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    Elite Mode Stealth Guide by Ghidrah

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 07/02/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Elite mode stealth game
    V: 1.5
    Title: Splinter Cell Double Agent
    Producer: Ubi Soft
    For: X Box
    MSWord: Courier New
    Created: 2/25/07
    Amended: 4/7/07, 10/11/08
    By: Ghidrah
    EMaul: Ghidrah_@hotmail.com
    This guide is dedicated to Congo, our African Grey who passed away last night.
    If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to know. I don't 
    have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or being 
    copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site though, 
    just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please send me 
    your sites URL.
    As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, I'll give you credit for 
    it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will be used. 
    As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without the 
    use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for the X Box version of the 
    2. WALKTHROUGH MENU (areas 1 through 9 with subsections)
    3. BRIEFING (crap)
    5. CONTRACTIONS (often used words or phrases)
    All changes to the guide will be dated and noted at the beginning of each level 
    where they occur in the level. A summery will be given here; I hope I don't add 
    Oh well so much for hope; all of the changes mentioned below are made to 
    increase its ghost worthiness. Most of the changes are diversion eliminations 
    some of which are due to route changes.
    (4/6/07)   JBA HDQS- clear game wide SOE&CD issue with PBG door inspections
    (4/7/07)   JBA HDQS p2- eliminate Mercury Lab PBG KO
    (4/8/07)   Snowbound Rooftops- eliminate Balcony PBG KO 1st bomb 
    (4/8/07)   Okhotsk pt 2- eliminate Deck PBG KO 
    (4/8/07)   Ellsworth- eliminate Security room PG KO
    (7/1/08)   Iceland- 1 Hisham kill, change routes, eliminate light div
    (9/9/08)   Ellsworth- spent a month on the 2 IDs, no luck
    (9/11/08)  JBA HDQS- 1 light and 3 cam divs
    (9/13/08)  Money Train- 1 cam, 1 monitor, 3 light divs, 2 route changes
    (9/15/08)  Cozumel- 2 cams, 3 light divs
    (9/22/08)  Okhotsk- 7 light, 2 Gens, 1 cam, 1 turret div, 2 route changes
    (9/26/08)  Kinshasa- 1 KO, 1 turret, 1 can and 3 light divs 
    (9/29/08)  JBA HDQS- 7 light divs, slight route change Red Mercury Lab
    (10/6/08)  NY Rooftops- 5 route changes, 1 whistle and 3 light divs
    (10/29/08) Iceland- 3 maneuver changes
    (11/2/08)  Find alternate route to file cabinet in upper office Mercury Lab. 
    (11/3/08)  Iceland- 1 light div
    (11/3/08)  Kinshasa- 1 light div 
    (4/21/11)  Iceland- 1 light div
    (5/3/11)   Cozumel- eliminate 1 OCPL div and route change lower Ext deck
    (5/3/11)   Money Train- eliminate 2 OCP divs and 1 route change
    (5/7/11)   Iceland- 3 minor route changes
    (5/7/11)   JBA HDQS p2- eliminate 1 div on the dock
    (5/8/11)   Snowbound Rooftops- Eliminate SOE&CD & noise divs 2nd bomb
    (5/8/11)   Snowbound Rooftops- 2 route changes, pigeon coop and 1st bomb  
    (5/10/11)  Kinshasa- eliminate 1 noise/sight div garage
    (5/20/11)  Walkthrough menu to #2, (daughter says scroll to menu is "PITA")
    (6/30/11)  Okhotsk pt 2- reroute bomb defusing, eliminate 2 divs
    Level subsections to be given at the beginning of each level 
    All level run times rounded up to next whole minute  
    SCDA1.1 Munitions Factory, 
    SCDA1.2 Generator Rm 
    SCDA1.3 Foundry
    SCDA2.1 the Escape p1
    SCDA2.2 Unlocking the Gas chamber
    SCDA2.3 Disc in the Morgue and releasing Jamie
    SCDA2.4 to the Chapel and escape p2
    SCDA3. JBA HDQS part1
    SCDA3.1 Fuse box 1, 2&3 
    SCDA3.2 To Ms. Yummy's room and Fuse box 4
    SCDA3.3 the Server and Extraction
    SCDA4.1 to the Control Room and the Train
    SCDA4.2 to the Money Car
    SCDA4.3 Money Car and Driver
    SCDA5.1 Enrica and the Conning Tower
    SCDA5.2 Engine Room
    SCDA5.3 Planting the Virus
    SCDA5.4 Extract
    SCDA6.1 Radar Consoles 3, 4&5 and disabling detonators 1&2
    SCDA6.2 Part 2, Tanker, Ships cargo, Captain's Quarters
    SCDA6.3 disarming the bombs and gaining the upper decks
    SCDA6.4 planting a Tracker in the Comm. Shack finding Nemo
    SCDA7.1 Keycard, Scanner and Emile
    SCDA7.2 Load out in the elevator, Kitchen and Hisham's escape
    SCDA7.3 Extraction
    SCDA8. JBA HDQS part2
    SCDA8.1 Sample the Red Mercury
    SCDA8.2 Send info on Lambert, return to Emile and defuse bomb#1
    SCDA8.3 Defuse bomb#2 and return to the stoop for Extraction
    SCDA9.1 Eliminate Jamie, Sykes, defuse bomb#1
    SCDA9.2 to the Lounge
    SCDA9.3 Eliminate Moss and Defuse bomb#2 
    SCDA9.4 Eliminate Emile and defuse bomb#3
    SCDA has the most bugs of all the SC games; some have forced restarts from the 
    beginning and or from Mission. From NPCs appearing and disappearing from known 
    positions to an invisible Jamie at the end of Ellsworth.
    I have all 4 SC installments, one thing I've noticed is that the series seems 
    to be slanting toward increased "in game" KO and or Kill counts. SCDA has more 
    forced KOs in one half of one level, (OKHOTSK) than the total counts for any of 
    the 1st 3 games.
    I now use the "Control F" option to locate missions and specific subsections 
    within them. Subsections will be shown at the top of each mission.
    It is become increasingly apparent that the other platforms, (Sony and 
    Nintendo, not sure about PC, haven't received any questions from them) have 
    different game AI and level layouts. The number and placement of some AI and 
    the offered paths to objectives are divergent from the X Box.
    Most of the goodies in Sam's arsenal go wasted ghosting, as of this current 
    rewrite, (including SCPT and SCCT) I've seriously warmed up to "OSVAM", 
    (Operations Satellite Virtual Area Map), my term for the thingy hiding in the 
    "BACK" button on the controller. Where OSVAM will add minutes of time to a 
    mission and the game it saves me tons of time on restarts. Knowing where and 
    the number of BGs in cluttered rooms can calm ones nerves considerably.
    If you pick options different than the guide, you won't be able to maintain my 
    route, timing or trust balance. BG movements may be altered, but not 
    drastically. The AI maintains a patrol circuit unless disturbed. These routes 
    remain the same for Normal through Expert but portions may be changed slightly 
    in Elite to increase difficulty.
    Allowing Jamie to kill guards bothers the crap out of me, but not enough to 
    change my MO. If they're an issue for you, all can be KO'd instead of killed.  
    Sight, sound action, what served you well in easier modes won't work in Elite. 
    They can hear a Ninja Ant with owl feather sneakers at 20 yards! Sam's lack of 
    lethal and non lethal projectiles in Elite mode requires more brain fewer toys.
    To state the obvious, Sam can't compete with the AI, their too fast, agile, 
    have better hearing and sight and they don't miss from any distance. The game 
    is clever enough to alter the AI's timing from one reset/restart to another to 
    keep you on your toes. 
    A new thing for my game guides, CONTROL "F", considering how long they're 
    getting from all the crap I'm adding the function seems like a good thing to 
    add for someone looking for specific junk. I hope it proves useful.
    Clocked fast times at the end of each level are the best times acquired while 
    rewriting the latest version. 
    Unlike what some authors profess, whatever is written in their guide will work 
    in the "HARDER" modes, (which isn't always true) any method used in the Elite 
    Mode game will work in any of the easier modes without a doubt.
    Verbal or physical by a BG, "I think I hear or see something and or a hand 
    gesture to follow the BG making the statement doesn't create an ID but removes 
    the comment free aspect of the ghost and creates a diversion. 
    For the most part the game is a comment free game, the only time a comment is 
    acceptable in the guide is when there is no other alternative to complete an 
    objective but to create a diversion.
    Unless you get all squishy listening to all the cut scenes at the beginning of 
    each level again and again rapidly tap the start or action button when rolling 
    through them to get back to playing as quickly as possible. Speeding through 
    interrogations make me smile, it looks like Sam repeatedly hugs the bad guys to 
    death, but you can't speed talk real people so it isn't used in the guide which 
    relies on the time spent in the convos and accessing OPSAT options.
    A purposeful or accidental action made by Sam prompting the AI to respond with 
    an audible and sometimes visual recognition. Alerting local AI and prompting 
    the AI to physically advance on the suspect position and or to seek out the 
    allusive anomaly. 
    The act of purposeful diversion is to move local AI from point "A" to point "B" 
    to clear a way for Sam to pass through an area and or to complete an objective 
    and then exit. The severity of the reaction taken by the AI depends on how 
    blatant the noise and or visual the diversion is.
    Jamming a cam or removing a light to blind a camera is considered a diversion.
    Comment from the AI acknowledges an anomaly and alludes to the possibility of 
    an intruder.
    AI waves and or points local AI to suspect position and may or may not assume 
    an aggressive posture, (hunched over, weps drawn, gruff voice)
    All sight and sound actions taken when no AI are around or when the immediate 
    AI doesn't react will not be logged as a diversion, but an object used in the 
    action will be. The main issues with busted light diversions are the number 
    of dead lights, the impact noise and damage; all point to intruder/s.
    Some diversions IMO are more acceptable than others. Unlike bursting lights, 
    shattering bottles, clanging cans, random noises like jumping, a FC, or a 
    short run are far more indistinct and more appropriate in most instances as 
    an abstract noise. As a last resort, jamming a camera; jammed when facing 
    away from Sam is better than when facing. The one exception where can, bottle 
    or light busting is acceptable albeit barely is when the only other option is 
    to expose Sam to the AI and damage.
    Diversions are recorded for each level and as end game statistics.
    The SCDA instruction booklet identifies the buttons and explains how to lock a 
    wave in. It isn't as much of a problem in the beginning of the game, as the 
    game progresses as some scan durations are very fast and the waves are very 
    small and close together. 
    Unlike previous SC games SCDA logs all kills, they should to be and all are now 
    included in the end level stats.
    Attached to Sam's HUD, this device measures Sam's personal and ambient 
    sound/noise levels. Sam's personal noise determined as footsteps, weapons fire 
    and hand-to-hand combat. Ambient noise determined as the sounds made by the 
    wind, rain and machinery. No that for the most part as long as Sam's personal 
    noise level is below the ambient he's more or less silent, however once his 
    personal level closes in on the ambient the AI will register the difference and 
    be alerted, when above ambient, an active search will ensue.
    Some missions require Sam to defuse bombs, I've logged the bombs in order of 
    discovery at the end of each mission and the sequence used to defuse. This is 
    an explanation of my defusing technique. Each bomb has 4 wires; the info has 
    the order of each wire and the action taken to defuse it. "P" = Press, "L"= 
    left and "R"= right. When the 1st leading wire is hot "P" is set as the 1st 
    action. The number before each letter is the number of clicks you must make to 
    the left tower to arrive at the correct wire to press "A" for the cut. 
    If a zero comment game is desirable I suggest muting the volume for "Music and 
    ambient/Interface" it's easier to hear AI comments and the "Alert" tone. 
    However, be aware, in Ellsworth, (mission 2) in my game at least you will be 
    ID'd 2 times with no verbal or physical response from the AI.
    In Expert and Elite modes, jumping onto tables, out of the water, into cubby 
    holes or vents from the crouched position makes more noise, or AI hearing is 
    improved, in either case, stand before making the jump, "it seems" to lessen 
    the noise. Sam also makes more noise landing from vents, cubby holes and into 
    the water; if AI is present, "DO NOT PRESS FORWARD WHEN HOPPING OFF AND OR OVER 
    Frankly you will be seen by the AI with -0- on the light meter so be deliberate 
    in movement; whenever possible stick in the dark away from the AI. The 
    increased abilities of the AI in Elite mode provide a much more challenging 
    Door bashing doesn't happen on a ghost. 
    Using SOE&CD to enter a room alerts any AI that comes within 5 to 8 feet of it 
    and they will investigate. OE&CD doesn't produce this effect. 
    Knowing the effects of SOE&CD can be useful but they produce a diversion. In a 
    nutshell unless you intend to distract use OE&CD. 
    To see deeper into a room go IR and grab the door for a SOE&CD then release it 
    for an OE&CD.
    Rabbit Punch:
    The RP is a fast non lethal way to deal with AI; however there are two 
    drawbacks to its use.
    1. Its noisy, the hit, the fall or both.
    2. I'm not sure how or why but the RP can turn lethal if Sam is not within 4:00 
    to 7:00 positioning. The only reference I have for this, and it seems to 
    contradict "SUGGESTION" images offered by the game. If the target begins 
    turning to Sam prior to the RP command, the RP turns into an open palm to the 
    underside of the jaw. Images state this as a non lethal blow but when it has 
    occurred the end stats show kills instead of KOs.
    The routes and their cycles are stable unless disturbed by Sam or his 
    accomplice. What one you get may depend on the time or action spent prior to 
    entering the room, or the number of resets/attempts to complete a room's 
    For example, you fail and or repeatedly fail in an action and reset umpteen 
    times from a save. You may notice that the AI now hears and sees much better 
    and nab you sometimes without even moving from a well hidden position or that 
    the avatar route used before has changed to a different one.  
    So, it may become quite apparent; the difference in AI movement in your 
    scenario compared to the one described in the guide will change your actions in 
    said room to avoid detection. Sometimes, the different routes do have a common 
    point where they cross, in this situation; I almost always pick the convergence 
    point of the different routes, they are usually the safest to act from. 
    There are a few word strings and or phrases that will appear countless times in 
    the guide, to minimize the tedium of repetition, I've created the contractions 
    list for the most used incase there's a problem with deciphering them.
    Bad Guy= "BG",
    Bulkhead= "Bkhd",
    Clockwise= "Cw",
    Computer/s= "Comp/s",
    Counter Clockwise= "CCw",
    Electronic Visual Options= "Head Gear" or "HG",
    Electronically Enhanced Vision= "EEV",
    Electromagnetic Field= "EMF"
    Entry Point= "EP",
    Exit Point= "XP",
    Fast Creep= "FC",
    Grab and Choke= "G&C",
    Grab Drag and Choke= GD&C",
    Green Lasers= "GL",
    Hallway= "Hlwy",
    Infrared= "IR",
    Left Hand the Pistol= "LHP"
    Line of Sight= "LOS",
    Multi Beamed Security Laser= "MBSL",
    Night Vision= "NV",
    Normal Sight= "NS",
    OCP the Camera= "OCPC",
    OCP the Light= "OCPL",
    Optical Cable the Door= "OCD",  
    Open, Enter/Exit and Close Door= "OE&CD",
    Optically Channeled Potentiator= "OCP",
    OPSAT Virtual Area Map= "OSVAM",
    Passageway= "Pswy",
    Prison Guard= "PG",
    Policeman= "Pm"
    Rabbit Punch= "RP",
    Red Lasers= "RL",
    Patrolling Bad Guy/Prison Guard/Policeman/Riot Guard= "PBG, PPG, PPm, PRG",
    Slow Creep= "SC",
    Starboard= "Stb",
    Stationary Bad Guy/Prison Guard/Policeman/Riot Guard= "SBG", SPG, SPM, SRG",
    Train Guard= "TG",
    Quick and Quiet= "Q&Q", 
    Quick and Quiet Creep= "QQC",
    Quiet Creep= "QC",
    Walkway= "Wkwy",
    Weapons Creep= "WC",
    Weapons Walk= "WW",
    Distract when you can't ghost, KO when you can't distract, kill only when 
    I suggest muting the volume for "Music and ambient/Interface" It'll help you 
    hear AI comments and the "Alert" down beat tone when the game sees fit to 
    SCDA1.1 Munitions Factory, 
    SCDA1.2 Generator rm 
    SCDA1.3 Foundry
    Eliminated Hisham kill, a few unreliable requisites needed to succeed. Route 
    changes eliminated 1 camera and 6 light diversions.
    3 maneuver changes
    Eliminate 1 light diversion, route change
    2 route changes, beginning of Munitions Factory after climbing out of reservoir
    Zap the cut scene and run into the tunnel; slow down to a trot as the short 
    tunnel on the right appears; enter and wait for Hisham. Once in the tunnel have 
    him hold. QQC out to the left side of the ice sheet, a PBG is on the other side 
    on the phone. Squeeze between the tunnel wall and ice sheet; QQC along the wall 
    to the corner before the PBG says, "I can't wait for this to be over!" The PBG 
    will move off, as he disappears behind the ice sheet count to 2 then press "A", 
    (Initiate Dynamic Hoist) Hisham will book to your position unseen.
    Hoist and run to the area in the tunnel that activates Lamberts transmission, 
    have Hisham hold and return to the tunnel entrance. Just before Sam makes the 
    last turn right to the entrance, drop to a QQC, move to the left side of the 
    tunnel and QC up to BG#1 on the left then hold. Once the two BGs complete their 
    convo, do a GD&C on #1. Drag him back into the cave and hold, eventually #2 
    walks off, once he's about 5 feet from the entrance KO #1. QQC up to #2 for and 
    introductory Rabbit Punch, there will be many RPs in SCDA.
    Return to the blockage for a hoist and proceed to the next room.
    Bear in mind, the following requirements to accomplish this maneuver are strict 
    and for some P.I.T.A unexplainable reason just may not occur. It may be more 
    trouble than its worth considering the kill isn't counted. However it was cool 
    to stumble on to and when it works the event is so easy it hurts.
    1. PBG #3 must not be on alert and not aiming his rifle at the tunnel entrance 
    once he has removed both ground PBGs. I can't figure out why he points at the 
    entrance, however, he almost always does when #2 is killed attempting to access 
    the platform from the pipe ramp.
    2. PBG #3 must slide down the ladder and continue on the ground with a -0- 
    alert posture, (wep pointed at the ground and to the side, standing erect and a 
    non search walk).
    On a very rare note, #2 and #3 can and have killed each other a couple times 
    eliminating the need for subterfuge.
    Here we go!
    Hang and drop off the ledge, tell Hisham to wait, there's some rough support 
    staging with planks and further to the left, your exit from the tunnel. As you 
    drop down into the room, you'll hear the beginnings of a conflict of interest 
    outside the tunnel. 
    I think they're arguing over who's gonna take Kadir's camel Misty to the Friday 
    night "BURQA FLASH" dance. A jealous boyfriend thing, don't stop to listen.
    Hisham appears to have issue with taking orders from Sam, if the game offers 
    the player an option like, "Find some place to hide!" or "Wait here!" one would 
    expect the recipient to obey the order. You'll soon discover this can and will 
    cause you major problems throughout the game with all Sam's partners.
    Once the shooting begins stay left, quietly move under the staging to the last 
    buttress and stop. Wait for Hisham to catch up and tell him to hide AGAIN! 
    Ensure he moves in behind Sam and the buttress for cover before you approach 
    the mouth of the cave. Once the shooting stops, move to the mouth of the cave 
    for a quick boo of the area and PBG #3. He should have slung his wep and be 
    sliding down the ladder to the ground. 
    Move out of the tunnel to the 1st row of crates, SC to the end and stick to the 
    leeside. #3 will eventually move from the ladder and stop at the end of and 
    between the 1st and 2nd row of crates. As he begins walking between the rows QC 
    out from the crates and pick up speed to the ladder. Climb the ladder; enter 
    the shack, press the button, OE&CD on your way out. QQC along the walkway, 
    enter the new tunnel and run into the darkness at the end. Go to Map and locate 
    #3 will advance on the tunnel entrance and look in; if Hisham is properly 
    hidden He'll walk away from the tunnel and head back to the platform via the 
    big honkin pipe ramp. He'll climb the ramp and walk past the shack to the far 
    end of the platform, stop for a moment and return to the ladder by the shack. 
    As long as he is undisturbed he'll repeat this route.
    As #3's icon appears beside the shack, before reaching the ladder quickly exit 
    Map and call Hisham to you. If that doesn't work try calling Hisham to you when 
    #3 begins to walk away from the cave. Return to map to verify, once Hisham 
    enters the tunnel move over to the gate and complete the hoist. Hisham will 
    wander off to complete some other objective.
    Next room 1 PBG and climbing pipes to skooch. Move into the room about 10 steps 
    and jump legs up to the pipe. Skooch toward the lighted area, stopping just as 
    Sam's light meter registers. As the PBG begins to walk away, drop legs move to 
    the elbow and climb up. No hokey pokey OKey, there's a PBG pacing a route up 
    above! Move quickly around the pipes to the forced stop, hoist up one time 
    shimmy right a smidge and hoist up to the level as he walks away. 
    Follow the PBG; stay right in the shadows to avoid the camera ahead, once past 
    the valves move to the wall, slide along it to and around the corner. Pick up 
    speed a tad to the yellow ladder, climb up, stick to the plastic sheet covering 
    the XP, face the ladder and move forward a bit.  Wait for the PBG to pass by 
    the ladder before you release and slash the plastic to continue on.
    (Quick Save)
    Instead of trying to slick the BG at the machine a simple route change which 
    may add about 10 seconds to the mission but greatly improve success and take 
    the stress out of the maneuver.
    Skip the intro, move to and push the gate button; hop over the railing into the 
    near empty reservoir and walk into the next area. Locate the climbing pipe as 
    you pass through the gate, drop to FC at the corner before the pipe, continue 
    to the pipe and climb up. Skooch left to the sewer pipe and hold. The BG will 
    turn away from the machine and face the reservoir for a moment then walk away 
    into the room. Hoist up to the floor and follow him, the room is large and 
    QQC through the room to the exit, there's a short Hlwy ahead and 1 PBG facing 
    away from Sam with a short route. Stay in the crouch, hug the big pipes and 
    quietly move to his 7:00. The PBG will move left a few feet and stop follow him 
    closely. Once he stops and turns to face the wall pass by him, LHP and hold. 
    The BG will walk out of the Pswy and into the large room and be gone long 
    enough for the light to return. OCPL, move along the corridor and locate the 
    lasers. Jump to and skooch pipe past the lasers.
    Next room, 3 PBGs on this area; #1&2 are near the entry door talking. QQC 
    through the opening and cut left between the wall and 2 large tanks. Halfway 
    around the tanks begin to FC till you see the railing then stand and run to the 
    railing. Hop over the railing to the lower level, run across to the other side, 
    jump and hoist up to the main level. 
    Stand and run to the near left dark corner of the raised platform then jump to 
    and hoist up. FC along the front of the platform then hook left around the last 
    console on the left and into the dark then hold. PBGs #1 will climb up and poke 
    around the server; just before #3 begins to climb the stair #1 walks away to 
    the far side of the console you're covered by. As #3 walks past the server QC 
    to it, plant the charge then fall back to cover till #1 walks away from the 
    cover console. As #1 moves away from the console QQC up the stairs to the XP, 
    quickly OCD then OE&CD.
    (Quick Save)
    FC along the corridor to the glass doors, skip the cut scene, cross the room on 
    the QC, (sleeping guard) EEV the comp in the glass security area, get the "RED 
    MERCURY" file and then exit the room. Move to the corner, LHP, move around the 
    corner to the shelving, OCPL and proceed to the next XP. Go NV and OCD; look 
    deep into the room to Sam's 1:00 for the far left end of the horse shoe shaped 
    walkway. A PBG is at the far left end and has walked around turbine #2. 
    He walks toward Sam's position for a bit stops and faces turbine #2 and after a 
    short moment continues on his route toward Sam's position. Once the PBG comes 
    to a stop "X" out, OE&CD and turn right. Locate the XP and FC toward Turbine 
    #1: hop up and FC over the top of turbine #1, FC diagonally off the corner of 
    the turbine to land on the railing below and then to the Wkwy. QC to the wall 
    and slide toward the XP, stop within cover, OCPL and then pick the lock. OCD, 
    OE&CD, OCP the laser locate and climb down the trapdoor.
    Unfortunately the game forces a diversion on you in the following maneuver, 
    without it PBG #2 approaches the more or less middle point on the 1st leg of 
    the long "L" shaped Wkwy and stays, forever. I have 2 diversion options and 
    lately I've been choosing #2. Option #1 elicits a mild reaction from PBG #1. 
    Option #2, a whistle from the split jump position, elicits a similar reaction 
    from PBG #2 which includes an arm wave and both PBGs respond to the noise. On 
    occasion when using option #1 PBG #2 has done a 180 on Sam as he approaches #2 
    at the corner of the "L" shaped Wkwy, this hasn't happened with option #2.
    Option #1
    As soon as PBG #1 enters the stairwell, OCPL from between the stair treads. Go 
    NV move to the wall, stand and squeeze between it and the stairs. Crouch and 
    follow PBG #1 out into the caged elevated walkway. Follow #1 and remain shy of 
    the grab icon, once #1 stops and Sam is about 3 feet behind him split jump, if 
    you're too close the jump will fail. #1 will leave and return, as he heads for 
    the stairwell a 2nd time drop down. Proceed along the right side of the walkway 
    at a QQC; there are 2 thick vertical bars on the cage about 2/3rds to the 
    corner, locate, stick and slide from them into the corner. 
    #2 will stop at the corner, about face and return to the exit. Follow him for 
    about 4 feet, release and face the wall. Eyeball #2, when he's about 3 steps 
    from the end of his route split jump. If done correctly, #1&2 remain calm, if 
    you hear the bass down beat hang until they settle down; wait for #2 to get 
    close to his stop at the middle of the 1st leg of the "L" shaped Wkwy to drop 
    and QQC to the XP. Turn the corner, jump over the 1st 2 lasers and FC under the 
    3rd. Stop at the corner to the next room to locate the 2 BGs.
    (Quick Save)
    Sad to say, when using option #1, there are times when the game will not let 
    you pass and I don't know what triggers it. As you drop from the split jump and 
    move along the walkway #2 prematurely returns to the corner of the walkway and 
    sees Sam no matter what position or distance from him.
    Option #2
    Wait for PBG #1 to walk around the corner to the beginning of the Wkwy to 
    squeeze between the wall and stairs. Crouch, stick and approach the corner. 
    Follow #1 as he walks into the Wkwy, remain about 3 feet off his 6:00 stop when 
    he does then split jump up and hold. Once #2 has returned and come to a stop at 
    the middle of this end of the Wkwy whistle for noise. Both PBGs will 
    investigate. Once both begin to walk away from Sam drop to the Wkwy and follow 
    PBG #2 to and around the corner of the Wkwy. 
    To date, instead of creeping #2's 6 all the way to the corner, on occasion I 
    have dropped to the floor and immediately stuck to the right side of the cage 
    then followed him all the way around the corner without issue.
    Once at the corner follow him for about 3 to 4 feet, release and face the wall 
    at a diagonal. You want to see #2 come to a stop at the end of his route to 
    split jump. If done correctly, #1&2 remain calm. On his way back toward PBG #1 
    wait for #2 to take 8 steps from the corner toward #1 to drop and QQC to the 
    XP. Turn the corner, jump over the 1st 2 lasers and FC under the 3rd. Stop at 
    the corner to the next room to locate the 2 BGs.
    (Quick Save)
    Options #1&2 continue from here,
    Enter, stay to the right and move between the wall and the tanks. Stop at the 
    space between the 2 tanks; listen to the BGs talk; as the convo ends and both 
    BGs are moving away creep out into the open, stay tight to the tank and follow 
    the PBG to and up the stairs. The other BG will return to the engine and face 
    away from Sam. Once up the stairs move to the windows and pass the PBG on his 
    right as he turns to the ladder. 
    I changed the middle section of the route through the room, jumping up and over 
    the railing and down between the tank and wall was too close to a 60/40 hit or 
    miss endeavor. Whether it was noise, timing or both, I don't know but I was 
    tired of getting nabbed by the PBG and restarts.
    Keep an eye on your noise meter and the PBG as you QQC along the wall; break 
    away for the stairs when the PBG begins climbing the ladder. QQC down the 
    stairs, drift left and hold against the generator about 3 feet from the 
    rotating shaft. To Sam's right are 2 more long tanks with a space between them 
    just like the previous 2, however the space between the 2nd set of tanks has 
    been filled up with 3 bluish barrels. 
    Look up and back to the Wkwy for the PBG, once on the Wkwy he'll move to the 
    corner above the steps you just used and sneeze. Wait for the PBG to stop at 
    the corner above the steps then QQC to the barrels between the tanks, slide up 
    into the space against the end of the right side tank then turn left and hop up 
    onto the barrel against the 2nd tank. Quickly drop off behind the tanks, stand 
    and continue left to the end of the 2nd tank. 
    Once at the end of the tanks FC the perimeter to the ladder and climb up to the 
    Wkwy, the PBG is still standing and facing the windows. Locate and flip the 
    switch for the XP, QQC to the server and set the charge. QQC to the railing 
    left of the XP switch, hop over and drop to the floor. Exit the room, stay left 
    and FC to the corner. OCPL at the bottom of the stairs then go NV and FC to the 
    XP at the bottom of the 2nd flight of steps. 
    The room past the metal screen and dirty windows is the room with the raised 
    platform where you placed the 1st charge.
    There're 4 PBGs in the area, 3 of them walking about outside the room you're in 
    and there's no guaranty where they'll be when you enter the room. If you're 
    lucky, however unlikely, the setup will be ready when you enter the room, if 
    not the best thing to do is QC Cw around the room. Stay away from the walls and 
    move to the end of the 2nd generator and stick. 
    You may have time to watch at least 1 complete cycle of their routes while 
    stuck to the end of the tank. The requirements for a successful exit are 
    simple, "All PBGs must be walking and or looking away from the lighted XP. The 
    PBG in the room with Sam needs to be walking toward the EP or having just 
    stopped at it. He remains there for a few seconds before walking around the 1st 
    generator and then back to the center of the room.
    If you stay in the room longer than it takes for PBG #4 to complete a patrol 
    cycle, shortly after he begins his next cycle all PBGs go on alert and into 
    search mode. PBG #1 will exit the room via the XP, if you haven't left before 
    this follow him. Why they suddenly go on alert I don't know.
    Option 1, (-0- diversion)
    If the setup mentioned below isn't forming as you hold before the screen follow 
    the instructions mentioned in the note above. 
    Quickly go IR then OE&CD, QC left into the room and Cw around generator #1 at 
    Sam's 11:00, locate the metal screening barring access into the room on the 
    left and hold against the wall just before the screen. Locate the gap between 
    generators #1 and 2 and the XP to Sam's 2:00. Quickly locate the 3 PBGs outside 
    the room, #1 is in the room with Sam. #2 may be between the wall of the room 
    you're in and turbine just past the metal screen. #3 may be deep into the room 
    to Sam's 9:00 and #4 who may be to Sam's 12:00 on the other side of the dirty 
    If possible, take note of when #4 begins walking to Sam's left along the raised 
    platform you planted the 1st charge on then look into the room to the left and 
    notice PBG #2 approaching and then walking away from Sam's position. At the 
    same moment if undisturbed, PBG #1 should be walking past Sam's 2:00 toward the 
    EP. QC into the gap between generators #1 and 2 at Sam's 2:00 then straight for 
    the XP, OE&CD, QC along the left wall and around the corner to the pipes.
    Option 2, (1 diversion)
    Quickly OCD then OE&CD, QC left into the room and Cw around tank #1 at Sam's 
    11:00, locate the metal screening barring access into the room on the left and 
    hold against the wall just before the screen. Locate the gap between tanks #1 
    and 2, the XP and PBG #1 to Sam's 1:00. Remain under cover, move to the side 
    and end of tank #1, pull the pistol and target the light above the XP. Go NV 
    and watch PBG #1 as he walks by Sam, as he disappears to Sam right OCPL. QC 
    into the gap between tanks #1 and 2 at Sam's 2:00 then straight for the XP, 
    OE&CD, QC along the left wall and around the corner to the pipes.
    Options 1 and 2 continue from here;
    Squeeze through the pipes to the next room. There's 1 BG grinding away on a 
    machine, find and climb the red pipe shimmy over and slide down the other side. 
    Creep under the pipe, creep to the 11:00 corner of the pool, stand and climb 
    out. QQC out of the room, stop just before the next corner and boo it to see a 
    PBG. Wait for the PBG to stop at the door before you enter the Hlwy. QQC past 
    the PBG to the next corner, LHP, OCPL and then continue along the corridor to 
    the caged area. 
    Climb the cage, pipe and ladder to the opening and hold for the smelter crane. 
    Climb aboard and ride it back to the shack. Once the crane stops QC to the 
    shack's roof; turn left and hold at the edge of the roof and vent. Look down 
    through the vent locate the PBG that moves over to the server, drop off the 
    roof to the banister as he approaches the server and hoist up into the shack. 
    Stay behind #2 and plant the charge as he moves away from the server. QC to the 
    door, OE&CD after your exit move to the ladder and slide down to the floor 
    Raise the door, QQC to each corner of the crates and boo before moving to the 
    next one. Locate a set of stairs and a red climbing pipe, climb the red pipe to 
    Sam's 10:00. Skooch halfway to the camera, about face legs up and mad skooch to 
    the camera. With head to wall; release, drop to the floor, OCD then OE&CD and 
    enter the work shop. Go to OSVAM check your route then take note of the 2 BGs 
    hammering away on something and at the base of the stairs is server #4. Take 
    note of the XP to Sam's 1:00. Hop over the railing to the platform below, 
    continue to the ground floor locate and pack the server with a charge. QQC back 
    to the top of the stairs and pass through the other door. 
    Jump or OCP the lasers climb the stairs and OCPL around the corner before 
    turning the corner. Enter the room at the end of the short Hlwy. EEV the comp, 
    get the goodies and return to the workshop. 
    If you don't flop around with the comp you should have enough time to close the 
    door on the way out and QQC around the corner before the light returns, if not 
    OCPL before moving off. 
    Jump the lasers, QQC to and hop over the railing above the overhead door. Drop 
    to the floor and access the keypad; use the code from the comp if you got it 
    otherwise hack it then pass under the raised overhead door ASAP, stay to the 
    right as you FC through the next large "U" shaped room. Climb over the stacks 
    of whatever and Pipe while remaining along the wall. Drop off the stacked short 
    pipe next to the forklift, QC across the room when clear, pass under the 
    overhead door and into the next room. Go hard left around the opening along the 
    wall to the stack of flat things stand and hop up. 
    A BG is sitting on the back of the truck and PBG #2 may be walking by on either 
    side of the truck toward Sam and #3 is in an aisle somewhere. Turn diagonally 
    to the pipe, push forward and drop off the flat things. Sam will hang onto the 
    pipe, skooch to the end and drop off or just drop off the stack to the ground. 
    Sometimes dropping from the stack alerts the BG on the truck.
    SC to the front passenger side of the truck, stick to it and hold. Both PBGs 
    will approach and pass by the truck. Wait for the 2nd PBG to pass, as he moves 
    off QQC away from the truck toward the 2 rows of shelves. QQC along the front 
    of the shelves and as you reach the 2nd row hard left around the end and along 
    the row to the XP. OCD then OE&CD as you pass through the exit.
    Lock 2nd fl. Wkwy turbine rm. 12/1
    KO 2  
    Divs 6/8
    Time 27:30 
    SCDA2.1 the Escape p1
    SCDA2.2 Unlocking the Gas chamber
    SCDA2.3 Disc in the Morgue and releasing Jamie
    SCDA2.4 to the Chapel and escape p2
    Eliminate 1 KO security room PG. Initial escape where Jamie kills the last 2 of 
    the 5 prison guards in the cafeteria looking place. I used to stay in the room 
    till he killed the 2 PGs, climbed the fence to the stairs, and used the vent. 
    The PG would always investigate the noise Sam makes while exiting from the 
    vent. Since I've been climbing the table to the railing and the vent, the 
    Security room PG isn't alerted to Sam exit from the vent.
    I spent the month trying to figure out where the 2 IDS are coming from and I 
    can't. I spread 6 saves over the level and completed it with 2 IDs from there I 
    went back a save at a time and KO's everyone within the save and every 
    subsequent save and then still completed the level with 2 IDs. Through the 
    above mentioned process of elimination I can trace them back to the point, 
    (prior to 1st save at barrier) where Jamie and Sam hoist over the security 
    barrier and meet the 1st pair of PPGs. 
    Maneuver change to and through "Old Cell Block" Lots of running.
    Logically this says the IDs occur prior to the barrier; however regarding the 
    AI prior to the barrier, no matter the method, ignore, KO or Kill the 2 IDs 
    I'd really like to blame the PPG on the elevated walkway above Sam to and from 
    the walkie-talkie, but regardless of my attempts to purposely gain his 
    attention I fail to do so.
    As mentioned earlier in the Briefing section, you can pull a few G&Cs to 
    alleviate your angst if you have a problem with Jamie killing innocents the 
    As usual, zap the cut scenes, turn, move to the cot and climb under to the void 
    behind the wall. Jump up and over to hook up with Jamie. Hoist over the 
    barrier, climb the ladder and stop at the top. Get the open hatch window, back 
    down a step and look up through the grating to the walkway above. Allow the PPG 
    to walk back over Sam to the dark end of his route, as he walks over Sam climb 
    out, move to the climbing pipe and climb up. Move forward stopping within the 
    cover of darkness and wait for the PPG to begin walking to the lighted end of 
    his route. As he passes Sam move forward and stop directly under the PPG wait 
    for him to turn and begin walking back to the dark end to legs up and move 
    forward, skooch through the tear in the fence. Make your way to the trapdoor 
    and unlock it.
    (Quick Save)
    Pick the lock, drop down onto the desk and stick to the wall. Look for the PPG 
    to walk left along the window and then return to the door to the room. As he 
    stops at the door drop off the desk and move to the left of the door. Once the 
    PPG is in the room he'll move toward the desk to the right of the door, stop 
    and then move to the back of the room. Stay behind him to the desk, as he moves 
    to the back of the room to the item on the wall move over tight to the video 
    console and wait for him to head for the door. 
    Follow him, pick up the Walkie talkie and QQC to the table, stand on it and 
    jump to the trapdoor ledge. Hoist up before the PPG walks left past the door. 
    Backtrack through the obstacle course to the tear in the fence stay to the 
    left; the PPG above will stop at this end. Wait for him to turn away to hoist 
    up to the pipe and skooch out into the room with the ladder and trap door. Drop 
    down, QQC back to the climbing pipe and stop. 
    There's a PPG on the lower level once he stops below Sam drop off, hang, skooch 
    right and drop to the floor below. Follow the PPG as he walks off, QQC to the 
    opening in the wall, jump up and hoist through the opening to the void behind 
    Sam's cell. Crawl back into the cell and wait for the PPG to open Sam's cell 
    door. You should end up with 20 plus seconds remaining. Zap the cut scene with 
    Lambert, stop before the cell block and wait for the PPG to walk off. 
    Follow behind, turn into the 3rd cell and move away from the opening enough to 
    see the edge of the PPG turn and continue to the end of the block. As he does 
    move out of the cell, catch up to him, stay left and stop just behind him. As 
    he begins to turn around move forward to remain hidden. Note just before 
    turning to the courtyard area Sam can now drop into the creep, do so and remain 
    hidden from the con gawking through the glass. Enter the Courtyard; zap the cut 
    scenes and KO Barney.
    I suggest quick saving before every shoot out, Jamie is a douche with or 
    without a gun. Sam has little control over Jamie and can't count on him to 
    eliminate the PGs before they begin shooting him.
    When the game starts back, you're in the cell with Jamie. I move over to the 
    cot, climb up, crouch and stick to the wall away from the cell door. Once 
    everything is over take the lock pick, open the door, get the syringe and exit 
    the room. QQC to the 1st hoist point and complete it.  
    (Quick Save)
    Drop and hang wait for the approaching PPG to near the windows across from the 
    cells to soft drop to the floor. Move behind the standing PPG, follow him as he 
    moves out. Cross the floor to the exterior wall, stick to it and slide forward 
    till the light meter goes -0-, stop and tell Jamie to hide. 
    Let Jamie kill both PPGs, ensure that the chopper has moved off before moving 
    to the next hoist spot, complete it and get Sam onto the 2nd level of the block 
    to follow Jamie. Once on the 2nd level ensure that the chopper is moving away 
    to make your way to the end of the walkway. Move to the right rear of the last 
    cell stick to the wall. Wait for the chopper to move off to exit and drop off 
    to the main floor. QQC over to the opening to the next corridor turn and stick 
    to the short wall on the right. Let the PRG kill the prisoner pounding on the 
    door and return to this end of the corridor.
    (Quick Save)
    Watch the standing PRG, he makes a series of head turns to Sam's position and 
    then scratches or rubs his face. Ensure the count of head moves to scratch 
    ratio then move at the end of the last head turn. As he motions to his face QQC 
    around the wall to and behind him and stick to the wall. Jamie will be out in a 
    moment to kill or be killed by the PRG.
    Move to the end of this corridor and stop at the buttress on the left just 
    before the cafeteria. A PG and con are dancing; the PG tires falls to the floor 
    and the con is killed by the 2 jealous PPGS entering the Caf.
    The next bit can be frustrating; you can't command Jamie until you're in the 
    Caf and quite often Jamie LeDouche won't follow Sam and or stops halfway to the 
    double doors thereby alerting the 2 PPGs in the Caf. Or he does follow Sam into 
    the Caf before you can get up on the table or the Wkwy and command him to hide 
    even when you close the door on him.
    Listen for the 2 PPGs talking about the riot, peek around the buttress to see 
    PPG#1 walking toward the corridor wall and then turn left to continue to the 
    end of the Caf. Inch forward a tad after #1 turns left to locate #2 who will be 
    reminding #1 why they need to stay put. As soon as he shuts up move out along 
    the Caf corridor catch up to but don't pass #1 till you pass along the blue 
    colored mesh on the Caf side of the corridor. Round the corner to the double 
    doors and unlock the left side door. Look into the Caf to ensure that the PPGs 
    aren't aiming at Jamie, if not go to Map. Ensure that Jamie's at this end of 
    the Caf, if so exit Map and look into the Caf, if not restart from the last 
    Wait for #1 to approach this end of the Caf, grab the door and hold. As #1 
    passes by Sam open the door, enter the Caf turn right and close the door. Move 
    to the table ahead on the left below the walkway and climb up within the dark 
    end. Tell Jamie to hide, stand turn and jump to the walkway, hoist up and enter 
    the vent.
    When it works, Jamie still kills both PPGs, but so far, he makes it into the 
    short hallway to the security door.
    Exit the vent drop down to the floor at the end of the lockers. Access the 
    comps, free Jamie and quietly OE&CD to the room, No KO of the PG-O! Jamie 
    LeDouche will disappear. Run to the broken steam pipe and pass through the 
    (Quick Save)
    Old Cell block
    The next bit must be done fast or slow even though you can run most of it, it 
    without ID, it isn't exactly what one would call stealth. 
    Proceed at FC through the corridor and OE&CD into the Old Cell Block. Turn and 
    drift left to and along the wall the 1st flight of stairs. Locate PPGs #1 and 
    2, #1 patrols the main floor and #2 the Wkwy, take note of PPG #2 and his 
    direction. When both are moving or facing away make tight turns up to and past 
    the 1st platform to the 2nd flight of stairs. Once you reach the halfway point 
    on the 2nd flight hold and relocate PPG #1 through the stairs when he walks 
    away continue up past the 3rd flight of stairs to the 3rd platform.
    Locate, FC to and climb the pipe on the 3rd platform, go legs up at the top and 
    mad skooch into the dark. Once dark drop legs and continue to the elbow near 
    the end of the pipe, once at the elbow locate PPG #2 If he's walking away from 
    this position or at the opposite end of the elevated walkway drop down. Once 
    down, if and when clear move to and enter the duct. Proceed through the ducts 
    to the Workshop.
    There are 2 PRGs in the Workshop, there's no way to tell how alert they are 
    before exiting the vent. Exit the vent as the 2 head left, the 2 may or may not 
    be alerted to Sam, either way diagonal left, QC to the right side of the table 
    within the enclosure, to and through the poly barrier to the table, climb over 
    and drop off. You'll either be behind PRG #2 or not. In either case stay tight 
    to and slide past the drill press, (not jointer) against the wall. QC to the 
    corner then pick it up to QQC as you turn right then left out of the Workshop. 
    Option #1
    Once out of the Workshop FC, make a right and 2 lefts through the corridors. 
    Just after the 2nd left is made you'll pass the 1st door on the left, drop to a 
    QQC and drift right. When the 2nd door on the left appears drop to a QC, move 
    to the wall on the right stick and slide forward. Stop about 8 feet from the 
    corner. As PPG #1 exits the room he'll walk past Sam, as he passes Sam slide 
    forward to the corner then to the door OE&CD. Stay tight to the door in the 
    room and allow PPG #2 to pass by to the viewing glass. QQC into the small room, 
    release the Gas Chamber door lock then return to the Hlwy, OE&CD.
    Option #2
    Once out of the Workshop FC, make a right and 2 lefts through the corridors. 
    Just after the 2nd left is made you'll pass the 1st door on the left, drop to a 
    QQC and drift left to the wall. Drop to QC when the 2nd door on the left 
    appears, QC past the door then stick to the wall at the hinge side of the door. 
    Slide about 6 feet from the door and hold, when PPG #1 exits QC around the door 
    and hold on the threshold. You're dark, prevent the door from closing and PPG 
    #2 doesn't comment. QQC into the small room, release the Gas Chamber door lock 
    then return to the Hlwy, leave the door open, no one seems to care.
    Continue along the Hlwy to the exit door and take the stairs down to the 
    basement and Morgue. Once at the basement level enter the door and FC through 
    the Hlwys till you see the Gas Chamber Office door and the Morgue sign on the 
    wall. Drop to a SC and slide along the wall on the right to the corner, you may 
    see a flash from the PRGs flashlight as he turns in the Hlwy. Peek around the 
    corner and follow when safe. Stay on the right side of the Hlwy and follow the 
    PRG to the Morgue. 
    He'll turn left at the end of the corridor, stay tight to the left and watch 
    him enter the Morgue. Move back into the dark, locate the bump out on the left 
    wall then stick to the end of the solitary confinement cell and hold. As the 
    PRG passes by Sam in the corridor, QC into the Morgue; QQC to and retrieve the 
    disc and then exit at a QQC. Drop to QC to the corner, ensure the PRG is moving 
    along the Hlwy; QQC to catch up to him then discreetly follow him around the 
    corner past the chamber office door. Move to his right along the wall, move 
    past and behind him as he comes to a stop, turns and faces the adjacent Hlwy. 
    Return to the Viewing room Hlwy as he turns away back to the Morgue.
    Once back on the Viewing room level go to Map and locate PPG #1, (he should be 
    heading for Sam's location) switch out and peek around the corner to catch 
    sight and follow him back to the Viewing room. The door should still be open as 
    you turn the corner to the room and PPG #2 should be heading for the viewing 
    window to gloat. Close the door to the Viewing room as you enter, stay right 
    and QC down the couple steps to the lower level and hold. As #2 begins to move 
    back to the shack approach the locked door and pick it. 
    I began using this route in an effort to eliminate IDs; I'm not sure why but 
    more often than not I was getting 3 to 4 IDs when I entered the Gas Chamber 
    area from the Morgue level than from the viewing room level. The only thing I 
    can guess is that the game allows the PRGs to see Sam and record the ID minus 
    the reaction, go figure.
    OE&CD as you pass through, move around the corner, go to Map locate #2 as he 
    exits the shack exit Map and look through the door portal to see him appear. As 
    he does move down the stairs, head left to the wall and stop at the edge of the 
    door. Locate #2 at the viewing window through the portal, as he leaves move to 
    the right side of the door. As the Chamber PRG moves off, he'll stop, look to 
    the door and move on, (sometimes he'll look twice before moving off). 
    As he moves off to the steps enter the room QC to the lock and free Jamie. Exit 
    the Chamber room ASAP, climb the stairs and ensure knuckle nut is following. 
    Once at the top move back one step from the top and go to Map. Locate PPG #1; 
    you need him in the room as #2 heads for the viewing window. Once #2 stops at 
    the window SC to the door and grab for an open. As #2 appears in the portal 
    exit and follow him to the exit. Enter the Hlwy and proceed to the stairwell, 
    climb to the Chapel level hoist Jamie and pass through the gate.
    Lately I've been getting altered PBG setups when entering the Chapel, I'm not 
    sure if it's due to speed, the slight difference in options taken prior to 
    entry or both. The PBGs are in somewhat different starting positions and their 
    route habit is altered retarded or advanced I can't tell. 
    Fro example, PBG#1 now at the top of the stairs walks to the base flashes his 
    light at the Chaplains office door and then walks back up and returns to the 
    exit. #2 is on the verge of leaving the altar area when you enter the Chapel 
    instead of just arriving.
    The account that follows is the one that occurs most often.
    Enter the Chapel from the right side door, turn left, OE&CD and QQC toward the 
    chaplain's office.  PRG#1 is walking along the upper level toward the stairs 
    and #2 is walking the altar area. Enter the office, quickly locate and access 
    the comp, drop to a QC and move to the doorway. Peek around the corner locate 
    #2 and ensure that he is exiting the altar area and turning right. QQC left out 
    of the office to the stairs, climb the stairs, move to the left and QC along 
    the wall. Drop to a SC as you approach #1 and access the pipe as he turns away. 
    ASAP skooch to the other balcony, drop to the floor and release the rope. 
    Move to the altar end of the balcony and drop off to the floor below. FC along 
    the altar area to the far side of the chapel turn left at the window wall slide 
    past the 1st buttress and window, stick to the wall, slide to the next buttress 
    and hold. PRG#2 will exit the office and head for the altar area as he passes 
    by the pews leading to the rope release and SC to the rope. Grab the rope; wait 
    for #2 to get halfway from Sam to the altar to begin climbing climb up to -0- 
    the light meter and hold. You want #1 to be walking toward the chapel doors and 
    #2 to be under the balcony in front of and below Sam to climb out of the 
    With this new route Jamie has consistently appeared at the chapel door.
    Although, once at the blown out wall, Sam got the hoist message, hoisted and 
    was pulled up by an invisible Jamie. I wasn't able to exit the game though.
    Once on the roof, crouch down and SC off the ramp to the roof, wait for the PRG 
    to begin walking off to the far side of the roof to follow counter clockwise at 
    a discreet distance, he hears really well. Stick to the wall slide halfway to 
    the corner and hold. As he begins to move off back to the skylight slide to the 
    corner and wait for him to walk into the light to release and QC to the XP. 
    Pick the lock and head to the chapel door for Jamie. Continue down to the 
    opening to the parking lot. There's a dumpster past the door opening, run out 
    to it turn around and run back into the HLWY and hold. A chopper will pass back 
    and forth over the parking lot once it passes back toward the tower in the 
    distance run over to the blown out wall and hoist out of the area to the 
    extraction point.
    Locks in order of discovery: 
    Walkie Talkie 7/11, Lock-up cell 11/1, Cafeteria door 1/11/7,
    To Gas chamber door 1/11, Roof door 7/1/11, 
    ID 2         
    Time 29:00
    SCDA3. JBA HDQS part 1
    SCDA3.1 Fuse box 2&3 
    SCDA3.2 To Ms. Yummy's room and Fuse box 4
    SCDA3.3 the Server and Extraction
    Note change from original posted game file, I discovered that if you SOE&CD the 
    stairwell door and the door to Enrica's room, the server room PBG will become 
    suspicious. He will open the stairwell door, quiet down and continue on a now 
    altered route. If you just open and close the door as you move through, he 
    stays oblivious (no verbal alert) and maintains the original route which works 
    well with our plans. 
    Using OE&CD solves many investigatory BG problems.
    Pretty much kept the level layout intact, eliminated 1 light and 3 camera 
    Maneuver change to 3rd fuse box and comp
    The level begins in an alley, skip the cut scene and go to OSVAM for your route 
    and 1st objectives. Run to and enter the door on the right. FC to and adjust 
    the fuse box then FC around the corner to the XP. OCD, OE&CD turn right stay 
    tight to the wall and climb the ladder to Sam's right. Go NV to locate and 
    enter the crawl space, flip back to NS and exit the duct at the other end.
    SCDA3.1 FUSE BOX 2&3
    2 PBGs walking to Sam's right immediately drop off the crates; remain in the 
    shadows and discreetly follow #1&2 at a sub QQC to the far end of the room. 
    They'll stop near the DD XP and speak for a moment; #1 will pass through the 
    doors and #2 will hang in the room. As they stop to speak move to the left of 
    and pass #2 to the shelving against the wall. Stand and hoist up the shelving 
    to the upper floor area, QQC directly to fuse box #2 and adjust it. FC across 
    the upper floor, stop above the DD XP and drop off to the floor. 
    Face the right side door, OCD then OE&CD. Circle wide left to the left side of 
    the opening to Sam's right; locate the camera in the nearby room and hold. As 
    the camera begins turning away from Sam FC over to and under it. As you reach 
    the camera it will be swinging right, FC along the wall to and around the 
    corner to the next DD XP. Enter from the right side door, OCD then OE&CD into 
    the next room. Stay dark, move right through the room between the metal 
    shelving and the stairs. Move to the base of the stairs and go to OSVAM your 
    objective is in the room above, "X" out and locate the camera above the door.
    (Quick Save)
    Your objectives are in the room above the car and to the left of the top of the 
    stairs. It has a security camera above the door, fuse box #3 and a comp that 
    needs accessing. There can be up to 3 BGs in the room, 2 of them on the ground 
    floor; PBG #1 patrols the elevated walkway, #2 stays at the far end of the room 
    and #3 routinely exits and returns. Most often PBG #1 has just exited the 
    target room or is already walking away from it, as you take position at the 
    base of the stairs. 
    He makes 4 stops, two of them shortly after leaving the target room. One is at 
    the door opening, the 2nd and important one about just above Sam. In the past 
    I've turned the sound up on the TV so that I can target the wall cam and not 
    eyeball #1, the problem with that is #3 can enter or exit the room at the 
    critical moment and screw the maneuver, so it pays to watch #1. I often have a 
    problem targeting the camera, a decent trick is to go EMF to highlight the 
    camera then "X" out for the shot.
    #1 has already made his 2nd stop and begins moving again, target the camera. 
    OCPC and begin moving up the stairs, go from QC to the platform and speed up a 
    bit on the 2nd flight without clod hopping. Enter the room at FC, beeline to 
    the Fuse Box alter it and spin camera toward PBG #1. Use the wall between the 
    window and door to shield Sam from #1 and QQC to the wall. Once positioned 
    between the door and window look out the window for #2 near the DDs at the far 
    end of the room. As he turns away swing tight right out the doorway to the 
    railing then face the room. EEV the comp then hop over the railing to the floor 
    If #3 is in the room, you're in for up to a 40 second wait till he exits.
    Move over to the right side of the double doors near the stairs and OCD. #3 
    will most likely be standing against the wall. OE&CD if #3 is in the room move 
    to the wall on your right, stick, slide to the med kit and hold.  If #3 is 
    missing QC left around the corner and pass through the XP. Once #3 leaves QC 
    left to the XP, OE&CD turn right and QQC into the room, decide which route to 
    take depending on where the lasers are and their rotation. 
    Take the stairs or crates to stairs, stand and execute. 3 MBSLs staggered 
    through the stairwell. You can OCP them or time your moves past them to the 
    door at the top of the stairs. Be aware of the 2nd and 3rd MBSLs as you 
    approach the exit, sometimes they disappear better to hold and let pass or OCP 
    than to be caught. Drop to QC and face the XP, go IR or OCD to locate the PBG; 
    enter the area as he moves off and enter Enrica's room. 
    Load the scanner and scan the hair brush on the table at the far end of the 
    room. Approach the door, go IR, wait for the PBG to move away to OE&CD. Turn 
    tight left around the corner; follow the PBG into the next corner, take note of 
    the direction the camera is turning to as you approach. Listen for the camera 
    direction change noise the PBG will move off toward the server room door, the 
    camera will begin to turn right count to 2 and move out at a QC to the left 
    corner of the server room door. 
    Open the door and move into the room two steps; stop, turn around, press close 
    and move forward and left to the striker side of the door jamb. Exit the room 
    as the PBG moves off turn left and QC to the roof top door. Cable the door, 
    locate the roof PBG and exit when clear. Locate the fuse box, QQC to it and 
    alter the circuit. Return to the roof door and reenter the building when clear.
    (Quick Save)
    QC around the Hlwy until you approach the Server room section. Stick to the 
    wall, slide to the corner and boo for the server room guard. If missing QQC to 
    the XP, OE&CD then stand, run and jump over the 2 lasers. If he's present wait 
    for him to begin walking away to approach the door, enter the room and jump the 
    2 lasers. Turn and face the server for an EEV and protect Yeager for an NSA 
    pickup. If you see the PBG walking back toward Enrica's room stand and jump the 
    2 lasers, if not OCP one or both then approach the EP and boo from the left of 
    the door.
    You're going to get an old tomato from Emile on your way to the roof door OCD 
    it and OE&CD when clear. QQC to the left of the stairway opening, hop over the 
    parapet down to the stairs. Stay in the dark, drop off beside the camera and 
    return to the starting point of the game at a run. Report to Emile and then 
    exit the level.
    Divs 1
    Time 9:40  
    SCDA4.1 to the Control Room and the Train
    SCDA4.2 to the Money Car
    SCDA4.3 Money Car and Driver
    Eliminated 1 camera, 1 monitor and 5 light diversions, made 2 route changes
    Eliminate 2 OCP diversions and route change train maintenance area
    I've come across many glitches in this level, some that have forced me to 
    restart from the earliest save or from mission instead of progress. 3 points in 
    particular entering the security shack from the vent, crawling over the gold in 
    the money car to the 1st PG and defusing the circuit in the same car. 
    Skip the cut scenes and open the level standing next to Miss Yummy. Ensure that 
    you have the pistol chosen as primary. Exit the tight fitting clothes ... I 
    mean room and give Enrica a boost up. Once up, drop back down to the floor and 
    proceed into the XP, OCD then proceed to the next hoist point where you get to 
    do it all over again lucky guy. Move over to the fan and wait for it to stop 
    spinning. Climb up and through to the other side. Drop down, recon then QC 
    toward the tunnel entrance, boo the tunnel, see the BG and move back around the 
    object to your right into the dark and hold. 
    It's an electrician; allow him to pass by then QC into and to the far left 
    corner of the short tunnel. A PPm will probably be in the adjoining tunnel, 
    maintain cover and follow when he walks away. QQC through the short corridor 
    and drop to a QC as you approach the doorway to the next room. Stay tight right 
    as you enter the room, you may hear a comment from the PPm who will be moving 
    toward the opposite end of the room. There is a welder in the room, don't 
    dawdle or pass too close to him as you locate and head for the XP to your right 
    OCD and OE&CD as you exit the room. QQC through the corridor stop at the top of 
    the stairs and locate the PPm descending the stairs. 
    Allow him to reach the bottom of the stairs then stand and begin running down 
    the stairs. Leap up to and climb to the railed platform above. Run and jump to 
    the pipe above the platform and make your way past the void above the security 
    gate, PPm and welder. Once in the (storage room I guess) stop and drop to the 
    floor as the welder heads for the exit. Stay to his 6 and hold in the dark. 
    Wait for the welder to exit the room to head left to the forklift, move in 
    between the forks then stand, jump and hoist up. 
    QC to the opening in the wall to see the welder walk into the section of room 
    below, drop down into the next room as the welder walks back into the larger 
    room, stay tight right to the wall for cover. A PPm will likely enter the 
    smaller room and move to the far corner allowing you to exit to the right out 
    of the room. QC out and right along the wall CCw past the door the welder used 
    over to the XP accelerate to QQC as you put some distance between Sam and the 
    men. Once you are clear pick the lock on the door, OCD then OE&CD; follow the 
    path to the rappel point, the climbing pipe and the hole in the wall.
    (Quick Save)
    It used to take 2 OCP diversions to exit the room, this maneuver eliminates 1 
    diversion. You can pretty much OCP any monitor except monitor #12, the SPM 
    becomes extremely agitated and if he doesn't immediately kill Sam he remains in 
    an alert posture preventing an exit. I have much luck exiting before the door 
    begins to close with monitor #2, (middle unit, top row). However to date even 
    when the door remains open I haven't heard comment. It does take a bunch of 
    tries to get Sam's correct creep velocity down
    Locate the vent and crawl into it, as the PPM begins turning to leave the room 
    exit the vent ASAP, target a monitor and hold. Wait to hear the door open then 
    take a 1 count and OCP a monitor, holster and head for the door at a QC. The 
    SPM will biatch as you head for the door, you must try to exit before the door 
    begins to close, but it isn't imperative, as long as you can get out before it 
    has closed. As you exit the shack; turn right, QQC along the wall to the corner 
    and QQC into the short and narrow Hlwy. Locate and stop just before the keypad 
    then split jump up the wall.
    A PPM will exit from the control room wait for him to pass to EEV the keypad or 
    drop down and access it. OCD and locate the Director monitoring the comps in 
    the room. Wait for him to begin walking toward the control console, OE&CD, QC 
    across the room to the opposite wall, stick to it and slide to the console. EEV 
    the comp for the keypad and vault codes, stick to the wall and slide toward the 
    XP and hold. QC to the keypad as the Director walks back to the console, use 
    the code and exit the room. 
    SC around the corner; stick to the left wall slide forward and stop before the 
    opening. Wait for the guards to stop talking; as the one that remains begins 
    moving to his final position near the gate QC through the open and empty cell 
    and into the duct. Enter the room, locate and climb the pipe to the "UP" elbow 
    near the stair platform and hold. Wait for the PPM to face the stairs to climb 
    to the top near the camera. Legs up, move to the door and hold till the PPM 
    begins to walk away and the camera is turning away. Drop to the platform OE&CD 
    and enter the next area.
    Stay along the right side of the room in the dark, QC past the PPM if he's 
    still standing at the head of the stairs. QQC down the stairs while crossing 
    over to the left side and drop to SC at the base. Squeeze around the corner as 
    the approaching PPM passes by. Stay tight to the wall and continue on along it 
    to the bench, graze off the corner of the bench and head straight for the 
    pallet lined up with the break in the railing. QQC to the edge of the walkway 
    drop down to the track level and hop up onto the car. 
    Completing the following maneuver is a pain in the butt; if you attempt this 
    maneuver save before moving between the partitions.
    1st car, 
    Enter the train car, 1 TG sitting on the right; there are 2 partitions on the 
    right just before the TG, QC over to and between them. Move to the partition 
    closest to the TG. Turn to face the cart against the opposite wall move out to 
    the edge of the partition. Tap "WHISTLE"; creep around the partition and into 
    the darkness. Stick to the wall, slide to the bench the PPM was sitting on and 
    release. He'll rise to investigate, (if he grabs the flashlight restart) as he 
    passes, move out beginning at a SC work up to a QC and increase speed to a QQC 
    once past the bench, (not too much he hears extremely well), to and through the 
    exit door. Once outside quickly move to the side for cover, allow the TG to sit 
    back down to close the door.
    2nd car,
    Enter the 2nd car OE&CD, 2 TGs talking about half way through the car. Move 
    right to the wall as you approach the TGs, slide between the wall and crates to 
    the end, round the corner and hold. As TG #1 turns to walk away continue on to 
    the exit OE&CD. 
    3rd car, 
    OCP all the lasers required to exit the car and detach it from the rest of the 
    If you don't detach the cars from the train, you won't get the TGs to appear on 
    the roof of the next 2 cars. Make a decision, "Save Some Save None!"
    (Quick Save)
    4th car,
    Climb the ladder onto the car and begin creeping toward the front. There are a 
    series of 6 small box thingies on the top outer edges of the train cars spaced 
    3 per side. One box located at each end of the car and one at the middle. Use 
    them as guide points. If Sam is hanging from the side of the train car he can 
    skooch to a box thingy but must climb up and over once he reaches it. 
    There are 4 guards in all, stay to the right and start creeping. Once Sam 
    passes the middle box thingy on the right, drop off the side and skooch to the 
    front of the car. By the time Sam makes it to the front, both PPGs will have 
    climbed up and passed his position. Climb up and drop down between the two 
    cars. To date, I haven't had a PPG turn and see me or shoot, mostly because the 
    guard smackers usually get them 1st. 
    5th car,
    Climb up onto the car, stay to the right and drop off as soon as you see the 
    PPG begin to climb up. You'll hear the thump of the guard smacker, climb back 
    up and continue to the front of the car. The final exterior guard will be 
    standing on the platform between the two cars. OCP one of the flood lights for 
    the guard's attention, drop off the side of the car for about 8 seconds and 
    climb back up. He will begin to climb the ladder, once on the roof you'll 
    likely hear him getting a taste of the smacker. Drop off the car, climb the 
    next one and drop off at the end. You're behind the engine, turn around and 
    enter the money car.
    As Sam enters the money car he should have between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 minutes left 
    on the clock, more than enough time, however for me, this is one of the most 
    difficult maneuvers in the game. The timing must be near perfect, even then I 
    often fail. Alone, each action is simple; the short strings of actions again 
    are simple. Combining the 4 main strings into a seamless event proves to be a 
    frustrating endeavor that worsens with each failed attempt. If you're as 
    Bjorkful as I am I suggest saving at all the points I do for sanity sake.
    Train Light Intel, 
    From the sound the OCP makes till a train ceiling light goes out is 2 seconds. 
    A ceiling light is out for 17 seconds before it flashes back. The light flashes 
    1 time and then shines continuously. From the time the light goes out till it 
    can be OCP'd again is 22 seconds. When counting time leave no gaps between 
    Crouch and enter the car; move over to and OCPGL. Crawl through and exit the 
    shelving, G&C TG #1, drop to a crouch and move out beside the money cart. Take 
    note of the Med Kit and forklift at Sam's 1:00, pull the pistol, target the 
    ceiling light above the TGs and go NV. 
    OCPL, holster the pistol and begin counting to 6. As you reach 6 "Whistle" and 
    move right over to the Med Kit. Stick to the wall and slide past the Med Kit 
    onto the forklift and hold at its backstop. As TG #2 passes by Sam make your 
    way to the wall box. Go NS, adjust the circuit and pull the pistol as soon as 
    Sam makes the completed task motion, (backs away from the circuit). 
    Here's the thing, you need the whistle to get the 2 TGs up and moving to your 
    current position and the light to go out to get Sam by them. However, you need 
    the light to come back on so you can OCP it and have it go out a 2nd time 
    before the 2 decide there's nothing of interest and 180. The issue with the 
    whole maneuver is discovering how much time they'll give you before they'll 180 
    and return. If you fail at 6 seconds try 7 the next time.
    If you hear anything other than, "Nah I guess it was nothing!" as the 1st thing 
    said from the TG restart from the last save. After that statement you may hear, 
    "Well whatever it was it ain't here now!" and "I guess we can write that one 
    The next maneuver eliminates the need to OCPL if done quickly and it prevents 
    the TGs from comment and investigation.
    Face and target the ceiling light. My eyes suck even with a big a screen unless 
    I'm up real close, if the light has any of the bluish flashy static the OCP 
    won't work, so I begin counting to 4 after continuous light to ensure success 
    and before the 2 TGs 180, OCPL and then go NV at the count of 4 or 5. Once you 
    hear "Nah!" holster your wep, move over and onto the forklift, stick to the 
    wall and slide past the Med Kit to the money cart. As the 2nd TG passes Sam QC 
    to the shelving, stand and pull the pistol, quickly OCPGL and climb through the 
    shelving. QC to the XP and OE&CD before the TGs settle.
    Try crouching when you OCPGL If the TGs see you when standing, also use EMF for 
    better targeting.
    Skip the cut scene and enter the next car. 2 TGs and one engineer, this can 
    also be a cojones buster. Locate and QC into the niche on the right; OCPL near 
    the TGs, holster, move into the aisle and "Whistle". QC forward and right into 
    the space between the safe, (money bags on it) and the bench the TG was sitting 
    on. When both TGs pass by Sam move to and access the exit door.
    What can make this area so difficult is the engineer, he seems to be able to 
    see and or hear you and begins crying like a sissy, which gets Sam ventilated.
    Locks Train maintenance area 2/5/11
    KOs 1
    Divs 6
    Time 16:52
    SCDA5.1 Enrica and the Conning Tower
    SCDA5.2 Engine Room
    SCDA5.3 Planting the Virus
    SCDA5.4 Extract
    Eliminated 2 camera and 3 light diversions
    Eliminate 1 OCPL and route change lower Ext deck
    SCDA5.1 Enrica and the Conning Tower
    Quickly go to OSVAM as Sam receives the low down from Emile and Lambert and 
    track your route and to locate your 1st objective, "Enrica at the conning 
    tower". RFB Williams informed the local Gov of a possible terrorist threat and 
    they have flooded the ship with police. Switch to pistol, OE&CD, enter the 
    cabin and locate the XP. OCD, Pms #1 and 2 are in the Pswy; OE&CD, QC toward 
    PPm #1 when you reach the metal grating on the left turn to Sam's 2:00 and 
    cross the Pswy. Head for the left side corner of the connecting Pswy, stick and 
    slide up to the right side of the luggage cart and hold. 
    If you take too much time getting to the cabin door you can stick to the hinge 
    side of the door and slide to the coat rack. The PPm will be unaware as he 
    passes; OE&CD to the Pswy, QC to the metal grating to Sam's left then to the 
    left side corner of the connecting Pswy. Stick and slide to the end of the 
    luggage cart and hold. You'll be hanging around for a bit but the PPms 
    eventually begin patrolling the connecting Pswys and then Sam can continue, be 
    aware that he'll now be playing "cat-n-mouse" with 3 PPms to the Port & 
    Starboard elevator lobbies.
    PPm #2 will approach the cabin Sam exited; comment on it being unlocked and #1 
    will turn and take a couple steps toward the cabin. As #1 turns continue around 
    and past the luggage rack to the next Pswy on the right. Turn right and QQC to 
    the end of the Pswy, boo the Pswy before entering, sometimes PPm #3, (who 
    patrols the 2 elevator lobbies) will be standing at or walking away from the 
    Starboard side elevator lobby, if and when clear turn left and QC to the entry 
    to the Portside elevator lobby. Open the door, take 2 steps in and locate the 
    Bkhd cam above the elevator. As the camera begins to sweep right OE&CD, FC CCw 
    to the camera and then to the XP as it swings left. 
    Once in the Pswy QQC to the XP, it's the first door on the left with a green 
    light OCD then OE&CD. QQC through this connecter Pswy to the double doors; OCD, 
    notice the Bkhd cam then OE&CD, QC left along the doors to the Bkhd as the 
    camera swings to Sam's right. QQC into the Pswy then left and cross to the 
    opposite Bkhd. Pm #4&5 are further back in this Pswy, don't waste time or make 
    noise exiting. QQC into the lounge, bear right around the bar to the sliding 
    double doors and go to OSVAM.
    Although there are tons of ways through the pool area, for me, the most 
    preferable situation for what follows is to enter the pool area with PPms 6&7 
    standing at the 6:00 end of the pool and #8 invisible to the map, somewhere at 
    the far end of the poolroom. PPms 6&7 remain stationary till you pass through 
    the XP. If #8 is visible and approaching from the Starboard side you can wait 
    till he passes the XP to enter. #8 being invisible or walking away along the 
    Portside of the poolroom eliminates 1 OCPL. However if you're looking for time 
    in this case OCP-ing the alcove entry light is not a diversion. 
    When I creep along the side of the pool I prefer NV and have good luck 
    positioning the camera directly over Sam's head and pointing down to line up 
    with the edge of the pool. 
    Quickly X out of OSVAM, if all you see are PPms 6&7, head for the one of the 
    sides of the sliding doors, if you see #8 OCPL before entering, otherwise wait 
    for #8 to pass the XP. Squeeze tight around the door jamb into the pool area, 
    remain on the upper level, QQC to the right; locate the corner arc in the floor 
    between the 2 levels and the bench below. PPms 6&7 are at the 6:00 end of the 
    pool, #7 heads CCw to and past the 12:00 end of the pool and #6 moves Cw around 
    the pool, stopping at the 9:00 and then 12:00 positions. #8 circles the pool Cw 
    on the upper level. PPm #7 may already be walking toward the bench as you enter 
    the pool area, hold above the bench. Drop down onto and off the bench as he 
    moves away. 
    #7 will circle the pool CCw follow him. Move over to the very edge of the pool, 
    go NV if not already and QC forward till the light meter just begins to 
    register around mid pool. Locate PPm #6 who moved Cw to and stopped at mid 
    pool, once he begins moving off from the middle side of the pool QC past the 
    lighted area. #7 gets to the far corner he'll peel right then left along the 
    pool or head up the steps. You continue at a step above QC toward the corner of 
    the pool then break right past the left side of the lounge chair then left up 
    the stairs to the top step and hold. 
    Recon the area, locate all PPms and ensure all calm then head for the double 
    doors. QQC up to the right side door and pass through. Turn right, stick to the 
    Bkhd, slide forward about 3 feet and hold. Go to OSVAM for Pms, let the doors 
    close and then FC into the next area, turn right, locate the stairwell and 
    climb up. Drop to a QC as you hit the stairs and come to a stop before Sam's 
    head breaks the floor plane.
    For this maneuver to succeed, including the trip back through this Pswy the 2 
    PPms must not be alerted to your presence. As you pass the PPms at the opening 
    verify -0- alert postures from both. They may not make a sound but are alerted 
    just the same. If they're in guarded postures, (crouched and weps forward) 
    you've failed, restart from the stairwell.
    Pms #9&10 will talk and settle to station on either side of the XP, once done 
    move to the right side of the stairs, QC up to the deck and into the dark area, 
    stick and slide to the edge of cover, pull the pistol and OCPL at Sam's 12:00. 
    WC forward and stop under the light, target the light at Sam's 11:00 and OCPL. 
    Holster the pistol and QC along the Bkhd to the glass doors, drop to a SC 
    around the glass, past the PPms and onto the open deck. 
    QC left or right onto the deck then swing wide back to either side of the 
    conning tower to meet up with Ms. Yummy. Climb up, complete the task, climb 
    down and assist her with the hoist over the barrier. Go to OSVAM for your next 
    objective, "The elevator to the Engine room" and route, "X" out then make your 
    way back to the doorway Sam used to gain access to the conning tower.
    (Quick Save)
    If you failed to notice the results of your actions earlier, you'll know when 
    you OCP the Pswy light for the 2nd time, both guards assume an alert posture 
    and you won't ghost the Pswy.
    3 Pms, PPm #11 will patrol the open deck, #9 patrols the Pswy and #10 takes 
    station opposite and to Port of the opening and face it. #9 can be anywhere 
    between the 2 stairwells, so if you have a preferential stairwell, I have 2 
    options, however  option 2 is a bit restrictive due to the lack of cover at the 
    Starboard stairwell.
    For the 1st time, on a previous run through only a couple seconds after moving 
    into the opening and targeting the wall light #9&10 began dancing around each 
    other and then #9 heads off to the port side stairwell. At 1st I waited for the 
    usual setup then I restarted and tried going for the Starboard stairwell and 
    had equal success. Bear in mind to create the time required for it to work you 
    must OCPL as they begin dancing around each other.
    As you approach the opening to the Pswy you'll see PPm #11 standing in the 
    opening or walking onto the deck. Drop to QC and slide to the opening, pull and 
    left hand the pistol, slide around the opening and stay tight to the Bkhd to 
    your right. Target the light in front of you and hold.
    Option #1;
    #9 is walking Port to Starboard, he meets up with #10, they dance around each 
    other and then #9 continues to the Starboard stairwell. When the 2 Pms begin 
    dancing about OCPL as #9 begins to move away from #10 and the light goes out QC 
    straight across the Pswy then behind #10. Continue at a QC with a -0- reading 
    on your meter to the 1st glass partition against the left wall, from there 
    accelerate to QQC to the stairwell railing then down to the lower level.
    Option #2
    #9 is walking Starboard to Port; he meets up with #10, as they dance about 
    OCPL. Head straight out to the opposite Bkhd when the light goes out and then 
    left toward the Starboard stairwell at a QC. Gradually accelerate from QC to 
    QQC as you pass the glass partition, at about 10 feet from the stairwell 
    railing drift left to the stairs and go to FC to the lower level.
    As previously mentioned there're tons of ways through the poolroom some faster 
    some not, all but one are dangerous and the safe one spoils the ghost. However 
    I have much success now creeping along either side of the pool. If you're ahead 
    or behind my pace the dark, fast and safe way through the room requires you to 
    OCP a ceiling light. The ghost may take more time but to me feels much cooler.
    Anyway, the PBGs can be pretty much anywhere along their perspective routes, 
    so, you'll be choosing which side of the pool to creep along on the fly. In all 
    cases, the 3 most important things to remember: 
    1. No matter how small the light meter spike is no one can be looking directly 
    at Sam while he's moving so ensure all are walking or looking away from your 
    position when the meter spikes.
    2. If you can't hear the pool water splashing as you creep along the edge of 
    the pool, you're too far away from the edge and will likely be seen.
    3. Keep Sam's noise level down to 3 bars above ambient.
    The fact is because the PBGs can be anywhere along their perspective routes 
    there's only one perfect solution that works every time and that's the 
    starboard side ceiling light. Even if you sit it out waiting for a preferred 
    setup it may fail too. So, you may care to eliminate the PPms and practice a 
    few times for confidence.  
    (Quick Save)
    The pool area is dark, so go NV before entering. Stay tight to the wall to and 
    through the sliding door for cover, once inside bear left to the center stair 
    rail and hold. Quickly locate and determine the direction of the 3 PPms then 
    decide which side of the pool to creep. Reread the 3 rules mentioned above in 
    NOTE then QC to your chosen route to the XP. I believe I have more control over 
    Sam's direction while in NV. 
    Once I decide when to begin moving I keep Sam's head in line with the edge of 
    the pool and listen for the splash as I accelerate from SC to QQC along the 
    edge of the pool. I continue in a straight line past the end of the pool to the 
    upper level knee wall, once at the wall I locate PPm #8 and decide which 
    direction to go up the steps and which side of the XP to hold at till the area 
    is clear to exit. Hold far enough from the corner of the XP to prevent it from 
    opening. As long as the PPms are walking and or facing away from the XP and or 
    are at the far end of the pool release and QC into the lounge.
    (Quick Save)
    QQC through the lounge, stop before reaching the Pswy where Pms 4&5 and 
    computer are. Move out across the room until the table with the computer 
    appears, EEV the comp for the "PASSENGER MANIFEST". Ensure PPm #4 is facing 
    away from Sam's position th3en exit the lounge ASAP through the XP with the 
    green light. QC, don't rush down the stairs, the lower deck PPms can hear dust 
    drop. When you get to the lower deck and XP, (exterior double doors) go NV, 
    OE&CD, exit straight out and left to follow PPms 12&13 who are also heading 
    toward the next XP. 
    Locate the 3 sets of lockers to your left and the climbing pipe above as you 
    close in on #12; he'll stop in the light between the 2nd and 3rd sets of 
    lockers, when Sam is about 5 feet from moving into the light hop legs up to the 
    pipe and mad skooch toward the XP. As PPm #13 passes under Sam release and drop 
    to the deck, then QC straight to and through the XP.
    Stay in the dark and stick to the railing before they stop and turn around. 
    Wait for both to pass before moving to the end and sticking to the rail again. 
    Once they have turned back for the 2nd time, enter the double doors and wait 
    for Enrica to transmit the pass key. OCD, OE&CD and then drop down and enter 
    the elevator through the trapdoor. Go to OSVAM and locate your next objective, 
    "The small boat". Descend and exit the elevator on the Engine room deck.
    FC along the Pswy, move right and stick to the wall behind the black 
    rectangular box with conduits rising up from it. Once PPm #14 passes by Sam 
    release and QC into the intersection; locate the security camera on the Bkhd 
    then OCPL. QC forward into the next Pswy, PPm #15 will enter the Pswy if not 
    already there, take cover in the niche to your right and hold.
    If you can OCPL before #15 reenters the Pswy, there's no comment and it doesn't 
    count as a diversion. OCPC and you get the alert down beat sound. If you feel 
    like you Bjorked the maneuver and took too much time getting into the Pswy 
    connector hop up to the pipe and hold till both exit the immediate area. Drop 
    off, OCPL enter the Pswy, take cover and wait for #15 to pass by Sam toward the 
    camera to QC away.
    At the intersection the Pswy continues to the right, I've had SCDA for 4 1/2 
    yrs. and never went down that Pswy; you end up in a short Pswy above the small 
    boat dock. At the end of the Pswy Pm #16 is asleep on a chair, past the end of 
    the cage is the recording room you'll visit in a moment for some digital 
    records. Unfortunately you can't scan it; it would be a great time saver later. 
    Plus #16 has a pass card that would save time on the boat dock cage. Both make 
    this Pswy a waste of time. 
    If you made it into the camera Pswy before #15 enters allow him to pass by to 
    QC out of the area and to the Engine Room door. If you had to wait for him to 
    leave follow him, slow down as you near him, once you make the right turn into 
    the next Pswy move right into the dark, stick to the Bkhd and slide to the 
    buttress. Wait for the PPm to exit to QQC to the end of the Pswy, turn left and 
    locate the Engine Room door. OCD and see PPm #17 on the top Wkwy then OE&CD 
    turn right, hop over the railing hang and drop onto the engine. Take a quick 
    look about and see PPm #18 on the middle Wkwy then look down and to the left 
    side of the engine to see PPm #19. Once PPm #19 passes by under Sam drop down 
    to the deck, turn left, OE&CD, QQC to and OE&CD the Engine room door. 
    Once in the next Pswy QQC around the corner; stay on the right side of the Pswy 
    and stop before the lighted opening. Jump for some noise; move left to cover 
    and stick to the fencing. PPm #20 will enter the Pswy to investigate and turn 
    toward the spot the noise came from. Once he turns slide past him, release from 
    the fence, QC to the end of the Pswy and to the end of next one.
    Making noise or whistling instead of OCPL elicits a relaxed response from #20 
    instead of an alerted one. However, #20 may elect to investigate in the wrong 
    opposite direction instead of where the noise emitted, if so as he walks to his 
    right slide along the fence to the corner then release to QC behind him when he 
    turns away.
    There is a problem with the door to the caged storage room, the caged storage 
    room or the Pswy leading to the door and storage room (on the way to the small 
    boat or on your way out of it) now it seems more often than not when the door 
    is approached I get the alert down beat noise just before or just after passing 
    through. This anomaly occurs about 8 times out of 10 when passing through the 
    I don't know if its save related or not or where it's coming from. I've gone 
    back to the engine room and or restarted multiple times from the elevator, 
    ensuring stealth and all doors closed. There's a couple ways around it during 
    entry, like move to the side of the door and count to 10 before OCD or you can 
    QQC to the door and barge right in. However, you'll get it on the way out no 
    matter what you do. 
    Take the door on the left OCD then OE&CD; enter the small caged storage room. 
    Hack the keypad, go NV then exit and head right to the Bkhd. QQC to the end of 
    the large storage area. There're 3 PPms, #21&22 on the main deck and #23 on the 
    elevated walkway. Ensure the PPms have cleared the immediate area to hop the 
    railing into the water and wade to the stern of the small boat. When clear, 
    climb aboard, pick the lock and take possession of the bomb. Climb the rope QC 
    left, (Port) and hold on the platform about 3 feet from the Wkwy.
    #23 who may be on either side of the Wkwy but is usually on the Starboard side 
    will be moving off in a bit as he heads toward the Camera Records room hop the 
    railing, move to the left side of the Wkwy and head forward. Stay to the 7 to 
    8:00 position of #23 regardless of which side of the Wkwy he's on. Stay out of 
    his peripheral to the dark corner left of the records room door. QC to the 
    Camera Records Room Bkhd and stick, slide to and stop before the XP and hold. 
    Locate the lower level PPms then OE&CD when clear from all 3 PPms (the door is 
    very squeaky) retrieve the records and return to the door; go to OSVAM locate 
    the PPms and hold. 
    There are 3 basic ways to get out of the records room; I prefer #2, no 
    diversions or manipulations.
    1. OCPL in the room; open the EP, OCPL above the door exit, close the door head 
    to portside and hop the railing. You'll get the alert bass down beat, but no 
    one is very interested.
    2. Move to the EP go to OSVAM and locate the 3 PPms. Once #23 passes the door 
    ensure that #21&22 are facing away and or directly below Sam to exit. OE&CD 
    move to and hop over the portside railing.
    3. Move to the EP go to OSVAM and locate the 3 PPms, if it appears that one of 
    the PPms will be a problem, (always one of the lower level PPms) hold until 
    close then "X" out and OCPL in the room. OE&CD and head to the portside Wkwy 
    for the railing. 
    Once the chosen option is made and a favorable setup has occurred OE&CD, turn 
    right, QQC to the railing, hop over and drop onto the small caged storage room. 
    Locate the trap door on top of the cage and drop down. Exit the Storage area; 
    QQC along the Pswy to the corner leading to the lone guard.
    (Quick Save)
    Boo the Pswy and when the PPm turns away QQC around the corner; locate the PPm 
    while he faces away from Sam move along the Pswy and right to the fence. He'll 
    make a bunch of turns then walk to the end of the Pswy. QC past him back to the 
    Engine room door. OCD, then OE&CD when clear, enter and exit the caged room 
    OE&CD. As you proceed to the end of the engine look up there may be a PPm on 
    the Wkwy above. Turn right at the end of the engine and boo the stairwell for 
    PPms, one should appear shortly. Follow the PPm across the engine room and to 
    the crawlspace. Enter and exit the crawlspace to Enrica's position. Complete 
    your task with Enrica, skip the cut scene, and download the virus to her phone. 
    Exit the crawl space if and when clear, you may be following a PPm. Locate and 
    move to the console with the engine controls to stop the engines. Ensure the 
    position of the PPm and follow him as you exit the Engine room. If you're not 
    sure where he is hold, and then follow him on his return or until you have 
    clear passage. QC his 6 to the caged area door then follow him in and break 
    hard right tight around the gate into the room. QC to the XP, OCD then OE&CD; 
    enter the Pswy and head left to the intersection. 
    If not so lucky to follow the PPm once you stop the engines, look up check the 
    walkway for PPms if clear FC across the room to the Bkhd and stick to it near 
    the metal shelving. Emile gets pissy and wants you to send him an email or 
    something. Once the path is clear to exit do so.
    QQC to and boo the corner for the PPm, if safe move forward and left to the 
    fence and stick to it. Wait for the guard to turn away to EEV the comp in the 
    little room. If he is still walking along the Pswy and isn't close to the end, 
    cross the Pswy and stick to the Bkhd on the right in the dark. Otherwise, wait 
    for him to return and repeat his route, and then follow him and likewise stick 
    to the Bkhd on the right about half way between the buttresses. Wait for him to 
    pass Sam and then exit the Pswy for the Storage room and the small boat. Once 
    in the Storage room, keep to the Bkhd on the right and in the dark. Once at the 
    end, jump back into the water and board the small boat. 
    Locks small boat trapdoor, 2/11/2/5
    Divs 4
    Time 20:52
    SCDA6.1 Radar Consoles 3, 4&5 and disabling detonators 1&2
    SCDA6.2 Part 2, Tanker, Ships cargo, Captain's Quarters
    SCDA6.3 disarming the bombs and gaining the upper decks
    SCDA6.4 planting a Tracker in the Comm. Shack finding Nemo
    I finally brained out how to deal with the Deck PBG on the way to the bridge. 
    The maneuver begins in the Engine room. Instead of exiting the engine room from 
    Bomb #4, cross the engine room and return to the vent. Exit the vent, the PBG 
    is gone; you are on the main deck level where you started the boat section of 
    the level. It takes a bit of work, but it eliminated another KO from the game.
    Eliminated 7 lights, 2 generators, 1 camera, 1 turret diversion, 2 Route 
    Reroute beginning of part 2 to engine room duct exit, change bomb defusing 
    order and eliminate 1 cam and 1 noise div
    Skip all the cut scenes, stand and run left over the snow and up the slope; QQC 
    along the rock wall to where it narrows to the path, QC up to PBG#1 and hold. 
    Locate the flashlight beam of #2 ahead, once it turns away count to 2 and RP 
    #1. QQC to and around the corner, drop to a QC as you approach #2 you should 
    catch up to him before he rounds the corner. Grab him move forward and left, 
    tight around the rock face into the dark and hold. #3 will flop around for a 
    bit and move back to the ice fall, as he turns toward the fall, back up around 
    the rock face to the flare and KO #2. Move to and stop before the corner and 
    hold. #3 will be flashing about for a bit then turn to his little ice tunnel. 
    Once he turns away stalk him for an RP.
    Crawl through the ice tunnel, and hold at the corner where the opening comes 
    into view. #4 approaches the opening, crawl forward to the opening as he 
    inspects its surroundings and exit as he begins to move away. If you're 
    dexterous enough you'll catch him for an RP, if not take him at the ice fall. 
    Locate the rope, slide down hold and drop onto #5, #6 may hear something, but 
    not always and move to investigate, swing around him for an RP. If he doesn't 
    move over to the side of the tent and follow him as he moves off. Enter the 
    tent and disable Radar Computer #1. FC to and over the ledge at the end of #6 
    route, SC past the wall mine, locate the green lasers and hold for #7. 
    He'll approach, and block the lasers, once he turns away, QC for an RP. Move 
    over to the turret gun, locate, EEV and disable Radar Comp #2. Move right to 
    the rock wall and follow #8 as he approaches the dark narrow crag for an RP. 
    Pick up and carry #8 forward along the narrow path past the lasers and then 
    drop him. Continue on to the corner with the deactivated turret gun, drop to 
    QC, hold at the corner of the rock wall and go to OSVAM. 
    Locate PBG #9's icon and "X" out when he comes to a stop at the mouth of the 
    cave. Boo the corner for #9, as he turns to move away enter the cave. Move 
    right around the pool of water, (go figure) to the big ice fall shielding #9. 
    Scope the EEV and skooch left past the fall to scan Radar Comp #3. Move back 
    into the cave to the left of the smaller fall and onto the patch of snow 
    against the cave wall. Go NV and hold for #9. As he nears the cave entrance 
    move forward he'll stop for a couple of seconds, so go for a G&D into the dark 
    then choke him for the KO. If you try for an RP you'll likely deal a death blow 
    FC back to the big ice fall, drop to a QC stay dark and cross over the ramp to 
    Radar Comp #3 locate the crawl space, enter and hold for #10. Allow him to stop 
    and turn around to exit for a G&C. Return to the walkway and hold at 5:00 to 
    the bright post ahead and left for #11, advance for an RP as he stops at the 
    pool. Back onto the walkway; FC along the walkway and drop to QC before the 
    hanging light, stay tight to the right side railing and move quietly up the 
    ramp where the angle change is. #12 is ahead and to the left, he'll turn and 
    walk away, treat him to some gloved knuckles. Back track the walkway to the 
    intersection and move over to the hanging light bulb where #11 used to stop. 
    Enter the small cave with the generator, locate the crawlspace and exit at the 
    other end.
    Exit the tunnel and eyeball #13 near the generator, QQC for a GD&C back to the 
    tunnel entrance. Go to OSVAM, locate #14, and exit. Stay to the right, move 
    forward half the distance to the tent and hold for 14. Advance on and RP 14 
    before he rounds the tent. QC CCw around the tent and eyeball #15 in the light. 
    Follow and RP him beside the truck, locate and disable Radar Comp#4 and the 
    codes in the 2 tents and exit the area via the crevasse. 
    Once out at the other end SC to the right of the crates and hold # 16, 17, and 
    18 are ahead. 16 and 17 will approach the opposite side of the crates; take 16 
    for a GD&C behind the crates. Approach 17 along the right for a GD&C about 15 
    feet behind the snow mound thing he was standing near. Stalk 18 to the rear of 
    the area and RP him near the detonator then mess the detonator.
    FC to the exit tunnel once out EEV Radar Comp#5, RP #19 and advance to the 
    right of the crates, as #20 moves off follow and RP, (preferably near the front 
    of the truck and in the dark. As #21 turns back from the rear of the truck 
    follow for an RP. Mess the detonator, return to the tunnel and exit, locate the 
    rope hanging from the tanker and climb up.
    (Quick Save)
    You begin on the main deck stern of the tanker, stick to the dark inside corner 
    and listen to Lambert as you go to OSVAM to check for BGs, your route and 
    objectives. There are 3 BGs in the area, 2 on the port side, 1 on starboard, 
    and we're going Port. Stick to the wall, slide to the corner and locate PBG #1. 
    Wait for #1 to stop and turn away from Sam's position at Sam's end of his 
    route. Once he turns away from Sam QC toward him, break right into the dark 
    corner and hold as he walks away. You'll see the beam from PBG #3's flashlight 
    on the portside deck, follow PBG #3 as he walks away, look up and locate the 
    skooch pipe as you follow #3. 
    Once you're beside the stairwell railing hop up to the pipe including legs 
    before #3 reaches the doorway then skooch forward till forced to stop. Drop to 
    the deck as he walks away and approach the door, OCD then OE&CD. QC to the 
    sliding door and go OSVAM, (IR doesn't help, PBG #4 never moves close enough to 
    the opening to be seen). There's an objective 5 rooms away and 3 BGs close by. 
    2 are PBGs and 1 SBG follow the PBG routes for 1 pass then OE&CD and follow #4 
    into the next room. Head for and through the opening on the right to the 
    Hey kids it's the ranting drunken psychotic captain, listen to him if you like, 
    although the convo isn't significant and there are no time constraints so 
    skipping it changes nothing. Head back to and stop before the opening, go to 
    OSVAM to locate PBGs #4&5, follow #4 as he exits the adjacent Pswy then head 
    right through the open door. Stop at the sliding door and go OSVAM, the next 
    room is empty and PBG #2 may be standing against the door leading to the 
    starboard side deck. "X" out, enter the room and QC to the next door. OE&CD as 
    #2 walks away and QQC down the 2 flights of stairs to the next Pswy.
    Go to OSVAM once you're in the Pswy, the duct may be difficult to see if you 
    have your shadow calibration set too low, you may also need to remove one of 
    the levels via the "A" button to see the duct, the game cheats a bit by showing 
    the duct attached to the lower level on my DVD.
    There's a 50/50 chance PBG #7 will see Sam if you exit and stick to the wall at 
    the corner, it is much safer to exit and then nab him as he turns at the 
    corner. If you're having a hard time exit and take him on the way back.
    Locate the small duct opening at deck level, enter and crawl to the exit and 
    hold. Allow PBG #7 to begin turning left at the corner to exit, take him before 
    he reaches the next corner to avoid detection from the snipe, otherwise wait 
    for him to return for the GD&C. Take #7 back into the dark corner he 1st 
    emerged from, interrogate and spin him into the corner before the choke out. 
    Retrace back through the duct to the Pswy and head left. Follow the horseshoe 
    shaped Pswys to the next sliding door on the right, go IR and peer into the 
    engine room. You'll see PBG #10; wait for him to begin walking away toward the 
    stairs to OE&CD.
    You enter the engine room from the portside aft section and engine #3 is below 
    and to your 2:00. There're 4 mains in this room, their order is as follows 
    forward and port to starboard engines #1 and 2, aft port to starboard engines 
    #3 and 4. There're 4 bombs, #1 is attached to the port side Wkwy Bkhd, #2 and 
    3, are attached to engine #4, midway each side and bomb #4 to the huge 
    horizontal pipes on the Stb side Wkwy. PBG #10 patrols the port Wkwy, #11 
    patrols between engines #3 and 4 and the SBG, #12 stands under the Stb Wkwy 
    beside the aft end of engine #4. 
    This room will not be easy; nearly every move must be as close to perfect as 
    possible. Ignore the BGs, creep too fast, too slow or too noisy, do the bombs 
    too slow or wrong, get too close to any of the BGs, etc., etc. You name it, 
    it'll go wrong; I whimper often, so save regularly. 
    I make a save right after closing the port side Wkwy door and put it at the 
    bottom of the game save menu as a main restart point for when things just go 
    too wrong and I begin pressing the wrong buttons at the wrong times. I also 
    save just before each bomb; particularly before defusing #4. I'm not adept 
    enough with the controller to quickly take in critical BG positional info as I 
    move into position. So the save gives me a chance to scan the room, ensure all 
    PBGs are reacting properly from the previous portion of the maneuver.
    Face it there are times when your frustration level is too high and none of the 
    AI cooperates, (I'm told bleeding through orifices and pores is a bad thing), 
    so if the AI isn't cooperating just OCPC on your way out of the engine room and 
    take the diversion.
    Know this what follows below works on a regular basis when done correctly.
    Bomb #1 with the solid red light and flashing green light, (mark of all 4 
    bombs) is attached above the portside Wkwy to the Bkhd ahead and to your 11:00; 
    QQC to #1 and defuse it. QQC back toward the EP and to the right side of the 
    ladder, hop the rail, hang and drop to the main deck. Go to OSVAM and locate 
    the positions of the 3 other bombs and the 2 other BGs in the eng rm.
    For the most part the following segment of the maneuver is very similar to the 
    original route section and the most logical I can figure. As simple as it is, 
    it required much trial and error to brain out that PBG #11 must be near and or 
    walking toward or at the intersection between the 4 engines as you slide along 
    the Stb side of eng #4, target and OCP the flashlight. I'm not sure but success 
    may also require #11 to be facing the port side Wkwy when the light is OCP'd. 
    Occasionally #11 will approach the flashlight instead of returning to the aft 
    ends of engs #3 and 4 providing different subsequent reactions from PBGs #11 
    and 12.
    QC right to the aft Bkhd stick and slide past engine #3 to the aisle if PBG #11 
    is at the intersection, when you reach the aisle between engs #3 and 4 PBG look 
    left, if #11 is at the intersection continue to the Stb aft corner of eng #4 
    and hold. If #11 is approaching Sam's position fall back to the "Turn Valve" 
    option and hold till he begins walking back to the intersection. #11 will come 
    to a stop at the Bkhd under the Bkhd cam, turn to port then Stb then return to 
    the intersection. 
    If #11 is under the Bkhd cam when you begin to slide, hold at the "Turn valve" 
    option; continue to the aft Stb corner of eng #4 as he walks away. QC around 
    the Stb side of eng #4, pull your pistol and target the flashlight on the stand 
    as you slide toward the engine's crawlspace. OCPL before losing cover, holster 
    the pistol, locate SBG/PBG #12 wait for him to begin walking toward the 
    flashlight to approach bomb #2. Defuse #2 then enter the crawlspace under eng 
    #4. Ensure #11 has just passed by heading for the aft Bkhd to exit the 
    crawlspace, defuse bomb #3 and then enter and exit the crawlspace under eng #3.
    Exit the crawlspace under eng #3 and turn right, (forward) and quickly look up 
    to the port Wkwy for PBG #10 he should be heading forward or aft along the 
    stair railing, if you don't see him stand and look to the top of the ladder. If 
    you don't see him QQC tightly along and around eng #3 into the intersection, 
    cross to eng #4 then turn left, (forward) and QC to the port side aft corner of 
    eng #2. QC tight along #2, when you reach the crawlspace under #2 Sam will bump 
    away from the eng, QQC around the forward end of #2 to the Stb Wkwy ladder and 
    climb up. You should see BG #12 walking toward the intersection between engs #2 
    and 4.
    As you QC to bomb #4 to defuse it, all BGs are in alert posture and in active 
    search mode; however PBG #10 is still patrolling the port Wkwy, where he is at 
    this point will determine your action at the aft Bkhd. If he isn't on the Wkwy 
    you were seen or heard as you rounded eng #3 into the intersection. 
    Defuse bomb #4, remain under cover and QC diagonally across the Wkwy toward the 
    Stb aft corner of eng #2. PBG #12 should be in a guarded posture and moving 
    slowly into or through the intersection of engines. #12 may or may not be 
    following #11 toward the port Wkwy; it seems that #10 and 11 don't always do 
    the same thing at this point. Pay attention to #10's position before you drop 
    off the ledge, he should be somewhere along the port Wkwy and heading toward 
    the aft Bkhd. 
    Q&Q along the Wkwy toward the gap between engs #2 and 4 then drop and hang from 
    the ledge. Mad skooch to the aft Bkhd, if PBG #10 was between the stair railing 
    and Wkwy ladder before Sam dropped off the ledge hoist up to the Wkwy, QC to 
    the railing, stick and slide behind the duct ladder and hold. If he was only 
    along the stair railing, you'll want to go to OSVAM, locate #10 and ensure that 
    he's walking back to the stair before hoisting up to the Wkwy.
    PBG #10 should still be patrolling the port Wkwy, PBGs #11 and 12 will stop 
    their search shortly and return to their default patrols, albeit under guarded 
    postures. I'm not completely sure what prompts PBGs #10 and 11 into alert mode; 
    whether #11 sees Sam entering the crawlspace or the QC along eng #2, or #10 
    sees him entering the intersection or both by the waving motion of #12.
    Exit via the duct ladder when clear, enter the duct manifold, locate and crawl 
    through the small duct back into the Pswy near the Mad Hatters suite, (Capt.). 
    The 3 BGs are gone. Go to OSVAM, check for BGs and your route then "X" out. 
    Head left back toward the main Stb side deck then OCD the XP. Approach the XP 
    and go IR, I believe PBG #3 is on deck and now crouching outside the door and 
    the other 2 are PBGs #1 and 2. Go NS and back up to the Bkhd to the right of 
    the EP, stand, pull the pistol and target the light. 
    You must be quick and deliberate for the next maneuver, OCP the light alone and 
    BG #3 will bash the door but not enter the room, you must also jump for noise 
    to complete the diversion and get #3 into the room. Because of this I consider 
    the combo as 1 diversion.  None of the 3 BGs respond verbally or physically to 
    the exterior light OCP, so under the guidelines it isn't a diversion. 
    OCPL, holster the pistol and jump for noise. QQC left of the XP to the corner 
    and hold, in just a few seconds PBG #3 will kick the door in, just as the door 
    flies open pull the pistol and target the light. ASAP OCPL out past the XP. As 
    you holster the pistol #3 will move in the room deep enough to allow Sam to 
    exit. QC out of the room and onto the main deck, QC over the deck halfway along 
    stair railing, hop up including legs and mad skooch past PBGs #1 and 2. Drop to 
    the deck and QQC to port side deck. 
    (Quick Save)
    Go to OSVAM check for BGs and your route. FC up 2 decks through the stairwell; 
    as you begin rising to the 3rd deck, you'll hear the whine of a turret gun. 
    Remain in the crouch continue up till Sam's head is level with the floor. Turn 
    around face the missing railing, look right through the railing to note when 
    the turret is turning away from Sam's position. Stand, run and jump up to the 
    3rd deck past the turret gun. 
    Disable the turret, cross to the opposite end of the Pswy and enter the room. 
    Move to the next hatch and go to Map, PBG #13 in the next Pswy and he may be 
    standing at the hatchway. Wait for him to move off, follow him and enter the 
    short Pswy on the right. Press into the door and go IR to locate BGs #14 and 15 
    in the Comms room, #14 walks back and forth into a back room to Sam's right. 
    The other seems to be reading gauges on a control panel. When clear OE&CD; 
    locate the door on your right, move to the dark corner to the left side of the 
    door, pick up the bottle then stick and hold. 
    When #14 enters the back room move toward the near left corner of the console 
    in the middle of this room then jump for noise. QQC Cw around the console to 
    the area #15 was standing at as he investigates the noise. Approach the wall 
    box and by-pass the circuit and then return to the dark corner, stick and hold. 
    If #15 is in the way preventing Sam from the corner retreat to the dark corner 
    to the right of the bypassed box created when the circuit was manipulated. 
    (Quick Save)
    Once #14 returns to his seat exit the room, OE&CD stick to the Bkhd next to the 
    sliding door and go to OSVAM. Locate PBG #13 and allow him to pass to the left 
    slide along the left side Bkhd to the door. As he passes to the right move left 
    to the XP, exit the area and return to the turret. Rearm the turret move to the 
    exit XP and go IR. PBG #16, will appear from around the corner, stop and move 
    As he returns to the opposite side of the ship OE&CD turn left locate and 
    defuse the wall mine then climb the ladder. Stop short of the deck to skooch 
    left around the railing look for the dark area between the storage box and deck 
    vent to climb up to 4th deck. Go to OSVAM BGs #17, 18 and 19 watch this deck. 
    PBGs #18 and 19 are on patrol. Maintain cover and QC left toward #19, wait for 
    him to stop at the deck vent and return to the far end of his route. 
    Follow him hold at the corner take note of the turret gun and wall mines ahead. 
    Allow the PBG move around the corner to OCP the turret gun. QQC after the PBG, 
    move to the center of the deck to avoid the mines, once past move right to and 
    around the corner into darkness. Once he begins to walk away from the XP move 
    to it and enter. "Enter the Command Center" to end the level.
    Bomb wire cutting sequences;
    #1, 1L/1L/1L/1L   #2, 2L/2L/1L/2L   #3, P/2L/1L/2L   #4, P/1R/1R/1R
    KO's 22,
    Divs 3,
    Time 28:49 
    If you have a good memory and limber fingers you can blitz each bomb.
    No way to get around the 21 from the 1st half of the level. As for the one 
    aboard the ship, you must KO the one PBG for the drug cargo info. In all cases 
    be careful with your attacks, some can be inadvertently turned into kills.
    SCDA7.1 Keycard, Scanner and Emile
    SCDA7.2 Load out in the elevator, Kitchen and Hisham's escape
    SCDA7.3 Extraction
    If you're playing the "Xbox" version of SCDA and getting hit with 1 or 2 
    elusive IDs, the PBGs in the parking garage at the beginning of the game and 
    possibly one or both of the 2 spotlights covering the 6 garden areas are the 
    likely cause. 
    To date, at the beginning of the level, I can find no other diversions to get 
    out of the 1st room except to either KO both of the PBGs that patrol the major 
    portion on the garage or to bust the light above the exit. Take out only 1 of 
    the PBGs and the other will ID Sam. 
    Garden spotlights
    I believe the scope of the spotlight is greater than the diameter of its 
    footprint. If a spotlight stops for more than 5 seconds within 15 feet of Sam I 
    think it has locked onto him, even though no alarm is sounded. Take note at the 
    openings between the gardens. To be safe stay at least twice the diameter of 
    the circular footprint from its edge.
    Eliminated 1 KO, 1 turret, 1 can and 3 light diversions 
    Found a work around for the level start in the garage. I no longer need to KO 
    or bust a light. Sam initiates the diversion with the noise created by FC'ing 
    and rolling during the car alarm. It pulls PBGS #1&2 together at the far end of 
    the garage holding their attention long enough to exit the room.
    I found a couple ways past the garage DDs without a diversion. One requires you 
    to wait out the 3 PBGs near the glass wall until they move into a favorable 
    position of short duration. The 2nd reeks of pre-knowledge and with the 2nd you 
    must run for a short bit, be perfect in timing and pay close attention to your 
    noise meter. 1 bar above ambient as you approach any of the 3 PBGs and they'll 
    hear Sam. Unfortunately the stumbling blocks on option #2 is the pre-knowledge 
    rule and the running. If you try it without running the caveat is that even 
    though you succeed passing through the XP without gunfire and comment the game 
    slaps an ID on you, so I don't use it. 
    Go to OSVAM, for your route, objectives and BGs. There're are 3 PBGs in the 
    garage, lining up 1, 2, 3 from left to right #1 is closest. If undisturbed PBGs 
    #1 and 2 rotate their patrols taking turns at the side of the DDs, (XP); 
    however a route burp may occur where 1 and 3 get tangled up at the rear end of 
    the dark SUV, sometimes in an infinite loop requiring a restart.
    The optimum set-up for option #1 (providing the quickest clean passage through 
    the garage) occurs at the beginning of the mission when all 3 PBGs are lined up 
    along the middle of the garage. Go to OSVAM ASAP before you move to see them 
    lined up for a short moment. PBG #3 patrols from the rear end of the dark SUV 
    to station near the XP, #1 and 2 maintain position until you move Sam and the 
    explosion occurs. If you maintain position #3 returns to the SUV to sync 
    everyone up again. However that's a bit cheaty, it will likely add minute to 
    the mission but, regardless of where they all are eventually they'll organize a 
    favorable set-up.
    Option #1
    X out of OSVAM and look ahead to the pillar, FC left a few feet then toward the 
    pillar, there will be an explosion, a car alarm will sound off and the 
    headlights will show you the path to the pillar. Look ahead to Sam's 1:00, 
    there's a dark SUV about 20 feet from the glass wall and facing him, and a 
    pillar to its passenger side. Once the alarm and headlights stop flashing QC to 
    and between the SUV and pillar, keep an eye on your noise meter maintain -0- 
    ambient all the way to the rear end of the dark SUV. 
    QC a shallow arc to the right of PBGs #1&2 and then back to the passenger side 
    of the SUV. PBG #3 will begin walking CCw around the SUV; you'll slow down 
    enough to allow him to pass. QC left past the end of the glass wall then stick 
    to the wall to the right side of the large trash barrel which is under the # -
    01- then release. Hold in this position, you may have a long wait. From this 
    position 2 set-ups occur, which one depends on the actions of PBGs #1 and 3
    Option #1 a,
    PBGs #1 and 3 walk to station beside the XP almost together while PBG #2 is 
    walking away to the far end of the garage; allow both to pass Sam then QC for 
    the XP, OE&CD. This can occur to PBG #3 being out of sync the #1 and 2 due the 
    time spent in OSVAM at the beginning of the mission or because they get tangled 
    up at the rear of the SUV.
    Option #1 b,
    PBG #2 has moved to and stopped at the front of the car that the alarm sounded 
    from. PBG #1 or 3 begins walking from station beside the XP to the rear end of 
    the SUV and at the same time PBG #1 or 3 begins walking to the rear end of the 
    SUV along the driver's side. As the PBG begins passing by Sam the other PBG is 
    far enough along the driver's side of the SUV to cover Sam and PBG #2 is now 
    walking to the far end of the garage. QC to the XP, OE&CD and enter the Hlwy.
    Option #1 c,
    Pretty much follows b, except that #1 and 3 may have gotten tangled up and PBG 
    #1 or 3 begins walking back to the XP as the other stops at the SUV and shines 
    his flashlight into the middle of the garage. As PBG #1 or 3 passes by Sam 
    heading for station QC to and through the XP, and OE&CD.
    Option #2
    Zap the cut scenes and look left, there's a raised planter along the wall with 
    ferns in it and at the end is a sort of short raised curb. Past the curb the # 
    01 is stenciled on the wall and just past the stencil a post is embedded in the 
    wall. FC left along the wall to the embedded post and into the cover of 
    If successful PBGs #1&2 will calmly move to investigate and you'll pass between 
    them and the alarmed car at a QQC. Continue to the passenger side of the black 
    SUV near the window wall. PBG #3 will likely be walking back toward the XP DDs. 
    Drop to QC and move to his 5:00 then break away to the XP as he passes by it, 
    OCD then OE&CD. If you wish OCD after closing it to verify all PBGs are not in 
    alert posture.
    Option #3
    This one will take some practice to succeed. Zap the cut scene and run forward 
    toward the 2 direction arrow markers on the pavement. Bear right to the pillar 
    at your 2:00 remain within the shadow created by the pillar and stop about 5 to 
    6 feet from the ramp you just ran off. Turn right, there is a shadow running 
    from the alarmed car to the wall to your right, the shadow is created by PBG 
    #1's body blocking the light. As the cars headlights go out between the 2nd and 
    3rd flash run right and stop within the shadow created by PBG #1. 
    Remain within the shadow and QC to the middle of the garage and then bear right 
    past PBG #2 to the passenger side of the SUV. Ensure your noise meter remains 
    at -0- once you enter the shadow of PBG #1 to and through the XP. PBG #3 should 
    be passing by the rear end of the SUV for the XP as you also pass by the pillar 
    slow down or speed up just enough to catch up to his 5:00. Break away from PBG 
    #3 to the XP, OE&CD.
    PBGs #1 and 2 commiserate about the car alarm in the middle of the garage, to 
    exit the garage successfully you need to position Sam at #3s 5:00 and heading 
    for the XP before the convo ends. When the convo ends the 2 separate and walk a 
    bit further away toward the far end of the garage then 180 and face the XP.
    With options #1 and 3, if you make it into the Hlwy and close the door without 
    comment or gunfire you're clean. ASAP upon passing through the XP press for 
    close door and then head tight right for cover. 
    Options 1, 2 and 3 continue from here,
    Make 2 right turns through the Hlwy, drop to a QC as you enter the room with 
    the talkers. Stay close to the window wall through the room and into the narrow 
    Hlwy. There will be a sleeping BG here, SC past him to the elevator, enter and 
    rise to the 8th floor. While in transit climb onto the box, be ready to hoist 
    up when the elevator stops. Quickly hoist up onto the cage and the 9th floor; 
    QQC a wide right half circle to the exit, OE&CD before the light returns. On 
    the very, very rare occasion with no blackout, once on the elevator cage turn 
    left to enter and exit the vent, slide along the tank thing to the corner and 
    hold for another blackout then exit the room, OE&CD.
    Keycard, scanner and Emile
    Once out of the room go right to the stairs and climb up to the 10th floor. If 
    the lights return before you get to the 10th, hug the railing on the right to 
    the opening. Be careful not to be seen by the PBG near the middle of the 
    corridor. FC through the opening and over the carpet toward the door niche on 
    the left, drop to QC before crossing the wooden flooring and hack the keypad. 
    OE&CD and enter the room and locate the kitchen on the right. 
    Use the comp then QQC into the living room and left to the DDs. Open the left 
    side door, move into the room to the end of the door and hold. 2 BGs will enter 
    the room and begin talking, when one of the men finishes saying, "What does he 
    think I'm a traitor!" close the door, QQC to the file cabinet and rifle it for 
    info. QC back to the door when complete and hold, you'll hear the BG walking 
    past the door, when the sound stops OE&CD. Stay tight to the wall on the right 
    and QC out of the room and back to the Hlwy niche. 
    Sounds crazy I know, but you don't need a blackout to exit the room, the BG is 
    transfixed on the pile.
    Once in the niche boo the Hlwy for BGs then go to OSVAM to locate the closest 
    ones. "X" out and FC toward the sitting room, hold to the left of the opening 
    and wait for the PBG patrolling this area. Once you know which direction he is 
    moving, choose your route. Once you're in the elevator Hlwy QQC on the right 
    side, be extra careful there's shattered glass all over the floor the noise 
    will give you away. Once you're in the next Hlwy, enter the 1st door on the 
    right and leave it open. Suite 1002, locate and grab the key card in the room 
    then return to the Hlwy, close the door on your way out and move to the left 
    side of the niche. 
    Look both ways and be mindful of the camera in the alcove, turn right, stay 
    close to the right wall, (the cameras) and QQC to and stop just before the 
    niche to suite 1001. Ensure that the PBG is away from and or walking away to 
    pass the opening to the end of the Hlwy. QC to the corner and turn right to see 
    another PBG at the end of the Hlwy. QQC to his position, he'll move off into an 
    adjacent Hlwy to the left.
    The comp in suite 1001 tells about a rat at Langley? HMMMM? Williams? HMMMM?
    (Quick Save)
    As he moves off follow him at a discreet distance, (broken glass on the floor) 
    and don't let the noise meter register more than 1 bar. Enter the 1st niche on 
    the right, use the key card, OCD then OE&CD. Move around the giraffe stay tight 
    to the wall and into the bathroom. If a blackout begins shortly after you enter 
    the suite, continue to and through the cased opening of the next room and hold 
    position, if not OE&CD to the bathroom and face the opening. 
    The PBG sitting at the desk in the next room will rise and approach the balcony 
    railing and speak to the PBG on the lower floor. If there is another blackout 
    while he's there, OE&CD, enter the room and hide in the adjacent bedroom, if 
    not hold in the bathroom until the PBG motions away from the railing and again 
    faces it. As he begin the motion exit the bathroom, enter the next room and 
    hack the scanner for the documents. 
    Once complete move to the right side of the opening to the balcony, note the 
    dark patch on the floor move through it to the far left side of the balcony and 
    hop over. Soft drop to the floor move to the 2nd pillar (closest to the 
    computer) and hold for another blackout. 
    The next comp is a problem, it moves wicked fast and the blackout is shorter 
    than most. If you're eyes are as bad as mine I suggest getting close to the 
    tube for this comp.
    (Quick Save)
    Quickly deal with the comp security, get the data and hop over the railing next 
    to the XP. Go to OSVAM; locate the Hlwy PBG wait for him to pass the doorway or 
    for a blackout to exit the room. Once in the alcove locate the PBG, stick to 
    whatever inside corner of the alcove needed to cover Sam and ensure that Sam is 
    tight into the corner and stuck in the standing position. Be mindful of the 
    camera at the end of the hall. When clear grab the PBG as he passes, to the 
    camera during a blackout or the lighted end when not for a choke out. 
    Hide him from the camera and visit Emile. If at the opposite end of the Hlwy 
    when completing the GD&C return to the alcove, stick to the wall past the 
    alcove and slide to the embedded post. As the camera begins to swing away from 
    Sam's position FC to and under the camera and then visit Emile. When done with 
    Emile, exit the room, wait for a blackout or stand to the left or right of the 
    camera and as it swings away, FC. Drop to QQC as you approach the suite and 
    travel the corridor to the elevator area. 
    Load out in the elevator, Kitchen and Hisham's escape
    As you approach the elevator area note the Trouble Light at the right hand 
    corner of the Hlwy and the shadow crossing the Hlwy to it, FC through the 
    shadow and stick to the wall beside the light. There are 2 PBGs, #1 at the far 
    end of the Hlwy and #2 usually on the other side of the elevators within the 
    reception area. 
    #1 will move off and eventually #2, will cross to the elevator alcove at this 
    end of the Hlwy or out into the middle of the reception area in front of the 
    elevators. In either case once he settles move into the alcove, (beside him and 
    against the picture if he's in the alcove) or beside the pillar if he's in the 
    reception area. Keep an eye on the camera, as he moves off ensure the camera is 
    swinging away from Sam to enter the elevator and Sam's load out. 
    Run right until Sam comes upon a grand staircase, drop to a FC as you round the 
    corner to the staircase, move right to the low wall and hop over it. QQC into 
    the room, drop off the raised planter to the floor and move over to the 1st of 
    2 pillars partially embedded within the wall. Move past the 1st one, stick to 
    the wall slide to the 2nd pillar and locate the turret gun. As it swings left, 
    (away from Sam) QC around the 2nd pillar and stick to the pillar facing the 
    opening to the adjacent Hlwy. 
    I have a hard time seeing the turret swing even when I'm sitting close to the 
    tube so I go IR. When the turret gun's heat signature profile appears the 
    turret is swinging away from Sam.
    There are 3 PBGs in the room and 1 turret gun near PBG #2. PBG #1 near the fire 
    yells out, "Find cover there might be more!" This will eventually prompt PBG #3 
    to move out into the room; #1 will then tell both to return to position. Once 
    said ensure that all PBGs and the turret gun are pointing away from Sam before 
    moving into the connecting Hlwy and right into the intersection of the next 
    Hlwy. Stay right and enter the niche. 
    Wait for whinny boy to get off the phone and face the kitchen to cross the 
    niche stick to the wall in the standing position and push as tight into the 
    corner and end table as possible. Allow Ninja sissy to pass Sam then exit the 
    niche and enter the kitchen. OE&CD; on the QQC slip right along the wall past 
    the fire extinguisher to the cart, slide off the cart into the dark then hop 
    legs up to the pipe and skooch toward the exit. When you get near the end keep 
    an eye on your light meter, as soon as it registers back off enough to read -0- 
    and hold.
    I like to drop legs to see if the light meter twitches, if so I back up a 
    little till it goes to -0- then I raise legs again. This puts you in a position 
    to drop to the floor ASAP and ready for the XP. If PBG #1 walks under Sam your 
    odds are still better on getting a jump on the XP as #2 walks to the other side 
    of the room.
    (Quick Save)
    There're 2 PBGs in the kitchen, PBG #1 circles the kitchen and #2 paces left to 
    right at the XP end. PBG #1 will stop near #1 for a moment then repeat another 
    patrol cycle. When #1 walks away he'll randomly pick Cw or CCw, if Cw once he 
    passes under Sam lower Sam's legs and drop to the floor. ASAP after #2 begins 
    moving away from the XP QC to and through the right side door, OE&CD. Move left 
    past the corner of the alcove into the hallway. Check OSVAM then enter the 
    locker room and meet up with Hisham. 
    QQC through the shower room stop at the corner to the pool area and have Hisham 
    hide. There are 2BGs in the pool area; one of them patrols this end of the 
    pool. Wait until he is looking toward the pool and or moving off to QQC to the 
    XP. Pick the lock, move back to the lounge chair and hold. As the PBG returns 
    call Hisham, follow the PBG as he moves away, peel off and pass through the XP. 
    Stop at the next door at the end of the new hallway you're in and tell Hisham 
    to hide.
    Stay a good 20 plus feet from all searchlights to ensure they don't stop near 
    and or lock onto Sam, I'm pretty sure even though no alarms sound Sam gets an 
    ID if it stops for even a short period anywhere near him. There're 6 walled in 
    gardens, a parking area, 2 searchlights and 9 BGs ahead of Sam. I think there's 
    a glitch with the 1st SBG, he seems to see Sam on the way out even when he 
    isn't looking to his right, I scoped him with the binoculars and slid away 
    along the wall and he never looked in my direction and yet commented.
    PBG #1 in Garden #1; 25% of the time he's walking away from the entry to Garden 
    #2 and toward the far left corner of the garden to take a leak, 70% of the time 
    he's already there and 5% of the time he's walking to some other area of Garden 
    #1. His initial actions are very predictable.
    Go to OSVAM for route, objective and PBGs, there're 3 gardens ahead and 5 BGs; 
    move to the XP, OE&CD into the Hlwy. Remain dark and enter the garden, bear 
    left off the steps, locate and then enter the 6:00 opening to the enclosed 
    section of Garden #1. Exit through the 9:00 opening on the QC. PBG #1 should be 
    urinating in the corner to your right, QC left to the wall, stick and slide to 
    the bump out and hold. Follow #1 as he stops before then walks through the 
    entry to Garden #2. Bear left into Garden #2 and remain along the perimeter 
    wall to the 2nd right turn then slide along the exterior wall of the enclosure 
    for cover. Once you're at the 3rd opening QC left to the perimeter wall then 
    right along the wall to the corner and hold.
    Drop to a QC before the 3rd corner and move over to the wall to the left of the 
    opening to garden #3. Allow the spotlight to move off toward garden #2 to QC 
    through the ferns to the opening to Garden #3, boo the corner to locate PBG #2 
    patrolling the enclosure in Garden #3. As he turns to walk away enter the 
    garden, head left along the enclosure to the exit, ensure #2 is walking up the 
    steps to cross the gap to the exit. Enter the right side DD and leave it open, 
    move to and through the next set of DDs and leave it open.
    (Quick Save)
    The next set of doors leads to the parking lot where Hisham will make his exit 
    from the game. There are 2 BGs in the parking lot; PBG #3 circles half of the 
    room in a mad scamper, SBG #2 crouches at the tailgate of the red SUV. Scamper 
    boy should be moving to the right as you enter the room, QQC after him, around 
    the white SUV and hold tight to the right side of the pillar and the rear of 
    the SUV. 
    Angle the camera so that you can see #2; as #3 approaches Sam will adjust his 
    stance alerting you to his approach. QC around the pillar for a GD&C on PBG #3 
    when he comes to a stop near the pillar, drag #3 back around the car past the 
    drivers door to the wall for the choke. Call Hisham, QQC the perimeter CCw to 
    SBG #2 for a G&C then move over to the security gate. Send Hisham on his way 
    and exit the parking lot to garden #3.
    SCDA7.3 Extraction
    Keep PBG #2 in front of you to the front corner of the enclosure. Move out from 
    the corner as he begins his return to the rear of the garden; ensure the light 
    is moving away then QC out and right from the opening into garden #2 and use 
    the perimeter wall back to the 3rd corner of the enclosure and the opening to 
    garden #1. 
    Hold at the corner and go to OSVAM. Locate the PBG #1 from garden #1, if he and 
    the spotlight are in favorable positions enter garden #1 and make your way to 
    the duct near the flare or the doorway into the dark Hlwy. Crawl and or creep 
    into garden #4. Seek cover to the right side of the opening to garden #5. Go to 
    OSVAM, locate PBG #4 in garden #5, when he and the spotlight are in favorable 
    positions enter #5. 
    You must clear gardens #5&6 of BGs before you can plant the charge and to call 
    for extraction.
    I prefer to take PBG #4 as far from the opening between gardens #5&6 as 
    possible to avoid noise and searchlight. There are 3 BGs in garden #6; SBG #3 
    is standing close to the entrance to the garden. PBG #5 paces back and forth on 
    the platform and #6 circles the platform Cw. As the searchlight clears garden 
    #6 QC in and around SBG #3. G&D #3 into the narrow hidden walkway to the left 
    of the platform for the choke out, PBG #6 will be approaching this side of the 
    platform if not already standing. QQC to #6 for a G&D, take him to his sleeping 
    friend for the choke out. 
    Move around the platform Cw and position Sam for cover behind the animal hedge, 
    wait for PBG #5 to stop and turn away for a GD&C drag him to his friends and 
    sleepy time. Set the charge on the AAA move back to the sleepers to detonate. 
    Locks: Pool room, 7/5/7/7/2	
    KO, 7
    Divs 0/1
    SCDA8. JBA HDQS part2
    SCDA8.1 Sample the Red Mercury
    SCDA8.2 Send info on Lambert, return to Emile and defuse bomb#1
    SCDA8.3 Defuse bomb#2 and return to the stoop for Extraction
    Change from original game file. I was able to figure a work around for the 2 
    PBGs in the Red Mercury Lab area this morning, very frustrating. JBA HDQS p2 is 
    now KO free. The solution is quite convoluted and takes a bit more time to 
    complete, not to mention many more saves within the area. The PBGs get very 
    agitated throughout the event, Sam must do some clever maneuvering to stay 
    clear of both and is able to ghost the area and level without being seen or 
    confronting any of the BGs in it. 
    In the Lab area, I suggest saving to different files each time, don't rely on 
    quick saves.
    I have also slightly modified Sam's route through the bunker area, cutting down 
    the distance and rooms entered.
    Eliminated 7 light diversions and made a slight route change through the Red 
    Mercury Lab.
    Due to timing differences find alternate route to file cabinet in upper office 
    Mercury Lab. 
    Eliminate 1 noise diversion while exiting dock area after 2nd bomb.
    Enter the building; take the stairwell down to the closed door, leave it open, 
    it will make your life easier on the way back to Emile later in the game. 
    Approach and OCPGL ignore the MBSL, run down to the next opening and drop to 
    QQC. Another MBSL, slip around it and the concrete buttress, stick to the wall 
    halfway to the next buttress and slide to it.
    (Quick Save)
    A PBG is standing outside the window to the Control Room; wait for him to pass 
    Sam on his route. There are 2 BGs behind the security window in the Control 
    room, one standing the other sitting at a computer. As the standing BG begins 
    to walk off release and step out from the buttress, the sitting BG will stand 
    and walk to the control room door, (you may have to move about and or jump to 
    get his attention) as he passes the edge of the window QQC along the right side 
    wall onto the steps and down to the lower level. Locate the next door, OCD and 
    OE&CD when clear.
    SCDA8.1 Sample the Red Mercury and send the info on Lambert
    Once in the Lab, move forward and left, stick to the boxes on the Red Mercury 
    room side. Stand up and EEV the comp at the far right side of the elevated 
    platform for the Red Mercury container code. Turn to the Red Mercury enclosure; 
    EEV the security keypad and hold, PBG #1 is on the move. #1 will descend from 
    the platform and enter the lower level, allow him to pass then follow him to 
    the lower level. Break away; move up the steps to and OCPGL. Climb the stairs 
    to the upper level office, go to OSVAM and locate the 2 PBGs.
    2 possibilities occur, once at the office door, if you're pretty close to my 
    moves, the synchronicity of the 2 PBGs may be off. PBG #1 may be ahead of 
    schedule, if so follow option 2 and be prepared for some brutal timing and 
    Option 1,
    Look for this pattern; PBG #1 has left the elevated platform and is walking 
    toward the short steps to the lower level, PBG #2 has walked around the desk 
    and is approaching the entry door, (he looks at a poster on the wall). "X" out 
    of Map; and go IR once #2 stops and faces the poster open the door, go NS, 
    enter the room and hold against the wall. 
    Do not close the door as you follow #2 across the room, stay in the dark lane 
    that leads directly to the cabinet and QC past #2 to it for the files. #2 will 
    stop at the blue wall as you rifle the cabinet; turn the camera toward the exit 
    before Sam finishes with the cabinet so you have a straight line through the 
    exit. OE&CD as you exit the room. Creep to the bottom of the stairs, OCPGL, 
    climb down to the lower foggy level then return to the boxes and hold.
    Option 2,
    As #2 turns and faces the poster on the wall enter the room; OE&CD and move 
    right; stick to the corner and hold. Let the boys' cycle through their intended 
    patterns, #2 will approach the cabinets near Sam, look at a different poster 
    and move off. As #2 moves away slide along the cabinets/shelving to the office 
    chair near the table and stick to it facing the glass wall.
    You'll see #1 move to and descend the stairs on his patrol route, #2 will move 
    around the table and come very close to Sam as he passes. As soon as #2 passes 
    by Sam release and move to the target cabinet, (just a smidge past QC). Spin 
    Sam's camera 180 and target the wall to the right of the exit. Once Sam is free 
    move at a smidge under QQC, hit, stick and slide into the dark corner, as #2 
    moves away OE&CD. Go to Map; ensure that #1 is on his way to the elevated 
    platform. Creep to the bottom of the stairs, OCPGL, climb down to the lower 
    foggy level then return to the boxes and hold.
    Begin keeping track of the camera's swing left and right, each time it stops 
    and begins a return it makes a noise listen for it and memorize its current 
    direction I use "Good Swing/Bad Swing". Bad swing is toward Sam.
    Option 1&2 continue from here,
    Wait for #1 to return to the lower level, move behind him as he passes Sam and 
    stops at the lab door. As #1 moves off to the steps look up into the office to 
    ensure that #2 is not standing in the window then move forward till the "Push 
    Button" icon pops up. As the camera begins to "Good Swing" enter the Lab, move 
    into the duct and then pop the XP trapdoor.
    Odd note only happened a couple times in all the times I played through this 
    part of the mission. Normally once you're in the duct PBG #1 investigates the 
    open lab door and comments. He then returns to the lower level of the large 
    room and then back to the upper platform and the computer consoles regardless 
    of where you are, e.g., in the duct or out the escape door and in the water. 
    However 3 or 4 times while writing this update of the guide, instead of #1 
    returning to the lower level from the lab door he has gone straight to the 
    upper platform. It occurred while I was watching #1 from the duct and crouching 
    at the edge of the escape door. This may work to your advantage depending on 
    where #2 is and or what direction he's traveling at the time. To date I haven't 
    used it, even though I know the PBG can't see Sam I hate the action enough to 
    avoid it.
    Always maintain cover while in the duct. You'll hear a comment from #1; make a 
    decision as to which trapdoor to use for LOS on #1 then boo the Mercury room 
    door. He'll approach the Lab door in an alerted posture and then calm down. 
    Depending on your choice of viewing doors he'll then do one of 2 things, 
    retrace his route back to the lower level and eventually return to the upper 
    platform or immediately return to the platform. As #1 is passing the boxes on 
    his way to the upper platform #2 should be returning to the desk near the blue 
    Ensure #1 has climbed to the upper platform before you exit the duct, QC out to 
    the cabinet across from the duct and use it as cover from #2. Look up over the 
    file cabinet, (the one Sam rifled through) in the upper office for the 
    silhouette of #2 moving around the desk and past the cabinet to the door. As #2 
    rounds the desk QQC to the Red Mercury security pad, access the device and scan 
    the material. The door to the room will close and the room will fill up with 
    gas, QC back to the vent and drop out. #1 will pass the trap door and #2 will 
    come down to the lower level and then exit the Lab area for the Hlwy. 
    #2 has a new patrol; it'll be between the XP and the stairs to the office. As 
    #1 passes Sam's position to the lower level he'll likely make a number of Crazy 
    Ivan's, (stop, turn, move a step or 2 then 180) wait for him to move to the 
    steps and or known them a step or 2,  ensure the camera is swinging away to hop 
    over the railing. Move to the boxes and hold, the BGs are now in an alert 
    posture with weps drawn and in active search mode. 
    Hopefully #2 has already returned to the room and headed for the stairs; ensure 
    that the camera is in good swing, (now turning toward Sam's position) to QQC 
    over to the XP, OCD or IR the door for BGs. If clear exit the room before 
    either Lab BG heads back toward Sam's position. Move right into the Hlwy and 
    then left over to the corner buttress, stick and hold. 
    If there is a PBG in the Hlwy your move into the Hlwy must be slick. 1st 
    determine if the PBG is coming, going or standing and facing away from the XP. 
    If coming, hold till he 180s from the XP, if going exit and move left along the 
    Bkhd, if standing, slide tight left around the door jamb and hold against the 
    Bkhd just past the door sort of behind the Hlwy PBG. The door will close and 
    eventually the Hlwy PBG will move off up the stairs toward the Control room. 
    SCDA8.2 Send info on Lambert, return to Emile and defuse bomb #1
    Once you're in the Hlwy, if it's empty go to OSVAM and locate the PBG, locate 
    his position and direction. If he's close by and approaching, hold under cover 
    and follow on his 6:00, if absent from OSVAM head for the Control rm. If you're 
    following peel away to the right of the Control rm. door and stick. The PBG 
    will putz around and face Sam; the 2 girlfriends in the control room are 
    discussing their PJ party. 
    Once the convo ends OCD, enter the room and move to the dark, EEV the comp and 
    do the right thing. OE&CD, once out of the control room FC toward the stairs to 
    the Lab, this'll get the attention of the Control rm. BGs and they'll make for 
    the door. Move around the MBSL and down the Hlwy past the buttress near the 
    MBSL. Move on the QQC up the ramp; locate the Hlwy PBG at or near the top and 
    slow to QC. Stick to the wall, slide behind and around the PBG to his right and 
    hold. Wait for him to get a few steps away and for a clear side under the MBSL 
    to advance on and OCPGL.
    If he's on his way down the ramp retreat to one of the corners and hold till he 
    passes by then head up to the MBSL and OCPGL. Stand and run to Emile. 
    Hop over the railing climb the ladder and QQC the perimeter CCw to the stairs. 
    QC under the camera, hop up onto the parapet and drop to the roof. QQC along 
    the wall to the end of the AC units turn hard left drop to QC as you approach 
    the bomb and the PBG near it. Wait for the PBG to move away and the welder to 
    get back to work to disarm the bomb.
    You get the "alert" down beat sound regardless of how long you wait to defuse 
    it, the PBGs pass by both bombs regularly and will notice they've been altered.
    SCDA8.3 Defuse bomb #2 and return to the stoop for Extraction
    Once complete back off from the bomb, move to the parapet, hop over and make 
    your way to the big honkin pipes. Drop off to the lower roof, QQC around the 
    penthouse to the vent and crawl through. Exit at a FC and roll to the floor run 
    through the warehouse area and locate the double doors to Sam's right. Stay in 
    the shadows, mindful of the camera on the right, run to and through the DDs. 
    Continue left, careful of the MBSL, drop to a FC and then QC to the XP, OCD 
    then open it.
    (Quick Save)
    PBG #1 will be standing by or walking away to the dock from the front of the 
    stoop. Ensure you close the door as you exit, move left to the crates and 
    follow PBG #1 to the dock. Bear left between the crates and bollard; stop about 
    15 feet from PBG #1 and hold. PBGs #2, 3 and 4 will be near the bomb, #2 will 
    walk off and say something to the remaining BGs. Once PBG #2 moves away from 
    the BGs and the bomb, FC for a few feet or stand and run in a circle to grab 
    their attention, continue along the dock past the 2 PBGs and swing back to bomb 
    PBG #2 may join 3&4 to investigate, quickly defuse the bomb and assess the area 
    for a clear path back to the ship. There will likely be a tangle of PBGs 
    between Sam and the 1st bollard he passed. Move on the QQC past the bollard 
    back to the crates you used to reach cover from the steps. Stop against the 
    crate on the XP side and stick, PBG #1 and possibly #2 will be approaching 
    shortly if not already near. 
    PBG #2 will most likely walk back to the bomb and you'll probably hear comment 
    relating to the bomb. PBG #1 will begin his route pattern again in a moment and 
    walk back to the stoop. Then he'll walk out to the front of the stoop and face 
    away from the crates for a few seconds. As #1 turns right to walk along the 
    front of the stoop QC CCw to the left side of the crates which are to the right 
    of the stoop. Wait for #1 to stop moving while you boo the wall cam, when it 
    begins to turn away QC to the XP, OE&CD. 
    Retrace your route at a run back through the large storage area. Run through 
    the DDs, swing wide right to avoid the camera and to the far end of the room. 
    Backtrack through the large vent to the lower roof and exit the vent. When 
    exiting the vent hard right out of it to the wall, stick and slide past the 
    small AC unit ahead. Release; FC to the fire escape, slide down to the ally and 
    smooch nice, nice with Emile for extraction.
    Even though 2 of the 5 diversions, (from the Merc Lab) weren't done to distract 
    the BGs, I've included both because the actions diverted the BGs from their 
    Divs 5,
    Time 18:00
    SCDA9.1 Eliminate Jamie, Sykes, defuse bomb #1
    SCDA9.2 to the Lounge
    SCDA9.3 Eliminate Moss and Defuse bomb #2 
    SCDA9.4 Eliminate Emile and defuse bomb #3
    I brained out a work around for the PBG on the 2nd floor balcony pacing between 
    Moss and the bomb. The maneuver is simple, but the AI senses are very high. 
    After today, it looks like Rooftops is now -0- KOs)  
    5 route changes, 1 whistle and 3 light diversions
    3 minor route changes; pigeon coop and 1st bomb.
    Eliminate 2 diversions: the stealth OE&CD diversion and the noise diversion at 
    stairs for bomb #2.
    Cut off the heads of the snake and the body dies unless it's a Hydra.
    Eliminate Jamie, Sykes, defuse bomb#1
    Once on the roof, switch to pistol, move forward to the wall and wait for the 2 
    PBGs to begin walking away. Follow them, move to the middle of the area with 
    the laser to walk under it. When you approach the lighted area with the fenced 
    in transformer thingy, move to and hug the wall close to the shed style glassed 
    roof on the left. Creep around and onto the glass move up to the wall and QQC 
    to and OCPRL. Locate the XP, OCD and OE&CD when clear. Quickly locate the next 
    XP then OCD and hold. A PBG will enter the coop and stop at Sam's end; wait for 
    him to turn and walk away, OE&CD, follow the PBG and stay to his 6:00; he 
    continually looks left and right. 
    The PBG may continue to the end of the coop or turn left and patrol up the 
    ramp, if the PBG continues to the end of the coop proceed up the ramp and exit 
    the area. If he turns and patrols the ramp move back to the EP, move into the 
    dark between the EP and crates and stick till he returns and continues to the 
    end of the coop. 
    I used to follow the PBG up the ramp and hide in the shadow or to his right, 
    (he turns left if undisturbed) however, I noticed after many runs that he'll 
    become alerted maybe 50% of the time and about 15% of the time, (with no alert 
    sound) instead of turning and descending the ramp he'll patrol the right side 
    of the small room.
    In either case once you're at the XP to the left of the ramp, OCD then OE&CD. 
    Stay close to the door and in the dark, there are 2 PBGs, #1 is on the upper 
    catwalk and #2 is likely on the other side of the room on the floor walking to 
    this end of the room. On the Q&Q move to the railing and hop over to the floor, 
    stay tight to the wall on the right and climb into the 1st row of metal 
    2 options crop up to exit the room quickly, the decision is made while on the 
    1st set of metal shelving. Quickly locate PBG #2, determine his position and 
    direction. A QQC up the stairs is faster than hoisting up over the railing by 2 
    seconds, which most of the time is needed for a clean exit.
    1. If he's closer to the middle of the room and walking toward the pillar at 
    the far end of the room near the exit stairs turn right. Move onto the ladder 
    and look up at #1, as he turns and walks away climb up to the loft QQC to the 
    back and around to the ledge above the dolly and cage gate. Drop down; quietly 
    move to and over the railing beside the steps and hold at the corner of the XP 
    and wall. As #1 returns and moves past the corner OE&CD as you exit.
    2. If #2 is close to and or the right of the pillar at the far end of the room 
    or moving left away from it move onto the combined 2nd and 3rd rows of 
    shelving. By then #2 will be walking left past the pillar toward the center of 
    the room or toward the cage, when he's about 2 to 3 feet past the pillar drop 
    to the floor. Stay close to the gate and dolly as you move toward the stairs. 
    Remain under cover to the foot of the stairs; climb up to and through the XP 
    OE&CD when clear of both PBGs. 
    (Quick Save)
    Locate the next XP; go to OSVAM to locate any PBGs then OE&CD. There will be a 
    turret gun and may be one or more PBGs to the far right end of the roof. Ensure 
    that the PBGs are looking and or walking away from Sam. Stand, turn left and 
    run along the wall to the ledge and rappel point. Once on the lower roof 
    proceed to the next corner on the right, mindful of the wall mine. Head for and 
    listen to Sykes and Jamie as they argue over Sam. QC over to the staging and 
    then close in on Sykes; take him after a few steps away from Jamie then drag 
    him for a few steps for the kill.
    Be aware Sam will deliver a death blow to all important characters regardless 
    of what trigger you pull. If you take Sykes 1st you don't have to fuss with him 
    above on the ad space Wkwy.
    Turn on and loop around the returning Jamie for the take down before he 
    stumbles upon Sykes. Defuse the bomb, locate the zip line on the Wkwy above and 
    proceed to the next building and Ms. Yummy.
    ROOF TOPS part 2
    To the Lounge
    Locate the elevator, pick the trapdoor lock and meet up with Enrica. Skip the 
    cut scene, exit the elevator, turn right and locate the next XP. OCD then 
    OE&CD, move right to the corner, 2 PBGs having a boyfriend/girlfriend fight. 
    Angle left, QC to the low small wall light; stay along the wall and continue to 
    the long counter. Stick and slide to the middle dark spot and hold. PBG #1 will 
    move off and shortly after #2 will 180 and walk toward the EP, follow #1 out of 
    the room to the steps, hold until #1 turns into the Hlwy then follow closely. 
    ASAP jump legs up to the pipe and mad skooch past #1 and the laser, drop to the 
    floor and move around the corner. Follow the Hlwy to the XP; locate the 
    brightly lit pillar ahead of the exit on the left, you may need it in a moment. 
    OCD the XP, there's a bright light to the right, "X" out and go to OSVAM to 
    locate 3 PBGs in the next room. 
    Option #1
    If PBGs #1&2 are to the right of the XP "X" out, OE&CD then move to and stick 
    at the light in the crouch and hold. PBG #1 will pass by Sam and exit the room, 
    when PBG #2 passes by to Sam's right follow him at a QC and do a standing stick 
    to the 2nd lighted column. 
    Option #2
    If the PBGs are left of the XP then "X" out and fallback to the lighted pillar. 
    Stick to the pillar in a standing position and hold. PBG #1 will enter and be 
    forced to the far side of the Hlwy by the opened door passing Sam unnoticed. 
    Move to the XP, go IR to see if PBG #2 id still near the XP, if facing away or 
    moving right along the columns "X" out and OE&CD. Move right to the light and 
    hold, if and when PBG #2 is moving right and passed Sam toward the intersection 
    follow at a QC. He'll stop just past the corner on the right, move to the 2nd 
    lighted column and do a standing stick exactly in the middle. Do not flop 
    around, #3 has come about and advancing on the 3rd column.
    I now hold at the 2nd column instead of the 3rd, this eliminates the SOE&CD 
    diversion as I enter the room and the fear of being followed into the Lounge by 
    #2. The patrol routes of PBGs #2&3 are out of sync, so you might have to hold 
    for more than one patrol cycle for the time to safely follow #3 to the XP. 
    You're ready to follow #3 once #2&3 almost meet at the intersection and #3 
    walks away 1st. 
    (Quick Save)
    Options #2&3 continue from here,
    As #2 comes to a stop at the corner, release from the column and QC to #2's 6. 
    QC around #2 as he turns and heads back to his end of the room; keep an eye on 
    your noise meter and catch up to #3, maintain about 5 feet to his 6:00. Pass 
    between the step ladder and the railing, move to #3's 7:00 and stop when #3 
    stops. He may take a quick look to his left; continue along the railing to the 
    wall as #3 begins turning around to his right to face the intersection. Hold at 
    the corner, allow #3 a couple feet past the steps to hop over onto the box 
    thing, (it's quieter than the floor). 
    QC to the XP OCD then OE&CD; stick to the wall on the left and slide past the 
    wall mine to the corner, (it's safer and faster than creeping). Boo the next 
    room; enter Lounge and then go to OSVAM. Locate 2 PBGs in the next room past 
    the Hlwy then "X" out of map. FC into the Hlwy and OCPRL then FC along the 
    right side wall toward the corner; drop to QC about 5 feet to the corner and 
    hold. Boo right and maybe see 1 or both PBGs, SC past the corner, and across 
    the short Hlwy to the wall with the small lights and stick. Slide along the 
    wall toward the XP release and OE&CD.
    SCDA9.3 Eliminate Moss and defuse bomb #2
    (Quick Save)
    Once through the door creep up the stairs, if PBG #1 is about allow him to exit 
    the stairwell and close the door. Approach the XP and go to OSVAM. PBG #1 will 
    walk through the room and exit, #2 paces from Sam's EP along the glass walled 
    Security room to the XP and back. #3 moves from the EP around a desk and or 
    chairs this end of the room and back. 
    As you go to OSVAM #1&2 should be heading for the next XP and #3 toward the 
    desk. "X" out of Map, OE&CD when both are facing away, turn right and cross to 
    the opposite side of the room. There's a long, low and narrow glass table, move 
    Cw around to the left side and hold within the bright spot. Locate and EEV the 
    comp in the security room for the passkey. As #2 heads right along the glass 
    wall to the right side of the security room, #3 should begin another cycle of 
    his route from the EP. When #2 is halfway along the wall QQC toward the XP, 
    stick to the bright corner to the left side of the XP and hold. Let #2 pass 
    beyond the corner to access the keypad and exit the room.
    (Quick Save)
    The save here is for the SBG in the next room, there's no guaranty which side 
    of the room will initiate a violent reaction when you alert him. Realistically 
    he should be KO'd. I have 3 diversion options, #1 is to distract from his 7:00 
    and move right along the lit floor, #2 is to do the same thing but from his 
    5:00 and move left. The 3rd option, stick to the lighted wall, "WHISTLE" for 
    noise then ASAP slide along the wall past the BG, release and QC out of the 
    Enter the next room; pick one of the distraction options then QC out of the 
    room. Accelerate to QQC about 8 feet from the corner and out of the room. Once 
    around the corner stand and do a running jump from the top of the steps to the 
    suspended ceiling tiles. Hoist up, FC along the ceiling tiles to the 1st right, 
    drop to a QQC to the 2nd right and to a QC into the room with the 2nd bomb and 
    4 PBGs. As you make the 2nd right you'll pass over 2 PBGs and a turret gun. 
    Locate the bright ceiling tile across the room and hold within the light. The 
    PBGs are all lit up with headgear, and I think they've all had cross species 
    ear transplants with dogs. 
    The last half of this room may test your patience, I suggest cascading saves 
    incase the AI begins to punish you with "GREIF CODE". Remember, your Xbox is 
    too expensive to kill.
    It seems too close to the BG who happens to be Moss but his headgear prevents 
    him from seeing Sam. 
    1. The puzzle is this, if they're all using NV then why can't the 2 BGs on the 
    main floor see Sam lit up anywhere along the stairs yet the SBG near the turret 
    gun does once Sam is on the balcony, behind the glass wall and in full light at 
    the coffee table? 
    2. Why does the balcony PBG see Sam behind the front section of the glass wall 
    but not the rear section with the mesh from the field hockey goal? If he's 
    using IR Sam should be invisible behind both sections and if NV visible through 
    At least one maybe both of the main floor PBGs will stay in the room one of 
    them patrols the room, so be alert to his position through the next series of 
    maneuvers. However the change, eliminating 1 diversion also provides what I 
    consider a glitch, the SBG near the turret gun now sees Sam. Both BGs approach 
    the side of the stairs but don't climb up and then the SBG leaves the room on 
    Face the stairs and go to OSVAM, the floor PBG should be anywhere but directly 
    under the ceiling tile, the balcony PBG can be pretty much anywhere on his 
    patrol if correct exit Map. Soft drop to the floor and move to the base of the 
    stairs; climb 3 steps then jump up to and grab the ledge. Skooch right to the 
    corner, hoist up and have a quick look about, everyone should be calm. When all 
    are facing away QC the perimeter CCw and stop about 3 feet from the opening to 
    the upper level, ensure Sam is behind and covered by the mesh screen and hold. 
    The upper floor PBG can see Sam through the glass even though Sam can't see him 
    or the 2 below through it.
    I think if you can see any part of the lighted lenses of the BGs HG they can 
    see you regardless of how far away they are or whether they're walking away 
    from Sam or not. For the Moss grab to succeed you need the 2 PBGs to stop at 
    the end of their routes closest to Sam. The balcony PBG must 180 first then the 
    main floor PBG, preferably as balcony turns and walks along the sofa. Both must 
    be facing away from Moss long enough to give Sam time to G&D Moss past the mesh 
    covered glass wall. 
    Go to OSVAM and watch one cycle of the 2 PBGs patrol routes. At the next cycle, 
    as the upper floor PBG is walking, he'll pass between Sam and the bomb, as he 
    passes behind the dark chair to the left of the bomb QC out of the enclosure, 
    head straight for Moss for a G&D back into the enclosure. As you back through 
    the opening head for the dark corner to Sam's 4:00. Spin Moss into the corner 
    and interrogate if you like, you must wait for the balcony PBG to return and 
    then head back to the end of his route to kill Moss. When he makes his right 
    turn and walks in front of the bomb kill Moss, any closer and he'll hear it.
    QC to the glass, stick and hold about 3 feet from the opening before the PBG 
    180s and faces the enclosure, otherwise crouch and hold over Moss. He will see 
    Sam regardless. Wait for the PBG to turn away from the opening to release and 
    follow, stay to his 5:00 and when he turns left along the sofa break off right 
    and QC past the sofa and around the coffee table to its 3:00 and hold in full 
    This is where the glitch occurs. Of the 2 BGs in the lower level wearing HG and 
    using NV the SBG sees Sam 1 floor up, 40 plus feet away and from behind the 
    glass wall. Sam can't see them in IR but all of them with NV regardless of 
    light, an overly confusing issue. If you wait for balcony to turn toward the 
    opening to the enclosure 90% of the time he continues to the opening, if he 
    turns QC back to the table's 3:00 and hold. Now instead of pressing between the 
    desk and balcony I return while he's gawking near the head of the stairs.
    When balcony turns away from the sofa and heads for the enclosure QC past the 
    table's 12:00 to the bomb. The SBG near the turret gun somehow sees Sam and 
    comments, keep an eye on balcony to ensure he doesn't 180, when done return to 
    the table's 3:00 and hold. Balcony is returning, as he turns and begins walking 
    along the sofa QC Cw around the table and head for the enclosure. Once in the 
    enclosure head for the bright spot on the wall and at the ledge, drop off to 
    the floor and recon.
    When clear QC to the XP; pick the lock and enter the room, plant the charge at 
    the end then return to the door at a QC. Go to OSVAM, locate the lower level 
    PBG and when clear exit the room, close the door and detonate.
    Eliminate Emile and defuse bomb#3
    OE&CD, skip the cut scene and locate the closest climbing pipe, climb up and 
    shimmy over to the elevated walkway then drop down. Locate the fuse box to your 
    right and bypass the circuit. Move back to the long and large diameter walking 
    pipe then FC almost to the end, stopping short of the lighted area on the pipe. 
    Turn to the climbing pipe and climb back up, shimmy over to and position Sam 
    above the Wkwy railing and hold. 
    Wait for the PBG to turn and begin to walk away to drop to the railing, turn 
    and QC along the railing then drop off onto the platform. Locate and move 
    through the XP into the next area, FC along the narrow corridor till Sam meets 
    up with a wall mine, SC by it to the XP. Pick the lock and OCD; locate the 2 
    PBGs in the next room. 
    Once both PBGs have 180'd and are walking back to the far end of the room 
    OE&CD. QQC to the far right side of the room, hop over the low wall and drop 
    down between the monument and the glass wall. QC to the end of the monument and 
    locate the PBGs, drop down into the water once both have passed by Sam's 
    position. QC to the railing and hoist up when safe. Turn right, QQC around the 
    partition to the exit and hold. 
    (Quick Save)
    Grab the door and go IR. Wait for the two PBGs to move off, as #1 heads right. 
    OE&CD go NV and follow PBG #1 to the raised platform. As he reaches the steps 
    hop over the railing. Quietly move forward to the side of the platform and face 
    it, stand and hop onto the railing as #1 begins to walk off the platform. Grab 
    the FB, turn up slope to face the next building, give #1 a couple feet off the 
    steps and toward the EP before you hop over the railing and drop into the snow. 
    QQC to the elevated walkway, hoist up onto it, bear right and up the steps to 
    the building. 
    Take cover, slide along the wall toward the XP and hold at the short railing 
    just before the door. It may take a minute or more for a setup that'll work; 
    you need #1 to be near or climbing up the steps to the platform and #2 to be 
    nearing the end of his route on the far right side of the area to enter the 
    next building. Go to OSVAM locate PBG #3 inside the building, he patrols 
    between the 2 side rooms and the XP you're about to enter. He may appear from 
    the XP at any time so don't be too close to it when the door opens.
    There are 2 routes to Emile once you enter the building; I prefer going right 
    in the Hlwy I always felt it was the easier path of the 2 offered. Ensure you 
    know the location of PBG #3 as you enter the building; you may need to alter 
    your path to the room on the right to avoid him. Once you're in the right side 
    room there are 2 routes through it, up over the top or down into the water, I 
    most times up works, sometimes not.
    When the proper setup occurs enter the building, OE&CD. Head right at a QQC to 
    the next XP. OCD, look for a flashlight beam in the room and make sure that the 
    closest PBG is facing away to OE&CD. Stay to the left, jump the railing, creep 
    over to whatever the heck the thing is and climb up onto it. QC along the wall, 
    stop at the ledge above the waterfall turn to 2:00 drop off skooch right and 
    drop down to it. The issue if there is any will be with the position of PBG #2 
    on the Wkwy.
    Complete a series of quick mini drops to the water level without alerting PBG 
    #2. Continue forward at a very SC to the landscape thing near the XP and hoist 
    up to above floor level. PBG #2 will head back, the 2 PBGs will pass each other 
    back and forth a couple of times and then both will be moving away from Sam's 
    position. As the PBGs move off, drop down, pick the lock and exit.
    Once outside Sam is stripped of all weps except the FB, Emile will be at the 
    far end of the area and shooting up a storm. 
    This is my quick solution; let Emile empty a clip or 2 to get the feel of his 
    shooting rhythm. Each burst lasts about 6 seconds, at 5 seconds FC to the left 
    behind the park bench. While in a crouch, creep right to the edge of the bench, 
    you need LOS on Emile for a good throw. Arm with the F/B, aim about 2 feet over 
    his head for a throw that lands the F/B at the base of Emile's feet and then 
    throw the canister. 
    Move left to the middle of the bench; as soon as the canister flashes stand up, 
    jump over the seat; move to the seat just ahead and to the right, Sam's pistol 
    is near it. Climb the seat, stand and run to Emile, he'll still be on his knees 
    move around to his back for a grab and or just go for the kill. Defuse the 
    bomb, skip or don't skip the cut scenes, and check out the stats for the final 
    LOCKS in order of discovery;
    Elevator trapdoor, 2/11/7/5/11/5 
    Maintenance void after 2nd bomb, 7/5/11/2/11
    2nd maintenance area after patch circuit, 5/7/2/11/5 
    Waterfall room before Emile, 11/2/11/2/7
    Bombs sequence in order of discovery
    #1, 1/2/3/4, P/1R/1R/1R
    #2, 1/3/2/4, P/2L/1L/2L
    #3, 4/1/3/2, 1L/1R/2L/1L
    Divs 1 
    Kills 4
    Time 33:00  
    Total Diversions 25/28
    Total KOs	32
    Total Kills 4
    Total Time	3:30:52
    Regarding the KO count in SCDA, Okhotsk with (22) and Kinshasa with (7) 29 
    out of a game total of 32 KOs come in two levels. Of Okhotsk 21 of the 22 BG 
    Kos are inescapable, you can't progress to the second half of the mission 
    without KO or kill. The part 2 KO can surely be avoided although it would 
    affect a mission objective. 

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