  : Strange Blade[Ascended Pave]
    +B2 : Assault Frame[Light Orb]
    +B3 : Ingram Barrel[Light Orb]
    +B4 : Ingram Slide[Light Orb]
    +B5 : Dog Harness[Light Orb]
    +B6 : Tankasaurus Room : Dog Connector[Light Orb]
    +Enemies : 5F : Col. Blueberry[O]
             > 4F : Laser Cam
             > 3F : BB Commando, BB Paratrooper
             > 2F : BB-in-a-Barrel
             > 1F : BB Trooper
             > B1 : BB-in-a-Can, BB-in-the-Box
             > B3 : Sonic Turret[B3]
             > B6 : Tankasaurus[O]
    +Vehicle : Gepard[1F]
    *Thanks to canadianbacon99's help in pointing the place I can get this from.
    @Town : Big Medal[Southern Barrel]
    +Weapon Shop : Big Medal[Red Chest]
    +Gift Shop : Tile Pack M[Polka-Dot Drawer], Healing Drink[Polka-Dot Drawer]
    +Equipment Shop : Tiger Claw[Red Chest]
    +Item Shop : Cowboy Boots[Red Chest]
    +Inn : Fireplace : Healing Drink[Red Box]
         > Regular Room #1 : Crimson Manzier[Drawer]
         > Regular Room #2 : Tile Pack M[Drawer]
    +West House  : Ten Galloon Hat[Drawer]
    @Steps at the middle : Big Medal*[9-11th Step]
    @Chief's House Area : Big Medal[Broken Stone Lamp north of Bridge]
    +Prayer House  : Big Medal[Altar]
    +Chief's House : Old Map[Wooden Lamp]
                   > 1st Room     : Battle Knuckles[Drawer]
                   > Chief's Room : Piece of Map[Drawer]
                   > Kaede's Room : Evil Sword[Kaede**]
                   > Back Room : Peacemaker[Red Box]
    *Note  : Contributed by Zombie
    **Note : After beating Orochi
    -Snake's Den-
    +1F : Throwing Knife[Box], 92mm Spark[Southeastern Box]
    +B2 : Turban[Box]
    +Hunter* : Body Part, Handle, Cement Barrel, Small Hand, Left Hand, Talon,
               Right Hand, Cylinder Piece, Cement Frame, Body Tube, Fang,
               Cement Slide, Horn, Large Jawbone, Iguana Tooth, Large Jawbone
    +Enemies : 1F : Green Snake, Snake Charmer, Orochi[O]
             > B1 : Ant Commander
             > B2 : Red Snake, Blue Snake, Yellow Snake, Purple Snake
             > B3 : Acid Ant
    *Note : The hunter can be found at the first screen upon entering the dungeon.
            But he will only be there at a later time after the defeat of Orochi.
            Each item he has can be bought for 500G
    -Morgue Town-
    @Outside : Big Medal[Beside Vending Machine]
    +B1 : Tavern          : Petrol Bomb[Fridge], Trenchcoat[Fridge 2]
        > Memory Center   : Chinese Sword[Locker]
        > Inn             : Ice Armor[Locker]
        > Item Shop       : Healing Drink[Locker], Petrol Bomb[Locker],
        > Equipment Shop  : Battle Spikes[Locker]
        > Last Right Room : Tile Pack M[Locker], Gourmet Dogfood[Locker],
    +B2 : Left Room 1  : Gauntlet[Locker], Unparalyzer[Locker]
        > Left Room 2  : Beretta[Locker], Big Medal[Locker], Antidote[Locker]
        > Left Room 3  : Boonie Hat[Locker], Big Medal[Locker],
                         Healing Drink[Locker]
        > Right Room 2 : Sugar Pill[Locker], Fire Blaster[Locker]
        > Right Room 3 : Antidote[Locker], Flamegun[Locker]
    -Morgue Sewer-
    +1F : Hockey Mask[Box]
    +B1 : Dog Wings[Box], Sword Blade[Box], V1 Chip[Box]
    +Enemies : 1F : Samurant, Metalmite, Dead Guy, Ghost Cadet, Sewer Demon[O],
                    Crazy Wayne[Boss]
               B1 : G.E. Simmons, Frigiderilick, Mimic
    -1st Continental Rail Road Tunnel-
    +Items   : Right Area : Big Medal[Tractor], Fire Walker[Box]
               Left  Area : Drill Gun[Box]
    +Enemies : M61 Mutt, Golden Colony, Golden Ant, Public Enema #1,
               Dalton Brothers II[O]
    -Continental RR Train-
    +3F : Room[3-02]     : Shock Absorber[Nightstand]
        > Room[3-03]     : Shock Absorber[Nightstand]
        > Storage Room 1 : War-Torn Boots[Box]
        > Storage Room 2 : Brass Knuckles[Box]
    +Enemies : Casino : Dalton Brothers I[O] (Fredrick, Shasta, Roberto),
                        Puppetmaster[O], Marceau[O]
    -Alice One-
    @Town : Weight Set[Muscle Lv1], Big Medal[Cactus beside Hunter Office]
    +Parts Shop       : Tile Pack L[Box]
    +Workshop         : Eviler S Memo*[Bookshelf]
    +Leon's House     : Mechanic Kit[Cupboard], Mechanic Gloves[Nightstand],
    +Banjo's House    : Shamshir[Fridge], Metallic Suit[Nightstand]
    +Tavern           : Dance Necklace[Dance Lv2]
    +Inn              : Big Medal[Extinguisher]
                      > Economy Room : Ice Armor[Box]
                      > Deluxe Room  : Safety Helmet[Drawer]
    +House for sale** : Dog Tag[Nightstand], Red Bandana[Cupboard],
                        Mole Grenade[Sink]
    +Family House     : Energy Drink[Cupboard]
    +Small House      : Energy Capsule[Sink]
    +Event Enemies : Leon's House : Agent
    +Allies : Tavern : Rashid <Power & HP>
                     > Charlene <Enemy position flexibility>
    *Note  : Contributed by TemplarKnight.
    **Note : Must be bought first before you can enter... speak to Banjo and
             agree to buy it for about 3000G.
    -Alice Camp W-
    +Item : Trader     : Ruby Lens @5000G**
          > Right Tent : Trader/Bus Stop Sign : Bus Stop Sign @3000G*
    *Note  : Must buy information 1st from the guy at Tavern in Alice One @5000G.
    **Note : Must Talk with Doc Optica 1st.
    -Monkey Mountain-
    +Northwestern Area : Mini Vulcan[Box after jumping down]
    +Cave : 177mm Ammorph[Box]
    +Hot Spring : Royal Soap[Wooden Barrel], Royal Towel[Wooden Wall],
                  Big Medal[Wooden Seat],
    +Enemies : Chopper Chimp, Chimpyro, Postal Primate, Dr. Zeus[Boss],
               Granddaddy Kong[O]
    @Town : Protein Shake[Muscle Lv2], Big Medal[Drum in front of Factory],
            Big Medal[Eastern Box]
    +Parts Shop  : Metal Detector[Box]
    +Workshop    : Desert Eagle[Box]
    +Warehouse 1 : CVC Armor[Box], CVC Gloves[Box]
    +House 1     : Tile Pack L[Sink], CVC Boots[Nightstand]
    +House 2     : Damascus Sword[Fridge]
    +Event Enemies : Squid Pro Blow, Krak Cannon
    +Salvage : Magnum Barrel, Magnum Slide, Magnum Frame, Dog Barrel, Head, Arm,
               Head Fragment, Arm Segment, Steel Can Scrap, Fossil Bouquet,
               Meat Slab, Fabric Swatch, Chest Piece, Backbone, Cyclops Head,
               Unknown Item, Holey Boot, Evil Booster, Torn Map, Silver Bar,
               Bronze Bar, Silver Axe, Golden Axe, Shell, Beam Pack, Lump of Gold,
    +1F : Stupid Person's Room : Muffle Armor[Fridge]
        > Other Room           : Growgaine L[Fridge]
    +B1 : Big Room Base        : Saratoga Armor[Shelf]
    +Enemies : 1F : Brigand, Marauder
             > Guarded Room (B1?) : Shaka Khan[O]
    //Sorry for the unclarity... it's just hard to name this confusing place.
    -Forever Land-
    @Outside : Big Medal[Drum], Solar Lens[Danny*]
    +1F : Robby's Room : Big Medal[Table]
        > Corridor : Big Medal[Wall to the right]
    +B1 : Room 1 : Thunderpuncher[Box], Energy Capsule[Box], Big Medal[Locker],
                   Tile Pack L[Locker]
        > Room 2 : Crimson Knife[Box], Kevy Wig[Locker]
        > Room 3 : Legendary Memo[Locker], Trigger Bracer[Box],
                   Bio Jacket[Box] 
    +B2 : Room 1 : Omega Blaster[Box], Kevy Vest[Box], Big Medal[Crate]
        > Room 2 : Photon Grenade[Locker], Energy Capsule[Locker] Blue Moon[Box]
        > Room 3 : Crimson Geta[Box], Dog Laser[Box], Dog Armor LV5[Locker],
                   Big Medal[Locker], Big Medal[Box]
    *Note : Danny will be asking you to help him plow the field... answer yes and
            he will give you Solar Lens... Oh and he will appear after you have
            talked with Doc Optica.
    -Site for 2nd Tunnel-
    +House 1 : Big Medal[Locker]
    +1F : Left Room 1    : Jacket Scrap[Box]
        > Left Room 2.1  : Mini Vulcan[Box]
        > Left Room 2.2  : Nameless Blade[Box]
        > Right Room 1   : Saratoga Suit[Box]
        > Right Room 2.1 : Iron Bustier[Box]
        > Right Room 2.2 : Shades Frame[Box]
    +B1 : Bedroom : Ratchet 9[Box]
    +Enemies : 1F : Rocket Mole, Mega Mole[O]
                  > Mole Creature : Kamikaze Mole, Mole Master, Lost Mole
             > B1 : Lost Mole, Kamikaze Mole, Mole Master
    -Muscle Cathedral-
    +2F : Left Room 1    : Maximism[Nightstand]
        > Left Room 3    : Photo 7[Nightstand], Sonic Blaster[Wardrobe]
        > Guest Room     : Big Medal[Muscle Man Painting]
    +1F : Mr. Stud Medal[Muscle Lv 4]
        > Starting Room  : Growgaine T[Cupboard],Noise Grenade[Wardrobe]
        > Left Room 1    : Noise Grenade[Wardrobe], Nutcracker[Wardrobe]
        > Left Room 3    : Intruder[Wardrobe]
        > Exercise Room  : Juice[Locker], Muffle Armor[Locker], Big Medal[Locker],
                           Tile Pack L[Locker], Energy Capsule[Locker]
    +B1 : Entrance       : Seized Equipment[Box*]
        > Transform Room : Big Medal**[Transforming Device]
    +Enemies : Muscle Jr., Muscle Duo, Muscle Chic, Muscle Wheel, Masked Muscle,
               Father Muscle[O]
    *Note  : Before telling the guard that you're a believer, simply unequip all
             of your equipment so that they seize nothing... with this, the box in
             the basement will give you Big Medal instead.
    **Note : Contributed by TemplarKnight.
    -Lake Bridge-
    +Enemies : Man O' War[O]
    +Vehicle : Rodina
    -Dr. Palm's Tank Lab-
    +Working Garage : Big Medal[Red Tool Box]
    +Palm's Room    : Big Medal[Drawer]
    -Lorelei Bay-
    @Town : Petroleum Jelly[Muscle Lv3],Big Medal[Trash Can behind Equipment Shop],
            Big Medal[Lighthouse Tower], Lock Pick[Oliver]
    +Grey's House   : Old Photo[Drawer]
    +Warehouse 1    : Kastane[Box], Fiberglass Helm[Box]
    +Warehouse 2    : Thigh Boots[Box]
    +Tavern         : Dog Tazer[Box]
    +Inn            : Economy Room : Hound Bomb[Box], Photo 5[Bed]
    +Wooden House   : Photo 2[Bed], Big Medal[Trash Can]
    +Equipment Shop : Big Medal[Opened Box]
    +Parts Shop     : Dog Armor LV7
    +Locked House   : Fire Armor[Wardrobe], 205mm Memo[Table], Big Medal[Sink]
                      Silver Medal[Small Plant]
    Alert : Don't get mugged 'til you opened the box in Retirement Compound. Simply
            enter Lorelei by Ship from Dowan instead of world map.
    -Sunken Ruins- (Enterable using Fire Truck)
    +4F : Left Room 1 : Energy Capsule[Locker], Tile Pack XL[Locker],
                        Gibson[Locker], Photo 9[Locker], Mechanic Kit[Locker]
    +3F : Right Room 2 : Strato Grenade[Locker]
    +2F : Demon Sword[Box]
        > Right Room 1 : Energy Capsule[Locker], Photo 4[Locker]
    +1F : Left Room 1  : Tile Pack XL[Locker], Hound Bomb[Locker]
    +Enemies : 5F - 4F : Mutant Blob
             > 3F : Acid Slug
             > 2F : Acid Slug, Commi Chammeleon[O] (Stealth Lizard)
             > 1F : Toxic Blob, Spooky Shroom
    +Vehicle : B1 : S Tank
    -Retirement Compound-
    +2F : Left Room 1  : Old Document[Fridge]
        > Left Room 2  : Map Scrap[Fridge]
        > Right Room 1 : Tile Pack XL[Fridge]
    +1F : Room 2.2 : Big Medal[Upper Right Locker]
        > Room 2.3 : Bronze Medal[Lower Right]
        > Room 3.3 : Hound Bomb[[Locker], Juice[Fridge]
        > Room 4   : Energy Capsule[Locker]
        > Control Room : Assault Gear[Locker] <Accessed through Basement>
    +B1 : 1x Right from start : Photo 6[Locker], Energy Capsule[Locker]
        > 2x Right from start : Growgaine A[Locker]
    +B2 : Left Room  : Energy Capsule[Left Room], Pickpocketed Money[Box*],
                       12501 G[Box**]
        > Right Room : Playbuoy[Locker]
    +Enemies : Old Person : Old Man Wing, Granny X
             > B2 : Geriatric Duo[O] (Billy, Helga)
    *Note  : Will give you Big Medal if you haven't been mugged in Lorelei.
             Big Thanks to canadianbacon99 for this as he said that you can't get
             mugged if your money is 0G (or less). My bad... I apologize for the
             misinformation in the earlier version. I just assumed this because
             you can get confiscated in the Muscle Cathedral even when you've
             nothing equipped
    **Note : Will give you Big Medal if you haven't pay McHamir 12501G yet.
    -Scavenger Isle W-
    +Vehicle : Fire Truck*
    *Note : Must do the quest properly as it can be done only once.
    -Scavenger Isle-
    @Town : Big Medal[3 Iron Pipes], Big Medal[Center Drum in Drumyard],
            Big Medal[Eastern Watchtower]
    +Warehouse 3 : Healing Drink[Box], Ali Baba Vest[Box]
    +Workshop    : Dragunova Rifle[Box], Big Medal[Green Box pile]
    +Parts Shop  : Healing Drink[Box]
    +Tavern      : Dance Shoes[Dance Lv3]
    +Inn         : Economy Room #1 : Tile Pack XL[Box]
    +Fat man's House  : Ground Armor[Sink]
    +Beside fat man's : Tile Pack XL[Sink]
    +Enemies : Fishing guy : Squid Pro Blow, Toad Man
    -Doc Optica's Laboratory-
    +1F : Big Medal[Fridge], Big Medal[Trash Can]
    +B1 : Big Medal[Right most Black Target]
    +Enemies : Saturday : Dummy Turret
    -Fort Gears-
    @Town : Big Medal[Northeastern Tank]
    +Workshop : 1F : Caffeine Pill[Box]
              > B1 : Tile Pack XL[Box], Minerals[Box]
    +House below Hunter Office : Dog Mask[Fridge]
    +Inn       : Economy Room : Tile Pack XL[Box]
    +Warehouse : Maus*
    *Note : Must do the quest first.
    -Anti-Tank Fortress-
    @Town : Big Medal[Inside Wire-fenced area]
    +Inn              : Economy Room : Caffeine Pill[Box]
    +Right Warehouse  : Energy Capsule[Box], Minerals[Box]
    +Left Warehouse   : Polymer Pads[Box], Polymer Pads[Box]
    +Southern Tent    : Big Medal[Drum], Energy Capsule[Box], Minerals[Box]
    +Upper Tent       : Polymer Pads[Box], Energy Capsule[Box]
    +Southern House   : Camo Bandana[Sink]
    +Lower Left House : Flea Collar[Fridge]
    +Enemies : Binramen[O]
    -Wilco's Garage-
    @Outside : Big Medal[Behind Truck]
    +Wilco's Room : Big Medal[Fridge]
    -Hell's Keep-
    @Town : Big Medal[Eastern building beside Huge Cannon],
            Big Medal[Trash can outside of Tavern]
    +Inn          : Economy Room #1 : Power Gloves[Box]
                  > Economy Room #2 : Mirror Armor[Box]
                  > Deluxe Room     : P90[Wardrobe]
    +Tavern       : Dance Gloves[Dance Lv4]
    +Workshop     : Kunihiro Katana[Box]
    +Warehouse #1 : Ice Blaster[Box], Tile Pack XXL[Box]
    +Left Tent    : Keen Edge[Box], Freeze Gun[Box]
    +Right Tent   : Kaiser Crown[Box]
    +Small Tent   : Army Greaves[Wardrobe]
    +60F : Agent, Agent X, Whammer, Tank Killer, T1 Gorilla, Ghost Tile XL
    +B1  : Agent, Power Suit, Agent X, Sishkadog
    +Event Enemies : Elevator : Agent, Agent X
                   > 61F      : Murasame
                   > 60F      : Clive & Connie
                   > B1       : Alex, Rocket*, Hate Ball*, Octahedron*, Polyhedron*,
                                Alex 2**
    *Note  : Hmm, it appears that you can go back and fight again with these things
             just because the (system?) re-initialize the procedure by itself for
             no apparent reason...
    **Note : Strange... This alex is not included in the encyclopedia although I've
             already beaten him.
    -Land Battleship Tiamat-
    +Enemies : Deck      : Primary Cannon, Main Cannon, Secondary Cannon,
                           Gunn Turret, M61 Vulcan
             > Most Area : Crater Maker
             > B1        : Crimson Grizzly
    +Ally : Alpha[B1] <Through area teleportation>
    -Unknown Cave-
    +Items   : Hare Head* : 10 Win Pin, 20 Win Pin, 30 Win Win, (40 Win Pin?**),
                            Champion Belt
    +Enemies : Outlaws which bounty you've collected[Hare Head*]
    +New Enemies for encyclopedia : Manhunter[O]***, Jack****
    *Note    : Hare head will be present if you have completed the Ziggurat tower.
    **Note   : Not so sure about this, I didn't collect Jack's bounty and killed
               Wayne instead... but if I ever play Metal Saga from the start, I'll
               be sure to collect his bounty w/o killing him. But I doubt that :)
    ***Note  : The 1st time you encounter it, Scarlet defeated it for you, yes?
    ****Note : Collecting his bounty w/o killing him didn't make him appear on the
               encyclopedia, but killing him here does. (But collecting his bounty
               by killing him already put his entry in the encyclopedia,but in
               exchange of Scarlet of course..)
    -Iwasaki Medical Laboratory-
    +B1 : Room after sterilization : Revitalizer[Dispenser*]
    *Note : Will generate another Revitalizer if it's been used. I don't know
            exactly if it's for an infinite amount or not.
    III. Item (World) (SK3)
    For this section, I can guarantee that it is accurate, but I'm sure that
    it is still incomplete. As for the location, it's based on which place is
    the nearest.. The direction is shortened to make it more compact (i.e.
    SW : South West, NE : North East).
    +Junkyard Area
     -North of upper bridge (but don't cross it) : Demag[Beside Forest]
     -North of place : Leather Jacket[Bridge]
    +Junkyard E Area
     -South of place : Uzi[Land]
    +Newfolk Area
     -NE of place : Tap Dancer[Desert]
     -NW of place : Storm Cannon*[Rock, Desert]
    +Beldaire Area
     -SW Forest : Cat Ears[Forest] <Equipment, not some Capsule Iconed item>
    +Torikami Area
     -SE Forest : Crimson Shirt[Greenery]
    +Tanks Graveyard[Beldaire W]
     -Desert            : Vaporizer[Stones]
     -North of Stones   : Fire Dragon[Tank Remains]
     -NW part of Desert : Popcorn Cannon[Tank Remains]
     -MiddleNorth part  : Panzer[Monument]
     -Northern Part     : Dragon Slide**[NE of Monument]
    +Morgue Town Area
     -East of place  : Polymer Coat
     -South of place : Grenade Gun
     -NE of place    : 160mm Spark[Sand]
     -NW of place    : Flamethrower[Sand], Dragon Barrel[Tank Remains]
     -South of place : Dragon Frame***[Mountain]
    +East Zero Area
     -South of place        : Fireproof Coat[Road]
     -East of place         : AK 47[Bridge]
     -Most East[S of River] : PPSH 41*[Greenery]
    +Alice One Area
     -West of place  : Hammer[Sand], Monkey Eye[Sand] <South of Mountain>
     -North of place : Hammer[Beside Mountain]
    +Alice Camp W Area
     -North of place : Dog Laser[Beach Sand], V2 Chip[Red Mobster Building]
    +Forever Land Area
     -East of place  : Kevy Wig[Forest], Blue Moon[Collapsed Tower]
     -SW of place    : E2 Chip[Land], Crispy Cannon[Beach]
     -NW of place    : Bio Jacket[Below left Mountain],
                       Axel Noman[Left part of left Mountain]
     -NE of place    : Monkey Eye[Below right mountain],
                       Crimson Knife[Upper right part of right Mountain],
                       Aramid Turban[Right part of right Mountain]
    +Site for 2nd Tunnel
     -South of place : Trigger Bracer[Land], Dog Armor LV5[Land]
     -East of place  : Thunderpuncher[Iron plate remains], 
                       Cannon Guide[Desert] <More east from Thunderpuncher>
                       Ratchet 9[Rocky Land], Monkey Eye[Land]<More East>,
                       Plate[Rocky Land]<More East>,Cylinder[Rocky Land]
                       <Most East of Area>
     -NE of place    : Monkey Eye[Desert near Land Area]
    +Bus Stop Area
     -SW of place    : 30mm Vulcan[Sand]
     -East of Place  : Monkey Eye[Rocky Land]
    +Muscle Cathedral Area
     -West of place  : Cylinder[Outside of Forest], Tiger[Huge Plate]
     -South of place : E3 Chip[Forest]
     -SW of place    : Plate[Stone in Desert]
    +Dr. Palm's Tank Lab
     -North of place : Plate[Land]
     -East of place  : Dog Armor LV6[Rocky Land] <3rd lower edge>,
                       Dog Amp[Greenery] <3rd upper edge>,
                       Saratoga Armor[Greenery] <1st upper edge>,
                       Flash Lamp[Rocky Land] <SW of Saratoga Armor>
    +Lake Bridge East Gate Area
     -NE of place    : Plate[Land of the 2nd Edge]
     -SE of place    : Monkey Eye[2 Rocks]
     -East of place  : Steel Blade[Cactus & Rock]
     -South of Place : Hawk Eye[3 Stones],
                       57mm AA Cannon[Land] <Can only be reached using Ship
                       if you want to pick it up using Tank>
    +Dowan Area
     -SE of place    : O2 Chip[Road] <Between 2 Mountains>
                     > Hawk Eye[Rock below 2 Mountains]
     -SW of place    : Flute Cannon[Trees West of Forest], V3 Chip[Forest]
     -West of place  : O3 Chip[Island] <Reached by using Ship>
    +Doc Optica's Lab Area
     -East of place  : Satcom Remote Upgrade[Hare Head]
    +Scavenger Isle W Area
     -North of place : L3 Chip[Greenery]
    +Lorelei Bay Area
     -NW of place    : Hammer[Land]
     -SW of place    : Crow Eye[Iron Plate below Road], Snake Eye[Land]
     -South of place : Amp[Land] <Between & lower part of 2 forests>
    +Lake Bridge West Gate Area
     -West of place  : Monkey Eye[Tank Remains, Desert]
    +Southern Land (Reachable only by ships)
     -Center of place : Iron Bikini****[Land]
    +Unknown Cave Area
     -South of place : Compressor[Remains in Rocky Land],
                       Kevy Dress[Near 2 Stones],
                       Snake Eye[Greenery] <Below lake near Unknown Cave>
    +Wilco's Garage Area
     -SE of place    : Cylinder[Remains]
    +Fort Gears/Anti-Tank Fortress Area
     -SE of place    : Hammer[Stone, Land]
    +Retirement Compound Area
     -NW of place    : Ratchet 12[Rocky Land]
     -SW of place    : Monkey Eye[Tank Remains, Desert area]
    +Hell's Keep Area
     -West of place  : Merkava[Sand near Mountain]
    +Ziggurat Area
     -NW of place    : Lump of Gold[Big Stone]
    +Iwasaki Medical Laboratory Area : Golden Statue[Greenery]
    *Note    : Contributed by Teh Allan.
    **Note   : Contributed by Alex Tiong and Gar Ghuul.
    ***Note  : Contributed by UltimateCalibur, Alex Tiong and Gar Ghuul.
    ****Note : Contributed by Gar Ghuul.
    Info : Sharp Rock, Smooth Rock, and Mysterious Rock is a bit strange to get...
           I happen to get them upon entering town... but when I reload and try it
           for the 2nd time, I didn't get it... maybe it's random? I got Sharp Rock
           from Lorelei Bay, Mysterious Rock from Junkyard and Smooth Rock from
           Dr. Palm's Tank Lab, but can't confirm if the town will always give that
           exact rock...
    (Added Ver 1.4)
    +Undetectables* : Sharp Rock, Smooth Rock, Mysterious Rock, Gum, Old Coin,
                      Beautiful Rock**
     <Found by mashing X button when exploring on the world map>
    *Note : Thanks to canadianbacon99's comment in the message board about getting
            bunch of rocks from mountains. So, I tried it myself... it appears that
            it's not limited to mountains, border between sea & land also has that
            kind of stuff (maybe even plains... because I sometimes got them upon
            entering towns). These items appears to be at random coordinate.. so, I
            can't tell you the position. So far I've got those, but I'm not sure
            if Beautiful Rock is one of them because I didn't get one of this kind
            when mashing X button... So, if anyone has found Beatiful Rock using
            this method, please tell me... so that I can strike off the Beautiful
            Rock in Lorelei Area and add this thing in one of the undetectables.
    (Added Ver 1.8)
    **Note : It's been confirmed by Gar Ghuul that he got Beautiful Rock by
             button mashing in the Lorelei Bay area, twice. But at different spots.
    IV. Spawn (World) (SK4)
    Hmm... tough part here. Monsters usually have more than 1 spawn points.
    So, it's bound to be incomplete as I only fill one or two locations for
    the monsters I have found so far. There are also many variety of monsters
    that I haven't found yet. As for the outlaws.. I'll leave the specific
    details for the person who create the bounty FAQ. So I'll just list where
    they can be found without the specific trigger to the event.
    ~Land Travel
    +Junkyard Area: Power Flower, Iron Slug, Junk Zombie, Dud S
    +Junkyard E Area
     -Eastern forest : Killer Bee, Gatling Bee, Black Hawk Fly
    +Newfolk Area
     -Greenery : Magnum Cycle, Giant Slug, Spider Tank, Killer Bee
     -Desert   : Gatling Bee, Black Hawk Fly, Spider Tank, Magnum Cycle
    +Newfolk E Area : Pogo Cadet
    +Abandoned Building Area
     -Desert   : Pocket Rocket, Bugsy[O]
     -North of place : Punk, Mr. TNT
    +East Zero Area : Marauder, Bazzoka Pooch, AT Dragonfly, Dragon Chopper
    +BioGenetics Lab Area : Mr. TNT, Bazooka Pooch
    +Beldaire Area    : Misery Maker, BB Assault Jeep
     -Southern Forest : Scorpion, Suicide Bomber, Ghost Tile S, BB Elite
    +Beldaire W Area  : Mr. TNT, Bazooka Pooch, Punk
    +Ruins of a Fort Area : Trader Hunter, BB Trooper
    +East Zero Area : Marauder, Bazooka Pooch, AT Dragonfly
     -Desert        : Dragon Chopper, Bazooka Pooch, Hammer Hydra[O]
    +Beldaire Area        : Misery Maker, BB Assault Jeep
     -Southeastern Forest : Scorpion, Suicide Bomber, Ghost Tile S, BB Trooper
    +Beldaire W Area : Mr. TNT, Bazooka Pooch, Punk
    +Torikami Area : F-16 Falcon, Thunderbird
     -Desert       : Thunderbird, Hellatank, Balloon Sniper, Mad Quacker,
                     Bomber Prince[O]
    +Snake's Den Area : Thunderbird, Balloon Sniper
    +Tanks Graveyard : Ghost Cadet, Dud M, Ghost Tank*, Deathbringer**,
                       Balloon Zombie***, Manhunter***, Ghost Tile M,
                       Trader Hunter***, Monument[Boss]
    +Morgue Town Area : Deathbringer**, Manhunter, Black Quacker
    +Alice One Area : M61 Mutt, Hilt 'n Head
    +Alice Camp W Area
     -Northern Beach : Hilt 'n Head, Red Mobster[O] (Abandoned Building)
    +Monkey Mountain Area : AT Hornet, Hilt 'n Head, Gamma Wasp
    +Sea of Sands : Pogo Fett, Foreman, Blocko Mechanic, Wild Bus(Vehicle),
                    Annihilator[O], Tiamat[O](Sand Cruiser)
    +Muscle Cathedral Area : Brigand
     -Forest : Dud XL
    +Lake Bridge Area : Gangsta' Bunny, Bunny Gunner, Crotch Cannon
     -East of place   : Tank Eater[O]
    +Dr. Palm's Tank Lab Area : Sonic Sunflower, Dud XL
     -Most East Land of Place : Daidarabotchi[O]
    +Dowan Area : Marauder
     -Southern Land Area : Rocket Snail, Escargunner, Gastropyro,
                           Optimus Swine[O]
    +Scavenger Isle W Area
     -Forest : Tin Tuna, Toxic Blob
    +Lorelei Bay Area : Blue Thunder
    +Retirement Compund Area : UFO, Blue Thunder
     -Forest   : Tin Tuna, Toxic Blob
    +Fort Gears/AntiTank Fortress Area : Airwulf, Blue Thunder, UFO, Tin Tuna
     -North of place : UFO, Herringburg, Flying Saucer, Imperial Bomber[O]
     -More North     : Space Invader, Killer Tomato, Savage Applecot
    +Hell's Keep Area : Killer Tomato
     -South of place  : Marduk[O]
     -NW of place     : Storm Dragon[O]
    +Hell's Keep NW Area : Creeper, Savage Applecot
     -Greenery           : Sunny D'light
    +Ziggurat Area : Creeper, Hekatonkheires, Ghost Tile L
    +Unknown Cave Area : Blue Thunder, Airwulf, Tin Tuna
     -Forest   : Spooky Shroom, (Toxic/Mutant Blob?)
    +Iwasaki Medical Laboratory Area : Firegunner, Johnny 6[O], Battle Ball<Minion>
    +Grand Master Tent Area : Nitro Spider, Gassy Long Leg[O]
    ~Eagle 1[O]      : Explore the map in the form of plane shaped shadow. It is
                       generally in the Abandoned Buildings expanding to East Zero
                       and Beldaire.
    ~B2 Manta Ray[O] : All western area [Alice, Palm Lab, Sea of Sands]. The main
                       challenge is to find it. It explores the map in the form of
                       manta ray shaped shadow.
    (Added Ver 1.8)
    According to peter derouen, he first ran into B2 Manta Ray at Tanks Graveyard
    wondering what it was and died *giggles* (sorry ^^). So, it's not just western
    area. Thank you :)
    ?Unknown Location**** : Balloon Gunner (maybe arround Torikami?)
    *Note    : Will continue to spawn as long as the Monument remains unbroken
    **Note   : Not sure if it only spawn after the defeat of the Monument
    ***Note  : Contributed by peter derouen. He said that those particular monsters
               are encounterable after defeating the Monument
    ****Note : Obviously I forgot to input where his location is, by the time
               I figured it out... I already forgotten the location.
    ~Sea Travel
    +Dowan Area            : Toadman
     -Southern             : Harboon, Squid Pro Blow
    +Lake Bridge Area      : AT Bug, Surfer Bunny
     -Southern area        : Missile Fish
    +Dowan Area
     -Southern             : Squid Pro Blow, Surfer Bunny
     -SW of place          : Catsub[O]
    +Lorelei Bay Area      : Jiminy Rocket
     -Eastern              : Octogun, Toadman
    +Scavenger Isle W Area : Toadman, Octogun, Frog Man
    +Scavenger Isle Area   : Jiminy Rocket, AT Bug, Harboon
     -NW of place          : Hydrobug[O]
    The total number of monsters I fought in the game is 213 (including 2 types
    Brigands, Marauders, Agents and Manhunters). If the monsters
    written here is less than that, feel free to let me know and I'll check which
    monster that I have fought and not written here yet.
    Someone in the message board said that to complete 90% of the encyclopedia is
    to have 260 monsters, and the rest 10% that you will never know....
    If my memory serves me right, I get 30% completion at about 80 monsters. So, if
    this is correct, to get 90% completion requires only 240 monsters... If anyone
    has already been given the last of Solomon's (Collection?), telling me how and
    how many monsters (included with the rest of monsters & location) would be very
    VII. Unknown Usage (SK5)
    There's so many secret items which I still don't know the uses yet. In this
    section, I'll list as many items as rememberable. The list also include the
    one I think I have found.. so that you can correct me if it's wrong.
    Mysterious Items
    +Towns' :
      -Royal Soap, Royal Robe, Royal Towel
      -Sister's Apron, Sister's Towel, Pink Lipstick, Handkerchief
      -Holy Book
      -Photo 1 - 9, Old Photo
      -Satcom Strap
      -Ear Plugs, Gas Mask, Flea Collar
      -Rabbit Tail, Rabbit Ears, Cat Tail, Cat Ears
      -Dog Tag, Dog Mask
      -Juice (Several of them)
      -Maximism, Playbuoy
      -Red Bandana, Camo Bandana
      -Holey Boot
      -Dance Earring, Dance Necklace, Dance Shoes, Dance Gloves
      -Weight Set, Protein Shake, Petroleum Jelly, Mr. Stud Medal
      -Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, Gigantic Medal
      -Lump of Gold, Golden Statue, Treasure
      -Copper Badge, Silver Badge, Gold Badge, Platinum Badge
      -Solomon's Glove, Solomon's Boots, Solomon's Helm
      -10 Win Pin, 20 Win Pin, 30 Win Pin, 40 Win Pin, Champion Belt
    +Overworld's :
      -Rocks (Mysterious, Beautiful, Smooth, Sharp)
      -Old Coin
    Mysterious Things
    -Self Destruction code for Tiamat
    -Purpose of Curry Recipe and how to get the ingredients
    -Use of Scale Models : Tyrannosaurus, Mammoth, Primeval Man, Android,
                           Iguanodon/Freak of Nature
    -Use of Ceramic Decorations : Earthenware, Clay Icon
    -Use of Ceramic Figurine : Clay Figure
    -Locked rooms at Iwasaki Medical Laboratory
    -Alternate Last Ending (The infamous "Scarlet" ending)
    -The rest of percentage in Monster Encyclopedia
    -80th Medal Location and the reward for collecting all of it
    -Bugle : Decoy function in battle?
    -Growgaine, Growgaine 3, L, T, A : To be given to Nikolai
    -Evil Toy Sword : One of Rashid's Ultimate Weapon ingredients *
    -Royal Slippers : One of Rashid's Ultimate Weapon ingredients *
    -Father's Shirt : One of Rashid's Ultimate Weapon ingredients *
    -Torn Map : One of Priceless Map ingredients
    -Piece of a Map : One of Priceless Map ingredients
    -Half of a Map : One of Priceless Map ingredients
    -Map Scrap : One of Priceless Map ingredients
    -Dog Harness : One of Dog Bazooka components
    -Dog Connector : One of Dog Bazooka components
    -Dog Barrel : One of Dog Bazooka components
    -Bus Stop Sign : Necessity to get Wild Bus
    -Bug Spray : Can be used when a mosquito got in**
    -Bug Repellant : Can be used when a mosquito got in**
    Treasure Maps
    -Fancy Map : As valuable as a lump of gold. Rather high sale price***
    -Priceless Map : Lump of Gold [Junk Mountain's Safe Box]
    -Old Map : Lump of Gold [NW of Ziggurat]
    -Pirate Map : Lump of Gold [Salvage, between Dowan & Lorelei Bay]
    -Secret Map : Golden Statue [Near Iwasaki Med. Lab.]
    -Legendary Map : Treasure [Salvage, just a bit NE of Treasure in Pirate Map]
    -Cache Map : Couple of (1000 G)s in Arthur Mansion's Paintings
    -Treasure Map : Revitalizer [Iwasaki Med. Lab.]
    -Dubious Map : Sodam Insein event at Morgue Sewer****
    Other Usage
    -Revitalizer : One of Rashid's Ultimate Weapon ingredients *
    -Evil Sword : To be disassembled for Evil Toy Sword ingredient
    If anyone knows, please tell me :) Or if you have other mysterious items not
    listed here, you can e-mail me so that I can answer (if I know the use of it)
    or post it as another "mystery".
    *Note    : Contributed by canadianbacon99.
    **Note   : Contributed by bastaxxx, Adam Miller and Gar Ghuul.
    ***Note  : Contributed by UltimateCalibur.
    ****Note : Contributed by Adam Miller.
    VI. Informations (SK6)
    The info on this section mostly can't be categorized into any part of the FAQ,
    so I make this a separate section. many of this info are contributions of the
    players which they sent to me and I feel the need of this being posted on the
    +Triggered Item
    [Quote="UltimateCalibur"] :
    I suspect some items have hidden triggers before they can be found. I seemed to
    only be able to find the light orb with one of the Stirm pieces after I went
    through the Ruins a second time in one game.[/Quote]
    Comment : True, I also experienced the same thing... A light orb in a narrow
              corridor is supposably hard to miss.
    +Enemy Switch
    [Quote="UltimateCalibur"] :
    There is a machine that acts as a switch that when pressed says  "Now detecting
    intruders. Boot up complete." Not too sure exactly  what this does though in
    terms of sending more monsters or new ones after you.[/Quote]
    Comment : Hmm.. I tried activating it, but so far, no new enemies in that area.
    +Dubious Map
    [Quote="Adam Miller"] :
    The dubious map leads you to the northern corridor of Morgue Town Sewers where 
    there's an event with the guy selling the maps to you tries to rob you.  It's
    not a hard fight.[/Quote]
    Comment : I had trouble finding the corridor at first. I thought that the event
              was on the floor, not in water area. To reach there, simply go down
              1x, then go to the watery area, go left 2x, and then up. Keep on
              walking through the corridor until there's an event. After defeating
              the 2 Punks, he ask for forgiveness... You can either forgive him or
              don't listen. He will give you 100 G for forgiving him and then run.
              As for not listening, the screen went black and he said something
              like "You're kidding right? Nooo...!" And after that, he disappear.
              I don't know the benefit of not listening him,no new entry in monster
              encyclopedia as we didn't fight him. I believe there is an additional
              event if you choose to first option (to forgive).
    +Going back to Transformation Room (Muscle Cathedral B1)
    [Quote="TemplarKnight"]You can access that location by searching the throne
    after beating the boss (there is a switch that opens a secret passage).[/Quote]
    Comment : Useful if you forgot to get the Big Medal at the Transformation
    +Crossfire Rewards
    Well, I got these items from playing Crossfire. I don't know the use yet. 
    The description says something like an ace in Crossfire (badges). Maybe they're
    just one of those useless items like Champion Belt and the like. As for the
    medal, I don't know yet.. I've tried giving it to the medal collector but he
    won't receive it... he said something like "Sorry to disappoint you, but I am
    not interested in gigantic medal"(or something like that). Maybe it was because
    you have to have 79 medals altogether in order to have him receive it (I missed
    the 2 medals at retirement compounds and too lazy to start over), or maybe
    there's another medal that can be gotten by getting 400001+ score.
    The prizes beside money are :
    -Score 100001 - 150000 : Copper Badge
    -Score 150001 - 250000 : Silver Badge
    -Score 250001 - 300000 : Gold Badge
    -Score 300001 - 350000 : Platinum Badge
    -Score 350001 - 400000 : Gigantic Medal
    -Score 400001+         : ? (I've only reached about 360000)
    At first it may seem impossible. A little tip I may add in playing this game is
    to target for the common grey(trucks?).I don't know it's name but the key is to
    shoot them continuously and aim for the multiplication. As this grey vehicle is
    the only one that gives multiplication bonus (Until x256!). You also strongly
    depend on your luck as to how often they appear. Others like accuracy and the
    ability to dodge depend on your skills. Practice makes perfect. Good Luck!
    VII. Asked Questions (SK7)
    Here are the parts that describes what questions that has been asked. I'm sorry
    if the reply is not satisfying, but I've improved it here.. so, here goes.
    1. How to beat the Monument?
    -  Speak to Kaede 1st, then she will mention something about having to get rid
       the source of sorrow first in order to exorcise the Ghost Tanks.
    2. How to go to Iwasaki Medical Lab/Grand Master's Tent?
    -  Simply warp using towns' teleporter for several times. A flash in the middle
       of teleportation indicate a system malfunction which get you teleported to
       either of these places.
       I reached the Transport Pod (leading to Grand Master's Tent) in my 25th
       attempt. The 28th attempt led me to the Medical Lab. Rumor has it that the
       chance is higher to reach the Medical Lab if the destination is Torikami.
    3. What are the things you can do in the Medical Lab?
    -  Hmm, aside from getting Revitalizer and get new monster type & outlaw, I
       don't know yet. There's a rumour that converting Alpha to C Unit and giving
       it to scarlet to revive her after beating her can give you access to the
       doors in the Medical Facility. But I think it's impossible since I never
       succeed in getting Alpha to say something about parts of her that are broken
       and needs repairing (Which is said to be the event required to convert Alpha
       to C Unit).
    4. What are the use of rocks?
    -  I myself am still wondering about the use of this. It appears to you can use
       them in battle.. but it serve no purpose as the rocks thrown deals no damage
       when I tried it.
    5. Where can i find rachet 13?
    -  Try appraising Ancient Junks, if you didn't get it... just reload and
       appraise again...
    6. Do you know anything about scarlet and murasame? Can i recruit them as ally?
       If i can,how?
    -  You can fight her after triggering various scarlet event & only apply if you
       didn't kill Jack. As for Murasame, you can fight him in the Ziggurat tower
       after speaking to him in various bar (alice one, beldaire) with Rashid in
       your party. As for making them allies, I don't think that's possible, as
       Scarlet is considered an outlaw ... as for murasame, he is a revenge maniac.
       If he is to join your party, I believe you must kill Rashid 1st.... which I
       don't think is possible in the game... :)
    7. Doc optica told me to get him 4 lens.I already got 3(sebastian,forever land,
       dr solomon). Do you know where is the last one?
    -  Buy it from the trader in Alice One camp.
    8. How can i fight the disassembler?I already trigger his event.If i beat the
       game,can i still fight him?
    -  Which event? there are several though... I strongly believe you have to talk
       with Sebastian in the bar before you can fight him in Beldaire.
    9. What is the function of E3 chip? It said that E3 chip is love machine
       component. Can i make love machine or something from that item? If i can
       where can i make it?
    -  It can be combined with other chips to make usable item both in combat or
       while venturing and it's durable! You can assemble it with the help of Dr.
       Grey at Lorelei Bay.
    10.How can i enter Ziggurat?
    -  Trigger events related to the organization (eg. Abandoned Buildings, Leon's
       House, etc). Generally you must first receive e-mail from Eddy telling you to
       go to Hell's Keep.
    11.Is there a 4 part to the ingram tank assembly?I've got the frame barrel and
       slide but i need one more part... its drivin me crazy >.<
    -  Haha, use junks dropped by the zombie monsters or found at Junk Mountains..
       the same applies to many other assemblies with unknown 4th(or even 3rd) part
    12.After Fighting Orochi, he leaves and says that he is going to feed from more
       from the town. Where does he go? I cant seem to find him.
    -  Go back to the first area of the dungeon, you will fight him again there....
    13.How to fight scarlet? The last event I got with scarlet is the event where
       she cut the main character's hand, then I go to Prof Grey. What should I do
       to get another event?
    -  I'm not sure about that... but I think the event of Scarlet cutting your arm
       ends there. It's better that you consult with the message board at gameFAQs.
       To fight her, there are some conditions.One of them is to have Jack Deringer
       alive... you must meet her also at the bar in Newfolk after she help you at
       the Trader Camp near Newfolk... And then you must collect 35 bounties. Being
       nice to her at the begining seems to be a requirement. Lastly, you should be
       getting a mail from scarlet. Maybe there's another requirement that is
       required to initiate scarlet sending you an e-mail, but I can't seem to
       remember. The event about Scarlet cutting your arm is not a requirement to
       fight her. I didn't get the event, but I still get to fight her.
    14.How to fight Disassembler? I never found Sebastian on bar.
    -  There must be an event upon entering town... as far as I remember, the
       dissassembler is going toward the Rosa's Garage.. you must go there 1st
       before bumping sebastian at the bar (met by going out the bar). There seems
       to be many more ways in fighting disassembler, but I can't confirm.
    15.How to fight Marduk? I don't know who this Marduk is and how to find him.
    -  Marduk is found through random encounter around hell's keep / fort gears.
    16.How to get the endings? I defeated Alex in the Ziggurat and the game return
       to normal after some credits
    -  I believe that the game has finished there... the normal game you're playing
       now is just to venture. That's as far as I know... 
    VIII. Last Words (SK8)
    Not much to be said here... If there is any question regarding Metal Saga,
    send me e-mail at dora_san@doramail.com and I'll try to answer the best I can.
    Just a suggestion, but consider putting the letter "Metal Saga" along the
    subject title so that I can quickly recognize. 
    I usually check my mail once in every 3 days or even more (and only once in a
    time on the message board), so don't expect a quick reply (and never expect
    a reply in the board)... Sorry for this, I'm still struggling to get a good
    Provider.. for the time being, I'm using dial-up.
    Oh and contribution regarding item or monster location would be great. Also, if
    you notice something that majorly needs correction, I'll be glad to hear it.
    The most reliable host for this FAQ is at www.gameFAQS.com as I am a permanent
    user there and have an account there... So, the first site I am going to post
    the latest update to is gameFAQs.com. Other hoster may/may not get the latest
    update depending on their will to get it.
    Thank You.
    IX. Credits (SK9)
    Thanks goes to :
    + The Creator, Developer and Publisher for this Tankniac game.
    + www.gamefaqs.com, www.neoseeker.com, www.1up.com, and www.supercheats.com
      for hosting this FAQ.
    + Metal Saga message board for being active & lively.
    + canadianbacon99 for being REALLY helpful to me. Many of his comments really
      corrects some major errors in this FAQ... especially the Mugger thingy.. :\
    + Contributors who voluntarily letting me know what I missed, or giving
      some tips. Here are the list (In no particular order):
      >Zombie              >TemplarKnight       >peter derouen
      >bastaxxx            >Gar Ghuul           >Kevin VanSciver (Kev "Efop")
      >UltimateCalibur     >Adam Miller
      >Alex Tiong          >Teh Allan
    + My brother who owns the PS2.
    + You, for reading this FAQ.
    - End of Document -

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