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    Attache Case Guide by bobschnoozle

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    Do yourself a favor and READ ANY AND ALL JAMES BOND BOOKS by Ian Fleming
                                 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE
                                   ATTACHE CASE GUIDE
                                 By bobschnoozleheimer
                           Copyright 2011 bobschnoozleheimer
         I. Introduction
        II. What is an Attache Case?
       III. How the f--- do I use the cases??
         V.& VI. Stuff
       VII. Legal Jargon
    I. Introduction
    Hello and welcome!! This guide is here to help you (and only you) collect every
    Attache Case in From Russia with Love. Finding each one can be somewhat 
    frustrating, and given that no guide like this exists, I created one. This 
    (along with my Bond Moment Guide) is the first guide I'm submitting to Gamefaqs
    but I've been working on numerous guides for quite some time (look for every 
    Metroid Prime game!) I'm much too busy (lazy shit) to work on them as much as I
    would like. Let's get to business, shall we?
    II. What is an Attache Case?
    There are 12 Attache Cases scattered throughout almost every level. No more 
    than one per level. The cases reward you with Research Points that are used to 
    upgrade weapons and gadgets. Schematics reward you with Research Points as 
    well, but Attache cases will eventually award many more points than Schematics.
    III. How the f--- do I use the cases??
    Collect the first case and it will appear on the inventory menu (press UP on 
    the control pad to view the inventory menu). Select the case and a submenu will
    pop up listing every Attache Case you've collected thus far. Pick a case and a 
    picture of the case will show up, along with a row of buttons and a small 
    screen. The screen will show a random controller button (L R A B X Y) for a 
    second then swap it with another. The object of this little mini-game is to 
    press the corresponding button from the row before time runs out. Press the 
    wrong button and you'll be unable to press any buttons for a moment. Press the 
    buttons IN ANY ORDER - as long as a button that's in the row appears on the 
    screen, you can press the button at any time. You can also press a button 
    MULTIPLE TIMES when it appears. This is a little difficult to explain, so let 
    me use an example:
    Say this row of buttons appears: L A B L X
    When any of these buttons appear on the screen, press the corresponding button 
    on your controller. Should an A appear first, press A. Remember, ORDER DOESN'T 
    MATTER. When L appears, quickly press it TWICE. L does NOT have to appear two 
    different times. By the way, the small red bar in between the row of buttons 
    and the screen represents the time; when the bar is full, time is up!
    Attache Cases have at least two different rows per case. When all rows have 
    been unlocked successfully, you'll get the reward! It's very simple, I promise.
    The higher the case number, the harder it will be. Less time, buttons rotating
    quicker, more buttons, and more rows are all factors that may change from case 
    to case. One last note: Say you pick up a case and unlock it then proceed to 
    die. You will have to find the case again, and unlock it again.
    *********************************SPOILERS AHEAD********************************
    Although the story of From Russia With Love is hardly a secret (cuz it's a 50 
    year old movie, duh), I feel it's only right to give fair warning that the 
    following walkthrough will contain bits of information that will indeed spoil.
    The format for this will be a simple level-by-level arrangement. I'll briefly 
    describe how to find the case and the events leading up to it. Each case number
    will be listed. They are in numerical order parallel with the levels (the 
    higher the case number, the higher the level), and each case is typically 
    harder than the one before it (Case 10 is harder than Case 8, etc.). The amount
    of buttons, number of rows, and the reward will also be listed. I will NOT 
    begin each case's walkthrough at the beginning of the level; look at another 
    lovely FAQ for that information. Here's an example:
    | 00 Mission Name - CASE # |
    X rows of X
    Reward: X Research Points
    The following levels DO NOT contain an Attache Case:
    01 London, 10 Istanbul Pt.3, and all four of the bonus levels.
    Good Luck, old man (or woman)!
    | 02 Hedgemaze - CASE 1 |
    2 rows of 3
    Reward: 2 Research Points
    After you navigate the hedge maze you will control the real James Bond at MI6 
    headquarters. Speak with M and take the elevator to Q. Speak with Q and enter 
    the metal door. Use your Q Watch to fry the panel and walk through the door. 
    Continue through the hallways blasting drones along the way. When you reach 
    another door, use the watch on the orange and white barrel to break the glass. 
    The Attache Case is sitting on a table beyond the glass, in plain sight.
    | 03 Istanbul Pt.1 - CASE 2 |
    2 rows of 3
    Reward: 3 Research Points
    Once you reach the tank, Bond will continue on foot. Swing into the final 
    building, breaking through the glass to enter. Round counters in either room 
    mirror each other; the case is behind this counter in the room with the turret.
    | 04 Station T - CASE 3 |
    2 rows of 3
    Reward: 5 Research Points
    Navigate the train station until you reach the main room (it's the gigantic 
    one). The door directly across from this room's entrance, on the ground floor, 
    is locked. Use a Q Copter to fly through the nearby vent and blow up a chair 
    blocking the door. Kill the bad guys and climb the stack of boxes to the case.
    | 05 Istanbul Pt.2 - CASE 4 |
    3 rows of 3
    Reward: 7 Research Points
    When you arrive at the Russian checkpoint, enter the door that an Assault Rifle
    is leaning against. Walk along this hallway, PAST THE FIRST DOOR. This door is 
    highlighted (metaphorically speaking, of course) on your radar and once you 
    enter, you cannot return. Enter the door at the end of the hallway - it's the 
    only other door you can enter - to find the case.
    | 06 Underground - CASE 5 |
    3 rows of 4
    Reward: 8 Research Points
    When you reach the observation room, 007 will continue on foot. Navigate to the
    large warehouse - you'll pass through two chain link fence doors in the room 
    before it - and enter the upper door on your right. The case is on the table.
    | 07 Gypsy Camp - CASE 6 |
    3 rows of 4
    Reward: 10 Research Points
    This case coincides with the Bond Moment (and it's not the first one to do so).
    After the gunner gets gunned down, enter the house. The door on the right is 
    locked. Fortunately, the nearby vent near a table is not. Fly through the vent 
    with the Q Copter and blow a chair blocking the door to pieces. Enter the door,
    blast the dude - preferably using a shotgun - and collect Case 6 on the counter
    | 08 Sniper Alley - CASE 7 |
    3 rows of 4
    Reward: 12 Research Points
    Obtain the Apartment Key, walk upstairs and enter the door. Kill the lone 
    soldier (sneak up behind him) and jump the gap outside. Enter the double doors 
    and clear the room of jerks. The case is in the corner, on the floor near some 
    filing cabinets, close to the wall opposite the staircase.
    | 09 Consulate - CASE 8 |
    3 rows of 5
    Reward: 13 Research Points
    After you get the elevator back online and go through the doors that require 
    both you and Tatiana to open, you will end up in another gas filled room - grab
    the gasmask that hangs near the showers. Another door that requires both of you
    to open is the focal point of this gas filled room. Head right, killing the 
    goons in this room. Walk past the cells; the case is across from the left cell,
    on the floor. You do NOT need to open the cells to obtain the case.
    | 11 Train - CASE 9 |
    4 rows of 5
    Reward: 15 Research Points
    When you reach the Octopus train, slay everything!! After the three turrets are
    ravaged, walk towards the remains of the right turret. Follow the train wall 
    away from the turret & door (and pretty much everything) to find case number 9
    tucked away. It's on the ground, in plain sight. Random Note: see the open vent
    on the train across from the case? Apparently you can use the Q Copter to fly
    in and destroy the turrets. Who knew?
    P.S. Use the Briefcase Turret on Red Grant!! It's a lot of fun :)
    | 12 Factory - CASE 10 |
    4 rows of 5
    Reward: 17 Research Points
    Use the Factory Key to gain access to the main entrance of the factory. The 
    Attache Case is behind the front desk, leaning against the wall.
    | 13 Border - CASE 11 |
    4 rows of 6
    Reward: 18 Research Points
    When 007 exits his sexy Aston Martin a second and final time, walk through the
    door to the Docks. Trek to the bottom of this hill and onto the actual dock 
    (it's wooden). A stack of three boxes against the rock wall nearest the 
    building conceals the case.
    | 14 Octopus Base - CASE 12 |
    4 rows of 6
    Reward: 20 Research Points
    Once again, the Attache Case coincides with the Bond Moment. You will enter the
    missile silo two different times, from two different directions, using two 
    different routes. The lower door in the main room (it has a giant ball in the 
    center) leads to the warhead. Just after disarming the warhead (or before, just
    make sure you're standing next to it), send a Q Copter into the nearest room 
    via a broken window. A cardkey slot (it might be a keypad) next to the door 
    won't have the typical glowing red light, but blow it up anyway. You can now 
    enter this room; simply walk through the hatch door at the end of the walkway.
    The final Attache Case is lying on the floor near some ammo in the corner.
    V. How this guide was created
    I simply played From Russia with Love on the GameCube a handful of times - 
    repeating some levels more than others - until I felt I had mastered the 
    locations of the Attache Cases. It only took a few days to write this FAQ. 
    Needless to say, I am very proud (Awww). I drank a lot of...soda :X  Hah!
    VI. Conclusion & Contact
    Well, that's about it, old man (or woman). I hope this guide was able to help 
    you. I certainly learned a lot about this game by writing this guide. The more 
    I played From Russia with Love, the more I liked it! But having conquered 
    everything (except that stupid Plaza level...I gave up), I've grown bored with
    it. Look for it on eBay ;) Only joking! It already sold.
    If you see any mistakes - anything at all - feel free to email me. I would love
    to hear some feedback or even an alternate strategy (though most of these are 
    pretty black & white). Include the game and guide in the subject. Here ya go:
    KrisKringle3000@aol.com   --------> I had to change my email, long story....
    Thank you for putting up with my cheesy jokes, charming sarcasm, and the 
    occasional insult (my deepest apologies...) Hope we meet again!
    VII. Legal Jargon
    This guide/document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright. Should I find this on any other website, I will 
    take IMMEDIATE legal action. My lawyer is just a phone call away :) Gamefaqs 
    (www.gamefaqs.com) is the ONLY website/publication that can use this guide.
    Version 1.0 - Sometime in 2011. Probably Winter.                  O.G.
    Version 1.1 - 9/25/15 Slight format change.Minor word/phrasing changes. TOfC LG

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