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    Arthur (Katana) by DannyV_Acme

    Version: 0.75 | Updated: 11/04/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyright 2005 by Daniel Valentin(valentindaniel@hotmail.com)
    Soul Calibur III, character-wise, is probably one of the most
    ambitious 3D fighting games ever. Second only to Tekken 5 in character
    volume, it even surpasses it if you count the Create-A-Soul mode,
    which lets you expand its already formidable number with your own
    creations. The different fighting styles you can give your different
    characters are some of the most interesting and often downright
    weirdest ever available in a fighting game.
    Amongst the characters in this game, there are those called Bonus
    Characters. These characters are characters created by Namco who are
    not part of the official SCIII cast, but they are just as interesting
    and playable as any of the "real" characters in the game. They each
    represent one of the fighting styles available in Create-A-Soul mode.
    This FAQ's topic of choice is Arthur, one of these bonus characters,
    and the fighting style he represents, Katana Style. I hope that by
    creating this FAQ, more people will be interested in writing FAQs for
    the other edit fighting styles, since it's be a shame for the SCIII
    community to just focus on the series' "real" characters and not put
    any attention to all the other styles available.
    (Note: This FAQ has been written to facilitate use of the “Find” function in
    browsers like Mozilla Firefox. Simply use the Find function and write the
    number of the part of the FAQ you want to jump to. For example, by writing
    “05.3", you’ll jump straight to “Kicks(K Button).)
    01) Version History
    02) Who is Arthur?/What is Katana Style?
    03) Unlocking Arthur/Who uses Katana Style?
    04) Key
    05) Move List
    	05.1) Horizontal Slash(A Button)
    	05.2) Vertical Slash(B Button)
    	05.3) Kicks(K Button)
    	05.4) Simultaneous buttons(A+B, A+K, B+K)
    	05.5) Throws
    	05.6) 8-way run moves
    06) Why should I use Arthur/Katana Style? (pending)
    07) Strategies (pending)
    08) What’s missing from this guide?
    09) Thanks/acknowledgements
    -0.75(November 03, 2005): First draft of FAQ. Move list is complete, but need
    to add the Strategy and Why Should… sections. Maybe I’ll add more sections
    depending on feedback.
    Arthur is actually not a new character to the Soul Edge/Calibur
    series. He was a character exclusive to the Korean version of the
    first Soul Calibur. He was a palette swap/replacement to Mitsurugi.
    The reason for this change is that Namco didn't want to include
    Mitsurugi in the Korean version, since many Koreans hate the image of
    the samurai. Back in the past, there was war between Japan and Korea,
    with the Japanese trying to invade Korea and colonizing it. From these
    invasion attempts, the image of the samurai has been demonized by the
    Koreans as an image of repression and enmity. So as not to offend
    their Korean fans, Namco decided to change Mitsurugi into a Caucasian
    character. The first Soul Calibur wasn't even the first game in the
    series to sport this change: Mitsurugi was taken out of the Korean
    version of Soul Edge, too, replaced by Hwang Seong Kyung.
    It's interesting to note that this bit of historical trivia actually
    appears as part of the storyline in the games: both Hwang and Yun-
    Seong are members of the Korean navy, whose job was to defend the
    shores of Korea from foreign invaders(that's even their whole reason
    for looking for Soul Edge: using it as a weapon to defend their
    country), and Mitsurugi worked as a mercenary for the Japanese army in
    battles with the Korean navy. Yun-Seong even calls Mitsurugi an "enemy
    of my homeland" in his Tales Of Souls storyline.
    Anyway, in Soul Calibur III, Arthur is a bonus character which
    represents Katana Style, one of the selectable fighting styles in
    Create-A-Soul mode. I don't know if he's still the default samurai
    character in the Korean version(any info will be highly appreciated!),
    but at least in the versions outside Korea, Mitsurugi's the default
    samurai and Arthur's the bonus character. However, Namco did not put
    Arthur in the game as a palette swap, but instead made him represent
    the Katana Style available to created characters, and it's COMPLETELY
    different from Mitsurugi's fighting style(named Soul Of Mitsurugi in
    the game). Contrary to Yoshimitsu, who has quite a few moves from
    Mitsurugi's repertoire, Arthur/Katana Style is different enough that
    it must be practiced like a completely different character, the jump
    is not as easy. However, Arthur/Katana Style is QUITE fun and
    original, and it's IMHO a very effective style worth your time to
    master. Right now, it's my main style of play.
    Arthur, as a bonus character, is not readily selectable. To use him,
    you must meet either one of these conditions:
    -defeat him with any character in Tales Of Souls. I don't have the
    exact characters you can fight with him against(I'll make sure to
    include it in future revisions...), but if you fight him and defeat him,
    he'll be unlocked when you return to the main screen.
    -play 550 battles in any game mode. You don't even have to WIN any
    battles, losing battles count towards this total. This is how I
    unlocked him.
    The Katana Style is available only to the Samurai and Swordmaster
    character job classes. To unlock these job classes:
    -Samurai: Go over Level 50 with an Assassin character in Chronicles of
    the Sword OR play 610 	battles in any mode. Once these conditions are
    met, you can buy the job class in Valeria's item shop for 20000 G.
    -Swordmaster: Get to level 50 with ALL character classes in Chronicles
    of the Sword, then go above Level 50 with any character OR play 610
    battles in any mode(quite obviously, the second method is MUCH easier
    and MUCH less time-consuming). Once these conditions are met, you can
    buy the job class in Valeria's item shop for 76500 G.
    04) KEY
    This guide is written in the standard number/letter format accepted by most
    Soul Calibur players. The numbers represent directions in the controller. The
    directions correspond to the directions in a keyboard’s number pad. For
    example, if you were to press downward on the controller, it’d be represented
    by the number 2.
    Directional Input:
    Control Layout: 7 8 9
                    4 N 6
                    1 2 3
    1       =        Back Down
    2       =        Down
    3       =        Down Forward
    4       =        Back
    N       =        Neutral
    6       =        Forward
    7       =        Back Up
    8       =        Up
    9       =        Up Forward
    g       =       Guard Button
    a       =       Horizontal Slash Button
    b       =       Vertical Slash Button
    k       =       Kick Button
    Hit Level:
    h       =       Hits High
    m       =       Hits Mid
    l       =       Hits Low
    sm      =       Special Mid(a Mid that can be blocked low)
    sl      =       Special Low(a Low that can be blocked high)
    t       =       Throw
    u       =       Unblockable
    sp      =       Special move
    GI      =       Guard Impact
    GB      =       Guard Break
    AT      =       Attack Throw
    ST      =       Stance
    SP      =       Special Movement
    WC      =       While Crouching
    WS      =       While Standing
    WL      =       While Landing
    WJ      =       While Jumping
    FC      =       Forced Crouch
    8WR     =       8 Way Run
    CH      =       Counter Hit
    SWP     =       Sweep(the opponent is swept of his/her feet)
    BNC     =       Bounce(Opponent is bounced off the ground back into the air)
    DO      =       Double Over Stun(enemy doubles over in pain, but can recover)
    TH      =       Toe Hop Stun(enemy hops on one foot in pain, cannot recover)
    FB      =       Fall Back Stun(enemy stumbles backwards, but can recover)
    FD      =       Fall Down Stun(enemy falls down backwards, cannot recover)
    SD      =       Snap Down(opponent gets violently knocked down to his back)
    CS      =       Crumble Fall Stun(enemy crumbles in pain, cannot recover)
    SS      =       Spin Stun(enemy spins in place, cannot recover)
    TA      =       Turn Around(enemy ends up with his back towards you)
    BT      =       Back Towards opponent
    [ ]     =       Hold
    _       =       Or
    :       =       Just Frame Input
    ...     =       Repeat Input
    05) MOVE LIST
    The names for Arthur’s/Katana Style’s different moves are made by me, since the
    game doesn’t give them any names. I won’t try for colorful move names unless a
    move is spectacular enough to merit one, I prefer a more functional name
    describing the move instead. From this point on(unless otherwise noted), I’ll
    use “Arthur” to describe both Arthur and a Katana Style-using character.
    -Double horizontal slash: a,a (h,h)
    	Arthur does two consecutive horizontal sword slashes. It’s a pretty fast
    	move, and a natural combo(if the first one hits, the second one’s
    -Spin slash to Sankaku-Gatame: 1a,b+k (m,mAT, 1st hit CS on CH)
    	This technique is one of Arthur’s many transitions into an attack throw.
    	Arthur spins low and does a slash that hits mid, then he climbs on the
    	opponent’s arm and flips him over, finishing with a triangle armbar. The
    	first hit LOOKS like it hits low(since Arthur crouches while doing the
    	spin) but hits mid, so it’s a good move to trick someone into blocking
    	wrong. The AT is pretty fast, and good to throw out if you whiffed the 1a
    	or the opponent is blocking low. 1a CS’s on CH, so you can either follow
    	it with a quick attack (2k works well) or continue into the AT, which is
    	now guaranteed.
    -Thigh slash: 2a (sl)
    	Arthur does a low slash to the opponent’s thigh. It hits sl, which means
    	it hits low but can be blocked high. It can’t hit grounded enemies, and
    	it’s not very fast. In other words, it’s basically crap.
    -Mid hook punch: 3a (m, DO on CH)
    	Arthur does a hooking punch to the opponent’s midsection. It’s pretty
    	fast, and it DO’s on CH, giving you a moment to follow up.
    -Sword butt hit: 4a (h, FD on CH)
    	Arthur hits the opponent across the face with the butt of his sword. It
    	FD’s on CH, and even if it hits normally, the opponent ends up sideways
    	to you. Pretty fast, too. Overall a useful attack.
    -Step slash: 6a (h)
    	Arthur does a slash while stepping forward. Basically the same as a
    	regular a, except it can’t be followed up and it has a little more reach.
    	Only use it to tag somebody in the middle of a move.
    -High step slice: 4[4]a (h, FD)
    	Arthur steps forward with a slice towards the opponent’s face. Pretty
    	good reach because of the step, pretty fast, and it FD, so it can be
    	followed with a quick hit when the opponent lands on the ground.
    -Double spinning face slice: 6[6]a (h,h)
    	Arthur spins while slicing the opponent twice across the face. Pretty
    	quick, good damage, and the opponent gets pushed back pretty far, making
    	it a good attack to use to get some distance between you and your
    -Crouching thigh slash: WCa (sl)
    	Exactly the same attack as the regular thigh slash, but done while
    -Mid rising slash: WSa (m)
    	Arthur does a slash to the opponent’s midsection as he gets up from a
    	crouch. On hit, it pushes back a pretty good distance, giving you some
    	breathing room.
    -Air spinning slash: WJa (h, TA)
    	Arthur hops forward while spinning a slashes the opponent’s face. Pretty
    	fast, and the opponent gets TA when it hits, which can lead to big pain
    	for him if you can follow it up quickly enough.
    -Late low slash: WLa (l)
    	Arthur jumps and slashes towards the opponent’s feet as he land. A very
    	good move for surprising a foe who blocks too much, it’s pretty fast and
    	hits very low.
    -Down-up slash: b,b (m,m)
    	Arthur does two quick slashes, one downwards one upwards. Natural combo,
    	pretty fast and with good frontal coverage. It’s also a great combo and
    	ring out move from any launcher.
    -Downward butt hit: 1b (m)
    	Arthur hits the opponent on the head with the butt of his sword. Fast, it
    	pushes the opponent away well.
    -Downward slice: 2b (m)
    	Arthur bends down while slashing his sword downwards. Fast and can hit
    	grounded opponents. Very useful.
    -One-handed upward slash: 3b (m)
    	Arthur slashes upwards with his sword using only one hand. This move is a
    	low launcher. The opponent floats up to Arthur’s eye level, so you have
    	to be quick to follow it up. On CH, it launches higher, giving you more
    	options. Following it with k is AWESOME as a ring out strategy, since the
    	kick send the opponent flying backwards.
    -Neck palm: 4b (h, SD)
    	Arthur thrusts his palm into the opponent’s neck, snapping him to the
    	ground. AWESOME move, even if it hits high. You can quickly follow up
    	with an attack, and it can easily give you a few seconds to recoup if
    	you’re being pressured by your opponent.
    -Forward stab: 6b (m)
    	Arthur stabs his opponent with his sword at length. VERY useful move. It
    	comes out fast and has great reach, awesome for poking opponents from
    	afar. On CH, the enemy gets pushed back a LOT, so it can easily give you
    	lots of breathing room.
    -Rushing elbow: 4[4]b (m, FD)
    	Arthur leans backwards and suddenly snaps forwards with an elbow to the
    	belly. GREAT move. The leaning back motion can give you a little bit of
    	space between you and the opponent, and the elbow comes out pretty fast.
    	It ALWAYS FD’s, so it’s great to tag a little hit afterwards.
    -Butt launcher to downward slash: 6[6]b (m,m)
    	Arthur thrusts the butt of his sword upwards, launching his opponent, and
    	immediately follows through with a downward slash. Great move to punish
    	whiffs, since it’s a natural combo. The launcher’s not very good, since
    	it barely gives you time to get a quick hit in as the opponent lands, but
    	the guaranteed b afterwards more than makes up for it. It also easily
    	rings out an opponent close to the edge.
    -Crouching upward slash: WCb (m)
    	Arthur slashes upward while crouching. Just a regular move, nothing fancy
    	about it.
    -Uppercut to Tomoe-Nage: WC[3]b,b+k (m,t)
    	Arthur does an uppercut that raises the opponent off the ground and
    	quickly follows it with an overhead leg throw. AWESOME move. The uppercut
    	comes out fast and hits mid, and even if the uppercut’s blocked the throw
    	comes out FAST. Great for doing some quick damage out of a defensive
    	crouch. Also, the Tomoe-Nage is a REGULAR throw, so it hits even if the
    	opponent is blocking!
    -Rising upward slash: WSb (m)
    	This is exactly the same as the crouching upward slash, but he gets up as
    	he slashes.
    -Downward aerial slash: WJb (m)
    	Arthur jumps and slashes downward at the opponent’s head. Just a quick
    	aerial attack. Nothing special.
    -Downward landing slash: WLb (m, FD)
    	Arthur jumps and does a quick downward slash. Use this as a mix-up with
    	WLa to confuse the opponent.
    05.3) KICKS(K BUTTON)
    -Snap kick: k (h)
    	Arthur does a quick snap kick to the opponent’s face. Just a regular
    	kick, but it’s best use is to hit it after a launcher to ring out the
    -Stomp: k:2 (sm)
    	Arthur does a quick stomp to the opponent’s feet. While not useful while
    	standing, this is a great attack to tag a grounded opponent, since it’s
    	quite fast.
    -Sweep kick: 1k (l, SW on CH)
    	Arthur does a low kick at the opponent’s feet. This is an awesome attack,
    	since Arthur gets pretty low, avoiding any high attacks, and the kick
    	SW’s the opponent on CH. It’s also great to tag a grounded opponent.
    -Knee: 3k (m)
    	Arthur steps forward with a knee to the opponent’s midsection. A blah
    	attack, nothing special.
    -Shoulder charge into Aikido arm throw: 4k,b+k (m,mAT, 1st hit FB on CH)
    	Arthur thrusts forward with his shoulder, ramming into the opponent, the
    	grabs the opponent by the hand and flips him around his lateral axis(he
    	spins around sideways). The shoulder comes out pretty fast and does good
    	damage, and the AT is guaranteed on CH. It looks WICKED, too :)
    -Hooking heel kick: 6k (m, FD on hit, BNC on CH)
    	Arthur does a hooking heel kick downwards. If the opponent gets hit, he
    	falls down. If he gets hit on CH, he gets BOUNCED upward for major
    	punishment! This is an AWESOME launcher on CH, you can dish out some ugly
    	combos from this. Following it with b,b is an easy, juicy three-hit
    	juggle combo, and it rings out beautifully.
    -Front flip kick: 4[4]k (m)
    	Arthur flips forward while kicking. Useless move. The kick comes out
    	kinda late, and, while flipping, a quick enemy can tag you to start a
    	juggle. I don’t use this.
    -Upward thrust kick: 6[6]k (m)
    	Arthur spins and suddenly kicks upward, sending his opponent flying.
    	AWESOME launcher, it sends the opponent REALLY high. The recovery’s kinda
    	blah, so you can’t just throw it out, but if it hits it’s party time. Hit
    	it when the opponent’s near a wall and it’s an all-you-can-eat juggle
    -Poke kick: WCk (l)
    	Arthur pokes his opponent with a kick. Just a regular crouching attack,
    	but it has pretty good reach.
    -Low heel kick: WC[3]k (l)
    	Arthur does a quick heel kick to the opponent’s ankle. Pretty useless,
    	since it’s got crap reach, low damage and no combo potential. The poke
    	kick can be used in the same situation and is infinitely better.
    -Rising knee: WSk (m, FD on hit)
    	Arthur rises with a knee to the stomach. This is a good wake-up move,
    	since it FD’s the opponent, giving you a little time to breath.
    -Jumping spin kick: WJk (m)
    	Arthur does a spinning jump kick which knocks down the opponent. AWESOME
    	move to avoid low attacks and punish them.
    -Landing front kick: WLk (m)
    	Arthur does a front kick as he lands. Blah move.
    -Flying triple slash: a+b,b,b (m,m,m)
    	Arthur slashes the opponent into the air and jumps towards him, slashing
    	a second time upwards and then a third time downwards before landing.
    	Cool looking move, and quite damaging if it hits. Use this to punish any
    	whiffs, and as a cool-looking juggler after a launcher. However, if used
    	after a launcher, only do the first two hits, since the third will miss
    	and leave you open. Also, do NOT use this move when you’re opponent is
    	near the edge, because you can easily ring yourself out.
    -Harai-Goshi: 6[6]a+b (t)
    	Arthur dashes towards the opponent, grabs him by the arm and flips him
    	over his shoulder, kicking with his thigh for added leverage. Use this to
    	surprise an opponent who’s out of normal throw range, but keep in mind
    	this is an easy throw to break free of, since it can be broken with both
    	a or b. It’s also great to close the distance for a back grab if you’re a
    	few steps away.
    -Rushing tackle slash: b+k (m,m, 1st hit FB)
    	Arthur holds his sword low and behind him and rushes forward with a
    	tackle, ending with an upwards slash. If the first hit lands, the second
    	hit is basically guaranteed(at least I haven’t been beaten out of it
    	yet…), and the second hit launches, making this one hell of a move to
    	rack up the damage. The tackle rings out swell, too. It’s got INSANE
    	range, since he can start the move from really far.
    -Rushing tackle fake: 4b+k (sp)
    	Arthur rushes forward just like the rushing tackle slash, but stops in
    	his tracks. USELESS, since you can’t follow it with anything.
    -Long rushing tackle slash: 6b+k (m,m, 1st hit FB)
    	Arthur does a rushing tackle slash, but walks further than in the regular
    	version. As if the original one didn’t have enough range… :)
    -Front flip Izuna drop: 8b+k (m, air throw)
    Hehehe, not even the Brady Games Strategy Guide knows this :p Arthur flips
    forward with a quick double front kick doing pitiful damage, IF DONE ON 	THE
    ENEMY WHILE HE’S ON THE GROUND. If the enemy’s on the air it’s an 	AWESOME
    looking airgrab in which Arthur grabs the opponent and flips 	repeatedly before
    driving him/her headfirst into the ground. Awesome 	juggle finisher, looks just
    completely awesome.
    -Grappling Frenzy: a+k (sp, GI)
    	This is an auto-counter, and what an auto-counter! Arthur deflects his
    	opponent’s blow, rushes towards him/her and flip throws him to the
    	ground, follows up with a side-control immobilization and finishes with a
    	neck crank. This counters high and mid attacks of ANY KIND except
    	unblockables and throws. Horizontal attacks, vertical attacks and kicks
    	can all be countered with this. This is a downright BRUTAL move, it will
    	make an opponent think twice before doing anything too obvious. It also
    	has INCREDIBLE reach, since Arthur rushes forward after deflecting the
    	attack, so you can even counter attacks from far away(up yours,
    	Siegfried! *WHAM!*). This is one of Arthur’s absolute best moves, and one
    you should master as quickly as possible. It IS possible for the opponent 	to
    actually GI this move, but the timing’s INSANE. Only the computer’s 	been able
    to do it to me, I haven’t had it GI’d by a human player.
    05.5) THROWS
    (Note: Arthur has no special side throws, if a side throw is executed he’ll
    just do the throw that corresponds to the buttons pressed)
    -Harai-Goshi: a+g (t)
    	This is the exact same throw as 6[6]a+b, only this one’s for close range.
    	Just your regular throw, but it does switch sides with the opponent, so
    	it can be good to turn the tables on an opponent who’s got you near the
    -Quebradora con giro: b+g (t)
    	Arthur grabs his opponent and executes a wrestling knee-to-back breaker.
    	More damaging than Harai-Goshi, and doesn’t flip sides with the opponent.
    -Double-arm reverse overhead throw: a+g_b+g_6[6]a+b on the opponent’s back (t)
    	Arthur grabs one of the opponent’s arms, turns around so they’re back-to-
    	back, grabs the other arm, and flips his opponent over him. NASTY looking
    	throw, does the same damage as the Quebradora. The cool thing is that,
    	since he can use 6[6]a+b to execute it, Arthur can actually backgrab WAY
    	further away than any other character in the game.
    05.6) 8-WAY RUN MOVES
    -Double spinning face slice: 8WR[6]a (h,h)
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version.
    -Butt launcher to downward slash: 8WR[6]b (m,m)
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version.
    -Upward thrust kick: 8WR[6]k (m)
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version.
    -Sliding sweep: 8WR[6]k (l)
    	The execution is the same, but you do this after running forward a few
    	steps. Arthur drops to the ground with a sliding kick that sweeps the
    	opponent off his feet. The typical running sweep everybody has.
    -Harai-Goshi: 8WR[6]a+b (t)
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version.
    -Rolling forward thrust: 8WRa+b in any direction BUT 6 (m)
    	Arthur rolls on the ground and thrusts his sword at the opponent’s gut,
    	knocking him down in the process. GREAT move. The roll goes very low,
    	avoiding any high attacks, and the thrust comes out fast and hits mid.
    	It’s also a great ring out move.
    -Long rushing tackle slash: 8WR[3]_[6]_[9]b+k (m,m, 1st hit FB)
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version.
    -Rushing tackle slash: 8WR[2]_[8]b+k (m.m, 1st hit FB)
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version.
    -Rushing tackle fake: 8WR[1]_[4]_[7]b+k (sp)
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version… and just as useless.
    -Grappling Frenzy: 8WR[any]a+k
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version. It’s AWESOME that he
    	basically has this at his disposal no matter what direction he’s moving
    -Bulldozer: 8WR[3]_[6]_[9]a,b (m,l, 2nd hit CS)
    	Yes, THAT Bulldozer. PAUL PHOENIX’S Bulldozer. Arthur spins backwards
    	towards his opponent with an elbow and follows it up with a low-hitting
    	uppercut that lifts the opponent of the ground, and the opponent falls
    	down in pain when he lands. This move is just as useful as in Tekken 5,
    	which is VERY. Any mid-low hit combination is useful, and thankfully this
    	move is fast as well. You can also omit the second button press to do
    	just the elbow, which pushes the opponent back pretty far if it hits.
    	Also, the second hit can ring out, too. Overall a very useful move.
    -Upward slash: 8WR[3]_[6]_[9]b (m)
    	Arthur spins and does a quick upward slash. Comes out fast, for good
    	whiff punishing. Otherwise, it’s just a regular move.
    -Forward arm cross slash: 8WR[2]_[6]a (m, CS on CH)
    	Arthur crosses his arms, slashing his sword. Pretty fast, and the CS on
    	CH is very nice.
    -Lifting uppercut to Grappling Frenzy:  8WR[2]_[6]b,b+k (m,u)
    	Arthur does an uppercut that lifts the opponent of the ground and follows
    it with the Grappling Frenzy as an unblockable throw! SWEET! The grabbing
    frenzy comes out pretty fast, and it’s HARD to break out of.
    -Spinning back kick: 8WR[2]_[6]k (h)
    	Arthur does a FAST spinning back kick to the opponent’s face. Although it
    	hits high, this move is great just because of how friggin’ FAST it is.
    	You can stuff a lot of moves with it.
    -Crouching sweep slash: 8WR[1]_[7]a (l)
    	Arthur crouches down and sweeps the opponent of his feet with his sword.
    	Great low attack, but it’s kinda slow, so you can’t just throw it out.
    -High step slice: 8WR[4]a
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version.
    -Shoulder tackle: 8WR[1]_[7]b (m)
    	Arthur does a shoulder tackle that knocks the opponent down. Great for
    	pushing rushing opponent’s away and getting some breathing room.
    -Front kick: 8WR[1]_[7]k (m)
    	Arthur does a front kick while stepping towards the opponent. Not a very
    	good move, you’re better off using one of his other 8WR moves.
    -Rushing elbow: 8WR[4]b (m, FD on hit)
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version, and it’s a great way
    	to go on the offensive from a backward 8WR.
    -Front flip kick: 8WR[4]k (m)
    	This is the exact same as the non-8-way run version.
    (This is gonna be a pretty long section, so I’ll do it in a future update)
    (This section will have both general and character specific-strategies, stay
    Other than the obviously incomplete sections, I need info on Arthur’s status in
    the Korean version. Also, any of you who have good tips on move usage or
    character-specific strategies for Arthur/Katana Style, please let me know at my
    e-mail, it’d be much appreciated :)
    Oh, and although it’s not directly related to this guide, I do have a request
    wanna see only guides on the signature series characters and have everyone
    neglect the bonus characters. Get crackin’ people!
    -Namco: For making such an awesome fighting game that is deep and complicated
    beyond my wildest expectations.
    -My brother Ferdi: For being so friggin’ good at this game that he forces me to
    keep up.
    -The internet Soul Calibur community: For being interested enough in the game
    that it merits my attention as an FAQ writer.
    -Candy rope: Just because it’s so tangy and good!

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