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"Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda... Load Times! Load Times!"

The Arcade port to the home version has finally come to your PS2! Improved and updated with new courses, mods and songs, who can pass this up? After following the DDR franchise for 2 years, I've become freed from Konami's grasp regarding the Dance Simulation games, and with Roxor games going headlong into the fray they were finally able to hand us their gem. And with 76 songs, tons of new mods, and many other goodies. This will certainly get DDR freaks to turn their heads.

The gameplay is basically the same as DDR games, you go on a 4 panel pad and step to the rhythm with regards to the direction that is being pointed out from the screen. Sounds easy right? Well ITG breaks free from DDR's 10 Foot limit and goes way beyond. By doing this, people who got bored with DDR because of the lack difficulty now have something new to chew on. Now the ratings can reach up to 13 feet. And with new innovations such as minds and hands. The game wont become bland in a long while.

This game is said to have been made by fans, for fans, and that statement is 100% true. See, the thing that makes it appeal to your hardcore dancing simulation fan is the overall appearance to it. No longer are we treated with low quality background videos. No longer do we have to hear that annoying announcer. No longer do we have to stand with repeated songs over mainstream licenses and/or crappy covers of it. Instead we are treated with a variety of wide song selections which are basically all new, awesome high-res vids and best of all no useless announcers and no crappy looking playstation/n64 type polygonal dancers. It's basically a bunch of people looked at DDR, find out all it's flaws and fixed upon it and improved it also.

Unlike other "dance games" ITG has mines and hands. Basically mines are part of the stepchart you have to avoid by not stepping and them and hands is basically a possibility of having more than 2 arrows on a given combination at a time, basically forcing to use your hands or knees or whatever you feel that is capable of hitting the pad. ITG also boasts a very tough marathon course which has an ever changing mods that is thrown at you while trying to complete the course. This is a refresher from other "dance games" because all they basically do is string a couple of songs together and come up with a cheesy name for it and call it a "nonstop course". But with ITG, you're constantly in the suspense of what mod is going to come out and hit you because if you don't prepare yourself ahead of time, it can mean the difference between passing the marathon course and failure.

Now there is some flaws in the game. One of them particularly is the long loading time. Although I got used to it, people who played the arcade version will definitely notice the difference. Sometimes the game looks like it has frozen but it actually is just loading the song screen. There is also the censoring of some of the songs, which can mean some songs become unenjoyable but they don't make that big a difference that can cause you to not purchase the game. It had to get a E rating somehow. The game could have gotten a perfect 10 from me if only there wasn't a couple of bugs and the long load times but I can live with it.

Overall this is a excellent(and timely) first stab at the dancing simulation business by Roxor and I couldn't be more happy that someone out there is listening to the fans. Thank you for such a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/06/05

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