What is the best or easiest way to level up?

  1. i want to ulock everything but the COTS is to hard at what level my barbarrian is im level 22

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Accepted Answer

  1. The best way to level up in CotS is to repeatedly fight and lose against the main Soulcalibur characters (Ivy, Kilik, ect.). All of them are Level 60, and the higher the level of an enemy, the more EXP you get from fighting them, even if you lose. They also never move from their starting positions on a map, making them easy to access.

    Here's a step-by-step guide:
    1) Play a chapter with at least one main SC character on the map (there are 12 chapters that have SC characters, 8 of which are in a row, so you're bound to find one).

    2) Kill all enemies and capture all strongholds, but DO NOT kill off the SC character (and if they're in a stronghold, don't capture it) and DO NOT fulfil any victory conditions (you can check them in the Pause menu).

    3) Find the stronghold closest to the SC character, put all of your characters into it, and fotify it to Level 3 (I forget the exact amount, but 5,000 gold should be good; if you're low on gold, play through Tales of Souls once to get some before beginning CotS).

    4) Send all but one of your characters over to fight the SC character, and have every one of them lose. They will each gain a bunch of EXP after their matches.

    5) Wait for all of your characters to respawn (they should respawn in the stronghold you fortfied), and repeat Step 4, but leave a different character behind.

    Voila. Mass amounts of EXP. You can continue this for as long as you want. Just make sure to kill off the SC character when you're done, as defeating the character gives you even more EXP than losing against them. Oh, and remember to clear the chapter, because it is impossible to save your CotS progress mid-chapter.

    - Step 3 is not technically nessecary for this trick to work; it just makes it work a whole lot faster.

    - There is a Level 99 character (Ende) in Chronicle 19, so this trick would work even better with him.

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