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"And Splinter Cell gets even better."

Splinter Cell has always been a mainstay in the stealth genre, and Double Agent fits perfectly in that lineage.

Controls: 9.5/10

The controls remained unchanged from those found in the previous title, Chaos Theory. So, if you've played CT, you already know the controls. If you haven't, they're very simple to pick up. The only thing that keeps this category from being a full-on ten is the occasionally spotty camera control, which can sometimes be a little of a nuisance.

Graphics: 10/10

As always in the Splinter Cell series, the visuals are stunningly realistic. Everything from the shadows to building detail to even the most trivial things such as computers are represented in awesome detail. For those that think that the XBox 360 version will have the better graphics for being the most advanced system, think twice. This version looks just as polished as any of the other versions.

Sound: 10/10

Now, I know you may be thinking, "If it's a stealth game, why are you worried about sound?" Well, what few sounds the game has to offer (i.e. gunshots, throwing cans to distract guards, etc.) are done masterfully. And as always in the Splinter Cell series, Michael Ironside lends his vocal talents to voice the titular Sam Fisher.

Story: 10/10

What is a game like this with out a story? This is one game where a riveting story is guaranteed. In past Splinter Cell games, the objectives were simple. Do what the Third Echelon tells you. But not this time. Yes, the Third Echelon is still there, but so is the John Brown Army, a terrorist organization that Sam must infiltrate. Throughout the game, Sam will be given objectives to fulfill by both the Third Echelon and the JBA. Some objectives can be completed concurrently, but others are dependent of each other (i.e. kill a target or don't kill him). However you decide to take care of these is up to you, your decisions will affect your standing with the Ecehlon or the JBA which affects future events in levels and, ultimately, the ending you see once you complete the game. All of these factors lend to up the replay value sharply.

Yes, the PS2's days may be numbered, but that doesn't mean that it still can't have amazing games.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/30/06

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