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"Who's fault?"

(So I'm an idiot and had my score incorrect before. So here's my review in its CORRECT form):

I rented this at Blockbuster for the Xbox, but they gave me the PS2 one instead, because they're MORONS. I don't know who I'm mad at. Blockbuster? Ubisoft? Myself? Whatever. I'll just review the damn thing.

If there was any obvious improvement in the series it would be in its presentation for DA. The game's name says it all: Double Agent. The story in this game will be much more edge-of-your seat than all three of its predecessors, because there will be many situations in which Sam (AKA the man) will have to make a decision that will completely change the story. Kill the prisoner or let him live? Let countless innocent people die or lose an old friend? Moments like this will seriously have you biting your nails til they're gone. And when the mission is over, the following FMV changes depending on the choices you made, which is VERY cool to watch and experiment with. Other than that huge addition, not much is new in the SC series. I would've liked more interesting locations. Other than a really neat glacier level, we've got the same old buildings and streets we've seen before. But Sam's still the man. I wasn't sure what happened to Redding and Grimsdottir, but hopefully we'll see them again someday.

Groan… why oh why did Blockbuster give me the PS2 version? Sam's face is barely even recognizable, and his motions are somewhat less humanlike as they were in the first three. Call me biased, but I'm just not used to this. Even the environments were grainier than what I've seen on the Xbox. It's the PS2, it's the PS2, it's the PS2… Ahh screw it. Sam, you be ugly in this game. At least the shading is still great, which is very important
GRAPHICS: 5.5/10

Thankfully, the PS2 can sound just as good as the Xbox. All the voice actors are just as good as you'd expect from Ubisoft, and the sound effects are also top-notch. Similarly, the music isn't spectacular, but it surely does what it needs to do.
SOUNDS: 8.5/10

I'd say for the PS2 version that more was taken away than added to the gameplay. Sure, we've got the exciting double agent aspect to experience, which is amazing, but new gadgets, kills and maneuvers are few and far between. Perhaps even worse, the levels are far more linear than ever before. This is no good in a stealth game. There is also no online multiplayer, but rather some redundant flashback levels and a couple offline multiplayer modes (Disc Hunt and Key Run…both of which will quickly get old). Nevertheless, being a Splinter Cell is rarely boring—just don't expect anything new.
GAMEPLAY: 6.5/10

You have a fairly short main quest, but the double agent aspect will add more time to that. Honestly, the offline multiplayer is barely even worth your or your friends' time, so that will add on a couple hours at most. The flashbacks are more of the same old single player, except with certain optional limitations. As a whole, the game will last you longer than the first SC game in the series, but not nearly as long as it would as DA for the Xbox. This may be only worth a rental.

Oh Sam, it's not your fault. Even if it was, I could never get mad at you. Still, with so few additions in this new installment, it only made me wish more and more that I had the Xbox or Xbox 360 version. A good story molded with some exciting twists in gameplay isn't quite enough to save this game from being under par.
OVERALL: 6/10 (6.3 with decimals)

Thanks for reading =)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/28/07, Updated 05/07/07

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