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    Seong Mi-na by sbn4

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    Sarang Nadig
    FAQ Soul Calibur 3 Seong Mi-na
    Copyright 2005 Sarang Nadig
    November 25
    Version 0.75
    email: sarangnadig@netscape.net
    === Legal Stuff ===
    If you guys have any problems, comments, suggestions, or anything else to add;
    feel free to email me. If you would like to use this FAQ for you're own site
    or whatnot, just drop me an email and let me know. This is my first FAQ so
    please bear with me. :)
    === Contents ===
    1. Introduction
    2. Character Profile
    3. Control Layout
    4. "A" attacks
    5. "B" attacks
    6. "K" attacks
    7. Simultaneous Attacks
    8. Throws
    9. 8 way run (8WR) moves
    10. Recommended attacks and other strategies
    11. Ineffective and Unsafe moves
    12. Final thoughts
    === Introduction ===
    Let me first start out by saying that I've been using Mi-na since Soul Blade
    for PSX and have stuck with her till Soul Calibur 3. I've even been fortunate
    enough to win small sums of money in a few tournies in my area thanks to Mi-na.
    While I'm certainly not claiming to be an expert or know her completely, I will
    do my best to share what I do know. If you hadn't noticed, I really like Seong
    Mi-na. All that aside, Mi-na has changed quite a bit since SC2. Other than her
    name change, she plays differently this time around. She also resembles Kilik 
    a lot less as far as moveset goes, and she's gotten better on top of that.
    === Profile ===
    Seong Mi-na
    Age: 23
    Birthplace: Jirisan, Korea
    Height: 5'4"
    Birthdate: Novemeber 3
    Blood Type: A
    Weapon: Zanbatou
    Weapon Name: Scarlet Thunder
    Discipline: Seong Style Longswords and Ling-Sheng Su Style Rod
    Family: Father/ Seong Han-myeong Mother and Brother both taken by sickness
    === Controls ===
    7 8 9
    4 N 6
    1 2 3
    1 = Back Down
    2 = Down
    3 = Down Foward
    4 = Back
    N = Neutral
    6 = Foward
    7 = Back Up
    8 = Up
    9 = Up Foward
    Button Layout:
    A = horizontal attack
    B = vertical slash
    K = kick attacks
    G = guard
    GI = guard impact
    GB = guard break
    Attack Level:
    H = High Attacks
    M = Mid Attacks
    L = Low Attacks
    Some Other Abbreveations:
    WC = While Crouching
    WR = While Rising
    AT = Attack Throw
    WJ = While Jumping
    WL = While Landing
    WS = While Standing
    8WR = 8WR
    CH = Counter Hit
    _ = or
    BT = Back turned toward opponent
    === "A" attacks ===
    Name                         Command            Attack Level   
    Twin Fang Thrust             AAB                HHM
    Root Fang                    1A                 L
    Knee Slicer                  2A                 L
    Strangling Slash             3A                 M
    Shadow Step Slice            4A                 L
    Hilt Kick                    6AK                MH
    Wing Cross                   44AA               ML
    Circular Heaven Slash        66A                M
    Knee Slicer                  WCA                L
    Twin Fang Strike             WRAA               MM
    Reverse Dance Blade          BTA                H
    Reverse Biting Strike        BTWCA              L
    Giant Fang                   WJA                M
    Divine Biting Strike         WLA                L
    === "B" attacks ===
    Name                          Command           Attack Level    
    Splitting Divide              BB                MM 
    Dancing Fang Sweep            1BA               ML
    Dancing Blade Kick            1BK               MM
    Air Parting                   2B                M
    Lifting Heavens               3B                M
    Retreating Fang               4B                H
    Hidden Fang                   6BA               ML
    Thrusting Fang                6BB               MM
    Top Hammer Fang               44B               M
    Spinning Chin Strike          66B               H
    Strangling Flower             bA                HH
    Air Parting                   WCB               L
    Liquid Poke                   WC1B              L
    Lifting Wing                  WRB               M
    Reverse Air Parting           BTB               M
    Reverse Air Parting           BTWC              M
    Giant Air Parting             WJB               M
    Divine Lifting Heavens        WLB               M
    === "K" attacks ===
    Name                          Command           Attack Level    
    Snap Kick                     K                 H               
    Liquid Rising                 1KK               LM
    Earth Kick                    2K                L
    Belly Crush Spin Kick         3KK               MH
    Check Mate                    4KB               MM
    Banishment Kick               6K                M 
    Thunder Kick                  44K               M
    Circular Heaven Kick          66KKK             MMH
    Earth Kick                    WCK               L
    Shattering Kick               WRK               M
    Reverse Snap Kick             BTK               H
    Reverse Earth Kick            BTWCK             L
    Giant Rising Kick             WJK               M
    Divine Sweep Kick             WLK               L
    === Simultaneous Attacks ===
    Name                          Command           Attack Level    
    Zanbatou Smackdown            A+B               HHHHHH
    Light Crane                   4A+B              MMM
    Dancing Crane                 4A+BAB            MMMM(GB)
    Heavy Crane                   4A+B 4A+B         MMMMMMM
    Holding Treasure              1A+B              L (AT)
    Rapid Earth                   2A+B              LLLL
    Opening Treasure              3A+B              L (AT)
    Fang Barrage                  6A+B              MMMMM
    Seong's Crushing Blade        9A+B              M
    Seong's Quick Blade           9A+BA             M (GB)
    Radiant Wing                  8A+B              M
    Spinning Divide               66A+B             M
    Heavens Wheel                 B+K               MM
    Retreating Sands              6B+K              MMM
    Rock Breaker                  2B+K              L
    Iron Chin Strike              6B+K              H
    Leaping Horse Vault           7_8_9_B+          M
    Circular Blade Kick           A+K               M
    Fang Sweep                    2A+K              L
    Power Fang Sweep              4A+K              LL
    Dark Curtain                  4A+K              LH
    Taunt                         K+G               N/A 
    Glory Fan                     WCB+K             MMM 
    === Throws ===
    Name                          Command                    Properties
    Dropping Embrace              A+G                        A to escape
    Crushing Soul                 B+G                        B to escape
    Riding Mustang                approach from left         (A or B)
    Mi-na Frankensteiner          approach from right        (A or B)
    Stalk Cutter                  approach from behind       cannot escape
    === 8WR moves ===
    Name                          Command                Attack Level
    Circular Heaven Slash         6A                     M
    Spinning Chin Strike          6B                     H
    Sliding                       6K                     L
    Spinning Divide               A+B                    M
    Heaven's Wheel                B+K                    MM
    Heavy Willow Divide           3_9AA                  MM 
    Lifting Heavens               3_9B                   M
    Spring Splash Esoterica       3_9KB                  MM
    Falling Fang Divide           2_8AA                  ML
    Black Wing                    2_8AB                  MM
    Glory Wing                    2_8B                   M
    Dark Sweep                    2_8K                   L
    Sparrow Sweep                 1_7A                   L
    Shadow Fang                   1_7B                   L
    Thunder Kick                  1_4_7K                 M
    Wing Cross                    4AA                    ML
    Top Hammer                    4B                     M
    === Recommended Attacks and Strategies ===
    As far as short ranged battles go, Mi-na will probably have pretty hard time
    going up against the likes of Taki or Talim, who excel at close range. Some
    good short range moves that Mi-na can utilize are:
    If you haven't noticed, Mina does very well during mid ranged battles. Some of
    her best moves for mid range are:
    8WR 2_8AB
    8WR 2_8AA
    8WR 3_9KB
    Though Mi-na has a similar weapon in comparison with Kilik she seems to lack
    moves that would greatly help her in long range battles.
    8WR 3_9AA
    8WR 2_8 B
    Mi-na also has a fairly good ring rut game too. She's got a few terrific moves
    for ROs.
    8WR 2_8B
    8WR 2_8AB
    8WR 3_9KB
    4KB- Can also auto GI enemy's attack if timed correctly.
    B+G- This only works if you have you're opponent at the very edge of the ring.
    Using B+G will make Mi-na vault over her enemy and slam them into the ground.
    In turn, the enemy will simply "roll" off the edge. It's pretty amusing. :)
    1A+B (AT)- If you ever find yourself at the edge of the ring and about to 
    face a RO, this move is probably your best bet. Unless you're opponent breaks
    the AT, Mina will simply pick up you're opponent and toss them out of the ring.
    Once again, it's very amusing. Credit goes to Habaloo (Tim) for reminding me
    about these. 
    Now that you know about Mi-na's ranged battle, here are some of her moves you
    should find yourself relying on.
    AAB- You should abuse the hell out of this move. It yields a whopping 80 damage
    if it hits on CH and is safe on block too. The first two hits are a natural
    combo, but even if the third hit is blocked you're relatively safe with this
    move. The only problem I had with AAB is I missed that SC2's AAB would lead
    into a juggle, while SC3's AAB doesn't.
    6AK- This is one of Mi-na's best close range pokes. It's fast and fairly safe.
    However, the second hit can be ducked, giving you're opponent the chance to
    counter attack; so don't go using this move too often.
    2A- A quick low that can be pretty hard to see coming. It's an excellent poke
    and one of her best lows. 
    1KK- Another good low. It's not as good as Mitsurugi's 2KB, but if an 
    does manage to block the first low attack, they still have to contend with the
    second mid kick in order to avoid damage. You can even mix things up by not
    following up with the second kick to throw opponents off.
    66A- This moves returns from SC2 and it's one her better moves. Not only is it
    extremely quick but it stuns on CH allowing for additional damage.
    1BA or 1BK- This is a great move simply because one hits mid and the other hits
    low. This will keep you're opponents on their toes.
    3B- This is a no brainer. It's quick, safe, and it lauches.
    bA- If I had to choose, I would say bA is in the top three of Mi-na's best
    moves. It's ridiculously fast, hits stepper, and it's safe. The only downside
    is that it hits high, so it can be ducked. But judging by the speed of this
    move, most will probably not seeing it coming, unless you abuse it.
    666KKK- Not only is this a great ring out tool, but it's safe on block and 
    Mi-na doesn't need to unleash all three kicks. For example you can stop after
    the first two kicks and then anwser back with a low attack to catch you're 
    opponent off guard. The downside is, the kicks are linear. Opponents can easily
    step them and retaliate, so take care.
    4A+BAB- Not only is the final hit a guard breaker but you can G cancel it. If
    you decide to use the GB, the try to follow up with a fairly quick attack to
    get some damage in. If you choose to G cancel, it would be a good idea to go
    for a low attack. I suggest 1KK.
    66B- A new move for Mi-na, and it's a good one. It's fast, safe and it stuns on
    CH. Go for 3B followed by bA if you get this to land on CH.
    6B+K- Another new move for Mi-na. This move is fast like 66B, but it knocks 
    you're opponent straight to the ground. You should be able to get off a quick
    low attack or 3B while you're enemy is grounded. 
    8WR 3_9 KB- This is another excellent new move for Mina. It's a quick little
    jump kick followed by a WLB which ends up launching. You should be able to get
    a follow up attack if the second attack hits. It's safe and does fairly good
    damage. From my experiences, I've noticed a lot of people block the first hit
    but for some reason are unaware of the second hit.
    8WR 2_8AB or 8WR 2_8AA- Once again, this move is a good mid and low attack
    variation that can keep opponents guessing. Not only that but they have great
    range and they are very safe moves. Also 8WR 2_8AB is a great ring out move.
    8WR 2_8 B- While this move is a little slow coming out, it's got 
    range and it hits opponents so high that it gives you plenty of options on what
    to do to them next. If anything, I suggest 66A+B for good damage.
    CH 66B, 3B, bA
    8WR 2_8B 66A+B
    CH 3B, 8A+B
    44K, 8B+K
    Ineffective and Unsafe Moves
    All characters have them, and you should exploit you're opponents for using
    them. Obviously, you shouldn't opt for flashiness over practicality if you're
    playing to win. So, here's Mi-na's. Just so you are aware, not all these moves
    are 100% unsafe. They should simply be used sparingly.
    44B- Mi-na may look stylish performing this move, but unfortunately it's not an
    ideal move to use. Not only is it a little slow, and linear, but it does pretty
    average damage. It's fairly safe on block, but this move can easily be stepped
    and punished. The only good use I see for it is to hit grounded opponents, but
    even then there are better options.
    6BB- The only real fault this move has is that it's extremely linear. If you
    could this off on a CH you're opponent would get 56 damage.
    2A+B- This should be a no brainer. It's slow, linear, nothing is guaranteed
    with this move. It's just a bad move. A horrible low that shouldn't be used
    in serious play.
    4BK- While this is a good move, it's a little on the border. It's pretty safe
    on, block, good for ROs, and it does decent damage. The only problem is it's
    way too linear. It's somewhat like Mitsurugi's 4BK, but it's not as safe for
    some reason.
    6A+B- This move would not have made it if you could G cancel it like you could
    in SC2. Unfortunately that's not the case here; so it would be best to avoid
    this move. However, getting this to hit on CH would yield massive damage.
    4A+K- The problem with this move is it's a bit unsafe and it's slow in it's
    execution. It's a fairly decent RO move, but 2A+K is just as good for ROs and
    it's faster. If you're just looking for a good low, you should look elsewhere.
    B+K- A pretty cool looking move and fairly safe if you know when to use it.
    This move is ONLY safe if you land directly in front of you're opponent. This
    means, if you execute the move about two arms length away from you opponent and
    it's blocked, you're opponent can't touch you. However, if you perform the move
    too close, and you end up behind your opponent (without at least one of the two
    strikes hitting), then you are open for a counter attack.
    WC B+K- Honestly, I have never seen anyone use this move nor have I ever used
    it myself. It does average damage even if all three hits land (38). You can G
    cancel it, but it's so linear that this move shouldn't even be considered,
    unless you're trying to show off in front of you're friends or something.
    9A+B- This would be her unblockable move. While all unblockable moves are a bad
    idea to use, Mina's has got to be the worst by far. You can execute it quicker
    by pressing B during the animation. But at that point, it will no longer be an
    unblockable, but simply a guard breaker.
    If you haven't caught on yet, a lot of Mi-na's moves are extremely linear.
    This is probably one of her biggest weakness. While the moves have the range,
    they are either to slow in execution or they can simply be stepped and
    === Final Thoughts ===
    Thus far, I am really liking Mi-na. Like I said before, she has improved quite
    a bit since SC2, and she plays differently from Kilik to boot. Mi-na's got
    great range, power and a few quick moves. Her game is all about spacing and
    getting that range. It is probably a wise move to get you're opponent at about
    mid or long range and just poke them out with moves like BB. If you mix up mids
    and you're lows well, you'll give the other person a hell of a time. Mina can
    be a pretty deceptive. Not to mention a lot of Mi-na's attacks can do a lot of
    damage and has a lot of great new moves at her disposal. Mina doesn't have any
    stances to worry about, so she's not that hard of a character to pick up.
    However, playing her effectively is another matter. If you don't mix up attacks
    and use some her better moves, you'll probably have a hard time winning.
    Thanks to all those who took the time to read my first attempt at an FAQ. I'll
    try to see if I can update this FAQ with other strategies for Mi-na.

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