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"A decent game for Ultraman fans"

Ultraman Nexus is half fighting game, half third-person shooter, neither parts of which are very complex.

The main mode of gameplay follows, loosely, the events of the series. You must fight monsters in hand-to-hand combat. If you win the fight, you'll proceed to next monster. If you lose however, you enter a third-person shooting mode that forces you to attack and weaken the monster from the perspective of a human. Win the fight, and you'll become Ultraman once more, and fight the monster hand-to-hand (with its life If you lose once more, you'll gain control of a secondary character, and repeat the whole process. If you lose completely as this second character, the game ends.

A secondary mode of gameplay lets you play as the Night Raiders, which are a special operations organization that assist Ultraman in fighting the monsters. You'll need to clear the training missions repeatedly until you can unlock mission mode. Mission mode places you in a random stage, where you must defeat small, human-sized monsters. Defeating these monsters has the chance of them dropping secret cards. These cards are simple photographs from the series that can be accessed in a file menu, and have audio descriptions to go with them. However, if you don't know Japanese, this will be essentially useless.

Other modes of play include a Battle Mode (like an Arcade Mode in most fighting games), VS. Mode, and Tag Mode, where two players can gang up on an enemy.

The combat itself is fairly simple in both cases. Fighting mode makes use of the directional pad (or analog stick), and the face buttons. That's it. Move with left and right, block by holding back or down, and jump with up. Square and X are punch and kick, which can be stringed into combos. Triangle is a grab/throw command. Other Ultramen are grabbed and tossed (or grabbed and given a good sucker punch), while monsters are grabbed and held, while the Chester units swing around to barrage the enemy. Circle is an energy attack, which differs depending on your energy level. Energy is built up with each successive hit landed on the enemy.

In Third-person combat mode, X is jump, Square is shoot, Circle changes weapons (or guards), and Triangle activates a radar (or opens communications with the commander.)

All in all, Ultraman Nexus is an enjoyable, though fairly simple game. It will probably take you less than ten hours to unlock everything in the game. For fans of Ultraman, and Nexus especially, the game is recommended, but for non-fans, this game simply won't have enough depth.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/01/07

Game Release: Ultraman Nexus (JP, 05/26/05)

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