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Reviewed: 11/06/06

Better than chaos theory!

Once again you are Sam Fisher... a Splinter Cell working for the third echelon. early on you find out that your daughter has been killed by a drunk driver. After that Sam's life falls apart. In an effort to try to save him, Irving Lambert (Sam's boss), gives him his first undercover double agent assignment. And this is where the game excels...

Story: 9/10
The actual story-telling in the game has improved so much since Chaos Theory. You see in previous Splinter Cell games, the story was something that you could not control. Everything was happening around you and you were to move the story along by completing certain objectives. All that has changed in Splinter Cell: Double Agent, you (Sam Fisher) control how the story moves along. You must decide whether to help improve you cover in a terrorist organization or satisfy the N-S-A's needs. Basically, the story depends on your decisions.

Game play: 6/10
In terms of game play nothing has changed. That is what really bothers me about this game, nothing in game play has changed much (except in Multi player On line but we'll get to that later). The game play for single-player is somewhat, dull. Not all the time but just some moments you feel UBI-SOFT should have added this to help you with this. Fortunately, ledge grabs, pipe grabs, are still there. And there is co-op in regular story mode. That makes up for some of the single-player's dullness.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics have improved quite a bit in Double Agent. Since its the PS2 Version you can't expect godly graphics but they are somewhat visionary. The enemies look realistic, the environments have their own theme, and Sam has amazing detail. So I can say the graphics are pretty well-done.

Controls: 10/10
Just like in Chaos theory the controls are smooth responsive and perfectly executed.

Multi player: 10/10
This is why I bought this freaking game. In terms of Multi player it brings it all to the table. IN on line mode (for Ps2), a new Spy vs Spy mode. For those of you who don't know, in previous games it has always been Spy vs. Mercenary. But now all of that has changed in Double Agent. Spies now will go against each other (on line) in pure all-out death matches or smart Team Hack modes where the objective is to hack computers. IF you love fast-paced games buy this one just for the multi player. There is no co-op on line though but I don't really care!!!!

Overall: 9/10
Overall this game excels in pretty much everything. Maybe a couple of flaws here and there but the pros outweigh the cons. Buy this game do not rent, BUY!!!!!!!!! You will be hurting yourself if you don't!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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